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tv   Headline News  RT  September 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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turkey closes a major supply route to syria's opposition this after al qaeda linked jihad is seize control of a key time and turn on rebel forces. the killing of an outspoken anti-fascist rather sends greece spiraling into violence with authorities now looking at the suspected murderer is linked with the far right golden dawn party. the son of the ousted libyan dictator moammar gadhafi has his war crimes trial adjourned until december it will still take place in libya despite requests by the international criminal court to ship him to the hague.
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welcome good to have you company watching r.t. with me. now the civil war that stated syria for more than two years has changed extensively from the initial conflict rebel forces and al qaeda linked factions that once fought side by side in the anti assad push and now pitted against each other in violent battles and reports suggest that increasingly the more radical elements appear to be gaining ground. well in the most recent incident they seized the strategic town of as in the turkish border free syrian army rebels jihadist stormed the area on wednesday in some of the most severe fighting between the two factions yet and the town sits on a key rebel weapons supply route raising fears that arms could fall into the hands of islamic militants assaults by al-qaeda linked extremists have become a daily concern for syria's could ish minority as well although the kurds managed
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to drive them out of the village early this week more than twenty people reportedly died in the clash on both sides some analysts think that the rise of radicals has been sparked by foreign interference. i think a lot of different. people at the table a lot of different countries that have their own interests in what's going on in syria right now that range everywhere from the saudis who are just interested in making sure that shia rebellion is not successful in in any country and in making sure that it's the shias are put down in their own country you have cutter and turkey who are interested in regional dominance and some of the pipeline politics related to some of the proposed pipelines that are going through syria you have israel which is always worried about threats to its itself from from some of the groups in the area and you have foreign u.s. and nato allies that are always interested in what's happening in the region so you have a lot of different players that are there for different reasons and then you have these these looser affronts and other foreign jihadists that are being shipped in
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this as sort of the sword of these these different interested parties at the table so it creates a very violent and chaotic situation and to certain extent for some of the interested parties there the chaos is in fact the goal of what's happening there rather than any particular outcome i think that the destabilization is it plays into the hands of many of the people who want to see the syrian government basically thrown off kilter in the stable and so while president vladimir putin also warned about the rise of extremism in syria the statement came during his address to delegates at the found by conference in western russia. following the gathering and joins us live from. eagle russia is playing a key role when it comes to trying to resolve the syrian crisis what did the president have to say on that. well first of all i want to start by saying that the general mood here at the volga is that only a peaceful diplomatic solution is possible to the conflict in syria that's pretty
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much what moscow has been saying this entire time and what we have heard from president puts him during his statement. once again commented on washington's plans for military. intervention he said that it's not up to the u.s. congress to decide whether the pentagon should strike syria or not but strictly to the u.n. security council and he also said that the whole approach of. attacking without knowing what that may lead to doesn't really make sense. but you know you still need to hear. i often ask my western counterparts you're essentially backing the rebels ok let's imagine they come to you help what are you going to do next newspaper and try to shoo them from power it just doesn't happen that way i'll ask them what are you going to do them and their response is we don't know it's an open discussion well if you don't know what's the point of rushing
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headlong into a fight especially if you have no idea how it like that. right. basically the president has also been saying that the whole talk about a possible military intervention in syria began after alleged chemical attacks took place and now that they've been confirmed by the u.n. experts it still hasn't been determined which side actually used to these weapons that's still yet to be found out and while the president commented on that situation as well saying it's too early to make any conclusions. about the u.s. . we are always talking about the responsibility of president assad if he had used the chemical weapons but not if the rebels did it what are we going to do with them we have every reason to believe that it was a provocation a smart provocation of course but that they can eat was very simple they used the
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old soviet missile which is no longer in service with the syrian army the key thing is that the missile carried the label made in the u.s. on them. now in total over two hundred experts both from russia and from abroad are taking part in this forum here at all die and i'd like to introduce one of these experts mr overseen by g.e. professor of international relations from an karate turkey mr bargee thank you very much for joining us tonight. the latest news from that region is that turkey has closed to the border with syria blocking one of the past for the rebels one of their supplying of roads do you think that's you know off to prevent more what happens from getting in the hands of the rebels i think first of all the this is one of the exit strategy from turkey of each as from the very beginning supported the opposition forces but now we know that there are more radical eastern mr
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grouping supporting kin through the turkish border now this step is important of course to justify that turkey is on the site of the. united nations decision. to the agreement was reached between mr kerry and lavrov so i think it is a good development. is it fair to say that it's in turkey's own interests of that so there is no spread of extremists right outside its borders it is through turkey. has been one of the targets of our. kind of was i think in turkey eighty years ago so i think from now on turkey has to be much more careful rather police than a group of radical islamist group in sa not going through turkey because we know now because those groups are going to have certain weapons including chemical weapons have you said in the report that the every don't know which side has been
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using that is rather for turkey to close down the border and control all the in and outs and i think it is. interface interest of course not only for on security about the for the security of the entire region mr vijay how do you evaluate the roadmap proposed to syria aimed dad to destroying its kind of weapons and its chances for success i think turkey has been courting this turkish foreign minister was just i think it will take some time at least one year as mr bashar assad said and it is a costly business more than one billion dollars to me to. prevent the use of chemical weapons is a very important international norm from now on and i think many of the tattersall groups who are going to use this type of chemical weapons in syria have all of us have to be very careful because if there are strict restrictions from the not
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nations and from all the international community i think maybe we cannot prevent all of them but. there are such conflicts can go free or chemical weapons. russia has been calling for a diplomatic solution to the conflict since its beginning and. few years have passed now what do you think it's now that the international community is actually beginning to listen to what moscow has been calling for the passion for for russia is now anderton victory you know for important and diplomatic retiree russia appears peacemaker in this and i think all the international community is now supporting this plan this project is better to find a diplomatic solution rather than through a bomb disobedience which would cost more lives i would say down the chemical
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weapons doesn't matter one or two the number of. irrelevant in the sense of what's important is the human life and into. to program more room by going to be killed by such weapons mr barger thank you very much for your time this was a professional professor rather of international relations from grow turkey mr hussein bagchi. ok thank you. thank you. the murder of a prominent anti fascist musician has sent greece into a frenzy with riots and clashes reported in different parts of the country the killer was reportedly a member of the far right golden dawn party whose membership has just as the country's economic misery has grown it quickly became known for terrorizing migrants our correspondent catherine off reports basically the large group of
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protesters have clashed with the police the police are holding their ground right now as you can see there's fires behind me tear gas is in the air it's a little bit difficult to breathe here as you can see in front of me the police are trying to hold their territory on the other side there's basically a group of anarchists black bloc kids whatever you want to call them many of the protesters here have been picking up stones along the side of the road in fact if you can pan down you can see someone trying to pull out a fire stones on the ground from the clashes this smoke right here if we can pan to it that's tear gas so we're actually going to move away we don't really have. a safe safe area to go to are effectively stuck between the protesters behind us and the ones you're seeing in front of us who are who are throwing anything they can get their hands on really people had come out here to this neighborhood to commemorate the death of a young man a young hip hop artist leftist leading i suppose who was murdered on tuesday
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evening by someone who is a self-confessed golden dawn member that's one of the sort of neo fascist parties that that's been growing a lot more powerful here in greece which provided the few. all for the fire no pun intended for for for these ten's clashes that really developed i mean basically while this is at heart an economic situation this and these economic tensions have really translated into social issues for example dividing communities some people have have been driven perhaps by desperation to join certain parties certain ideological divisions have been hardened and this is their results the result is a tinder box that unfortunately this particular evening erupted and came to a rather terrible clash. while the greek government is now dropping hints it may try to go on the far right group is now the third largest in parliament and said to be growing fast george cut through gallois a professor of constitutional law believes the rise of extremist sentiment in
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greece is directly linked to the state of the economy. they're not going to do with the good people is exactly what these austerity measures and unfortunately the i'm getting into despair is feeding those so that eyes of the new feist's have been the first this sort of minority of people now we've got a message there must be some of the public sector very council. and i've caused not that sort of violence there must be some but all of that has been. made the matter was like gun present babysitter knew if i say the group the only called police is a bit of a purse this if they think this is a come back to them out of us or utopian socialist state. coming up feet a wind of change in iran president rouhani seems to be steering his country to a more moderate theme chair releasing political prisoners i'm promising now nuclear weapons we've got this story just awful bright.
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wealthy british style sign it's time to rise on. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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welcome back iranian president hassan rouhani has pledged a completely peaceful nuclear future for his country this statement has been generally welcomed by the international community and is seen as a step by toronto a more moderate stance on the global political arena. takes a look now at what iran's new newly elected leader has already done. the great empire and its favorite nemesis for decades relations between the u.s.
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and iran have been ice cold but in recent months added to its have been thawing as tehran and washington have taken steps to overcome years of hostility to begin with president hassan rouhani is appointment of foreign minister mohammad it is a reef was received positively by western officials this summer the reef a western educated former iranian ambassador to the u.n. has been called a worthy negotiating partner the appointment has been seen by some as an olive branch to the white house another optimistic development came in july when one hundred thirty one members of the u.s. house of representatives wrote a letter to u.s. president barack obama encouraging him to use the opportunity offered by president rouhani for the improvement of bilateral relations speaking of letters iran confirmed this week that president rouhani and president obama exchanged a written correspondence rare contact between the leaders of two nations that cut
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off diplomatic ties in one thousand nine hundred eighty in his letter mr obama indicated that the u.s. is ready to resolve the nuclear issue in a way that allows iraq to demonstrate that its nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful purposes and on wednesday iranian officials released prominent iranian lawyer nasreen day from prison after being jailed for three years for her human rights work in the past the u.s. actively force a today's release in addition iranian media reports that thirteen other political prisoners rounded up for involvement in the two thousand and nine anti-government protests had been released this comes as the rons new moderate leader who has promised more freedoms at home and constructive engagement with the world travels to new york for the united nations general assembly debate however on the. heels of mr rouhani is a rival the u.s. government is preparing to seize thirty six story men cotton skyscraper that
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prosecutors say is secretly owned and controlled by the iranian government a u.s. judge has ruled that the owners of this fifth avenue building known as the alvey foundation and asset corp transferred rental income and other funds to iranian state owned bank a violation of u.s. sanctions this seizure could not come at a worse time considering that the leaders of the u.s. and iran could possibly meet face to face next week reporting from new york marina fortnight artsy well terry koval the research or the institute for international relations in paris says iran is ready to be flexible with the u.s. but only to a point. nuclear issue you have the question of the relationship between iran and the u.s. and. so i think you know the two countries have been
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really nearly. seventy nine revolution so they just need to talk to you know the fact that. a return to late to. ensure the fact that you know that they really need to stop to talk to each other the all regime you know even there are lines of going to the conclusion that the situation cannot go on they need to conserve the nuclear issue the new to decrease the amount of economic pressure on the country so they need to engage with the u.s. that's really a conclusion and there will be so you some vision. i think they are ready to be flexible but there are also some red lines not that they will never give up to the iran wants to enrich uranium but that they are ready to be flexible. now it's a case of safety in numbers the scores of migrants poor over a well things border between morocco and a small pocket in spanish territory find out how they fared at r.t. dot com also there a police probe has been launched into the u.s.
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into why the best armed most highly trained units were told to stand down even as a deadly shootout was in progress but the details at our web site. the son of the late libyan dictator colonel gadhafi has briefly appeared in court with his trial immediately adjourned until december saif al islam is accused of war crimes during the country's twenty eleven civil war the hearings are taking place near tripoli despite the international criminal court's many requests to send him to the hague paula slayer has the details of the case. twenty eight members of the former libyan regime are facing trial among them abdullah senussi who was the former intelligence chief of the libyan leader moammar gadhafi as well as safe islam who was the heir apparent and also the only gadhafi son to be held in custody now the charges they're facing include murder inciting rape and kidnapping us as
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well as forming armed groups in violation of the nor the libyan authorities are insisting that the men will get a fair trial but human rights groups as well as many in the international community believe that this is not going to happen that the authorities are actually simply incapable of being able to do this since the capture of the men in the hague has repeatedly castigated the libyan authorities for not handing them over to face who crimes as well as crimes against humanity if the trial and when this trial goes ahead in libya it is in direct defiance of international criminal court rulings and the court can complain to the united nations security council what is interesting is that it was the libyan rebels themselves before they came to government at work at the forefront of calling for the united nations to order the international criminal court to action and this is what many analysts are saying when the rebels were fighting the gadhafi regime they were very quick to curry favor with the
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international community to call for the gadhafi family to be put on trial at the hague but no sooner do they themselves come into power then they're turning their backs on the very same community that they were cooperating with very few people believe that safe will get a fair trial this case is a really taken a very long time and also the fact that they're not prepared to hand him over to the hague does suggest that all the schools with the gadhafi family are being settled this is being called the trial of the same cheery but even those who are trying to organize it on capable of doing so. well let's take a look at the international criminal court pursuit of siva. islam since the start of the libyan revolution in february twentieth eleven six months into the unrest the i.c.c. issued arrest warrants for both colonel gadhafi and his son on charges of crimes against humanity while the war in libya ended with the death of moammar gadhafi at the hands of rebels in october twenty levon the i.c.c.
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then started informal talks with saif al islam merging him to surrender himself to the hague however he was captured by libyan authorities while trying to leave the country in november shortly afterwards the government announced he would go on trial for war crimes in tripoli rejecting the i.c.c. has called for his handover saying it had no jurisdiction and in june here international criminal court officials were detained by a libyan armed group for several weeks after visiting him accuses accused of conspiring against the state since then he hasn't had access to a lawyer libya saw the i.c.c. as approval for its domestic trial of gadhafi son in may this year but that request was rejected. when john jones the i.c.c. appointed lawyer for science and islam spoke to artie's oksana boyko in her talk show worlds apart and explained why he says there's little chance of a fair trial in libya. what do you think is the most realistic scenario what do you
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think is the most likely fade that keith can face if he's delivered to the hague to the i.c.c. he may well stand a good chance of being acquitted and being being freed because you can have a fair trial before an international court you can have a trial in circumstances where there's an empty gadhafi which i'm told in the country the i see credibility at this point of time is pretty tarnished not only by be wholely be in a fair because the i.c.c. played a very destructive very politicized role in this whole a libyan controversy and the lead up to the. ouster of more marget a few but what do you think will be his most realistic fate if he is tried and. convicted and would receive the death penalty only a couple of weeks ago a former education minister mr ibrahim was sentenced to death after a very short process. and. if you don't he could easily suffer the same fate.
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just to go back to your point about the i.c.c. and i think one has to distinguish the different organs of the i.c.c. you can talk about the prosecutor. who she chose to indict and whether that's a political decision or not but when we're talking about a fair trial you have about three judges have been chosen for their independent. expertise and i'm confident that we would have a fair trial before the i.c.c. . has just gone twenty five past eight here in moscow time to have a look at some other news making headlines around the world a senior police officer has been killed during an army assault on an opposition stronghold just outside dozens of police and military vehicles moved into. morning more than fifty people were arrested in the rate it comes a month after an attack on a police station that left eleven people dead. understand where
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a district governor of the northern province of paul has defected to the taliban according to officials because i abhor high is thought to be the highest ranking civilian official to defect to the taliban it comes as the american military in nato gear up to completely withdraw from the country by the end of next year. students of new york university have a key city police a decent heavy handed tactics while bringing a process under control police reportedly shout punches on some of the protesters and show others down onto the pavement six students were arrested protestors but eventually over to universities decision to employ former cia chief general petraeus. coming up it's the kaiser report with max and stacy.
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i got some angry but polite messages after i came out in favor of the foreign adoption ban of russian children by people in the usa this is not a dig on america i think russia or any country that respects itself should export any children to anywhere at all people tell me that i'm paranoid that the decision to stop the foreign adoptions punishes the children were a massive reuters investigation called the child exchange has exposed some dark secrets about adoption of foreign children they expose it often by using the term re homing which is normally about finding new homes for animals people are basically advertising adopted children they don't want like baseball cards on e bay we're just found out that on just one yahoo group are child a week was offered up to the public my what kind of people want to discreetly get
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children off the internet the thing is that in the us adopting a child from overseas is hard but transferring them to someone else later on is a breeze all you need is a notarized power of attorney document to clearing the child is another adult's care so for those of you who think that i am a cruel nationals because i support russians the option ban than take a look at the child exchange and you might just start to see my point but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report imax keyser we're back in london back in the u.k. a nation not of shopkeepers new. new it's a nation of real estate agents yes the backbone of any great casino capitals nation
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estate agents one in four jobs created in the u.k. this year were in the property sector that makes a total of five hundred sixty two thousand british residents in gage and selling you shares in what many call george osborne's housing bubble posey is mother his wife and five hundred sixty two thousand est agents disagree of course they think more self to buy scheme is fricken genius stacey stacey i need to know more urgent first and disingenuous. well next we had to rush back from new york to london to sort this out because i was surprised to see all these headlines while flying back because record number of estate agents raises fears of an unsustainable housing bubble oh and as data shows five hundred and sixty two thousand people work in real estate sector the largest number since records began in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and as he said in the opening one in four new jobs twenty five.


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