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it's ten pm here in moscow tonight leaders of the world's biggest economies gathering some papers but with syria and the u.s. strike plans eclipsing global financial concerns with pretty extensive coverage of the major summit. also russia publishes a damning report showing syrian rebels were behind a chemical attack last march with evidence that the weapons used near aleppo were no from the government stock. u.k. record labels are set to break the pirate code as they look to revive the railing industry by crushing free downloading using values that.
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follow very good even if you just joined us it's kevin owen here in moscow tonight our top story leaders of the world's top twenty economies have gathered. for the g. twenty summit to tackle some of today's biggest challenges. sushi is in our g. twenty students in petersburg with the latest updates on what's going on let's cross to have now again rory. hello kev nice to hear from you again made big hi see you and every one of the aussie teams in moscow oh we're here live for the g. twenty summit it's basically wrapping up day one of the g. twenty here in st petersburg although i do understand that there are still some high level behind closed doors meetings going on but those who are not involved with those meetings i would suspect are still enjoying their champagne and caviar as world leaders tend to do in their global summits now of course the g.
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twenty an economic global summit here the main issues of course that all of economics about of stimulating the world economy and stimulating and protecting those of the emerging and developing economies as well though if you for if you turned on your news channels your t.v. or you i phone i pad in the past few days you'll notice that most of the world's news networks are all saying that syria is overshadowing the g twenty here in st petersburg well that may or may not be true details to come about here in the program on odyssey whatever the case that when it comes to syria or the u.s. secretary of state john kerry just said in recent days that regardless of any you end vote for president barack obama can act unit unilaterally against syria if indeed he wants to do so a fair amount of a disturbing news day when it comes to the issue of syria and he said now wait she picks up the issue of the put potential syria strike and that of the g. twenty economic starts coming up right here with a nice to know. and he said thanks so much for joining
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us here not see that the syria issue again you know people saying it's over clouting but ultimately ultimately though it's economics that should be foremost on forefront in the issue what can you tell us the highlights from day one of the summit. it is indeed well as we speak laurie just behind me you can see constantine palace this is where the g. twenty leaders. are wining and dining in their final dinner this final dinner this working dinner of day one that was said earlier in the day to be the time allotted to when facts speak about syria not officially so as these g twenty leaders sat down to dinner they knew that syria was going to be literally on the table of quite heated debate possibly taking place behind closed doors it's become very clear on this day one that most of the countries in the g twenty the economy as i should say rather. are against any kind of military intervention it's easier to name the
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countries that are flat out for it that being of course the united states france ahead of the summit said it would support it saudi arabia and turkey the rest have them one way or another at least hinted or flat out said that they are against military intervention and for a political solution in this debate is going to continue of course over the next few days about syria some emerging economies probably not happy that this is taking over the so-called economic summit we've heard from e.u. officials saying that they believe that a political situ a solution is the only way and the u.n. also representatives here not only block the monkey moon but the u.n. for the situation on syria also both of them stating that a political solution is the only way they are against military intervention i just want to quote bomb ki-moon he said that there is no military solution there is only a political solution which can be can bring peace rather and this bloodshed right
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now and so everyone's positions are really being put out there and if obama was hoping to come to st petersburg and get any more support he certainly hasn't found it on day one. so so obama not funny really any support on day one when it comes to a possible strike against syria some sort of a military intervention but of course any so here we are the twenty third seen. g. twenty summit in st petersburg is an economic forum of course and one of the issues today that the brics nations honest on they had a sideline meeting of the indian prime minister manmohan singh saying that the brics group needs to get together to discuss the volatility in the markets what does not mean. that's right a lot of these emerging economies one of the economy to say the focus that this summit because they're the countries that are really feeling the pinch from us quantitative easing every step that the u.s. federal reserve takes to sell off the bought their bonds and make very easily
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make very easel easy dollars available around the world they really feel it in the emerging economy so they want to create defense mechanisms what they were already agreed to today is two hundred billion dollar foreign exchange reserves and that would be one of the mechanisms and then on friday we know the second day of the summit they're going to be talking about an alternative to the i.m.f. but again like i said these emerging economies realizing that other issues are going to come up at this summit one of them being the fact that most of them have been spied on this revealed by whistleblower edward snowden of course another source bought in russia u.s. relations brazil saying it expects an apology from the united states and basically the brics according to dimitri biscoe coast lead singer group the spokesperson saying that they agree that this electronic snooping they align to terrorism and really a violation of their national security so a very tense atmosphere at the g twenty so far certainly
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a lot of countries countries probably hoping that they can perhaps ease some of that tension on day two which was. well as you say and do you know the wrap up of day one here the g. twenty somebody some petersburg and he said no way and as you say a flaring tempers and a lot of concern here that u. twenty summit will catch up with you very soon in the tsunami thank you very much for that indeed but as a niece was saying i'm not just issues with the not. security agency not just issues with edward snowden but also issues of the g. twenty and that of the looming overwhelming shadow of syria as well and both china and russia since almost day one here have been saying there's no solution to the syrian crisis unless you come to the negotiating table and have a diplomatic solution some type of a multilateral unilateral military intervention is totally and utterly unacceptable that is without a u.n. mandate here's what i can shine from the chinese foreign ministry delegation of the g. twenty said just a bit earlier. while
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having some issues there can china from the chinese foreign minister delegation ultimately saying that when it comes to any type of international intervention in syria it simply cannot be cost without the support of the united nations but as i said to you at the beginning of this broadcast the secretary of state john kerry he said earlier in recent days that president obama doesn't need a u.n. mandate to do some sort of military intervention in syria but as we all know the world community particularly that of europe are all backpedaling all except i would say france president francois hollande has said that he supports barack obama for the meantime though most of the rest of the world is heading away from that for the meantime now when it comes to for example one of the major bones of conventions between moscow and washington that n.s.a. the n.s.a.
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is sweeping surveillance not just domestically but worldwide as well we've seen the relationship between moscow and washington get rather frosty over recent weeks and particularly months as well snowden n.s.a. that of syria when it comes down to what we're doing today at the g. twenty summit in st petersburg i spoke earlier to chris a democratic strategist and he said frankly of the when it's all said and done syria or snowden or to. twenty economics this summit will work to bring nations together. is saw the president and mr putin shake hands today. they are both professional politicians they both understand that there are issues bigger than snowden and there are issues that the united states and russia agree on which are much bigger than snowden and quite frankly bigger than syria and that relationship continuous so there's always gamesmanship be between our politicians our world leaders and that initial meeting was just one of those little games that are played
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leaders and again i don't think that's lost on the people in america who pay attention to international affairs that russia is part of that international coalition and a very important part i think people in both countries understand that we work together the best we can to fight terrorism and so some of these other things while they are difficulties are really a distraction. all right what we are here live on the g. twenty in st petersburg for rods here and we've got the whole crew with us today we've got a nice and we elect you to shift the host of venture capital she'll be joining us in about ten minutes time here on the program for the meantime i do want you kindly if you will stay with us. but with a team little bit late to russia's release a detailed report citing evidence that a chemical attack in syria was carried out by rebel forces not by the regime if you
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sold in question killed dozens of people near the city of aleppo book in march those findings come as the u.s. tries still to convince the world series opposition has no access to chemical weapons can offer ports. this is a detailed one hundred page long report which provides thorough analysis of the weapons which were used in that attack in aleppo in mid margin first of all it concludes that it wasn't fact a chemical attack the weapons which were used were custom made and were similar to the ones they usually used by. one of the most radical rebel groups with links to al qaeda fighting against president assad regime investigators also found traces of hexagon which was used to release the chemicals that is not the way it's done in the military and also found traces of the xyron nerve gas which was produced not industrially but it was all made and found traces of another chemical which was used by western western nations in the times of the second world war so these are
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the main arguments presented this report which is to suggest that attack in aleppo the chemical attack was in fact conducted by syrian rebels this is actually the second time that we're hearing about this new board to russia already passed it over to the secretary general of the united nations back in july but neither then or now we are actually hearing about it international media basically de facto this report is being ignored by world powers and international media unlike the we or it's published just recently on the recent attack near damascus they were presented by the intelligence services of the you was britain and the u.k. and all three suggest that that was a chemical attack which was conducted by syrian authorities a lot of media attention is currently being we'd to these reports basically the our
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international spotlight even though one of the key arguments in all three is that while they are based on interceptions of communications satellite photos and open source poor switch are actually youtube videos. and information from other social networks the how correct it is is raising lots of questions and another argument shared by all three intelligence services pointing about it was the regime which held that attack is that the rebels the syrian rebels are simply incapable of dealing with chemical weapons something which is not proved it's not confirmed in the report presented by russia a corresponding goalpost going off there will be time the u.s. is running support for military intervention in syria at home and abroad so chris take john kerry said several arab nations have offered to bear the cost of a u.s. led campaign he made that comment when briefing american lawmakers on plans to strike the water on country let's go live to new york ati's miniport ny or is there
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a no what else do you have to say about the arab nations the. well during his testimony before the house foreign relations committee u.s. secretary of state john kerry told lawmakers that if washington carries out a military attack against damascus on its own some arab countries have proposed to foot the bill for the entire operation america's top diplomat says the offer is currently on the table so in theory of a u.s. missile strike and being funded by arab countries an offer that kerry secretary kerry says is on the table then this essentially means that the u.s. military will be working as a contractor or a mercenary force or a lock in order if you will who are its arab partners and mr kerry told us representatives that being militarily bankrolled by arab countries is not in the cards and it's not an option the obama administration is currently considering but
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some ask why would the secretary of state speak publicly about the proposal if it wasn't being considered a valuable offer and also on wednesday the secretary of state also warned us representatives that a lack of military action against the government of bashar al assad could fuel extremist fighters secretary kerry said that if the u.s. doesn't strike syria then countries that countries funding the opposition such as saudi arabia and qatar which are america's allies will begin giving more money to extremist fighters so going by this rationale this means that the u.s. must strike syria to prevent its own allies from strengthening radical rebels clearly what we see is that many countries have their own agenda that are playing a role in this ongoing syrian crisis and those external to noise what are the chances that strikes against syria will be approved sometime next week by congress
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. well according to the news blog think progress along makers in the house of representatives are leaning towards voting no on a bill that would allow the u.s. to take military action against syria as of thursday morning think progress has reported that one hundred ninety nine u.s. representatives are expected to reject any strike against syria while forty nine lawmakers in the house are looking to the words of coding yes now this leaves a reported one hundred eighty five representatives undecided the latest figures posted by the think progress blog were updated hours after lawmakers in both the house and the senate discussed what action if any should be taken to reprimand the syrian government now the majority of no votes according to think progress belong to republicans on wednesday the senate foreign relations committee voted in favor
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of using military force in syria but the full senate will have to weigh in on the draft legislation before there is any vote to take place within the senate i mean while the republican controlled house is expected to vote next week and according to the calculations that we're seeing that chamber is likely to reject a plan that would target mr assad and in addition to that according to recent reports. there is one one of many reasons that members are reluctant to support military action against syria is that they don't want the intervention to potentially extremist and brutal syrian rebels and meanwhile according to other figures figures that reflect support for the syrian strike among the american people that's also significant latin significantly lacking according to a.b.c. washington post poll only thirty six percent of americans say they'll support an
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initiative that would involve launching missiles against the syrian guy. so if we're adding up these numbers analyzing the numbers these numbers don't work in favor of us president barack obama ok i'm going to put things up there for a new york city appreciated well discuss possible u.s. actions against syria further let's go live now to washington there and xander mccubbin joins us he's head of a young voices which supports student political activism hi there thanks for being with us i don't hear what our correspondent had to say there but as far as congress is concerned the feeling is it's not a done deal that strikes will go ahead on syria any time soon do you agree i certainly hope so thank you for having me it's not just the fact that the american people are opposed to this but that it's not in the united states' best interest to intervene in this affair right now. the real question is going to be whether liberal democrats are willing to hold a democratic president to the principles that they say that they stand for and that
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he even ran for his look for his presidency on. well we're hearing that u.s. national security is at stake the security of the country you're in at the moment do you buy that i think the question as to whether there's a national security interest here is only answered with a maybe we certainly don't want to see the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or their use around the world at the same time there are other national security interest that have to be taken into account not to mention even if there are national security interests here we have to ask what's going to be most effective in actually protecting them military intervention is not necessarily going to lead to their diminished use of weapons of mass destruction we need to identify what political solutions would be more effective if this does go ahead to if there are strikes any time soon with maybe the next we could do on syria what is the international reaction likely to be we're hearing so much condemnation of it already from so many different quarters but if it did go ahead what do you think
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the outcome would be. i think it would lead to a diminished role for the united states in international affairs in the future it's not only dangerous for our national security interests but also for our political standing in being the figure that's able to rally or nations around the world to causes of freedom and prosperity ok alexander thanks for being with us much appreciated. thank you so under mccall been there live from washington more world news off the break with me kevin owen including an offensive launched by record labels against internet pirates. they were ready to do anything for their country to try to love the country more than yourself if you joined the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the
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past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however good people do get hurt. and i've heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because i. i saw some people who died. there is cheaper than paying. on our.
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hello again follow shareaza facing a crackdown in britain new antiparos serials could see hundreds of thousands of internet users blocked by the providers and even prosecuted for downloading unlicensed movies music representatives a struggling media companies will be sharing their grievances with the prime minister during a private discussion next week laura smith. well basically this is a move to make internet service providers essentially police the internet so it's a voluntary thing so far but if the likes of these big sort of instep writers here in the u.k. virgin media bt b. sky b. talk talk that kind of people if they sign up is understood what they'll do is create a database of repeat offenders if you like repeat illegal downloads that first sense and if that letter was then ignored they would see sites being blocks they could potentially see the slowing down of their internet connection and i think
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right up to and including prosecution now jim collector of the open rights group is here to talk to me about this he's our go to guy for all things concerning internet and rights on the internet now these i s p's policing the internet basically though they'd be doing it at the behest of an on behalf of these rich huge industry titans music business film business will they be willing to do that you think is it legal is should they be the ones to do it the kind of things you very minor thing would be very very illegal i think would be extremely dodgy doing those kinds of things you can't just simply start blocking sites restricting somebody as internet just because they've. been entered on a database people do have legal rights copyright is a legal right and the p.p.i. could take people to court that would be reasonable at least then you would know what the evidence was somebody could say well look i'm innocent i didn't do this it was not me and you could see some kind of logical conclusion that you know is
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transparent i think the internet suddenly become interesting to everybody secrecy says governments big industries they all want to copy the information you want to have operated in their interests rather than the interests of individuals and all this sort of you know letters sending threats this is where you are you know you consume news and it's not a way to actually make money and collect thanks very much of course there's another important question who will pay the keep in this database analysts say it'll probably be you in the shape of increased broadband charges. all right back now to the big story of the day simply to spur the g. twenty underway artie's received. it is still day one of the g. twenty summit here in some petersburg on will receive a live for all to see it's been a full day of coverage all day one of the g.
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twenty so at least some developments have been made though some developments have been put off until tomorrow one of the major issues of course being discussed about is not just the world economy but that of syria as well before we go anywhere near the whole syrian crisis and what's going on we've got global debate now joining us he's katie pilbeam the host of venture capital on t. thanks so much for coming on you've had a very very busy day indeed yes day one of the summit going to go is going to phone agenda and i know people have been talking about the how the syria is dominating but i can clarify this plenty of economics on the table and say that is why this summit was created in the first place and they are going to get these agendas pushed through in a tax evasion it's a big topic and actually president vladimir putin he praised his fellow of the nineteen members today and said you know we have come a long way and he will say praise the o.e.c.d. after that call for ation with it as well as out going to be talking about the emerging markets for his that are suffering have been taking
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a complete beating now the reason for that is because investors are jumping ship they're taking their money out of what they perceive to be risky assets and they're putting it back into the save the havens because mr ben bernanke he the fed was that chairman has said that he is going to stop this tapering this pull this that means that's right interest rates could be gang up said they are sending them money back that has a catastrophic effect on that part off the wall i mean that we would talk about volatility in these. developing my own news and i mean ultimately though at the end of the day though we're wrapping up day one we are twenty summit here in st petersburg it's your second time here you know the thing about some petersburg every time you come here you just more more more in love with it you went to the constantine palace today to where that is the venue of the summit yes. how did you get there i couldn't find the eats because i try you get there it's on the little island cossar violence and it's out see julie chesney is quite the experience really can scale never be jealous everyone's will sing to the the body language every single hey copy speeches make everyone wants to get sat down made up so many
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of you when you think about it you think about the bugs here the g twenty meeting the top twenty markets and developing markets in the world the twenty world leaders are here finance ministers are here members from the european central bank yes the i.m.f. as well but more importantly perhaps the home a church i know a little headed to get you to feel homage to the songs from a winter palace and katie will will continue covering this g. twenty summit tonight and all day on that tomorrow as well has been enough to pressure katie thank you very much indeed so the the program continues here at all at sea and will receive should live on the program with with katie pilbeam more live coverage to come in about half an hour's time i hope you can stay with us for that. yes thanks guys a complete change of pace said off the break in the next program coming up the deep psychological scars borne by young troops newly returned from the battlefield and so on next program on our.
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iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements of airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious toward a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is a possible i'm not good at predicting the future but i can see is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war and the petro dollar so if the u.s. backs down. could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china if you haven't noticed nato has been trying to encircled these nations and in russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in
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syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its own self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they voted to counterattack for their own self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion. as syria's supply road deepens division. and recession the rocks the global economy . really gather in st petersburg. the russia g. twenty summit.


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