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tv   Headline News  RT  September 5, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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some of the. local. white house will advocate to give out the hard sell to lawmakers on president obama's serious try plan but the pentagon's forced to backtrack on serious accusations against russia. and syria is likely to loom large over the g twenty summit in st petersburg where the world leaders are split on how to solve the conflict and suspicions of the u.s. following the notorious so they did scandal. some making money by sacrificing your privacy weiqi lisa reveals how tech firms are helping governments get inside your online life no matter what the human rights record shows.
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good morning to you we're live from moscow this is your with me to bang with say the pentagon has had to move swiftly to clarify defense achieved chuck hagel claimed that the russians supplied chemical weapons to syria officials say hagar was in fact referring to russian the syrian military ties in general when he spoke at a congressional hearing along with the white house called leaks he was trying to convince lawmakers of america's war plan against present us up with a painful last month's chemical attack near damascus here's artie's marina. well the u.s. senate foreign relations committee has approved a resolution for the use of force against syria in a ten to seven vote with three republicans voting with the president this bill was passed now the draft sets a sixty day deadline for use of military force in syria with one thirty day
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extension and it prohibits any troops on the ground now this bill full senate for debate in the meantime is secretary of state john kerry secretary of defense chuck hagel and chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey returned to congress wednesday to testify before the house foreign relations committee america's top diplomat john kerry warned us representatives that a lot of military action in syria could fuel it stream ist fighters secretary kerry said that if the u.s. doesn't strike syria countries funding the opposition like. america's allies will begin giving more money to extremist fighters if we fail to pass this those who are working with us today with the syrian opposition we've been working hard to keep them from funding bad elements or others and so if we back off
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we've failed to enforce our word here i promise you that the discipline we've put in place with respect to the moderate opposition verses that. will. people resort to anybody they can find to help them accomplish their goal and we would have created more extremism and a greater problem down the road the u.s. president barack obama says that when it comes to the use of chemical weapons in syria he says it's not his credibility on the line he says it's the credibility of the international community that's on the line president obama was referring to his own statements that were made a year ago when he said that if chemical weapons are moved or used within syria that's a red line that would be crossed and the u.s. would take action now it seems as though he's trying to take the heat off of himself off of his own words and put it on the international community during
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a joint press briefing in soc home with the prime minister of sweden president obama was invoking a list of international treaties as reasons to use force against damascus president obama while he was invoking those. also said that he feels very comfortable bypassing the u.n. security council and striking syria without a resolution increasingly what we're going to be confronted with are situations like syria in which we may not always have. a security council that. it may be paralyzed for a whole host of reasons i think it's important for us to get out of the habit in those circumstances obama's position has already left many critics wondering if the u.s. stance on syria undermines international law. gulf monarchies offering to bankroll
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america's the bombing campaign against syria even if finance in even financing a full blown invasion failing that it's fear that they will up this support. and desperation to be rid of present defense analyst and author of an event or calls it an outrageous. that's implicit blackmail and i don't really think it's you know really a conditional thing i think they'll probably do it anyway and i don't see how u.s. bombing would stop that in fact as i say it may cause the jihadist even more to be more active in the war simply because the u.s. is attacking an islamic country they're actively trying to alter the situation on the battlefield against assad but on the other side you have all kyra and i think al qaeda may even be worse than assad and also we're slowly getting dragged into this war if you're trying not to get embroiled in a war because then you're implicitly taking one side over the other even more so
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than if you're just bombing them to say you shouldn't you have used chemical weapons and i think then you get a stake in the outcome of the war and there's no doubt that the wrangling over syria will come up at the g twenty summit in st petersburg which will bring president putin and obama things to space. moscow's momently against a new foreign interference in syria is going to without a u.n. mandate and that's sustainable proof of chemical weapons are being used near damascus now the chasm between of the u.s. and russia means of this one be an easy trip before president obama has let's say you're just joins me live from a st peter's make let's see it's been an intense few weeks of world reaction to syria to say the least i mean what can we expect from leaders at this g. twenty summit. well don't be misled by the serenity of the gorgeous constantin
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askew palace behind me in fact it may become the stage of a very heated political debate it's no secret to anyone that everyone wants to be the g. twenty summit to be purely about economic issues but obviously the latest developments on the syrian conflict will overshadow the economic agenda. one that the g twenty countries have had different stances on the syrian conflict that in some clear whether they will find any common ground on this issue just as it is in the clear and in fact it is the biggest intrigue the political intrigue of this summit is whether the president of russia vladimir putin and the u.s. president barack obama will actually meet during the summit now obama already refused to come to moscow prior to this summit explaining this by the fact that russia granted political asylum to edward snowden and here unprecedented for the first time the two presidents of russia united states have no scheduled meetings during the summit between themselves so the only meetings that there are possible
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are those as we call it in the margins of the summit now obviously everyone expecting about obama to bring what he believes to be the proof of bashar al assad to using chemicals again to weapons against the rebel forces in syria while we understand that and will redirect russia's stance which he already outlined in an interview on wednesday saying that first of all there needs to be a viable and substantial proof of the use of chemical weapons before contemplating any kind of military action and secondly of course that any kind of military action is only possible with the you know it was a decision of the u.n. security council now obviously it was described barak obama as a very good listener and a very good person to have a conversation with but as my colleague from washington agree that you can explain given the latest rhetoric between the two leaders it is unclear how exactly they will find common ground. after president obama canceled bilateral talks with president putin russia's decision to grant edward snowden asylum many thought it
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couldn't get any worse the two won't even talk to each other but one house now says there will be an opportunity for the two leaders to meet on the margins of the g. twenty summit so it looks like as much as washington wants to snub moscow president obama and putin will have to talk the u.s. is about which to. bypass the u.n. security council break international law and attack syria we believe very strongly with high confidence that in fact chemical weapons were used and that mr assad was the source russia says america's we believe is not enough and that if there is credible evidence it has to be presented to the u.n. . the question of authorizing the use of force is being discussed by the congress and the senate but it is an absolute commonsense substitution in international law the congress and no country can sanction such a thing what they're trying to authorize is aggression because everything outside
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the u.n. security council is aggression if this is truly an atrocity that the world has signed on to oppose how come we're so alone president obama is expected to use the g twenty summit to rally a coalition for a strike against syria the u.n. chief in the meantime said he will use this summit to urge everyone to respect the international law we should all void for the beneath origination of the country how to revitalize the search for a political settlement for the g twenty and actually found it to deal with global economic issues will of course give a platform to world leaders to voice their position on the crisis in syria but it will be here in chad there in washington i'm going to check on. but it's not only the russian president who barack obama may have a very difficult conversation with also we heard from the brazilian leader dilma rousseff who said that she was very offended given the latest revelations by edward
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snowden that the u.s. and they say service was wiretapping her conversations and she even planning to cancel her visit to her planned visit to washington unless barack obama comes up with an official apology and. in particular said that she will not be meeting barak obama during the g twenty summit in st petersburg which obviously adds yet another sparkle to what promises to be a very heated political debate here in st petersburg diplomatic tension on the rides rallying coalitions of fully u.s. a respect for international law that will of course be part of serious discussions but what other issues will that aegis be tackling while the. in fact the syrian issue may penetrate itself into the economic agenda as well because when to stand out during the summit the countries of the g twenty will also discuss the potential economic impact should the military intervention should a military strike against syria happen obviously we understand that there are many
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very important issues will be discussed as well almost two dozen of them in fact the priority during the summit will be the discussion of fighting corruption on fighting tax evasion and shadow banking as well as the development of growing countries very important thing for russia is the informal brics summit and during that summit which will happen today they will discuss the further foundations of the brics development bank something widely seen as economists across the globe as an alternative financial mechanism to the current global economic structures in the world and also winter stand a lot of reporting will be meeting quite soon with his chinese counterpart and they will discuss the multi billion dollar deal between the russian oil giant rosneft and the chinese company which was signed in june when to stand up these talks will be in advanced stage so clearly we're in for a very busy day in terms of political and economical stories and we'll be updating our viewers live with all the news as we get it and the in s.n.p.
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is very good giving us a an outline of what's ahead for as they did twenty summits of the weather split they could be a metaphor what's to come he'll keep us of peace on that. i had do a report on that the unseemly flight to a of a famous a family name of the granddaughter was all they did not come nelson mandela shimmying all the way to the bank as a little to turn same into fortune the details on that and more world news in just a couple of minutes. wealthy british scientists are some expert on the tireless money.
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market why not. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. face it the. economic ups and downs in the final months day the london deal sang i and the rest because i was doing the taking will be every week on stage. play.
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want to comment on. all of this i'm going. to have you with us here on our teacher day i wrote. you watching our keeping tabs on you india own a home private firms are cozying up to intelligence agencies about engine fresh a major revelations by week archie was among the very few media outlets given access to the documents prying to they release now and send messages and call
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history downloads e-mails faxes you name it modern spyware allows us civilians companies to track your online life without even getting direct access to a computer or a mobile device the latest batch of the so-called spy files all shows how firms are making a fortune by setting the technology to governments and they don't seem to be too selective about who they customers are explains how the spyware could be used to cripple opposition movements. say goodbye to the days of gadgets and surveillance. listening to their phone calls and internet activity and e-mails. three. pioneering the technology this is a promotional video for. the program that the technology can be
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installed. which in turn allows the government to infect. the country. safe and that includes. browsing the web site. behind me international headquarters from where the company develops and. anyone's smartphone. reporters without borders have named the company one of the corporate enemies that. the technology is marketed world wide to law enforcement agencies as a way of identifying and catching serious criminals but human rights campaigners
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say that the software is regularly sold to repressive political regimes where the definition of criminals can be somewhat different as one human rights campaigner in bahrain found out she says that gammas finn spice was used to get her off to she took part in anti-government protests looked like a genuine email address to certain another political activist saying that they were going to begin talks with the king of bahrain about the future of the country so i was in fact very intrigued very curious the manufacturer was government and national just opened my eyes into this other world of surveillance technology monitoring so we know that british intelligence carries out this kind of activities but also allowing private in the private sector to carry out these kind of act since it's all the foreign governments researchers have identified. around the globe. being targeted activists and journalists last year.
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servers were spyware it appears for the number of other countries so. called are you also found a sample of the spyware by spyware appeared to be targeted to ethiopia the scary thing. is that this technology work for it around the world without any sort of debris it may be the stuff of spy movies but campaigners say the british government needs to wake up and start regulating whose hands the invasive technology is falling into we need to start acting like the weapons that can be used are exactly the same as the kind of weapons like bombs and guns that can be used to hurt people. the days for his in the u.k. where millions aren't hurting enough to keep them above the poverty line there's been a spike in the numbers of people struggling on less than a living wage as critics rant on the government for only creating low paid jobs
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more on that on line. and you was general reveals that the avg in armies casualties of nearly equal they suffered by american troops in vietnam the details on that ahead r.t. dot com. right the same. first trip. and i think the jury. on our reporters were there. and i. am a. south african peace i can elson mandela is back at home in johannesburg off to a near three month stint in hospital is still critically ill and getting round the clock care but relatives of the father of the nation are busy finding ways to make
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money on the back of their famous name policy a report on the dash for cash the dividing offend me. as far as we ality t.v. shows go this one is right up there sibling rivalry feuds and family gossip but it's not any old family we're talking about here it's the mandela's it's clearly not an arson one project it's a mandela family project is very uncomfortable about his name or his image being associated with commercial projects so the question becomes where do you draw the line the reality show follows the lives of two of mandela's granddaughters as they spend and lose money on extravagant business ventures and go on wild shopping sprees it's a far cry from the humble background mandela grew up in all the grim reality facing millions of south africa's poor black citizens bus argument bella's children it's
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their name and they have a right to use it however they see fit i think that he has paid his dues to society and i think his family who very often we don't mention the prize that they've had to pay to be without a father a husband and uncle who was behind bars all these years. and yet it's disgusted most south africans that while the icon lay for months in a hospital bed many in his family were cashing in on his famous name two of mandela's daughters took him to court for his legacy it hurt him deeply and dragged the country's moral compass to a new low is absolutely an art project that's more of the i understand why they're doing it there's a lot of money and after all if you have the name i suppose you feel the mark were kept the last one would provide think it's wrong it is like the father is a bit of a nation actually so all of these that i have pretty right now i'm not really sure if this is appropriate for people to be using this they've got iraq to use the
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mandela name it is their family name you cannot go far in south africa without being reminded of the ninety five year old nobel laureate he is everywhere on t. shirts banknotes bookshelves smiling down from up above more than just a man he's become a global brand one that's estimated to be worth millions of dollars. an extension of a brand has to be almost more of the same it has to respect the qualities and the values about brand into all those other areas so it's a tricky area. it's being stretched and tortured and pulled in different direction but for most south africans nothing can match the man himself who lived inside this house this is the mandela family home for weeks people have been leaving here flour was gifts and cards the crowds might have gone but their messages and hopes remaining graved on small stones it's
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a sad irony that the father of the nation who bought south africa back from an almost certain civil war has seen his own family descend into better fighting within itself policy r.t. johannesburg south africa. a quick look at some other international news or this is the first video footage showing radioactive water leaking from the fukushima nuclear plant in japan was recently revealed that contaminated water has been spilling into the sea for the past three years since the earthquake and tsunami crippled the facility the government to raise the alert level to a serious threat and has allocated almost five hundred million dollars to tackle the problem. tens of thousands of teachers have marched in cities across mexico and really sweeping new law that will make their salaries and jobs dependent on assessing their standards the largest really took place in the capital where demonstrators streamed through the center blocking off major roads teachers claim the law doesn't take the difficult work conditions into account and will be used by
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the authorities to sec them more easily. a japanese transfer vehicle has successfully detached from the international space station filled with try as now the crew maneuvered it into position using a huge robotic arm or before sending it back towards earth the ship originally brought supplies before being transformed into an orbiting waste collector and the specter to burn up on three entry over the pacific rim. romania is witnessing its largest environmental protest and process times as the thousands of people marching is resurrecting of the country's the biggest the gold mine activists of fear the poisonous substances like niger which are used in the mining process will cause a grave or biological damage the mine has been closed for the past fourteen years and parliament is expected to surge later this month and whether to reopen it.
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coming up max and stay thing round on the banking bad guys and the kinds of weak points. iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements and airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is impossible i am not good at predicting the future but i can say is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war in the petro dollars
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so if the us backs down here won't could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china if you haven't noticed nato has been trying to encircled these nations and had russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its own self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they build defeated to counterattack for their own self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion.
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well for. science technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future covered. hi this is max kaiser this is the kaiser report. you know it's all about drones and helicopters in this day and age my own little personal drone found a lost on the tenth avenue. there this is what happens to america's. all right stacey. max maybe one day one of those drones or helicopters will wash away the skull that infest this city here and men have.


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