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tv   Headline News  RT  September 18, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the end. russia urges the united nations to investigate new evidence suggesting syrian rebels were behind last month's deadly guess attack on a suburb in damascus. brazil bides bag of the country moves to create it very own internet to protect itself from american online surveillance following edward snowden's revelations on the scope of the u.s. spying activities. and the greek of public sector workers pile the pressure on the government with a nationwide strike now in his third day as prime minister some areas admits of the country may need another six years to mend its floundering economy.
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learn from our school of business is r t you're watching this with me to one with a let's take a look at our top story this hour. russian officials are in damascus to hammer out an action plan for syria's chemical disarmament in line with a deal to avert a you was a military intervention those threats are followed last month severing gas attack by western powers on the assad regime but russia says there's no fresh evidence implicating syrian rebels in that war crime of course one of the briefing is in damascus with the latest. russia's deputy foreign minister is now in damascus to discuss the deal that moscow and washington agreed on earlier in geneva code into which syria has to destroy or remove its chemical weapons by me two thousand and fourteen and before and that is maybe even more important hand over
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a full list of its stockpiles with the a week of in the meeting with the syrian foreign minister russia's diplomat said that the talks were constructive and that damascus understands the importance of this listing and is fully aware of the consequences in case it doesn't do it because it was agreed that if syria fails to comply the deal could be enforced by a u.n. resolution backed by the threat of sanctions or military force russian officials say they received awards syrian government calls the evidence that the radical rebels are behind the deadly chemical attack last month that reportedly killed hundreds of civilians including children a year and probe recently confirmed that sarin gas was indeed used here in syria but it didn't answer the question exactly who was responsible for that although that this is a very important question also a location from where the rockets were launched was neither pinpoint by u.n.
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investigators although their findings clearly states that the sarin t. warheads could have been amateur made north effect you could use but despite all this these questions that still remain open in this case u.s. and its allies were very quick to claim that this u.n. report was enough to blame the assad government for this attack last month this is something russia is strongly opposed to on the contrary saying that the reason mounting evidence that the ready. syrian rebels are behind the trough city in an interview to r.t. russia's deputy foreign minister said he had a quote who is now in damascus said. that u.n. report is one sided for or toward. foreigners reporters for are not for we are only for it we.
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are for reaching. has been pretty firm on that basis for what we believe the record. of over the ridge from region we're probably several questions were reported. among. remember there will be or are we talking on what we need to. worry for a war and worry the group or you're. not growing there's no year period to continue for. some members of the u.s. intelligence community who say that and they warned the white house about that but they're right indications that the rebels are behind this attack and also there are indications that they received nerve gas from abroad meanwhile and then to appeared online allegedly showing syrian a jihadist wearing gas masks and firing rockets and. shells
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in the middle of the night and this video was said to be short on the twenty first of august the date of that attack that killed many civilians and provoked huge international residents but of course this video is very had to be very fired and still the route many questions in this story and this is why most is calling for a full and complete u.n. investigation in order to determine exactly who is responsible for the attack here in syria last month. pentagon federal michael maloof says there's evidence to suggest chemical weapons have been smuggled to al qaeda linked extremists in syria from neighboring turkey i have. a report from a source who has direct connections with two to classified information and he basically told me that the u.s.
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military did an assessment based upon fifty indicators and clandestine interviews that the sourcing siren originated out of iraq into turkey before some of it was confiscated in may in turkey and that there has actually been a more significant amount of cern production both in iraq and in turkey going to the going to the opposition principally al-qaeda and we've had separate reports now that. elements are rather significant numbers. and have and now have permeated into the opposition so the ability to be able to. distinguish who gets what and where is going makes it much more problematic for this administration. has requested it official response from the pentagon on that leaked document but the department of defense simply said it was she says to comment on
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matters of intelligence stay with r.t. for the latest on this developing story on air and online. brazil is moving to fracture the world wide web in response to revelations on n.s.a. the secret surveillance which have also prompted president dilma rousseff to call off her visit to the united states south america's last country now into create its own cyber space out of reach of the american secret services archies marina but now i has the story. as the n.s.a. spying scandal continues to undermine america's global standing one u.s. ally is not willing to forgive and forget brazilian president dilma rousseff who has been handled her single visit to the white house next month and pulling out of what is supposed to be the first official state visit of u.s. president barack obama's second term it would have also been the first for
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a brazilian president in nearly two decades in addition to breaking dates for cilia is also taking steps to divorce itself from the u.s. centric internet while seeking its own sovereignty in cyberspace president rousseff has ordered a series of measures aimed at greater brazilian online independence including storing citizens data locally to protect from n.s.a. snooping according to reports the brazilian government is also planning to lay underwater fiber optic cable directly to europe and also link to all south american nations currently most of brazil's global internet traffic passes through the united states now experts say if other nations follow in brazil's footsteps the us cloud computing industry which stores data remotely could lose tens of billions of dollars in business by two thousand and sixteen brazil's path towards internet sovereignty follows revelations that the n.s.a. intercepted president rousseff communications hacked into the network of the state
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owned oil company and spied on brazilians entrusting their personal information to u.s. companies like facebook and google president rousseff says she intends to push for a new international rules on privacy and security in hardware and software next week when all the heads of state gather in new york for the u.n. general assembly on tuesday the brazilian leader is set to open the u.n. g.a. debates and her u.s. counterpart president obama is set to take the stage immediately afterwards reporting from new york marina r.t. . some experts believe the future governance of the world wide web will be shaped to to a large extent by the events surrounding the n.s.a. scandal. that's a great opportunity not only for brazil but for many countries to really take a stand on internet governance and really try to understand how the future of the
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internet and communications as a whole will end up coming out of this huge scandal about the n.s.a. leaks so internet freedom has being like the flagship the trademark of all discourse from the u.s. government when it deals with and with internet governance well now that you have a situation like this one is clearly momentum that is building up for brazil for other countries in the global south and for other countries as well to really take a stand on that and try to come up with forbearers solution in a way which you could in a truly moved stakeholder way discuss the future of the internet because it's clear that the way that we are going now it allowed a situation like this one that we had with the n.s.a. and that's certainly something that created a huge impact for a number of fundamental rights and it is definitely a good opportunity to discuss and to reflect upon a new way to do with internet governance. and still ahead this hour reshaping the
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religious landscape while christianity itself of the decline in the u.k. islam is gaining full that was like never before putting them on the way to becoming the country invading religion in just a decade will have all of this story up to the park. with a lot bob kerrey deal on syria's chemical weapons and like they would appear to the international system is returning to some kind of multilateral order the united states remains to world's only military superpower but that same power can now be put into check can washington cope with this new geo political reality. we speak your language or not a day in. the news programs documentaries and spanish more matters to you. a little eternity of angola's stories. here.
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just so. liberal i'm listening.
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thanks for staying with out here on our team a five day nationwide strike by public sector workers in greece is now entering its third day with thousands of flooding of the streets or to vent their anger dressed exchange spending cuts the country's economy has shrunk by almost a quarter since two thousand and eight and full cuts indicate that further decline this yeah and despite having received two massive bailout packages from international lenders at those still needs about ten billion euros more all those comes as prime minister antonis samaras says admitted that greece will need six more yes' to return to pre-crisis living standards. reports from the greek capital
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certainly a big day here in greece of some of the largest protests crowds hit the streets the week of strikes is in response to thousands of planned job layoffs something the government says it has to do in order to rein in spending and to please international lenders now thousands of schoolteachers have walked off the job on monday as those protests resulted in some clashes of with the police doctors follow suit on tuesday and some of the largest public sector unions are joining in today's in fact many second. or you schools and universities remain shots around the country now what they're furious about is the latest round of austerity measures greece is due to move or temporarily slashed the salaries of some twenty five thousand workers in addition to cutting thousands of jobs by the end of the year now workers will either have to accept new posts or spend months working on reduce our use with no guarantee of actually keeping their jobs and this is of course in exchange for the next installment of its much needed rescue loans now this is
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a country that's and that's been in recession for six years in a row the economy is still shrinking one point four million people out of work and while the public sector is seen as bloated and inefficient many here say that they're simply tired of austerity tired of feeling like they're the ones paying for the mistakes made by governments and banks in peak previous years now the country has gotten two hundred forty billion euros worth of help in two separate bailouts so far but the problem is that it's still unclear whether it can stand on its own there have been some reports showing that the worst of the recession could potentially be over the tourism sector is growing the budget was in surplus not counting payments of course but at the same time greek debt stands at three hundred five billion euros and that's one hundred sixty percent of its g.d.p. and both the german and greek finance ministers indicated a third bailout might be needed and that of course is cold comfort to the greeks who see more austerity in their future and we have to keep in mind here on
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employment is nearing thirty percent two out of three young people are out of work and at sixty four percent youth unemployment that's the highest on the continent we also are hearing according to a new report that suicide rates have increased by forty five percent in the first four years that we financial crisis that number set to rise and some radical right wing groups have also been able to effectively gain more support so a very mixed picture for the people on the ground and certainly it doesn't look like the protests are going to seize anytime soon at least until the astaire the measures remain in place. more details on how the greeks are coping with the a bleak economic situation on our dot com also for you a country just across the water that's home to some of the world's largest oil reserves is also crying out for cash find out what's happening in libya on a website. that a meteor that landed earlier this year outside chile is again russia's you're also
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given birth to what looks like a new religion to find out what all the fuss is about hip to r t dot com. right to see. her story. and i think richard. on our reporters were very. instrumental. in. america's debt bomb is taking congressional budget analyst sol voicing alarm over the government's failure to rein in spending which has pushed the national debt up to seventy three percent g.d.p. double the two thousand and seven level general cilento publish elves' trends a journal says america's costly military branches partly to blame. we're
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squandering our resources fighting all of these on where noble wars never end and so the nation is going down economically ninety seven percent of the jobs that have been created this year ninety seven percent are part time jobs you're looking at this so no we even saw those war will make a very bad situation much worse we're going to keep taxing the people just as they did as the roman empire. they tax the people more and it's not only the states by the way look what they did throughout europe they called it or sterrett it measures you know they cut your pensions benefits raise your taxes so it's a way of keeping it going until the people revolt. in our world this hour car bomb attacks continue to read devastation in iraq the country's capital has
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borne the brunt of the latest violence within these twenty six deaths on tuesday alone a total of thirty five people thirty four people were killed nationwide in shootings and car bombings targeting mainly shia neighborhoods the past few months in iraq have been the deadliest in five years with al qaeda fighting to destabilize the shia led government. i'll keep our wall street activists have been back on the streets of downtown new york a mocking the movement's a second a new very serene the protesters have announced a new goal the introduction of a half a percent tax on wall street financial transactions police arrested several demonstrators who attempted to block the road after the first protest camp was set up in two thousand and eleven the rallies swiftly spread to other cities in the u.s. and around the world wide in a wave of anger over economic inequality and the rich. and the street protests paid bank a dash after the country's supreme court sentenced to death and islamic opposition
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leader. damo law he was found guilty of crimes against humanity during the war of independence with pakistan four decades ago while others are supporters of the charges were politically motivated and called for forty eight hour nationwide strike from wednesday to denounce the. austrian police hunting for a man who shot dead four people have found the charred remains of the killer after storming a farmhouse the fifty five year old man shot two police officers and a paramedic are you sure you stay the gunmen then fled in a stolen police car to a farm building to the west of vienna taking another officer hostage who is now killed as well he then barricaded himself in the basement building. how far our government's prepared to go to keep critics at bay turns out for bahrain's of storage easy even children are valid targets human rights watch claim security
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forces there routinely round up the threaten and abuse the children suspected of participating in anti government activists activities the groups of press release says in this evidence from victim's family members and local rights activists that young people in bahrain suffer the same brutality as adult detainees because i'm a gay han who is one of the authors of the statement to rebuild some of the disturbing details. it's part of a broader. society an arbitrary detentions are very common mistreatment and detention is common and it often rises to the level of torture what we found is that there is a failure to distinguish between child detainees and adults so the children are mistreated in the same manner as as adults i think the most alarming concerning issues referring to in this brief research that we conducted was the children being threatened with rape children being threatened with electrocution
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and children being beaten one point. beating outside of a police station was only stopped or or lessened when a senior officer was brought onto the bus and he reportedly said beat them but do it quietly the evidence that we produced would appear to be perhaps only the tip of the iceberg unfortunately. christianity is a central place in british culture is looking increasingly under threat with church attendance numbers and constant decline meanwhile the nation's second largest religion islam is going faster than ever with some studies suggesting it's on the way to becoming the dominant artist playboy has the story. i half of brits say they're christians but you wouldn't know it glancing at this london service in. the us the words of the new figures show that the u.k.'s official religion
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is declining faster than was previously thought worshippers a raging and for the first time ever fewer than half under the age of twenty five described themselves as christian the decline of churches in the u.k. is a long term it just happens to be now approaching really rock bottom so ninety five percent of people don't attend a church on an average sunday while the church of england struggles the office for national statistics says that the number of muslims in england and wales has surged by seventy five percent and their young half of british muslims are under the age of twenty five and not to be swayed a man in the foreground down the road what is it the world's going. that's the big question motivation is very very different for different people. very well bonded and families really try to nurture young people in the in the fall of islam we have to assume congregation from the young people. we try to believe you can see
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issues so they feel part of the mosque establishment religious think tank the pew forum estimates that if present trends continue the muslim population of the u.k. will swell to almost double within twenty years totalling five and a half million according to these figures it means that by twenty thirty britain will have more muslims than kuwait it's projects such as this community based muslim radio station that could provide the clue as to why the religion is flourishing in the u.k. in that brute's deejays who call themselves brothers and sisters talk about local issues in education from the point of view of islam. inspire started out as a special transmission during the holy month of ramadan it became so popular that it was established as a permanent radio station it's actually a lot of pressure a lot of the movie becomes an islamic ethos that we won't do anything which is deemed a non islamic on their hands the musical and one may question by the five top of
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the of the music that we play on the radio station we won't have your mainstream music playing on every cause so what majority would isn't deemed islamic we would not have ties anything on islamic in the sense that we would have any adverts while called you want having idaho's for say for example gambling or those kind of things according to academics in the p.d.s. that islam demands from it's followers that's made it more appealing to worshippers and converts from other religions islam says no this is no full sell. people find a sense of direction in the because their religion over a gene has lost that not because that would be them have it in neutral. they sort of became believe me and interlace into the laws of the church and thinking that in this way they would to make it more mellow and softer and i tracked more people into the church. and the fact they've lost something that the
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church of england disagrees with. they claim that the death of christian england has been greatly exaggerated and that the statistics don't reflect the true faith of the population and yet there are demographers that say that if current trends continue islam could eclipse christianity as the dominant religion in the u.k. in as little as ten years' time. pretty boy k. london. i will bring you more news from around the world in about thirty minutes time and next though peter lavelle with crosstalk. wealthy british scientists are. trying to explain.
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markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. on the new bull market wachovia bank of new policies i just like you. pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i'm sure.
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hello and welcome across town where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the end of one era and the start of another with the law carrie deal on syria's chemical weapons in play it would appear the international system is returning to some kind of multilateral order the united states indeed remains the world's only military superpower but that same power can now be put into check could washington cope with this new geo political reality. to cross talk american influence in the middle east and beyond i'm joined by lou coffey in washington he is a margaret thatcher fellow at the heritage foundation in new york we have robert.


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