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tv   Headline News  RT  September 13, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the syrian government takes its that towards chemical design element with motions and threats of course remaining one of the main stumbling blocks top diplomats meeting in geneva. america's accusations that bashar al assad needs to blame for the chemical weapons attack in august his challenge by a man who was held captive by rebels in syria explains why to r.t. . better say has reportedly been disguising itself as google to trick online users into surrendering private data using techniques from the world's finest hundred.
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international news like the last go this is r.t. with me you know of our thanks for joining us see where has made a key step towards implementing russia's plan to remove its chemical weapons the un confirmed it has received documents which will see damascus joining the chemical weapons convention this comes amid crucial talks between top russian and u.s. diplomats who are in geneva discussing the plan to put serious chemical arsenal under international control and she's part of local reports now on the sides have agreed on and what sticking points still remain. they were talking about meeting later this month at the u.n. general assembly in new york to further discuss syria they also spoke about outside the issue of chemical weapons planning for a geneva two peace conference that would bring to the table all the sides in the syrian conflict in order to try and thrash out some sort of route towards of peace
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plan now we know that both delegations the hare with large teams of technical and chemical weapons experts who are going to be advising both sides on the logistics of any plan that they come up with and we are expecting a press conference later on this evening to see if you've managed to thrash out a deal and set aside their differences timing is already becoming a major issue the syrian president bashar assad said in a t.v. interview just yesterday that damascus would start to provide information about its chemical weapons stockpiles about its storage facilities thirty days off to signing up to the chemical weapons convention which is the standard procedure in fact we've already received confirmation from the united nations that they've received syria's treaty papers bought john kerry has already rejected that thirty day timeframe speaking earlier this week he said that he thinks assad should give up all his
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chemical weapons within a week and he doesn't think that damascus will be able to comply with that which has already led to a number of international observers to question how constructive this type of u.s. rhetoric really is when we're talking about a very dangerous and very technical procedure of chemical disarmament this also brings me to the next stumbling block which is the threat of the use of force we know that u.s. military forces remain poised to strike syria if they fail to come up with a deal here russia or in town has said that that is completely on except. well they've said that a diplomatic solution can only be sought if military strikes are off the table and as i said earlier speaking in that t.v. interview bash al assad also said that he is going to work towards this proposal and he's going to give up chemical weapons only under the condition that the u.s. stop this very threatening rhetoric of a potential military strike against syria. this won't be about syria signing
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a protocol and delivering it with no positive feedback it has to be a mutual process and above all the united states has to give up its policy of threatening syria once we see the united states truly want stability in the middle east and once we see it refrain from threatening us and pursuing intervention once we see them stop supplying weapons to terrorists then we'll consider this process is truly acceptable for syria and we'll look to finalize it if you want it russia should play a major role in the disarmament process we don't trust washington and don't talk to them moscow is the only party that can fulfill this role now. so number of times and a very different position is that need to be reconciled here in geneva if there is even a sliver of a child's that we're going to come up with a diplomatic solution to this crisis by the end of the day. the issue of series
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also dominating a meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization in kurdistan a group which represents more than half the world's population the summit so iran's new president insists that any possibility of force against syria must be condemned and averted. as the details the russian president vladimir putin met with the iranian leader for the first time since he was elected and obviously syria was in the spotlight both countries are completely on the same page when it comes to understanding that any foreign military intervention would not only lead to more violence in syria but would risk spreading it throughout the whole region also both leaders to welcome to serious decision to sign up for the international convention on chemical weapons which basically bears the use the fact that it agreed to the proposal to move control over its chemical arsenal to the international community in fact mr rouhani added that the way this proposal's been acting else or for greece real chances for
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a peaceful solution in the meantime is now widely recognized including by u.n. senior officials that iran is a key player in the region it's a close ally of. and there is no way a diplomatic peaceful solution would be possible without getting involved in this summit here in curious dan is a great opportunity for tehran to start doing so still no evidence has been made public as to who was behind chemical attack which triggered calls for intervention from the west america and its european allies insist there is no doubt a sense to blame but some westerners who were actually in syria during that time have challenged that version of events and a belgian right here at the chain went to syria and the opposition's protection but spent months held captive by rebels and he told my colleague bill dodd why he doesn't believe assad is behind that. i don't think bashar al assad in the syrian government are to blame for the chemical attack
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and. during that time my italian friend and i had been taken hostage by jihadists from the alpha root group in syria we were held at one point in a room facing an office of the free syrian army and the elf jihadist group we have been in the barracks of the free syrian army in a jihadist group as well and we heard a conversation from this office the conversation was between one general from the free syrian army we knew him from earlier as he was the one who was in charge of our detention and another officer from the. kids were just. there was also a third person who was speaking perfect english and they were talking to him via skype they were talking about the events of the in the damascus suburbs and from the conversation it was clear that the syrian government wasn't behind the attack but it also. wasn't clear to you what the motivation was to
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use chemical weapons to launch a gas attack on civilians in this way what was the motivation do you think was it mentioned what. their motivation was unclear from the conversation but we figured that it would have been absurd for the syrian government to use chemical weapons or the regime had nothing to gain from that to massacre on the contrary it played into the hands of its enemies the u.s. france and the u.k. and it gave them a good reason to use force against the assad government to do the syrian government lost its mind but i don't believe that or the authors of the attack or the opposition and it is clear that the rebels are the ones who wanted to benefit from the situation and let us remind you that the rebels already tried to simulate a gas attack a year ago and alms they made a video showing people on the ground acting as if they had been. of neurotic. and peter lavelle and his guests on artie's cross talk program again address the
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syrian issue later and this time they did raise the recent chemical design element proposal made by russia's president and all shows coming your way later this hour but isn't it a taste. the other people have been saying is that this matter has to be dealt with in accordance with international law while all the great powers discuss everything with security council there one hundred thousand syrians dead the last time i came on this program i told her twenty eleven there were three thousand syrians dead mark my words if this is numbers off it will be another one hundred thousand dead next time i appear and a hundred thousand after that what is extremely dangerous is when certain countries the united states bruton to some extent fronts claim that they have a special. all right which no one else has to intervene in those situations where they judge what they call international law norms as being
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violated. the and the say google's clothing media reports suggest the you are spying agency has been gathering private data through a stealth site they allegedly do so by carrying out a so-called in the middle of times which hope trick users into giving away information voluntarily and here's how it works imagine you want to find something online you log onto your computer open up a search engine and type in the details and now the interesting part one clicking on the go button your data is being directly transferred to the agency remotely connected to your internet service provider after the information is checked your request reaches its final destination in the blink of an eye so you wouldn't know it's britain's g c h q is believed to be practicing the same technique but it's not only governments tracking your online steps universities trace students private data claiming this could improve the education experience laura smith looks at
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where good intentions may lead. remember the film minority report it's the one where tom cruise is the cop in the future and uses pass in the day to stop crimes before they happen while the fictional future is now universities are our allies in the electronic trail of students how often they use the library what books they guess out even where they park their cars to create a picture of them and how they learn and they use the data in different ways the different you need the marketing courses but also to predict which students are likely to fail or dropouts and here's where it is into nineteen eighty-four territory in the dystopian novel any negative thoughts is thought crime every party member has a telly screen in his or her home which the thought police use to watch them and record anything that resembles an unorthodox opinion or in the struggle now look for a university in the midlands says it's considering doing something frighteningly similar
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monitoring students private emails but negative comments on their university experience to see if they're at risk of quitting. students at the london school of economics are not keen on the idea. that it would be an infringement of my integrity it sounds a bit the cia now i think people are the things that went on i think people are much more kind of them. to be more violated i don't think it's right it's a kill that you can say sure you wouldn't do it in denmark where i come from i think people would like that i would mom my emails to monetise. i mean the private email is should have exclusive right to have this e-mail ok so again universities do have a good track record for keeping data private but the worry here is that there's so much data and of course how it could be used ultimately the information could be used to allocate resources for example if it identifies the type of person most
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likely to fail universities could stop. seeing those people altogether or not waste money on trying to retain them as students start returning for a new academic year they'd better be where big brother is watching them now more closely than ever. and right after the break we'll have all the details on the deadly fire that a lot through a psychiatric institution rushes northwest to stay with us. russia has formally presented a proposal for the disarmament of syria's chemical arsenal lattimer putin has personally appealed to the american public and political establishment to give negotiations a chance in war torn syria though tough questions remain primarily whether washington can we frame from its habit of using brute force.
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right to see. her street. and i think picture. on our reporter's twitter. instagram. this is a must see welcome by a blaze in a psychiatric clinic in northwestern russia has claimed such a seven lives including a nose who died trying to rescue others twenty three people mohnish escaped the
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fire which witnesses say a husband caused by one of the patients also he's going to france has the disease have. fire reportedly broke out in the evening hours and meet in a wooden an excess of this facility in the northwest of russia in your the village of luca apparently this wooden and extent does the men's ward many of these patients were bedridden at the time witnesses are saying they saw a person within the facility who was engulfed in flames before the structure caught fire obviously investigators are taking a very serious look at this and trying to ascertain the the cause of this blaze now crews arrived within minutes but it is said there was very heavy smoke and rescuers and spend the morning searching the surrounding areas to find possibly any patients who escaped the fire and run out into the into the areas surrounding the facility and are possibly still hiding so many many concerned people out there trying to
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find people who may have survived this blaze one nurse it's reported died trying to save patients now the martis emergencies ministry has said that it's cited this facility for safety violations and the facility had until august first of twenty fourteen to fix those so obviously that's being looked at very closely on the on a very tragic morning in the village of luca what really brought fire safety into focus the infamous lame horse nightclub in december of two thousand and nine one hundred fifty six people killed this was because of a pyrotechnics show on stage at the at the nightclub one leaf of the double doors was sealed shut and that really brought fire safety into focus here in russia and unfortunately tragedy has struck again last night and this morning in the northwest. and unfortunately if isaac care facility is
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a not uncommon in russia and i pulled this year and massive blaze hit another psychiatric hospital east of moscow killing says he eight people. two patients led to safety by a nurse who were the only survivors in aug twenty ten nine people died in western russia after every time and home caught fire and in early two thousand and eight and nine i should say northern western russia twenty three people went. into a blaze in a day care home in march two years before the height of fire swept through a nursing home in southern russia claiming the lives of six to two people and in november the same year an inferno near the city of two leg and in the elderly care home left thirty two dead over two hundred were rescued. got more news online for you like residents go to higher ground as waters approach sixteen thousand people have been evacuated from citizen russia's far east while soldiers fight to hold back a deluge caused by the. boys are teed off. and also the flames rob interest
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seaside tourist park in the american state of new jersey devouring fifty businesses including an ice cream shop the dramatic footage is on our website for you. and our some other global headlines this hour in iraq a twin bombing near a sunni mosque killing at least thirty people and injured dozens the blast targeted at washington was as they were leaving friday prayers that's what came just two days after over thirty if she has work killed in explosions that struck a mosque in baghdad six terror and violence in iraq has surged since two thousand
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and eight with over five thousand people losing their lives this year. the man found guilty of raping and killing a young woman in the indian capital have been sentenced to death by hanging the brutal attack on a moving bus in new delhi last december led the victim with severe injuries that led to her death two weeks later the vicious crimes transformation why alfredo triggered a massive protest the death sentence ruling and where people would in the supreme court. the operator of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant says this situation there is out of control white smoke has been seen rising from a reactor the site tepco claims it's coming from a puddle on top of the plant but the company hasn't explained why vapor has been appearing randomly since july recently there have also been leaks of highly radioactive water at the compound. in the i'm going to tell parents security forces have fought off a taliban of time on the u.s.
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consulate that started it with a huge blast of the compound to our going police officers under security guard along with five attackers were killed u.s. official said no americans were hurt in the incident that highlight the turn security situation ahead of the planned withdrawal of international troops in twenty fourteen. now red wine pungent cheese and four grand they're all products strongly associated with quality of french produce and other devoured in their masses across the country but key political figures in are going to to great lengths to get french consumers to buy more home proud products to boost the economy he's tests are seen the reports now on a new push to buy local and i think national when france is industry minister struck the polls looking as french as one can be consumer affairs minister bid one more thought it was a joke. this is a real food of on new moon two. i don't believe it. in
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fact what it was message was serious choose french products over foreign made ones to help more of their countrymen keep jobs and appeal to french patriotism in the face of a thirteen year high unemployment rate with the number of jobless hitting three million for the first time a move that comes as france talks about reforms to restore global competitiveness a critical priority says the international monetary fund a recent study suggests that if consumers were to buy only french made goods they would have to spend between one hundred three hundred euros more each month and amount that would squeeze an already weakened purchasing power because of all the publicity the french are even more aware now are made in france products versus those coming from the outside but most of the time the difference could really be seen in the prices of the goods for example as peaches from spain it costs for ninety five per kilo rather this one which is clearly marked made in france cost
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six ninety five per kilo that's a two year old difference so the question here is how well it will decide d.s.l. to the french. definitely no i won't spend three hundred years extra you have to find this money first. yes if i have the money certainly. just know that there's no i think globalization allows us to find cheaper goods you know it's when you look at the product you know. those short or whatever you go that bottle heated i've been dug into in france but bottle that i've been done as well in fact a french political parties have been accused of hypocrisy as a local newspapers investigation last year showed election campaign materials had been made in china bangladesh morocco you name it. here for example this little case is made in china so i'm not afraid buying sings in china that's
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the part the point is we have. no hope in france at all as a p.c.m. is a brand that takes pride in having its manufacturing base in france its director says a study noise an important point that paying more to support their own industries creates local jobs and is far less of an economic burden than the cost of three point two million unemployed big amount of those ducks of course to pay. for social care we have in france and a big moment of the social care and employment so we'd move we would be much more healthier in france and with lower deficits public deficit if everyone was to have. a job the world trade organization has criticized this campaign as patriotic protectionism as fast as economic y.
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was getting trickier to manage politicians seem to be grasping at straws the government's new call to arms may look good on paper but as critics point out it could end up an economic for past. tense or sylvia r.t.e. paris. stay with us for debate show cross-talk coming up after the break. david silver and president of american atheists initially had his request for a custom license plate with the word atheist on it rejected atheist written with a one as the i was deemed to be just too offensive after some pressure the new jersey motor vehicles commission caved in allowed the plate this is only logical
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because it properly spelled atheist point had already been in use i look at this two ways one if you're going to give people the freedom of choice of expression then some people are going to express themselves in an offensive way so if you're terrified of offending people then why not just give everyone a random plate with a random number and no one will be offended at all or two if you really believe in freedom of speech and expression all that then allow drivers to pick whatever they want and be responsible for themselves if someone throws a brick through their car window for having an ultra offensive license plate and if you want to express yourself or express something really offensive on your car then you better be prepared for some blowback or at least a few people spitting on your windshield but the surest my opinion. you are a. very hard to take. that
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back with the big hair. liz lemon . a.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle putin speech russia has formally presented a proposal for the disarmament of syria's chemical arsenal flatter me or putin has personally appealed to the american public and political establishment to give negotiations a chance in war torn syria though tough questions remain primarily whether washington can refrain from its habit of using brute force. to cross-talk the war in syria i'm joined by mark levine in washington he's a senior fellow with the truman national security project and
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a radio host also in washington we have paul martin he is the political director of peace action and in london we crossed alexander mccurry he is a writer on legal affairs and a lawyer and gentlemen cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want alexander if i can go to you first in london. i'm sure you read president putin's op ed in the new york times how do you think the american president should react to it because if i may say in my opinion mr putin's op ed reflects a great deal of world opinion. i think it reflects majority world opinion if you go back to the g twenty summit it was quite interesting that the most powerful countries the countries of the majority population actually supported mr putin as to how mr obama should react the answer is he should welcome it whether he will of course is another matter but he should welcome it this is a way out of this crisis and one that suits mr obama as well doesn't it means that
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mr obama has got himself if he accepts this out of the very difficult situation that he put himself into ok mark so obama should call putin and thank him for the op ed giving him an exit from a position that he painted himself into agree or disagree. i don't know they should thank him for the bed but he should think him for the proposal to dismantle syria's script chemical arsenal i think that's something that frankly the united states and russia can work together on that would be a good thing neither united states nor russia would like assad or any terrorist group that might get the weapons arsenal chemical weapons after assad falls neither country wants that so if we could actually disarm syria's chemical weapons i think that's something both countries can agree on it's going to be very difficult to do that and it won't stop the massacre of syrian civilians which as you know peter i've been turned about for two years now ok our poll but at the same time we hear all this diplomatic talk where we know that there is evidence of the cia is sending in heavy armor now or in.


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