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serious of mit's initial dates over its chemical weapons fall into the hague and a road map agreed by washington on what's. crew in the midst of the sewer and water pools from an ancient greece to the village which fell victim to the schools of hardline jihad it make up to haul them down to government forces in the country. the us denies as base to president nicolas maduro of venezuela while allegedly using visas. to blackmail these governments if you want integration.
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this is coming to live from moscow hello and welcome to the ball. they hate based chemical weapons watchdog has received days one serious toxic alsono this comes as part of the country's chemical demilitarization plan how much down to my top russian and u.s. diplomats last week. has the details. well under the deal of brokered between washington and moscow in geneva last weekend a syria has until saturday to disclose its arsenal of chemical weapons and the process has begun the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w for short a spokesman for that organization says we have received part of the verification and we expect more that's what the spokesperson was quoted as saying it's believed that the initial declaration outlining syria's chemical weapons program has been handed over my p.c. did confirm that a meeting on syria that was settled for sunday has been postponed no reason was given
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a no future date has been set now it's believed that syria has one thousand tons worth of chemical weapons dotted around the country making it logistically difficult for this process to be carried out president bashar al assad was quoted in made week saying that the process could take over a year just about over a year of course under that deal struck in geneva syria has until the middle of two thousand and fourteen to complete the process for the united nations are set to discuss a possible u.n. resolution in new york next week on the syrian crisis that will give a legal backing to the deal struck in geneva however the two sides have slightly different views on the wording of that possible resolution with the united states britain and france king for the threat of military intervention to be on the table to remain on the table if damascus fails to comply with the u.n. resolution russia saying that any threat of military intervention is counterproductive and not needed in the initial resolution russia says that only if
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damascus fails to comply should the matter then be time. back to the united nations well those discussions are due to take place in new york next week but the early signs are that damascus is keen to comply with that deal struck in geneva last weekend. the face of the syrian war is changing as it's no longer a simple power struggle between the army and the opposition al-qaeda linked groups which by some estimates make up to fifty percent of the anti assad forces have turned against their more moderate rebel allies and some of the fiercest battles have been raging near the turkish border but the influx of bloodthirsty jihadists is felt elsewhere in syria and out is more if a national reports now from the ancient christian village of my luna. the syrian village of my luna is where the aramaic language believed to have been spoken by jesus christ was in daily use but not so much these days after
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jihadists attacked this mostly christian village in syria more than two weeks ago local residents were forced to flee the battlefield that was once their native land and carm organized life. many of them to graph huge with christian families in all damascus we try to meet them only the third house vocal has its doors for us all that. many refused to talk because their relatives remain missing they say is the miss kidnapped people and they fear this could put them in even more danger and these people know well about danger three members of on two on its family were killed on the first days of the lunar siege. in the morning by the shards of a log clear of the doors and all gathered in one area i told on the run there and we won't harm you and one may call and shyly went there and surrounded by pointed their guns at them and started shooting i was intending my chest and our way down
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one of them offered to save you but i ignored him and the other one said let them die but hundreds gathered for the funerals of the three men who they now called walters those muslims and christians the attack on malala village syrians say was an attack on their country and its way of life. what can be their a game other than to destroy in the current strand of muslims and christians live in ma luna but it's surrounded by four or five muslim villages lie that maybe they see this as the last obstacle in their parking stone with here on to on it's father in law is eighty eight years old he says nothing like this has happened in his lifetime. we were living in peace and now it seems they want to throw all the christians out of the country who prayed to god that would defeat them and kick them out another relative who's afraid to show her face says it's hard to say how many people were killed in
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the lula because militants holed in the village often keep bodies for further rendition and to instill fear their goal is not assad their idea is to establish an islamic emirate in all of the middle east however fine countries are helping them with weapons money whatever they need helping them destroy the country and people of this region special sweet sanctified bread he serves in the family to commemorate the dead. in church they held special ceremonies for several days and again are the syrians equally shocked prayed together for the dead and alive the ancient language in my lula united people for thousands of years they have now is that it can sustain them for a little longer and all over the country the two hundred harvey alone conflict is taking lives language and shattering people's hope. from damascus in syria at least forty soldiers and policemen have been killed in yemen
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where al qaeda has carried out coordinated bomb and gun attacks on several army bases than it has been an open war with al qaeda since twenty ten when the fighting claiming hundreds of lives and displacing tens of thousands of people and political analyst dr heidi alba says believes u.s. involvement could help solve the problem if only there was more cooperation between the governments i think all carla members in yemen is still functioning up to now despite the attacks on their leaders by the united states army by the yemeni government i think the u.s. involvement. would have a cultural effect on the yemeni people because they would consider the united states a foreign invasion. if there have been some cooperation between the yemeni government and the united states army in such a situation i think people would understand the united states army came to him in
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yemen it's not to invade yemen and because such extremists a group. would keep their own attacks on a daily basis maybe. and coming up after this short break we're driving relations between iran and the yuan president there were many calls on obama to join efforts and work together to bring peace to the middle east takes a thorough lucca just what they might have to overcome to achieve that. and a really future for europe twenty five million people living in poverty in a dozen years and a dozen years from now that's the number estimated by new report which blames the aggressive financial cuts supposed to assure of the e.u. economy that's next. caracas has declared american citizen to deny as space to the venezuelan president is nothing short of an act of aggression nicolas maduro was on route to china for a state visit when he was reportedly turned away from puerto rican aspace more than
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that venezuela says its delegates could potentially be denied american visas ahead of red major u.n. meeting next week she's more important has the details. venezuelan president nicolas maduro flight plan to china was denied that's according to foreign minister elliott how large he said washington per hit is the plane from passing through u.s. airspace over puerto rico forcing the world leader to find an alternate foreign minister how why denounce the move as a quote act of aggression on the part of north american in a curious against the venezuelan government unquote president maduro was due to arrive in beijing this weekend for bilateral talks with the chinese government and venezuelan officials insist that mr majority will reach his destination despite the interference of the united states and venezuela have not had embassadors in each
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other's capital since two thousand and eight that's when the former venezuelan president hugo chavez evacuated the american envoy from his country accusing the u.s. backing a group of military officers he said were plotting against him and also just a few months ago in july president majority announced that his government was halting attempts to improve relations with the u.s. in response to comments made by the newly appointed u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power who told a senate committee that are her new role would include challenging the quote crackdown on civil society unquote abroad including venezuela while speaking on state television president gore also alleges that the u.s. government is putting up a lot of barriers making it very difficult for one of his ministers to obtain a visa in order to travel to new york next week for the u.n. general assembly debate. the van is where you can delete the u.n.
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summit but the u.s. laid out conditions saying you don't issue a visa to one of my minutes since we're not going to be u.s. space tourists but is delegates representing your country. so the u.s. embassy must issue visas for the entire delegation you don't have to take diplomatic measures against the u.s. government will take them to the most drastic level if necessary but i'm not going to accept any talk of aggression the united states government must understand it doesn't mean you don't do well we've already heard from bolivian president evo morales who has called on latin american countries to recall their ambassadors from the u.s. in response to this recent incident now president morales was caught in a similar situation this summer when several european union countries denied their at their airspace to his jet that's allegedly because the u.s. suspected that n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden was on board president morales is airplane mr morale
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is says the latest incident against the venezuelan president demonstrates that the u.s. is predisposition to humiliate other governments and to dave lindorff they found an online news website and believes the incident shows a two faced policy is at play. the u.s. is supplying it is it is trading essential trading with me and venezuela it's not an enemy of the u.s. there's no fighting between the u.s. and venezuela and furthermore it's one of the democratic countries of latin america which was supposedly an important thing to the united states supporting democracy and so we're in nobody's contesting the validity of this election so the u.s. is denying an elected president in their right to fly over one of its colonies in order to get on a trip to china on a state visit and yet the u.s. allow this dictator is. a military leaders known to have slaughtered their own
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people in latin america all those people are welcome to come and vacation in the united states but an elected leader. of a fellow nation in latin america is denied the right to fly over one of our colonies. and no news including the latest report on europe's economic here in the next doesn't get is coming up after a very short break stay with us. well . it's technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future are covered. well the british science.
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market. why no one should really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on r.g.p. . and again this is see it's no secret that europe's in trouble with inequality unemployment and soaring debt alone spending
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a protracted crisis to european states have leveled and also know of astonishing measures a toxic that has had the most vulnerable the hardest and now a new report suggests that matches could get even worse with one hundred fifteen minute a europe is potentially vulnerable to poverty in the next decade and joining me now is natalee alone so from the charity organization oxfam which published that report i'm not sure welcome to r.c.s. good to have you with us so let me let me start with a very brief question what kind of well being the level are you referring to when you're talking about poverty. well we're referring to the level of poverty that the european commission uses who needs statistics in the sense that is sixty percent is people falling below the sixty percent of the median income but also people falling agrees of. material absence of of gains
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is hard to imagine really one hundred fifty million europeans in poverty is that really what's at stake. is really what's at stake if our straight diminishes continue to drag on as it is now this is the projection that we found out in this report about the true cost of us trade and inequality in europe and definitely that it's a massive amount of people falling into poverty but at the same time we would like to highlight that some very few people a ten percent richest will be getting richer so it's basically the inequality there is going to be increasing and the level of poverty that is going to be increasing here but and you're a big talk is all about the recovery vital industrial indications are on the out now and surely a sterrett it will be will be over soon what do you think. well we really hope that we'll get the right indications to change course our state is not really working the scene it's very welcome is really needed but it's not really affecting
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the people one more in need the question is that our strategy has been dismantling the social protection systems for those who are suffering the crisis the most so people are hit to ice in fact first because for example they lose their employment but their second time because any kind of social protection system that was in place to protect them and be able to to get back to work is disappearing so if growth is happening now is not going to affect those most in need so you mention in . your report also warns that the gap between the rich and the poor in seventy years states could soon reach that of south sudan was the broader economic implication of that. well it has been proven not to in this report but many academics and even research from there m.f. that inequality hurts economic growth creates a lot of social tension and
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a bason force to good economic growth so obviously the first call that we have is that you governments need to address inequality that's a long term perspective but it needs to be addressed why now also we are saying that he needs to vest in employment and in the working conditions and it needs to invest in the future and the future's education and the future is have the future social protection systems and obviously everyone is going to question ok does fine but when a crisis we're going to find the money to cover for that and we we find that there are alternatives to their story to measures to progress if tax systems in place in which they once having more absolutely contribute to that even the european commission recognise these years that is about one trillion euros that you know you get into the european government's coffers because of tax evasion tax seven six cetera this is a must see for amount of money that could cover
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a lot of the needs that we have. along so. the e.u. office thank you very much indeed for sharing your views thank you could buy. the political function that has scared by and why is celebrating its twentieth anniversary today in london to add flair to the celebration of the united kingdom independence party today enjoys unprecedented popularity polling around twenty five percent in local elections but wealth and if he is it merely a protest party or does a u.k. have the makings to rule britannia out his tests are seen there are reports now from its party convention. it was known as a fringe party marginal and its members even dismissed by prime minister david cameron as fruitcakes a loonies and a closet racist but today members of the u.k. independence party or you could for gathered inside to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the party and its enjoying its strongest public support to date now
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it's known very much for its core skepticism wanting to leave the e.u. as well as a strong stance on immigration and it has averaged about twenty six percent in local elections earlier this year march of this war was being felt by david cameron's conservative party and conservative party chiefs have admitted that about half of their members have with us since david cameron became the leader in two thousand and five leader nigel farage had said that the success of the party is because of the total disconnect between those in power and ordinary people and you can't as they're filling that gap however criticism still come their way a lot of it focusing on the fact that people are voting for this party because it was simply a protest vote and not necessarily agreeing with their policies only spoke to some of the members and this is what they had to say if we're for a test case because there's a hell of a lot to protest about how the old established parties are not listening to old
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married people want and you know politics is a marketplace we believe in certain things we sell our ideas and people are buying those ideas but i think the reason that we do it so well is because we represent what a lot of ordinary people actually think of one crosses on our crosses we're going to get bigger even the european union is just the beginning we want to change britain we want to britain where you have individual responsibility where people are free from high taxation where we have academic selection in schools where we control. where people feel safe to go out of an evening what we want is a better britain and leave in your opinion is just the start of you keep changing with the rise of ukip has been well noted in the country but also outside the most recent of which is in germany. were the a conservative finance minister was down for the border driven voters against voting for a similar party in the country this so why is it showing disenchantment with establishment across europe has been translated into thoughts faster than those in
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power might have expected reporting from london eye tests or sylvia. and always plenty aligned for you include desired independence scotland could face a major hike in taxes if it breaks away from the u.k. find out if citizens that think it will be worth it or not a dot com. and also the dream job read about how you can cash in on your bed time and never worry about oversleeping with this career opportunity from nasa the full details are now website. iran's new president hassan rouhani has reached out to gronk obama through an article in the washington post urging him to join hands and work together towards a peaceful middle east it's the latest in the wrists and a ray of steps taken by a toronto to see all the currently i saw relations with washington but this is likely to become a very thorny pass for the countries and let's not have a look at why and here is how the tensions have been building up and it all started
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over a decade ago when president george w. bush label iran and axis of evil following a cia report claiming to ron had one of the most active nuclear programs in the world three years later the white house started making its fast threats that was considering and at times in two thousand and eight bush went as far as slamming iran with accusations of being the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism and urging the global community to confront the danger before it's too late two years later the u.s. joined with in launching and cyber all swelled on their anniversary of a on a bid to to do rail its nuclear program in twenty. four. well transactions with tehran and there's no doubt a major blow to iran's economy aggravating inflation and accelerating the nation's currency devaluation and basic tambour obama is that he still considers military action against iran along with other options to apply pressure. and he's
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a nice and now it trying to find out whether iran's off oil corporation is likely to find a positive response in america. the u.s. and iran haven't had diplomatic relations for over thirty years but recently both sides have suggested that steps could be taken to change that next week the new iranian president will visit the u.n. general assembly and the obama administration is preparing for high level talks between a rainy and u.s. officials possibly even a direct exchange so could this be the beginning of a fall after three decades of failed foreign policy towards iran well joining me now to speak more about that is hillary mann leverett and flynt leverett co-authors of going to tehran why the united states must come to terms with the islamic republic of iran. who's seen as much more open to work with the u.s. he has a softer line on israel he has come out and said that iran is not going to seek
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nuclear weapons is that enough to change u.s. policy towards iran the obama administration is very fortunate in terms of the incoming that the new iranian administration both president rouhani and his foreign minister mohammad job as three have a lot of experience in dealing with the west dealing with international law they both have ph d.'s in international law they we work very closely i in particular i personally i was working for the state department negotiated with the iranian officials including the foreign minister zarif over afghanistan to overthrow the taliban set up a new government there the problem really is on the u.s. side you don't have that on the u.s. side you don't have a real serious understanding of what iran's interests are what their needs are how to work with iran in the framework of international law and the u.s. makes demands for concessions that have no basis in international law so in to there can be a real change on the u.s. side to work with other countries especially iran within the framework of international law i'm afraid any negotiations aren't going to get far i think that
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particularly for president obama it's been it's been two things one is a sense that he doesn't really appreciate that. at this point the united states needs an improvement in relations with iran at least as much as iran can benefit from an improvement in relations with with america but that gets to the second big flaw is obama really prepared to accept the islamic republic as an enduring and legitimate political entity representing legitimate national interest if he is then the possibilities for improvement in relations are enormous but if he's not prepared to do this you know whatever nice meeting he might have with rowhani next week in new york whatever other nice exchanges there might be that's not really going to be substantive well we will certainly be watching very closely next week in new york thank you so much for your analysis like i said in the spotlight next
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week very much so iran and the u.s. people experts will be watching very closely to see if possibly a step towards diplomatic relations is possible reporting from washington and he said now a r.t. and up next a look at the phenomenon of friendly fire now special report. i got some angry but polite messages after i came out in favor of the foreign adoption ban of russian children by people in the usa this is not a dig on america i think russia or any country that respects itself should export any children to anywhere at all people tell me that i'm paranoid that the decision
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to stop the foreign adoptions punishes the children while a massive reuters investigation called the child exchange has exposed some dark secrets about adoption of foreign children they expose. often by using the term re homing which is normally about finding new homes for animals people are basically advertising adopted children they don't want like baseball cards on e bay reuters found out that on just one yahoo group i child a week was offered up to the public my wonder what kind of people want to discreetly get children off the internet the thing is that in the us adopting a child from overseas is hard but transferring them to someone else later on is a breeze all you need is a notarized power of attorney document to clearing the child is another adult care so for those of you who think that i am a cruel nationals because i support russian adoption ban then take a look at the child exchange and you might just start to see my point but that's just my opinion.
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the research of dr scott's not a retired lieutenant colonel in the harvard business school highlights the difficulties in determining both the cause of and criminal culpability in friendly fire incidents so friendly fire have a perverse relationship with friendly fire paratrooper and eighty second airborne division was a victim of friendly fire in operation urgent fury in grenada and so for years this was ninety three i had a perverse sense of curiosity how could sometimes some of the best trained best equipped people in the world sometimes fall short of the mark in his book friendly fire dr snoeck investigates an encounter in a no fly zone in which two u.s. f. fifteen fighters shot down two u.s. army black hawk.


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