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tv   Headline News  RT  September 24, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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it british woman is believed to have led the deadly assault on a nairobi shopping mall as kenya's foreign minister says up to three americans were also among the attackers. and annual much anticipated show gets underway in new york with the round newly elected president expected to steal the limelight at the u.n. general assembly. and the muslim brotherhood is bad and egypt outlaws the activities of the organization behind ousted president morsi but the army firming its grip on power and the revolution seeming to turn full circle.
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you're watching our two live from moscow and lindsey france thanks for joining me. fresh gunfire has erupted at the shopping mall in nairobi where government troops are clearing out the remaining al shabaab militants holed up there earlier the country's interior ministry announced the three day siege had come to an end with security forces taking control of the center and releasing the captives meanwhile kenya's foreign minister says up to three americans and a british citizen are among the al qaeda linked militants that attacked the building there are reports that a british woman samantha lewthwaite may have been the mastermind of the attack she converted to islam as a young woman and married a man who was later a london seven seven suicide bomber she is said to be among the militants killed in nairobi however this information is unconfirmed sixty two people have been killed in the hostage crisis the assault was carried out by a group of somali al shabaab militants in retaliation for kenyan military operations in somalia finally green director of the center for the study of hate
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and extremism says that young people from somali american communities are an easy target for extremist recruiters. there is a somali community appel of syria which is very much against what's going on here by the way but that has been the main recruiting spot for the small splinter groups of youth to show their been stuff you extremists there did the evil to convince others to join them there's also been an effort over the internet and through other unlined publications to recruit young westernized muslim youth from throughout the world to come to that area i think it's also kind of this youthful anti-establishment anti western military response and i also feel if something else is jihadi cool which is
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permeated some of the social media as well and al qaida has been successful with using that we are closely following the story here but you can also head online r.t. dot com there you'll find john mattick pictures from the scene and the latest updates on a kenyan hostage crisis. diplomatic tension over syria's chemical disarmament is set to continue as world leaders gather for the united nations general assembly u.s. and russia earlier hammered out a framework agreement to put the syrian arsenal under control averting a strike but some countries still demand a threat of force to be put in a un resolution artes and it's now reports. world leaders are in new york this week for what's setting up to be one of the hottest political debates this year the u.n. general assembly kicks off amid a diplomatic battle over syria between russia and the u.s.
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john kerry and sergey lavrov set to meet on the sidelines of the assembly but just as it seems like diplomacy might prevail sergei lavrov saying that the u.s. is trying to pressure moscow into approving a u.n. resolution allowing for military intervention he adds that the u.s. claims in exchange they would be willing to continue working on syria's entry into the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons so russia and the u.s. no closer on their positions on syria with the u.n. security council also set to discuss the issue this week now the general debate starts off with brazil's dilma rousseff who recently canceled her official state visit to washington after revelations the n.s.a. was spying on her and other high ranking brazilian officials obama is set to speak directly after rousseff so it will be interesting to see if any kind of tension hangs in the air of the legendary green marble hall many south american countries in fact not happy with the u.s. after fallout from whistleblower edward snowden's leaks this year and iran's new
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president hassan rouhani will be making his u.n. debut on tuesday ahead of his visit there were many signals from him that he was more than willing to start a possible process of soy over three decades of frozen u.s. iranian relations the question is and many people will be watching is the u.s. ready to give him a chance reporting from new york and he said no way r.t. . among the most anticipated speeches of the general assembly is the address of iran's new president hassan rouhani we spoke to john limbert a veteran u.s. diplomat held captive by revolutionaries in the iranian hostage crisis between one nine hundred seventy nine and one nine hundred eighty one he says that any kind of interaction between the u.s. and iran will be a tremendously beneficial step for all involved. i thought. we would have been talking to each other. years ago maybe not as friends but at least as two
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states with common things to talk about if it does happen i mean it may just be a handshake or a brief encounter but even that at the same balik level would represent a huge change it's obvious that the us and iran do have some commerce in syria for example and things to talk about over syria in a rational world we be doing exactly that there are always so what i guess you would call the professional iran haters around or the people who find it useful to beat the war drum but you have to ask yourself what all of this enmity. for the last thirty four years what does it accomplish and if you beat your chest for thirty four years of the rig what's the result going to be on a very sore chest that hasn't it hasn't yielded much of anything else. and still ahead this hour choking on dirty air as toxic levels in the skies over the british
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capital becoming in threateningly high in london hours feel as ever the times of a great small are back our report on the battle with the invisible killer coming up . islamist backers of deposed egyptian president mohamed morsi now face an even broader crackdown egypt's court ruled out a verdict disavowing the muslim brotherhood seizing its assets without immediately making the exact grounds for the ruling public the decision comes in connection with an earlier lawsuit accusing the organization of terrorism and exploiting religion and political slogans r.t.l. to reports from cairo. this is very significant particularly when you take it in the context of this huge escalating crackdown on the islamist group its members and that support is now this case it was filed by a leftist party earlier this year who basically said it was functioning illegally in its capacity as an ngo reports of their weapons inside its headquarters in the
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capital so what the court now has ruled is that by n.g.o.s. and of course its finances will be seized and of what we're expecting now is for the security the security forces to use this is a kind of carte blanche to go off to all the other myths of brotherhood and figures who are already in jail the has already been a round up all of the leading members of the most brotherhood's including its ideological leader but the who is already in prison stronger. and even now drunken final picks up in various different protests the mr brotherhood is technically already a band organization it was the one nine hundred fifty s. they filed they basically registered as an ngo in march of this year to give them a kind of legal fronts now but to go on this could basically mean that the government can do what they want with the organization who are waiting for the moment is to see how this affects that political way in the freedom and justice party which is registered under separate legislation as a political party but what this really really does is allow the government and
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security forces to take it back one step further and possibly political party and its members which would really contradict their rhetoric which is one of in can include sorry conclusion they want to include the muslim brotherhood in the political part of the future of egypt if they do by the political parties. then this is going to seriously contradict that it's so we expect to see further protests on the horizon and possibly an escalating isolation of this already and very heavy crackdown. mohammad spokesperson for the activist group british egyptians for democracy believes that a total lack of democracy in modern egypt accounts for the ongoing suppression of the muslim brotherhood what we've seen there was very unsurprising this is what all military coups does as soon as they take power they go and go after every single political party that was opposing them in. the ones they actually took out of power
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this is really not just about the muslim brotherhood this is about every single political and social party as well as individuals from all backgrounds and from all political parties that oppose the military coup and this is again a politically motivated charge from the corrupted history anything built on a military coup cannot stand what the egyptians want is their voice to be heard through the ballot box not through tanks not their ability not through the cold killing of peaceful protesters and what we're seeing now is there are enough occasions of this instability on the ground we've got a very unstable economy at the moment the military junta are insisting on driving the whole country and the entire nation through a very very dark tunnel and we are very worried for the future of democracy and the future of egypt. and just around the corner for you first food aid as one country in the grip of friends two local volunteer groups to help put food on the table of
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those most in need the full story shortly. take knowledge is the name and aviation is the game late to still fights it's least the much. brings innovations new heights and don't look around at night shaped blossoms come to. cheer on a. good
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lumber tour. was able to build most sophisticated robots which fortunately don't amount to anything turns mission to teach me why you should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. welcome back you're watching are to live from moscow and lindsey france thanks for joining me craving the resources hidden under polar ice some world governments are seeking a bigger slice of the arctic oil and gas pipe the third international arctic forum about to kick off in russia's north is said to be focused on ecological security but for those taking part it's definitely more than just the environment at stake those with the strongest foot in the polar door are the eight states with territory in the frozen region the arctic council consists of eight countries with russia canada and the united states boasting the biggest bites all of them along with six
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other observer states have sent delegations to the forum are going off is there for us. well located in russia's north is the only city in the world situated exactly on the arctic circle that's why there's no wonder why it's been chosen to host the third international arctic forum the arctic still remains a region with the most unprecise borderlines but with vast energy resources and extreme weather conditions but as global temperatures warm up and ice caps melt the arctic is now opening up opportunities to more and more countries attracting even those not located in the region now due to geographic location russia is among the countries with the biggest claims to the arctic like the loss of the ridge and the stockmen gas fields russia is forty five percent of the arctic territory so it is fair that it actually also show that to the world it is really no tension between nations about the russia's claim to the arctic ocean and seabed but there are no big dispute about where the border probably will go they say of course so that also
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denmark and greenland have rights to the central part of the arctic ocean and so do canada but that's between them according to the u.n. or the sea and it's no reason to believe that they shouldn't find a peaceful agreement moscow earlier said it's now planning to revitalize an old soviet military base on the in there was islands showing the international community it is ready to protect its interests but this forum is all about dialogue apart from the russian president of leaders of iceland and finland are also going to be here and up to seven hundred participants all together including experts geologists explorers and others all sitting down and diplomatically deciding how to work out the situation how to deal with the arctic how to preserve its energy resources and the environment as well. global warming and high energy prices are adding fuel to the international rivalry over natural resources in the arctic
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even those with no territory in the region like china and india have managed to achieve observer status in the arctic council the e.u. also striving for influence has had its application deferred artie's capable of being has more on what's alluring the world powers to the arctic as a climate in the arctic surges the scramble to secure multi-billion dollar deals and it's no wonder when you consider according to the latest estimates as enough to supply the entire world for three years china with a growing energy demand and increasing gas girls in population is the unlikely contender in the race to secure a foothold in the el tick china has been wooing russia providing both. an trans death with a twenty five billion dollars to build an oil pipeline from siberia to china as well as payroll sniffed an additional sixty billion dollars to develop offshore
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fields in the arctic and china has also struck up a business relationship with iceland and as a result these tactics managed to secure a place on the arctic council for china along with the founding members the likes of norway and canada which of course have a geographical right to the area. our web web team has more stories wind up for you on our team dot com including unlawful disclosure a former f.b.i. agent is heading for the slammer after spilling the beans to the press spoiling a top secret mission to foil a bomb plot plus. new york's finest spread the word on an apple i phone security time well spent their bosses say in the fight against crime. download. so. stream quality and
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enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't work so why would your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. as austerity continues to bite in portugal many find it increasingly difficult to put food on the table aid programs are also being cut making the situation in the recession hit country even worse as the number of people in need rises local volunteer charities are coming to the rescue artists are for three ports. with little other choice they wait. this mother and her son in our alliance and feed parcels hunger and helplessness increasingly common in today's lisbon thankful eighty two a charity could rethink they don't have to wait too long. with almost
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a million people in the country estimated to be severely materially deprived and struggling to put food on the table charities like this has become essential to plug the gap. at the start of the evening shift i think now because of the crisis we have a lot of families we do. we do necessity of food because. sometimes there are their mortgages and all that is only meant to hear exactly things like employment has actually dropped a little bit and then things are getting better slowly oh i'm an economist myself so i think right now in portugal i don't believe liking. this strategy that we are taking because we should. we should focus on getting more employment in starting to have. some kind of. peace
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they're going to hold these house terry t. kind of way your doing stuff is one of the reforms aims is to have like the first city in the world or from not wasting food so you think you'll achieve it yeah we believe so we feed operates on what they call a micro local level they signed up restaurants and cafes in this area today in eight feet that they have left dave closing telling. yes some of them some of them a lot of stories good for some. for the parents on a very real today. for. it's great because the left being thrown into the garbage and. back at headquarters and it's all hands on deck to prepare the food parcels this the brainchild of this learned
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a lot of the people who receive food have always struggled with crisis. and then we have people who are suddenly don't have work and don't have income. to a harder thing to them to take the middle class to a situation of needing food assistance. we see those people. when we think of first started it was just one man one site said around thirty restaurants have agreed to date a little over a year and a half later and take a look at this they've got hundreds of volunteers they've expanded to two sites more than a hundred and fifty restaurants cafes and supermarkets more than half a day to the core with the country struggling under the weight of a star team as is composed seventy eight billion euro bailout and with spending cuts to easy feed programs threatening provisions already in place in the future
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and local full until programs look set to become increasingly important and say for tonight at least some will not go hungry so. it's been. and now to some other stories making headlines around the globe at least ten people have been killed in mexico after two gunmen attacked a home where people were celebrating a baseball victory a six year old girl was among the victims. it's in the border city of juarez which is plagued by drug related violence authorities say the victims were unarmed and the motive remains unclear the shooting is the largest massacre in the area since two thousand and ten when fifteen people were killed in an attack on a birthday party. israeli troops fired rubber bullets and stun grenades in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank palestinian youths responded with stones and petrol bombs violence erupted during the search for us the suspected killer of an
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israeli soldier the army has been raiding houses arresting hundreds in several neighborhoods near the scene of the killing. police invalid dash have clashed with garment factory workers in the third day of nationwide protests hundreds of plants have been forced to close as protesters called for a better minimum wage one hundred fifty were injured in the unrest as workers set fire to several factories some employees have nineteen hour shifts and are locked in their place of work. as air pollution levels in the british capital reach a high londoners are being encouraged to leave their cars at home and shift from four wheels to two parties polly boyko takes up the story. the great london small give nine hundred fifty to britain was back in the dozens of square miles where blanketed day off today reading this result was an unhappy drunk can be healthy for anyone today it appears much cleaner but the reality is that london's air is so
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dirty it's been breaching the legal limit set out by the e.u. for years. thirty thousand deaths are attributed to pollution annually people look at the air today and it's clean but unfortunately it's still very dangerous. air pollution today is completely invisible but the reason for this is it's very small microscopic particles and that's also the reason that they're so damaging to your health because they can travel deep inside of this system and it's london is controversial that's largely responsible for it cars and lorries emit an invisible gas called my trojan dioxide known as the silent killer its effects on noticeable it can cause or spiritual disease reduce lung function and according to the world health organization even trigger lung cancer the biggest single source of notching dogs so i just talked to guys in london are actually these red buses going cause we're also very concerned about diesel vehicles diesel vehicles are
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responsible probably for about ninety percent of the most harmful exhaust emissions clientèle earth an environmental campaign group is suing the u.k. government for what they call failing to protect brits from add pollution and failing to come up with plans to drastically reduce nitrogen dioxide levels are currently breaching limits in forty to forty three zones in the sky and sixteen of these we don't think we're going to reach them until twenty twenty and that's ten years after the deadline in may the supreme court ruled that the government isn't doing enough to reduce pollution and improve public health we got in touch with defra the government department responsible for at quality and they told us equality has. improve significantly in london and we expect it to improve further thanks to the actions the government is taking to reduce transport emissions but campaigners say that charging cars to drive into central london and introducing what the government has tagged as green abbas's isn't enough i think they need to
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take a really hard look at what's necessary to reduce pollution in the u.k. that the choices are extremely difficult and electorally not very popular it basically means taking diesel vehicles off the road in the in the very foreseeable future you can imagine that's not a vote i have to deal with the city as it is and not some crazy green gone in which we all sit around. and only be unable to enjoy it when you saw the problem is that is that is not going to that is not going to happen since it's not going to happen campaign as a write in london is to each do their bit to make the air in the city cleaner by shining their cars and paddling around town instead while avoiding the most polluted routes of course but it's not clear how much difference it will make since the government itself admits that london will remain dangerously polluted until at least the year twenty twenty five. london.
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up next u.s. lawmakers slash the food stamp program while keeping the bloated military sector intact this and other stories missing in mainstream headlines and abby martin is breaking the set of. the few. economic up down in the final month stay that long to do your sang i and the rest because i think the case it will be every week.
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cross talk rules in effect doesn't you can jump in anytime you want.
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what's up guys i'm having mine in this is breaking the set so apple's new operating system and the new i phone five as apple fans geeking out some of the news upgrades deal with security there's an activation law that requires an id and password before a thief has a chance to turn off the fine my phone security feature and the new i phones even hosted fingerprint reader biometrics for the win now i phone theft or apple picking
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is so prevalent it's causing an uptick in big cities which brings us to the big apple c m i p v as been busy on the streets of new york cops are actually promoting the new security features as if they're apple's new spokespeople were talking memos to families tweets even handing out flyers on street corners yes i'm sure new yorkers are thrilled that their tax dollars are going towards cops moonlighting as apple geniuses before everyone goes and scoops up the latest i phone there's already been a major security breach just two days after the new phones went on sale of german group of hackers managed to breach the fingerprint reader from the chaos computer club after the phone recognizes the user's fingerprint you can place a piece of latex over another finger in the phone line lock hoops so much for biometrics i'm sure this little detail won't stop the n.y.p.d. from relying on a massive corporation to help them do its job. the the.


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