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tv   Headline News  RT  September 19, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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am. russia says it will hand evidence to the united nations on the syrian rebels possible involvement in last month's chemical attack as a senior diplomat criticizes you wouldn't inspectors so you need to consider the data. a large group of protesters have clashed with the police the police are holding their ground right now as you can see those fires behind me greek police used tear gas to disperse protesters angered by the killing of an anti fashion's activist a corresponding gets caught up in the face of the action. and the war crimes trial of colonel gadhafi son begins in libya as the country defies the international criminal court's demand to hand him over.
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there watching our genia live from moscow this morning and with me to one would say it's good to have you company with us russia says it will provide the u.n. security council with evidence allegedly implicating syrian rebel forces in last month's deadly chemical attack outside damascus the syrian government had already given the same data to u.n. inspectors working in the country but the findings were apparently not taken into account when the report was prepared arches maria for national caught up with russia's deputy foreign minister during his visit to damascus to discuss these allegations. russia's deputy foreign minister has spent two days here in damascus to discuss the country's chemical disarmament plan according to which syria has to destroy or remove its chemical weapons by me two thousand and fourteen but first to
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provide a full list of its chemical weapons and stockpiles by the end of this week that's according to the deal that moscow and washington agreed or an over the weekend in geneva the deal that became sort of a political and diplomatic turn a two two and mitchell response to the use of the chemical weapons here in syria all these just days after the u.n. investigators released their report over the use of chemical weapons here in syria they have been working here for several some time and they released a report that an exclusive interview to r t russia's deputy foreign minister said to get a call for criticised this report calling that it was one sided politicized and biased because according to russia's deputy foreign minister the report didn't appear to take into consideration all the evidence the syrian authorities have conducted their own. sampling and investigation analysis in terms of
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possible evidence of rebels being responsible for educators odes both on august twenty first but beyond that also august twenty second third and fourth this material was discreetly handed over to orcus drum the head of u.n. mission here mission of experts which came and investigated the incident so strong was asked to look into it and eventually factor this new evidence into the final report never happened in fact and this is one of the reasons why we criticize incomplete contents of this report russia will also carry out its own examination of the evidence provided by the syrian government and will also transfer this information to the un security council mosco is calling for
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further investigation by un and it's calling for the un team to come back here to syria to continue its probe in order to determine who was responsible for the hostages here in the country political analyst him lucia says the western powers are cherry picking the date on syria to make all weapons and that persuading them to consider any evidence of rival culpability is a difficult task. naturally the report was not meant to point fingers at anyone but the fact that it ignored certain elements and the investigation that are crucial to finding out who is using chemical weapons in syria is itself highly problematic and behind the medical the united states has been arc think partly selectively and using double standards and dealing with different cases and different countries for example. for parking al qaida and mali
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but at the supporting al qaida in syria so the weight of russia the international weight of russia in the security council will learned more credibility to this that would otherwise be ignored by the united states britain and france so the point is not only to have advance the point is to be able to have that evidence. and study it and taken into consideration. meanwhile syria's president has said he's committed to chemical disarmament but that the process will take at least a year and cost around a billion dollars assad made his latest comments in an interview with fox news the highlights are vailable on our website at r.t. dot com. cities across greece have seen violent clashes following the death of an anti fascist activist who was stabbed to death by
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a member of the far right golden dawn party riot police used tear gas to disperse the angry crowds as writers hurled rocks and lit street fires of course want to see happen i was in the midst of a frenzy. basically the large group of protesters have clashed with the police and police are holding their ground right now as you can see there's fires behind me tear gas is in the air a little bit difficult to breathe here as you can see in front of me the police are trying to hold their territory on the other side there's basically a group of anarchists black bloc kids whatever you want to call them many of the protesters here have been picking up stones along the side of the road in fact if you can pan down you can see some of trying to pull out a fire and stones on the ground from the clashes now. basically. we're basically where we're standing is in between protesters on one side and fires and protesters on the other side the police have secured this radius but in some
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ways were blocked in. it was very hard to breathe at one point they've been throwing around tear gas and of course the smoke is the and the wind is making it get in everyone's faces that some part helped clear the crowd i think the baton and sort of the the heavy. use of tear gas definitely help clear the situation but quite tense and we can't quite figure out where to go and how to leave to be honest you have some folks back there i don't know if you can see with the camera fire still lit with demonstrators hurling rocks in the distance but the police have advanced and it does seem like they're securing the area now this smoke right here if we can pan to it. that's tear gas so we're actually going to move away we don't really have. a safe safe area to go to where effectively stuck between the. protesters behind us and the ones who are sitting in front of us who are who are throwing anything they can get their hands on really people had come out here to this neighborhood to commemorate the death of a young man a young hip hop artist
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a leftist leaning i suppose who was murdered on tuesday evening by someone who was a self-confessed golden dawn member that's one of the sort of fascist. that's been growing a lot more powerful here in greece which provided the fuel for the fire no pun intended for for for these towns clashes that really developed i mean basically while this is at heart an economic situation this is a country that's been struggling with the austerity programs the country that has seen two thirds of its youth and able to find work sixty four percent youth unemployment and these economic tensions have really translated into social issues for example dividing communities some people have have been driven perhaps by desperation to join certain parties certain ideological divisions have been hardened and this is their results the result is a tinderbox that unfortunately hondas particular evening erupted and came to. a
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rather terrible clash. meanwhile greece's public sector remains paralyzed by a two day strike was started on wednesday thousands of civil servants are relative in athens again job as a mass layoffs and spending cuts securing the next tranche of an international bailout loan. a professor of constitutional law the rise of extremist movements is being sealed by public anger over. the majority of the. commissions and unfortunately. the rise of the new forests in the first minority. a massive demonstration of the public sector. and of course. the most recent but all of that has been eclipsed eclipsed by the american. president. who is the only. person.
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if. those things. when it comes to financial troubles that austerity mats is never lost for it's the latest episode of the consular report property bubble that appears to be building up in the u.k. . later this hour but here's a quick preview. this is decorous economics what we can't build waxwings big enough to fly closest to the sun fast enough because we can't crash soon enough because then we can't get our bailout from the taxpayers who then be asked to suffer austerity again remember there's two things going on there is a wealth transfer of the public funds to a few private speculators and then there's the essentially extermination of the poor in this country and other countries will be left to rot on the sidewalk and bleed to death but that's the plan.
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you're watching our channel will have more news for you white up to the break. i think it's. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy shrek albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trying to fix
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rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america to find a job ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. right from the seats. first street. and i think pictures. on our reporters' twitter. and instagram. would be in the old woman on mom. it was a. very hard to take up. once again on
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a plan that never had sex with the earthquake there are no plans. to. the good. god welcome back you're watching archie the some of the late libyan dictator colonel gadhafi who will stand trial today on charges of killings i measured are
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committed during the country's twenty eleven civil war the process is taking place in tripoli as libya has defied numerous requests from the international criminal court to hand side eve over to the hague there are jesus says they will ensure a fair trial but as argue his policy reports many doubt that promise. twenty eight members of the former libyan regime are facing trial among them abdullah senussi who was the former intelligence chief of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi as well as safe islam who was the heir apparent and also the only gadhafi son to be held in custody now the charges they are facing include murder inciting rape and kidnapping used as well as forming armed groups in violation of the norm the libyan authorities are insisting that the men will get a fair trial but human rights groups as well as many in the international community believe that this is not going to happen that the authorities are actually simply incapable of being able to do this since the capture of the men in the hague has
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repeatedly castigated the libyan authorities for not handing them over to face who crimes as well as crimes against humanity if the trial and when this trial goes ahead in libya it is in direct defiance of international criminal court rulings and the court can complain to the united nations security council for what is interesting is that it was the libyan rebels themselves before they came to government and with the forefront of calling for the united nations to order the international criminal court to action and this is what many analysts are saying when the rebels were fighting the gadhafi regime they were very quick to curry favor with the international community to call for the gadhafi family to be put on trial at the hague but no sooner do they themselves come into power then they're turning their backs on the very same community that they were cooperating with very few people believe that safe will get a fair trial this case is a really taken
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a very long time and also the fact that they're not prepared to hand him over to the hague does suggest that old scores with the gadhafi family are being settled this is being called the trial of the same cheery but even those who are trying to organize it on capable of doing so poorly r.t. to level of let's take a look at the. international criminal court's pursuit of saif al islam since the start of the libyan revolution in february of two thousand and eleven now six months into the unrest the i.c.c. issued an arrest warrant for both colonel gadhafi as well as his son citing evidence of a crimes against humanity committed against political opponents now the war in libya and with the brutal death of moammar gadhafi at the hands of rebels in october of two thousand and eleven but no investigation of their trial into the killing had followed now the i.c.c. then started informal talks with saif al islam urging him to hand himself over to
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the hague over fears he would share the stage of his father but then however saif was captured by libyan authorities while trying to leave the country in november of two thousand and eleven upon that shortly afterwards the government announced that hew would go on trial for war crimes and in tripoli rejecting the isis these calls are for his handover saying it has no jurisdiction shortly after all the government announces he will go on trial for war crimes in tripoli and in june international criminal court of appeals were detained by libyan rebels are for several weeks after visiting saif islam suspect in them inquired conspiring against the state now in since that moment save hadn't seen a single lawyer and that in the end of may and the i.c.c. has rejected tripoli. trial gadhafi and demand his hand over.
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right of course now earlier my colleague andrew farmer he spoke aladdin mug rajarhat a member of the libyan general national congress who says that the country has every right to try gadhafi son without foreign interference. he's a libyan all the crimes on the charges against him being proud are committed in libya and every libyan believes that he should be tried in libya none of the none of the crimes that he's been charged with are committed outside libya so there's no reason whatsoever. to try him outside libya and the demand of all the libyans why do you think this being such a bad. try him why the president the president is not we as a libyan who have had their pollution in two thousand and eleven we don't have
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a brother we knew we knew from day one we wanted to try all of them including see if we get there in libya and catch all the stories we're covering and much more on our website including the u.s. drone industry has been so much that there is now a shortfall in people to the unmanned planes but health is at hand as american colleges start offering degrees in drone warfare head online to learn more about this lucrative but he still through we have that's. switzerland appears to be living up to its reputation as a nation of peace as it prepares to break with centuries of tradition and put compulsory military service to a referendum we have a full story and r.t. dot com. right to see. first for you and i think that your.
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on our reporters will. be in the. iran has freed eleven political prisoners including the prominent human rights lawyer and i swear now they're in a sort of there she has been behind bars since twenty ten after being found guilty of acting against national security and was eventually sentenced to six years in jail so today's imprisonment provoked a international uproar and shock which is a mother over the islamic republic from our various rights groups political scientists carvel he says it's not the only change of all the better interests policies that have been a lot of positive signals coming from tehran is in me being. represented is a international atomic energy agency on september twenty seventh and there's also
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talk of nuclear dialogue between the union foreign minister and catherine ashton the foreign policy chief on the sidelines of the g eight summit in new york next week and you know there's been also talks of the possibilities of presidents who are new and obama leading which. would be much better than that nevertheless all the all the signs are positive and indicate a new ukrainian willingness to negotiate and. sure more nuclear transparency and search. and a quick look at other news around the world in mexico the death toll from massive floods caused by two hurricanes has risen to eighty with dozens of people still missing tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes many of which have been cut off from power supplies along with the delusion mudslides have also hampered rescue operations we know the air force has started evacuating an estimated forty thousand tourists stranded in acapulco. and north of the border in
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the united states massive floods that killed eight people and displaced thousands in the state of colorado have triggered oil and gas leaks from a ruptured pipe lines of us are warning that groundwater could become contaminated but the extent of the leaks is so far unclear environmental groups are say that shale gas fracking over the past year has made the area vulnerable to contamination . and staying with the u.s. says six students at the city university of new york have been arrested after staging a protest against the university's decision to employ former cia chief david petraeus now the protesters accuse the ex general who's been given a teaching position of being a war criminal has resigned as a senior aide drek to last year after revelations of an extramarital affair. poll also will be opening in germany on sunday for pollard mentary lection that's
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been closely watched by the rest of the year sorry to play do euro zone but as chancellor merkel and her rivals launch a final push for votes they're facing an uphill struggle to win over young people many of whom feel the main parties are failing to represent their interests are cheese grater all of the reports on what's behind the discontent. political promises ahead of the general election in germany just plain patronize ing said the country's young people according to a poll of the next generation of voters less than a quarter of those asked believe the social democrats can challenge merkel and only three percent would vote for mrs merkel's current coalition partners the free democrats more about the political than what's best for us they don't listen to us and we don't trust them there isn't one person in a blue that represents our needs those with their fingers on germany's political polls say those use needs a very clear they want education they want jobs as well as other cultural and
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leisure aspects this wishes aren't being addressed by the main parties. exit polls show the average german voter is around forty five years old and that's the demographic. christian democrats challenges the social democrats of focused on. for the most part their parties of all the males dealing with the issues that the fact all the people there the largest block a vote and that's why they get. a prime time televised showdown between mrs merkel and s.t.p. attended. which had been billed as a clash of the political titans barely touched on one of the key youth issues the n.s.a. spying scandal and the topic of surveillance and the fact is our surveys for the future of democracy. is that we're concerned people especially in the future so that's why i'm in the green party and it's for those reasons that when young germans go to the polls on the twenty second i'm glad merkel shouldn't rely on them
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voting for her picture all over r.t. germany. on the back of more news in just over half an hour before that they're as promised. but wonderful. life you know. and. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax keyser we're back in london back in the u.k. a nation not of shopkeepers new. new it's a nation of real estate agents yes the backbone of any great casino capitals nation estate agents one in four jobs created in the u.k. this year were in the property sector that makes a total of five hundred sixty two thousand british residents in gage and selling
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you shares in what many call george osborne's housing bubble ponzi his mother his wife and five hundred sixty two thousand a state asians disagree of course they think i was born to help to buy scheme is fricken genius stacey stacey i need to know more ers it disingenuous. well max we had to rush back from new york to london to sort this out because i was surprised to see all these headlines while flying back because record number of estate agents raises fears of an unsustainable housing bubble oh and as data shows five hundred and sixty two thousand people work in real estate sector the largest number since records began in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and as he said in the opening one in four new jobs twenty five percent of new jobs are in the real estate sector well this is a remarkable development you've got half a million real estate agents selling property back and forth to each other
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inflating the price every single transaction thanks to money printing from mark carney so you've got mark carney george osborne and the real estate sector colluding in a triangle of fraud trading and massive bubble that i have said on this show will pop within twenty four months or i'll eat my pants now a month. it's gone by so within twenty three months and this is the way all bubbles form and crash in this modern monetarist economy post milton friedman post supply and demand post wages for capital post capitalism and all these jobs are of course our wealth redistribution their paper shufflers just shifting wealth from one person to another mostly from the young to the old whatever wealth those young have it's mostly through leverage it's mostly three debt because of course they don't have the money to put down as a deposit on a property which is why they help to buy.


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