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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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that the summit america's call for unity lateral strike on syria gets the cold shoulder from q world leaders as russia accuses the syrian rebels of trying to provoke military intervention. it's decision day down and as millions of australians are choose their next column mental with fugitive whistleblower julian assange among those off the seat in the senate poll for. this point we are toothless and i want to give us some bart. justice and rights commission l. wants to strike at n.s.a. surveillance with a supra national legislation after the latest edward snowden leaks suggests there's no longer any data previously online.
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live from moscow this is archie here with me tom would say it's good to have you with us this midday. the global chorus of voices against a unilateral u.s. strike on syria has grown louder after the g. twenty summit in st petersburg even france which earlier backed unconditional u.s. action now says it will wait for the results of the un's probe into the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria the leaders of ten countries did agree with washington that some sort of action needs to be taken the british prime minister also on the list despite being rebuffed by his own parliament russia's call against intervention was strongly backed by six nations including economic heavyweights china and india but when it comes to the voice of the people u.s. finds itself vastly outnumbered world leaders are praising the wall represented nations of more than three billion people are the politicians in favor of the strike stand at the shoulders of less than a billion even in the u.s.
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as of the latest polls are showing most americans are against intervention or congress remain split over the volatile issue. has more on the outcome of the g twenty summit. everyone is speculating. on the syria issue for the press this morning and the majority have been saying that initial plan was to disrupt. the military intervention into syria. of course a lot of discord between the g. twenty countries on whether a military strike against syria is needed and clearly the biggest concern was whether we'll have a meeting at all because officially they have no meeting scheduled something unprecedented for the president of the united states and russia but eventually according to. themselves they met for a twenty thirty minute. twenty thirty minute friendly conversation during which of
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course they discussed syria. here he was hoping that he could persuade the countries of the need to attack syria that he would provide substantial evidence of bashar al assad using chemical weapons against the rebels but clearly judging by what the russian president said on that matter it seems that obama failed on that sense. i view everything that happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria as a provocation by the rebels who count on help from abroad from those countries that originally supported that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the u.n. security council approves such action as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it yesterday those who do otherwise put themselves above the law
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still david cameron barack obama and. the french president they still try to play hardball saying that the u.n. security council decision may be overruled if they believe that. that russian president said that this may generate a great feeling of fear among the smaller countries obviously suggesting that bigger states may actually do whatever they want overruling the mandate of the united nations so obviously now that the g twenty summit is done we're in for some several very interesting weeks to see how the future of syria will be resolved despite france and promising to wait for a un conclusion on syria paris remains the strongest supporter of americans calls for military action but a former french intelligence chief told us both countries approaches chomping at the international. personally i am against military intervention firstly it is a question of principle because it is
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a little bit like surgery in medicine an operation is the last solution and when you are putting a knife into a wound you don't know what is going to happen so it is first of all question of principle then there is the question of opportunity of the western governments now have a habit of ignoring international regulations and the ruling of the un to make interventions everywhere and to apply what was called in the nineteenth century as gunboat diplomacy a gunboat as a boat with guns is almost the same thing now except that missiles have replaced the gunboat i think we should not start the process the fact that we need to intervene on the soil of a sovereign state syria a member of the un declaring a war without a un resolution where is international law this means there is no international law the most reasonable thing to do is to stop the conflict we need to evaluate the military situation which might be complicated to do but the only way to stop the
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fighting is through dialogue it is not by launching bombs that will not stop the fighting it will only intensify it. meanwhile in syria itself government forces are conducting an operation against al qaeda affiliated rebel fighters who have the siege of the ancient christian village of manuella the army says the extremists have taken strategic positions on nearby hills and there are still rebel forces inside the village maria for national reports from the outskirts of mongolia. christian pilgrims from all over the world used to take this road to travel to one of them a significant trying and one of the maced holy places in syria its residents to speak aramaic the language jesus christ is believed to have spoken we drove into mali but for another reason on wednesday the central syrian fields which have been among the few in syria the didn't see any violence since the crisis here started in
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two thousand and eleven was attacked by rebel forces most of them recruited the members of just had the nuestra the war came here. after a car bomb exploded at the checkpoint the militants of a radical islamist group considered terrorists by the un and who has stormed in. the army tells us that this is the closest point and we cannot go any further we can see marlee which problem here but the thing is that the militants who are still inside that we can see us as well there are snipers inside the goods so it is really dangerous to go there the soldiers say that they militants mostly from don't have the luther who took over the mountain top sufi the hotel and from time to time their firing from this so to take place and there are also militants behind this mountain saying the soldiers say up to fifteen hundred people what is the situation
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right now. the militants around three hundred people are hiding in severe hotel there are ancient caves there under the village they use them as well they're watching us and we're watching them but if we start moving they'll attack us. the soldiers show me the militants position islamists who are behind a number of violent killings and are believed to be the most aggressive force confronting president assad almost surrounded the christian village. where these people came from. they came from the city of homs in the north and from the city of grain foods in the south this village is like an island in a storming ocean we visited my lunar last spring in a christian arland in a mostly moose the ocean the village was indeed unique and aside for the other we used to live in peace muslims and christians of course where free people from
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outside the city and the concrete may come and destroy this unity and it seems the residents worst fears became a reality and why do you think the militants attack this village. they know that american missiles will not strike a unicycle site and the army will not dare hit it either it's a safe haven for them while we talk reinforcements arrive the syrian army trained an operation to clear malula from death had the initial rebels they have been rumors that they have left the village but the army say the militants are still there and even if they leave they can hide in nearby and return how do you think the situation will change in case of american strike will their rivals prevent us from the last three use this opportunity to advance further of course they will america is supporting terrorism in this country we've been fighting with the u.s. in fact for these two and a half years and now we can face them directly but we are ready for that we will
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not give up if america strikes series major military facilities will be targeted and destroyed no one can say what the war on the ground will look like but certainly things place will no longer looked. the same. reflection or two reporting from. right stay in touch with what we're if a national is witnessing from inside syria i'll follow her now on twitter for regular updates. millions of australians are voting for their next government with polls suggesting that opposition leader tony abbott's coalition is on calls to end six years of labor control they're not the only ones running among them as the party of wiki leaks editor julian assange who's aiming for senate seat the movement spearheaded by the fugitive whistleblower promises to bring transparency accountability and justice will strain his parliament it's
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aiming towards letting the public oversee government practices as well as coles against corruption and pledges to provide people with a range of what it calls twenty first century freedoms that includes of the free flow of information into their liberty protection for whistleblowers national sovereignty and integrity in the global community julian assange has primary running mate binoy accompt maga says the party is setting a precedent just by taking part. looks like tony abbott will be the next prime minister of conservative government but even if that is the case it's imperative according to the weak links party that the upper house remain in the hands of smaller parties to prevent him having absolute control that's one of the idea is that it's at stake here and so the recollects party would regard it as a considerable success to actually have started each stage but it's not at least one sentence to get across the line obviously asunder is
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a mile away from the leaders on this through. the opposition and the ruling labor party. what's the future for the next party that history was made the moment the party was formed creating a sort of a political process of if you like an activist or whistleblowing group called wiki leaks organization which is sort of publishing. in itself a triumph was for self it was a triumph of people started to join it and volunteers started coming together to. come out with some presence on the ground that in itself is making history it will continue membership numbers are growing it only started this year and i actually do see it developing a more formal political structure of course the early days yet. forty million people expected to vote in saturday's election last minute polls predict tony abbott's liberal national party coalition would win fifty four percent of the
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national vote compared to forty six percent for kevin rudd labor would be a posted on what happens at the direction. my coming up on our duty as new edward snowden disclosures show how even our encrypted data isn't safe from the n.s.a. persistent spying the e.u. commission on the few woman says she wants to tackle the snooping through block wide but tell you more about what she had to say just a moment. they're hunting down as terrorists they hide in the woods and prepare to become suicide bombers only their mother still believes these young men can be saved. no you've gotten so thin. the mothers won't sleep at night they'll follow their sons into the woods find them and return them to a peaceful life where they killed almost everybody. who had been able to take him
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away from maybe that was by chance. how does it feel to be a terrorist mother. known as i did you have even the slightest chance to come home . my son takes terrorist on o.t. . choose your language. of choice we could go in federal court today still some of. us choose to use the consensus you can. choose to opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact the life choose the access to opportunity. ok. i david crockett welcome you to ted you're oliver jane it's a little island in the middle of the chesapeake bay on the virginia shot and i come
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back county. ramp a year all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best areas in the phone call fred. this is an old picture of tangier island before the channel was cut for zero zero zero here. down way up there. is going on. right here are some of the headstones from the graves it for here this is a fruit. that's what we don't want to happen to change your all and we want to get some protection in the make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities. you back with us here on our team full international news if you're thinking
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quitting online data could save it from the prying eyes of the n.s.a. a bridge is a juicy h.q. edward snowden's latest leak will disappoint you to say the least it shows america's spent billions of dollars in the past decade on breaking protective codes opening up what you thought was private now the european commission of justice fundamental rights and citizenship has spoken out on the n.s.a.'s cable snooping a speech to all of us reports. the e.u. justice commissioner is spoken about the leaks from edward snowden as a wakeup call to europe and says that new legislation must be put in place to protect the privacy of e.u. citizens other stands up at the moment each of the twenty eight member states interprets the current framework in a different manner some of which contradict each other she wants to see a one continent one system put in place but when it comes to debating what will be in that law she suggested that the united kingdom might not be
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a part of that saying that london's loyalties appear to lie elsewhere. i don't pay attention to britain anymore there are a lost cause acting on it together with the americans and they absolutely don't want to have european laws but in this case all we need for this vote is a simple majority and if they don't want to work together constructively we don't need them but i need france and i knew germany if i want to do something concrete in europe. she also warned the u.k. about sitting on the sidelines when it comes to deciding what will be in this legislation saying that whether they like it all dot the united kingdom is part of the european union and this law would affect them then. once this proposal turns into law everybody must follow it and that includes great britain whether they want to or not must the majority decides the minority becomes irrelevant from a political point of view it is not an intelligent position to sit in the corner
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and complain it would be more intelligent to work with us and make their opinion count because that's one of the texas approved this becomes a law for all twenty eight states and more than five hundred million people. the commission's remit doesn't allow it to deal with security services however what vivian reading is proposing is a law that would tackle companies which really provide private information on you citizens to. those security service issues put forward legislation that would see a fine of around two percent of profit imposed upon those companies that give information of e.u. citizens over to security services as a venue and sand when you're it's useless tiger all you can do is to rule but not bite at this point we are to say this and i want to give us some bites so we can efficiently enforce our european heels. and one final point this law that's being put forward would affect any company doing business with you in the european union
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it doesn't matter if you are based in america you're based in japan or you're based in india if you do business in europe you would have to stick to this new legislation on privacy earlier are to speak to the director of the center for investigative journalism at london city university he thinks is the sheer scale of the data and harvesting that people it's been going on a long time people forget that in the seventy's. a spider system called echelon was uncovered over britain run by the united states what was different about that spying system in the present one is the sheer extent of it the major security companies and social networking companies have opened their effective back doors to the n.s.a. even commercial confidentiality as an area of secrecy has been violated completely by this hoovering up of everything and so i think people are alarmed because they realized it will affect them personally it's not just political opponents but the possibility of blackmail is enormous some dissident
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a federal employee could easily sift this material find something terribly damaging and then use it for personal gain or political gain. right to it's been over one hundred days since president obama again pleasure release over eighty prisoners from the notorious went on i'm obey the man of mostly yemeni nationals were cleared for release a years ago artie's every martin looks at the issue in breaking the set at eleven thirty g.m.t. . the us government's trusting them yemeni government to carry out drone strikes weekly it seems but they cannot trust the government to take prisoners from getting out because they say oh they're going to be terrorists we can't trust to release them however many people have been released from guantanamo bay in the past and they are just living our normal lives they just want the chance to have a free life and not be detained indefinitely absolutely and that's one of the really sad aspects of this is because i feel like the the vast majority of americans are under the impression still even after ten years that this facility
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has been open that these are the worst of the worst these guys are all terrorists they deserve to be there they deserve to be tortured or whatever first of all yes these people are being tortured secondly you half of these men are innocent there are no charges against them they they have been for the most part been cleared for release in the vast majority of them are yemen and the problem is that there are no countries that are currently wanting to host these these prisoners because there's so much red tape associated with that here in the united states the united states promised the yemeni people that there would be facilities infrastructure there to help former guantanamo inmates really assimilate into into society that infrastructure is yet to exist it's not there we have covered this on the show in the past we've had activists we've had journalists that have traveled to yemen that have explained to us what it's like for people that are around these drone bombings and all these horrible things that are happening in yemen and on top of that.
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there's there's all there is the guantanamo aspect that these men will never return and will never see their families and that's it's heartbreaking and the p.t.s.d. of just these communities being terrorized the daily basis and also the people who are let out of prison being assimilated back into society after being indefinitely detained for so long many and so it's a travesty and also it's not so black and white where it's either you're guilty or not there's layers of association with al qaeda there it's almost like a gang force. a look now at mall of the world the main news of this hour clash of europe today in the egyptian you of alexandria between muslim brotherhood activists and supporters of the army backed interim government at least two people have died thousands of members of the islamist movement have been rallying across the country demanding the reinstatement of the us of president mohamed morsi earlier reported a state run newspaper claimed the leadership planned to dissolve the brotherhood which officials deny the. nigeria's military has raided an islamic insurgent camp
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in the north eastern borno state killing around fifty militants the operation was launched as a response to a suspected attack on a market which claimed fifteen lives government forces have spent more than four years fighting boko haram rebels who demanded the creation of an islamic state in the country's north. launch time for lad d.n.a. masses a new multimillion dollar moon mission it stands for learn that atmosphere and dust environment explorer and its sources to solve the mystery of moved us which flows in our satellites in atmosphere it's thought that better understanding of lunar conditions which are the most common in the solar system will boost our knowledge of other planetary bodies. more than half a century after you were gavin became the first man to travel beyond earth's atmosphere going into space remains a dream job for many but it's not to be for another cause we're not called do you
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read his abandoned his twenty fifteen space mission slopping the chance of extraterrestrial adventures what he calls a more exciting job on the ground backstory is that our team. also online from sky high to deep down we tell you how the u.s. is looking to expand its drone will stay into the oceans with an unmanned craft called hydra us it to stop it's the. right. search tree. and i think the true. on our reporters were very. i. am. now the number of america's highest paid c.e.o.'s being fired and being fined for fraud has
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by dramatically in the last two decades is according to a recent study in the next hour here on our t.l. financial guru max kaiser takes a. yeah. i've explained this many times before a board of directors of any s. and p. five hundred company america today wants to see implicated in some crime committing malfeasance committing fraud subpoenaed or in jail because it shows initiative they want to push the edge they want to go that extra mile they want to break the law and then they want to throw to the justice department to say. eric holder can't catch us. and then if they do get caught they change the law they modify the law they rewrite the law that's what it's all about breaking the law for law and order bring back the death penalty bring it back to you. right it's definitely one not to miss stop next here on our t.v.
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there the hanta rending story is the russian mothers trying to save their sons from my life in terrorism these. many gay bars are starting to refuse to sew russian vodka as a means of protesting the homosexual propaganda laws in russia as i've said before boycotts are a great way to put pressure on people but are they putting pressure on the right people not only is it racist to assume that hurting the vodka flow will deal a massive blow to the russian economy but it is also racist to think that any vodka with a russian sounding name is itself russian and many videos angry gay bartenders were
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pouring stolichnaya vodka which should be pronounced by the way onto the ground in a fury but if those bartenders would take a closer look at the labels they would see. that export of stoli is produced in bold in latvia by the s.p.i. group not in russia also according to the n.p.t. group beverage alcohol report the most popular vodka in america with a russian sounding name is smirnoff which is british owned and produced and bottled in various countries around the globe including the usa itself we do support the american worker people love to panic over the hip and trendy scandal of the month but everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that homosexuality itself is legal in russia and is punishable in many other countries including a death sentence in some of them and yet russia gets all the attention if people really wanted to effectively boycott any country with any laws even hinting against homosexuality they would have to hit them where it hurts and stop getting natural resources imported from countries like russia saudi arabia venezuela and iran and
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so on and so on that is a vastly more difficult proposition than pouring american made vodka onto the sidewalk but that's just my opinion. i beg you please your father and your brother all here on the way think of your wife and children think of your family oh yes please come out i promise you that not a hair on your head will be harmed you would come out into the yard raise your hands take off your jacket and show them that you're not wearing a bomb belt or just walk slowly towards our people and let them search you understand me. become a police. a former minister of the republic of peel's to his son. who refuses to listen as his father urges him to surrender. he would soon be killed
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in a shootout with special forces. in the northern caucasus is the smallest and youngest republic of the russian federation for the past twenty you has lived through several conflicts terror operations and a string of retaliation. terrorists an islamic state would be cool to the caucasus emirate young people and into the world with promises of a ticket to paradise when in reality they're trained to become terrorists and suicide bombers. at the age of eighteen most of went into the woods to join the militants this is the first time seen his mother since he voluntarily surrendered himself she hasn't seen him for two years.


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