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tv   Headline News  RT  September 9, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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we rely on in absolute necessity to respect international in the arrangements in agreements that have been achieved. most of this goes for the necessity to close the study every single report relating to the alleged events of chemical weapons in syria. with us i would like to remind you that the leaders of the g eight have agreed that all of these reports must be investigated in the most meticulous and professional way and their findings must be presented to the united nations security council. when. we. leave.
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there. is no means and. we consider it very important that the u.n. secretary general has no instead it is necessary for the u.n. inspectors who were in syria with their. investigator emission needs to go back to syria in there continue their research and examination. out. of the citizens and. considering how serious the situation is we as well as our syrian partners are convinced that there is. an option for
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a peaceful reconciliation and peaceful solution of the crisis. this. is. useless sure it's his excellency mr minister today has confirmed the willingness of damascus to attend aging even to international conference without any preconditions in order to look for a it common solution together with the opposition in in line in accordance with the previous geneva accords of last year. yes. we expect. there to be similar statements. we will be able to see finally from the ruby center there is
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a of the syrian opposition as it was initially provided for by the joint us russia declaration of me seventy this year. in the end we call upon our american colleagues to focus their efforts on this rather than on preparing a military strike against syria. and me. and . all those goods we are deeply worried by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in syria. russia. will continue providing assistance and aid. helping in supporting
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the syrian population through international frameworks in organizations in the existing bilateral basis. is. more than just on the page but of course. it is evident that it still will only be possible to fully mend the humanitarian situation after. violence in the all who still it is in syria stop and ceasefire is achieved. in the. position. at the end of our negotiation we have agreed on some practical steps that we would be pursuing with syria and and there are of other countries in order to give it to political we can see the nation in syria. has.
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more. yes. thank you. bisect mr lavrov for. by the us and to moscow at this moment. in. new. specially that the war drums are out. of the way you said but by the machines. this is we're asking ourselves. are demotivation that americans you. speak about to launch a strike against us about the chemical weapons is a true couples. just that it is easier for us
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as it is on the beach and it will go huge. as our true. and we're saying the. diplomatic efforts it's not over to reach the end of the syrian trouble. in. over me but i think she's here. with me to give us you know who. we are for protecting our people and our children and our country and. we're confident in russian efforts. would cooperate with russia totally about all this. to stop this strike against us you see he sees the world in his he's in.
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his yeah but it's all just the citizens in the us and. some of the c.b.c. . oh ok. but if they aim striking. you on syria and that's what we believe in if they aim. to destroy our army syrian army. and give the qaeda and terrorists a percentage to win. like brigades of. and this time instead of the eleventh. so that would be just not sure not correct. then she said slowly and so this is the b.b.c. he is. the leader of this new resolution and we can see things like that they just look to the world as your. own. business
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and here we have the right to ask. is there any interest for united states real interests and this is doing the strike against us. and making their job but i'm sure when those shows will be made lindsay is. this is that i do wish you would ask yourself that you know you've been booked for a month. on the field and in the region that's already boiling water. on this album which. we have the right to ask you. how obama knows that you will do the strike. and then just so far who blow up the buildings in nine in nine eleven. the doses of the use of force. in c.s.e.
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in some ways you see of course. is that you know. you have to do this you know it was a blizzard of machines we're going pleased with. lupus or. we're asking to deny the states learned from afghanistan. when they supported. in the eighty's middle of eighty's. of the past century and now they are fighting against god and afghanistan was. musically who will keep you since you were good is. the ok so you will wish i was in the south and got there early. with you with me so we had a whole new to leave the united states is really that they want to make syria a base for al qaeda to attack another country as. you. see it in the
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us with a business process do you work on through this if he was interested in this deal with mr guy. who were asking how american leaders were telling their. people what's going on what they did in iraq. and in the same way they want to do that in syria. with virtually. all of the loot he asked you to go and indeed he did this you know she was actually going to be he isn't going to lose interest now we're going. to show you the women sank the american people. for his stand against this war. and destroying me here because he says nothing is true that the guns were the basis
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that we should distinguish the brutal way. he put us all involved and we sank his knowledge the board of education for his words. it was the changes from the course when you were the only issue with the union and the european people were thank you also for supporting not striking us but there's a position submissions when you will be gone we used to be a portuguese with the who are. citizens to you and if you were so what happened in n.z. the british parliament. over how obama. says that's all about democracy and honest think do all those people would work as a nation in this instance in this newsgroup in this with. the loss of the number of old you know who i'm here who would really appreciate mr putin's
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position. that's trying to help us with the us in as he's easy to use in the go to india to look at the rights and liberties. with the use. and history will tell us. how we'll show the president poet try to prevent war and make peace is a stronger. from the president of the president that's trying to make war. to also please god with us for. the way she bade me is. that you will be impatient with your cause when you think she will be the real deal this will be dismissed as a new one because history. told us that all the wars that happened and accurate. the first casualties of it was one of the children and weak
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people in the. sea we need to see the. city to change. once again i said to mr lover of four invented by the innocent. russian. interests of the. ladies and gentlemen i would like to warn you that our time is really you know limited so we only have time for a few questions. and. of. course you. could have a question from russia today. from us and now from out of the arabic. chicken what about the steps. you do or is alluded to make a solution to solve the problem problems and about the initiate if your mutual
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initiate if that should talk about today. is. this you going to tell us about that . because you. will hold water with. us. in the case of the initiated the have you had and you. will soon go to we discussed the situation and it is of course highly disturbing we discussed what efforts we could take in order for a political settlement process to get him into. he . is and yes yes.
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convening a geneva two conference as you know is not possible at the moment and it's not russia's serious forward that it's impossible. to see and this. is. the national coalition which americans in some of the l.a. see as the main syrian counterpart did not agree to the russian initiative for each element in syria. and. now. with us and some of. our western partners either cannot or will not convince the national coalition to go that way.
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but we do not believe believe that any particular goof has the right to monopolize the activities over certain structure so russia has maintained contacts with every single opposition in over the past couple of years and we will continue doing that and continue convincing them of a necessity for international settlement. with you some of the people and if we come to realize that such contacts be useful for it peaceful settlement we can invite every single stake. order to moscow for a meeting every single group in syria there refuses to choose
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a military solution in hopes for a political settlement still. in . the us of the because it is still necessary to. among all syrians india i am absolutely convinced that. the multilateral dale will have no alternative as the only possible solution in the chance for a peaceful settlement in syria. and this is how. we have also agreed
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to insist on bringing u.n. inspectors back to syria in order to finalize their work on studying every single instance or reports about the. soon to use of chemical weapons in syria. but. this. is. still the un secretary general. has announced that says un inspectors will be going back to syria soon but we suspect that there are certain powers that will try to prevent such a return but we will do everything in our capacity to ensure that u.n. inspectors will go back to syria. the good will. and.
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the good of. the. system and the syrian syrian government is not only willing to accept. a commission but it is insisting that they come and in fact in discussing this issue over it reported use of chemical weapons we have seen our syrian counterparts absolutely willing to investigate every single instance in detail. with. us and he has to do with his will will be working on all these tracks and. if.
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i get out there dennett ink. upon what mr lavrov said. but there's one point we're ready. for geneva two. without preconditions. nor speak with all forces in syria. that working for peace. usually it's cool because the office. has a meeting for me and will be my shift or she. has it easy we're going to go to work you will see the needs and choose to use this new student who's going to eat you know just when. we're ready. to invite and hard to see you and. if you don't know what a mystic asians use you want it was more than just an issue of.
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it's room. ready to cooperate with the friends in russia. too we don't take away all the reasons to strike us with is. it was just you would yeah agrees. with you who believe there's a political solution is the only solution and no interest. it's. the actions. but if there gretchen acars. one has another position there. to see which. russia twenty four hours with people who. isn't going to be. included.
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in this movement. is just in this group to. get into. it what about the letter said. you got from the young community come at a huge. way she had with you even once in the. for both. of you about the crimes that jihadists made in syria. what about international. reaction and for mr. what did seem a letter said face or mcdonough mr president that gave the. u.n. committee about using chemical weapons. i believe there is plenty of evidence. there are testimonies by.
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witnesses who saw what. militants in the insurgency actually do in syria they're also videos that insurgents posted on the internet themselves apparently boasting with hotel of the are doing is also they're also professional assessments. including one by miss carla del ponte he. is a member of an international commission who said that she has evidence of one. of the insurgents using certain. chemical agents in syria do there's also a testimony by mother agnes the cushion mother superior of the monastery in syria who also testified about the atrocities are committed by insurgents in pronounced the alleged chemical attack to be
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a frame up operation and there were many signs of many other. instances of evidence telling us or suggesting at least that the whole. affair with chemical weapons was a staged frame up operation. that was. well. you. know you want to put your clothes there. so you know you're. not going to. work or. you. go back to work. you. see.
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you very good looking. good for you get. the right russian foreign minister sergei lavrov there with his syrian counterpart . in moscow now the ministers address or the latest developments surrounding the syrian conflict to once more speaking out against foreign intervention and stressing the necessity to adhere to international law so gale of rob a boy into doubt that the importance of bringing the syrian government and political opposition to the negotiating table while isolating radical rebels who have been trying to hijack the civil war he also stressed the need to wait for the results of the u.n. chemical weapons probe level of called on the u.s. to help facilitate a new international peace conference on syria instead of a military intervention he also added that to the humanitarian situation in the war zone is diet but a ceasefire is needed before aid can be delivered to the syrian people in the fall
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the foreign minister for his part does that diplomatic efforts to solve the conflict have not yet been exhausted mr walid said syria was to cooperate with the russia across the board to prevent being attacked by the u.s. he also strongly stressed that washington will. only help al qaeda linked rebels by bombing syria now he also described the u.s. case for syria strike it reminiscent of the run up to the invasion of iraq ten years ago mr allen while i'm playing to the european countries for supporting syria by speaking out against military intervention he went on to criticize obama for claiming to advocate for democracy while ignoring the voices of his allies and his own people and the syrian foreign minister said damascus is ready for peace talks with the rebels without preconditions and is also prepared to cooperate with the
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u.n. inspectors to do say with us here on r.t. as we bring you more on this developing story next hour you're watching our team our weekly sports roundup is next. people are scratching their heads to keep why was any chemical weapons attack in the interests. given the fact that. by all accounts it's extreme presence. but he's not the russian. police be told language. programs are documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the i.p.t. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in trying.
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to find out more visit. wealthy british style it's time to write free. markets why not scandals. happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports. hello and thank you for joining me for the r.t. sports show i'm richard i'm bored fleet's time coming up it's our weekly roundup of sport from russia across the globe and here are the top stories. five
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serena williams wins the u.s. open for a fifth time for legal victory against victoria azarenka. four in a row sebastian vettel on calls for a fourth straight of formula one drivers championship side so after six one of the season three. dominates reigning champions. of perfect starts with three wins games. but will kick off a football where russia cruise to a convincing four one win over luxembourg and their world cup qualifier. alexander . goals from alexander kids are called for and alexander side made up for one triumph. record of a quick as goal in russia's history the twenty two year old striker scored after just twenty one seconds fabio capello's men.


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