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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  September 12, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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freeboard video for your media projects free media and our teeth on top. of it just like. everybody. did you know the press is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct call for us. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going. to go beyond identifying and probably be true rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement and welcome the big. bill on tom arbonne in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture all opponents are already predicting its death obamacare is really working out just as planned in the future
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couldn't be brighter for health care in america more on that in just a moment also today over one hundred people demanding the immediate passage of immigration reform were arrested outside the u.s. house of representatives it's clear that our immigration system needs to be fixed so what's it going to take for house republicans to get their act together and pass a bill and believe it or not the vatican is moving in the right direction tell you why in tonight's deleted. you need to know this according to a management memo leaked to the press trader joes will drop health care for part time workers and will instead give them a five hundred dollars annual check to pay for a new insurance plan it has conservative screen that we're all going to be paying for the cost of health care for low income workers and as liberals. their heads and
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worrying about the future of obamacare at the same time the a.f.l. c.i.a.o. just passed a resolution essentially saying that they don't like the possibility that obamacare will separate health care from the workplace that makes sense actually because one of the major benefits that unions offer is that they negotiate for or sometimes themselves even offer health care when health care is available to everybody it's slightly diminishes the value of being in the union or at least unions are going to have to figure out a new way to add value to union membership. and i see this as well as the trader joe's decision to drop health care coverage for part time workers as a healthy development some history after world war two when the labor market was tight and employers competed for workers unions and big businesses alike oppose the national single payer health care program that president harry truman proposed instead employers and unions agreed that they could use health care benefits as a way to attract and keep employees in union shops this benefited both the unions
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and the employers and of course the employees got something out of the deal to health care but in the years since one nine hundred eighty one when ronald reagan declared war on working people in america unions have declined to about a third of their former size and health care benefits of steadily vanished from the american workplace what the affordable care act obamacare has begun is the process of ensuring that every american has access to health care they will have it regardless of where they're employed regardless of how fully they're employed regardless of even if they are employed a portion of the american workforce estimates range from fifteen to as high as forty percent are fundamentally unhappy with where they work but they stay there simply because their employer offers them health insurance these people are not stepping out into the world they're not starting their own businesses they're not moving to jobs where they might be much happier and even have better opportunities
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because they're locked in place by the fear of losing their health insurance workers in countries with universal health care which includes virtually all the developed world except the united states don't have this problem itself so explain in part why so many of the developed world's economies are so much more vibrant than ours is currently as reaganomics and globalization have over the past thirty years decimated the american workforce and loosened the american labor market. the ability to have access to health care has become more and more tightly tied to being an employee of a particular company because obamacare lowers the cost of health care for virtually all americans making less than eighty thousand dollars a year and makes it almost free for most american families making under forty thousand dollars a year it weakens that hold the both employers and unions have on employees the flip side of this is that it makes it easier for workers to go out and start businesses or move to a place of employment where they feel more fulfilled even though that employer may
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not offer health insurance. as republicans will tell you with regret this is a major step down the road to universal health care and in my opinion very good one as health care becomes more connected to being a citizen of the united states as opposed to being an employee of a particular corporation or a member of a particular union americans become free or this is the freedom of franklin roosevelt talked about the freedom from fear and want trader joe's i believe gets this they're part time workers make a low enough wage you know a lot of income but they'll qualify for free or nearly free free health care under obamacare so with a five hundred dollar annual bonus they will easily be able to have their own health insurance the only reason more employers won't be taking similar steps has the trader joe's is one of the very very few companies in america that offers health benefits to part time workers but with obamacare all part time workers in america will have access to free or very inexpensive health insurance and thus have
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the freedom to choose the employment or entrepreneurial adventure the best suits them the next logical step in this process of course is universal health care obamacare allows individual states to offer single payer universal health care starting in two thousand and sixteen for ma has already passed this through its legislature it's been signed by governor shumlin i predict that once from mont starts a successful single payer experiment other states will follow over the next few years just like canadian provinces did one after another and scatch you on began a single payer health insurance program back half a century ago trader joe's decision to cup our time workers from its insurance plan then is just a symptom that we are moving rapidly towards a national health insurance plan that a good thing. in
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the best of the rest of the news as republicans in congress scramble to come up with a plan to keep the government open past september thirtieth and continue their crusade against obamacare don quixote anybody immigration reform which was once talked about as the single most important legislative issue of the year has fallen on to the back burner as the new york times reported earlier this week it now looks like congress is likely to postpone consideration of an immigration overhaul until the end of the year but while the house dawdles immigration reform advocates are keeping up the fight earlier today over one hundred women including some undocumented immigrants who were arrested after blocking the intersection outside the house of representatives to protest congressional in action on immigration reform one of those women privilege co-chair of the of we belong together joins us now welcome thank you great to have you with us so first of all tell us about the protests what what provoked it to who is we belong together what tells the story we
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belong together as a national campaign to engage women on immigration and to really make sure that immigration reform prioritizes the needs of women because actually the way the immigration system is set up now women are excluded in a number of different ways and immigration proposals that have been brought forward in the past have actually had legislation or provisions in there that would have excluded women again by specifically naming yeah this is well known up by specifically naming gender would be too easy but for example for undocumented women sixty percent of undocumented women actually work outside of the home in what we call paperless industries so they're you know working in domestic care housekeepers and they don't get pay stubs and previous bills tied what they called work verification which was a requirement for legalization to pay stubs so we have to and i said those industries are exempted from a lot of low yeah wage laws and things and salute and you know i mean i think the.
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there's there's so many different ways but the family immigration system is another example of where about seventy percent of women who get legal status get it through the family immigration system and there's about four and a half million people who are in what's called the backlog these are folks who have applied legally for pieces and they've been waiting sometimes for twenty years to bring a family member an immediate family member into the country so we belong together is really designed to lift those issues up to make sure that when we pass immigration reform and i'm saying when and if that we have these provisions in there that will bring millions of immigrant women into the story and so today we decided that we wanted to show congress what it looks like to have courage and we decided that it was time for people to understand that three quarters of immigrants to the united states are women and children we are the face of immigration and we
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contribute every day with tremendous courage in so many different ways and so one hundred and five women. came to washington d.c. from twenty states across the country to submit to arrest willingly by through a powerful civil disobedience action we blocked the intersection in front of the house we all wore red t. shirts yeah we all were red t. shirts and we were calling on the house to show courage in the way that millions of immigrant women are doing across the country showing courage and making contribution that's what we want the house to do move forward in immigration reform bill how. but you've identified some holes in the immigration reform bill this it hadn't occurred to me before i thank you for enlightening me and i'm sure everybody else. if you're going to have an immigration reform bill that says ok you want to be a citizen you have to work here if you have to work here you have to prove you work here and yet there's all these people in occupations where people typically don't
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you know they're typically. paid with cash or there or there in ways that are essentially in a contract kind of relationships. where there's not a what do we do well we've got some great provisions into the senate bill that passed very strongly bipartisan support and it is not the perfect bill by any means but we were able to get a number of provisions in there that would actually include women for example for the work verification provision what we said is allow us to show you different kinds of verification of work allow us to use national domestic or you know domestic worker centers who actually are taken workers and then help them with all of their issues in their problems help them to get jobs allow those people to do affidavits allow churches to do affidavit saying these women are actually working and by the way make sure that the forty percent of undocumented women who are at home taking care of their kids and their families make sure that they're also
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allowed to work so we got that provision and we got a provision in around spouses who come here so this is kind of an amazing statistic but only twenty seven percent of all employment pieces go to women right now. and the peak the women that do get do come in through the employment system not on their own come in on a spouse as a basically independent those women no matter how qualified they are no matter how skilled and talented they are they're not allowed to work in the senate bill we were able to get in a provision where we would actually allow spouses to to work so we've got a number of great provisions but the but the real issue is we can't afford the house as you said to just not act to join we've got to get to a camilla thank you so much for you very much keep your things more. coming up when it comes to internet speed and performance america is way behind much of the developed world isn't it time we brought our internet infrastructure into the
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twenty first. a. it was terrible they are living very hard to make i. want to get. a lot out never had sex with her they're. going to want. to.
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play. one of a couple of the. talking about the same story doesn't make it news. no pocky says tough question. i would rather questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question.
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in screw news although the united states is home to some of the world's most powerful tech companies america the american web users get far as bang for their buck than their counterparts in some other developed countries in france for example the average citizen can pay as little as thirty three dollars a month for what the new york times described as internet service twice as fast as what you can get on verizon or comcast bundled with digital high definition television unlimited long distance and international calling to seventy countries and wireless internet connectivity for your laptop or smartphone throughout most of the country i talked with a caller about her experience of french telecom companies during a recent broadcast of my radio show is actually tuesday of this week here it is.
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listen in france you're on the air. it doesn't cost me anything to call you a living oh ok you have free calling because that's the way it is in france sooner because you've got like skype or something like it i can call anywhere in the world with no extra time so i paid seventy the month for d.s.l. and cable t.v. a blackberry and where i can call anywhere in the world while marilyn's bundle is on the higher end of the french spectrum it's quite a steal compared to similar packages for sale right here in the united states but bundle prices aren't the only problem of the american internet while official f.c.c. data estimates that around eighty to eighty five percent of americans have access to networks that can distribute internet of one hundred megabits per second very few americans actually receive internet at that speed is either too expensive or because companies don't actually offer one hundred megabits per second internet despite having the power to do so or because they throttle in fact only fourteen
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percent of american cable connections over twenty five megabits per second. are there at that speed the fact of the matter is that america's internet infrastructure is broken and it's time for a change or is it i'm joined now by dr everett ehrlich former undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs in the clinton administration and he doing talk of pleasure so in. korea you can get symmetrical one hundred hundred. dollars a month why not not necessarily for thirty dollars a month but korea is the star of the world and it has several things going for one is the government subsidizes it like crazy second they do things to their infrastructure for example if you build an apartment building in korea you've got to have that fiber cable go right through the building no local loops and of course they have what we have and that is competing systems if you look at europe and i think a lot of your information there is how dated about europe were found. secure than
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the european trading partners and in fact the international telecommunications union says that we're much cheaper than they are they have national phone companies and everybody runs through their lines in the u.s. we've got competing wireless cable wire satellite systems that are going after each other and that's what korea has hundreds and hundreds in the whole i spend time in europe every year and and when i was last there was just a few months ago you can basically. well let me let me just back up and set up an analogy and i used to live in vermont we had verizon on all the copper in the state but there was a law that vermont had said that they had to allow any other phone company any local phone company to go over their copper and so we got our telephone service in a company called sobber net as in the sovereign state of vermont and it was twenty five dollars a month but a guy who would come do repair work and lived for blocks or many just come over. it was wonderful verizon lobbied the vermont legislature to make that illegal to say
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we on the copper nobody else can be on it and that's the way it is and most of the united states they own the copper nobody else can be on it in europe if the if the french all comprehending the copper exam but there are like thirty companies that you can get over that there's actual competition that drives down yeah but what your mission i think is that the european union is trying to get rid of that i know and they're trying to get rid of it because when you have that system whoever owns the kafir virus in eighty and t. are raj big dogs you're still a com so right on whoever owns that has no incentive to invest in it and if you look at all the codes they had an earth link in the d.s.l. companies they had no incentive either that's what was holding america back there was no innovation then there was no investment until we got rid of that system you know tom it wasn't tea party wing nuts that came up with the idea of competition.
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build internet infrastructure it was president clinton but we don't have competition but we do have competition i write downs d.c. we have an office down here though where i do my radio show we've got the only company that we can get is per person it's in the comcast it's comcast isn't all we can get it's going down constantly we're paying the most expensive best commercial service we can get and it sucks time this is the nation's capital it's cecily said that over ninety percent of american households have access to four sources of ten minutes or more i don't know but it is the f.c.c. stated tom they're not i think you know maybe maybe you don't believe you're talking ok what you're saying is you've got access to either you can subscribe with a two year contract but then you can get horizon or you can subscribe to rise with a two year contract but then you can get you five provider talk about the supermarket you can pick what peanut butter you want to buy and you can do that in the market here and i got to go back to something else you said you talked about one hundred minutes ninety percent of the country has access to one hundred minutes
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and yet they don't hear i it any cable system you can give you that docsis will give you more to get you one hundred not here in washington did say that's not true call that i can get one hundred maps all up your cable provider we provide you any ideas you get to know you to one hundred one italy and you can get one hundred minutes and if you get one hundred eighty down and we cannot get that out of com we're talking over each other remember this the system is not designed to have a certain amount of nothing we fix it by having competition by using the federal government's power to extend a system to where it leads to go look at exactly for example to rural neighborhood . they are really all over gets will not talk the talk about some which i better to grasp well there's there are ways to do it that don't waste taxpayer money and i think that we need to focus on the real problem rather than always well it depends how you do it you can invest efficiently you can invest not officially the point.
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is that what's the real liberal agenda what should our agenda be tom while i go to see south korea they're saying that the internet is more of the infrastructure of the nation information information is it's essential to function and that sort of water is like electricity it's by the infrastructure you know it's part of the infrastructure it should be part of the public but you see there week i disagree with you dear i think that because government run infrastructure for the internet would be a calamity what's working brilliantly and not in south carolina i don't remember in korea they've got the national phone company to do it in the us you have municipalities they're going out and spending taxpayer money for example to build broadband networks in ten years they'll keep this could be rendered completely obsolete by wireless they could be a complete fiasco we've got to be smarter than that we don't have the resources right now we can't find money to pay for food stamps and we're thinking about replicating what the government what try because some of these are already under
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this country is not broke this country must raise the same level for it is not free here over a normal amount of money no it's serious give it all we have to do is with access to government go out and build the future of all internet infrastructure that's going to get built initially in case internet expenses are half and works really you know to stop it's good take half a trillion dollars to do that in the united private investment if you are already doing it we're going to get private investment oxalis your entry well i disagree with you that and i'm not taking this anti regulatory stance that we supposed to be like you're taking a let's go show for the big kill a lot of companies stand we have a financial sector gets federal they need regulation we're despoiling the planet that needs regulation but into i don't the united states is improving rapidly not because we're regulating it why don't we say to these companies if another company wants to provide services over your copper because you're never build it tom if they did it but no no for they didn't need to know in vermont. the copper day you
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seem to have played by by sovereign they got paid a government mandated price and they know what they do a lot of it wasn't even mandated by the law no other yard of company if the counsellor you're talking about came out of the old phone system of eighty years ago they were they were constantly it's well ok we're right it's we're out of time although we're just getting higher i'll talk basically what i did so you're talking with me here like you. in other news it's no longer just an expression the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are getting shut out of the game according to a new report from economists emanuel site is and thomas piketty based on numbers from the internal revenue service the top ten percent of income earners in our nation to call more than half of all the income in two thousand and twelve that is the highest percentage ever recorded in the ninety six year history of data collection as opposed to just it wasn't bad enough more than twenty percent of all income in two thousand and twelve went directly to the top one percent and ninety
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five percent of all income gains have gone straight to those at the top ever since the recession and according to the york times the figures underscore that even after the recession the country remains in a new gilded age three decades of reaganomics widened the divide between rich and poor and since the economic meltdown of two thousand and eight the rich have sucked up billions and soaring corporate profits rising stock prices and increasing home valuations all the while the majority of americans continue to be bogged down with stagnant wages and high unemployment and our nation's regulation and tax policy is not helping the economy point out that the meager tax increases on wealthy americans which went into effect in january quote are not likely to have a major effect and quote the concentration of income at the top won't change unless drastic regulation and tax policy changes are implemented and we prevent income concentration from bouncing back as i think progress blog notes our nation suffers
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for more drastic income inequality in egypt yemen tunisia pakistan the ivory coast and ethiopia and time is now to pursue real economic change and to start closing this gaping wealth divide. meanwhile even the banks know that the sequester was a bad idea according to a goldman sachs economist the across the board budget cuts are already hurting our economy cuts aren't reversed we're going to see one hundred thousand more federal employee layoffs and more economic pain for most americans economists jan adzes said that financial pain can be seen in nearly non-existent growth in personal income which he blamed on hundreds of thousands of federal employees being furloughed because of the sequester according to mr had serious those furloughed reduced wages by seven point seven billion dollars in july of loan and that of course has a ripple effect through our economy already sequester has forced cuts to preschools
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to meals on wheels to domestic violence shelters to low income housing and scientific research just to name a few now it looks like even wall street will feel the effect of billions being stripped out of our economy perhaps republicans in congress will listen to the banks' toure's and reverse the budget cuts although even mr hatzius says we assume that congress will not reverse sequester. coming up the phone lines are now open for our your take my take it live segment so if you want a chance to ask me a question live you're in the big picture give us a call or two zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four maybe i'll be talking with you after the break.
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the no c.n.n. the m.s.m. b.c.m. fox news have taken some knocks lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth or you might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side with you is actually on you. and our team news we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not like dammit i'm not. going to stick to the jokes will handle.
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i would rather i asked questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question. i think. i'm.
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going to your take my take a lie the phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a call to zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four add a one before the number for our international viewers before we pick up your calls i want to start with a tweet that we got earlier in the day of somebody asking essentially we i live in washington d.c. i'm registered to vote here in washington d.c. you know what do i think about the mayor of vetoing this bill that would have required wal-mart to pay a living wage to its workers told dollars and fifty cents an hour i think it's. cowardly. i think it's sad and i'm pleased to hear that the city council is going to call it has called for a vote to overturn the mirror's veto the original vote was eight to five it's going
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to take a nine to four vote i believe to overturn the veto so you might want to call if this is an issue that concerns you on either side if you support wal-mart feel free to call on their behalf but make your voice heard call your if you're live in washington d.c. call your city council member and let that person know how you feel about the issue pick up some of the phone calls here brant in durango colorado brant what's on your mind the. branch. in durango. ok let's go to richard in los angeles say richard. calls just croaked but ok so far but that's great our phone system has a problem we're going to try calling back if you are on the line before and you didn't make it through try calling back we'll see where we go with this back to the
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washington d.c. story actually i'm going to grateful that i have an opportunity to riff on this for a most minute while we try to make our phone system work the city of washington d.c. i was looking at something that happened in chicago a couple years ago is a back story is what happened in chicago a couple years ago was a wal-mart so wal-mart is basically sucked up all the money wiped out all the small businesses in rural america so now you know if they want to grow if you want to continue growing in america they got to move into cities which they've never done before in a big way so you know they they moved into chicago and the city council of chicago passed a law similar to the one that i was just describing to you here in d.c. that said if you're going to have a storage gaga you have to pay a decent living wage wal-mart said no you know that's a that's a deal killer for us wal-mart pays twenty eight percent below the average wage for other big box stores. and you know the marrow of the cowardly marrow chicago
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vetoed that and wal-mart moved into town and now they've done the math they've done the studies they've looked at it and they found that sure enough wal-mart did not add any new jobs they did wipe out a bunch of local businesses and wages went out so you know we're just trying to prevent that or the city council here in washington d.c. is trying to prevent that same thing from happening in washington d.c. with them on a personal and i think it's a shame in some great americans with so let's try brandon durango colorado again brant can you hear me this time. yes i can so what's on your mind. so first of all so like your show really like what you have to say but one thing i gotta say you really got wrong was about the broadband mapping throughout the country actually been working for the last seven years to map all the fraud in that thing in the country and there is a web site that you can go to broadband. dot gov ok and look
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exactly who the providers are in your area and what the speeds are that they offer . as part of what i've done and yes and what was. that i said or that my guest said what was wrong what is the reality of the availability of hundred minutes broadband in the united states. well i do agree with what your guest was saying not all the way up to ninety percent of households being covered i would say it would be more of a seventy five eighty percent have four different providers that actually cover their location ok i stand corrected thanks for thanks for calling and sharing that with us i appreciate that rain in napa it's always good to get this get the straight scoop on something that's quite a rate what's up it sounds like you may have pissed off a deity that could afford your phone. who knows by the way a living wage thing i mean people really harp about all the time but people don't equate rent rent is probably the biggest thing that's driving people you know the
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living wage i mean even fifteen dollars an hour there's no way you can rent a one room or two apartment on that kind of money not california yeah and you know when i was in high school in the mid seventy's you could get a high school and get a minimum wage job which was like three dollars an hour and you could buy the barman for like eighty seventy five dollars a month and that was less that was a week wages take home today even ten dollars an hour there is no way you're going to find an apartment for four hundred dollars a month sure sure so i think people need to look at that a little more so in other ways you wanted to always. so in other words for example in nine hundred sixty eight the living wage in today's dollars was about ten dollars an hour the minimum wage was about ten dollars twenty five cents an hour if the minimum wage was ten twenty five probably the average wage right now would be around fifteen sixteen seventeen dollars an hour if wages had kept up with productivity since reagan decoupled the average wage in the united states would be basically starting wage would be in the high twenty's and then that relationship
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would you know we both would be close you could do you run on one week's wages at thirty dollars an hour barely. you know. thanks a lot rick one that i appreciate you're absolute right like kena in fayetteville north carolina. i now write great how are you. recruited and is it ok to talk about the new years because sure. well there's a young lady there kelly are alive and he's currently still going to go because at the dream going over hundred grand it's been snowing and the mayor is one of the people it's been ignoring her it's kind of the guy around her you're talking about what's his name we used to work for obama rahm emanuel you don't have that got a guy. that's very very interesting ok. thanks you give us all a heads up i appreciate it kerry in springfield virginia hey kerry what's on your mind tonight. i call this is. remember the end of the green party can.
7:37 pm
you do a great job i really enjoy what a fine show you guys have there can you hear me ok yes just fine. the living wage in d.c. thanks for reason that you know the state green party in d.c. levy a can one of the leaders there has done a terrific job of fussing about the living wage and for quite a while now there have been anticipating this speech by the mayor and working to encourage the previous noble to vote yes for the living wage there and there's one other story i got you think it'll happen i think i'm not privy to the to the inside politics on this thing do you currently you are do you think of those five votes those five no votes we have to flip one or two first of all and and you think it'll happen. lee lee tells me that too and she is very optimistic
7:38 pm
and one of the one she. she she has where she resides is one of the one of the folks and of course some of them some of the votes or are now running in two thousand and fourteen in washington d.c. there's a mayoral real and some of those folks are running for mayor so they're certainly have a strong. change. i'll get off with the next caller. gail mclaughlin the green party mayor in richmond california a big important story in the last post where the city government led by the green party mayor is trying to. we've covered that story here on this show in fact i debated it with horace cooper last night we covered it about two weeks ago you're right and it's it's a great use of the fifth amendment and i'm totally supportive of it terry i got to get we've got a bunch of callers eleven. richard from los angeles on the line
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a richard what's on your mind today. richard the n.r.a. and the koch brothers according to the l.a. times successfully recalled two state senators from colorado. because they voted for stricter gun laws and they stepped over two million dollars to do this what type of repercussions or do you think it's going to have nationwide well i think it's frankly i think the story has been. the importance of the story has been exaggerated wildly the two people who who beat the democratic incumbents the republicans who are now you know state senators in colorado one only won by three hundred some odd votes first of all the second one won by a couple of points and secondly this election the turnout was twenty percent lower
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than in a presidential election probably ten percent lower than a normal midterm so it. i mean the turnout was really low and the and the people who had this thing on the ballot they successfully prevented coloradans from voting by mail most people were waiting for the ballot to come in the mail and it never came and so that anyone probably knows that the election was happening so i think frankly that these basically tea partiers these two folks they're both they're both like you know super anti not just anti abortion entire birth control people they're they're such extreme right wingers my guess is that in the election twenty fourteen assuming that that those senate seats are up for reelection or whatever they are i don't frankly know that they'll be balanced out and sanity will return to colorado eric in north plainfield new jersey eric what's on your mind with. tom willing to talk about the disparity between the rich and what's happening at the top one percent and the federal reserve's zero interest rate policy i'm thinking as long as
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the federal reserve that control the money supply and they're keeping their zero interest rates and till two thousand and sixteen there's no way that the economy's going to drink traction we're going to go anywhere and it's just going to get worse as we're going forward there's no way the fed controlling our money supply i mean that's. maybe three votes in congress well maybe twenty votes in congress for that you know so what's what's another alternative solution. i don't think there's any alternative solution from washington d.c. because what has the u.s. government created any jobs if the government doesn't create jobs they fight for ways or are they doing a job of creating jobs you put people to work that was during that was it completely different era that was during the great depression where i were in another great depression right now without direct let's do it let's let's start you know let's plant forests let's let's do some serious remediation let's solar rise america and germany's do that we. how that would be the job creation would be from
7:42 pm
private industry it wouldn't be from the u.s. government why why not why not why not have the u.s. government say you know when when private industry fails when capitalism fails as it does periodically this thing called the business cycle when capitalism fails it's the job of the government to step in and be the employer of last resort and so we look at what some call our little title no art so far the federal reserve does not have a very good track record and while the reserve would have any say in this this this would be a matter for congress or so and any america out of time thanks a lot for college and i and larry jeremy the others who didn't get a chance to get through that's it for our take it for your take my take wives if we didn't get to your calls tonight give us a call back next week and keep the video questions coming by the way it's easy to grab your phone flip it around pointed at yourself and record your question or comment and then e-mail it to us your take my take at g.-mail dot com coming up what's one of the best ways to increase the power and influence of women in the
7:43 pm
global economy i'll tell you in tonight's delete. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. food since changing the world. to picture those two days. from rose to the.
7:44 pm
i suspect. the word might go to the film did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across a seven year old we've been a high jinx trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told to us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try to rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. look
7:45 pm
pretty. well find it here if you're looking for relevant stories you need to tell my skin's. me on the left. when you obama said. mr miller. birthrights politically corrected segment i'm correcting c.n.n. internet for to have a rational and informative debate on the status of gun control legislation america c n n out on larry pratt executive director of gun owners of america gun rights advocacy group unfortunately larry pratt is anything but rational but asked about what needed to be done to reduce gun violence in america pratt responded by perpetuating the absurd idea that more guns will reduce gun violence. we've got to get rid of the gun free schools and that just is
7:46 pm
a magnet for murder it's if you have in your evil heart to kill a lot of people that's a great place to go and it's just disgusting that we continue to disarm people who would otherwise be able to protect themselves and stop these dirtbags from doing these kinds of terrible things jim very quickly i think. it is in third grade and having guns in her school will not make the place any safer already school is say you like bodies piling up i see no good that's ridiculous move in this that's what happens that's all the that's really have any gun free zone. first of all mass murders do not occur in gun free zones study by mares against illegal guns found that only thirteen of fifty six mass shootings that occurred between january two thousand and nine and january two thousand and thirteen took place in so-called gun free zones and statistically schools are actually among the safest places in america for our children pratt is the same man who according to new york times has
7:47 pm
spoken at rallies held by white supremacists and militia groups is also appeared in a variety of fringe far right radio shows and some fringe for life like mine to promote outlandish conspiracy theories in excess in an appearance on alex jones his radio show pratt supported jones is quite a man that the u.s. government may have been behind the july two thousand and twelve aurora colorado shooting and pratt did not reject stan solomon's claim that the december two thousand and twelve newtown sandy hook tragedy may have been staged by the government as a program to vent to help promote new gun restrictions nothing wrong with having an informative debate about gun violence in america but if you're going to have that debate at least be ready to push back against blatant misinformation your wacky conspiracy theories c.n.n. did a fairly weak job of that and that's why the network has been politically correct.
7:48 pm
it's thursday let's get geeky on catching diseases betty is sleep the better your brain works that's what new research suggests researchers at the university of wisconsin have discovered that getting a good night's sleep actually helps to improve brain cell production according to their study's findings a sleeping brain generates new brain support cells which help to repair the insulation of damaged neurons insulation of neurons called the mile and sheath can be damaged by a variety of things from diseases like m.s. to alcohol it's actually alcohol works as it dissolves the mylan cheat sheet on your nerves short circuiting in the study researchers looked at the brains of mice and found the various genes that are involved in generating brain support cells become active during sleep researchers observe the genes of glial cells in mice brains which your brain support cells that supply oxygen and nutrients to brain
7:49 pm
cells remove brain dead cells destroy pathogens and insulate brain cells from each other on the flipside researchers found the genes that are associated with the destruction of neurons and of the mile and sheath around them are most active when the brain is awake and alert scientists and doctors alike have known about the benefits of a good night's sleep for years but now it looks like sleep even has the power to repair the brain and to potentially slow down diseases like m.s. so here's to a good night's sleep. crazy alert the brows ballasts massage in town georgia is looking for a relaxing bit of relief after a hard day of work can look no further than christie love the atlanta based massage therapist who calls herself the premier body rub specialist in the city of
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specialty is the so-called happy man works which cost three hundred. isn't involves rubbing her. full assets all over her lucky customers it's not all fun and games though the loves website or services are really about for you to experience all aspects of your nature not just a part of your persona and to help you step out of your normal comfort zone and take this spiritual journey with me expanding your energy and awareness so you can become more and more awake then wrote this sounds all about spirituality. is the good the bad in the very very in and eloquently ugly the good the heroic soldier during a recent episode of a.b.c.'s what would you do
7:51 pm
a game show that film's random people's reactions to different ethical situations uniformed soldiers showed what public service is all about when one of the show's actors started harassing a muslim cashier a soldier spoke up what happened next was truly inspiring to look. as a muslim. to me why are you fighting against these guys now that the moment looked like orders from. you know how did you stand with them do something when we leave this place you know the choice to show they're just there he has a choice to practice is really is you can look down to reason are really the units so anyone can lead so you can still turn. well said soldier. the bad the florida department of health on wednesday the department announced that it will prevent obamacare outreach navigators from helping uninsured floridians sign up for new
7:52 pm
health care plans at county health centers across the state this means that many of the sunshine state surprise. only three point eight million uninsured residents will essentially be left to themselves to figure out how to sign up for obamacare insurance so when you consider that a full forty two percent of americans don't even know that obamacare is still the law it's hard to see the florida health department plan as anything less than an intentional disaster state officials say they want to make sure outreach workers don't sort of go north that authorized good formation to the federal government but let's be honest this is just another republican led plan to try to sabotage obama. and the very very ugly house republicans putting to draft legislation the house g.o.p. caucus will attach a nice little surprise to their plan to prevent the government from shutting down a three month a month extension of the monsanto protection act monsanto protection act which was passed in march prevents american courts from blocking the sale of genetically
7:53 pm
modified organisms or as the other major part of the republican plan to keep the government open past september thirtieth is the provision to defund obamacare which is pretty revealing about the party's priorities republican party would rather protect a giant transnational corporation from lawsuits regarding the health effects of its products than to help americans get health insurance and that is very very. archbishop ph trope potholing seen by most as the second most powerful man in the vatican behind pope opened the door yesterday in
7:54 pm
a newspaper interview with the venezuelan newspaper el universal to the possibility of priests getting married. he said celibacy is not an institution but look it's also true that you can discuss it because you say this is not a dogma a dog of the church now the words priest being single and celibate are not dogma an absolute unbreakable god given rule but rather simply the policy of the catholic church since basically about the twelve hundreds part of that catholic priests routinely governor so it's a policy and policies can be changed the catholic church allowing priests to marry could be a huge step toward a number of positive worldwide revelation revolutions science tells us that the single most significant difference between a country where populations running out of control versus one where population is
7:55 pm
stable is the empowerment of women we also know that in societies where women have significant political power those societies are less likely to engage in warfare where they have huge imbalances in wealth between the top and bottom and more likely to have strong social safety nets a better quality of life and lower levels of illiteracy and poverty it would not be an exaggeration to say that the empowerment of girls and women through education and political power is the single most important thing that can be done to save the world. global warming famine war science and history tell us that all our remedy in large part by the empowerment of women. the catholic church's role in this is important it's the single largest religious institution in the world with over a billion members the catholic church and its leader the pope wield enormous
7:56 pm
political and moral authority. the vatican is recognized as a nation by the united nations and the united states. up until now this largest religious institution as a world this nation state has been organized along entirely patriarchal and male dominated lines to become fully modern it would have to allow women priests and even a woman pope which is pretty unlikely in the near future but allowing priests to marry to bring a woman into a co-equal relationship with priests in their household is an important and powerful first step in breaking down the absolute male domination of the catholic church in our lifetime we've seen this happen in several protestant denominations it's been a good and important step toward a better and more egalitarian world if the catholic church were to take this step is first small step of allowing its priests to marry like it did during the first thousand years of its existence it would be a huge step toward saving the world from the toxic consequences of millennia of
7:57 pm
male domination. pope francis of surprise the world in so many ways this week we learned that he was given a thirty year old used small car by another priest because he likes to drive itself around he loves to be with the people and often sneaks out to do so driving his security detail crazy he's called out the rich of the world for their role in spoiling our planet and exploiting their workers he's called for stronger national social safety nets to raise up for world war he's struck spoken out strongly against war including against america involving itself in the civil war in syria is even studied not judge gay priests if he were to begin a conversation the vatican about allowing priests to get married it could quite literally change the world and that's the way it is the night thursday september twelfth two thousand and thirteen for more information check out our website the thom hartmann dot com free speech dot org or to dot com and hulu dot com slash the
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dot com. coming up on r t today in switzerland john kerry and sergey lavrov met to discuss a possible diplomatic solution for syria but a will a deal of void u.s. military intervention and the latest on the meeting in the future of syria just ahead what the latest leaks coming out about the n.s.a. surveillance state more americans one congress to act but what is on the docket for capitol hill fix the problem we'll speak with new jersey congressman rush holt about the issue coming up. in texas a foster mother was charged with the murder of a year old the girl was placed in the woman's custody through child protective services but how did things go so wrong we'll speak with the mother of the baby just ahead.


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