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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  September 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek. well i'm. going to go on i'm sorry and on this show we would be a little picture of what's actually going on when we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america in particular i'm ready to join the movement and welcome the big three. well i'm tom arbonne in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. war drums continue to beat
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in washington today as the senate approved a draft resolution authorizing american intervention in syria president obama says we need to hold assad accountable but is it really our job to be the world's policeman congressman alan grayson just a moment and marco rubio thinks the government's wasting money by promoting obamacare but in reality he's the one throwing money down the drain with his ridiculous crusade against the new health care a lot more on that in tonight's lone liberal rumble and every year the names of millions of americans are solid by the world meteorological organizations hurricane and tropical storm naming system in tonight's daily take i'll tell you why that needs to change. you need to know this the united states is inching toward yet another middle east military. misadventure early today secretary of state john kerry secretary of
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defense chuck hagel and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey testified in front of the house of representatives to shore up support for president obama's plan to launch strikes against the syrian government in his testimony secretary kerry defended an attack on syria as necessary to prevent future violence in the area. if we don't take a stand here today i guarantee you we are more likely to face far greater risks to our security and a far greater likelihood of conflict that demands our action in the future. the senate foreign relations committee held hearings today as well approving a modified version of the president's strike plan that would set a sixty day time limit for any attack for the possibility of a thirty day renewal period although secretary of state john kerry has assured congress and the american people that quote there will be no american boots on the
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ground and quote in syria the public remains skeptical of intervention a tuesday reuters poll found that fifty six percent of those surveyed said the united states should not intervene in syria all only nineteen percent supported action an additional twenty five percent said they did not know what course of action the united states should take american confusion and frustration with the march toward war in syria is understandable the united states has already invaded one country on faulty intelligence about chemical weapons and many see echoes of the lead up to the iraq war in the obama administration's push for a serious strike still others worry that intervening in syria is like throwing gasoline on a fire a country's two and a half year old civil war is now essentially a regional conflict the government of iran backs the assad regime by providing it with military and financial support so any american attack on the syrian government comes with the risk of a proxy war with iran the american public skepticism of a syrian strike is shared by a vocal group in congress i'm joined now by one of those opposed to the obama
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administration's plan democratic congressman alan grayson from florida welcome congressman grayson q thank you very much thanks for joining us why do you oppose intervention in syria i oppose it because it's not our responsibility it won't do any good it's expensive and it's dangerous in the press conference in sweden today president obama said that the united states needs to attack syria to deter other countries from acting with impunity years twenty seven but. i do think that we have to act. because if we don't we are effectively saying that even though we may condemn it and issue resolutions and so forth and so on somebody who is not shamed by resolutions can continue to act with impunity. i would buy that if the if the when he was talking about was the united nations but
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the united states what are your thoughts on that. well listen the we heard the same arguments during the vietnam war and what the president's referring to is some kind of bizarre variant on the domino theory we can call it the bomb and no theory these days if we just bomb enough countries and other countries won't do anything bad it's ridiculous it doesn't make any sense and this particular attack is more likely to do something bad than something good it's not going to depose the dictator it's not going to change the government it's not going to end the civil war it won't even prevent the syrian military from using poison gas in the future people scratch their heads and say what's the point and when you think about all the different ways doesn't go awry including lead to a really relieving to a regional war or another war involving u.s. troops it's simply not worth it so how did we get here i mean what's what's your understanding of the rationale when did for example when did the united states become the policeman of the world well i think a lot of people feel otherwise
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a lot of people feel that the united states should not be the policeman for the world should not be the judge the jury and the executioner for the world the proper course of conduct here would be to take this matter before international bodies the reason why the the obama administration is reluctant do that is because knows it will lose it will lose its argument that the united nations will lose its argument nato it will lose its argument for the arab league and therefore it's leading us to the very vulnerable position of acting alone which is clearly a violation of the u.n. charter there's no authorization in international law for united states simply go off and bomb someone just because we think they've done something wrong and the people just don't want it i mean now i've heard from both democrats and republicans that the e-mails and phone calls and letters that are coming into their offices they're running more than one hundred to one against military attacks against military intervention the only people who really want this for the military industrial complex in the warm. and i think they're both heading for defeat one of
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the groups you didn't mention in the in the list it out of nations nato and so on was the international criminal court at the hague what would you think about trying to bring an action against assad there i'm in favor of it and the interesting thing is that when the administration keeps citing the convention against chemical weapons trying to enforce that convention against syria even though syria never signed it and you can't enforce trees or conventions against parties and never signed it if you actually look at that convention look at article twelve what it says is that the enforcing they're going to is in fact the international court at the hague you take these people to court you you hang them up you hold them up to world really kewl and ultimately punishment you don't simply go off and bomb them. and and do you do you think that enough members of congress are talking about one hundred to one against in terms of e-mails and and calls and things you think enough members of congress are going to say no this is going to fail and if it does what's your sense of what's next. well what's next is what usually happens which is
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diplomatic means to end conflict. that's what that's what normally happens and what we're seeing here is an effort to depart from the norm but to answer the initial question i think the answer is yes i think the president will have to work hard to get even half of the democratic votes in the house and may not get it and i think that the republicans are completely a lost cause to him i would be surprised if you see the republicans voting three or even four to one against this resolution in the house regardless of the fact that their own leaders boehner and cantor seem to be in favor of it congressman alan grayson thanks so much for being with us tonight pleasure thank you again. for more on today's developments i'm joined by i'm was mostafa executive director of the syrian emergency task force a liaison a group for the syrian opposition that supports intervention by the united states mobs welcome program for having me so what. by what authority should be united
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states be bombing your country are you a syrian national was born in damascus years and i moved to the united states when i was young when i was twelve years old but should the united states be bombing syria no the international community should be intervening on behalf of the syrian people the united nations security council should have put out a chapter seven resolution ending the massacres of insincerely as in syria for the whole world every single person that lives outside of syria that lives a normal life and goes home to a place where they're not being bombed by russian mags or facing chemical attacks should be intervening on behalf of the syrian people but we have become stuck in gridlock obviously because of the russian veto in the security council and we have seen international community pressure the united states which they see as far as the arab countries turkey the europeans as the old one able to step up at this point to do something about it this isn't just a run nato is saying no great britain just tell of against this the arab league
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is saying no we're going to we're not going to have any. the arab league came out with a statement saying that they support action military action against the assad regime they did not say supplied the united states with participate well we know that the turks for example have said that they would be willing to take part in any military intervention that would be taking place this is a democratic country in that region seeing what's happening close by we have seen the french coming up we have seen the prime minister. in the united kingdom support this is a matter of fact the vote that went on in parliament was a very close one and it wouldn't against the vote and there was historically in international context you make a rational argument but right now we don't have nato we don't have the arab league with us we don't have the united nations it's the united states all by itself are you still saying that the united states should take unilateral action again it's not the united states by itself it is the united states it is france it is turkey it is saudi arabia it is other countries you get your country is no we can reform
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countries are going to violate un law i'm not sure exactly how many countries would take place on law and international law and international norms were violated by a huge chemical attack not the first but another one in a series of which the world stood by and watched as we stood by and watched things like rwanda in other places and we wondered to ourselves sometimes when things like this happen these huge massacres that happen in our lifetime where were we in one thousand nine hundred four when eight hundred thousand people died in three months and where was the international community where was the clinton administration these questions are always easy to answer when we're looking back in time but now we're at a moment where something must be done and we're not asking for any again what is the something or a suggestion. well what we have tried to do for a very long time was the diplomatic and political solution which will be the only way that we can end this conflict remains the main objective but what we know now is for three years of trying to do these very you know urged. diplomatic so for
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overtures to try to get something done the russians the iranians that's the regime itself have been solidified in their position and sort of not you know coming to the table and as a matter of fact what mr putin today i believe president putin essentially said give me evidence and i'll reconsider my vote well i don't know what evidence mr putin is already privy to and i assume by the way that mr cohen with his very close relationship to the assad regime would know that you've got members of the united states congress who are saying that the administration the obama administration has not presented them with its insecurities we've been every day of the united states congress specifically lobbying and speaking to members and there has been evidence presented now first of all. we have to i'm sorry we're just flat out of time we'll have to wrap it up but thank you very much thank you very much for. coming up with missouri lawmakers have their way it could soon be against the law to enforce the law in the bellwether state more on that and i saw one liberal on.
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the the. it's a. very. long. letter that will make her look at. the end. of the.
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i i think. everybody. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy culver's. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crest of a girl we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market it on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem for trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a bit there. it's
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wednesday are you ready to rumble joining me for it that i it's long liberal dan bongino conservative commentator candidate for congress representing maryland sixth district and author of the forthcoming book a life inside the bubble top ranked secret service agent walked away from it all and horace cooper conservative commentator and senior fellow at the center for public policy research thank you both for joining me so let's get into this let's start off with syria during today tuesday's senate foreign relations committee hearings on the use of military force in syria secretary of state kerry seemed to waffle about the possibility of american boots on the ground in syria an exchange in new jersey senator robert menendez kerry first said that the united states wanted to keep its options open regarding u.s. troops on syrian soil. i don't want to take off the table an option that might or
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might not be available to approach the united states to secure our country so i was the only kind of example it's the only thing i can think of that would immediately leap to mind to say. no well if we if we then after further discussion he would say backtracked a bit. the bottom line is the president has no intention and will not we do not want to put american troops on the ground to fight this or be involved in the fighting of this civil war period i appreciate so the draft resolution actually the resolution that was passed today out of the senate foreign relations committee explicitly specifically says no boots on the ground and came out and attend a seven vote with one person voting present a new senator for massachusetts horace what are your thoughts on the well as senator from massachusetts is taking former senator obama's position voting present
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instead of taking it was issued. i happen to have a view that the president has authority to engage in a strike against syria and a number of other authorities as executive if he makes that determination as well and i think he's right if he makes that determination i think he ought to go forward with it what i am troubled by is this decision to not make the independent determination but to try to bring congress in as if they need to bolster him this looks a lot like that leading from behind that i don't think gets us anywhere it hasn't worked well in libya and i don't see how it gets us anywhere in syria so basically this is the kind of. partisan rhetoric that i hear on fox news is that there is a rhetoric also leading from behind you know this is rose you are going to present all let's let's get a point happen boy what happened to the constitutional principle that congress has the power to make war congolese a rice during the bush administration laid out
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a strong argument along with president bush that mr assad was a butcher it was mr obama has won him congress to get authority to a arrester obama in his campaign that said we needed to sit down with mr assad you don't sit down with butchers but this president signaled to mr assad that we were going to reset and we were going to try new measures of communication to reach our options by doing that he'd pull emboldened to engage in all manner of butchery that he has continued on if you want to stop the bloodshed the president and say go forward with this strike but what you don't meet and what he hasn't done is make the case that congress is necessary for that process and i think it's for that reason that it's likely to fail when the house of representatives. well this this is a disaster a record of success in middle east interventions right now is zero zero i mean even
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our success country we put up there tunisia is having problems but our record of success in overseas interventions since before any of us were born is zero right i don't disagree with you i mean even now it is a real got to a draw i was just going to bring that up i mean we're still looking at the same situation at the parallel you know vietnam korea i happen to you know venture from the libertarian wing of the party and i just don't see how we're making a sound argument if we're going to stick to actual metrics on how the shedding of of additional human flesh and blood has led to a positive outcome for the united states the great irony being even in vietnam the downfall of vietnam was through i believe free market capitalism not the war i would never personally. communist countries were right but they are opening up to free markets and ironically didn't require more than a shot fired in the last couple of decades so i can't i would never support this syria action as it stands and forget about boots on the ground i think getting involved in this proxy war is an enormous mistake and i don't see what the
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legitimate united states national security is at this time right now so horace what is still wait a second wait a second what is the interests of the united states needs for him to explain it to us and if he has decided if he has this no you haven't for a really ok ok so that's all he has all this guided if he has decided because he has access to information i don't know if he has decided that there are significant reasons that we should go forward he actually has the authority what we see is that you think you are now or are things where he wants to go forward and then the last minute decides no he's not he needs to have john mccain standing next to him nothing amateur hour about saying we're going to involve the people's representatives these are shared with that of the law then you should have started with that now in fact in fact when john mccain and lindsey graham were trying to push forward measures two years ago to fund rebels in syria he was the one foot
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dragging so don't he has he been funding the rebels in syria you know over my personal opposition want to really got to that point but what he didn't do was take the lead on the point so for now when i say your your concern here is that the president is not a neocon that he's not. right let's have a war but actually it might have got a president doesn't recognize the seriousness of the threat is an able to galvanize the public behind him on that and he is going to look feckless when this fails in the house of representatives we shall we shall see frankly i think you may be right on that that this is that this is been played out very badly. i wouldn't put it in the let's pick on obama terms that you're using but i think it's been played out very badly on all sides not and by all sides i'm not talking politically i'm talking about a number of countries plans. in jersey governor chris christie has signed into law
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a bill that bans salaries secrecy for employees who are trying to uncover wage discrimination the bill would make it illegal for an employer to retaliate if a worker discloses job information shows such as title compensation or other components if it was made to investigate whether someone is being paid unfairly and your bill is essentially the pay check fairness act it was introduced in congress and that was held up actually filibustered by republicans in congress and didn't make it out of the house the paycheck fairness act and also was vetoed by chris christie a year earlier so why is chris christie going for this now doing well isn't this a complete admonition of failure for the regulatory state pay discrimination is already legal it's illegal since sixty three sixty four so if that law didn't work it's clear as day spelled out it is eagle to discriminate based on sex gender why do we need a new law i don't instead like are you admitting that that law didn't work and if that law didn't work what's special about the new law that will work now ok so our
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laws against murder haven't stopped murders should we so does that mean we have new laws and nobody you're making my point we need a new law the order exactly we enforce the equal pay a lot but the question is should we get a new one now frankly i actually don't think the government ought to be in this business at all maybe there was a period of time where the conflict over who could work and what they would be paid was so difficult that it was thought that we need to come together by signaling it with a way to say maybe there's an audience for this law does is it in force is freedom of speech right now you've got the situation where word of word with the workplace exactly workplace. you should know you are honest because saying that you know you absolutely were always is a kingdom you or your employer is your lord god if your employer says you may not say this to the person next you may not tell the person next to you what you are paid. absolutely and that's why you shouldn't tell your coworker if warrior doesn't want to do x.
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you shouldn't tell them about the visit you're making them feel it is strong argument for democracy to work in the workplace you're absolutely going i don't even understand a republican in the divil a concept of democracy in the ocracy your workplace is called a union a person operates developed and created the capital that resulted in that business operating if they want to run it into the ground god bless them let them run it into the ground is no need for the government to come in and micromanage and in fact the evidence has nothing to do with running it into ground this has to do with discriminating against people based on again they are all they are is are the best determinant of whether or not information of any kind needs to be disclosed to their own employees the government has a chilling information that's covers up their own crimes even information that could be used against them in a court of law of course you wouldn't want to have the right to be able to to cover that i still don't think we get i think we get lost in the granular again when you take it back to be a broil if you i want i want to know why pay discrimination is already legal for decades now and the law is clearly not effective in the argument of the in the this
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is argument this is not a new law against paid discrimination i am was this is a law against is the way that employers have found around the old law what you are or that assumes that your premise is true that the pay discrimination they're talking about is actually due to discrimination and not factors decided upon by law and that's why it is not just within this law will have no consequence. instances of this have happened by the way that we're going to have this lot of fix fewer than the number of prosecutions for voter id i bet per year but that won't stop us because it's important enough we want to take an action that we don't have the information. i find it fascinating personally just fascinating that chris christie is getting on board on this what this says to me is that he's running for president it's a test already anything but his bets what will work for him in the general election what he may not realize is that won't work for him in the primary delegation was serious saying we're going to pass a law saying that the federal gun laws don't count here in missouri this is
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a i think you know right here to the supremacy clause is it not well i think there's a frustration out there tom you know me being from maryland i understand this being a limited government libertarian conservative you know when you vote for good republicans i've bad republicans who don't ascribe to our principles you know what do you get you get more of your money back we usually believe in progress through all of the republican run states or the taker states the makers states the states is not what you're talking about i'm talking about individual is an individual liberty i'm not talking about what happens between the exchange of capital between states state income taxes and the positive the federal government is going to get republicans when i get more of my paycheck and when i get to control my health care how do you get more of your paycheck when he goes where usually for the pro growth tax cuts which usually result in more going for us you know when when reagan triples the national debt that rich people got to keep more of the money and even though all the rest of us reagan and by the way out of money cut the tax rate at the top rate from seventy to twenty eight percent doubled the income of the income
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tax. spend money there are two different things you're talking about spending versus taxes so my point where your dear you get away from my point long as you keep it in your pocket that's fine with you is it does yeah you are and if your children have to pay for that i earn no i'm not saying that that you see where are you going for his own children i don't understand why you progressives think it's your job to provide for his children you don't even know is make their names i have the birth date but with this whole idea all i can say out of the completely phony argument toke up baby polar auto in washington state where they put the phone to the nose it was no concern of you progressive's yet they're flouting federal law. no and most of all i do think laws i would never watch and so do the people of missouri obviously so so are you in favor are you supporting missouri in this i am not supporting missouri flouting the law you anymore than i am supporting colorado and washington now i get it i can't make my bigger point so the smaller point i
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lost the war of tonight's won the world war right after the break. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close enough for the truth from i think. it's because one fall attention and the mainstream media work side by side with you is actually on here. and our team is we have a different thread. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing damnit i'm not how.
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he got us into the jokes will handle them. i would rather questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t.e. question or. thought
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about this that i had so long liberal rumble with me tonight dan bongino and horoscope are let's get back to it senator marco rubio sent a letter to kathleen sebelius h.h.s. secretary blasting the administration's decision to spend eight point seven million dollars which is really kind of a drop in the bucket in terms of federal budgets to tell people how to sign up for the affordable care act out to get your health insurance. in letter rubio's he calls the spending quote a blatant misuse of federal dollars to promote a fundamentally flawed law he went on to write that while the administration should be abandoning this disastrous law instead it is imprudently and blindly promoting
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poor policies that will harm americans and american businesses and misappropriating public funds their effort to sell bad ideas to good people. i don't get it you know we we run i see these ads on t.v. that say if you don't wear your seat belt you're going to get ticketed it's like when you have laws that are put into place and you want people to follow those laws or you want people to know about policies is it not appropriate for the government to spend money to do so damn well you're assuming that it's called a public service announcement that this is a public service how is it a public service to get encourage people to sign up for a law that's absolutely bankrupting them i mean what was the big again on broil of you on obamacare we're going to lower costs and we're going to increase access and you are everywhere except in the states where there are republicans there are costs going down if you're going to say new york archer new york because community rating was already i don't know if you already rating it already destroyed two years six states that are having that are there are looking at challenges are every single one of our where the governors are saying no we're not going to take the additional
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medicare why we're going to we're going to present a males to california numbers came out and they were dramatic increase and we are seeing all the same kind of complaints and consequences where employers are telling people we're going to make you work fewer than thirty hours and all kinds of you know absolutely not that's how we would go one employer has come out and said that they are evaluating right now and by the implementation time we're going to see the consequences of this but i got a question for you let's say romney had gotten elected and he is directed his secretary treasury have the iris send out an explanation for how you can set up your nonprofit because corporations have speech rights thanks to the constitution how would you like to see that public service announcement and those dollars eight or nine million dollars spent on that you would complain you would complain because you would say it's a waste because you don't support what we all have. this is all very simple
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fundamentally on sound ground and saying this is a simple use of the we don't have we have a new policy in the united states we got a new health care policy that says when medicare got rolled out people were. formed about it when social security got rolled out people were informed about it back in the newspapers actually did a really good job of telling people right now by and large they're not so much yes and social security and medicare both were not passed on partisan lines with one vote to spare and they all look at me or exhibit you in a growing rate it is making with the readiness this is the road socialism ronald reagan so loosely not the case as what happened in the united states senate and the way it was rammed through in the united states congress this is the most unpopular piece of social legislation that we have seen in my lifetime and in your lifetime and in my as you have to admit you know that when people ask do you like obamacare or not yeah you're going to if you're going to find popularity and popular fifty
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fifty but when you ask people do you know about specific policies do you think they're just drive good numbers is one third two thirds of not whatever it is when you ask people what the individual policies that make up obamacare people are overwhelmingly in favor of them you characterize that when you say what are the policies that make up for when you say preexisting conditions it is all the dental it is incidental to obamacare that it covers preexist it is and there's horrible obamacare is the huge presence of the federal government as i mean not to me the buyer a federal government is now providing health insurance that is a majority here and from there is a leap in our child a race to the government was i want to see that it is the star of the insurance. isn't in. the conversation. and i have to say that. you know people seem to think that health care defies the laws of economics that every other service offering i mean why are people complaining about the price of lawyers the reason is the government doesn't pay for a lawyers outside of
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a few limited circumstances the government's involved in roughly forty percent of medicine right now that's why the cost of medicine is out of control and no other product in america has a. cost curve that's out of control you know what happens when the cost curve goes up more suppliers jump in to take advantage of the high prices the whole point of obamacare is to change that cost curve because so much they cost ok this is a warning and perverting it is not making it any better and the consequences of that doubt is that it is made unpopular when you talk about it all because the continuity has about a couple of months of ad hoc stews and people like you go on and i'll get up walk through what you want the fact i want to do your show now this program or show and twenty six year old added to the program may be popular but it turns out if they create this is engaged in to relieve the cost of that is going to turn even that idea to an unpopular war and just like medicare was going to be dead within within a decade and just like social security was going to be out of business you know
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we'll see we'll see if you'll have the model we will have we have realized we will but you will have his conversation a year from now and see how it all plays out but so far it seems to be too much for might from where i'm sitting looks like things are going to fairly well right now in san francisco four out of five america actually right now four out of five americans live within twenty miles of a starbucks closer fourteen thousand plus mcdonald's coast to coast and subway has twenty five thousand locations but the folks of san francisco folks in san francisco said you know actually there was a study commission on this and they looked at the study and said ok when people buy things in a national chain fourteen cents out of the dollar stays in the local community the rest of it every night if they're buying at wal-mart for example but gets bush met bill arkansas all that money gets back you do to their fourteen cents that stays in the local community is typically wages when people buy things from a locally owned business forty five cents stays in the local community a dollar spent the local community bad after two or three iterations typically becomes about a buck and a half if it's
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a local company it becomes less than sixty cents if it's a national company number one and number two communities like san francisco that do a lot of business based on tourism they want to local look and flavor again we're talking about the people the voters. the voters said we want a local look and feel so let's change the zoning laws so it's harder for companies like starbucks and mcdonald's to operate in our city and it's easier for local independent entrepreneurs to operate in our city they did that what's wrong with that is that not democracy in our republic or a sign over the here that is attack this because because you want to show up for the big corporations no matter what you put dresses can engage in the magic and alchemy of economics all you're hills here is giant corporations and let's see what i reality reality is starbucks has a very very exciting thrilling model that attracts millions and millions and millions of customers but in your fantasy land of san francisco where they want to
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deny people access to what it is they actually desire at very premium prices mind you what has resulted you have a caste system in that study you have a system of the have and the have nots can't blame that on reagan can't blame you for you know only your kids have learned that argument you are arguing of salivary he is democracy horace is saying that there is a doctorate cassis d'anna horace's saying that the people of san francisco shouldn't have democracy if they make a democratic decision it should be it what ignored. just because voters vote to take away his house and break his windows doesn't mean that it was democracy it means it was a mutiny no. no i don't. need to hide from a problem just of the law is we're going to treat people fairly via democratic means by treating people unfairly in other words starbucks doesn't have the same shot because it's taking advantage of economies of scale they should be in our
7:39 pm
neighborhoods correct and we're sorry so you're saying yes small local businesses may be less efficient on a national level i spot but i plodded in terms us there. and the local community small local businesses are better for horace's someone the absolutely absurd view of economics displayed in that initial statement that it stays in the community is so ridiculous it's laughable but secondly worse is the point is accurate the people at starbucks alternately don't care if the shareholders and upper management are going to find another location you know who gets screwed here tom the local guy who pays now who's going to pay a dollar extra for the local place who says how you know what i don't really care what the front of this has the site has decent wages in this community has a local money circulating community has sachs has a look and feel in his community so that people will actually show up as you can build these other alternative places but you can't make people shop there so what if that's why i call it magic and alchemy you're not going to be able to compel people who say i would like to spend six dollars on coffee at starbucks even if i
7:40 pm
only cost slightly stylist that's a total you're not going to blow up at some other show you are you trying to tell me that a locally owned business cannot run their business as well as starbucks i am telling you that whatever you are local national international if you're not attractive to a customer you know what you are telling you know what you are what you are telling me you are is what you are telling. me. is that is that is were it is that a local government should not have the authority and the people the voters should not have the authority to say this is how we want business done in our can take away the rights of the people no they should take away some of the rights of a transnational corporation may find out you're totally on the side of a tree and you admitted i don't admit it i've boast about it all writing of this is the right thing you're going to give me and it will not work it is why you have a guest is still there he has
7:41 pm
a work out of the united states it is why you have to say united states of america b. and you were there were it is not it's ok to look at the united states before reagan stopped in force in the sherman act in one thousand nine hundred two when most businesses were. local in the united states what you saw was thriving and healthy communities what you see now is every time a wal-mart goes into a local community one hundred forty local business was gone and all the money goes all right bill you and i was saying was a human bein's owning more wealth than the bottom what we've got one hundred fifty million americans right look twenty said worse than that i'm going to give me that what you what you sometimes you are how i see it wal-mart and what you're talking about no that's just not true it's just not absolutely the role of our air sell more wealth than a lot of forty eight the nineteen twenties the disparity between the rich and the poor why was a higher time it was called the why not once again it wasn't you i said it was no i said that right he said oh i just went to wal-mart comes into a community they suck all that money out and it goes to six people. that's
7:42 pm
absolutely have like well so anyway my way it goes six people who are just people on the entire planet going to last friday just to have police to stop the people trying to get into the wal-mart your idea is they don't know what they're doing they're stupid and you progressives know better and i don't think you're going to shut it down at all that out what is exactly what you what i am suggesting is that communities should have the ability to decide what kind of business because they want us to his neck and his west has to make that choice ok so if the local community says we don't want strip joints you think they should be able to say yes or no if the principle is if the script can come that wal-mart can come and the small business income that i'll let them all come if that's the way the decision is going to have to be made i would say to you that there is a difference between depravity of a strip club and lending to people who are all in favor of democracy when it has to do is strip clubs but not when it has to do with cost. of the great ironies the market would have taken where you are that are it's alright for us thank you guys
7:43 pm
that. are coming up could occur a hurricane michelle bachmann be hitting the east coast or in the two thousand and fourteen hurricane season what about tropical storm rick perry more on that tonight a daily take. dramas the truth be ignored to the. stories of those who refuse to notice. the faces change the world writes never. hold. on to picture of today's events. from around the globe. local. t.v. .
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i suspect. overjoyed. that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shred albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our craft semi-colons we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us i'm sorry mark it on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america five different feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. let
7:45 pm
me put it down something that you know that you will find it here if you're looking for relevant stories you need to find top class tennis star. in tonight's green report yesterday officials in japan announced that radiation levels around tanks storing contaminated water at the crypt crippled fukushima nuclear power plant have reached a new high the alarming new levels are high enough to provide a lethal dose of radiation within hours to someone standing near contaminated areas with protective gear meanwhile the japanese government also announced plans yesterday to spend upwards of four hundred seventy million dollars on a sub training in ice wall in a desperate move to stop further leaks of radioactive water from the stricken nuclear power plants japanese prime minister shinzo said that instead of leaving
7:46 pm
this up to tepco the government will step forward and take charge the ice wall would freeze the ground to a depth of up to one hundred feet through a system of pipes carrying a coolant as cold as forty degrees below zero fahrenheit this would prevent contaminated water from escaping from the stricken plant's immediate surroundings but also keep underground water from entering the reactor and turbine buildings or much of that radioactive water is collected as well as been used before to deal with radioactive materials most notably by the u.s. department of energy at the former oak ridge national laboratory in tennessee but many people are skeptical of the japanese government's plans they argue that the operating costs of the wall could prove to be too much of a bird would you pan now scrambling to find ways to prevent even more destruction and devastation from the fukushima nuclear disaster and she was pretty clear at the time to say no more to nuclear power. it's now.
7:47 pm
pretty easy a word it's a bird it's a plane it's an evil foreign spy plane or gyptian man found a store sporting a strange electronic device around the corner of his house week he knew exactly what he had to do you brought it to the local security chief security officials were concerned that the store pictured here was a foreign agent and detained for additional investigation for the tests of sense concluded believe it or not that the bird is in fact not a spy that carries an electronic tag only because it's part of a tracking experiment run by french scientists that hasn't stopped gyptian state media though from praising the birds haftar is a patriotic defender of the nation so actually isn't the first time egyptian
7:48 pm
authorities have looked into reports of animals spying on their government though earlier this year a police officer accused. of working for foreign spy agencies and twenty ten the governor of the state of south sinai blamed a rash or shark attacks on the israeli government whatever the truth is behind all these conspiracy theories and safe to say that the egyptian government has provided hollywood screenwriters for the whole host of ideas for the next james bond. it's the good the bad and the very very critically ugly the good john pepper c.e.o. of the popular boston burrito chain boulder co told the huffington post on tuesday that while his company already paid. it's workers more than the minimum wage he
7:49 pm
wants to do even better he wrote while we do pay above average wages versus many of our peers in our core market we are positive that we can continue to build on these figures a livable wage certainly is achievable in the not so distant future and is a goal we're working towards it will not rest until that benchmark has been attained across the board well such as congress continues to put off raising the minimum wage we need more c.e.o.'s like john popper to spread the news that it's possible to both run a successful business and pay your workers well all at the same time. the bad senator john mccain the arizona senator is a big fan of bombing other countries and apparently a big fan of gambling washing post photographer snapped a photograph of the two thousand and eight republican nominee for president playing poker during yesterday's senate hearings on the obama administration's plans to
7:50 pm
attack syria. poker mccain is trying to defend himself by saying that sometimes gets a little bored during hearings. let's be honest that excuse isn't going to cut it in gambling with people's lives like mccain is right now pushing for yet another war in the middle east you at least owed to the american people to give congress your full and undivided attention. and the very very ugly the new york city police department the n.y.p.d. finds itself in yet another controversy in the wake of allegations that a group of officers assaulted two muslim teenagers in the bronx last week the teenagers fourteen year old kaliya wilson and thirteen year old lammas chapman pictured here in the far left and middle left were plain near their house when officers approached them and asked for identification two girls stayed silent and according to statements they've given to the new york. daily news then tackled by
7:51 pm
the cops who tore off their he jobs a type of scarf worn by religious muslim women assaulting teenagers and violating their religious freedom what a way to defend new york city are these allegations are true they are just incredibly very very. each year millions of americans are forced to have their names associated with devastating hurricanes and tropical storms thanks to the nasty old world meteorological organizations hurricane and tropical storm naming system for example
7:52 pm
in two thousand and five hurricane katrina ravaged the gulf coast and permanently tarnished the name katrina i've never raised the issue with my friend katrina vanden heuvel i have to assume she was not pleased back in one thousand nine hundred two hurricane andrew ripped through florida and the gulf coast causing twenty six and a half billion dollars in damage senior writer andrew campbell is very smart and talented some even say he's a nice guy why should he be smeared like this by the world meteorological as an organization and just last year over ninety eight thousand americans said helplessly as hurricane sandy devastated the east coast and forever changed what people think of when they hear the name sandy i know at least i haven't dozen people named sandy i never thought of any of them as mass killers. to make matters worse as climate change and global warming continue to wreak havoc on planet earth
7:53 pm
there are going to be more and more hurricanes and tropical storms to go along with all that global warming and more people will be forced to have the means of their names changed forever this year alone there were eighteen there are eighteen predicted named storms nine of them. four of which are projected projected to be major events is that time we change the way we name these devastating acts of nature and stop tarnishing the names of innocent americans like katrina andrew and all the c m d's. one way we could do that is by naming future deadly hurricanes and devastating tropical storms after the politicians in washington who continue denying that global climate change and global warming are the greatest threats our planet has ever faced back in february sen marco rubio openly mocked the issue of climate change. and terms of the other issues that you've outlined on the climate
7:54 pm
change look the government can't change the weather. and there's congresswoman michele bachmann bachmann who in april of two thousand and nine confidently said that carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful but there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful guess it's a gas and just a month later in may of two thousand and nine bachmann remarked that the science indicates that human activity is not the cause of all this global warming and that in fact nature is the cause with solar flares and cetera. and then there's texas governor rick perry also on board the climate change denial bus. well i do agree that there is. this science is not settled on this the idea that we would put americans economy it jeopardy based on scientific theory that's not. settled yet to me is just it is nonsense i mean it hit me
7:55 pm
and i tell them i said just because you have a group of scientists that stood up and said here is the fact galileo got out voted for a spell but the finally there is oklahoma republican senator james inhofe who might be the worst climate change denier of them all in march of two thousand and ten inhofe said this ninety seven percent of climate scientists accept human caused global warming that doesn't mean anything i am literally thousands of scientists on the floor and these were top people senator inhofe as you had said that c o two does not cause catastrophic disasters actually would be beneficial to our environment and their academy. so what would it look like if marco rubio and michele bachmann and rick perry and james inhofe were all the names of the hurricanes it would look something like this.
7:56 pm
senator marco rubio is expected to pound the eastern seaboard sometime early tonight. and stores are virtually empty as marco rubio threatens everything. else michele bachmann is on the way folks and specifically michele bachmann will be hitting florida in a few. years show these incredibly dangerous if you value life please seek shelter from a shelter. dilemma shelters are under pressure as thousands of animals have been displaced or killed by gov rick perry came to the rescue and says something. because rick perry. has turned out to be a worse case scenario come true and now an entire nation is wondering how they'll ever recover from the disaster that james. while naming hurricanes after climate change and politicians seems pretty far powerful why stop there we should start naming hurricanes and tropical storms after the millionaires and billionaires who
7:57 pm
are funding all of the climate change nonsense to tropical storm rex tillerson sounds pretty good so to hurricane david koch time to stop naming devastating storms after innocent everyday americans start naming them after those who are perpetuating the climate change denial big why it's threatening the survival of the only planet we can call home go to quiet name changed org and say yes the hurricane in hot. and that's the way it is tonight wednesday september fourth two thousand and thirteen don't forget if you have a question or comment send us your video questions for our your take my take live segment grab your phone turn around pointed out it. record button and email your video question to your take my take at g. mail dot com and don't forget to mark receive begins with new spectator sport got to get out there and get active. north sea.
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a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because. i saw some people who had died and. there is cheaper than therapy. on our. limitation of three cretaceous three guns four charges three arrangement three. three stooges free. download free broadcast clothing videos for your media projects a free media oh don carty dot com. please. coming
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up the debate on capitol hill continues over a potential u.s. strike on syria this while the war torn nation of syria remains a growing state of chaos the latest updates ahead and the california state senate overwhelmingly votes to reject indefinite detention in the meantime the highest court in the nation is considering hearing a lawsuit challenging the n.d.a. more on that coming up and it's been months since the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in west texas and now five other facilities storing the same chemical that caused the deadly blast have turned away the state fire marshal state fire marshal himself tells us more and tonight show.


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