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actually doing in antarctica. the syrian government completes the handover of chemical weapons data to a hague based watchdog. says its approach to the assad government may change if he does not play by the rules. european diplomats some rights activists lash out at israel claiming its soldiers rough them up in the west bank giving a thought about international law. is now one year until scotland decides whether to ditch the united kingdom but as the days dwindle the rhetoric is ratcheting up with oil the centerpiece of disagreement. is reporting that new york academics demand the release of students beaten up and detained by police during a street protest against a former cia chief being appointed professor. and
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i from our studio center here in moscow where it's just a nine pm this is r.t. with international news and comment. the international chemical weapons watchdog says the syrian government has complied with its promise and handed over the last remaining details of its toxic to the agency this comes as part of syria's chemical disarmament plan how much by russia and washington last week. the details. maskers has fulfilled its obligation to send all the documents regarding its chemical stockpile to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or the o.p.c. w. now of course the w. has to work out a framework in order to deal with the procedures of the disarmament of syria they were supposed to hold a meeting on that on sunday but they have
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a postponed that indefinitely of course that was before it became known that damascus has already sent the entire package of documents needed to all be c.w. so we'll have to wait and see exactly what will transpire now but the united nations is slated to hold a discussion in new york in the coming week in order to devise a deal hammered out between moscow and washington about a week ago in geneva according to that deal damascus has until the middle of two thousand and fourteen in order to completed disarmament program now there is of course some difficulties involved there with that and that is the fact that the chemical stocks. because stockpiles are actually distributed between various points in the country and not all of those parts are controlled entirely by the official damascus and of course there is also some disagreement when it comes to the wording of the potential un resolution where is the london washington and paris that want
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to see the threat of military intervention be included in the provisions of the potential u.n. resolution and moscow says such a provision would be counterproductive he had a russian presidential administrations have given not when speaking in stockholm earlier on saturday said that russia is not going to veto any u.n. resolution on syria out of principle but he said that there is absolutely no excluding the possibility of russia changing its stance we are not protecting the syrian government we are protecting the international law and if in future for example talking no theoretically and here pathetically but it will become sure russia will become sure that for example is cheating. we might change opposition but so far we don't have such evidence but again russia has been adamant about about the necessity of the diplomatic solution of the syrian crisis
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and it has been pushing the syrian government towards a discussion table russia has done its part under the russian american initiative on may seventh we have secured the mascot's commitment to send a delegation to geneva conference. american partners so far. talks with the opposition it also looks like according to sergei ivanov that the syrian opposition doesn't seem to be so interested in getting to the discussion table on top of that it is notoriously dishrag mantid with some inner scuffles happening sporadically over the past several years as a matter of fact and also we must not forget about the fact that there are also numerous groups within syria itself which are fighting supposedly for the opposition but at the same time they are openly affiliated with al qaida and of course it should a military involvement be in fact put in place by states such as the united states or france or the united kingdom of course that would mean competing. in syria
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something which has we we have already seen happening in countries such as libya well the syrian government agreed to the chemical disarmament plans after america's war mongering sparked by last month's chemical attack outside damascus while washington says the assad forces were responsible for more has been a member believes the west should have its downs. now there are more chemical arms have been reportedly used several times in the syrian war or some weapons close to chemical ones banned by international conventions for example the sarin gas which causes immediate death of people animals plants etc what happened in hama salah is a good example but the international community reacted to this incident two months after it took place there are all indications that a rebel group was behind this attack but it's still unclear which group. the key conclusion is that the opposition does possess such arms not the syrian government
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exclusively there's a question remaining who used chemicals in and other places was it the government or the opposition i can't tell for sure they should be a thorough investigation to find out what happened exactly but in any case chemical weapons are used as a manipulation. we're hearing a lot about human rights if there is an international concern about the syrian people and their safety there should have been some reaction to the massacres of women and children which the rebels carried out during the course of this war that well the e.u. is sounding the alarm over the influx of refugees from syria one of fishel say the stream of asylum seekers has been manageable so far there are fears that as the conflict drags on the numbers of those fleeing will swell among those concerned the most are italy and italy's already accepted four thousand six hundred refugees this year and is preparing for sixteen thousand more bug area says it's struggling to
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cope with more than two thousand it has taken in and has even asked the e.u. for help so far and twenty thirteen most asylum requests to be made in sweden with four thousand seven hundred then followed by germany with four and a half thousand and seven hundred requests have now been submitted to france where britain says it's not planning to take in syrian refugees offering financial aid to other block members instead with the asylum system put under such pressure some states are urging a review however most insist they could be no easing of asylum rules. israel is investigating accusations its army mole treated a group of european diplomats and human rights activists in the west bank on friday they were accompanying an aid convoy on route to a palestinian village that had previously been demolished by israel soldiers also seized one of the trucks artie's paulus live reports on the events that have caused such feehery. video has just been released showing israeli soldiers manhandling
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a group of european diplomats as they tried to bring supplies emergency aid as well as tents in a truck to a community of bed when living in the west bank this particular community just a few days earlier had their homes destroyed by the israeli army if you look at the video you can see the diplomats being surrounded by huge group of israeli soldiers as one french diplomat later complained she was physically dragged from the truck she was forced to the ground without any kind of a god for her diplomatic immunity not the idea of has said that it is launching a probe but at the same time the army has said that this was a provocation and also to quote the idea of a disturbance of the peace the e.u. diplomats deny this they say that there was a blatant disregard for international law that they were physically manhandled and at the same time to quote them what happened was shocking and outrageous the e.u.
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diplomats saying that the israeli army has a moral responsibility that is also bound by international law to look after the as well as asserts people who are living in occupied territory now at the same time we're talking here about a community of bad ones this is one of three communities that in the last six weeks has seen it has its homes destroyed and earlier the israeli high court will that this particular community which is known as the kid a bit cool community comprising some one hundred twenty people were living illegally on land that was israeli and as such they gave the order for the israeli army to bulldoze their homes their kindergarten as well as the stables but the argument from the community as indeed has been the argument from other bed when communities who have faced a similar type of scenario is that they have nowhere else to go they've been living on the land for generations and that the land is also needed as. ground and down and for their cattle to graze in the same street that is their source of livelihood
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they were attempts earlier in the week by the e.u. to try and assist this community volunteers day and wednesday they did manage to reach the community they managed to put up some tents but these were later taken down by the israeli army who also hearing from european union diplomats who were involved in this unfortunate incident is that what israel is doing is not helpful to negotiations let me remind you that just last month the israelis and palestinians off to a three year hiatus returned to the negotiating table and certainly these kind of incidents are not going to do anything to push the peace process forward. they're there to your life coming later for you this the white house is making tentative steps towards iran's offer of negotiations washington agrees to talk something that hasn't happened in decades as long as tehran keeps its nuclear and military programs in separate beds that is coming up for you very short.
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the first is now listen a year to go before the scottish independence vote and supporters are marking the date with a mass march through the northern capital edinburgh but even though time is ticking it's far from clear which way the vote will swing separatists a huge oil reserves will guarantee the country's fortunes while london says the north and south better off together reports now from the scottish capital. see a flag here this independence rally underway in edinburgh thousands of people turning out in this procession going through the streets. and hello well have won the scottish first minister alex salmond earlier on i was talking to the head of the campaign jenkins he said that there is still a long way. when mark one. of the eighteenth the september twenty fourth when scott says will be asked to vote yes or no is it
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beggars belief to me why people would want the government for to make decisions about themselves you know we've given government. policies that they dictate. that doesn't seem like a democracy to me there's a lot of risk i think today is about a show of confidence today is about the people are saying we're not afraid a lot of the no campaign or the better together campaign has been very negative. the people of scotland just say we're not afraid we are a strong independent nation we will. take the opportunities that are there and a lot of people have come here with their children it's a family event and you can see the crowds coming down with their signs one of the signs i was reading earlier saying yes takes courage well it certainly does this going to take a look more than courage to get the amount they need to see scotland become an
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independent country and there are some big questions this still need to be answered now we're going to see the government publishing its white paper in the event but that is thought will address some really crucial is for the yes campaign no question of currency what scotland would do right to become independent the well the north sea oil would play all of those things will get karratha cation to that chunk of the population that is as yet still undecided as we said this march one year to go to scotland will be asked to have that yes no vote everything to play for a bit today. showed their support independence. the british government and unionists have no shortage of reasons as to why scotland should stay among them is the argument that the north as a small country simply wouldn't be able to make it on its own or an old lot but i
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don't ramsey he's coeditor of the kingdom u.k. political blog he finds that argument insulting. the same population. is pretty country the no way in fact if you look at a list of countries population in the world is right in the middle it's the same size as the median country so idea that a normal sized country can survive is in so think. of a smaller countries very well and certainly i mean obviously this can be very well it's a very very rich countries for the richest countries on earth and i don't see any good reason to see one make it like denmark. george eaton editor of the staggers blog the new statesman i spoke to a little earlier he's against the independent spirit and he tells us the cultural and economic times between scotland and britain are just too ingrained. i think an independent scotland would certainly be economically viable but i think the wider
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arguments for why the rest of the you can't scotland better off together outweigh the arguments put forward by the nationalist side the cultural and social ties between scotland and england and the rest of the rest of the u.k. incredibly vital and important part of our history and i think we i think it that's something that will be diminished scotland become an independent country i think it's quite sensible to devolve greater powers to scotland in the future so i didn't see the need for it to become an entirely separate country with its own army its own foreign policy its own embassies and so on. major parties in germany making their final pitch for votes though chancellor merkel is a shoo in to win one little known group is tipped to put a spanner in the works when political wrangling to form a coalition government begins that is coming up shortly.
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ten seventeen minutes past the hour the news continues here on. looks set to win a third term when germans go to the polls for parliamentary election on sunday germany has largely managed to dodge the economic problems that have crippled a number of its european neighbors but many of its citizens a bit of a decline in personal spending and a rise in insecure part time work. has more. it's billed as europe's economic success story but german voters feel a country is split between the haves and the have nots germans are rich yeah ten percent of germans are only fifty to sixty percent of the capital and the gap is
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getting bigger than a mention our society is divided on here pretty soon in germany like here in the world that are so poor the streets are industry and the theaters have to shut down this town is broke in india and for most people this is the financial situation isn't good which isn't the image many of germany's european partners have of the federal republic. and i think if you were to ask someone from spain they would tell you germany is an economic the land of milk and honey with all of that just isn't the case perhaps thirty years ago after reunification in the pressures of staying competitive globally in those days or. one of the ways germany has stayed competitive is by trying to keep wages low. plenty of spaniards and greeks who come to our alina looking for work they are scandalized by how low our pay is it's not enough to survive in the run up to this election the main opposition is campaigned on a platform of introducing
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a minimum wage of eighty euros fifty per hour the current german government has dismissed those calls i believe merkel's party insists that the introduction of a minimum wage would destroy job creation however these people here say they just want a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. we need a minimum wage here has to be at some level the people can live on to provide for their family. there are so many jobs around that's put out early enough so you can survive. on the s.t.h. who wrote i think it should be. our. so called many jobs have also grabbed voters' attention ahead of sunday's ballot almost. a quarter of the workforce are employed in part time. jobs any means jobs are now and you can distribute to pension was one hundred euros these days everyone in a family has to work. with my roommate realize we make too little cash it's
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a case of either we give up our studies and find work it's all illusion of. whoever comes out on top from sunday's ballot is going to face the continuing task of keeping germany's economy on track while at the same time trying to please a workforce which feels underpaid and under appreciated peter all of the r.t. germany. so some people are concerned about their financial situation but business and government consultant christopher hoare still says the major parties a seriously concern about the level of apathy amongst the german electorate people in germany by a large numbers very frustrated so frustrated that all the media are coming out these days with you know urges please take part in the elections or two who are go to vote. the government is very clearly afraid the whole system in germany is afraid that more than fifty percent of the germans could abstain and that would be
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a very bad sign for the system obviously right now many germans only move that they would be ready to get out to vote for dirty or donkey to get rid of the euro eighty percent of the germans don't want to pay any. more tax payers hard earned money into a supporting road currency euro dozens of academics at city university in new york backing protests against the appointment of the former cia chief david petraeus as a teacher there they've also to petition for charges to be dropped against six students arrested during an earlier street protest video has emerged showing police beating up the activists while detaining them what is more important has more. four star general and former cia director david petraeus recently began his new career here in the big apple as an adjunct professor for the new york city public university known as kuni but his attendance has been met with broad criticism from students faculty and staff members who say they don't want their college to host
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the man who oversaw the wars drone strikes and alleged torture tactics in the middle east now for the past few weeks this anti professor pre-trained his movement has been gaining traction recently activists tell me that they're on their campaign has been met with heavy handed tactics from the new york city police department there earlier this week about seventy five people were marching right around here across the street from that building where professor pre-trained was allegedly attending a fundraiser and that's when a fight broke out between new york city police officers and protesters cops who videotaped trying to barricade the activists who then spilled out onto the streets witnesses say students were punched slammed against vehicles and onto the pavement by the cops eventually six people were arrested and have been charged with
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obstruction of governmental administration riot resisting arrest and disorderly conduct twenty four year old denise ford is among the six students that were arrested during the protest and spent twenty eight hours in police custody she joins me now to talk about her experience denise tell me what led to your arrest i believe that some of us were to be targeted by the police so that you know they were going to rise and then i mean they pushed us into the streets and we just started from there where they grabbed one of my palmer about like seven to fifteen . slammed his head against the car and we're just all on top of. helped him. to call. my home. and then when i looked at me.
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so his kid. came and grabbed me. and then just. i believe this is also an intimidation tactic used by the n.y.p.d. why is it so many people are so odd. with his new position as it is what he is what we're getting it's not his character. capital of. war. dozens of academics have signed onto a petition calling for all charges against the six students to be dropped in the interim according to reports a growing number of staff and faculty members are also calling on america's former intelligence chief to resign from his position as
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a visiting professor reporting from new york. international news in brief or suspected. has left at least twenty two. rifles the alleged. believe would be talking to officials of the situation under control and no group has claimed responsibility for the attack but at least one somali militant is said to be him. suicide car bombing has killed at least fifty four people in the shiite stronghold of the city in the iraqi capital baghdad the explosion occurred close to a funeral service also wounded there's been a rise in sectarian violence in the country in recent months more than five and a half thousand people have been killed since the start of the year the u.s. is cautiously moving towards iran which has recently come out with open. to discuss its controversial nuclear program the white house has said it's ready to talk as
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long as tehran's willing to provide proof its atomic ambitions are strictly limited to the civil sector well joel rubin from the anti nuclear pressure group. says this could be a breakthrough for the whole of the middle east it's clear that there is time and space for diplomacy it's clear that the saying that the international community the united nations russia the europeans the united states have put on iran have really gotten the iranian leaders attention recently between the united states and russia on syria's chemical weapons has demonstrated that diplomacy can work now it's a question of will it be followed through by assad the same can be said for iran if we can see these issues resolved diplomatically it's going to create a sense of stability in what has been a very unstable region it certainly is in the interests of the people who live there as well as the united states and russia. the news continues with me and the news team in just over half an hour from now here not in the mean time examine the
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causes behind the increasing amount of friendly fire in recent military fighting that special report after the break. i got some angry but polite messages after i came out in favor of the foreign adoption ban of russian children by people in the usa this is not a dig on america i think russia or any country that respects itself should export any children to anywhere at all people tell me that i'm paranoid that the decision to stop the foreign adoptions punishes the children were a massive reuters investigation called the child exchange has exposed some dark secrets about adoption of foreign children they expose it often by using the term
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re homing which is normally about finding new homes for animals people are basically advertising adopted children they don't want like baseball cards on e bay we're just found out that on just one yahoo group are child a week was offered up to the public my wonder what kind of people want to discreetly get children off the internet the thing is that in the us adopting a child from overseas is hard but transferring them to someone else later on is a breeze all you need is a notarized power of attorney document to clearing the child is another adult's care so for those of you who think that i am a cruel nationals because i support russians the option ban than take a look at the child exchange and you might just start to see my point but that's just my opinion. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world right now.
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so picture of today's new life on demand from around the globe. looking to t.v. . the research of dr scott's retired lieutenant colonel at the harvard business school highlights the difficulties in determining both the cause of and criminal culpability in friendly fire incidents so friendly fire have a perverse relationship with friendly fire paratrooper in eighty second airborne division i was a victim of friendly fire in operation urgent fury and grenada and so for years this was ninety three i've had a perverse sense of curiosity how could sometimes some of the best trained best equipped people in the world sometimes fall short of the mark in his book friendly fire dr snoeck investigates an encounter in a no fly.


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