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tv   News Weekly  RT  September 22, 2013 12:45pm-1:01pm EDT

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and why syria is being called the last to travel. sixteen degrees in holmes means that sixteen hundred cameras full saudi are a bia and could saul's al-jazeera would be in holmes town square tun up shelter a rebel slogan for five minutes and get paid in cash by the saudi u.s. networks which can then show this country's entails highly skeptical of the c.n.n. and b.b.c. versions parliamentarian nick griffin went to see what syria was actually like we found it fifty different places for quite normal. to get it. out explained that. this is the rules are that there is still a wall being waged against these people taken to find an obviously and has even effect as well. he said i think he's saying the last few minutes just.
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just absolutely for. most life in these nic joins us now great to see you sir with the saudi will hold these or us backed al qaeda is this foreign driven it clearly is foreign driven it's most definitely is when they. did an interview with a a rebel who was a suicide bomb failed who still believed he was in a ripple hospital because since the head injuries and so on and so i asked him posing as a british three hundred people and she asked him will where he going to go once he concludes syria and quick as a flash he comes back and say we're going to attack iraq we're going to attack america because they're the real enemy you know watkins when a bomber gets enough congress a pull to bomb syria the u.s. attack on syria will try again iran it will drown again israel even the egyptians have said that the probably strip closest the suez canal if the straits of hormuz. closed as will they in oil will go up to what four hundred dollars
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a barrel almost overnight which will. be full of economic recovery all over the industrialized world. depression which will go on for years is the credible tensions in the far east between china and japan and again america should think this was the summer like nine hundred thirty. all along. israel's. in syria moved warships to the region and called the biggest military drills since the cold war. the biggest joint military exercises in history. joins us great to speak to one of these countries. honor that i believe assad has because had he retaliated all against israel there would be an all out war and he basically saved the lives
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of his people why not retaliate what surprised me the most this week is you had mccain say they haven't retaliated so we can attack them anytime we want hi i'm steve i'm irene i'm lisa my name is tom i'm a graphic designer a college freshman stay at home mom with a full time job scholar on social policy. and i'm just like you i'm going to bomb a supporter i support president obama but the president needs your help our president can't launch into another war without you that's why we hear the americans for whatever barack obama wants. the have launched a kickstarter campaign to fund world war three in america is dead so our goal is to raise one point six trillion dollars on behalf of the u.s. government that's where you come in even a small donation will make all the different. one hundred dollar donation just through a day pass to review local refugee camp you'll probably end up in references they don't have to walk. because obama. because obama.
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senator graham won't if the u.s. won't attack syria a new car will hit south carolina's charleston home on the very same day a nuclear warhead without through as a signature was transferred to south carolina. still relique. joins us thanks a lot for speaking to us nuclear war this is the level senator lindsey graham is essentially threatening the united states whether he got intel on this or not from another high level source elements in the government are now threatening us that if we don't attack syria there could be a nuclear incident right after they transported a nuclear weapon they need something crazy the chemical attack was not enough we're looking at a potential serious false flag event to push us into this because obama can't slime his way to syria there's no end game and we can't afford nor do we want a world war three. and speaking of that mr president didn't you win the
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nobel peace prize yet you were the one given back for a moment previously admitted syria isn't a stretch or even strategically important for the states asia times correspondent pepe escobar joins us great to speak to you so who's actually gaining from syria's breakup that's very important to remind people all the time these race state does not have fixed borders they're not going to meet they did on a map they can expand all over from this you know from this you know i to near the border is going to run one day you know and that's the problem this idea of it it's israel greater israel is still number one incredible if they would sit down on a table to discuss palestine they don't have to believe me they their borders finally this is what everybody is expecting because they will not be able to annex people stary tori's anymore nothing is corroborated historically fact this is a let's put it this way
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a wet dream in the case of southern lebanon facts because of water there's a lot of water so don't leave and the israel needs water so we go back to it's the water stupid this is this explains everything that happens in terms of israel trying to annex southern lebanon is strange for nelson those same jewel citizenship politicians who pushed the u.s. into erode dissolves the can all springs they return from delivering neo-cons which never disappear bowlful if it's going back ad like he was a michael jackson vigil extra this past weekend c.n.n. plugging what else was it only nazi has changed the false flag and. you know that old. greasy stuff happening twelve years ago in the run up to the war in iraq the difference now it's crazier mad mad world as we were discussing much faster and out of control because we know if anything happens in syria even
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a center. he said that many syria is the flow whatever happens in syria spread all. over the region in syria libya egypt television. gas fields in syria. to a company of. serious. question in the war on terror may be good for israel's expansion but the u.s. just gains new enemies. to speak to how can you as policy be against its interests traditionally the democrats got more than two thirds of the campaign contributions that flow into their federal elections from the aggressively pro israeli faction and that was earmarked support for israel was the condition of taking that money a clean break document was issued by the main and the neoconservative mostly americans who also happen to be dual citizens people like wolfowitz and perle
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scooter libby all of those people and this document proposed. regime change in these middle eastern countries. overthrowing all of these independent middle eastern countries and imposing imperial control these people really do want to create greater israel. israel working with its partners. against the first democracy ever in the five thousand year history of egypt the indications are that they're going to keep stealing territory not only will they refuse to give back the golan heights they're going to take sinai they're already creating all kinds of instability in sinai they came right out and said that what they want is three little mini states in syria. syria's posts of a new axis of evil is that. israel saudi arabia and the hardliners here in the us who are in the pockets of both parties primarily the israelis are the real axis of evil but it's not going as planned since you assume. a best friend
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of iran two years of syria's president. is still in place and middle east reports to show. even that the stabilization isn't really succeeding there was the interviewed international doctors an aid workers in syria who say there is no deep humanitarian crisis lack of food or medicine common dreams goes around the world trying to regime change but the street lights don't work so many joins us good to see you oh people in the region actually what the u.s. president's doing u.s. popularity with one percent egypt is the u.s. will lose the more the its allies who were just monsters you know israel and saudi arabia and jordan that can't even be called a state anymore it's a parking lot for western and gulf troops you know but surely a world superpower can get its way it's
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a dead word superpower you know it just isn't true any longer and. it's not a bunch of countries getting together against america it's people wanting to live you will never win against people who have more self interest in tomorrow and who do never and we see innocent every u.s. intervention from vietnam or any rock where you have tribal afghanistan and these aren't the last breaths of empire because no strategic minded. power ever we act. in such complex and sensitive situations otherwise backing the very same salafist stream as they were attacking in syria and in iraq and afghanistan this matz of desperation and what i call short term because they're so eager. a winner in any way shape or form and looking at
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military solutions as. the one size fits all solution for all their problems and mentality militarization does tend to permeate into one society as well and and you are seeing an undermining of freedoms and democracy indians' countries and you are seeing the rise of for surveillance states and many of them to you know using the threats of terrorism which is by no less than it is countries than car crashes or airplane crashes to justify all kinds of surveillance on their own populations they're going to make mistakes they're going to humiliate themselves there is always the last battle for any empire throughout history and i think that is it for for the united states and its allies the end of this in these imperial ambitions most veterans today will supposed them for most benefit the us people bring back their prosperity and rights with growing numbers fifty four the empire goes it
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could take the rest of the world with it's seek truth from facts this is the true sicko.
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war is probably the most complex human activity. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. and kill a bunch of people who don't know what their premises are really us people. reading. this summer shoots my brother in the leg not intentionally
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because of it because it was night time for in the morning even the best even the mouse soldiers. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and author and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place. in. the speech.
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fairly. russia's foreign minister says washington is trying to blackmail us has threatened to suspend work on syria's chemical disarmament if russia does not support a u.n. resolution that i'm miles of the use of force. i'm going to support is declaring the election results but exit polls suggest to form a coalition partners may not make it back into parliament stay with us for the german parliamentary election live updates. and.


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