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tv   Headline News  RT  September 20, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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even. the u.s. denies as base to president nicolas maduro of venezuela while allegedly using these is to blackmail these governments. damascus says they would still raise gridlocks and is spending hard on international diplomacy which is facing a rocky road as moscow and washington low pauling's over chemical weapons. dossiers crew in the midst of this sewer and water pool torment and should christian village which fell victim to the schools of hardline jihad is to make up to hold to make up to a halt for the anti-government forces in the country. loss of a shock and place in the u.k. are increasingly turning to high voltage tasers to bring volatile situations under
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control but rights groups say the weapons are dangerous and that the boys in blue being owned by stout's. international news and comment line for most of this isn't see with me you know thanks for joining it's. caracas has declared america's decision to deny as face to the venezuelan president is nothing short of an act of aggression nicolas maduro was on route to china for a state visit when he was reportedly turned away from persia rican as space well and that venezuela says its demigods are being denied american visas ahead of a major u.n. meeting next week. as the details. venezuelan president nicolas maduro flight
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plan to china was denied that's according to foreign minister elliott how large he said washington per hit the plane from passing through u.s. air space over puerto rico forcing the world leader to find an alternate path foreign minister how i denounce the move as a quote act of aggression on the part of north american in a curial is a against the venezuelan government unquote president maduro was due to arrive in beijing this weekend for bilateral talks with the chinese government and venezuelan officials insist that mr magoo world will reach his destination despite the interference of the united states and venezuela have not had embassadors in each other's capital since two thousand and eight that's when the former venezuelan president hugo chavez evacuated the american envoy from his country accusing the u.s. backing a group of military officers he said were plotting against him and also just
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a few months ago in july president majority announced that his government was halting attempts to improve relations with the u.s. in response to comments made by the newly appointed u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power who told a senate committee that are her new role would include challenging the quote crackdown on civil society unquote broad including venezuela while speaking on state television president gore also alleges that the u.s. government is putting up a lot of barriers making it very difficult for one of his ministers to obtain a visa in order to travel to new york next week for the u.n. general assembly debate. venues where you can delete the u.n. summit of the u.s. laid out conditions so you don't issue a visa to one of my minutes since we're not going to be u.s. tourists because delegates representing your country. so the u.s. embassy must shoot visas for the entire delegation you don't have to take
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diplomatic measures against the u.s. government i will take you to the most drastic level of if necessary but i'm not going to accept any talk of aggression the united states government must understand it doesn't mean you are not on the phone you know well we've already heard from a libyan president evo morales who has called on latin american countries to recall their ambassadors from the u.s. in response to this recent incident now president morales was caught in a similar situation this summer when several european union countries denied their at their airspace to his jet that's allegedly because the u.s. suspected that n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was on board the president where else is airplane mr morale is says the latest incident against the venezuelan president demonstrates that the u.s. is predisposition to humiliate other governments and dave lindorff the founder of i don't line news websites believes the incident shows
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a two faced policy. the u.s. is supplying it is it is trading essential trading with me to venezuela it's not an enemy of the us there's no fighting between the us and venezuela and furthermore it's one of the democratic countries of latin america which was supposedly an important thing to the united states according to my critics and so we're in nobody's contesting the validity of this election so the u.s. is denying an elected president in their right to fly over one of its colonies in order to get on a trip to china on a state visit and yet the u.s. allows dictators. military leaders known to have slaughtered their own people in latin america all those people are welcome to come and vacation in the united states but an elected leader of a. of a fellow nation in latin america is denied the right to fly over one of our colonies.
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series in a state of paralysis as the country's deputy foreign minister turned to hope is a war how to lead the country's economy try and exhausted by the army on the rebels with neither of them strong enough to gain the upper hand the syrian government's pinning its hopes on international diplomatic efforts but has also his pulse code explains things are not going so smoothly hey i think the main disagreements seem to be over the un report that was published earlier this week on the chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of damascus on august the twenty five now the united states along with the united kingdom and france believe that that u.n. reports or the technical details in that u.n. report point to the fact that it could only have been the syrian government that can. russia say that the evidence isn't strong enough to draw any conclusions and
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that they have their own evidence to suggest that it was the opposition forces who carried out a chemical weapons attack on that date as an act of provocation now as the diplomatic wrangling is continue here's what u.s. secretary of state john kerry had to say to the state department on thursday the environmental chemical and medical therapies that the u.n. investigators collected provide clear and compelling evidence that the surface to surface rockets used in this attack contained the nerve agent sarin we know the regime possesses. and there is not a shred of evidence however that the opposition does please this is in complicated when we said we know what is true we meant it so case closed then according to u.s. secretary of state john kerry but according to russian president vladimir putin who also spoke on the serious subject on the day the issue is slightly more complex and
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with that image. we're always talking about the responsibility of president assad if he unleash the chemical weapons but what of the rebels did it what are we going to do with them we have every reason to think that it was a provocation a small provocation of course but the technique was very simple they used an old soviet missile which are no longer in service with the syrian army the key thing is that the missile carried the label made in the u.s.s.r. while another bone of contention between washington and moscow is the wording of a future u.n. resolution that will give the deal struck in geneva last weekend legal backing and support of course that deal that will see geneva that will see sorry damascus destroy its chemical weapons stockpile now the u.s. the u.k. and france won the threat of force to remain on the table if president bashar al assad doesn't comply with that u.n. resolution russia say that that is unnecessary where the united nations security
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council is set to meet next week to discuss that resolution but it seems that despite last week's breakthrough in geneva the diplomatic wrangling in the high stakes diplomacy looks set to rumble on for the coming weeks and months the face of the syrian war is changing as it's no longer a simple power struggle between the army and the opposition al-qaeda linked groups which by some estimates make up to fifty percent of the anti assad forces have turned against their more moderate rebel allies and some of the fiercest battles have been raging near the turkish border but the influx of blood tested hardest is felt everywhere in syria actually is in area for national polls now from the ancient christian village of malaya further to the syrian village of lula is where the aramaic language believed to have been spoken by jesus christ was in daily use but not so much these days. after jihadists attacked this mostly christian village
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in syria more than two weeks ago local residents were forced to flee the battlefield that was once their native land and carm organized life. many of them to graph huge with christian families in all damascus we try to meet them only the third house opens its doors for us. to go to the many refused to talk because their relatives remain missing they say is the best kidnapped people and they fear this could put them in even more danger and these people know well about danger three members of on two on its family were killed on the first days of the violence siege. in the morning by the shards of a log bar closed the doors and all gathered in one room they told us surrender and we won't harm you and one mikel in charge he went there and surrendered they pointed their guns at them and started shooting i was injured in my chest and. one
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of them offered to save me but i ignored him and the other one said let them die. hundreds gathered for the funerals of the three men who they now called walters those muslims and christians the attack on malala village syrians say was an attack on their country and its way of life. was going to be there a game other than to destroy all the current strand of muslims and christians live in ma luna but it's surrounded by four or five muslim villages maybe they see this as the last obstacle in their path with you here on to on it's father in law is eighty eight years old he says nothing like this has happened in his lifetime or we were living in peace and now it seems they want to throw all the christians out of the country who prayed to god that will defeat them and kick them out another relative who's afraid to show her face says it's hard to say how many people were killed in the lula because militants hold in the village often keep bodies for
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further ransom and to instill fear their goal is not assad their idea is to establish an islamic emirate in all of the middle east however find countries are helping. with weapons money whatever they need helping them destroy the country and people of this region special sweets sanctified bread he served in the family to commemorate the dead. in church they held special ceremonies for several days. and again are the syrians equally shocked prayed together for the dead and alive the ancient language in my lula united people for thousands of years they have now is that it can sustain them for a little longer and all over the country the two and a half year long conflict is taking lives language and shattering people's hope. not see from damascus in syria the countries which border the syria are bearing the
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brunt of the wars while lebanon alone has had to spend around eight billion dollars to cope with the flow of refugees from their will a tile area but how is this refugee crisis affecting the fighting on the ground this is the question cross-talk hospital as well as to his gas and here's a quick look at what's to come in the next hour. you think it's a cheap shot to talk about refugees as being terrorists or is that scepter we just haven't seen that except for a few isolated cases there were over two million iraqi refugees that didn't form terrorist cells and in neighboring countries i think we do agree in terms of the long term consequences on human beings if this conflict goes drag on for years and years not just in syria but also indeed for the reason i have to say that we're you know the aleutian in the last forty eight hours of syrian refugees in lebanon who were caught going over the border with heavy weapons to give to the nusra front so you know i don't know that we can really sit here and say that you know that the
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refugee situation is not going to have a negative impact on the fighting on the ground. as all kinds of affiliated cells take hold in syria the terror groups carried out a french strike can get in that way its presence is especially strong a series of coordinated bomb and gonna tonks have killed at least thirty eight soldiers at military bases in the south of the country the yemeni government has been battling the country's al qaeda branch for more than a decade in trying to turn a declared an open war on the terrorism the fighting has claimed hundreds of lives and displaced tens of thousands of people who want to has led to the u.s. stepping up its targets of killings and get many territory with unmanned drones but these are times condemned by locals for reportedly killing hundreds of should that . this is see and coming out reviving relations
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between iran and the u.s. president rouhani calls on obama to join and walk together to bring peace to the middle east as he takes a sunday to adjust what they might have to of touching that. the standoff in the arctic russia's coastal guard captures agreed to pay. it's shaped and arrests all on board saying based westerners the lines of oil rig workers by trying to disrupt that what content more attention right.
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this is a media legal so we leave the media by the sea pollution securely play your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politicking. are to. choose your language. killing the killer though if they feel some of. the consensus get to. choose the opinions that degrade to. choose the stories get him the money. choose the access to your office.
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this is coming to live from moscow welcome back iran's new president has some reality has reached out to bronco bamma through an article in the washington post urging him to join hands and work together towards a peaceful middle east and the latest in the recent r.a.o steps taken by tehran to fall the currently icy relations with washington but this is likely to become a very forney path for the countries unless now have a look why and here's how the tensions have been the building up it all started over a decade ago when president george w. bush labeled iran an axis of evil following a cia report claiming to ron had one of its most active nuclear programs in the wild three years later the white house started making its first threats that the us was considering and the time that in two thousand and eight bush went as far as slamming iran with accusations of being the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism and urging the global community to confront the danger before it's too late two
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years later the u.s. has joined with israel in launching a cyber all sought on their adversary in a bid to do away with its nuclear program in two thousand and twelve the us forced a wild banks to stop completing oil transactions with toronto and this dealt a major blow to iran's economy aggravating inflation and accelerating the nation's currency devaluation and this september obama reach raters that his still considers military action against iran along with other options to apply pressure. and as he's a nice and now we're trying to find out whether iran's offer of cooperation is likely to find a positive response in america. the u.s. and iran haven't had diplomatic relations for over thirty years but recently both sides have suggested that steps could be taken to change that next week the new iranian president will visit the u.n. general assembly and the obama administration is preparing for high level talks
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between a rainy and u.s. officials possibly even a direct exchange so could this be the beginning of a far after three decades of failed foreign policy towards iran well joining me now to speak more about that is hillary mann leverett and flynt leverett co-authors of going to tehran why the united states must come to terms with the islamic republic of iran. who's seen as much more open to work with the u.s. he has a softer line on israel he has come out and said that iran is not going to seek nuclear weapons is that enough to change u.s. policy towards iran the obama administration is very fortunate in terms of the incoming that the new iranian administration both president rouhani and his foreign minister mohammad javanese three have a lot of experience dealing with the west dealing with international law they both have ph d.'s in international law they we work very closely i in particular i personally while i was working for the state department negotiated with the iranian officials including the foreign minister zarif over afghanistan to overthrow the
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taleban set up a new government there the problem really is on the u.s. side you don't have that on the u.s. side you don't have a real serious understanding of what iran's interests are what their needs are how to work with iran in the framework of international law the u.s. makes demands for concessions that have no basis in international law so ensure there can be a real change on the u.s. side to work with other countries especially iran within the framework of international law i'm afraid any negotiations aren't going to get far i think that particularly for president obama it's been it's been two things one is a sense that he doesn't really appreciate that. at this point the united states needs an improvement in relations with iran at least as much as iran can benefit from an improvement in relations with with america but that gets to the second big flaw is obama really prepared to accept the islamic republic as an enduring
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and legitimate political entity representing legitimate national interest if he is then the possibilities for improvement in relations are enormous but if he's not prepared to do this you know whatever nice meeting he might have with rouhani next week in new york whatever other nice exchanges there might be that's not really going to be substantive well we will certainly be watching very closely next week in new york thank you so much for your analysis like i said in the spotlight next week very much so iran and the u.s. people experts will be watching very closely to see if possibly a step towards diplomatic relations is possible reporting from washington and he said no way r.c. . and always plenty on line for you creating paying a high price for were designed in japan to scotland could face a major hike in tuxes if it breaks away from the u.k.
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find out its citizens that think its whole way what's it or not to dot com. and also dream chill all the read about how you can cash in on that time and no worry about out of the sleeping with this career opportunity from nasa the full details are on our website. tasers are increasingly being used by british police to take down people viewed as dangerous and threatening and shocking new statistics show the number of people hit by the high voltage weapons has increased threefold in just three yes' but as lower smith reports a string of taser related deaths has left many wondering whether they do more harm than good. imagine the feeling of fifty thousand volts puffing through your body people who have been tasered say it's a massive shock that starts in your liver and kidneys courses through your heart and your brain it feels like it's being right fall feyerick it's been cold and yet
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instances of tasering by police albright is the only time in the u.k. more than doubling between two thousand and nine and two thousand and eleven that's of great concern to human rights groups who say tasers all the more they should and the police seem to think they are but a potentially lethal weapon being rolled out to huge numbers of offices you have to remember fifty or so and it's not like. trying to get from. a friend around the field it's much more serious than most and that's one of the big concerns because in the hands of people who aren't trained to the sufficient level and you risk. is happening tasers were originally only given to highly trained marksman but they're now being issued to specialist units and the beats a total of fourteen thousand seven hundred offices amnesty says the training course
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for a new taser counter is woefully inadequate it only lasts three days but the association of chief police officers insists they all adequately prepared so tasers are being fired more often but there are loads more of them to be fired and they're up to five instances of taser use a day now and the more tasers out the higher the potential for accidents ten people have died since tasers were introduced in the u.k. in two thousand and three one month exploded in a fireball off to dousing himself in petrol and in the us they've been linked with more than sixty deaths human rights groups say it amounts to the police being. and worry that the negotiating and volatile situations will be lost and be replaced with shock now ask questions later. the russian car has gone has seized a greenpeace ship in the arctic are resting the twenty seven x. of his aboard the action was taken after the environmental is trying to describe
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the work of an oil platform those sources say the protests threaten the lives of the recruits to see. greenpeace say that at the moment thirty or so of their activists are being held at gunpoint all nerved boat the arctic sunrise in the barents sea they say that fifteen mosques men with guns that they believed to be from the russian security services stormed their boat and arrested them on it that comes after dramatic scenes yesterday asked for greenpeace activists tried to board the oil rig up their own by gas from its gas from first attempt to try and drill for oil in the barents sea greenpeace say that that operation threatens very dangerously a very delicate environment up there shots were fired across the bow of that that greenpeace ship up there and those activists were removed from from that from that
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oil rig the foreign ministry takes a very different view to greenpeace it calls their activities aggressive and provocative and says that it threatened people's lives on board that oil rig and that is why they took the action they did there was also another potential dimension to this is that the the arctic sunrise that greenpeace ship is flying under a dutch flag the dutch ambassador has been called to the foreign ministry in moscow over the issue and the dutch foreign ministry says that it is giving this issue its full attention greenpeace has in the past been criticized by various governments for some of its more direct protest methods. stay with us for politicking with larry king front and rain.
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as diplomats grapple with the complexities of dismantling syria's chemical weapons all sides in the conflict continue to escalate the carnage on the ground by the western powers. truly interested in negotiations with the assad regime or are they biting their tongues searching for new opportunities to bring about regime change in damascus.
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right on the scene. first for you and i think pictures. on our reporter's twitter. instagram. b m o o o. willis weeks measuring of the washington navy yard robot gun control legislation in congress democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut joins us plus kind of government shutdown be averted it's all coming up next politics with larry king.
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now from capitol hill democrat senator chris murphy the junior senator from connecticut the tragic shooting at sandy hook. elementary school in newtown connecticut twenty children six adults members were killed made gun control a priority on his political agenda he's grappling with that issue again following this week's massacre at the washington navy yard what do you make of this one senator well you sort of have to wonder you know what can actually change people's minds here we're working real hard to see if we can get an additional five or six votes on the senate floor following this latest mass shooting but you know this is unfortunately becoming routine and we're almost becoming numb as a nation to the fact that every couple months we're going to have a dozen or more people killed and the fact is that we can change that you know what we already know is that this guy tried to buy an assault weapon and a last option from doing it so for all the folks out there who say the laws don't matter this was an in.


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