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tv   Headline News  RT  September 22, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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russia's foreign minister says washington is trying to blackmail moscow the you asked her threatens to suspend work on c. whereas chemical dissolve and if russia does not support a u.n. resolution that allows the use of force. voting is in full swing in germany's parliamentary election against a groundswell of anger over government and american spying on the country's a staunch supporter for its heavily indebted to european neighbors. rampaging mobs scream for justice in greece where the killing of a prominent county function has sparked an uproar while thousands marched in a national strike against and listen spirity.
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this is the whoopie on r c hello and welcome to the program. western states are eager to gain a loophole for you know actual action against syria and don't care enough about peaceful efforts to resolve the syrian conflict that's the impression the russian foreign minister has gained after several weeks of a diplomatic marfan to avoid possible strikes against the water state. joins me now live from central moscow hi there reno so we're hearing some harsh words from the russian foreign minister so what's behind this disappointment well of course you have to understand that it's the two weeks of first initially being under severe pressure two weeks ago it seemed like the united states are ready to essentially
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strike syria then it looks like things are going to ease up just a bit and now again russia seems to be facing some sort of animosity especially head of the u.n. general assembly which is to take place in new york next week so the russian foreign minister in an interview to russia's channel one has used the points that he's made before but in a very different or rather harsh manner especially when talking about the way that the west is approaching the syrian crisis. and that's just what i remember going partners are starting to be like my last so they say if russia does not agree to egypt the seven resolution in the un to see stop working with the chemical watchdog in the hague this completely counters what we agreed on was john kerry namely the chemical watch dogs decision and then a supporting resolution from the un a c. but without a chapter seven. the russian foreign minister said that the team of u.n. experts who were in syria last month investigating reports of alleged chemical
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attacks actually couldn't complete their job in its entirety caving into the pressure from the likes of the united states who seem to be determined to push their agenda in only one direction. which all parties are blinded by an ideological goal to remove the assad regime they want to show the big can call the shots in the middle east. they are mostly concerned with proving their own supremacy and not the task that we are driven by which to solve the syrian chemical weapons problem. on top of that russian foreign minister has said that there is a high chance that the syrian rebels themselves could produce chemical weapons and homegrown laboratories has also said that those who have essentially created the syrian opposition are continuing to cover its tracks. which is up and. right now our western partners are trying to forcefully push forward it with the syrian resolution their own edge because they understand that if chapter seven is
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mentioned there's a chance for them to get approval of the un security council for unilateral action which we encourage them to keep calm and stop coming up with their solutions but the convention for the addition of chemical weapons on the back burner and that prioritize us goals. according to the russian foreign minister of france and the united states and didn't really need the report from the u.n. inspection team their minds were set up long before that and they have only used that report as yet another attempt to insist that in fact it was just the syrian government that was using chemical weapons in syria even though there is absolutely no such indication in the u.n. reports as my colleague in eastern hour we now reports. as chaos and violence continue in syria so does the diplomatic battle surrounding the conflict this week a u.n. investigation concluded chemical weapons were used on august the twenty first the
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environmental chemical and medical circles that the u.n. investigators collected provide clear and compelling evidence that the surface to surface rockets used in this attack contained the nerve agent sarin we know the regime possesses. and there is not a shred of evidence however that the opposition does. this isn't complicated when we said we know what is true we meant it but the u.n. report doesn't blame the acid regime for the attack or mention other chemical weapons attacks allegedly carried out this summer russia claims there is still no evidence the syrian government is guilty and rather many suggestions the attack was a clever attempt by rebels to push for foreign intervention we have every reason to think that it was a provocation to the small provocation of course but the technique was very simple
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they use an old soviet missile which are no longer in service with the syrian army the key thing is that the missile carried the label made in the u.s.s.r. russia says the u.n. report was rushed and ignores relevant evidence of other chemical attacks in syria the deputy foreign minister called in damascus this week confirmed un inspectors were informed of this material which was killed by syria and the story was discreetly handed over to. the head of u.n. mission here mission of experts which came and investigated the incident but never did so on the three subsequent incidents and then sell strong was asked to look into the and eventually factor this new evidence into the final report of self from his mission it never happened in fact
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still the u.s. is pushing for a response based on this u.n. investigation just last week the u.s. and russia agreed to a six point plan to rid syria of its chemical weapons the mask is pledged to move forward and has so far complied a chemical weapons ploy if you like by the west and by the by the jihadist was. was countered effectively. russia resigned to damascus saying ok you want to chemical weapons you've got the chemical weapons it's interesting today just look at the free syrian army disavowed that agreement and with a lot of the chain and do it with the other tools you can not give up their chemical weapons in this whole dispute and then john kerry the u.s. navy state is not even pushing on that instead he is pushing on the u.n. security council to sign a strong resolution possibly even mandating force what recently seems like
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a small victory for diplomacy in the syria crisis a new road is slowly going back to old ways as washington continues to threaten force and moscow push for compromise the battle continues and he's now a r.t. washington. and with the rise of radicals in syria the violence that is turning increasingly sick tarion and christians are becoming a frequent target oh she's maria reports now on the often mosque or bertold jihadist on the ancient village of la luna. further in the syrian village of the luna is where the aramaic language believed to have been spoken by jesus christ was in daily use but not so much these days. after jihadists attacked this mostly christian village in syria more than two weeks ago local residents were forced to flee the battlefield that was once their native land and calm organized life. many of them to graph huge with christian families in old damascus we try to meet them
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all of the thirty dollars vocal music stores for us all that. talk to the many refused to told because their relatives remain missing they say is the best kidnap people and they fear the escaped with them in even more danger and these people know well about danger free memories of antonymous family were killed on the first days of the violence siege snuggling up in the morning by the shouts of a knock on the doors and all gathered in one interview i thought i was the man that and we won't harm you the little and one may call and shyly went there and i am dead i pointed their guns at them and out and shooting i was in town in my chest an hour about the down one of them off like no one to me another one said let them die but hundreds gathered for the funerals of the three men who they now called walters those muslims and christians the attack on malala village syrians say was an attack
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on their country and its way of life. for the family was going to be very much other than the didn't work he had very very worthless and those dreams live in la luna but it's surrounded by the narrow muslim heritage of my labor they see the optical they emphatically the stone with the here on to on it's father in law is eighty eight years old he says nothing like this has happened to his lifetime. we were living in peace and now it seems there. want to throw all the christians out of the country who prayed to god that would defeat the pick them out another relative who's afraid to show her face says it's hard to say how many people were killed in the lunar because militants holed in the village often keep the bodies for further renovation and to instill fear their goal is not assad and their idea is to establish an islamic emirate in all of the middle east however fine countries are helping down with weapons money or whatever they need helping them destroy the
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country and people obviously agent special swede sanctified bread is served in the family to commemorate the dead. in church they held special ceremonies for several days. and again all the syrians equally shocked prayed together for the dead and the law in the ancient language in my lower united people for thousands of years they can't know is that it can sustain them for a little longer and all over the country that two and a half year long conflict is taking lives language and shattering people's hope. rich notion ossie from damascus in syria and coming out of iraq that's a near death toll record again saturday because the deadliest day in the country this year as some experts blame the near decade long u.s. led war for devastating local security that's after the break.
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video for your media. free media r t v dot com. there will be weekly here on r.t. with me here dash of all welcome back and before we get to other news let's talk more on the recent developments in syria and let's cross live to middle east expert mark almond in london professor almond welcome to. mosco says the cave playing washington and its partners seeking is a u.n. resolution allowing the lateral action against syria so what was the point in the obama administration supporting syria's chemical design plan in the first place. well i think there's probably a division of opinion inside washington between those who saw the love rolph
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initiative as a get out clause that obama didn't necessarily have the public support in america behind bombing syria and also there were those in the military who question the wisdom and likely effect of my thought it on the other hand there are those who are not terribly concerned about the chemical weapons issue at all but simply want to see assad overthrow him that his survival in power two and a half years or more into this conflict is a huge embarrassment to the western governments in france and britain as well as america who said that assad had no popularity and would fall very quickly instead we see the regime show remarkable resilience and the chemical weapons issue seem to be a potential battering ram for attacking the syrian regime which local opponents and foreign jihad is one of the effective at overthrowing but that also raised all sorts of questions about the truth of the allegations but also about where the bombing was the best way to do with the problem of chemical weapons. if russia and
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china allow this threat of force chapter seven to be included in a presidential resolution on syria will the opportunity intervene be necessarily. may not necessarily be used but it certainly makes that opportunity much easier because. for many americans the british and french will say that the resolution authorizes them to do what they want to do and they will use it in a very expensive way remember of libya in march of two thousand and eleven the resolution was presented as a humanitarian resolution for france the libyan army that office forces entering the city of benghazi but it was used to justify more than six months of bombing until gadhafi was overthrown and in july the british prime minister david cameron said that over syria we don't want a resolution like the one only bill that would leave us to engage in regime change he was trying to restore and try it but precisely because back in march of two thousand and eleven david cameron obama president sarkozy said this was just
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a humanitarian resolution to do with the immediate crisis in benghazi undoubtedly not just russia and china but other countries like india brazil south africa of a suspicious that a resolution which authorized force over chemical weapons could be used to justify a broader range campaign to remove the regime and install a different government protesters although i have to say i think if we look at what happened in libya the chaos that followed i would be very reluctant to predict that even if the west was able to pursue a military option in syria that it would produce a regime that most people in the west would feel comfortable with. said mark armin thank you very much indeed. millions of germans are constant their ballots to elect senior national parliament for a vote poll suggest angela merkel's christian democratic union likely to get the most votes but the real fight will come when her party if it does do as well as predicted tries to cobble together a coalition government and as a speaker on
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a reports now from berlin they contain lead up to the all important vote has stood out not because of the things that were talked about but because of the winds that were left as. well as nothing more the politicians can do it's up to the german people now to decide who will be the next chancellor of their country and perhaps more importantly just who will be taking up seats behind me in the german parliament and it's hardly been an election campaign say pulses racing it's been more notable for the major issues that weren't talked about than those that were things like the future of the eurozone in the ongoing crisis within the monetary union were hardly mentioned if at all also germany's role within europe over the coming years how will that change well if i'm going to merkel becomes the chancellor for a third time it's unlikely that i'll change too much mrs merkel has been the chief cheerleader of austerity for those cash strapped southern european countries also
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the n.s.a. spying scandal now cross germany we've seen demonstrations here in berlin as well as all of the other major cities by people wanting answers from the german government germany was one of the main countries that was spied on by the the n.s.a. is part of their prism program no answers were forthcoming from either angle or merkel or her main challenger in this election campaign period of the social democrats none of that particularly touched on in the lead up also the current financial situation for germans it's been an increase in the amount of people in the country that would be regarded as working poor. put forward a. minimum wage that he wanted to see imposed that was knocked back by angela merkel saying it just wouldn't work now to get into the german parliament any party just needs five percent of the vote in the past this is allowed smaller parties to get a foothold within german politics one party that it singles may get across that threshold could have potentially huge influence when it comes to forming future coalitions
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alternative for deutschland alternative for germany or a euro skeptic party an anti euro party if they get into parliament well that could seriously affect just how who comes out with the majority deals with coalitions that have been formed now they say that they won't operate with mrs merkel unless she adopts the euro skeptic anti euro policy so that could be all very interesting to see just who comes out as part of the coalition government after this german election the polls close here at six pm local time i'll be bringing you all of the news as we get it throughout the day here on r.t. and political commentator maurice schumer says the anti euro outearned germany party will shake up the political landscape if it does garner the five percent of votes and needs to get into parliament it's quite clear that there won't be a part of a value coalition government in germany if they do get in most likely then angela
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merkel's christian democrats will form a coalition with the social democrats a so-called grand coalition and then if that happens the tentative of the alternative for germany one really be a member of stand government that will be a voice in the new german under start and it's a voice that we had in hand for the last four years because it would be it will be if that happens the only party not critical of europe but critical of the way germany is dealing with the financial crisis right now. as europe's largest economy under biggest contributor to bailouts the results of the election will reverberate far beyond germany's borders and reports now from athens cash strapped greece would be particularly vulnerable to any changes montreal to see from its northern neighbor. when it comes to finances decisions made in germany are often
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felt right here in greece and the outlands may be the birthplace of democracy ballots cast by german voters have a huge role to play in this country's future that despite two bailouts and across the board spending cuts is still struggling through one of its worst recession since the second world war unemployment just soaring and two thirds of young greeks are without work and despite to apac just west of two hundred forty billion euros revenues are still short of expectations what's more the growing consensus is that research is unlikely to get back on its feet without more help so little third term for chancellor angela merkel mean more austerity as well starship for greece and how do people here actually feel about a potential change in leadership in europe's largest creditor nation we decided to hit the streets of athens to find out take a look at your money. to see if you can. do with it it's in there. it's been lucky enough markets policies hurt the greeks as well as the
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germans but regardless of the libyans the result could be bad for us because our politicians are weak please just look each one of us was not intervene so much in my country that it feels like greece is controlled by foreign politicians germany in general that's a good. comment. i don't believe but it's a great season but. this is good so as you just heard a mix of views there although germany contributed to to bailout loans to greece models austerity policies are widely blamed for future spending cuts and whichever way germans and up voting it certainly is likely to be felt right here in greece reporting from athens from r.t. on this the counting of. a journal strike in greece turned to this week when a prominent. stabbed to death the killer was a apprehended at the scene and reportedly found to be a diehard member all before. right golden dawn party the killing a set off a chain of riots around greece where the running battles between police and
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protesters officials quickly jumped on the bandwagon into a they may shut the party down as police raided its offices golden dawn as well known for terrorizing and tracking its political opponents and that george could regardless a professor of constitutional law believes the rise of extremist sentiment in greece is directly linked to the state of the economy. and the majority of the good people. the measures that unfortunately the anger into despair if we did not so good eyes of the new fascists in the forces a small minority now with. a massive demonstration of the public sector a very confident. and of course not at all violent demonstration but all of that has been eclipsed by the murder also i don't personally. know if i should group the only called for greece is
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a reverse. of all this is going back to the remote or european socialist state. latin america has taken revelations over u.s. spying to hard and altogether very personally brazil in particular has made no secret of its anger at washington which is believed to have secretly and sold a worldwide digital surveillance empire now the brazilian president is proposing to rebuild the country's internet cutting off the u.s. spy agencies and compliant tech giants and she's maria marina partner has the details. as the n.s.a. spying scandal continues to undermine america's global standing one u.s. ally is not willing to forgive and forget brazilian president dilma rousseff who has canceled her scheduled visit to the white house next month and pulling out of what was supposed to be the first official state visit of u.s. president barack obama's second term it would have also been the first for
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a brazilian president in nearly two decades in addition to breaking dates brasilia is also taking steps to divorce itself from the u.s. centric internet while seeking its own sovereignty in cyberspace president rousseff has ordered a series of measures aimed at greater brazilian online independence including storing citizens data locally to protect from n.s.a. snooping according to reports the brazilian government is also planning to lay underwater fiber optic cable directly to europe and also link to all south american nations currently most of brazil's global internet traffic passes through the united states now experts say if other nations follow in brazil's footsteps the us cloud computing industry which stores data remotely could lose tens of billions of dollars in business by two thousand and sixteen brazil's path towards internet sovereignty follows revelations that the n.s.a.
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intercepted president rousseff communications hacked into the network of the state owned oil company and spied on brazilians in trusting their personal information to u.s. companies like facebook and google president rousseff says she intends to push for a new international rules on privacy and security in hardware and software next week when all the heads of state gather in new york for the u.n. general assembly on tuesday the brazilian leader is set to open the u.n. g.a. debates and her u.s. counterpart president obama is set to take the stage immediately afterwards reporting from new york marina. and coming out and also a team has to the whole continent of antarctica to find out told the lies of explorers are like that.
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be in the know. summer is coming to an end and talk to the crew of the academic field of is waiting for the research station to pick up for winter everything has to be done quickly if the wind gets any stronger the helicopter won't be able to take off and there's no other way of getting people onto the ship from the station they need to hurry when so begins tomorrow. night it used to be to save with unions biggest antarctic research station. now it only would.


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