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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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visit. the united states agrees to see. afterwards questions over whether obama. lost his appetite for war. and civil war. still to come here i speak to those making a pilgrimage to syria to fight in what they believe is a holy war. also the opening of a crew from the international space station successfully coming to an end. on the beautiful steps of.
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both. here and. he with me. thanks for joining us today it looks like president obama is toning things down after weeks of bombastic statements threats that the syrian government deserves a u.s. military strike. to his nation which according to recent polls is against america getting involved in a brand new civil war he agreed to give way to diplomacy for reporting from washington. we saw president obama engaged in verbal acrobatics with the message that many americans will find very confusing he was forcefully pushing the idea that strikes against syria are necessary asking the american people to support him at the same time he would say maybe they will not be necessary and maybe
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diplomacy can work he was referring to russia's proposal for seriously give up its chemical weapons take a listen it's too early to tell whether this offer will succeed in any agreement must to verify that the assad regime keeps its commitments but this initiative has the potential to remove the threat of chemical weapons without the use of force particularly because russia is one of assad's strongest allies. i have therefore asked the leaders of congress to postpone a vote to authorize the use of force while we pursue this diplomatic path the spin that president obama is now putting on russia's proposal is that a diplomatic solution only came because he threatened force but as much as the u.s. president is now trying to capitalize on that line of fog it's important to remember what preceded this proposal president obama was facing congress that was most likely to vote no on his war initiative because american people overwhelmingly
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oppose military action against syria and they've been barred their representatives with calls demanding that they vote no so he had congress the american people against him on bad be easy you was not going along the u.n. has been against such in the little action given all this many saw this diplomatic opening as a life if you will for president obama who with his military threat says basically boxing self into a corner we've heard a call for the strip him of the nobel peace prize for not showing enough initiative to find a diplomatic solution while now the administration is saying secretary kerry is dismissive of marg on monday which russia picked up on was not really a rhetorical gaffe and that there was a strategy behind it by the way here is more about the strategy i've spoken to the leaders of two of our closest allies france in the united kingdom and we will work together in consultation with russia and china to put forward a resolution acquiring assad to give up his chemical weapons and to ultimately
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destroy them under international control. we'll also give you one inspectors the up to report their findings about what happened on august twenty first it was interesting to hear president obama talk about the you when and inspector is considering that his administration was largely dismissive of the u.n. effort all the way trying to discredit the work of u.n. inspectors and refusing to show the u.n. security council the classified evidence that washington says it has against the assad government but it looks like the future of this resolution of this proposal will be about who the judgment on whether or not the proposal is working will belong to is it going to be the u.s. which has a track record of jumping two bombs as a first option or the international community which has a really interesting resolving the crisis in syria and making sure that the weapons are not used again. nature kind of right there and that president obama's seemingly
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reluctant yes to the diplomatic option could be an optimistic sign that according to russia this can only work out if washington scraps its plans for war in the same way reports. syria has agreed to give up its chemical weapons this is a game changer it's a way out for the u.s. and also a chance for diplomacy in the syrian crisis something that seemed almost impossible just a week ago but according to russia in order for it to work the threat of force needs to be taken off the table. in with lou surely appreciate even with that i mean we've heard a positive reaction from syria to the chemical weapons destruction offer we're now hoping that our syrian colleagues will make a responsible decision to put their stockpiles under control agreed to destroy them enjoying the chemical weapons nonproliferation treaty no doubt it can only work if we get the u.s. and its allies to agree not to use force clearly this option is being taken very seriously by the u.s.
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it was first discussed by putin and obama and will now move forward this week between surrogate love rove and john kerry but you with these president comes through most of the votes and we did talk about the since you had the g. twenty summit and we agreed that it will work in that direction and we'll have the secretary of state and russian foreign minister to try and move this forward it's up to top diplomats now to try to move this proposal forward see as a last chance for a step towards peace in the syrian conflict or let's take this a bit further than i would a man well option right here a german journalist who's are certainly spent at least the past few years of focusing on syria thanks so much for joining us here on our to today do you think you turn or a delay how do you interpret obama's message to the nation. well we witnessed yesterday a very confusing speech of the u.s. american president he gave two messages which we are completely contradicting each
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other the first message was clear he was saying the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians he was saying guessing children by the syrian government he said it needs a strong answer it needs a strong response he was even saying it's a threat to the national security of the united states of america so he was urging on this point and then he had to justify the delay of this answer i think it's very confusing in this speech yesterday shills a bit the diplomatic cables suspiciously in the united states where you talk about diplomatic chaos there's been so much fuss so much war mongering the bugging of the drums the rattling of the saber war war war strike intervention intervention it's going to happen but what's changed for obama we would be discussing a lack of support both on the domestic front but also internationally what's happened. well we see the most the most powerful
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man in the the us american president being complete lonely with his position we see the mongering is coming from the western governments especially from the us government but he doesn't have any support of the population we see also the ball mongering by the way by the mainstream media but barack obama knows very well that even if the congress permits a military strike military aggression against syria it would be maybe with a very small majority so he would have to govern a split nation already no use governing a split nation so he has to delay so that this doesn't come out now he's in the very very difficult in a very weak position right now what about the issue of chemical weapons disarmament if indeed assad did relinquish every little cat and devising container of chemical weapons or do you think then that means there will be no such attack against syria
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in the future. no i don't think so i think we have to see this chemical weapons as a thing how the syrians see this the syrian population and the syrian government the chemical weapons for the syrians to sort of. more for them it's the psychological where you off the possession of those weapons it's very important they say if we give up those weapons we will be open for our enemies and we don't have to forget that the discussion about the chemical weapons stockpile of the syrian army is not just going on now and since a couple of days it's going on since the early ninety's since the early ninety's especially in. the west and so on try desperately to bring syria to give up the those weapons so i think for the syrian government this is not
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a very easy decision and i think that may be they must have any idea and we don't have to forget what else can happen that this chemical this might open a complete new political and also military scenario because what happens if the syrian government agrees now to the disarmament of the chemical weapons stockpile and the west claims later on but they didn't give us everything they are still hiding we witnessed by the way almost the same scenario with iraq in the year two thousand and three and we know how it ended so this is not assurance for peace at all it just right now. with the obama administration and the secretary of state john kerry talking about the so-called use of chemical weapons by the assad government using words such as we believe and we have high confidence and we trust our sources and their initial findings are. to see how it plays out a german journalist focusing on syria thanks for joining us here on out to you
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today. well there was a measurable low in fighting in syria this following a bombers threats of attack late last month but now that has dissipated or still it is resuming across the board meanwhile international mercenaries and militants continue to flood the country convinced they're carrying out the will of god what forces men to such kinds of extremes and artie's where if an option or investigations i this may look like an ordinary farewell amongst friends but the man in the law is lama coat is a suicide bomber leaving on his final journey. this is his last conversation with his elder brother in a car that is supposed to take him to the rules of the central prison in aleppo syria and then explode sending him to paradise according to his beliefs these clips were found on a laptop taken from one didn't man seen in the food age who is now in
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a syrian prison he calls himself rush on and says he came to syria from the former soviet republic to fight with a group called approach me a year ago and convinced me that muslims in syria are being oppressed and killed and that i should go and take up arms against assad for world jihad and help establish a caliphate that will extend worldwide to europe america and everywhere his necke to into syria last january through turkey in istanbul two men who said they were from al qaeda met him and accompanied him to syria where he joined a large mormon brigade run by an egyptian jihad ists my job was mainly to prepare bombs for cars the rim any people all from different countries our teachers showed us how to make bombs which ingredients to use and how exactly to cook it. one of his recent assignments was analytical prison bowman last may the man you saw in the fan well he did was driving the car that russian prepared russian brought his
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entire family to syria including his five year old son on this video the militant shows his boy how to make a bomb they say after a father dies the song should continue the jihad i don't know what allah prepared for me but we have to finish what we started we spoke to russian at the air force intelligence jail next to military at porton damascus in the cells. to meet all. the prisoners here are mainly charged with by the terrorists spying. this newly built unit can accommodate up to two hundred people and already it's almost full. in the jails backyard an officer tells us not to get too close as the prisoners could be dangerous there are people here from syria yemen iraq jordan egypt and palestine but many came from europe as well. algerian with a french passport ammar has spent most of his life in france where he married
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a french woman and leave a normal life that changed after he was recruited by an islamic group with the kind of ties calling into hard in syria. i volunteered i went to turkey in a refugee camp there i met a salafi group and i trained with them for about two and a half months and then we illegally crossed the border into syria. says as a son of the a fundamental muslim he had to get involved. with so much sunni syrian brothers suffering here i saw an al-jazeera arabic another channels the kids are also suffering i took up arms and i was ready to use them but when i came here i didn't see the enemy. in a separate building they show west weapons including handmade bombs and green maids seized from militants these are the instruments of global jihad that chased syria as a battlefield to bring foreign fighters from violence this prison may be full but beyond
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the walls real men with many causes remain free to continue their fight. damascus syria where we do always love it when you get involved with the stories that we cover here on r.t. as always we are hungry for your opinion on exactly what does it mean with syria if indeed a chemical disarmament does take place what does that mean for the future of the war torn state well here's how we voted r.t. dot com for this hour the numbers are changing every forty five minutes or so still though the top among the majority of our viewers and readers thinking that the u.s. and its allies are simply going to wait until assad's toxic asset is removed then the strike will happen anyway a very distant second the position of seventeen percent saying well the international measure won't prevent the further use of illegal agents in syria and then down to the bare minimum here seven percent are saying well actually after the disarmament takes place there will be peace talks between the assad government and
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the rebel opposition groups where you can still carter voted r.t. dot com right now we do love it when you get involved with our stories or so if you can do stay with us here on our team more news to come after a very short break. it's. they. are going to give us a. very. long. that. will take care.
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of. thank you for joining us here on our. show in moscow a soyuz capsule has successfully returned three crew members all the way from the international space station back to earth landing in the steps of kazakhstan it was a three and a half hour journey from orbit wrapped up their mission that last of the nearly
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half a year details here he's told by. one u.s. astronaut chris cassidy and two russian cosmonauts vinogradov off and alexander missouri qin are back safely on earth after their five months in space they seem well having been fished out of their soyuz capsule which parachuted down onto the step in kazakstan they were then wrapped in thermal blankets and began their climatized ation back to conditions on earth up there for five months orbiting around they took part in a number of space walks to help maintain the international space station the size of a football pitch that floating spacecraft and also in involved in around forty different experiments looking at everything from the effects of zero gravity on organisms and also on the on different materials to to physical experiments such as
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new equipment brought up to the to the space station and looking at how well the space station itself is doing and bearing up to the rigors of zero gravity and and orbiting around earth there are three crewmembers now remaining up on the space station they'll be joined by three more shortly bringing the space station back up to its complement of six but for the moment we can all be glad that those those three crew of the i assess are back safely on earth. politicians in germany get serious about getting out the vote party speaks to candidates from little known groups trying to pierce the vice like grip of the major parties holder in national politics it's all ahead of parliamentary elections later this month that is just around the corner for you here on the program. but for now are not content with it's already spectacular economic rise china is
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vowing reform upon reform to guaranteed continue for. chuen according to the country's premier cutting red tape and establishing the year one as a world currency of the top priorities and it today will also see the opening of the seventh annual meeting of the new champions it's an economic summit that's become synonymous with china's rising star with a host of venture capital artie's kitty pilgrim this report. china's fishing town of delhi and will welcome global leaders and finance heavyweights today for what has come to be known as the summer devils the three day annual meeting of the new champions of the world economic forum as it officially titers will feature all the double settlements the global leaders the business heavyweights the save the world policies just minuses but with the forever valving global economy and china's increasing economic power in contrast years growth this asia event really
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highlights the economic shift east despite a recent slowdown time is economy is still posting enviable growth figures just this week china's industrial production rose by more than expected in august along with actually output and retail sales the latest signs that the world's second largest economy is still robust so with china demonstrating a resilient economy this begs the question why have a world economic forum in europe sure where greed is astounded as the flowers on the mountain tops added to this following on from the g. twenty summit this is about the foundations of the one hundred billion dollars bric development bank we decided now this bank will drive all the i.m.f. the world bank will concentrate on supporting the developing world china will contribute the bulk of the money to reflect the size of its economy with forty one billion dollars india brazil and china with eighteen billion dollars and south
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africa with five wm so the tensions focus east the remote ski resort of dov also even more isolated is the financing the continue to warm up to asia. among the reforms promised by the new government our efforts to combat corruption improve infrastructure and deregulate the markets i've talked to thorston from peking university i spoke to him just a bit earlier in the program he feels there's the long journey ahead for beijing. there are a lot of things to do the economy is actually faster than a lot of other things in china like the political maturity and social problems that still loom large in china and one of the topics actually at the global forum in this these days is also work ethics you know china wants to have a stakeholder in making the rules are fair game and shaping them in the future i think it's perfectly reasonable to think that the chinese want to see their currency to become the next word currency. and of course sign at the moment is
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purchasing more and more gold this also plays into this china. for what actually took control of the world currency and to replace it with yes are there plenty more for you on our website right now including british police shocking the public since two thousand and nine you can read about the latest report on how the relationship between the u.k.'s ball bees and tasers have been growing ever closer in recent years. no half measures for this russian man from the republic of dagestan we've seen as one of the top crime lords police seized here's a rocket launcher and it could be used to create a big boom those details on the website right now. for now though let's shift gears and turn our attention to germany where campaign season is in full swing two weeks from national parliamentary elections of course
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politicians are out and about trying to scrounge up the last of the votes the political field though dominated of course by the major groups like the leftist social democrats and merkel's christian democratic union but as peter all of it reports candidates for some smaller parties are making inroads in the rule areas as they look to force their way on to the national stage. on the campaign trail hoping to strike a chord. you send official telling us we convince that we have to get a say and a higher level we are not having to pay for the big decisions so we want to be part of the process people free voters are a grassroots political organization they are opposed to the major german parties they claim look out for the interests of big business over those voters we don't have the big money the other parties have for commercials for leaflets etc we
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mostly paid ourselves the candidates pay it because we cannot raise so much funds. also because we don't tolerate lobbyists and most of their support comes from rural areas where people feel ignored by the bureaucracy in berlin the party has its eye cast on influencing decisions far beyond the very a though they want to see struggling eurozone countries be able to reissue their own currencies to help tackle inflation as well as end bailouts at home the longest bank is still its bailout by the state we don't want this any longer we don't want banks to be bailed out by the taxpayer small parties like this one are unlikely to cause too much concern for chancellor angela merkel however three voters are convinced that they can draw support from those who've become disillusioned with the more established political parties. in big parties this is flow from top to bottom but with these guys everyone can bring their ideas to the table each
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person's opinion counts yeah. i think small parties that are not spoiled yet are very important we need different points of view out there. but i know these small parties are not playing the game if they can get into a coalition me they can have a real influence. in the two thousand and eight varian state elections free voters picked up just over ten percent of the vote this time they're aiming to go further the others they have a lot of money so we have the members and we have the spirit how much the spirit converts into votes we'll find out on september the twenty second when germans go to the polls peter all of a r.t. the very. well thanks so much for joining us here on our team today i'm researcher in moscow abby austin a break in the set that's in just a moment here on the program.
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world. science technology innovation all the least of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. live live. live. that speech.
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live. in a little. bit misleading. live . very little. particularly. you know i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so even though the assad regime has agreed to give it give up its chemical weapons arsenal obama and his team of warmongers be entered into closer igniting a powder keg in syria as a result in two thousand speech from the then state senator obama started to attract attention it was campaign web site posted
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a video in two thousand and seven to highlight his fierce opposition to military intervention during the run up to the iraq war conveniently only thirteen seconds of the original two thousand and two speech exists online take a listen. i don't oppose war in all circumstances and when i look out over those clouds of the i know there is no shortage of patriots. or page that says that what i do oppose is adult war interestingly only a transcript remains for the rest of the speech and it's not hard to see why the obama p.r. machine isn't keen on making this particular video viral here's what obama goes on to say about former iraqi dictator saddam hussein except i've replaced two words for saddam and syria for iraq quote he has repeatedly defied un resolutions warded un inspection teams develop chemical and biological weapons but i also know that assad poses no imminent and direct threat to the us i know that an invasion of syria without
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a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the middle east and encourage the worst rather than the best impulses of the arab world i could not have said it better myself state senator obama you know you should really sit down and talk to the president. of the. you are a. very hard to take a. look. at her how exactly would that hurt their feelings.


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