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mission authority and then before you know it everywhere you go if you ask for a glass of water i have to be fifteen refused. to listen and i want to hear that this water is not drinkable we have to drink it as this is the only water available you know once we drink this water we get different stomach diseases. the water is too dirty you have to boil it hilter it was loud and then drink it. if you have a meal you have to rush to the toilet because the water can't be digested you know there are long water worms inside the body they are moving inside we don't show this water to the children otherwise they won't drink it and everything will be a mess. this is a pure life just
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a safe alternative to live it's directed to. a service for the well to do. we film of the whole distribution station in the market area but. i introduced myself to the station manager and asked for permission to film. what is a problem to. get on. your life what you put up with what you said it's ok you don't really romeo. so. the university of management sciences in lahore and this elite institution hardly anyone drinks tap water and if your life is a success story. i think part of the success of your life is nestle's marketing. was good it was targeted to words but
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income people because assuming that you can always get water fleet who would pay a premium for it so most probably the poor people will not. in any case they can't afford the prices so it is you know. class of pakistan or upper middle class and leslie brodsky and the skin was because of their marketing muscle their distribution muscle you know the ads were very interesting lot of emphasis on quality and model that you can trust. for a lot of beauty. it was fashionable to be walking around with bill life in hand. you know it was making a statement about themselves also so it was not just functional benefits it was position on that. that if you are you know a modern person if you are. you know person who's health conscious.
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in some sense the jetset as a pikestaff. i think honestly and more to the water companies have been able to stick to the appeal to a part of the pakistani psyche that. likes things like it's appeal to a lifestyle. i read somewhere recently that a lot of the cola manufacturers decided to go into making bottled water because they knew that the market for cooler was limited because it's so clearly unhealthy for you but the market fall drinking water is unlimited it's a constant supply so it's just a question of being able to effectively commodified drinking water and i mean i've seen it happen before my eyes in the last twenty years and it's not necessarily was not this is within the realm of your conspiracy theory i'm short some level this is part of a business plan put forward by a company that look here's a market where there's nobody drinking bottled water if we go in and do this this
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this all of the sudden we have ten million consumers how's that. really. about forty kilometers from business news she can point to factory. when the company introduced pure life to pakistan ten years ago it was not from here. right next to the factory. deal one village. instances in each population cannot recall. the arrival of nestle brought extra employment but the factories also blamed for the biggest problem in the village. is
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a lack of clean drinking water. out other guy in our opinion nestlé has taken our water from us nestlé puts its own chub well in the factory and now the water has become very dirty. all of the way of the water level used to be one hundred feet now the level is down to three hundred to four hundred feet. we worry a lot. of. the wells used by the population no longer reached deep enough. around the factory several wells and from drying. a lot of the relating to groundwater is unclear it's unclear who owns the
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groundwater who has a right to it whether the state has a right to regulate groundwater where the people who own land over the groundwater have a right to the resource or whether a company can come in before the rights of groundwater these issues haven't been thrashed through legally economically or on any sort of policy for of yet and it remains to be done. because nestlings booming business with pure life the company has been pumping water out of the ground. but what effect is this having on the ground. and on the quality of them or to a drunk by the people of the village. i asked nestlé party stone about the study they carried out. the got no reply. what. do i mean doubt it medical people tell us the water is not safe. for kids shouldn't drink it this girl is always sick bonnie's monday if you keep on giving water to
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the kids they keep on going to the toilet. if they can't digest the water. they tell us to boil the water first and to kill the germs johnny. yes you cannot would you but we are poor people we can't afford to boil all the time money. here in the deal while nestle has no good neighbor policy but the villages have sent a petition to the company they too would like to have access to the clean water deep down under their village nestle has turned their request. we've asked them for to boil. least they should provide us with a small pipe with an outlet of water through the wall be able to go to them. with such a solution we the villagers could fetch water this way with cans in the body about
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the little nothing of what they could show us a little juster of respect yes the in the end is really stealing the local water sources from people and that's their life their livelihood and the livelihoods and lives of their children don't forget that border is relatively small businesses open the ocean so we had a fake or that was. selling it counts for us year zero point sera sera sera ninety percent of the fresh water being used. i mean it's not even a tropical it's. what they should do a sixth international human rights forum opened this morning in the cern although the event is usually a peaceful affair but this year is different because of the participation of nestle's chairman peter brought back next week to members of the swiss workers' union say that nestle itself violates human rights and has no place in such
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a forum. people have to buy expensive bottled water the poor people cannot afford it this is not a body human rights. have to decide. to simply say the border is a human right is perhaps not enough in reality it is not a matter of whether water is a human right because quite clearly it is it's more a question of how we can implement the human rights. we shouldn't reflect so much from whether water is a human right but rather reflect on how to ensure permanent access to water in daily life. there are also a few other basic problems which needs solving. the most important point without question is the more must be invested in. water infrastructure trade and secondly there should be no subsidies for the owners of swimming pools and golf courses and
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for biofuels produced from plants cultivated specifically for this purpose. but there should be subsidies for water for the poorest and for nature. lagos is the biggest city in africa here there is no such thing as free water everybody has to buy it. the poor rely on the sachet more locally produced but also the g.o.p.'s fall into. the city where the public water supply has failed is an opportunity for those who want to sell. videos and multinationals and invest into what's up nestle them to have also got caught up that is producing water i mean you know that some of the fun so you see. these. mountain nationals.
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understand the importance of water they know that in one jury. is still it's you know if i'm biased age the side of government has already taken hold of providing enough wonderful nationals on for the citizens industry is indeed profiting and exploiting the weakness of the. time and indeed it's the the present is loaded the wrong end of the stick is the other not a citizen who is helpless to live above the law is expensive and the belly many nigerians. leg.
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length. played favorites with the economic ups and downs in the final at the amongst the longer the new york sang i and the rest look like it's going be a single day every week long slender legs. led mission free the cretaceous three per store charges three arrangements three per three per studio types of free legoland free blond hair splitting videos for your media projects a free media old dog r t v dot com. play it was a terrible mistake now i'm very hard to take
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a look at once again to play along here there's a plug in that sax player that hurt their lives let's play. lists. lists played subluxation live. located in the google's main goal is the cocoa it's a slum neighborhood built on stilts. will
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kill the human rights to water is nothing but a phrase that. the slum dwellers have to buy their drinking water from businessmen who have set up water stations and this is. not like. it's not easy to fetch water. that's it's a long way to the water stations. doing sometimes the pumps don't work because there's no petrol. then you have to go to another station that is even further away. and there are only four stations around . for a family of twelve the daily budget is six dollars half of that we used to buy water. in the marketplace empty pet
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bottles all sold pure life a cocoa style. the slum continues to grow on its own rotting garbage. the reality in the global south is so powerful now it is such a life and death issue i mean more children die every day from dirty water than from a child the more traffic accidents and malaria put together is the number one killer and so when you have that kind of life and death situation and then a company like nesta comes in and says oh we've got the answer to your life the c.e.o.'s are. but to take from your very own aquifers when there are no public taps and when you turn the water out half the time nothing comes out the other half when it does it's polluted and you wouldn't use it then they're there you know then i i have to go beyond saying that is irresponsible to say that this is almost
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a criminal act. new york city has one of the best public water supplies in the you list. it still. is on the riots in this town. from untouched nature direct to the downtown the public it's poland spring has become the top selling spring. with its population of eight million new york is the biggest beverage markets on the american means to coax. everything in the usa i love the beverage industry uses up more than eight hundred
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cells and tons of plastic. around to find bottles in the u.s. end up as garbage along roadsides in the city. the shelves in the shopping center as of today piled up with the garbage of tomorrow. new yorkers drink bottled water when they have access to the cleanest best water in the world it comes from the catskills it is the cleanest safest water you could possibly drink it's just marketing it suddenly became cool and they connected it to health and they even told us we needed a classes a day which by the way is not true and they and they told us that we had to always have it on. our little hydrating tool that we had to have it on us at all times so i talk to kids now and they'll say i'm trying to understand what you're saying but how would i get from my house to my school without water i mean this is brilliant marketing and you know they've made tons of money telling us basically
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a lie. from you your head off again to maim. i need to know the latest on the legal wrangling about the pumping stations welcome to a special edition of radioactive grass roots environmental and social justice news . topic is on large scale corporate action and community control nestle the world's largest food and beverage company. spring maine extracting from the state with intentions to expand. objecting to the sale of their water find themselves in positions of limited recourse with regulatory processes. in the town of friedberg the bulldozers are in action. the battle around the second
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pumping station went up to the highest court in the state of maine. last. assume the company will be loading up its tankers with even more local spring water legally. was granted only the right to limit the number of trips. set its limit at thirty six thousand. this is sad sad tragic commentary on. what's legal. and what's that you know is it legal to steal. is it ethically morally it plus legal and what's ethical and moral are two different things. you don't betray people you know it's like the courts that are supposed to defend you be trading in you feel even feel betrayed.
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they're orchestrating the process so that they will eventually went with their wind because people are beat down and they're they're tired of the fight or they don't even have the money to pay for the lawyers. nestle has unlimited blake funds you know we don't have the legal funds we don't have the the p.r. machines behind us but if you look at their message in freiburg they're good neighbor policy and you look at their message throughout the country they're all very self-serving they have a project called project wet for water education in the community school systems well all cheek they did a pilot program in freiburg isn't that interesting and then they can say look we did a pilot program for project wet for water education look we're helping the community well you're helping the community conserve water while you're taking one hundred
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fifty million gallons out of the community. in the wildlife preserve the story had another ending here nestlé has been defeated . the company must
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remove its test wells from the protected area the towns of shapley and infield have to plant over water in their territories to be a fundamental right. belongs to nature and may be used by the local residents. long scale pump. and commercialization of the is no longer permitted. both sadly and new fields have signed to the right to local self-determination. a right which is anchored in the constitution of the usa. all of us have the same passion and once we found out that we couldn't you know work under the regulatory approach we had to find something in order to keep them out and that's how we found that were the right space and we want to round again to educate the people about the right space and we pretty much said if you want nestle into your community then go with
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a regulatory approach that will regulate them if they come in fill out the permit cross or t.'s dot their i's you can not say no to this large company and god forbid if you ever want to regulate anything stricter with them once they're ran because you will never win in court as freiburg now you have to as an instrument with choose quiet described ordinance is something. new and stating here this is where shopping is board of selectmen it's meetings in fact the board had opposed the local women's demand to carry that fight to constitutional level so we wanted to get the right space ordinance on the tao warrant where everybody would vote it well the selectmen again said no we're not going to do it and you know this is a majority of citizens there the who elected these people so they said no we're not going to do it so they refuse the citizens petition they refused to allow the
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citizens to the order that they gave to their own select right so there's a loophole in the law which laurie about where we can call our own tell me to hire a coach when i'll be shown the water rights of all the government did i did. at this time although think they were about to go weren't so indicate by raising a reality with one. hundred and fourteen votes to sixty six the women won the day for water as a fundamental right and against nestle. to shapley neighboring new field noted likewise. the wildlife preserve will remain untouched. by anybody the reason why we're here today is to celebrate our victory our awesome victory in the new field and shafiq thanks thank you really was a whole grassroots activity and if it's i think it's just unbelievable because many of us were never activists and it's all thanks to you when i just want to say that
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i'm very humble having that experience and i think of all of you as as friends and again thank you very much thank you i. are. are. right. it's a small victory achieved by two small towns in the hinterland of maine. but who can resist in countries where there is little democracy and even less water in pakistan or in nigeria. plain drinking water is becoming increasingly
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precious some can afford the luxury of bottled water. but the others. too who does the water on our planet.
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war is probably the most complex and difficult human activity. that. all of us are still locked up. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probability extends back to the invention of gunpowder. kill a bunch of people in the family don't know someone there on their premises there are of us people. reading or writing filming. this
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son of a shoot my brother in the leg not intentional because it because it was ny times four in the morning even the best given the mesh shoulders. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood an author and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place. to speak your language i mean some of the will not advance the. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too negative angles stories. you hear. destroy all teach spanish find out more visit eye to eye all tito is calm.
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this is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motion suit your. play your part of the physical. issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our team. i didn't know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy but. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the silicon we've been hijacked like handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school just market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's
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actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing. ready to join the movement then welcome to. new york london. the whole world is. the future of the original one a further one down the end there are five the two hang up the chords that believe at the end of the street another one the more transparent society gets the money or the public tears become we see military and state police forces mobilized against people who blend into the city who inhabit the city the more people trust electronic devices the more defenseless they are the fear that has
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a thousand on is on our t.v. . the latest news on the week's top stories now sealed with a handshake moscow and washington agree on a roadmap to eliminate chemical weapons from syria averting for now a u.s. strike on the country. for conflict hearty meats imprisoned for an extremist who had been fighting on the side of the syrian opposition to find out why they joined the civil war. take a look at europe's drift to the right as a. new way of mass murder was once a member of is said to play a key role in the country's government.


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