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tv   Headline News  RT  September 18, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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arabic for a visit or a big. dog called. un investigators ignored crucial evidence potentially implicating syrian rebels in chemical attacks that's according to russia's deputy foreign minister the data which was handed over by the syrian government will now be given to the un security council. to gas fired at protesters in greece with our correspondent caught in the turmoil as activists and riot police clash in script for a nationwide strike against more cutbacks. and digital divorce brazil pushes to unplug itself from a u.s. monitored internet seeking its own online sovereignty this after america's national security agency was exposed spying on the brazilian government and oil company.
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international news and comments you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow the u.n. inspectors had data which could have pointed to a chemical attack by the syrian rebels but they didn't take it into account when making their report that was the message from russia's deputy foreign minister who was meeting president assad in damascus to work out the details to syria handing over its chemical stockpile artie's alexia chef ski has more the bottom line award . to russia does not believe the accusations and claims by the united states and several western countries that the chemical weapons were in fact used by assad's forces in fact of course as the definitive proof of rebel forces use. first to the u.n. inspectors some some time ago or so weeks ago and this was not taken into the
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inconclusive as he described it recorded by the united nations inspectors now this evidence and this is not we're not talking about some. gases or just you know inconclusive evidence this is according to records factual evidence by your samples and documents proving that the chemicals were in fact used by the rebel forces now they've been handed over to the russian side and all they're waiting now for is these documents to be completely translated from arabic into russian before moscow can fully assess what's in this proof and make it completely public but definitely has been very regretful about the fact that the u.n. inspectors are not taking this kind of evidence into consideration let's listen to what mr report had to say. we have indeed received additional evidence collected analyzed and concluded up on by the syrian authorities on what they believe is proof for use of chemical weapons by.
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insurgents so-called insurgents both in the east on august twenty first but also on august twenty second twenty third and twenty fourth incidence this is nothing new this is not something that made headlines. this evidence was earlier handed over to mr orcutt sellstrom who was here in syria. leading the group of experts from the un. those experts as we all know were departed syria several days ago and this evidence is with them and we are disappointed that there is no do it tension the to this evidence in the report which the group presented in new york earlier this week according to
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mr rep cough this kind of evidence can actually change the whole course of negotiations can actually change the whole geneva two concept. tear gas is fired a protest is increases protesters clashed with riot police in the country's capital thousands of public sector workers took to the streets today in a nationwide strike to protest more spending cuts a group of anti fascist demonstrators initiated a march against the fascist golden dawn party after the killing of an activist yesterday and rocks were thrown at police who responded with tear gas our correspondent in off was caught in the crossfire but we did manage to speak to her by fire. basically what happened was that there was a young man a leftist hip hop artist who was murdered the previous evening and there was a memorial service held in a neighborhood for him that quickly escalated into an afghan type fascist rally and march with hundreds of people turning out to protest the right of parties like golden dawn this situation quickly escalated the group of basically after chants
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blacklock it whatever you want to call them decided to march its way towards the golden dawn pardon me headquarters i'm sorry that i'm coughing there still tear gas . in the air so it's a little bit difficult to breathe but basically we my team and i are actually tracking basically between the lines of protesters on one side where protesters are basically throwing bricks pieces of clay whatever they can get their hands on towards the police here some folks have fired some people are trying to push them out but they're still burning around us and also behind us another group of protesters that's being held at bay by the police so there's really no no place to go price were fairly staged but it does mean a tense standoff between what i see in front of me right now is a group of what looks like riot police officers and in green uniforms now they're forming a line in front of me behind them are groups of protesters their faces are not from
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scarves some are wearing our motorcycle how men struggling stone faced with anything they can get their hands on towards the police the police are trying to keep them a day by shooting tear gas. canisters and trying to hold the line so not really sure how the situation is going to develop but it does not look like the protesters are dancing past the police line and in fact as we're speaking there's a group of other officers who arrived on motorcycle two are driving past us potentially reinforcements i guess to keep the situation at bay but heavy smoke here at the fires are still burning and very unpleasant sensation of tear gas. speaking and your eyes and making clay pot. well greece's economy shrunk by almost a quarter since two thousand and eight and the third the decline is expected so far greece has received aid packages totaling up to two hundred forty billion euros the country still needs ten billion more to cover a funding gap that has prime minister antonius
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a modest promise that greece will be back to pre-crisis levels in just six years time well for more on this but joined live now from athens by george cut through a professor of constitutional law thank you very much for coming on saying our say the saving the country is gripped by violence again to expect tensions to increase further. i'm afraid that this is going to happen because you know the majority of the good people in this or stupid measures and unfortunately the idea that this fear is food to. the new. limit for us this is a strong minority now with more than most of them which through some of the above except are really. useful and of course not at all violent the most to some but all of that has been a complete at least by the murder also i don't. know if i says the group the only hope for greece is a storybook purse. is it the come back to that or militant of
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a sort of european social state you say you have to reverse the a stereotype program but the european commission actually comes back and says well actually we believe it's working but further efforts need to be made what more can be done. well we know that. the measures are slow to work because not only is it going to be seen in this ng. so it's not going to too simple for. this failure to the bottom the only thing going most to do is to divert the economy and of course it is not possible. we need new development growth measures and all the of that is coming from we're going to be on the union fortunately he's going to. do you think there's a chance back could change because representatives of the troika arjay to visit greece what do you think the outcome of that will be will it be more pain for your
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country do you think. more playing into the game as far as this policy is. the only call it if. it will lead to go establishment news into were very close to that if you look at the also about seventy five percent not dilute sicked the spirit the measures but only want also welcome to the diversity of the political system so if there is a call this is a hole in things in political things and what are your hopes for the future because before the prime minister coming out and saying that he believes that you can return to pre-crisis levels or at least your economy within six years is that achievable. not at all you know the prime minister is throwing to cultivate that. success story but if you look at all economic and this is with the exception of stories with that very year. do some or all of the others and this is
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what he's done so the exploits of the good productive for money folks are those things all of them are down into also the economy cloning is really very disappointing so there's not going to hold. as long as we follow the same sort of fullness is ok well thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us the heron arteta not that's george miller gallus a professor of constitutional law joining us from athens. brazil now wants to go it alone from the global wear band create its very own cyber space the decision comes after the n.s.a. spy scandal angered the latin american country even prompting president doom who's to perspire on her official meeting with barack obama in the u.s. and is rena portnoy in our reports brazil is determined to ensure its online security. as the n.s.a. spying scandal continues to undermine america's global standing one u.s.
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ally is not willing to forgive and forget brazilian president dilma rousseff it has canceled her scheduled visit to the white house next month and pulling out of what was supposed to be the first official state visit of u.s. president barack obama's second term it would have also been the first for a brazilian president in nearly two decades in addition to breaking dates for cilia is also taking steps to divorce itself from the u.s. centric internet while seeking its own sovereignty in cyberspace president rousseff has ordered a series of measures aimed at greater brazilian online independence including storing citizens data locally to protect from n.s.a. snooping according to reports the brazilian government is also planning to lay underwater fiber optic cable directly to europe and also link to all south american nations currently most of brazil's global internet traffic passes through the united states now experts say if other nations follow in brazil's footsteps the us
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cloud computing industry which stores data remotely could lose tens of billions of dollars in business by two thousand and sixteen brazil's path towards internet sovereignty follows revelations that the n.s.a. intercepted president rousseff communications hacked into the network of the state owned oil company and spied on brazilians in trusting their personal information to u.s. companies like facebook and google president rousseff says she intends to push for a new international rules on privacy and security in hardware and software next week when all the heads of state gather in new york for the u.n. general assembly on tuesday the brazilian leader is set to open the u.n. g.a. debates and her u.s. counterpart president obama is set to take the stage. immediately afterwards reporting from new york marina port nine r.t. . and it's not only in latin america where people are going off line from the u.s.
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is all seeing eye but it's also its own citizens more and more facebook users are deciding to commit so-called virtual identity suicide by deleting their accounts from the social network according to a survey facebook lost two million active users in britain and the situation of even worse in america with nine million people ditching the network and for almost fifty percent the main reason given was concerns over privacy and the feeling their data is being put under the microscope. prominent reign in human rights lawyer and sakura prize winner now that it's a two day has been released from jail in toronto along with ten other political prisoners she was arrested in two thousand and ten on charges of spreading propaganda and conspiring to harm state security international groups criticised her imprisonment calling it politically motivated or to discuss these latest developments we are now joined by political scientists cavil after a c.r.b.
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thank you very much for coming on to the program iran's president hassan rouhani did pledge didn't he to release political prisoners during his election campaign is it a surprise he was able to keep this promise. personally i'm not surprised because i know human rights improvement is under president rouhani. his think tank so for strategic research in the past. he is more of thinking president rouhani has not delivered by the release of i think that your number is or were a dozen prisoners including journalists bloggers and reformist politicians such as . doers been in jail since the controversial. election so this is a very concrete and tangible signal about the new administration's determination to
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expand personal liberties and improve the human rights conditions and to d.c. acutely thighs the political environment so iran could enjoy from an expansive political society what can you say about the timing of these releases are because president rouhani will be in new york for the u.n. general assembly next week won't say so do you think there is a link i think so but it's an indirect link because it fits in with the pattern of mr rouhani which i just mentioned nevertheless you know mr rohani it's not an automatic thing for him he had to lobby for this and his you know a trip to new york is an opportunity to push forward this agenda and secure the release of these prisoners and hopefully more prisoners in the near future but you know in light of the. u.s. and european union sanctions on iran not only on the nuclear but also with respect
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to human rights situation in iran. this positive development from iran targets those particular sets of sanctions which the iranian governments consider to be unjust so do you think the rest of the world will accept that this isn't just a symbolic gesture that. no i think that first the world this is significant because it involves you know eight women political prisoners and this. city that has been in jail for some six years and they've been lot of human rights organizations that have been rooting for her release as well as you know the journalist. and others and this sets a signal for you know the coming out fractions with the release some more more prisoners and they. can precede their side rb deniel who is also in jail and there's a good prospect for his release in the future it's aims to be
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a positive change of direction or do you think we can see more changes in iran's policies for example in its nuclear program. i think so and they've been a lot of positive signals coming from tehran there's a meeting with representatives of the international atomic energy agency on september twenty seventh and there's also talk of nuclear dialogue between dany and foreign minister and catherine ashton the foreign policy chief on the sidelines of the g eight summit in new york next week and you know there's been all sorts of possibilities of presidents who are heinie and obama leading we. don't put too much bed on that nevertheless all the all the signs are positive and indicate the new iranian willingness to negotiate and. show more nuclear transparency etc and you have to add to that the fact that iran has endorsed the russian proposal calling anything in the kerry lover of deal on syrian chemical weapon disarmament and
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recently an american representative jeffrey feltman was in tehran discussing iran's potential participation in the geneva process all the signs are good ok we do have to leave it there but thank you that's cavill. political scientist and author. just ahead for you we find out how islam may be on its way to becoming the dominant religion in the u k. they all told me my language well but i will only react to situations as i have read the reports so let me put a no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point a month or so to secure a car is on the docket. no more weasel words
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when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you have to punch be ready for a battle for the office speech and little down the freedom to cost. right the same. search tree. and i would think the tree. on our reporters would. be in the. car again welcome back my christianity central place in british culture could be increasingly under threat with church attendance in severe decline meanwhile the
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nation's second largest religion islam is growing faster than ever with some studies suggesting it could eventually become the dominant faith artie's party boy as the story. half of brits say that christians but you wouldn't know it glancing at this london service is very close to the slow this is the new figures show that the u.k.'s official religion is declining faster than was previously thought worship as a raging one for the first time ever fewer than half under the age of twenty five described themselves as christian the decline of churches in the u.k. is a long term it just happens to be now approaching really rock bottom so ninety five percent of people don't attend church on an average sunday while the church of england struggles the office for national statistics says that the number of muslims in england and wales has surged by seventy five percent and their young
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half of british muslims are under the age of twenty five i'm not in the same way a man in the military they are the what is it the already played it. has to be questioned motivation. very very different for different people. very well bonded families really try to nurture young people in the in the fall of islam we have to assume congregation from the young people because. they feel part of the mosque establishment religious think tank the pew forum estimates that if present trends continue the muslim population of the u.k. will swell to almost double within twenty years totaling five and a half million according to the speaker is it means that by twenty thirty britain will have more muslims than kuwait it's projects such as this community based
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muslim radio station that could provide the clue as to why the religion is flourishing in the u.k. in that period deejays who call themselves brothers and sisters talk about local issues in education from the point of view of islam inspire started out as a special transmission during the holy month of ramadan it became so popular that it was established as a permanent radio station it's actually a little personal note of the cons are going to start we won't do anything which is deemed a non islamic on their hands the musical and one may question by the five top of the of the music that we play on the radio station we won't have your mainstream music playing on there because the majority of it isn't deemed islamic we would not have ties anything in the sense that we were not called we want having i did was say for example gambling was one of things according to academics. that islam demands from it's followers that's made it more appealing to worshippers and converts from other religions islam says no this is no.
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people find no sense of direction in the because their religion over has lost not because that would be them have it. they became believing and. relation to the laws of the church. think it may be swayed it would make it more mellow the sun and i tracked more people into the church. any. they've lost something that the church of england disagrees with the death of christian england has been greatly exaggerated despite a decade of naysaying and complaining by ses commentators and groups six out of ten people in england self identify as christians a figure which rises to more than two thirds when including people identifying with faith as a whole and yet there are demographers that say that if current trends continue islam could eclipse christianity as the dominant religion in the u.k. in as little as ten years' time. r.t.
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. well according to a study by an independent think tank there are at least eighty five sharia councils operating in britain peter norris a communications manager the lobby group christian concerned believes a proliferation of sharia law in the u.k. could provide clashes in the legal sphere the birth rate amongst muslims is significantly higher i believe. those children being brought up going to mosque and calling themselves muslims that there are many younger muslims that if shari'a law was going to be enacted which i believe it is in some parts of the country. that clashes with british law so british law most western democracies as one law for all but in shari'a there are three fundamental inequalities one of which is between men and women one is between slave and free and the other is between muslim and more muslim so there will be certainly a backlash in in the in the legal and i think most citizens of of britain would
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agree that one more for all is a much better principle a much fairer principle. and don't forget you can catch all the stories we're covering at the moment and plenty more on our website including racking up discontent the f.b.i. is accused of routinely abusing its power and actively misleading congress for more than a decade you can find the whole story at r.t. dot com and it's a very near miss for want to strain just look at this footage. we've plenty more by catching videos on our brilliant hit channel you tube dot com slash. some international news in brief a passenger train has collided with a city bus in the canadian capital during the morning rush hour six people have been reportedly killed in the crash and thirty one injured the train derailed after hitting the double decker bus as
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a level crossing firefighters and ambulances rushed to this thing witnesses say the bus appeared to drive straight through a loaded crossing barrier. warning shots have been fired after greenpeace activists attempted to scale an oil platform in the arctic the greek tried to board the rig owned by russia's oil giant gazprom two of them were arrested and are currently in custody on a coast guard vessel the project is russia's first effort to extract oil from the barents sea the action is aimed to protest against the potential threat to the environment caused by drilling in the arctic's unique nature. coming up next we follow the lives of researches and explorers in antarctica stay with us.
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world. science technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got the future covered. the. british. markets.
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