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welcome to the kaiser report imax keyser we're back in london back in the u.k. a nation not of shopkeepers new. new it's a nation of real estate agents yes the backbone of any great casino capitals nation estate agents one in four jobs created in the u.k. this year were in the property sector that makes a total of five hundred sixty two thousand british residents in gage and selling you shares in what many call george osborne's housing bubble ponzi his mother his wife and five hundred sixty two thousand a state agents disagree of course they think is more self devised game is fricken
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genius stacey stacey i need to know more ers it disingenuous. well next we had to rush back from new york to london to sort this out because i was surprised to see all these headlines while flying back because record number of estate agents raises fears of an unsustainable housing bubble oh and as data shows five hundred sixty two thousand people work in real estate sector the largest number since records began in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and as he said in the opening one in four new jobs twenty five percent of new jobs are in the real estate sector well this is a remarkable development you've got half a million real estate agents selling property back and forth to each other inflating the price every single transaction thanks to money printing from mark carney so you've got mark carney george osborne in the real estate sector colluding in a triangle of fraud trade again massive bubble that i have said on this show will pop
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within twenty four months or i'll eat my pants now a month. it's gone by so within twenty three months and this is the way all bubbles form and crash in this modern monetarist economy post milton friedman post supply and demand post wages for capital post capitalism and all these jobs are of course our wealth redistribution their paper shufflers just shifting wealth from one person to another mostly from the young to the old whatever wealth those young have it's mostly through leverage it's mostly three debt because of course they don't have the money to put down as a deposit on a property which is why they help to buy scheme is there in order to provide this deposit this is the first wave and the second wave comes in january two thousand and fourteen and that's open to pretty much everybody and it is providing you know taxpayer guarantees on mortgages up to six hundred thousand pounds which is about
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a million dollars well because the price of the real estate will crash again guaranteed think of it this way this is an interest free loan from mark carney to speculators in other words if you're a friend of mark carney if you're part of the prince the elite class in the u.k. he will give you. a loan that you never have to pay back you know as he's just gifting the money the fact that it's being washed through the facade of the real estate market is just for cosmetic purposes so that the daily telegraph or the guardian or or the b.b.c. can talk about the real estate market as if it's and needed component in this fraud it's not it's just the. front end of the fraud to make it look as though there's economic activity going on but when you scrap away the real estate and you will once that crashes and you end up with once again the u.k. economy will be at record debt i predict four trillion pounds in debt when this bubble
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pops within two years and you end up with. oligarchs and kleptocrats unemployment will be at sky high and a lot of course social unrest of course a lot of this could be down to bankers and elite front running basically george osborne's the next wave of the scheme or it doesn't start until january twenty fourth which is when the crazy stuff the crazy backing by the taxpayer comes and now there are lots of calls for the government to stop to not introduce that but of course they've got their constituents who want to flip their house but also the bankers pushing them towards this now edwin conway i think he's a telegraph opinion maker commentator he said that in kensington and chelsea for example house prices are at twenty eight point nine times earning well this reminds me of the old woody allen joke used goes to the doctor says doctor my brother thinks is a chicken and the doctor says what will give him these pills and the guy says no
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you don't understand we need the eggs. in other words the u.k. economy is based on fraud they need to keep the ponzi scheme going to put the money into the politicians pockets like cameron and born of the rest to keep their election prospects current but at the end of the day there are psychotic headless chickens running around selling back and forth to each other worthless properties that within twenty four months will crash and leave a lot of misery a lot of tears now mark carney who you mentioned many times he used to head the bank of canada well he's left behind an even more epic housing bubble there and that is getting and growing worse a higher percentage of canadians are employed in construction now then pre recession much higher level than the us now if you look at the chart the red line there is then canada and the blue line is the us to compare those two so nearly eight percent of canadians are working in the real estate sector and that compares
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to the us at their peak in two thousand and six it was about five and a half percent of americans worked in the real estate sector now it's under it's about four percent while this is decorous economics what we can build waxwings big enough to fly closest to the sun fast enough because we can't crash soon enough because then we can't get a bailout from the taxpayers who then be asked to suffer austerity again remember that there's two things going on there is a well transfer of the public funds to a few private speculators and then there's the essentially extermination of the poor in this country and other countries will be left to rot on the sidewalk and bleed to death but that's the plan another chart goes with this headline here from canada and if you look at this this is this household credit to disposable income as you can see it just continues to rise rise rise there is no sign of any sort of slowdown in terms of their debt to how much they earn and again this is
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a problem because it's not real wealth creation is that only actually making the problem worse for the future because they're just bringing forward more and more of the future of the government the bank of england or the federal reserve bank will say we can do this because there's no inflation. now they only look at a number of c.p.i. or other index which is based on things that are not moving up in price like electronics made by slaves in china or textiles and clothing made by slaves and china and vietnam simply by putting house prices into the end x. then inflation is running it ten twelve percent in the u.k. which is very getting close to hyperinflation they choose not to recognize this is disingenuous it's not genius and then when it crashes of course they'll say we never saw it coming the market is unpredictable i made another billion dollars i don't know how that happened. i just never seem to stop making money i don't know
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how it happens and mark carney will go to some other country and ruin their economy he ruined canada he's going britain will end up i don't know where else vietnam maybe but it's also a gross misallocation of capital and it's encouraged and fostered and this situation happens because of the government intervention now they're also choosing the winners. who are actually losers i mean these guys are normally losers the sort of loser and the casino who hangs out all night drinking the free whiskey and gambling and losing but they're kept in there and they're they're kept there they want to be kept in the casino by the owners of the casino because they're the best the losers are the best to have now we're going to see similar this government intervention backing the losers to be the so-called winners. lurkers medical school rejects as taxpayers fund debt these medical rejects the ones i apply for universities in america medical schools in america who in the article interviews
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many of them who have been rejected from twenty four thirty forty schools across america well i accept them dry which has to for profit medical schools in the caribbean is accepting hundreds of students who were rejected by us medical schools these students amassed more debt than their us counterparts a median of two hundred fifty three thousand and seventy two dollars in june two thousand and twelve. versus one hundred seventy thousand for twenty twelve graduates of u.s. medical schools so that figure in the u.s. . only includes. undergraduate and medical school whereas the ones for dr include only four years of their medical school now the two schools they mention there ross university school of medicine and american university of caribbean which is a u.c. right so these are students that would accidentally remove people's liver or cut off the wrong foot or show up in the operating room stoned so they go to down to
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jamaica and they rack up they perfected a couple of procedures the debt ectomy where they remove the equitable assets from one household and they turn into debt and transfuse it into the households of a of another location this is the famous degrees graduate get back to me procedure which ends up racking up another one of the student loan debt in america amounts over a trillion dollars bigger than a subprime bubble before burst is out of student loan bubble so you've got a bunch of cracked out meth amphetamine smoking losers racking up huge debt and that's what they're good for they can't do a simple procedure they can't figure out how to put a band-aid on a cut on your finger but they can rack up half a billion in debt well exactly so they accept this school except nine hundred nine hundred fifty students a year that's seven times more than any u.s. medical school which except on average one hundred thirty nine year but the point is that these people that are going to differ i have been rejected by all the u.s.
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schools they were their grades weren't good enough the average m c a t that medical college admission test score down and dry is twenty five compared to the us schools where thirty one point two wanted this one a what's the current three petri dish and call that a medical student exactly well this is kind of what they're doing but the taxpayers subsidizing it because these students and though neither a you see nor ross in the island nation of dominic is a credited by the body that approves you medical programs is. the u.s. students at both schools are eligible for loans issued by the u.s. education department the loans which totaled about three hundred ten million dollars in the year ended june two thousand and twelve leave the u.s. taxpayer not differ i on the hook if students just fail to get jobs and be unable to repay them for example the article interviews the guy who was rejected by twenty four schools in america he's been accepted there he is paid he's now got four
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hundred thousand dollars in debt that he can never escape because of course he can't escape student debts dry is paid by the taxpayer of the united states now the taxpayer the united states can pursue this guy forever but he failed twenty four admissions tests for other universities you know what how how what are his chances of becoming a doctor well he could become chancellor of the exchequer because he's demonstrated an ability to be completely incompetent and rack up huge debts or federal reserve chairman of course they're still a. good point right to use your term or thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you all right stay tuned for the second half speaking with simon rose of save our savers who is absolutely appalled at these recent developments and will get his take on things stay right there.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax kaiser as we're back in london the first thing we needed to do is check in with simon rose of save our sabers dot co dot you k. to find out what financial and economic crimes mark carney and george osborne have committed against the british population in our absence simon rose welcome back to the kaiser report i think you very much work much you look fantastic now here's a headline from the telegraph new threat to savings rate from regulators
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a crackdown on so-called teaser rates could keep rates at rock bottom and leave savers exposed to random rate cuts about the problem is that. a lot of institutions trying to enslave us and with these great rights post office and got one of the moment which is somewhat like two point six five percent but all three are jobs just no point one percent and of course they do this knowing that many people simply will not move their account once it gets to a noticeable rate of interest on the financial condition authority also have a look at this and see if it's a good idea or not opinion is divided because many savers are very active and they were always trying to get the best rate but of course the reason there are both rates is the majority of people are the company ball though or they don't know all the two up acetic or they just fed up of these people stating the money anyway and they stay with these accounts and they get next to nothing what about the p.d.p. lending services in the u.k. who match borrowers and lenders and offer savers for five percent on their savings
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with of course what's happened is now that savings has gone from being a risk free return to a return free risk people are looking for other ways although you're on their money and disappear lending is certainly one of them is growing massively i mean you have to say it's not safeguarded in the way that your savings is you are taking a great a risk the more respectable companies want to be very sure to be regulated soon but yes there you can as you say for you can get four or five percent of the rates are not quite as good as they were but they are filling a vacuum and that the banks are acting irresponsibly because they're in league with the bank of england and they're manipulating through financial oppression rates artificially low to help speculators so p.t.p. lending which matches borrowers and lenders offer savers a four four napper cent return on savings which is a more traditional rate which is what they should be getting at barclays and what and lloyds if those banks weren't in the in the business of in league with the devil mark carney to create this artificial ponzi scheme as
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a bubble well i think one of the members of my going i think missed a week how quite remember actually says he thinks in the future peter thiel and his may replace the banks because that's exactly what they're doing they're bringing to . at the bar was i've learned is. that what the banks are supposed to doing is that while the banks are doing new all they're doing is taking cheap government money and funny through the mortgage market so the house prices go up but as for helping actual businesses that might actually want to develop and produce growth get it the moral institution of chartered surveyors has proposed that the government kept house price rises at five percent so a government kept to resolve a problem of government intervention the great this is a a wonderful story yes. produce these measures to get the house price market moving again alston tell you for the next general election because he believes that if ah so i could go up i would feel my some warm and fuzzy and they'll vote for him and then of course as soon as house prices do so is going up the best estimates are
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getting six percent rise in house prices annually then we get the c.s.a. who we might get no house price bubble we've got to try to nip it in the bud. i mean unintended consequences we have seen so many in the last five years i'm now of course that things are getting increasingly desperate we're going to be seeing more and more of them so that you say yeah on the one hand they're trying to push house prices up and they are having people screaming we must not house prices going up well it shows two things one is financial illiteracy that they don't understand that by printing money you create house price inflation yeah so if they didn't want house price inflation they would cut back on printing money a second of alt a six percent rise in house prices wow that just happens to be about one or what happens cent similar to what a savior would get if they were just there the business of underwriting speculation in the housing market so that six percent is what a savior would get if they were just adding to the capitalist system remember savers are providing the capital that fuel capitalism yes house prices regulators
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are adding to the debt which as a contributor to the u.k. becoming a centrally planned your pullup euro style soviet union. kleptocracy can't disagree with any of that i just think he's talking about the creation of money of course and if you look at house prices across the country yes there was a good six percent but not as some of the far reaches once you get away from london in most places house prices not rising very much until you have read that money is being created if you haven't enough of it there the houses in the capital's ten most expensive barros and now with as much as the entire property of wales scotland and northern ireland combined so it's where the money's be created is where the inflation is in london five the city right entered economy that's a fair market or free market or capitalist economy that's based on the concept of a meritocracy the distribution of wealth would be a hedge of monic it wouldn't be concentrated and if i said that correctly and if i
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use the word hedge i'm on it correctly i'm going to go back and review the time noting that you're telling it to a dictionary but in other words because the proximity of the london housing market to the bank of england and they're printing the money their prices are going up and then the money is never making it out to the sticks so you would say the united states are now is in it's just like. you're at the head of the river. bet and then as the river flows north and this case gets full of toxic securities and toxic business and toxic political policies and then the people in manchester and the people in birmingham and sheffield end up living down river so to speak with all the garbage that ends up in that water that's originating from london and we're talking about financial garbage which is destroying them financially no that's absolutely right but q.e. and inflation both of benefiting the incredibly wealthy just like in the states what's happened the last five years is that the
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a massive transfer of wealth. off what's on the people should be objecting violently it's an extraordinary change in the social climate and construction of the country we're benefiting the very very wealthy the only people who are doing well out of what is happening and it's utterly disgraceful that's going to me mean the evisceration of the middle class anybody who's got money they are just trying to get what they can to grab it for themselves and it's quite unashamedly extraordinarily bad now in poland recently they grabbed some pension assets and this is on top of what we saw recently in cyprus with the so-called bail and m.f. global in the united states that j.p. morgan grab people's deposits but even pointed out before the show i want you to get into it to mention it again you know the u.k. had a similar pension and rap you have to describe in poland they only took the bones they didn't take the equities and the promises that he's going to make the pension assets much safer being in state ounds of course but we mustn't forget the george
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osborne the head of the post office prophesies his do pretty much the same he took twenty eight billion of the post office pension funds assets from them he's not actually accounting for any of the liabilities which is getting on for forty billion but he's using it to make it look as though all debt is well below that it was a no doubt somewhere down the line people in the post office pension fund are going to be screaming because they don't have an adequate pension but it's is part of the modus operandi of these kleptocrats is that they say you you workers you people on union contracts you need to adjust your expectations and get with the programming compete with chinese slave labor and they vilify the worker with one hand while stealing their pension money with the other hand and we mustn't forget average earnings in this country in the last five years or four to seven percent the majority of people off feeling much much poorer why while another dollar why does everyone as angry as you max this is what i want to know well i think it's because things if i may speak on this are still remarkably cheap relative. to billions of
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people around the world who are struggling to put food into their mouth there's a complacency driven by the fact that the u.k. and the u.s. are still beneficiaries of slave labor in china and you can go to prime our care and get a suit of clothes an outfit of clothes for fifteen pounds because there's people in bangladesh and vietnam and china who are dying who are being worked as slaves so that people can shop a prime market and get it cheaper same thing in the food industry it's subsidized in ways that hurt people in other countries so the u.k. empire is and the american empire of debt is still very much in place and there's beneficiaries in both countries that's why there's no public unrest however when this ponzi scheme blows up when george ponzi scheme was born ponzi scheme blows and prices double or triple week or
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a month and suddenly you are praying double or triple for food and energy yet then as you're alluding to you will see what the economist magazine would euphemistically call a breakdown in social cohesion. ok now our opinion is unanimous that i was born to help to buy scheme. which only gets more extreme from january of two thousand and fourteen is the cause of the current mania one in four so-called jobs created this year are in property we talked about this in the first half the show is stacy herbert isn't this effectively a government works program again a capital society why are they putting real estate agents to work what brings a vote in the new deal notice he put the stations to work and somehow they went mentioned in the new deal it's extraordinary that the state had sees this and it's terrible if we were actually building more houses so we could satisfy the demand in the housing market you could understand it but you can't export a house just boosting house prices over itself is not beneficial to the economy is
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a hoax but of course that's not the way they're going to treat it the numbers are going up at low look nice and cosy and maybe they'll get reelected right now and simon rose unlike the bubble and pop in this country a few years ago the real estate business market along with the subprime crash in america there seems to be a growing awareness in the public and in the press that there is a we are in fact in a bubble now and this is different i think than in previous bubbles and we're seeing of the alternative media really get involved in ways that completely transform the syrian situation the u.k. voted no larry summers at the at the fed public outcry said this guy is a financial terrorist and he himself well i think woke up one day and said he didn't want to be scrutinized by alternative media as a financial terrorist so he was true now people are saying you know what this is a housing bubble so what point does george osborne throw himself on his own sword commit ceremonial supper to and rid society of his presence when we see if flock of
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pigs flying across the sky behind us i imagine no politician is going to admit that they're wrong and sit in the camera molds born now do you want your prayer why can't you be more japanese food whatever the last of these politicians find on that so don't think it's a thing of a false oh well we should marry right people aren't least talked about the house. in a bubble of recognizing it and with luck after that they will begin realizing the kiwi and inflation all stealing money from savings giving it to the imprudent barros we just need to get the word out i mean the public are waking up to what is going on finally i was born well one day put in the tower of libya is my long hair loss is right there or throw away the key i can read it from here it's an answer to the tower gate. right there it's for traitors it says right there traitor he says gates just a traitors gate that's. all over traces all the slaves of britain who he promised he was going to help before he actually got into power so you will see them that
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all right we're out of time we're going to say goodbye. simon rose from save our savior thank so much for being on the kaiser report and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey ebert i want to thank our guest simon rose of save our saviour's dot co dot u.k. if you like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report and also make sure to tune into our google hangout so night thursday the nineteenth of september at six pm greenwich mean time that's g. and c. until next time thanks guys are saying bye. on their way to and talk to the crew of the i can to make sure the roof face many challenges. here you have to look out for yourself going to rocks trapped in pack
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a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm. little bit. older no. clear cut. good speech. her. wish. good. luck.
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just seems. odd to me that a little. coming
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up on r t the government seized a manhattan skyscraper they say was secretly owned and controlled by the iranian government the seizure comes as the u.s. and iran have toned down the rhetoric about a possible war book at what this means ahead. congress is debating the twenty fourteen budget and it could mean some americans might go hungry a proposed bill would cut millions of people from receiving food stamps a look at the issue coming up and on the net the scope of free speech just got bigger the court of appeals has declared that a facebook like is protected under the first amendment we'll tell you more about this change in today's tech report.


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