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tv   Headline News  RT  September 18, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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russia to send new evidence of chemical weapons used by the syrian rebels the un security council they obtained the information in damascus where russian officials are working at the details of syria's chemical weapons surrender. to gas fired at protesters in greece with our correspondent caught in the more this activist and riot police clashing athens gripped by a nationwide strike against more cutbacks. digital divorce brazil pushes to unplug itself from a u.s. monitored internet seeking its own online sovereignty this after america's national security agency was exposed spying on the brazilian government and the oil company . while the number of christian worshipers goes into decline in the u.k.
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seems to be gaining more and more followers with some saying it could be on the way to becoming britain's dominant religion. welcome you watching r.t. with me and. the u.n. security council will be given new evidence of chemical weapons used by the syrian rebels that was the message from russia's foreign minister while his deputy is in damascus working on a plan to have serious surrender its chemical weapons are. is in the syrian capital . russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said that russia will turn for the avodah is that aid received from the syrian government according to we each as the syrian government has the the rabble the radical rebels i'll be hind the deadly chemical
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attack here in the syria last month the little girl we have a lot of information about the oldest chemical attack in ghouta will examine all of this of the security council along with the u.n. chemical weapons report we still have to figure out who's behind the attack but let me just reiterate that we have a great deal of information to work with so that the russian officials confirmed that they received evidence and now we know that they are ready to transfer it to the u.n. security council and that is a breakthrough in the situation of an interview to see russia's deputy foreign minister sergei that quote who is now here in damascus to discuss the deal on chemical weapons design and sad that the u.n. report is biased toward war distorter for one. conclusion drawn by. we are mean are
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we. from the far reaching. being produced on that basis or what we do we give references. of over that moment read from each and we're sure all questions were in the report what you. call for remember there will be or will we begin talking on what to do next we need to figure out why it is for a war and why any group of your for not growing of year period to continue. for free. for him. for the ras still many questions in this story in this is why moscow is continuing to call for of who you are investigating in order to determine who exactly is responsible for the attack in august and who was behind that. and
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we are still expecting a live news conference with deputy foreign minister. who's met with president assad and syrian officials in damascus and of course we will go live to that and listen to it as soon as it begins. to gas is fired at protesters in greece is protesters clashed with riot police in the country's capital thousands of public sector workers took to the streets today in a nationwide strike to protest more spending cuts a group of anti fascist demonstrators initiated a march against the fascist golden dawn party after the killing of an activists yesterday rocks were thrown at police who responded with tear gas our correspondent from off was caught in the crossfire but we managed to speak to her by phone. basically what happened was that there was a young man left a trip hop artist who was murdered the previous evening and there was a memorial service held in a neighborhood for him that quickly escalated into an ad then type dash of
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a rally and march with hundreds of people turning out to protest the right of parties like golden dawn this situation quickly escalated as the group of basically anarchists black bloc kids whatever you want to call them decided to march its way towards the golden dawn pardon me headquarters i'm sorry that i'm coughing they're still tear gas. in the us so it's a little bit difficult to breathe but basically we my team and i are actually tracking basically between the lines of protesters on one side where protesters are basically throwing bricks pieces of clay whatever they can get their hands on towards the police here some folks have fired some people are trying to push them out but they're still burning around us and then also behind us another group of protesters that's being held by the police so there's really no no place to go for us we're fairly safe but it does mean a tense stand off between what i see in front of me right now is a group of what looks like riot police officers and in green uniforms now they're
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forming a line in front of me behind them are groups of protesters their faces are not from scarves some are wearing are motorcycle helmets travelling stone faced with anything they can get their hands on towards the police the police are trying to keep them a day by shooting tear gas. canisters and trying to hold the line so not really sure how the situation is going to develop but it does not look like the protesters are dancing past the police line and in fact as we're speaking there's a group of other officers who arrived on motorcycles who are driving past us potentially reinforcements i guess to keep the situation at bay but heavy smoke here the fires are still burning and very unpleasant sensation of tear gas. speaking and your eyes are not making people. well let's go straight now to a news conference with russia's deputy foreign minister let's hear what cough has to say about his talks he just held with president assad and syrian officials in
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damascus. talk about the sounds and where i do for this discussion. and basically if you do not to. let's go straight to your questions. please introduce yourselves. to say which media outlet you represent hear. music you know i don't know which language we're doing this russian probably or us in english which i am ready to answer you name. but well probably not to rob because there's no need for it. right or wrong if you were able to hear well that's the usual way you work. your welcome. very. good television.
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function and that you see here the syrian government calls yes it is definitely going to be attacked here at last. we heard wrong mr lovell that russia is ready to. ease give us more details on what kind of evidence these days one executive russia will transfer to you because. i think there is still a little bit of a confusion with regard to this issue we have indeed received additional evidence collected analyzed and concluded up on by the syrian authorities. is. what they believe is true for use of chemical weapons by. insurgents so-called insurgents both.
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on august twenty first but also on august twenty second twenty third and twenty fourth incidence this is nothing new this is not something that made headlines. this evidence was earlier handed over to mr orcutt cell strome who was here in syria. leading the group of experts from the un. those experts as we all know departed syria several days ago and this evidence is with them and we are disappointed that there is no due attention paid to this evidence in the report which to group presented in new york earlier this week. this evidence which was also shared by the syrian authorities with russian delegation in the course of our
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meetings yesterday and today is a very affectionate one it comprises of results of analysis results of studies of samples biological samples collected. in the area where those four incidents took place it's really premature for us to conclude what we have there this material was handed over to us in a rabbit we have completed translation of this evidence into russian we s. as a small group representing russian foreign ministry in no we. responsible for the contents of it. both in terms of what we saw from the syrian party but even more so on the what eventual conclusions the russian side may draw this is the case for further studies by the experts it will take some time there is no rush here but
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it will i'm sure i company and supplement and reinforce some views which were well known made well known by russia in the course of the discussions in new york that one cannot simply. be as flawed and as one sided as we have seen laying full responsibility for incident in ghouta upon the syrian government. just writes nothing zero zero zero. experience on their representatives the chance to proceed in washington i said are you going to get much done this truck was a couple of us line you think you've been watching me i'm not sure this is going to turn out. pretty well so we're going to deal. with these matters when it was more than just me very grateful for this i was really it was a great one for me to be received by the president of syria we continued.
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talking with the same talk that we have been how we have been working with father leaders. and we shared some very much for you to assess assessments and opinions all this will be reported to moscow in detail. and just this all of all of our talks here in damascus where we talked about the prospects. of chain of full agreement and they should not be agreements that breach in geneva with the participation of the foreign minister of russia and his colleague from the united states. these agreements actually set the water track record for that effort implementing in practice the decision for this country to become part of the chemical weapons convention look
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and another important aspect another important agenda that was discussed today i understand. it's about the prospects for the situation settlement through the continued in your process which is called geneva two. and. if we do have and you took that already question i would be gladly answering your question yes translated in russian and then translated further back into interrupted. i don't know where the interpret these may be. may be for the sake of time i'll come back to you in a moment but before that i'll take another question ok all right. the book and looking into that although i think the syrian government on. this issue you come
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up with. those documents are very factual and very technical there is no political. distort in this document so i would say. this is actually you know charts numbers conclusions in terms of chemical formulas and things like this but not. being able to share this with experts in moscow who have better understanding on all this stuff compared to what i have i would refrain from giving any characters what we have been impressed by though is a very factual f. . which to eat and this is something that we intend to study very carefully and hopefully it will also and it been reporting that everything should be investigated
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says strong people should come back to syria as early as practicable and this conclusions which we all heard from new york the day before yesterday and also yesterday those conclusions are limited in scope and to some extent. they are not sufficient and by all means they're pretty mature we need to see the whole picture and this is the tell it we need to have a comprehensive conclusion before we end up with something as far reaching as. you know signals that were heard from new york the day before yes. that's a good economy to promote person administrations to that is to question your thought i mean when you think of course it's going to be reduced you're going to hear and see the armed actions in syria and in a christian village of milo where the terrorists want them in
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a. monastery in hostage or does our diplomatic mission follow the situation how would you comment on that. we certainly follow it more than. closely to deal with the situation in practical trying these are. statements on this place details statement he can look it up before in this website but i. realize well it's not usual to talk of during lists like that during press conferences but i can give you this as an example of what our approach to all aspects of the sensation that is that can hear where very much concerned with out. you would people if you would hear and syria including people of all different confessions religions very concerned with the fate of the christian community. off to my state. there has
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been a period of ever growing frats concerns here now in this region. to a certain extent the conditions have been restored to. the. now see this improvement is positive development. relief and we're going to continue working on the situation on the. towards the solution of this situation on all other problems like problems kurds in the north of the country through the political negotiations and for talking with the syrian opposition a national front. national guard a nation. that i just had a meeting with if you're in the russian embassy to syria and we have received and understand
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a confirmation of the understanding from. the opposition groups all we look forward to the way through if you need to. start a. war and start negotiating. through having delegations talking to each other the delegations the delegations of the opposition so we should start dialogue which would be more also the syrian government. as we heard from the syrian government who also confirms they already know. all of the track of. this is a dragon as should be met with the same kind of. no preconditions from all the opposition sides and parties and we are going to continue our work along this track . could you tell us how to
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explain today's russian searing relations measuring your syrian russian relations your relations and partnership friendship. relations. roots that go back and they also have a good future and. we call. in different areas and on many issues that we stand for working closely together with the government of syria and also i would emphasize that also would be. to find a way which would. be good which will. all be for the benefit of all the involved parties for to live in the situation the friendship between russia and syria cannot be shaken and there is nothing that can ruin it or undermine that. friendship has not through. very
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difficult times and i have no doubt it will stand firm for further on. down not. just us here in television with the russian president putin has in mind previously has to previously that russia will continue helping syria politically economically and in their defense area will. be executed. practically mush another question about what it does it will be russia's position in terms of a draft resolution on syria prepared by france and other countries. i'll start with the second question since. but this was an important part of our today's discussion and yesterday's discussion with the representative government of syria.
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we follow the positions of the geneva convention the document in russia and the usa. and if we give up the attempts to rewrite it or reinterpret. to one side but instead keep working along on it. the important. milestone would be to make that decision over the executive committee of the administration for the prohibit the chemical weapons to be this is starting point for the implementation of negotiations reached on the. nations of the chemical weapons of war obviously this decision is made by the executive committee of the musicians but the prohibiting of chemical weapons is made it would be imperative to them and all the support of measures to
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support the measures of this decision there is a little resolution of the u.n. which would. mean russia and the united states has cancer as captured in the document. of september in addition to all the things we know which as you just mentioned we also need to include the measures to provide security and safety for the acts for the chemical weapons organization. and the third important thing would be water. supply and dish and the resources that are in the station for them for have vision of chemical weapons that might not have in order to. you'll reach the implementation of all of these agreements with a very challenging time for a timeframe but that's. nothing for the russian
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support. for us to call a very close negotiation and call the two gratian as well as the involvement of the experts in implementing this plan. working on all the areas that you all very well know. there's no need to mention them again. we are committed to working together with damascus. this decision stays. what about terrorism implementation the time frame for work. the geneva agreement says. until the end of the first quarter of the next year. which will cause injury and his soul is saying the numbers of lost in the one hundred ten thousand of people who died in a syrian conflict i decided to find out whether the numbers came from because the
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syrian government never even i found a website where the opposition post the names of their victims as you know i was captured so i found the names of people who are presenting the other side is the fact that the un keeps giving numbers of losses on one side only do you think it's an index of biased position by the un in terms of. do you think the un is sort of supporting just taken sides. so the question as to where these sources are of where the numbers come from. and what where are the information data comes from this question should be asked to . those who. publishes of the some information that's our assessments.
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here we deal with this situation one i just got this you. know really conclusive information. as speaking about the materials that the u.n. works with the materials. commission we there is no conclusive information and so now. we know that there is a large amount of evidence and the information coming from a different source is independent of each other and independent totally independent . we also can see their you know this information and handed over to you and we hope for the u.n. to a carefully. you know non-biased way to consider this information as you just said we need to join our force you know that to create or recreate the picture of what had happened. to more questions please. as well national series called
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by the quote the first question of our colleague didn't reply to that well yes i did we no i did reply that what we're doing is our health we're not going to wrap we're going to work on our priorities implementation of the agreements ration jeneba that's what i've said. in quite a clear manner. how likely think it is that. more than base syria. i do not represent the administration of the united states i do not tell for sure and i cannot give you i mean. an evaluation of this guy doing this i'm not authorized i can only say that the agreement reached in geneva a good chance for a peaceful diplomatic settlement and this is confirmed by the. officers of
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highest the united states and we share this position would like the chance to be seen as implemented in practice that would make all the options on the necessary. part of their agreement. between mr already mr kerry during one week or no decisions the syrian people are to should provide the detail and the amount of chemical weapons on the list storage that the syrian will side supply russia with such data and can we find out anything about that. while russia does not know how to do this he said the russian has on to take in the responsibility to follow the chemical weapons convention and as a let's own good will continue working on implementing these measures you are doing here in damascus and agreement with the geneva convention so you syria
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becomes part. which is going to happen on the. captured by the convention starts from the fourteenth of september to syria to join the convention that this information that you just mentioned. raman also must be implemented it would be all within the week. but this has to be a report. this is where this information easy going to be reported. and we made the statement done time. but in no way can we do this. since the organization for the position of nuclear weapons. and. you think the rule to the congress will take. you. to the. next moment because you're putting
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a little over here. we have a really big bear who'll be in geneve at geneve to be a genius to wherever it may be convened. at any moment that is acceptable for everyone and this is exactly the problem we do not see. this sufficient. results. of the work of our partners at this process the us in particular in terms of bringing together the position that may appear at this conference and thus we have delays of convening this conference but more importantly their representation of opposition should be brought should not be limited to some forces that only represent so called doha.


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