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tv   Larry King Now  RT  September 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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larry king the breeze that madam corowa the only secret in the business is this and you see right people always act like there's some magic stone you rub just be consistent be open and deliver and they will come find you you have twins right one side like the girl is like raising three kids and big boys like raising one old cat. plus i wish i could say clinton told me one. day i wasn't throwing and i just found out my story is going to be larry king told me one thing clinton told him was ok larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guest adam carolla the man is an industry comedian host writer has a movie a t.v.
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show in the works is a regular contributor on the o'reilly factor also writing a book called president me his two previous books were new york times best sellers he's the host of four podcasts including the adam and the dr drew show with his old loveline co-host and the adam carolla show that holds the record by the way for the most download podcasts of all time last with at least he has a drink line called man grill what's that that's turbocharged sangria it's twenty one percent sangria i mean burgers it's what men it's a way for men to get drunk and what made you come to this what drove you to well i was in my kitchen one night larry and i was in my bathrobe and i was drinking some red wine is a map to do don't tell dr drew any of this ok and i ran i realized i was out of red wine i had about that much left in the bottom of the bottle by the way the red wine bottles light doesn't pass. they're wrong now and they're heavy and so you never
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know and your little buzz when you put it will weiss you don't know what you have you don't know how much you have read so you've all experienced the heartbreak of what the hell there's a hummingbird speak were. left in this thing but it weighs eighty pounds to hell so i said i don't have any more red wine so what am i going to do i mean i'm not an alcoholic i can't what did you do i poured vodka in with the red wine and i said this tastes like ass so i then poured some orange juice in and i put some other flavorings and i put some ice in and then i said eureka i think i've invented something called man grae and then do we get man even go to corolla drinks dot com or make great dot com or it's coming to a liquor store near you we've sold over one hundred fifty thousand bottles already so i love it i just made it as a joke i would bring pictures of it over to campbell's place on fourth of july and all that have brought them angry you now and then somebody at a napa said i could make it this and i said here's
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a recipe that my name on there and it's really your podcast holds the record for the most download podcasts of all tried. few radio shows in my life what makes a successful podcast i don't think it's anything it's any different than what you do or trust your radio or any form or or good hotdog stand it just be consistent be open deliver and they will come find you you know there's not much trick in broadcasting either have them have a voice that people want to hear deliver it consistently i do mine five days a week and i put it out there you know it's it's in a you know weird way it's sort of like saying what makes a good comedian or what makes a good anything it's be good at it and then go do it and do it consistently someone wants to use all of the godfrey but the only secret in the business is there's no secret right people always act like. there's some magic stone you rub in order to
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get a good you know there's two hundred fifty thousand pod cast on i tunes alone my podcast is somewhere around the top and it's mainly because it's done in repetition and it's mainly because a quality. staff. gave bathhouse. i mean physically and then later the chemistry. dr drew was good they were going to syndicate loveline and they were going to make love line the t.v. show loveline the radio show was going to become loveline the t.v. show on m.t.v. and they wanted some humor and dr drew used to listen to me on the local morning show k.-rock out here back when i was on which to me kimmel and kevin and being can imagine jimmy kimmel back then and he thought i was funny and they said to him do who do you think funny who do you want to work with him because the guy just
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works with anesthesiologists. who who don't have a rich history and comedy he just said how about that guy adam carolla he seems funny and next you know i'm on the show now you used you would get a movie closer rode hard to understand you used a crowdfunding side to raise money for its. work well it's not quite begging it's sit well there's panhandlers and then there's a guy who will wash your windshield with the sports page for a buck this is more that he's doing so they're both annoying. if you want them both to go away but at least the one guy is doing some artist went yeah so what you say is you want to make a movie called behind the suspenders. write that down larry and the suspenders behind it and what it was saved is two and then you say to your dear massive audience here i want to make this movie behind this is spenders and i
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believe it's going to take me it's going to cost me about a million dollars to make this movie behind this is spenders and what you can do is if you want to donate ten dollars you'll get a script from behind the suspenders and if you want to do twenty five dollars you'll get a script and the first blue ray that comes out of behind the suspenders but if you want to go to the big star studded party at the premiere that's one hundred fifty dollars and then people said good send it in and we are goal was one million dollars and we got about one point five million do this on your part because yes you don't go to the so site for this called ask for money site well there is yeah there is a ask for money site it's sounds like from what it's called a clean windshield stock. there's there's a few there's kickstarter there's fund anything that's what i went with do you have any flack over that is so the leg as you kid around begging yeah. losses of the
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bone they will send i'm sure to you from taking the millions more what prevents me from just taking a super eight film of my kids and then pocketing the rest of the money or having it more likely go up my nose i. it's a trust issue through i mean you can screw anybody you want if you deny me one but you have what i have with my audience what you have with your audience and to trust its relations you. start shooting in december and probably the middle of next year if you were to drive you to the o'reilly factor i would bet come about. i went on some sort of rant on my pod cast about occupy wall street. i just sort of sit around and wait things get brought up in the news and then i just sort of riff on them and then people grab those riffs sometimes and say wow i
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think glenn beck grabbed it and maybe it got a million hits on you tube or something and for me it's not my riff on occupy wall street it's not planned it's just i just sort of freestyle everything yeah if someone throws out a new story here's my opinion i thought another news story here's another opinion pick that up i guess or riley picked it up and he said you want to come in and just do a sort of weekly whatever and i said yeah sure how would you describe your politics to say he's not a conservative which i find unbelievable how would you describe yours well my politics i come from a very liberal family and i always consider myself very liberal and terms of. consentual crimes you know prostitution drug use social socially. and i always and then when it came to other issues that were political i did i never found myself to be conservative but i feel like i've been made into
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a conservative well because i'd say things like look. let's focus on education and let's focus on the family staying intact and you want to see these kids go to college best way to do it is to have an intact family and parents who give a shit about education schools they're there they could do a better job but they're probably not going to do a better job you know i went to north hollywood high so that my wife. probably. comes home from queen was she who was wow when she's older how old are you i'm forty nine she's fifty three oh we just went to a reunion in north hollywood so i went to north hollywood high and i graduate in eighty two and i tell everyone all the time i had hispanic kids from the valley i had the black kids that were bussed in from south central i had the white kids that were sort of the white trash there were some asian kids in there and then there
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were some jewish kids in there and you know i played on the football team with a lot of the black kids bus stand ins some of the white guys from the ballet and the point is when it came time to graduate the jewish kids went off to stanford and cal and u.c.l.a. and the asian kids and they a lot of the eastern indian kids went off to cal stanford u.c.l.a. the black kids went back to south central the mexican kids and the white kids from the valley we all just got to the same construction site and start picking up garbage and the point is same school different families. see everyone wants to talk about why conservative that's what. or it's my camera and that's what i'm saying is that that servant of no i'm not i got turned into a conservative by saying hey fix your kid his own or her own breakfast you make breakfast for your kid let your kid let your kid know that you care enough to make
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your child a breakfast and by the way it's not about money eighteen cents worth oatmeal and some walnuts you can make that became conservative larry you have a quick. quick to opinion on syria. i just i don't you know i've been hearing the headline trouble in the middle east since i was born first person i mentioned that was christ yet trouble in the middle east i mean there's a part of me that says a lot i'm just all kill themselves and we'll see what happens there's a part of me that there's a lobs some cruise missiles in there i i honestly don't know could use a bit as with we don't we don't have to make a decision you sympathize with the president but this ain't easy pickens know he's going to get it no matter what and also you know it's not a good way to wage war even half a war when you say don't worry they'll be no boots on the ground and we'll be out
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in six weeks and when you're centrally telling the enemy here's what we'll do here's what we won't do it would have worked well for world war two here's the day we're going to invade and this is a normandy you know this is a you don't know who the enemy is you know here's the point we we thought look when we had a cowboy in office you know when when we have bush in office the no wonder everyone hates us we got this cowboy when we get this guy in office that looks a little more like them and sounds a little more like them they're going to brace us they hate us they hated us then they hate us now they'll hate us tomorrow they hate us because we have more stuff. they hate us because of envy mainly and they want to take us down because of that envies are very powerful but even then so what would you do. you do not love in the few bad probably take a few tomahawks and hit a few bunkers. just to say it is clinton told me once it's
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in the living world piece of cake compared to this george clinton but oh different clinton. guy from the funkadelic all right bill clinton only billy. i wish i wish i could say clinton told me once. i wasn't throwing and i just thought oh i want to update that he had an agreement to make it make topped out at the last minute and it's insoluble now my story is going to be larry king told me once that clinton told him while staying at a real down reilly that real well bill is coming up we're tackling three c's comedy carpentry and cars adam has his hands in all three don't go away. mission. could you take three months for chargers three arrangement three. three. free. download free broadcast live video for your media projects free media don carty dot com.
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wealthy british scientists some time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. war is probably the most complex and difficult to. answer. to the phenomenon of friendly fire probably
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extends back to the invention of gunpowder. kill a bunch of people. for their families they're really us people. reading. this some of them shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it because it was nine times four in the morning even the best even the best soldiers. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood an author. and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place. back with adam carolla very telling about him crowed very opinionated and in the moment success is movie's going to be a big hit you know everything you touch turns to yeah ok what is it with you and
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come over because he gives you a big break yeah he did and so dr drew yeah for one game your break and it still isn't taken. i was i met well that's i met jimmy first i was working as a carpenter and i was working as a boxing instructor and really yes and i was driving my truck and i heard them talking on the radio it was jimmy the sports guy jimmy was doing the local sports out here and they're having a boxing match it was the sports guy against the maintenance man and you know my. morning radio right and i would drive my truck and they said we need trainers we need equipment we need and i thought oh i'm a trainer and i want to i want to see the inside of a studio of always been interested in radio and so i called up ten times no one ever called me back i showed up i couldn't get in the building i showed up the next
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day i got in the building i got up to k.-rock i got up to the floor but the station was closed and then someone was walking in around the back and i said oh tell him there's a boxing coach i'll just be waiting by the elevator stair and the guy went in and twenty minutes later jimmy just came walking down the hall and i didn't ask him for jimmy or the other guy just said any of them and jimmy just came down the hallway and he just said i do and i said i'm a boxing coach he said all right when you want to get started and i said now you want to get started today i said yeah we'll get started today so we went to the gym in pasadena and we trained for about fifteen minutes and then we drank snapple and we talked comedy for like three hours we did carpenter i was a really good carpenter. like wood i still am a good carpenter you going to do it which you have there's wayne's code and panel molding and it's all base and case and yes ask me
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a home improvement question larry. you have twins right yes and sort of like well i always say it this way boy a girl or seven years old the girl is like raising three kids and boys like raising one old cat. so it evens out sums it up is that ok what about the car collection how did that come about. well when you were broke couldn't tillich's no i love cars i was always a gearhead but i always had to drive a pickup truck because that was my business and soon as i started making some money in show business i started collecting cars and then i got into vintage racing meaning racing the old cars and then i got hold of some a paul newman's cars his race cars and i just raced one of his race cars at laguna seca a couple weeks ago so it's his car that he raced in one thousand nine hundred eighty
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two the jay leno kind of thing to jay leno and i are very different i mean he's a friend of mine and i love his collection but he won't buy anything that he can't drive on the street and i basically don't buy anything i can't drive on the track so most of my cars are race cars and jail does his to work jay will drive his to work and i always laugh that some kid is going to write a book report about jay leno twenty five years from now and in it it's going to say he died in two thousand and forty two in a steam car and the teacher is going to go are you nuts when you mean a steam car people drive around in hovercraft. yes he takes those things if you go to his shop he's underneath those things working on it all day every day it will be good no children no children is a wonderful marriage and the money goes in the bank what does he do with it no i know but while i tell you that his shop is you know five miles from here and if you
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go over there during the ride hours on a saturday he's not sitting there eating he's underneath that steam car working on it and plumes of smoke and fire like shooting out of the would you describe you adam what would you. you so diverse you from me and you do so many things who is called to make the podcast or i or printer if i were a cop until you were a lady. i missed out i'm a guy's trying to make up for lost time i spent my youth being warehoused essentially at home and at school then i spent the early part of my dole the hood literally digging ditches on construction sides hauling dry wall around picking up garbage just literally doing nothing and nalle thanks to jimmy kimmel
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i realized i can do more and so i'm now making up for lost time so i want to go vintage racing i want to make a documentary about paul newman the racecar driver i want to make another independent film i want to write another book i want to do another pod cast i want to try to squeeze as much into this because i feel like. it's like a guy that was incarcerated falsely i feel like i spent my first thirty years in the joint for a crime i didn't commit and now i got to make up for it is there a danger in being too diverse yes mel torme is a great singer but he's also a drummer he's also a piano player also the arranger and so we couldn't what was he you know it don't get paid as well correct you were much better off just being you know michael jackson's in multi money you know the jack of all trades if it works that way in my old profession if he said look i do foundation i do dry wall i do framing i do finish you know that means you don't get paid for anything better off just install
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aquariums tell me about the book president me this is a serial rance of you a president you would yes i got it right there did you you're one for seventeen. what's the first thing you do if you were present first thing while you scare me. i would focus on kids who are kids and people who had no business having kids not having kids that's what i believe would fix everything i believe we're reverse engineering everything we're saying here's a public service announcement on how to take care your kids how to feed your kids how to do this how to do that what happens after a bunch of people who really shouldn't have kids have kids don't take care of those kids then it's more prisons it's more overcrowding in schools it's more drugs it's more gangs it's more everything the first thing i would do is focus on people who
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couldn't afford to have kids not as a part not in a pejorative way but say look you want to get ahead in life don't crank out three kids when you're nineteen and have a ged you're not going to get ahead in life says put the family off focus on climbing the core. ladder little then have the kids then that'll be a road to success put some social media questions for madame co for adam carolla diligent make the instagram what's the best call you have a took on loveline. well there was a guy who won to a morgue and stole the head off an old corpse so that he could have a scroll in his aquarium that he kept a snake in and what was his question. good question true as that a lot i mean he called in for yeah i think he wanted more reassurance that it was the right thing to do and. chris crandall via facebook says you have the best at
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live and probably curious to know if you were that good during your improv training days or if you got good in the years to come i know you aren't accepted to the final leveled the groundlings that reminds me of michael jordan not making his high school basketball team thank you. i was good at it improv but there was no it had no currency back in the day there was nothing you could everything was scripted everything was you know if you're either on a sitcom you're the rote first sit com you acted in a sitcom or drama or what have you there was no hey i'm going to make stuff up as we go along which now we sort of have with a lot of reality shows and a pod cast and different forms of media so it was like what i had was like gasoline refinery fifty years before the automobile came out. so every one of those wasn't
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a great rock band and i go no no one cared no one wanted you know. what's it like to be the voice of death you sporadically appears death on family guy. loves the macfarlane i love the logo and my favorite is ted one of the great movies of a made while you're writing the demo do you like to know i liked it i saw the friends i saw the screening before it was even the thing was even animated and stuff seth and i go way back latter that he asked me to be part of the show and it's easy to sit in there your read the lines they're always funny and you change and. one of the first ones i did is death was i got called in for near death experience which always pissed off dad he had to go on a near death experience call but he hated it because there was no you know no payday and. as certain point death went home and his mom that's mom was chewing
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him out and yelling at him and telling him that you know polish pants up as it is that it at a certain point i said to peter griffin when my mom was yelling at me i said. i wish dad was still dad. and he let me improv that we could surely end quote if you only knew you most of the first person you have it just yes it's always your name her name was astir and i know it sounds like a built a time machine a kid someone after one world war one how will you. i was thirty one she was twelve let's not talk anymore about that i was your arrest i was eyes she was my first girlfriend i was in the seventh grade and she told me she called me and said it was between to be a boyfriend it was between me and my buddy chris and she said i chose you and. and she paused and she said everyone thinks i'm crazy but i chose you and i thought i
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think that feels good where is a studio find yeah she's still here i think she works in the business and she's beautiful they were comedian who i'd say george carlin just because i grew up loving newman well moment you knew you'd made it. i was backstage at some k.-rock event and i was in show business for ten seconds and i henry winkler who i just knew was the fonz as i was passing by heard him saying where is that guy who plays mr bircham on the radio and i just said oh that's me and i stop and i said i'm that guy and he shook my hands with two hands because he's such a man she now and he said nobody does what you do nobody can do what you do and i was like this is the fines telling me no one can do what i do and that's that sort of builds and you went a little bit sky nice this guy on the planet him and the great john ritter. thank
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get a bank is so much like adam carolla by special guys you could listen to his podcast you goodbyes books you could order a man on his website and then we may never see you again w w w dot. com and robbie could find me on twitter it can stings that i'll see you next time. wealthy british sign. that's no time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike scruggs or the no. holds barred look at the global financial headlines
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tune in to cause a report. that was a new alert and a patient's scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears and so well i. think. that had he ever read arquette a court found it is a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. the
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research of dr scott's not a retired lieutenant colonel at the harvard business school highlights the difficulties in determining both the cause of and criminal culpability in friendly fire incidents so friendly fire have a perverse relationship with friendly fire paratrooper an eighty second airborne division was a victim of friendly fire in operation urgent fury in grenada and so for years this was ninety three i had a perverse sense of curiosity how could sometimes some of the best trained best equipped people in the world sometimes fall short of the mark in his book friendly fire dr snoeck investigates an encounter in a no fly zone in which two u.s. f. fifteen fighters shot down two u.s. army black hawk helicopters instantly killing twenty six u.n. peacekeepers this happened in one thousand nine hundred four full three years after the end of the first gulf war was that a high shooting war going around there's not a lot of bad guys running around on the ground.


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