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tv   Headline News  RT  September 4, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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find out more visit actuality. russia says it could ban the use of force in syria but only if it's proven by the yuan that bashar al assad ordered an alleged chemical attack last month and the security council votes for action. and while obama's top officials banging the drums of war at a senate hearing in washington activists inside warsaw syria become human shields to god possible american targets. and also this hour a media will stop condemns the u.k. government's sustained use of strong arm tactics against the press saying security measures are pushing hard earned freedoms at risk.
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new song russia and around the world this is our she was me you know thanks for joining us president vladimir putin says russia will wait for rock hard evidence about who carried out an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria last month before deciding how to act he says all options remain on the table but facts and international authorization should come before intervention. as has the details for . well let me add putin was speaking to the associated press when he warned against western intervention in syria saying that it is just generally a bad idea for unilateral action he also said if the united states has proof that the assad regime used chemical weapons that they need to have it over to the u.n. security council so that a proper appropriate legal decision can be made he also said russia is not against using military action let's take
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a listen. russia will be ready to take strong action if we have exact an unbiased information about who committed these crimes and what weapons we used we will take a principled stand as we firmly believe the use of weapons of mass destruction is a crime but we think we should at least wait for the u.n. inspectors to give their report. speaking about the now famous video that has made its circulation around you tube showing the horrific images of children having been killed allegedly from a chemical weapons a strike he said this is a tragedy it is for reference but it does raise a lot of questions in fact it doesn't show how they were killed or who did the killing. certainly those pictures of the children are just hideous but they don't prove anyone's guilt even in the us some experts think the evidence presented by the administration is not compelling it's possible that the opposition staged a provocation in order to give the patrons an excuse for military intervention but
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there is also another question if there is evidence that it's the militants that have been using w m d sure what will the u.s. do to them what will the sponsors do will they stop supplying weapons will they start hostilities against militants. sitting in the well much has been made about the relationship between president obama and the u.s. and the blood that we have potential saying that they have a rivalry of sorts but downplayed this saying that they both have a lot of common goals in fact iran the economy north korea and that president obama is a frank and direct negotiating partner but certainly edward snowden is a big source of contention at least in the eyes of the media between relations between russia and the united states it was revealed that snowden came up to russian officials in hong kong at that time let the president ask what this was all about edward snowden revealed himself as a human rights crusader president vladimir putin said that snowden is welcome to
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come to russia but if he does so he would have to stop any actions and all actions that could harm u.s. interests and russian u.s. relations at that point snowden walked out but on the subject of how snowden eventually ended up in russia. this is what the president had to say about that so to speak and then snowden was on route to latin america by russia and what happened next there was a leak i hope i don't offend u.s. security agencies and diplomats so they could have handled this issue in a professional way instead of allowing him to enter a country where would be easy for them to get him the intimidated everybody latin america european countries everybody and as a result naturally he stayed at our airport and became stranded in russia. and so optimism from the president about relations between the united states and
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russia continuing to grow although there have been tensions he is sure that the g. twenty is a good chance for those ties to be mended this is our c.n.n. coming out the man who made snowden's leaks possible got in journalist glenn greenwald has been offered police protection by the brazilian government as it looks into claims the n.s.a. sifted through private presidential communications. and lebanese tera mup vigilante apps shailene bombing and other crimes sites spring up in mobile software stores across lebanon as innovation and security come by. after ninety days of military operation about no boots on the ground these are some of the league's details over a resolution being put to the do ask congress to convince members to back war against syria the document is expected to be put to a vote next week it follows intense questioning in the senate over some of the top the cheerleaders for military intervention including secretary of state john kerry
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and defense chief chuck hagel they're both maintain the syrian government is behind last month's chemical attack outside damascus despite the u.n. still having not made any conclusions and he's going to chicken now reports. the blocks upon which john kerry built the administration's case for an attack on syria included fear mongering and it was this part which reminded many of the mushroom cloud fears that the bush administration stoked in the run up to the iraq invasion take a listen if the congress decides not to do this it is a guarantee whether it is with us. in syria or nuclear weapons in around or nuclear weapons in north korea we will have invited a for certain confrontation at some point in time that will require you to make
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a choice that will be even worse for mitigating the consequences of a military action against syria was also part of secretary kerry's presentation to a question on whether u.s. strikes will end up in bolding extremists in syria as john kerry and swords know they will not according to secretary kerry experiments in syria will not benefit from u.s. strikes although reports on the ground and a great many experts suggest the opposite the other premise that the administration put forward is that there is no other option but to bomb syria here's how secretary kerry explained he was readiness to bypass the u.n. security council break international law and attack syria at the u.n. we saw a condemnation of a chemical attack without blame without citing us without seeing who was responsible simply a condemnation of a chemical attack and the russians blocked it and this was one of many discrepancies in secretary kerry's remarks in fact russia has blocked only those resolutions that attributed blame to the assad government alone without
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a credible u.n. investigation what john kerry did not mention is that the u.s. has done everything possible so that the u.n. investigative team would not have the mandate to determine who is to blame for the attacks in syria so. assessment of the u.s. government and that of some of its allies u.s. officials say the republic will not see the classified evidence upon which they build their case many members of congress even those who have not seen the classified evidence have indicated that they are ready to authorize the attack on syria. as the u.s. thrushes out bombing options a new movement is becoming stronger and mung the syrian people gathering outside key strategic facilities expected to be targeted by american strikes they're calling on washington to hold its march to war under the says they're ready to die if it doesn't oh she's maria sent us this report from damascus. this is the syrian public response to the plans of the united states of america to strike this middle
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east and we can treat those who come into this huge mountain just outside damascus called themselves a human shield that's often america's president barack obama said that the u.s. should take military response to what's going on in syria these people don't know actually as the rest of the population is about as the entire international community don't know so far when or if the missiles will strike but they say they'll stay till it's needed. whipped up the side of this. that's. different ages different backgrounds and social status yes actually have little in common except hogan see what unites them and that is their will to demonstrate to show their anger at the plan of the current state strike country and read in their banners we can understand actually
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what message they want to send. we're here to show that we belong to syria this country is strong because of its people and its leadership. we're not afraid. to express our loyalty to our country my friends of american threats we don't want what they did in a rock group or the chemical weapons claiming to be done in our country other than they chose this year in mountains because it is our symbol of damascus and of syria as well but also because it is a very important place strategically it's time to many security and military buildings and institutions and it is expected to be targeted and he told the others here today to go to his friend here some say that even if the missiles start going they will not move any.
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reports from damascus and syria. he is wearing her war and president francois alone says there will be no vote on the matter despite a recent poll suggesting that three in four french people want parliament to have a say on attacking syria perhaps wary of a u.k. like defeat by lawmakers or loans administration insists he alone has the power to order and at a time he's just our senior reports now on the french perspective. the french president a lot is constitutionally able to order it without a parliamentary approval but france along has been under a lot of pressure from opposition to to put this issue to a vote with the opposition and also pointed out that a lot is that they want to what humiliates position of having to wait for what the u.s. says before acting i was spokesman from along the office said that the president hasn't yet decided whether or not to ask for a vote but what's interesting to note is that in the u.k. the prime minister is also able to order the talks without parliament the prime
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minister or david cameron had asked anyway and had to give him a resoundingly you know all along said though that france will not go it alone and will wait for the outcome of the u.s. congressional vote on all of this comes on the back the report presented to parliament by the prime minister regarding the chemical attack near damascus last march which they say is responsible for two hundred eighty one deaths of the report says though that quote it could not have been ordered or carried out by anyone other than the syrian government now the president of syria bashar al assad in the meantime had given an interview to the french newspaper le figaro when he warned that should there be an attack chaos and extremism would ensue and he also said there's a risk of a regional good and we want the france it would be common enemy of the syrian state should they go ahead with this attack and we spoke earlier with a french senator to discuss francis' towns on a military intervention in syria the french intelligence has said that they presented proof and they found that assad is guilty of this chemical attack i think we must be very cautious and we must wait for. the
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decision of united nations experts because remember in two thousand and three the forged. and it was a disaster for and for the world economy do you think that the united states' decision will inevitably be france's decision. this. makes me feel uncomfortable. because we must not be dependant of american decision if. we have the same decision if we don't agree we don't have the same decision but we must vote for no automatic lee american decision as far as public opinion polls that one of the recent poll say that a fifty nine percent of the french are against a military intervention in syria by their government reporting from paris and tests
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are still yeah. president of the us e.u. is rather security and defense subcommittee on north armstrong says a strike now before evidence is collected would be detrimental and perhaps even ruinous for the region's future i'm very skeptical about the what we're talking today which means. political. strikes please don't call on the president obama called out i don't believe in that i don't believe it's sufficient i don't believe terry people what would happen the day after the consequences of strikes can be huge in the region it could be huge in syria. i do not see the point in punishing that which we all know that the solution in syria can only be a diplomatic and political solution therefore we have to work diplomatically on that and i don't thing military strikes at that point will be relevant. right
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after the break this state of press freedom in britain and our report on the horrific violence tearing apart around texting that. world. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm target market is a big issue. we speak your language but i mean why do you or not advance. your programs and
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documentaries in spanish what matters to you. is a little turn a different angle is the story. here. the spanish find out more visit actuality that. you're watching aussies good to have you with us welcome back a journalist who helped whistleblower edward snowden leak his secrets has been offered police protection by the brazilian government then going wild rant about how the n.s.a. spied on the authorities in mexico and brazil and in britain where his newspaper the guardian is based at key press freedom group has confronted the u.k. government over its strong all my terms to stifle information. has more now on the
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fires to report the news in britain an act of intimidation that could have a chilling effect on press freedom in the u.k. and beyond not quite what you'd normally expect from a letter to the prime minister about press freedom in the way but those strong words coming from the world association of newspapers you guys ation felt compelled to write after the guardian newspaper was forced by british security services to destroy information received from. n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden and then the partner of one of its journalists suspected of carrying information the government deemed sensitive to national security was placed in detention upon a rifle at heathrow airport david miranda partner of guardian journalist glenn greenwald was held for nine hours the maximum time a person can be held using laws designed to capture terrorists you know one of the reasons why we're so concerned and when i look at the work our press freedom
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department does which is which has a global reach one of the issues that we have because the united kingdom is saying about. freedom with a very strong record on ensuring that it. can write the new and so so for grabs it does appear that the press freedom situation in the united kingdom is sliding and there is a great concern it is twenty thirteen freedom of speech seen here reporters without borders gives the satisfactory situation rating but for freedom of the press britain slipped from nineteenth in two thousand and ten to its current ranking of twenty ninth many concerned that showed you a servant of the terrorism act the law used to detain miranda certainly being used to stop journalists doing their job of holding people in power to account rather than being used to prevent terrorism. than allows police to stop examine and search
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passengers that travel terminals there's no need for any suspicion that they're linked to terrorism it's a very difficult problem the security services have a difficult job difficult job. the state clearly has a duty to protect. those people living. at the same time. i think they must recognize the role of the media. recognized by. any of the turks have to be in line with the appropriate law usually appropriate. responsibilities the government said it had to a scheme that copies of the information held by mr snowden could now be held by foreign countries to see mr snowden's travel since leaving the us and the
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disclosure of some of that material could put lives at risk all critics of the government's actions have despite these hours alone most planes aimed at justifying the blurring of the lines between terrorism and journalism is thought a full hearing into the legality of david miranda is detention and the seizure of that data will take place in october but in the meantime expect to see that war of words continue with the u.k. seemingly struggling to strike a balance between national security and press freedom sarah firth artsy london. whistleblower chelsea manning uses her legal last resort be private sentenced to thirty five years for the biggest leak of data in u.s. history files a plea for a presidential pardon from obama those moments story online for you. and deadly dowry in india as the latest study shows every hour a woman dies in dispute of
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a marriage payment but the details had to call. right see. first for you and i think you're. on our record with. the. so as a button in your pocket smartphone developers in lebanon have launched their own early warning system for mobile devices so where that allows users to instantly mup terror bombing sites and report crimes or suspicious behavior point to slee are reports now from beirut. the it's easy for me to spill over its border into
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neighboring countries which is why i'm here in cities like they there are developers and even the kidneys on me that are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways of trying to deal with this great this illusion that bonds morning . one of them you would get. if one line on real information being uploaded by users now they'll see information as to where there's a globe where possibly a missile has landed where there is a hotel this is immediately uploaded to a map and there's extra thing to save the page. this is an excellent especially when our country is being bombed as is happening in the list we know where the bombs to fall in and which city or wherever and that's really important i think more people should die mood. other projects in the pipeline include an app that will be able to tell the difference between fireworks which often used to mean celebrations and gunfire not to be outdone the liberty's on me
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has also recently announced it's own at the knees this is shield this provides direct communication between the public and maybe the soldiers now they will be able to fill in the army when ever there is a. vehicle a suspicious object. some kind of potential gun the comes to get you killed in situations like when there's nothing one of this is just examples of countries that may have been on top in the standards in an attempt to try and deal with the if the glowing syrian crisis want to see on t.v. they were. more than one hundred and fifty people have been killed in the first four days of september in iraq that includes sixteen shares in the tank by gunmen on wednesday the country's looks in turmoil call simply basing its own monthly death toll records and dr steinberg of the executive intelligence review magazine
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things a regional instability is helping the terrorists. the spillover is enormous and the whole region is facing a grave crisis you rock is in a very fragile situation it borders on syria and so there is a horris border between syria and iraq so you've got all kind iraq forces moving back and forth of course that border and of course the factor the saudis funding the sunni insurgency that's driving iraq into a state internal crisis many of the al qaida sunni insurgency were operating inside your ra has now crossed over into syria so in a certain way. the violence that's now tremendously inside iraq is a kind of reverberation back there the crisis centered in syria. and
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after some international news in brief the sound of it has left more than two thirds of venezuela without an interest including a swathe of the campus. the blackout cause traffic and shut down parts of the metro system president nicolas maduro has blamed the outrage on some a top political position critics say paul maintenance of the pound grid is responsible. in the central african republic thousands of people have marched through the carpet or calling for peace and unity the crowds filed through different areas of the city playing instruments and chanting slogans a coup took place in the central african republic five months ago in a country already plagued by a violent. tornado ripped through to the prefecture to the north of japan's capital talk iau injuring two men and ripping the roofs of houses local train services were suspended and passengers left stranded after lightning struck causing
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a power blackout another tornado on monday swept through two regions farther south injuring more than sixty people. coca-cola had help on toys also the future western culture and influence in the middle east that's one of the themes up for debate in today's crosstalk. wealthy british style it's time to write. for the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cons a report on. the
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. economic ups and downs in the final month a deal sang i and the rest because i think be a few will be if we count. the bible says many times the goat is the father of all folks. i'm sure he called me to serve these children. because i straight from the orphanage that you know in times he just close by so nobody needed me that. my fellow pilgrims pasta. down is probably the kindest soul in the world. one can't abandon the child's
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emails that they wouldn't survive sylviane jurors to the end any marginal from a dream can be summed up in just a few. it's russia and the world was no wolf and we don't want any children to wake up in orphanages you firmly believe that the parents out there every child spit up my ego's.
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hello and welcome to cross talk or all things are considered i'm peter all about syria and barack obama's convoluted path to war the american administration is determined to punish the assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons other than members of mainstream media many are skeptical of the president's claims and the necessity to attack syria so what is obama's plan and does it make any sense. to cross talk the war in syria i'm joined by phyllis bennis in washington she is the director of the new internationalism project at the institute for policy studies also in washington we have cynthia snyder she is a professor at george to.


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