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tv   Headline News  RT  September 23, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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russia's foreign minister says moscow is being blackmailed by the u.s. which is trying to force through grounds for military action in syria this in a u. turn to what's already been agreed. on hello merkel wins the general election but not with enough votes for a party to rule on its own while many in europe appear frustrated with germany's choice. and nuclear fog iran's leader readies for the un general assembly pushing to ease economic sanctions that appear to hit the weakest part of iranian society.
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you're watching are to live from moscow i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. russia's foreign minister believes that western states are undermining efforts for a peaceful resolution to the syrian conflict after weeks of diplomatic talks to avoid military action in the war torn state sergey lavrov says that the u.s. and its allies are simply looking for a pretext for a military strike on syria arch is going to teach econ joins us now live going to tell us what's behind this tough rhetoric from russia's foreign minister. well in c. the u.s. says they will stop the work toward securing syria's chemical weapons if washer doesn't sign off on a u.n. security council resolution based on chapter seven that would allow use of force so you love i've said this is not something that he and u.s. secretary of state john kerry greed on in geneva the russian foreign minister said instead of using this agreement brokered by russia to get rid of syria's chemical weapons the u.s. is now trying to achieve other goals to condition. us and this is the. american
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partners starting to blackmail us to the so they see if russia does not agree to chip the seven there's a lucian in the u.n. to see who will stop working with the chemical watchdog in the hague this completely counters what we agreed on was john kerry namely the chemical watchdogs decision and then a supposed news aleutian from the un a c. but without chapter seven. so you are also talked about the conflicting interpretations of u.n. investigators report the report gave the description of substances and shells that u.n. experts saw on the ground in syria but no indication of hugh who use the chemicals in august twenty first attack near damascus russia says it's looking at evidence that rebels have used sarin gas and there is a report by israeli experts saying the rebels took control over the areas with chemical weapons facilities at least twice and they may have gotten hold of it is also known that members of. attempted to smuggle containers was to syria in via
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turkey so russia is not at all convinced that the assad government can use the weapons but whatever classified evidence the u.s. says it has it has certainly not presented it to the u.n. for everyone to see expecting. the international community to take washington's word for it and the russian foreign minister said the u.s. has hard time coming to terms with the fact that decisions on global security have to be taken together take a listen. to the system to which. partners a blinded by an ideological goal to remove the assad regime they want to show the big can call the shots in the middle east you know they are mostly concerned with proving their own supremacy and not the task that we are driven by which is to solve the syrian chemical weapons problem. so your lover offset only extremists will benefit from such a blind approach as he called it he talked about the chaos and destruction. in iraq
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and referring primarily to the us he said they simply chose not to talk about how a chain of their actions led to a catastrophe in the region all right our two got a chicken thank you very much kyra. russia and china have repeatedly blocked security council resolutions on syria that would allow military in for intervention in the conflict historian and middle east expert mark almond believes there is a precedent for russia and other states to reject any potential military action in syria but remember of libya in march of two thousand and eleven the resolution was presented as a humanitarian resolution to prevent the libyan army gadhafi forces entering the city of benghazi but it was used to justify a small the six months of bombing until gadhafi was overthrown and in july the british prime minister cameron so that over syria we don't want a resolution like the one on libya that would have labeled us to engage in regime change he was trying to reassure russia and china but precisely because back in march of two thousand and eleven david cameron obama president sarkozy said this
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was just a humanitarian resolution to do with the immediate crisis in vain gauzy undoubtedly not just russia and china but other countries like india brazil south africa a very suspicious that a resolution which authorized force over chemical weapons could be used to justify a broader range campaign to remove the regime and install a different government protest him although i have to say i think if we look at what happened in libya the chaos that followed i would be very reluctant to predict that even if the west was able to pursue a military option in syria that it would produce a regime that most people in the west would feel comfortable with. for the latest on the syrian crisis log on to our web site r t v dot com there we've got a detailed look at the comments made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov on the situation in syria had on line for all the highlights of that interview.
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on the market as one germany's top job again but the landslide victory is overshadowed by some tough coalition choices the conservative bloc christian democrats took forty one point five percent of the vote but that's not enough support from merkel's party to rule on their own as their main rivals the social democrats led by peer steinbrück came in with twenty five point seven percent a coalition between the two will be hard to reach parties peter oliver has more from berlin. we've seen jubilant scenes at the christian democrats headquarters angle of merkel taking to the stage there and thanking her supporters those that have voted for her husband and then well the party really started then she told her supporters enjoy yourselves tonight because the hard work starts again tomorrow
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they greeted her by chance of on g. and g. and g. it all looked a little bit like a football game at some point there at the crowd there very different scenes though at the s.t.p. headquarters the social democrats well they had been the main challengers to angola merkel their leader ph time but it took the stage a little earlier to give his concession speech in which he said he really expected a lot more from the from they said this campaign it had been a really riddled campaign from him which even included the s.p.d. leader giving the middle finger to journalists during a photo interview with a newspaper here elsewhere the center left parties the left body on the greens have seen a few losses but they've done pretty well ok the ones that are going to be coming away from this slightly disappointed well small and slightly disappointed are the
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free democrats now going into this election they were the junior coalition partners they were in government and we saw the party chairman philip. looking inconsolable on stage as he is he addressed his followers there another policy that we're hotly anticipated going into this vote we're alternative for deutschland the alternative for germany party euro skeptic party and euro party they just miss out on the only five percent needed their leader though luke said that just by getting this far in this election and bringing up the issues of the euro zone and germany's role within the euro that they had reached a democracy and brought strong. issues in the election so i'm glad merkel returned as german chancellor for a third term and she said she will see out the full four years of the term which will make her the longest serving female leader in european political history as i report four more years until
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a merkel's election when you see comparisons deal with another three term female leader on marcus ordered enough oregon merkel is a follower of margaret thatcher this is that or isn't two point zero mark a lesson of one similarity policies between the two is they both pushed right tries a should although with mrs merkel case that small finnish home but in cash strapped losing states. we have this obvious privatization agenda that is an essential feature of european politics it's not people and social needs that get addressed but business angela merkel supported the decision by portugal to sell off some of its publicly owned companies it's not clear sometimes whether what he is proposing for other countries she will do it itself in germany it's natural that some countries would question whether the call for privatization of countries is a way to open
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a. room for german companies are unaccompanied by most countries angle a merkel has convinced the german people that she's the right person for the job but across europe people are wondering what four more years of her leadership will mean for them to get people is going to be negative that's logical she's the symbol of the recession in europe. i believe like. to send a stranger is. how the least experienced. number is retirees i'm kind. enough to people. are not free. and. nobody but you know very well you know. nothing will change where i was when we get more jobs and people have work then we can have growth i don't expect anything from the germans. critics accused
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of pushing europe in the wrong direction. markel must be stopped as well as those who only represent the interests of international finance markets just like understand true parts of northern england were devastated we see the same in greece today it leads to years of an employment and poor living conditions. whether she's the new i you know lady not sick before more years of the merkel. as the world's most powerful woman these are all over. mark as a victory comes despite the n.s.a. spying scandal and the revelations of germany's involvement in america's notorious snooping program as the editor in chief of german political compact magazine explains her rivals failed to play their truck card the german population is very much upset because of the spying of the. n.s.a.
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. on the tram and citizens. industry. it had no impact on the elections because the opposition party is one of the willing to bring this topic on the top of the election campaign because. the green party and the social democrats they are also all following the american agenda they did not make much of this. from a population before for a reason. didn't win this elections they could have more. and still to come this hour another bout of artificial respiration for greek finances brings little relief from athens talks with e.u. lenders about a multibillion europe bailout its citizens are furious of valor weak protests.
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the island is so small the burmese it's the center see the center of the universe. on a tiny island the size of a football field in the middle of a lake stands a ruined monastery forty years ago to lovers decided to spend their honeymoon here . they have no idea but the island would change their lives forever but they would change the fate of the island. police you know never seen anything like this before is going to cover the house. in the fortress of ice is grown in just one hour and it's only the beginning. to speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. see in troy
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arabic to find out more visit arabic all tito it's called. they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports so i'm likely to push the no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point someone to say to mr kerry you have a car is on the docket no god. thank you no more weasel words. when you veda direct question be prepared for a change when you know you should be ready for a. critical stage little doubt the freedom to watch.
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you're watching r t live from our studios in moscow i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. iran is reaching out to world powers to revive nuclear talks sparking hopes of resolving a standoff that's dragged on for years ahead of his upcoming address to the u.n. general assembly the country's new leader hassan rouhani pledged not to seek atomic weapons demanding the west make concessions and painful sanctions as artie's policy reports the restrictions are hurting the most vulnerable. if the aim of sanctions is to harm the state but the real victims are ordinary regular people what small experiences shown that there's a huge wage between what ordinary people experience under sanctions and what the eat to mohamed we heidi is one such case study he succumbed. it is my second communitarian. previously each session cost approximately three hundred dollars these days it costs about seven hundred dollars it is also
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a challenge to get the medication because you have to go to almost every drugstore asking for them and also because the prices are way too high i get a chemo session once every two weeks and i'm a pensioner. there has never been more doctors also frustrated not only is the problem the cost of medication and getting that medication but also getting medical supplies its upkeep can also be a nightmare. if we have a problem getting high tech modern equipment to treat our cancer patients there are numerous obstacles for importing the equipment due to the sanctions in place against iran we have some equipment but it requires spare parts that we can't get anywhere a failure of any single piece or part of this equipment causes us to stop operating the entire machine history has shown that sanctions are a failure but in those few very instances where they do bring about some kind of diplomatic agreement that takes a long time merely prolonging the suffering of ordinary citizens. the president
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rouhani and barack obama are expected to meet at the un general assembly in the first face to face between an american and iranian leader and over three decades but as assistant professor at the eman saudi king of versity mohammed hassan khani says there is a resistance to this thaw in both countries. you want all sorts for some hopefully considers a result of no consequence on your own. it would be a mistake for the worst to think that you were not for it called the richest skeptics or all the slow moving target on washington and. most of the missed the possibility of such a breakthrough and even look one. little boy grows on a solution to their own people their own sergeants their own political fortunes this is in the interests of both sides so the huge ward here is common as
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critics say sanctions on iran have not proven effective in achieving political aims no matter their scope or duration the restrictions are justified as being better than war but they only seem to make things worse for the people within the countries north korea's been slapped by a range of trade and military restrictions because its nuclear aspirations make the us uneasy if we look at the effects food and medical supplies shortages are leading to severe malnutrition international relief organizations decried the sanctions as inhumane but they still stay in place while pyongyang shows no sign of abandoning its nuclear program syria too has fallen foul of america sanctions are adding to its burden on an economy ravaged by more than two years of civil war access to staple foods has been curtailed by the trade restrictions and prices have skyrocketed life has turned into a struggle for survival. and then there's cuba no nukes here just
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a six decade association with chumminess with communism with no trade at the with the us those who have been hit hardest seem to be men and the elderly the last two it's econd economy is estimated to be around six hundred ninety million dollars annually and all these cases of sanctions seem to have a little impact on the governments but inflict greater hardship on innocent people there's lots more on this on our t. dot com for you including saved by the circuit it's revealed america was just one switch away from a nuclear disaster after its air force accidently dropped two h. bombs over north carolina fifty two years ago. meanwhile in germany it's time for a leader hosen and longer head to the in motion page on our website for the first draw to a video from unix world famous beer festival. the
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news today is once again. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. joint operations room today. the troika of european lenders is now back in athens it has to decide on a new bailout package aimed at healing the fragile greek economy but as our two reports the new installment of cash will mean even more austerity and people have vowed a week of fresh street protest. a team of international inspectors is here in athens for a fresh audit of the country's ailing finances with debt stricken greece hoping progress in reining in spending will unlock even more loans greece has been kept out of bankruptcy with two bailouts worth two hundred forty billion euros but revenues are
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falling short of expectations sparking fears that another rescue package could be needed to keep it afloat now each loan have come at a high price for ordinary people painful austerity measures have brought cuts to jobs salaries and public services and some greeks are asking whether sticking with the euro is worth the cost instead of waiting for another bailout from europe some are suggesting that leaving the currency union altogether and one such boisterous theater cost on a bus he's an economist and former member of parliament now i had a chance to sit down with him earlier take a look do you believe that the cycle of bailouts for greece is a sustainable policy for this country. they have to be fit because we really. go to google to give us money look to the needs but the big book. launch of the book. and this. bailout to this whole thing raises raises the. big guy
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is why did you go into it with evident we will never regain our strength our economic strength to be an economic development to fight unemployment in the list because of your view. is is made. basically full for strong countries it is strong currency it doesn't feed the not too far in calling to me now polls do show that a large majority of greeks do not want to quit the euro just yet however more most people also seem to believe that the country's economy will never recover if it sticks to e.u. mandates to cut government spending enough to repay its debts reporting from athens loose accounting of r.t. . hero to some traitor to others are edward snowden has not been seen in public since russia granted him asylum two months ago to find out more about his current
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lifestyle r.t. interview show something co spoke to one of the few men in touch with the fugitive linker and you'll be able to watch the full exclusive interview with snowden's lawyer anatoly at nine thirty g.m.t. meantime here's a pretty. much you have to understand that he found himself in a very tough situation. his position may change over time but right now he's adapting to his new circumstances studying russian reading russian classics in english because naturally he hasn't been able to master the language yet. so this point if that's the choice he has made to north well as for his communication with the outside world yes i am his main contact as for friendships of course he has some people he's close with that name in america both in america and here because as i said when we began to discuss where to place him and how to organize his life
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he's american friends were part of the decision making process of course any person who dares to challenge a superpower has to realize that they will have to look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives. because he can't just go to a nightclub or a restaurant like you and i because you can tell the u.s. government very much like to get to him. and now to our world update starting with the ongoing hostage crisis in the kenyan capital heavy gunfire and an explosion have been heard from inside the nairobi shopping center where militants are holding several people hostage it's up to the military announced that the siege is coming to an end with most people rescued today standoff has claimed sixty eight lives so far and injured more than one hundred seventy the al qaeda linked group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack saying that in response to the president kenyan troops in somalia. to china now where typhoon usagi has killed at least
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twenty five people around eighty thousand have been moved to safety the most powerful typhoon this year has led to hundreds of flight cancellations in hong kong the city seaport one of the world's busiest has also been closed. mexico has seen a thousand strong rally as protesters flooded the streets of its capital to oppose new energy reforms president in reeky pena nieto is proposing to open up the state owned oil sector to profit sharing contracts with private firms mexico's nationalization of its oil industry has become a popular symbol of sovereignty many in mexico are against any foreign or private investment in the industry. here news just into policemen have been killed in russia's republic of dagestan initial reports say they died in a car bomb explosion no more details are available at the moment we'll bring you more as it is. up next our team takes you to a football field sized island in just
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a few minutes. the mcmillan family in canada has decided to defy time itself and keep their family trapped in one thousand nine hundred six sort of like new age but only for one year and not their whole lives so to live in one thousand nine hundred the family forbids the use of any technology developed after the mid eighty's they want their children to experience the world they grew up in when you had to read books and if you're outside no one could call you and there were no tablet computers to stupefy children at a moment's notice as a parent i have some sympathy with this idea because i like all of you have seen that technology is dumbing us down a lot i mean how often do you have to memorize a phone number nowadays and we've all seen bad parents just sit their kids in front
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of the technology and ignore them to chat on facebook about what they saw on netflix but on the other hand for the first time in human history you have the power of knowledge at your fingertips there is an instructional video to do anything you want on you tube and getting basic information on any scientific or historical topic is one click away if you find the idea of the self-made man romantic the now is your time because anyone who has the will to learn can learn you know i don't come from money without the internet i would definitely not have this job and i'd probably be worshipping at the feet of rush limbaugh deluded by the mainstream media modern technology can make your mind with information or break it with cat videos and dumb trendiness but that's up to you and this is just my opinion. i want to live here when i grow up and you are now is about this place so sacred.
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they say the church was built here in the twelfth century it was destroyed in the 1930's. people constantly chose this place to pray and by doing so they created an atmosphere of holiness you can't commit a sin here even if you want to. i didn't want to come here one tyrant what would i do there but they came and stayed. with them until a train does everyone little by little in the lake and in the sea of life. most of the the island is so small but for me it's the center. the center of the universe and it's.
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given in the sun i go to the island by motor boat that was in winter when lake freezes over i go by car from the town of all of this nearby also skied there or went on foot to the island isn't very far from the lakeside about twelve kilometers which i've become so used to this route that it's the way home. get it and the first time. it was long ago so long ago but it feels like yesterday it was nine hundred seventy two. i got married to alexander. because we would go to spas kaminey island for a honeymoon we mostly we went there by boat the lake was perfectly comfortable and then i saw something incredible something that we can.


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