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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 6, 2013 10:29am-11:01am EDT

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you know part of your job is promoting certain brands now but is there anything more to the title then just being your beauty to you particular product absolutely i work closely with me awareness and something that has been carried on for every title there and but for me another important thing is just being able to be a role model for girls i came from a school that was all girls so having that camaraderie is really important to me and i feel like i can help a lot of girls that don't have a role model it's interesting that you say that because. pageant is actually the very epitome of social scientists and the beauty bias you know. people have an easier time getting a job or getting a loan and there is even some studies in your own country in the united states that more attractive people get. what do you make of it i don't think
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so for me i think you should always just take everybody at face value never i mean this is sad when you have such a pretty face when somebody is much less advantaged and you are if somebody would get harsher sentence for the same crime this is pretty unfair that's absolutely unfair but like i said before i don't think that beauty is just about what's on the surface and what you look like i really do think that it's the collaboration of all the things that you've been given some people have strength in one area and some people have weaknesses in other areas and it's about using what given and making the most out of it somebody may not have the prettiest face but they might be really talented and they might be really good for the job and some people would argue ability to be good at any particular job or to develop. highly on that appearance and actually in your country again in the united states more people say that they fall because of that because of. age race or ethnicity if you think there
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should be any legal protections for people. like yourself legal protection i think that equality is the foundation of america and for that to be in the statistics is wrong so i'm sure that that's something that. will be addressed actually you know and it's not addressed that there are a lot of discussions about about in the united states but the question is of course how would you i guess define beauty and well how would you define. i guess that goes to the core of a question that began of a conversation and like i said i don't think that it's only about how you look i think it's about the collaboration of all of your unique talents extremely nice you are strongly. you know if you're going into sports for example if you're really great looking you're not going to get on the team if you're a team player to play or you'll get on the team or if you are athletic you'll get
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on the team there are of course exceptions to everything in life some people don't understand that you should treat everybody equally but that's something that slowly and surely hopefully will be able to fix but nothing's ever perfect. again if you were to believe american social scientists say that looks and appearance especially in america now have a bigger impact on your earning capacity than education and i know you were a student of the boston university prior to winning this title i understand you're taking and you're all. you're planning to go back. so. i assume you would say that getting your degrees more important you know the shape of your figure but unfortunately i mean if you consider reality this is the case i don't think so i mean i think that no matter what i look like no matter what size i am no matter whether i gain fifty pounds or fifty pounds i don't look the same anymore. i'm going to put one hundred percent of my heart and soul and effort into
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anything that i do and i don't think that the way that you look i think that it's a lot more than. you seem to be very mystic even though again social scientists say that it's not about how much effort you really put but how this effort is received by others i would like to bring up one interesting study and again it was conducted in the united states and over half of young women in your country said that they would be preferred to heed by a truck rather than being fat that's sort of shows you the social pressure that it's put on the women to look at tractors and some would argue that pageants like miss universe for example would exacerbate. no i'll tell you as somebody that won miss universe i competed against girls that were beautiful in every way possible and i can tell you from firsthand experience that it wasn't only about the
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way that you looked it was about working really hard and them a little bit offended that people would think that it is only about looks because it's not it's about the discipline of going there and competing in live television national television racking your brain up for a top five question and you don't know what it's going to be i mean you have to prepare to be. briefed on all of them aware of what you're going to say what you stand for in certain areas and that's what being a citizen in society is about you need to have opinions and that's a big part of the pageant you need to know yourself and you need to have opinions i think that's perfectly to my next question a lot of people are surprised that. young women like yourself a beauty pageants are very serious questions about. how their countries should develop or how their country should be anything in the run up to the. competition you were. i asked
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a question and i just want to remind our viewers and yourself what you had to say it is a free country so i do respect the fact that people are allowed to do whatever they want to do in the pornographic industry but in terms of our country and what is most beneficial for our country i don't think that the pornographic industry is most advantageous but like i said it is a free country and teach their own what i find very surprising and maybe it's because of the national differences that we have but. do you think. women. should really be ask such complicated policy questions sometimes takes whole governments to figure out i mean how beneficial it is to solicit your opinion or i'll that contestants opinions on something. big say for example the development of any given the industry well i think that to have an opinion on anything is to have power knowledge is power bottom line so if you
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have an opinion on everything in life i don't think that's a bad thing i think that's a good thing i think you're supposed to but my question is of course whether as a young individual you have an. experience and capacity to develop well grounded a opinion on any given issue because i mean it's not just about voicing your opinion it's about making it relevant and substantiated i guess i don't think so i think that i think that it's about having an opinion because you have the right to have an opinion and you're a member of society and. whether you like it or not those issues are affecting you because you live in that society and to sit back and think that you don't need to have an take on things i think if that's with schooling is all about it's about preparing yourself to be knowledgeable and to be able to make a difference only going to start if you question being you really try to interpret them for what it means to you ok let's them. to serious issues. what do you think
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is the biggest problem in the world today and i think that it's actually funny that you were saying before about. i guess my being of a quality because that's something that we have for in america but like you were just saying when terms of books or what have you. there is a lot of any quality and out something that i would say is the big issue i think that it's hard to make sure that everybody in the world has the same point of view well absolutely and i think one of the. difficulties for the qualities of course is that not all countries are equal. power and i would actually suggest that one of the biggest problems to security today is the use of violence for political means something that i think. your country uses a lot whether it is in iraq and afghanistan and around a wall what is your opinion on that i think. in the united states.
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military power is used with the intentions of good goodness to come out of it and i mean i'm a twenty one year old girl that has studied in school for two years i mean i'm clearly not a diplomat or if you said it was important to have an opinion and. have it you didn't let me finish so i was saying that i'm not unfortunately i'm not going to be not going to think that i can stop my fingers and change things but i do have an opinion on it and it's that i would stand by what my country does because i'm proud of my country and i'm a proud american and. i no matter what it does no matter what the cost is because obviously as miss universe you represent not only the american dream and you now represent women globally including for example women in iraq. sons and husbands who see violence on a daily basis because of your country's involvement is this something that you would probably do. so you're not asking me we pinpointed my country and if
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you say that's your problem what america is no matter what and that's because you asked me about america you didn't ask me about. are you proud of the actions that i just mention i think that's what i said our intentions are always positive and there are always to be. always to do what's best not only for ourselves but also for iraq i mean i think that when we were out there wasn't because we wanted to destroy anyone or or we didn't have intentions but it really was to make a resolution that unfortunately didn't always pan out how we wanted it to but of course any fight is going to end in casualties and that's terrible but like i said it's just something that unfortunately did happen but it was. with good intentions behind it originally and it's such a tragedy and life has so many tragedies but i think that any progress.
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is with good intention and they're making bad things that come out of it which is terrible and heartbreaking but there's there's not always so much that you can do to prevent that when you're trying to move forward and and and come to a resolution and it's not always going to be clear it's a you're not always going to know what's going to happen that well i would disagree with you actually and i would say that. politicians to try to predict the outcome of that action or. try to see a little bit down the line but in this second part of the program. i know c.n.n. the m.s.m. b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate.
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that was funny but it's close and for the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on you. and our teen years we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. i feel about. you guys sort of jokes well handled it makes sense that i'm. but. you did you know the price is the only industry
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specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which. will. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i was proud silicon we've been a hydrogen right hand full of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school i'm john mark and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to rational debate and a real discussion that critical issues facing america have done better job ready to join the movement and welcome the. welcome back to worlds apart we are discussing the beauty and the agonists of this
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world with the miss universe two thousand and. four you went to the break you said that as long as something is donovan good intentions it's fair or at least it has the right to exist but i would like to bring bring this question a little bit closer to home because boston the city where you started where you went to university was a lot and they have months recently and one of the reasons the major reason of course is the boston marathon bombing and the two suspects who are pretty much of the same age as they tied the terrorist attack to what happened in iraq and many thousands have doubts that took place there because of the american involvement can you see any good intentions in what they were trying to do i mean did they have a point because the bombers yeah well i mean. they felt that they need to see. the signal to the american government to the american people that what is being put on . americans around the world. is no pride no that was the
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terrorists i mean clearly that was and with good intentions i think we can all agree that their intentions were not good so i'm never going to agree with how you would test the intentions of somebody how would you know the intentions of george w. bush when he launched that war on false pretext it's now recognized internationally that they never had weapons of mass destruction so how could you argue good intentions for somebody who is responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of people but not as somebody who again perpetrated a terrorist attack on. the scale of the damage is. quite a dress to what i think that there were reasons that bush wanted to go into iraq other than i mean he was trying to change the culture he was trying to help us see a country in his eyes and he wanted to try to to help the people and unfortunately
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that did lead in casualties but i think that. i think that comparing the situation to the twenty two year old and twenty seven year old in boston. marathon i think it's like comparing apples and oranges if you had a chance to go to for example iraq or some of the countries where americans were trying to do you make a change. good or bad intentions would you consider. possibility of going to iraq or afghanistan or libya if i were in authority for example as miss universe in your current capacity would you consider going to this country i think that there's a difference between being invasive and going into a country because you want to see it better you want to see changes that might have worked in your country and carry them out. to another country i mean i think that that is something that has worked in the past and it can continue to work if there
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are when you give a big sample when it's actually worked in the past successful i'm just thinking of democrat as they. occurred. prior when when our country was going through a lot of nationalism and democracy was spreading like wildfire for example i think that sharing your point of view in any circumstance is a good thing so if you want to have a beautiful in other countries to a different source of government or a different type of government or a different type of authority i think that being open minded in taking it in perhaps there are better ways of doing it than through force like i just said being invasive but i think that to be open minded is a gift but the question is of course whether you have the right to impose your point of view on having this conversation to disagree but it's another thing if i was to pull out a gun and make you accept democratisation as a gun point this is. so i would not agree with. what was interesting for me is that when you were asked about people you considered to be role models you actually mentioned the name of einstein and again just to remind our viewers what
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you had to say about that let me play the sound bite if i can be really creative one thing it would be something involving science albert einstein was pretty cool guy and i'd like to be somebody like him the female version perhaps are you serious about that or you're just. kind of joking that those interviews are supposed to be light funny comical it's a beauty pageant it's you know. take it seriously well no no you're not supposed to not take it seriously but you don't have to necessarily think that your answer is going to change the world you just have to think it's going to go on you tube and you know. i'm not saying any reason for you picking up. do you actually consider him to be. a great visionary or a phrase you know i actually do and i'm reading his book right now it's called his life in the universe and it goes over his entire life and he had
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a very interesting life he's also a collector of quotes and i like a lot of his quote well actually let me. quote. very famous saying since he once said that two things are infinite the universe and human stupidity and i'm not sure about the universe do. not personally know i mean i wouldn't i think that i have a more optimistic view than maybe he did because i think that. stupidity is not infinite and i think that. i think that's a little harsh i don't think that at all ok but i have other other quotes that i really enjoy for example for example life is like riding a bike you need to find the perfect balance and. i think that. life is going to have ups and downs but you need to learn how to to balance it out of the recent brought up species because here in russia and in many other countries around the world there is this shall been
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a tendency to you. attributes to pretty women and i think it well if you take the example of for example and jokes about the. kind of shows that. scientists actually term that phenomenon the fact when the women pretty women have to work extra hard to prove that it's not just looks they also have the brains have you ever encountered. your own. i can be given. definitely i think that. there are stereotypes in every culture and some are good stereotypes some about stereotypes and there are stereotypes regarding women just like there is. and i think that it's not difficult to prove people otherwise if you're confident woman and you've been. then you're willing to use your voice and vocalize you can turn people's opinions around very easily you know in one of the articles about your taking the title i think it was in one of the boston newspapers
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there was. that not only does culture has the beauty but she has the brains isn't it a bit condescending i know and that's unfortunate but like i said. it's that we fight every day tons of stereotypes and that's one of them now what strikes me about you. your presence your appearance is that you tend to smile a lot and i wonder if it's something that you put an extra effort into or this is just part of your natural composition you know it's kind of natural i think that i've learned in my life that. putting a smile on your own face can put a smile another person people's faces there are times that i'm very upset and i look at somebody smiling and i get joy out of their smile it makes me feel good and i think that it's the way to live your life life is beautiful thing there's nothing
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not to smile about i mean for the most part the reason why i'm asking is because there is this whole phenomenon that is called the the american or the whole aboard or smile and it may be a compliment but it also sometimes gets on a negative meaning because people perceive that as something artificial. person trying to hide behind a smile and being fully transparent or revealing his emotions to you i don't agree with that because i think that there are days when i'll be smiling and then you know i fall trip hit my head and then i'll be crying i think that emotions are what everybody has and i try to be positive in everything that i do and part of being positive is something that will make people smile so i do smile probably more than i smile but. i thought it kind of is just what helps me get through the day but i think it's also very. characteristic to american women and there are actually many
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studies on academic studies on the subject. when it comes to distinguishing a fake smile from a real smile it turns out that american women aged between twenty and forty of the best fake smiles thirty percent of them would consistently recognize a fake smile compared to just eight percent of british men when i was thinking about. why it would be this way i think that maybe because american women are used to giving fake smiles so they would be more skilled at recognizing them but i guess you would secret that. well i don't know i don't think it's i don't really give big smiles i think that it's genuine to me so i can't relate to people that. study people smiles to be honest with you a lot i mean. but i would never and i would never sit around and look at a girl smiling and think oh you know what i'm really curious to see if her smile is real or not or if it's fake or not it just isn't that it really helps in your job i
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mean when people can relate to you. they like a product you promote so. you have to be pretty expert smiler i would say and professional professionals thank you well i don't know i don't think you don't have to be an expert smile really is just something that comes naturally but like i said before analyzing people smiles is just not something that i do i don't analyze to see if they're just comes naturally being it or if it's genuine and finally i'm back to be. the good and bad intentions that we discussed earlier and i don't know if you are aware but instead of was partially responsible for starting american nuclear weapons program and initially the intentions were very good because he wanted to prevent hitler from acquiring a nuclear bomb but. ultimately. the united states nuclear bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki is something that. more than one hundred thousand
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people so i think that sort of shows you the very complicated nature of good intentions and the results that the intentions can produce and reality of course i think that with the good comes the bad and with the bad comes the good sometimes i think that any progress is going to have positive and negative going to have pros and cons and certainly in that case that's the negative they came across the progression of science and that continues to happen today with every science progression there's always going to be things that are going to be bad and they're always going to be positive things that could come of it but it's just the gamble that we take in life but i think some people would also argue that there is a tendency in the foreign policy of the united states to have good intentions and to have them go a ride pretty often leads to very. stances for the people in other countries but still pursue this path of good intentions you know is there
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a time when you have to. allowing yourself to have good intentions is there a time or you should stop allowing yourself to have those good intentions no i don't think so because i think that you should have the right to do whatever you will you should have the right to explore and to try to strive for progress and sure there's going to be negative things that happen and they're going to be positive things that happen but i think that the gamble that we've taken in life is something that natural and something that's gone back to when we were. medic even if it's something that's continuing in all parts of life in all time. rather you are seeking to gamble with your own life or if it's somebody else's life that's quite a big difference isn't it is different but i. i think that you were just asking me about albert einstein progression science and the nuclear bombs that were after
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developed by other people for harm his intentions were positive and i think that that has i think i'm a little confused and i think the later in life came to regret that decision to join. them. on a final note. i think you are. a problem probably a relatively rare example all american women your age because the majority of americans don't travel that much around and while they're being less than twenty percent of them have passports and traveled internationally so they know very little about america still has a major influence on the global affairs and the lives of other people as we've just discussed both in iraq and hiroshima and so on so miss universe i would assume you are the beauty and a boy of the united states to the world but you also the world and avoid the united states you have the experience of traveling has it changed in any way these
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past couple of months and you being able to travel around the wall what knowledge i guess you can share with your friends and colleagues back home i've learned a lot of traveling this year it's been a great experience being able to explore different cultures different. land and i mean you can take away everything from a different culture and go back home and share with people and realize how different everything is thank you very much for the time it's all you have time for but please join us again same place same time here for part. as supply rolls deepens division. and recession the rocks the global economy.
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the power elite gather in st petersburg. the russia g. twenty summit qatar. the bible says many times the goal is the father of all folks. i'm sure he told me to see if these children. today are truly all finished that you know in times. so nobody needed me. my fellow pilgrims past. my dad is probably the kindest soul in the world. one can't abandon a child he knows that they wouldn't survive so he injurious to the end any one dream can be summed up in just a few watts russia and the world with no wolf and we don't want any children to
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wake up in orphanages firmly believe that the parents out there every child spit up my ego's. right to see. first street. and i were being pushed. on our reporters. in.
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the in the. a provocation by syrian rebels to trigger a foreign intervention that's what russia's president putin has called last month's chemical attack the issue that's overshadowed the g. twenty summit amid u.s. calls for airstrikes. meanwhile global alarm is raised over a surge of extremism within the opposition forces in syria after al qaida linked rebels besiege and ancient christian village the latest in a wave of attacks on religious minorities. and a fresh insight into britain that america's confidential folder shows nothing can stop government agencies from getting their hands on your personal data even the most heavily encrypted information is now vulnerable.


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