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tv   Headline News  RT  September 23, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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angela merkel's party wins the german general election just short of an absolute majority of the country's youngest euro skeptic party pull some rain on the conservatives parade. syria is a breeding ground for extremist militant groups which could spill over borders to attack russia and its neighbors that's according to president putin. and in the court decides to ban any activity by the muslim brotherhood and confiscate all its assets but it still fears it could lead to retaliation. by supporters.
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from our studio center here in moscow which just turned nine pm this is r.t. with international news and comment so i'm going to germany's top job for the third time in a row but the seeming triumph of the chancellor's political course has come at a price the conservative bloc the christian democrats took forty one and a half percent of the vote and that's not enough for merkel's party to rule on their own as their main rivals the social democrats led by he came in with twenty five point seven percent port of an hour breaks down the ballot. well it was a resoundingly result for anglo merkel however now the big question is just what kind of government will she preside over she's going to have to enter into a coalition this won't be the coalition she particularly wanted she would have wanted to deal with the free democrats who were partners going into this election with the free democrats didn't even get enough votes to get them one seat in the
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parliament so she's going to have some tough coalition negotiations on her hands moving away from angola merkel and looking at the election as a whole what we have seen here in germany as a shift in voter opinion away from liberal politics towards euro skeptic politics the alternative for germany party b. a f t were only founded seven months ago the euro skeptics didn't get past the five percent mark to get them into the stagg but they have certainly announced their arrival on the german political stage now as i said the euro skeptic their anti euro they believe that the u.s. being kept alive artificially and they want to see failing countries like greece not be allowed to be part of the monetary union. now they took votes from just about everybody as well as protest votes people are unhappy with the current status quo in germany their leader saying that although they didn't get into the
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parliament they put fear into the hearts of the other parties and that they made democracy in germany all the richer what we achieved in this election for a new party a party which built up everything from scratch just a couple of months ago is a very strong result so we will just continue what we have started so it's angela merkel who's going to be german chancellor for a third term that will make her the longest serving female political leader in europe but some of those europeans are wondering what exactly she'll have in store for them. four more years until a merkel's election when see comparisons deal with another three term female leader on markers for the do not. merkel is a follower of margaret thatcher this is that truism two point zero merkel isn't. one similarity policies between the two is they're both pushed privatization
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although when mrs merkel's case that's not been is home but in cash strapped eurozone states. we have this obvious privatization agenda that is an essential feature of european politics it's not people and social needs that get addressed but business angela merkel supported the decision by portugal to sell off some of its publicly owned companies it's not clear sometimes whether what he is proposing for other countries she will do it itself in germany it's natural that some countries would question whether the call for privatization of countries is a way to open. the room for german companies are many countries angela merkel has convinced the german people that she's the right person for the job but across europe people are wondering what four more years of her leadership will mean for them. it is going to be negative that's logical she's the symbol of the recession in europe. this is the voice. nothing will change for those
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when we get more jobs and people have work then we can have growth i don't expect anything from the germans. of course critics accuse her of pushing europe in the wrong direction merkel must stop merkel must be stopped as well as those who only represent the interests of international finance markets just like understand true parts of northern england were devastated we see the same in greece today it leads to years and employment and poor living conditions. whether she's the new iron lady. was set for four more years of the merkel. as the world's most powerful woman. germany. general elections already been dubbed a public acknowledgement of merkel's many accomplishments now if she's managed to
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steer germany through the economic crisis while many european leaders have failed at the same time she's become a figure of hate in debt ridden e.u. countries pressing them to bear tough price for bailouts in terms of global politics has been playing it low key staying away from any military operations she opposed the intervention in libya back in two thousand and eleven and has ruled out a strike on syria let's discuss this further with dr marcus he's the founder of the think tank. i painted a fairly positive picture there so one might ask why didn't she win an out right majority in this election. well there has been a very very important migration of voters. yes from the liberals to several parties. and the disappointment of many voters with the liberal party has led to the uprising of a new party which is mainly through because you were
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a skeptic ideas. secondly german voters have for quite a long time and given the absolute majority. there is one positive thing about that election nobody can doubt in the authority of although there is some sweet poison in the victory victory is so tremendous that cannot happen without the supporters of other parties will now be tired by the problems which will come up sooner or later during the election campaign that has been the. most of the problem. these problems will now again and from the back of will have to face up to these problems and she will have to be supported by some of the parties in the german parliament and that the rivera a very difficult and i think she can no longer muddle through which she has had and said she's very much comparable to margaret. talk about that comparison but she
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she's clearly got to find a coalition partner right now is that going to be the social democrats. well there is not a lot of guesswork to do about who's going to be the coalition partner she doesn't have the choice of many parties the communist or there are the greens and the social democrats and it's most like that she's going to choose after some decency period say over a month social democratic party because she has a lot of practice with the social democrats democrats in particular with and this is time for her but apart from that the situation is more delicate and dangerous for him in the middle if you don't mind i give a. i don't think she will finish it for you and there will be facing up to facing up of the real problems of the eurozone within a very very short notice and she has no. no mandate from the german people to
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continue the policy that is quite a prediction because many say of course. problematic they do come with their challenges so in some ways this could be a poisoned chalice frankly mainly because of the problems in europe. well i still remember the great victory of. the architect of the east policy. policy as we say in nine hundred seventy two this was the beginning of the end of the brand chancellorship because he was not able to maintain his power the great victory is always poisoning the who claim it now the. christian democratic party is a party that party mood will be over tomorrow when the real and practical problems will come up and. those problems emerging in the form of the alternative for germany party the party you mentioned earlier the euro skeptic party very young it
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hasn't even got a seat in parliament but has it made significant gains in just what the seven or eight months it's actually been in existence and it's a big warning sign and for michael. it is indeed a big warning sign because it shows that the established parties have not addressed addressed the issues which are really. in a way a worry in the germans. there has been ever before that a party which is not really a party which is a protest movement. from nothing from scratch comes almost to five percent. of the party is that they don't have a real program to even don't have a program for the resolution of the euro crisis they have for the time being it only gets a ring of protesters gathering people from the left and the ride a lot of. people and they don't have a charismatic leader if they had a program and a charismatic leader that would be a real man as for for the time being this is not the case founder of the europe
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think tank dr marcus keller thank you very much indeed for your thoughts life here in r.t. great to talk to you. syria is actively cooperating with the world's chemical weapons watchdog in accordance with an international deal to relinquish its toxic stockpiles but the members of the un security council are having trouble agreeing on a resolution to support the disarmament process russia says it's being blackmailed by the u.s. and its allies or it is going to come on explains the u.s. says they will stop the work toward securing syria's chemical weapons if russia does not sign our funny you when security council resolution based on chapter seven that would allow use of force so you are upset this is not something that he and u.s. secretary of state john kerry agreed on in geneva the russian foreign minister said instead of using this agreement brokered by russia to get rid of syria's chemical weapons the u.s. is now trying to achieve other goals take
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a listen. i remember compartments are starting to blackmail us to see if russia does not agree to a chip the seven resolution in the u.n. to see who will stop working with the chemical watchdog in the hague this completely counters what we agreed on was john kerry namely the chemical watchdog decision and then a supporting a solution from the u.n. a c. but without chapter seven so your lover upset only extremists will benefit from such a blind approach as he called it he talked about the chaos and destruction in libya and iraq and referring primarily to the u.s. he said they simply choose not to talk about how a chain of their actions led to a catastrophe in that region. in kenya troops have stormed the shopping mall at the center of a violent hostage crisis the country's interior minister said the siege is almost over and police are now in control of all floors of the westgate complex in nairobi . a series of explosions and
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sustained gunfire been heard in the area with heavy plumes of smoke rising from the shopping center at least two terrorists are confirmed dead and others are said to be injured the assault was not at midday on saturday by a group of somali militants with strong al qaeda connections however multiple media reports state that british and american citizens may be among the attackers investigations being north into the allegations the country's interior minister says the brutal attack has claimed the lives of sixty two people many of them foreigners and left at least one hundred seventy injured we'll be keeping updated on this developing story. well the kenyan scenario could potentially repeat itself in russia and neighboring countries that's the stark warning from president putin speaking at this year's summit of the six nation collective security treaty organization taking place in sochi our correspondent alex he had a chef he has the details. what the russian president did this time was basically
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to reach a rate moscow's longstanding concern that the cough lived in syria may spill over to other countries this time the russian president was more specific about which countries may actually be affected by this possible spillover now some of the countries of the post soviet according to the russian president putin may see a large influx of radical islamists fighting in syria at the moment on their territory countries like to start in the first place which shares a common border with afghanistan and also other countries which have a predominant muslim population like stan and as big a stand for instance they are in danger of a spillover from the syrian conflict indeed it's no secret to anyone that many mercenaries are fighting on the side of the syrian rebels at the moment that led me to putin says that there have already been examples of militants finding themselves in other countries and the recent events in kenya in kenya are perfect example of
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what the middleton was talking about. the militant groups in syria who do not appear from thin air nor will they vanish into thin air the problem of terrorists spilling across borders is very real could affect any of the countries we currently witnessing a terrible tragedy in kenya militants apparently kayleen from another country and it committing a gruesome crimes there on behalf of all of us i would like to express solidarity with kenya and its people and say in our condolences to the victims that this blood let's hope the perpetrators will be punished. so definitely there are serious concerns especially after british defense analyst firm has jane provided a report saying that at least ten thousand of one hundred thousand militants fighting on the side of the syrian opposition currently in syria are jihadists and thirty thousand more radical islamist so imagine a crowd like this fighting itself on in any other countries in the world and
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creating havoc there so definitely all this creates a serious concerns among russian leadership. exactly sixty minutes past the hour in the russian capital i'll bring you more news in just over a minute from now stay with us altie not in moscow. choose your language. choose the consensus. choose the opinions that invigorating. choose the stories that in your. choose to access to.
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the media leave us so we leave the media. the same motions secure. your party visit the. issues that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. politics. these continues here in auntie in egypt there's been a dramatic turn in the crackdown on islam as supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi a court has ruled that all activities of the muslim brotherhood are now banned and ordered a confiscation of its assets of course want to build true reports now from covering . this is very significant particularly when you take it in the context of this
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huge escalating crackdown on the islamist group its members and that support is now this case it was filed by a leftist party earlier this year who basically said it was functioning illegally in his capacity as an ngo reports of their weapons inside its headquarters in the capital so what the court now has ruled is that by n.g.o.s is now bonds and of course its finances will be seized and of what we've been expecting now is for the security the security forces to use this is a kind of carte blanche to go off to all the other myths of brotherhood and figures who are already in jail the has already been a round up all of the leading members of the most brotherhood's including its ideological leader but the who is already in prison stronger. and even now drunken final picks up in various different protests the mr brotherhood is technically already a banned organization it was in the one nine hundred fifty s. they filed they basically registered as an ngo in march of this year to give them
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a kind of legal fronts now but to go on this could basically mean that the government can do what they want with the organization who are waiting for the moment is to see how this affects that political way in the freedom and justice party which is registered under separate legislation as a political party but what this really really does is allow the government and security forces to take it one step further and possibly political party and its members which would really contradict their rhetoric which is one of them can include a conclusion they want to include them is above the head in the political part of the future of egypt if they do by the political party. then this is going to seriously contradict us so we expect to see further protests on the horizon and possibly an escalating isolation of this already very heavy crackdown. for more news and updates you can head straight to our web site and here's a quick look at what we've got in store for you right now a jailed member of the in the tourist punk band pussy riot has gone on hunger
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strike against what she's calling the slave labor in her penal colony and get to the bottom of those accusations and. discover how this could be one step away from ridding mankind of flu once and for all breakthrough. dot com. iran has been trying to settle the impasse over its nuclear program ahead of the nation's upcoming address to the u.n. general assembly the country's foreign minister will joint negotiations with the six world powers later this week the standoff has dragged on for years another country's new leader hassan rouhani pledged to restart peace talks in return for an easing of painful sanctions and reports the restrictions are hurting the most fun. the aim of sanctions is to harm the state but the real victims are ordinary regular people what small experience has shown that there is a huge wedge between what ordinary people experience under sanctions and what.
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mohamed is one such case study he's a cancer victim in iran it is my second program previously each session cost approximately three hundred dollars these days it costs about seven hundred dollars it is also a challenge to get the medication because you have to go to almost every drug store asking for them and also because the prices are way too high i get a camel session once every two weeks and i am a pensioner. doctors are also frustrated not only is the problem the cost of medication and getting that medication but also getting medical supplies its upkeep can also be a nightmare. if we have a problem getting high tech modern equipment to treat our cancer patients there are numerous obstacles for importing the equipment due to the sanctions in place against iran we have some equipment but it requires spare parts that we can't get
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anywhere a failure of any single piece or part of this equipment causes us to stop operating the entire machine history has shown that sanctions are a failure but in those few very instances where they do bring about some kind of diplomatic agreement that takes a long time merely prolonging the suffering of ordinary citizens. reporting there and iran has freed eighty opposition supporters and other prisoners hoping to ensure some rollback on sanctions from washington the head of the meeting in new york over financial expert patrick young believes the u.s. measures against tehran a doomed to fail anyway. ultimately in an interconnected world where we have so much globalization it's almost impossible for any country even the hyper power of the united states of america to be able to successfully stop trade and transactions happening with different countries therefore the end result ultimately has only
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been to impoverish ordinary citizens rather than really hitting the elite the world is not a simplistic place the reason not a huge craving for democracy in the middle east and that's fundamentally a problem of the sanctions regime of america what their house been what has been demonstrated by the arab spring is actually people wanting commerce to improve their lifestyles in that sense people want to replicate the trade success of the united states of america and they feel very very upset when sanctions basically come in and hurt their lifestyles intervening supranational a is rather difficult to justify in any possible circumstance and certainly without the power of the u.n. security council. well critics say the sanctions on iran of not been effective in achieving any political aims in that matter their scope or duration the restrictions are often justified as being a better option than war but they're accused of only making things worse for average people in the countries affected well north korea has been hit by a range of economic and military restrictions by the international community over
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its nuclear ambitions the main effect is that the shortage of food and medical supplies has led to severe melt nutrition all this while pyongyang shows no sign of curbing its atomic program syria that's also been slapped with sanctions would have only aggravated the situation their economy has been plagued by over two years of civil war with the un saying about a fifth of the country's population is unable to produce or buy enough food and as the conflict goes on the situation is expected to get much worse and cuba well that's no stranger to us embargoes with the elderly and men there appearing to be the worst affected and the loss to us economy is estimated to be almost six hundred and ninety million dollars annually so in all those cases it looks as though sanctions are simply hitting ordinary people with little effect on the sanction that states themselves. brings up to that for the moment i've got with a new team with more in just over half an hour from now in the meantime stay with
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us for our weekly sports roundup that's after a short break. you have to understand that snowden is wanted by a major country a superpower the us government has picked you. know the capabilities that america has posed a serious threat. more news today violence is once again fled the film these are the images before all of them seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are today.
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the mission of free accreditation free. for charges free. range month free risk free studio time free. old free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media. dot com. hello welcome to the r t sports show on about half an hour roundup of all the best sporting action from russia and around the world with me kate partridge and here are the top stories. patrick heroes little messi and cristiano ronaldo score three goals each response allowed under way on madrid make impressive start to their champions league campaigns. plus high hoops russia's top basketball
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star under a kidney lanka trains with the kids before returning to the n.b.a. with a new club the brooklyn nets. and perfect presents alabama stuff in a range to lead russia to gymnastics the orient next weeks while championships which kicks off on the alert extols birthday. but first football's biggest rivalry continued this week as leonore messi and cristiano ronaldo both grab patricks in their respective opening matches of the champions league group stage messi took his tally in the tournament to an incredible sixty two goals after barcelona tranced i.x. four nil at the nou camp messes heroics came just a day off to rinaldo bagged his second half hat trick in round madrid six one drubbing of gala time in istanbul france try got caught in ben's amar added another two while record summer signing gareth bale only came on as a second half substitute for one knows what he did that on
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a good person. is not one hundred percent of his condition i don't want to take areas to put him on the bridge from the beginning after sixty minutes. on marathon on the south of the you that you played thirty minutes well. and it was also a flying start for holders by a nanny who cruised past russian champions to ascot three nil david mario and our young robin on target for the bavarian side while a whole equaliser it wasn't enough to saves and it's in petersburg from losing three won at atletico madrid while elsewhere new manchester united manager david moyes was a happy man after wayne rooney scored twice in the four two victory over by a late accused not old trafford the england striker had been heavily linked with a move to chelsea all summer but rediscovered his top form to become only the fourth player to record two hundred united goals. if you're going to win the
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champions league in each of several world class players. and you know when we would sell we come into that category so it's really important that you have as many of them as you can in your team you can see with some of the teams have gone. and we have to try and keep. and keep the ones we've already got here. well rooney could have made the difference as chelsea was stunned to won by swiss champions basel he came from a goal down to snatch victory at stamford bridge but blues boss joe is a marine air says it's too early to write his side off the objective of finish. top two. in the group for his to go to the next stage of the chin because it is an objective that. of course is not is not is not lost far from it and is an objective that you are going to fight for now over to ice hockey where it says go are yet to find consistent for.


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