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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  September 11, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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the please please please take another look very hard to take a. look. at that with that earthquake there looking. to. please please. please. please. please please please. please. please. as we reflect upon the tragic events of september eleventh there on doubt of the many who are still seeking answers about the last twelve years we've seen nothing
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but corruption and deceit echoed throughout the political and media establishment all to perpetuate endless war and the erosion of our rights this government can no longer be trusted at its word about pretty much anything instead we need to seek out the truth for ourselves unfortunately the act of questioning anything about this event now runs the risk of being dismissed as a conspiracy theorist or a lunatic at the corporate media. that the government would deliberately kill three thousand people to accuse the president of this because of that she's protecting oil interests that i know i got to tell i can say should try and don't say that any member of the bush administration knew it was going to happen to wanted it to happen is a ridiculous thing to say every time rosie o'donnell said something about nine eleven conspiracies or the building the new teeth being like a mind numbing government plot against you i mean it's gone too far this point it really has. this is a disgrace to want more than a stack of paperwork and
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a congressional seal to find out how much the government knew and what it chose to do or not do on that terrible day and perhaps the most fascinating of terms that have become a shortage for the establishment is truth or when seeking the truth become a bad thing and how the pursuit of any kind of facts becomes so objectionable look at this dismissal is deliberate sales of severely dumbing down the dialogue we should be having in fact it's an end dangerman to investigative journalism for crying out loud to question official narratives is the role of journalists this story ends and documentarians otherwise we'd just be getting our news verbatim from government press releases and most journalists who do question further get praised for their determination and courage to not accept an answer at face value. but first some reason nine eleven is put into a different category altogether if someone wants to dig deeper and not accept the government's analysis at face value they're considered almost un-american this
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makes people too comfortable too uncomfortable to believe the same criminal could fall that oversaw torture program murdered a million iraqis and start a war based on known falsehoods might just might have the lack of empathy to allow such a tragedy to occur to advance its geo political goals so if the truth or is simply a person that cares about evidence and facts and matter how ugly or uncomfortable they may be then maybe that's a label we should all embrace. i. i. know the twelfth anniversary of the september eleventh attacks brings little solace for the millions of people worldwide who have serious questions concerning what happened that day is he instead of immediately investigating a monumental failure in government the bush administration opposed any program to be attacked for well over
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a year until mounting pressure from the victim's family members forced the issue to be addressed but once the commission was finally formed and its report released many questions were still left unanswered questions that many people in this country still have in fact a recent poll by you gov reveals that thirty eight percent of americans have some doubts about the official story we've been told one such man is vain his son bobby was killed in one of the towers on that fateful day when i spoke to bob and first asked him why members of the commission were suspect namely hamilton and here's what he had to say. instrumental in in stopping the iranian contra to geisha because of national security and telling us we're telling the jersey girl myself that because of national security we kid delved deeply into this matter. and that was very important to me and it just shows you how the government works i mean a big thing like iran contra covered up and of course if you study history
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everything is always covered out right unfortunately only decades later does it eked out slowly the truth as i know and of course some multiple commission members actually resigned they said it was set up to fail to talk about this memo that was leaked from the nine eleven commission that talked about government minders that actually were directed to accompany witnesses testified in from the commission what role do these minders serve in the testimony process well i'll tell you she got a brick. it's every morning i made every commission here and you see you actually had you know it's almost like you had miners with the commissioners they had no clue what was coming down some of me i remember sitting in a table next to curry curry and he says are you what's going on today what do you want to what should i say what this and that and minders were. handling testimony from other you know they would mine the people who are tested testify in that particular day and of course. it's important you know you just mentioned zealot
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kathy had an outline the outline of the nine eleven commission was there before the commission started so everything had to conform to that ally so the commissioners had nothing. in it all and its whole time i was there each commissioner maybe had five minutes so everyone that spoke everyone that testified i remember there was no subpoenas they would only have five minutes to question these people and the commissioner wanted so and so anyone that would testify a minder would you know urge and if this is what you have to say so that i mean the hope you know it's even worth the bait about the commission and the fact that it was a useless endeavor it was not an expert it was not an investigation and denise i heard him say to me again to have a lunch he had said this is only an exposition it is not an investigation we're just laying things out and table we're not there to blame anyone and they were very
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condescending to all the witnesses especially government witnesses the whole nine eleven commission is based upon torture everything in that book about what happened on that day is based on torture i don't know where the uproar of the american people is you know. anyone could torture me and i would make to anything and that's a proven thing and then one of the abu zubaydah you know we haven't heard it in the papers but in two thousand and nine they let this man go well he's the one that dropped a dime on k.s. and. it and he had nothing to do with nine eleven so there's nothing nothing reputable about that commission report it's a it's a piece of fiction it should be discarded it's you know. omissions and lies the most. lerena mission to me aside from some other really important things is the put options why were you told when you brought this up that it was distant formation or you were kind of rejected and dismissed about the put options of what
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are they and why are they suspect put option is your gambling and the firm that my son worked for merrill lynch people with made millions upon millions of dollars you're betting the stock will fall. but you buy it at a certain level ok as that stock falls down you will you're guaranteed so much money after that fall so approximately billions of dollars were made throughout the world and the nine eleven commission how they investigated that they merely say we cannot prove that bin laden was part of buying these options well then my question is well who is responsible for buying these auctions people made billions of dollars you don't put that kind of money in a put option it's a very it's a thing that a stock broker or a vest or will do. were rarely so a lot of people made a lot of money and the nine eleven commission's or only answer of was well we know
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bin laden had nothing to do with it so you know that's circular thinking well therefore what's that mean right right a lot of did neither wade state in circular logic they didn't look into who did make this money right which is actually they just are more interested in the fact that bin laden did have nothing to do with the put options well who did that's far more interesting to me that maybe you know rich businessman actually bet that these stocks would fail i think fifteen twenty twenty five times higher than on average on any given day bob what role has the media played in shutting down this type of important question about the event that's been used the premise for the entire agenda perilous agenda the enquirer reporter called me up or she called me up for an interview and i started telling her exactly what she should be looking and i said there's another story here this seems all fake to me anyway she said to me she says she says i am the problem and this is indicative of the entire industry and the problem i guarantee if i go back to the had it airs they will not put this
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on the news i can go around the world people will listen to me anywhere but here in the united states it doesn't happen i mean this is first really the first interview with ad within the united states where i can talk about nine eleven and the murder . my son well unfortunately on our russian network bob that really is indicative of how much of an abysmal failure the entire us media apparatus has become unfortunately it's just an act go of the establishment even though it's run by corporations which should be of grave concern to every american thank you for your courage for questioning government narratives it's crucial it's important thank you so much bob michael b. in nine eleven family member we won't stop fighting for justice for your son. still ahead we'll dissect obama's address the nation about potentially striking syria when we come back.
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technology innovation all the developments around. the future. think. we're going to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy correct albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked why handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built up my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america to find
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a job ready to join the movement then walk in the big picture. please. please don't you will come in a lot of these policies i think you're right. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher.
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obama broke in a primetime programming last night to once again beat his syrian war drum and assert the same unsubstantiated evidence about the assad regime's use of chemical weapons now after thirty. in minutes of proclaiming the right of the u.s. to strike regardless if i may mention the diplomatic solution that russian syria presented calling it an encouraging sign but just in case a last ditch effort of diplomacy fails obama made crystal clear that the world should be trembling with fear at the overwhelming might of america's military machine. let me make something clear the united states military doesn't do pinpricks even a limited strike will send a message to assad that no other nation can deliver yeah go america that's right we don't do any of that wimpy pinprick stuff when we bomb you you better expect the full arsenal of our tamaki missiles to reign hellfire on your entire population wait a second i thought this was supposed to be
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a limited strike and i that sounds to me like a pinprick solution take out a couple of select targets and no other nation can deliver this kind of strike com let's think what does america export to well over one hundred companies countries that's right weapons somehow i think that when you sell sixty six billion dollars worth of weaponry into the world in a single year other nations might just have the same capability of delivering similar strikes now obama also took the time to address the concerns of a counter attack from syria which he assured us can't happen. assad regime does not have the ability to seriously threaten our military and the other any other retaliation they might seek is in line with threats that we face every day neither assad nor his allies have any interest in escalation that would lead to his demise and our ally israel can defend itself with overwhelming force thanks for making it
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crystal clear that syria doesn't pose a threat to the us or israel for that matter which can respond with unshakable force thanks to the billions of dollars in military aid u.s. taxpayer provided to the country every year. ok let me get this straight we don't have to fear retaliation from assad because his military is so weak that there is no possible threat to the u.s. so remind me again why attack in syria is crucial to protect american security remember this is the same man who repeatedly said during the run up to the iraq war that even though saddam agassiz own people he pose no danger to the us and back then obama also stressed that getting involved militarily in iraq would only worsen the situation inflame the arab world what brings me to obama's most outrageous statement and his entire speech. it's true that some of assad's opponents are extremists but al qaeda will only draw strength in
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a more chaotic syria if people there see the world doing nothing to prevent innocent civilians from being gassed to death. that we're worried about al qaeda dry and strange in syria this coming from an administration that has provided arms and ammunition to an opposition force partly made up of al-qaeda and according to senator mccain just last week obama promised to ramp up weapons shipments to syria in order to arm the rebels even faster so let's be clear you claim that bombing assad on behalf of al qaeda forces will bring stability to syria and ultimately we can al-qaeda obama you can't have it both ways and it's not like we haven't seen this scenario play out before like when the us brilliantly financed the mujahideen forces during the soviet war in afghanistan which has worked out so well for us but really this all comes down to the concept of american exceptionalism. what kind of world will we live in if the united states of america
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sees a dictator brazenly violate international law with poison gas and we choose to look on the other way probably. probably be exact same world we're living in today considering this government turns a blind eye to not only every other grave humanitarian crisis going on in the world but the millions of impoverished people in your own country that you govern as obama sums up proudly america is exceptional and that's what makes us different. no we aren't listen if we continue to advance this myth of exceptionalism that the us is fundamentally different from other nations it's not just going to lead to more hatred more destabilization and more war.
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we've all heard the rhetoric about the september eleventh terrorist attacks being the result of an enormous intelligence failure according to government a lack of knowledge about the impending attack made it impossible for us national security to act preemptively and decisively of course since then an entire industry has been created to bolster the already enormous security and surveillance state what if the attacks were not just an intelligence failure of contrary to the fiscal narrative sufficient intelligence of was available that should have prevented the attacks with an assertion that in my next guest has risked his reputation to prove the name is anthony shaffer and is retired army colonel who alleges that a multitude of information about the hijackers is available before nine eleven thank you so much for coming on i should have made could be on one of the military who oversaw a program called able danger what exactly is able danger and what was your goal and overseen able danger was essentially and the special operations command program which was focused at eleven we're talking about nine hundred ninety nine two
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thousand and one targeting of al qaeda it is you will recall was attacking our embassies and was in east africa there was a trend now developing in the later decade and able danger simply put was an operational set a set of operations is designed to sensually identify target and then do things to destabilize al qaida is a growing threat and how much information are we talking about here while we're talking about. the n.s.a. issues all the tools we developed for able danger worth the things n.s.a. now uses we're talking about data mining at the time the data might exist and that was the whole idea since we had never sought to target a global organization and had no geographic boundaries data mining became the focus of that and we had terabytes of data on them and obviously one of the things as you indicated introduction the information was there just was never properly shared integrated with the larger picture of other agencies such as the f.b.i. so much is cia's. data so we could get
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a complete picture and you know what was your first thought as someone who had really seen all of this laid out who had been overseeing this program for a while what do you think when the attack happened we instantly as a group came together and understood exactly what happened we were worried about this sort of thing happening and part of the problem was this perception the false perception that al qaeda if they would never attack us by the fact they fundraise here they do all these are the things that we know about we knew al qaeda was here and they always thought somehow good projection if you will of our values on them that they're not really a threat don't worry about it the minority this is of the majority opinion of people in d.o.d. at the time clearly this and so we instantly knew that there was something that al qaeda would likely have done the attack the day of the attack and what happened when you brought this information to philip zelikow how the head of an island commission while he was shocked actually made the disclosure and this is a record of my book operation dark heart we had a session and i was undercover and bob graham afghanistan in two thousand and three october. ten years ago and we actually laid it out to him of what had happened and
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he felt that was important actually asked me to come back and testify to the nine eleven commission about the issues and next thing you know i'm socially shuffled out suspended for minor issues mixing it on fire and it would turned out it all was about the fact that i disclose this information philip zelikow and by his staff's own admission it was a path they did not want to go down because they didn't want to have to basically admit to the fact that they had found mohamed atta and some of the nine eleven hijackers instead of base and obviously if we found them we could have done something to prevent the attack. and you know when you say you've said that the commission was a conference what do you think that they were covering up i mean just that ineptitude the commission i believe there was a conspiracy it's where i disagree with a lot of the nine eleven truth there was a conspiracy it's not about the government our government u.s. government participating it's about covering your behind it's about the fact that there was massive failure of failure at a scale which continues to haunt us. forget that part of our mistakes right now ten
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years in the afghan war twelve years of the afghan wars because of this incompetence and it has do with the fact that even though we had the information bureaucrats some of which are still in the system did what about trying to prevent it from being shared properly within the agencies of the government to take action so this is what the recovery but all about that's what i think was the real core issue of why they went after me and try to prevent this information becoming public did they really cared about their credibility those who make their pretty brazen arrogant about kind of leading the charge with all these new waters and well it is find it hard to believe that they would go through such extremes not at all it is this was all about protecting the bureaucracy and individuals in the bureaucracy one of the individuals who was actually involved in this was keith alexander he was actually the central command senior intelligence officer during the time we were running up to this so a lot of the folks had a lot to lose had they come forth or been identified as someone who did not act properly to share information and this is the key bureaucracies tend to protect
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themselves and spoke to don rumsfeld secretary of defense one from spelled in a green room above another network about this and i we talked about this he said well you know we feel we were lied to by the bureaucracy and he said that that was a common occurrence so you know as much as i have had to clear the air with him on some of the issues that regarding able danger because i disclosed this during his watch he said the bureaucracy commonly nod to him so let's remember that there's a bureaucracy that's separate from the political parties and i think that's what we have to always remember that there will always try to protect themselves and you're say enough congressman curt weldon in two thousand and five that the pentagon pentagon employed in order to destroy yet you find five terabytes this data about able danger before nine eleven absolutely again to the idea of covering up wrongdoing in consistencies and process something not new as a member n.s.a. this was recently caught again doing some things to say that they're protecting things but they're really not this is a pattern this is a pattern of bureaucracy no political party will ever control this completely but. each political party will be victimized by it by the fact that this was another
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branch of government does this third branch you know outside democrats republicans you've got this bureaucracy will always do things to protect itself and that's what we've seen i just find it fascinating that was before nine eleven destroying this evidence that really pointed to an attack and also just not that one p.t.b. but dozens of intel absolutely came on the new york times article last year let's talk of the perception that people have of al-qaeda terror and they it almost seems like now it's used as kind of a generalized blanket term to label anyone who is really fighting against the u.s. military in some of these regions and war zones what is the true scope of al qaeda as they exist on the world today al qaeda today is significantly different than it was during the ninety nine two thousand and two thousand and one timeframe let me be very clear i think ninety five percent of the leadership who were in power in two thousand and one are now dead or in prison so the al qaeda today is not the al qaeda of two thousand and one it's franchised so as you point out i think it's almost a a label people will throw out there arbitrarily let's be very clear on this there are some al qaeda still in pakistan. al qaeda in the islamic magreb is eric al
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qaeda in the region to slow the really big cells of this they say they exist and are focused now is destabilizing countries and governments that are friendly to us they're more focused on that than they are coming after us not to say that they've been recovered some day but clearly their focus is deeper than what it was twelve years ago and you know let's talk about your book operation dark heart it was this is so fascinating the pentagon i'm sorry talk about how forty six thousand dollars of taxpayer dollars was used to burn a copy and i just can't believe this i found like i've read it's in the i mean it's hard to believe and yeah basically i was in the army in the army reserve the time i sent the book manuscript to my chain of command saying hey i'm doing a book water why do to get this clear because i knew i was obligated to do that army one through the process gave it a clearance allowed me to propel the should next thing i know people in d.o.d. above army are saying we don't like this and they want about doing everything they could to basically draw attention to the fact that they felt there was quite. right information this is still the subject of
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a first member lawsuit now being fought out in federal courts right now we're in the final argument would like to believe with deity over this the new manuscript has been heavily redacted there's been a lot of victories with that said there's still key elements of the manuscript they're fighting over and it was all about the fact that i believe it's more about arrogance and trying to show me that they're in charge rather than trying to actually protect any real classified information you know or see the truth about really what was known for would not acted on you know let's talk about syria after you've been attending a lot of syria hearings on the hill you know speaking of al qaeda here we are fighting okayed in the rest of the world with the war on terror and at the same time not supplying associated forces right which i find interesting especially in the n.b.a. section ten twenty one where it says you can be detained indefinitely if you do that and we have our own government doing that what is this contradiction all about a country which is about that we don't have a plan we have no global strategy and right now we have this thing that's going on the people on the left seem to want to be involved and be helpful which is fine i
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think we should be helpful it's just that the idea of a new significant force is american troops to the issue it's not useful and i dispute what president obama said we're the only country that can do this sort of policing it's not true the french want to do with us and french and i think that the bottom line is here we have to be very careful in how we solve this as much as i think assad's a bad man i think the worse the alternative of having fifteen bad men in charge of that region with al qaeda being one of them is probably not a better option i would think that sort of an empty and we have got a minute left or thirty seconds left but you've mentioned a third rail of that bureaucratic reigning right and what is that well so much of what goes on in the government is perfect as professional or career bureaucrats people who sign up iris is a good example of that where you have career bureaucrats who spend their entire lives inside the government often they worship mediocrity and they're there corner the room is process everything becomes process and it's all about trying to be. and
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not do anything bad or wrong but let's not doing the good either and so when something goes wrong they want to blame for maintaining the status quo status quo retired colonel anthony shaffer really appreciate your time traveling. thanks to all of you for at home for tuning in tonight make sure to join us again to break inside tomorrow. live. live. live.
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we've just seen. the food. you eat. some things. like that. over. digital the price is the only industry specifically national because if you're going to survive that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy attract all books. will. never go on i'm sorry and on this show we'll reveal the picture of what's actually going to call in the world to go beyond identifying a problem or trying to fix rational debate a real discussion critical issues facing.


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