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tv   Headline News  RT  September 3, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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america's top diplomat says the u.s. could attack syria even if lawmakers say no as washington's european allies release evidence they claim bashar assad did order a chemical weapon attack. there is still no plan on what to do with america's most infamous jail in afghanistan if a so what is so dark that former detainees say guantanamo bay is a holiday camp compared to back rom. and shouting to be heard a london street performer with a booming voice and an eye for controversy could have been megaphone ripped from his hands by the authorities.
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you're watching live from moscow and lindsey france america's top diplomat says congress is not the last word when it comes to america's ambitions to attack syria u.s. secretary of state john kerry believes there's enough evidence to allow the president to launch an assault even if lawmakers say no but after years of constant war and killing it's not the strikes that scare syrians the most as artie's maria from notion of reports from damascus. we were last time in damascus a year ago now we returned and we decided to meet some of the people we've previously interviewed for our report but sadly many of them have either fled the chaos or were killed one of those who died was what hamad rafia yon very successful very famous actor who was also another and activist he chose wards to defend his country and he was killed for that part of our. the movie was over however we met muhammad in july two thousand and twelve during
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the filming of one of the most popular syrian t.v. dramas where he played one of the leading roles syrian series used to be financially backed by the gulf states but after the conflict erupted here those countries vocal critics of the assad regime was jury investments from an industry that's made syria famous across the arab world they want to fight everything good in syria they don't want us to be. shows our drama to the work to shows our history or the way we live the way we love each other the way with taking care of each other's that's why the stuff they stop they are fighting us actually. exactly ten months after muhammad's death we meet his brother noor. daniel. that evening a guy who was supposed to be a friend of my homage asked him for
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a live somewhere muhammad would help this boy a lot because he was poor then one people appeared out of nowhere and grabbed him and the next day we got an anonymous tip that he'd been killed in his body had been cut into pieces but we didn't believe that he's on his civilian we thought why would anybody kill him several days leaders body was five shots and i want. us. i was killed with three bullets one to his leg one to the stomach and one to his neck on wood. not just. during the kidnapping they want to take him alive to torture them to force him to confess that he was working for the government and then szell that al-jazeera of course the p.l.o. lot of money for that sort of thing but he resisted to the death but you're. right that she comes back and they too can he also took his car it's common that such
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cars are levy used in terror attacks three weeks ago we got news there's been a car bombing and i was mahomet's car. no your brother died ten months ago exactly ten months ago i want to say that very sorry for your loss why you think he was killed what he died for. he talked openly about what he thought. paul did the live here in searing damascus change in the last ten months and not must i shot him after mohamed stance many people who supported the opposition changed their minds they knew that he was very kind and help people all people regardless of their beliefs so when he died they asked themselves what are the people who belong to the opposition doing if they kill innocent civilians some of them are nothing more than criminals. and speaking about the latest developments what do you think about a possible airstrike that america is now planning considering is now thinking over
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. i smile when they tell me about the american attack we syrians are only afraid of god we're not afraid of us. thank you very much for your time we wish you and your family actually your country peace and prosperity and as soon as possible new showed us another this time empty grave in the cemetery the boy's father who is also well known activity even in damascus has already reserved for himself. from damascus syria. berlin and paris have joined the clamor to convince the world that it was syria's president who ordered a chemical weapons attack outside damascus last month paris says it has satellite imagery providing chemical strikes came from a government controlled area also blames. for three other attacks committed between april and august and in germany media reports suggest the country spies intercepted
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communications indicating syrian leadership used sarin gas in one a high level hezbollah official apparently tells iran's embassy that president assad had snapped and made a big mistake. unlike the united states france and germany also based their conclusions on unverified witness accounts videos and the fact the syrian government possesses chemical weapons a german journalist many well oxon writer says it's hard to believe the alleged findings of his government have nothing to do with america's push to justify military action. summary concerts are starving for credibility for this german and i especially germany and the german secret service turned out to specially during the last weeks by this huge and it's a scandal to be type of branch of the u. s. intelligence so it looks like the us intelligence and the german intelligence
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delivered and this is now just in time barack obama and much more old saw chunk carry half the problems that not even of their own population of even their own political class is believing this what is called evidence by the u.s. and there you can see the same in europe the general opinion is strongly critical against those allegations of chemical warfare by president assad in syria. the us navy is building its presence around syria ahead of a u.s. congressional debate later this month on whether or not to strike five u.s. destroyers loaded with missiles along with an amphibious assault ship are in the mediterranean they have been joined by an aircraft carrier group that's now in the red sea to support the attack on syria if ordered the super carrier u.s.s. nimitz is one of the largest warships in the world at more than three hundred meters long it's powered by nuclear reactors and has ninety planes and helicopters on board it's accompanied by five smaller warships armed with tomahawk cruise
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missiles meanwhile some u.s. servicemen have joined the chorus of those against america's possible military for a that's judging by images uploaded on social media people wearing military uniform are seen posing in front of cameras with posters saying they did not join up to fight for al qaeda in syria those pictures cannot be verified but the pentagon is reportedly already looking into the identities of those involved marine veteran gordon duff told r.t. that u.s. troops are against supporting syrian rebels because of the extremist links in their ranks. fifty to seventy percent of americans are clearly opposed to up. against syria and members of the military particularly lost five thousand killed fighting the same groups in iraq that we are advocating that we support in syria so members of the military from either side and there are clear divisions in the military both the left and the right none of them have any reason to want to
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support syrian rebels president obama has got himself painted into a corner there is no way out. and we'd like to hear from you about what's happening in syria on our web site we're asking what the end game will look like if the u.s. does launch strikes right now more than half of you think a devastating region wide conflict will break out quite a few of you see libya as a blueprint for what could happen next fifteen percent believe washington wouldn't hit out at syria on its own and just a small number agree any strike would be short and precise.
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u.s. troops may soon be heading home but there's still no plan on what to do with bob graham jail dubbed guantanamo bay sister prison the facility saw its heyday in the early stages of the war on terror getting a reputation of torture and abuse it currently holds sixty seven foreigners men the u.s. says are too dangerous to let go but not guilty enough to punish parties every nigga lishka reports on what the future hold for. some call the program prison a second guantanamo although in reality it was established just before the detention center in cuba and at one point housed twice as many inmates at the height of the u.s. war in afghanistan but these are just details the two really could be called sister jails just like guantanamo bob graham is used to detain people apprehended in the u.s. war in terror and has been around for more than a decade the detention centers have both had their fair share of scandals
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surrounding the conditions in which the prisoners are held and the way they are treated humiliation of inmates by u.s. personnel physical and emotional abuse allegations of torture you can really sign off the checklist as you go for both prisons and of course the biggest common trait inmates in so-called administrative detention that's people who were arrested but never received a court trial they've been behind bars for years and will stay there for no one knows how long sure american officials insist some of detainees at bagram a hard core al qaeda operatives and will immediately get back to the old business of terrorism the minute they're set free and just look at guantanamo there are prisoners of program who have already been cleared for release and yet remain in jail sixty seven of them for more than a dozen different countries and no one knows what to do with them again sounds very familiar doesn't it however things that bug rome are slightly more complicated than what told him oh by the fact the facility has actually been handed over to the
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afghan government which was deeply unhappy about having a foreign operated geologic soil to begin with as soon as couple to full control of the ground in march it either transferred or released prisoners what to do with the almost seventy foreign nationals that remain and what to do with the u.s. because some allege the americans are still very president fearing that are going to fish will release inmates that the u.s. sees as a threat to its security and they're going to fishel strongly dislike having these foreign detainees in their custody so far no solution has been provided by any side involved in this day and in fact one top american military general has confessed that there's absolutely no plan on how to deal with the detainees at bagram so the stalemate looks set to drag on. between bagram and guantanamo bay maasdam beggar spent three years being churned through america's terror program he told us what he saw including allegations of people literally being beaten to death amongst the things that i witnessed was prisoners being beaten in two cases actually physically
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to death one of the techniques they used to use was to hold us into common or soles our hands were tied above our heads to the top of the cage for punishment or for discipline a hood would be closer placed over our heads and we would be left there sometimes for hours on end and in this way i saw at least one person getting beaten so badly that it was that he was beaten to death and weren't even allowed to get up to walk we weren't even allowed to pray in congregation if we didn't comply with the orders would simply be taken to the front of the so or to the isolation cells and they would be physically tortured and i was during one interrogation i remember very clearly being interrogated by the cia with my hands tied behind my back to my legs and in the next room there was a sound of a woman screaming that they led me to believe was my wife being tortured and at the same time they were waving pictures of my children in front of me asking me what do
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you think has happened to them where do you think they are right now suggesting that they were also in custody and this is the sort of place but graham was it was a terrible place and it was a place where i believe quite categorically that murder took place at the hands of u.s. soldiers for my part it was worse than kuantan in fact by the time i'd finished being a prisoner in bagram for most eleven months i was actually looking forward to going to guantanamo. author and journalist yvonne ridley visited guantanamo but wasn't even allowed through the front door of program jail she says given the stark history it's up to the afghans to wipe the slate clean. i have been into guantanamo with a film crew and was given access but i never got past the front door in background background and there is still a mystery we still don't know exactly what has happened we know that there have been atrocities carried out human rights abuses carried out by the americans the
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afghan leadership should do a lot of things but it strings are being pulled by washington which is why only now and again you will hear. aggressive soundbites about american interference but really president karzai should now be you seen his muscle and demanding to take over the whole running of by graham and left the afghan authorities deal with what is actually happening in background. as vacuous vote coming up critics accuse germany's election candidates have ignored the real problems and taking the low brow road to high office.
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and. do we speak your language i mean some of the worn out of them. will use programs documentaries in spanish what matters to you. a little turn to angle this story. here. altie spanish to find out more visit actuality.
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he's got a megaphone lots of opinions and he's become a feature on oxford street in london where he yells his political commentary of shoppers walking by but now the local council is bringing rabble rouser daniel shine to task they say he's simply too loud parties polly boyko meets the man who's not afraid to shout out what he believes in tiny shines got an unusual addiction the father of three likes to take his megaphone to central london. talk to pass' by about things like why wait here on the perils of consumerism actually i'm. sorry. i'm sorry i'm. ok. right now i'm going to call it stream of consciousness and definitely call it
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bubble virus yeah i do think the spoken word form of earlier this year westminster council confiscated danny's megaphone and summoned him to court. what do you looking for an icon of your right also to carry our stockholders like you said if i think about. to let you know this is go up they go up. so it is illegal. to push for everyone who lives danny's being prosecuted for breaking a by law banning anyone from making any noise which is so loud or so continuous over peterhead as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to other persons. not so i took away his matter. but chris i mean this is more than just about public speaking it's about his semen right freedom of expression to me he should really shut up now does not threaten freedom of speech in
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a country that is the cone that is the problem getting it's good for the passive consumers as you and i to a free our minds from the perpetual consumption of the seamers it but i so you complaining about the decibels a little earlier than most consider me as my subconscious self coming out of my mind it's like you're in a dream i mean to make a pretty penny and is like raining on my parade many i'm afraid for some fun time he's a ray of sunshine i mean you're great if i were like you know but we didn't but you know you know you're for the night you know you got for that you have a crush on him. no like i have a crush on him but just like he's beautiful not he's hearing this like a bad boy he retires about danny's doing cool way he set to argue that the westminster council of prosecuting him and infringes his human rights. for the first chorus are very different i actually took her seven four years of her constituents. are going to have the right for our convention have
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a private conversation. i think i think it's completely wrong because if they do manage to point in their way it's not going to stall i mean we're all just going to be surprised thing to know too looking not speaking you know i just think that's going to be a bad thing so they go don't need to donate to keep the flag point for every day and while westminster city councils have told us that their conflict with dani is merely a question of decibels danny shine is planning to get even louder so i had the resources one day i'd be quite require noise to go with it like a really could be a system and do it in a really nice light and i would be the reverse maybe. ten people in transition ask around yes that's right no it's right the world's top whistle blower julian i'm sorry strikes back he believes the crackdown on his wiki leaks website was unlawful and file a legal complaint as he marks one thousand days either under house arrest or holed
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up in london's ecuadorian embassy more on that story on our website. and russia's far east remains underwater as one of the region's main cities wages a major war against plotting to see the footage of devastation at r.t. dot com. soup cake and veggie days pundits say germany's general election campaigns look more like a tabloid magazine agenda than a serious political battle with five weeks to go until the vote even the first t.v. debate starring uncle merkel failed to add any fire to proceedings as artie's peter all over reports. the post is around the flesh is being pressed but this german election campaign is hotly setting pulses racing maybe that's a whole idea make it as boring as possible so i know everybody kind of goes to sleep and doesn't worry about the real issues what we have being treated to is
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chancellor angela merkel talking about potato soup a main challenge him reading fairy tales and the green policy suggesting compulsory vegetarian days where does it stop they going to start a couple to refrigerators at home and check to see what you got there as well or are they going to shut down the burger kings and mcdonald's on tuesdays and so you have to serve edgy burgers aside from the greens apparent to fascism have been some peculiar manifesto promises the social democrats want legislation to prevent stress in the workplace and the free democrats hoping to win over commuters by making it illegal for trains to be late all distraction tactics according to those hoping to win their seats in the bundestag they don't want to touch the real problems with the euro crisis diminishing pension fund survey come up with things like the green party wanting a veggie day one reason being cited is the lack of
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a major issue for the parties to really attack each other on when you talk about their support for the government's decision to implement the sam to initiate further payments for greece they also said yes yes yes there is no real opposition in parliament so providing the comic relief in an otherwise dreary campaign. the party are now very easy to remember. with policies such as banning tourists from berlin and building a wall around the whole of germany these jokers are quietly confident we want to get into power and then we will decide what we are going to do with the. what do you think the chances. our chances are pretty good we expected to take one hundred percent of the vote and even more in all seriousness though with greece looking likely to need a third bailout package it will be no laughing matter for those that come to power
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after september the twenty second they're going to have to deal with some real issues as they take their seats in the boat in the stock peter all of a r.t. berlin some other international headlines in brief now bahrain has announced it will host the permanent headquarters of the an arab court of human rights following arab league approval and movies presented by the government. for testing human rights in the region but is labeled a p.r. stunt by activists the country's rulers have been repeatedly accused of a crackdown on the opposition and now critics fear the court could become a political tool in the hands of the king. japan will send five hundred million dollars to get the fukushima nuclear crisis under control the main problem the government faces right now is ongoing weeks of radioactive water which have caused a sharp spike in radiation levels around the plant some of the tanks leaking contaminated water have been found but experts say there are more. up next
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artie's kaiser report focuses on how getting a cab could put you in big brother's glare. many gay bars are starting to refuse to sew russian vodka as a means of protesting the homosexual propaganda laws in russia as i've said before boycotts are a great way to put pressure on people but are they putting pressure on the right people not only is it racist to assume that hurting the vodka flow will deal a massive blow to the russian economy but it is also racist to think that any vodka with a russian sounding name is itself russian and many videos angry gay bartenders were
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pouring stolichnaya vodka which should be pronounced by the way onto the ground in a fury but if those bartenders would take a closer look at the labels they would see that exported stoli is produced in bold inlet via by the s.p.i. group not in russia also according to the n.p.t. group beverage alcohol report the most popular vodka in america with a russian sounding name is smeared off which is british owned and produced and bottled in various countries around the globe including the usa itself we do support the american worker people love to panic over the hip and trendy scandal of the month but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that homosexuality itself is legal in russia and it's punishable in many other countries including a death sentence in some of them and yet russia gets all the attention if people really wanted to effectively boycott any country with any laws even the hinting against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and
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iran and so on and so on that is a vastly more difficult proposition than pouring american made vodka onto the sidewalk but that's just my opinion. the a. welcome to the because the report on max keiser america still celebrates labor day despite the fact that all their wealth creating jobs were a long ago shipped to china but as it was these wells creating jobs and the rising
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wages of the middle class of the built america into a wealthy nation we ask is china's rise on stoppable a pew research poll earlier this year asked this question and a clear majority of brits german spanners committee and french poles australians and south koreans believe that china will indeed topple america as the world's leading superpower some actually believe this is already happened forty four percent of americans they china as the most of our fault on me right now only thirty nine percent of americans thought the u.s. was the number one it gonna be oh my god stacy this is shocking this is tell me more you know on wall street of course and many financial analysts and bloggers will say oh china is a disaster zone is a financial bubble there that's going to happen a conway isn't growing at over eight percent as it normally would but i thought those polls were interesting when there are asking common people normal people who actually have to work for a living and the huge percentage in america think china is number one its wealth
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creation that creates a great nation a superpower so the fact that the wealth creating jobs are either in germany or in china that suggests that this is a nation on the rise whereas america has exported those wealth creating jobs and all they have is part time jobs serving burgers or at wal-mart selling this stuff the wealth creating jobs in china created so you. you have that but also you have in detroit which was the number one location for wealth creating jobs the number one for g.d.p. per capita only forty fifty years ago before the u.s. decided once they went off the gold standard to send the jobs overseas you have this tweet into.


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