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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  September 20, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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but it's closer to the truth from i think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media work side by side the joke is actually on you. and our teen years we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you guys talk to the jokes will handle them. the the. state guys i mean martin and this is breaking the set of other tom de lay you know the former republican house majority leader who had to resign in two thousand and
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five after being indicted on federal money laundering charges on a rare window for the justice system de lay was convicted in two thousand and ten for illegally funny funneling corporate money to texas candidates and was sent to three years in jail now because of a lengthy appeals process delay has managed to stay out of prison and yesterday a three judge panel made sure he'll never see time behind bars that's right a texas appeals court entirely overturned his sentence acquitted him of all charges but don't worry the two republican judges that voted for the acquittal had an awesome reason to overturn his sentence in a majority opinion one of them wrote quote the evidence shows that the defendants were attempting to comply with the election code limitations on corporate contributions as long as the lay was attempting to comply with the law while legally helping the g.o.p. control the texas government that's a ok now it's estimated that delay spent more than twelve million dollars on his legal fees i don't want to tear justice thing i was talking about enough said.
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the power supply. it was a. very hard to take a. look. at me ever had sex with that hurt their little please. please . well past. greeks economic crisis is about to enter its sixth year and as
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a result the country's been embroiled in their state of unrest constantly and this week was no different than interactions erupted on one day after pov by sauce a popular anti fashion rapper known as killer peace was brutally murdered by an alleged member of the golden dawn a prominent neo nazi fascist party prickly gaining traction in the country earlier i spoke with our two sons because an often been on the ground reporting on the aftermath of this tragedy i first asked her to break down a timeline of recent events. basically this week was supposed to be all the of all about the economy and all scared it was the week of the planned rolling strikes across the country and on monday school teachers had walked off their jobs because they continue to to to protests essentially not show up for work this is in reaction to new austerity measures that have been tonsillitis government to please international lenders and choose a doctor should join in and went and aren't they were supposed to be the main two days essentially of the civil servants joining in the protests between the
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sponsible latest round of austerity measures that threatens to either cut to or reduce the salaries of up to twenty five thousand jobs here in greece people obviously not quite pleased about that but the incident that sparked being dramatic pictures that you're probably seeing on the screen there was the brutal murder in the early hours on wednesday morning of a young man that left leaning a hip hop activist who's actually been known for his anti fascist activity agents music you've been very well known in the community as being the stage name of pleased with the killer p. and what happened was that essentially it trumped by a gloop. and the killer is an alleged self professed member of golden dawn just as . radical right wing party has been described as not to be tardy. the group of course denies any any sort of contact any sort of responsibility for this
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murder but actually knew shook the community and eventually sparked protests all across the country now we actually went to the neighborhood where the young man was stabbed to death just to maybe twelve hours not to be event took place and spoke to me on the memorial service for him a commemoration of and people started gathering and. i think they were just really struggling to deal with the situation and there was a presidential call to march on the local golden dawn offices the protesters started to do jobs the day of course and without the sashing the police we were actually stuck in between the protesters and the police the police for anything tear gas protesters were for a little longer to anything they can get their hands on lighting tired and it essentially turned into i game of cat and mouse that runs out throughout the evening and much apparent constant but across the country yesterday evening we saw smaller clashes in various neighborhoods there's actually a demonstration that was taking place
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a few hours ago so people are still grappling with this in dealing with this but not the sort of massive riots that we saw back in two thousand and eight and similar incidents when they're young men of murdered wow well as you know you've mentioned golden dawn and even though they haven't taken responsibility for the murder. they hold eight hundred seats in parliament in greece right now and i think when a lot of people are looking at kind of the rise of fascism in greece and light of the economic instability they say liken it to germany the rise of hitler and fascism there. what do you think it says about the state of greece that a neo nazi party has as much representation in parliament so i think it is in fact reflection of the economic situation. i mean as you mentioned there eighteen out of three hundred seats in parliament is no small change i mean to fifteen percent support across the people here according to some surveys and this is now basically one from being of strange or to the third biggest political party here in greece and i can my conversations with local people here and one one hand which i did i
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apologize for that when you have again you know it's been distracting me as essentially when you have nothing to hope for when you have nothing to feed your family well it's when you feel desperate and pessimistic as many people do given that greece has been six consecutive years of recession people trying to turn to perhaps radical ideas i mean i don't think that's necessarily excusing the and being seen to be right in this party that power but i think people here are quite desperate they want something different they don't like the problem and is essential in helping them in any way and so they're looking for alternative sources of power and i have to say i'm a golden dawn in the community a place that markets itself as. yesterday its rhetoric is quite anti name of bent and sort of very greek nationalist but to do food trying to make try to portray themselves as really helping the community but greeks so many and so in that sense it's somewhat understandable why why why some people would be drawn to it but of
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course the violence is certainly inexcusable and i think that's turning a lot of people off for sure lucy i know that you've had some close calls going on in the demonstrations what is it like right now of things kind of settle down and what's what's coming on the other things being planned for this week. you know i'll be every single evening basically going for the past two nights and then throughout the week there are people demonstrations planned but the really surprising thing that we saw not just in the economic and monetary protests but also in a the clash of following the market as it doesn't seem to be as much energy for protest it's almost as if. the years of. uprisings and protests and clashes that potentially hires people out here i mean they're certainly furious about dean's ideological and social divisions that are developing within the community and there is a strong i don't know if you want to call the matter kids presence that's certainly
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continuing to say that they will they will take the streets over this but by and large a lot of people don't seem to have the energy or the interest in going to the streets they've done that for years in a row now they haven't seen any sort of just change and so even at the demonstration when we were out last night that sort of a lot of people were upset but no one really quite had the energy to to really page it to a different level and so i do believe that this could potentially die down that course it does depend on how the golden dawn chooses to behave it cancels a lot of the event here so as not to provoke further clashes there's also some police protection which is kind of clashes as well but if they continue to keep a low profile for now it could die down but of course if anyone else makes any sort of and sort of actions and large what we've seen then it could shoot up again but a lot calmer than not expecting to be honest very interesting very tense situation does it not a whole region thank you so much for reporting on the ground with the capital.
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the libyan president evo morales making waves this week after announcing the u.s. government for its use of aggressive tactics to charge came after an incident involving venezuelan president nicolas maduro the aircraft tomorrow's presidential jet was forced to reroute after being blocked from fly never proto rico which is technically part of u.s. airspace but it's when officials are calling the move an act of intimidation by north american imperialism from rome was told reporters that he plans to take it a step further adding that quote i would like to announce that we are preparing a lawsuit against barack obama to condemn him for crimes against humanity after he dropped the lawsuit over. presented to the international court this protest of u.s. imperialism isn't limited to obama she has also called for an emergency meeting of the community of latin america and caribbean states suggesting to its members to withdraw their ambassadors from the u.s. in order to send
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a clear message to the obama administration and just to make sure that message gets heard is also calling for the region's socialist bloc including venice where that it could go up and to boycott the u.n. general assembly now some of you out there might be thinking this is a bit of an overreaction from are all those i mean really all they did was not allow venezuela's president to fly over puerto rico but really this is just the latest in a string of incidents putting strain on an already hostile relationship between the u.s. and its latin american neighbors. earlier this year president morales his plane was diverted and forced to land in austria under suspicion that n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden might have been on board. border police thoroughly searched the plane after spending thirteen hours on the tarmac the bolivian president was finally allowed to leave. and while interfering with the transit of a presidential jet isn't technically illegal under international law it's certainly an unprecedented move by
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a world superpower think about it what if bolivia set up an aerial blockade to force down air force one searched the entire aircraft and delayed the president of the united states for an entire day yes only as could be expected to move completely outraged latin american leaders argentina's president because those that . added at the incident had vestiges of colonialism it was an act of him it in for the region and snowden's leaks only added fuel to the fire following the morale is playing debacle it was revealed that the n.s.a. had been spying on private communications between latin american heads of state and as a result brazilian president dilma rousseff announced that she will be postponing her visit to the white house in protest calling the n.s.a. spying a violation of state sovereignty. look the situation is getting out of hand and the u.s. government is only exacerbating the problem this arrogance needs to stop now we spied
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obama's baseless rhetoric this country is no more exceptional than brazil. any other country in the world so let's stop acting like it. still to come hip hop artist marcel join been to break the sage stick around. the world. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we. have heard. play the first. live.
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live live. in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. play. live. limitation and free accreditation three times for charges free range month free. free studio type free. download free broadcast plug in video for your media projects and free media r t v
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dot com. although hip hop's roots are in radicalism what's presented in the mainstream as hip hop culture has been completely sanitized and corporate that's why it's a rare gem to find an independent hip hop artist and true to their passion and using their art to express revolutionary ideas marcel cart is a politically conscious hip hop artist based in brooklyn new york who is also fervent activist against u.s. imperialism his latest album history will absolve us as produced by agent of change and features collaboration is with such artists as low key and logic now some of you might recognize marcel's also rhymes from the intro to bush show breaking the set here he is performing a new song called a hands off syria. his
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office is. pretty good to see you just don't believe all the media can still be just b.c. the whole country is against assad what about every single march what about the camel to book the opposition to become the government to be really in vision like libya two point zero if you westmeath the cia's now just sit in unless they take popular discontent in spin the want to see the air pollution diminished what about pakistan's support from damascus still remains if the country is kept should lead the design to support the things you want to see that the state just libelled believe benefits is the question that we should know much better from the most recent pets the balance of forces in the baltic to know the peace to me is the way safe to be steven levy step two way putting them missing we see two days
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defeatism soon to be pretty good these kids up to seem to be just the petty thieves of the super. super super greedy to put things in the school context was. we talk nonsense first of all. does it take precedence. there's been problems is quite a long time. to do with this continued. well being in. this state to make you like egypt a client state one in the uk soon. you'll be blown. porch in effect it's not a one sided string of attacks killing christians allow resisted needles on the ground is the need to say and. do the peace to be safe to be stupid. would be no mistake when we see
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a city pretty good piece of. the pretty good to his office so you think it is up to soon. to use. marcel let's talk about hip hop first performance thank you for doing it why did you initially choose hip hop as your means of expression what i think from its inception was born as a culture of resistance a culture of struggle something very revolutionary taking you know basically the very poor conditions that existed in the south bronx making something out of nothing so from its beginning it was a means of expressing you know discontent and dissent with you know u.s. government policies and then it's been something that's unfortunately been changed over the years and commercialized and turned into something that it isn't you know which is really a shame so i mean. in the very beginning it was just something that made sense you
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know if you for my age were not listening to politicians speak they were listening to hip hop records and that's where they were getting their information. yeah of course a lot of. the mainstream is rick the century. but this culture of the virgin radicalism as you just said really eloquently i needed some mone one of my favorite jazz artists a revolutionary thinker as well as that it's an artist's duty to reflect the times do you agree with that sentiment what does that mean to you yeah i absolutely agree with that i mean i think that you know artists unfortunately get so co-opted and they become part of this system where they're on able to say a lot of times even things that they want to say it's not oftentimes that artists are completely clueless or ignorant it's just that you know they want that check at the end of the day they want to be able to make a living off of it so i mean resistance music is all over the world i mean if we look at the way that hip hop has spread it's not just in the united states anymore not just confined to you know different communities around the country it's really
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a global phenomenon and people everywhere are using it as a weapon you know to strike back against the powers that be really as a form of propaganda for the people and i know that a lot of artists once they get to the top of course that they've been molded they've been shaped almost like a puppet at that point surrounded by a staff of people are writing their music provided it beats they really aren't doing anything original anymore but why aren't more prominent artists today who are are doing a region where i mean looping fast goes one that stands out to me a moral technique of course they've all kind of risen independently but why are more people who are out today more critical of obama neo imperialism i mean we heard a lot more during the bush administration it just seems like there's such a lack of it now i mean i think that the whole phenomenon has really been something . on behalf of the ruling class in this country it's something that has demobilised the masses in large part when bush was in office everybody openly hated him by the end or at least it seemed that way now with obama you know he's been able to get away with some absolutely horrific policies that in many ways are worse than what
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existed at the time of george w. bush but as far as hip hop artists are artists in general not really coming out to speak against those things i don't think we should really be too surprised because at the end of the day capitalism will always huge culture. and they'll basically take somebody from an oppressed community and they'll make them say things that are really inflicted with self-hatred and really are detrimental to the communities that they come from rather than representing the struggle of those communities yeah it's interesting really good point talking about the struggle and mate with the roots and then we see kind of the corporate ties to hip hop today talking about bling and like everyone. and drinking and it's just bizarre how that's been like manifested into the most popular rap songs there is so so removed from where this all started you mentioned and also the dixie chicks what happened then they came out spoke against the hype of anti bush sentiment and they were ostracized that people were burning their c.d.'s i mean it's just unbelievable so i think
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a lot of people are self censoring themselves. you spoke about capitalism. your openly communist socialist you have a song called the communist you said that there's a reason communism is the official religion in this country an amazing thing a labrat on what you meant. i think it's very easy to critique communism and to talk about how it has never worked because it's a relatively new social experiment but the fundamental reality is capitalism has never worked for the vast majority of the people on the face of the planet in fact capitalism has always existed at their expense so we want to talk about the crimes of communism suppose we really need to talk about the fact that this social order where the us is the richest country on the face of the planet the only reason it is is because of the imperialist wars that it constantly has to launch you know it's a remain this parasite that can just feed off the oppression of the planet. we want to talk about socialism in reality what we're talking about is just everybody's
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needs being met you know really organizing society according to a rational plan so that we don't have to deal with all these horrific problems like lack of housing or education or health care you know and it's deeper than that of course. and there are there are complexities and problems involved in all of that but at the end of the day capitalism is on the decline and we see that worldwide i find it really interesting how vitriolic people are when you just simply critique the capitalist model that we see. overtaking the planet and i just can't help but ask you how much are these labels hindering progress and just a constructive dialogue because people just shut you down immediately when you just bring up some sort of critique on capital exactly and i mean that's why i'm so often and wanting to popularized the term you know what marxism capital communism socialism is really because you know we have been brought up just to think well that's something that's evil so you know obviously the system that we have as bad as it is is the the end of history you know in reality we're not even at the
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beginning of history i mean this is cannot possibly sustain itself for much longer and you know we're seeing that ruling class is in crisis you know and the fact that they've hit this wall actually in syria right now is a testament to the fact that we're moving away from. a world in which the us has unrestrained domination and it's actually challenged now absolutely i think that's my main my main critique as well is that this is on sustainable in its current model that you've got to be blind to not see that marcella let's talk about syria you just mentioned kind of. the inevitability of the system now going into syria your song hands off syria just perform awesome song why do you feel so strongly about this issue well i think the way that the whole conversation around u.s. intervention in syria has been framed is completely incorrect in itself i mean there was never a time when the u.s. has not intervened in syria for the two and a half years of what they're referring to was the syrian civil war is not
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a civil war it has been a proxy conflict the entire time the u.s. you know the free syrian army is essentially the puppet army of the united states of the western powers and it didn't work very well the syrian army has been winning the battle and so this can. a weapons card has come out of you know seemingly left field but a lot of us who are looking at it we're almost waiting to see what is the us going to do next because you know they're really out of options at this point like the syrian ambassador to the u.n. said he's like you know obama cameron they climb to the top of a tree and they can't get down it's really reflective of the fact that you know there's resistance movements the axis of resistance with iran the syrian state and of course the rise of russia and china is really a big big setback imperial plans for to recolonize syria to really dominate that entire region so very passionate about it for all of these reasons it's not just you know i'm not going to oppose a war just because u.s.
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boots you know to meet our on the ground the fact that syrians are dying is you know is big of a concern for me as u.s. troops dying at the end of the day humanity is what really matters absolutely a human life as a human life no matter what country or nation state you're with then and i think people really have to ask themselves when the u.s. government is in the exact same quote unquote terrorist organization that it claims to be fighting worldwide for the last decade something else is really going on marcel what advice do you give artists who don't want to sell out to the corporatocracy who don't want to join a label and get stripped of their originality it's a very difficult answer involved because you know obviously the tendency for i think anybody especially coming up in the game is to just take the first deal that they're offer and i've been offered many record contracts and fortunately things didn't work out because i see myself as possibly having gone in another direction if they did panel you know i know how the record companies want you to dilute your
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message or get rid of it altogether and turn you into something that you're not i would say you know just remain you know which is to the ground you know if you immerse yourself in the struggle of the people day to day in your part of activist organization. then you know that will continue to fuel your work and you won't you won't be completely disconnected from reality and just blinded by what you see on t.v. the radio etc thank you so much myself kerry really appreciating that being the song for our heroes series and man across and have you in studio so much for shipping. a signal prison as you call it aggressive but all of us to come in now to your message keep it all day she's speaking of facts we break the paradigm which truth intact the people don't need to be fed propaganda spoon fed fabrications and slander what we need is to question more and to keep it authentic real and raw a simple mission is to change the globe i'm into it with this passionate fire when
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told these words a hard hitting you watch in your neck which you needed to need to break in the sense she will break in this same question in more on the front lines of a media war would break in the senate which challenging views don't take it for granted that she news is truth.
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one of the wonderful strong arming allies. the face i describe you know alone. was. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all day.
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did you know the press is the only industry specifically mentioning the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which correct office. told. them you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on we go beyond identify the truck crash will be a real discussion critical issues facing a family member ready to join the movement and welcome the big picture. now on telemarketing washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture on thursday the house approved a plan to cut the federal food stamp program.


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