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tv   Headline News  RT  September 24, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a highly anticipated annual show gets underway in new york with a run for new elected president expected to steal the limelight at the u.n. general assembly. a british woman is believed to have led the deadly assault on an eye roll big shopping mall as kenya's foreign minister says up to three americans were also among the target. under cold running while governments state that claim on a slice of the north pole is all on gas reserves as melting ice makes the tops resources more acceptable plot. perhaps you with the city. and some crazy green gone. london's mayor takes on anti pollution activists won't drive is in the british capital to dish their cars on to
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get on the bike. or rush under wrong the wall the says he was made you know hello and welcome to the program. the speech of iran's leader at the un general assembly is one of the most and to separate of the annual diplomatic gathering that's getting underway in new york previous addresses by iran have studied anger and triggered mass well counts but it knew the electorate has some reality may be about to change all of that oh she's any son now reports. world leaders are in new york this week for what setting up to be one of the hottest political debates this year iran's new president hassan rouhani will be making his u.n. debut on tuesday ahead of his visit there were many signals from him that he was more than willing to start a possible process of thawing over three decades of frozen u.s.
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iranian relations the question is and many people will be watching is the u.s. ready to give him a chance the u.n. general assembly kicks off amid a diplomatic battle over syria between russia and the u.s. john kerry and sergey lavrov set to meet on the sidelines of the assembly but just as it seems like diplomacy might prevail sergei lavrov saying that the u.s. is trying to pressure moscow into approving a u.n. resolution allowing for military intervention he adds that the u.s. claims in exchange they would be willing to continue working on syria's entry into the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons so russia and the u.s. no closer on their positions on syria with the u.n. security council also set to discuss the issue this week now the general debate starts off with brazil's dilma rousseff who recently canceled her official state visit to washington after revelations the n.s.a. was spying on her and other high ranking brazilian officials obama is said to speak
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directly after rousseff so it will be interesting to see if any kind of tension hangs in the air of the legendary green marble hall many south american countries in fact not happy with the u.s. after fallout from whistleblower edward snowden's leaks this year reporting from new york and he says now a r.t. . spoke to a veteran u.s. diplomat held captive by revolutionaries in the iranian hostage crisis between one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and nineteen eighty one and he said that any kind of interaction between the u.s. and iran will be a tremendously beneficial step for all involved. i thought. we would have been talking to each other. years ago maybe not as friends but at least as. with common things to talk about if it does happen i mean it may just be a handshake a brief encounter but even that at the same balik level would represent huge
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change it's obvious that the u.s. and iran do have a competition syria for example and things to talk about over syria in a rational world we will be doing exactly that there are always what i guess you would call the professional iran haters around or the people who find it useful to beat the war drum but you have to ask yourself what all of this enmity. the last thirty years what does it accomplish and if you beat your chest for thirty four years are the real what is the result going to be a very short gesture you hasn't it hasn't yielded much of anything else. russia's deputy foreign minister sergei says u.n. chemical weapons inspectors will return to syria on wednesday read kofi once again strides the chapter seven of the u.n. charter which permits the use of force should only be considered if there is a violation of the chemical arsenal agreement that the u.s.
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and russia agreed to the design meant of syria's chemical weapons to differences than a match and russia's foreign minister said moscow was being blackmailed by the u.s. which was trying to find a pretext for military action in syria. six minutes since i confirmed government troops as storms this shopping mall in nairobi as a deadly siege ended its fourth day the country's interior ministry announced that security forces have taken control of the center releasing all the captives but the al shabaab militant group denies that saying they're still holding hostages inside meanwhile kenya's foreign minister says three americans and a british citizen or. among the al qaeda linked insurgents that are tox the shopping mall and there are reports that a british a woman some on foot leave wait may have been they must a mind of that time she converted to islam as a young woman and married a man who was later a london seven seventh's a sign boma said to be among the militants killed in nairobi however this
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information is out confirmed at least sixty two people have been killed in the hostage crisis the salt was carried out by a group of somali al shabaab militants in retaliation for kenyan mitchell operations in somalia and brian leaving the direction of the center for the study of hate and extremism says that young people from somalia american communities are an easy target for extremists recruiters. there is a somali community in the minneapolis area which is very much against what's going on here by the way but that has been the main recruiting spot for the small splinter groups of youth to show their been a few extremists there have been even to convince others to join them there's also been an effort over the internet and through other unlined publications to recruit young westernized muslim youth from throughout the world to come to that
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area i think it's also. kind of this youthful anti-establishment anti western military response and they also feel if something else is jihadi cool which is permeated some of the social media as well and al qaida has been successful with using that. and of course are closely following the story here but you can also had a line to r.t. dot com today you'll find the must take pictures from the scene and the latest on dates on the kenyan hostage crisis.
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craving the resources hidden under polar ice some world governments are seeking a bigger slice of the arctic oil and gas by the third international arctic forum about to kick off in russia's north is said to be focused on ecological security but for those taking part it's definitely more than just the environment at stake and by those that would be strongest food in the polar door are the eight states with territory in the frozen region the council consists of eight countries with russia canada and the u. was boasting the biggest binds all of them along with six other observer states have sent delegations to the forum can offer is there for us. located in russia's north is the only city in the world situated exactly all of the arctic circle that's why there's no wonder why it's been chosen to host the third international or except for the arctic still remains a region with the most unprecise borderlines but with vast energy resources and extreme weather conditions but as global temperatures warm up and ice caps melt the
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arctic is now opening up opportunities to more and more countries attracting even those not located in the region now due to its geographic location russia is among the countries with the biggest claims to the arctic like the loss of a ridge and the stockmen gas field russia has forty five percent of the arctic territory so it is fair that it actually also show that to the world it is really no tension between nations about the russians claim to the arctic ocean and seabed but there are no big dispute about where the border probably will go there is of course also denmark and greenland have rights to the central part of the arctic ocean and so do canada but that's between them according to the un though the see. no reason to believe that they shouldn't find a peaceful agreement moscow earlier said is now planning to revitalize an old soviet military base on the no was a good island showing the international community it is ready to protect its
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interests but this forum is all about dialogue apart from the russian president of leaders of iceland and finland are also going to be here and of the seven hundred participants all together including experts geologists explorers and others all sitting down and diplomatically deciding how to work out the situation how to deal with the arctic how to preserve its energy resources and the environment as well. global warming and high energy prices are adding fuel to international rivalry i would not show treasures of the a.b.m. does with no territory in the region like china and india have managed to achieve observer status in the ox accounts of the e.u. also striving for influence has had its application deferred to people being has more now on what sneering world powers to the oxic. as the climate in the arctic surges the scramble to secure multi-billion dollar deals and it's no wonder when
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you consider according to the latest estimates there's enough to supply the entire world for three years china with a growing energy demand and increasing gas girls in population is the unlikely contender in the race to secure a foothold in the el tick china has been wooing russia providing both snared and trans debt with a twenty five billion dollars to build an oil pipeline from siberia to china as well as paying ross nafta an additional sixty billion dollars to develop offshore fields in the arctic and china has also struck up a business relationship with iceland and as a result these tactics managed to secure a place on the arctic council for china along with the founding members the likes of norway and canada which of course have a geographical right to the area. and i can see president all of her grandson
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is in russia to talk to corporations president putin worlds apart hosts on a boy go caught up with him and here's a quick look. the theory. of america britain and the seventy's of the eighty's the more you have to regulate t.v. the more of free time you gave to the financial markets the more you privatized everybody will be prosperous everybody will be happy and this was the all that she which was presented to us economic science and then of course we found out when the banks collapsed this formula was poisonous washed ensures and a force very costly experience very challenging experience but yes since we have launched some very hard lessons.
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and just around the corner we fast food aid in one country. tends to local volunteer groups to help food on the table but. the full story. secret laboratory. was to build a most sophisticated. doesn't sound anything mission
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to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should want only dot com. critique three sports three. three. three. three. three braun video for your media project free video r.t. dot com. this is our c welcome back says he greenpeace activists are accused of piracy of trying to board a russian oil platform in protest against a drilling in the arctic russian and foreign acts of its are among those being investigated and the norway now joined live by aussies aleksei get
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a shed ski aleksey hideout so looks exactly are they accused of and how serious are those allegations those are legations the charges are indeed quite serious according to russian investigators the greenpeace activists and there are believed to be around thirty of them have violated the article of the russian criminal code relating to piracy organized by a group of people and the maximum punishment for this for this violation is up to fifteen years in prison and a half a million ruble fine of course that is yet to be determined but i remind our viewers that the incident in question happened last week when the arctic sunrise vessel registered to the greenpeace organization reached the. lawn there. in the russian northern barren sea and the activists tried to board this oil platform according to the russian investigators there were some electronic equipment found on board that vessel but the biggest irony here according to investigators is that the activists of the greenpeace organization the organization
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which has always been fighting to prevent any kind of ecological catastrophes have tried to in danger have tried to threaten the security of the oil rig and thus endanger the ago. logical situation in the entire region of course the investigation is still ongoing but we already heard from the head of the russian investigative committee that if these activists will be found guilty that they will face criminal prosecution regardless of their nationality as i would remind that around thirty activists are believed to be on board there and six of them are believed to be citizens of the united kingdom and it was the reaction we're seeing from greenpeace that greenpeace are staunchly denying any kind of accusations saying that they were embarking on a peaceful protest against drilling in the northern sea not any kind of illegal activities something of course the russian investigators are not buying at the moment but we do know that the arctic sunrise vessel has been told to the bay of the seven or more scsi in the north of russia i believe you'll be able to see live
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pictures from our own video agency ruptly now on the screen so the vessel is now in the bay and the crew is on board this vessel they are not allowed to leave the ship and they are waiting for the investigation to be completed. liability say thank you very much indeed for that as absolution levels in the british capital reach a high london is encouraged to leave their cars at home and shift from four wheels to a point of bike attacks have the starry. the great london smaug of nineteen fifty two britain was back in the thousands of square miles one blanketed day off today reading this result was an unhappy drunk can be healthy for anyone today it appears much cleaner but the reality is that london's air is so dirty it's been
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breaching the legal limit set out by the e.u. for years. that a thousand deaths are attributed to pollution annually people look at the air today an issue it's clean but unfortunately it's still very dangerous. air pollution today is completely invisible but the reason for this is it's very small microscopic particles and that's also the reason that they're so damaging to your health because they can travel deep inside of this system and it's london as car travel that's largely responsible for it cars and lorries emit an invisible gas called my trojan dioxide known as the silent killer its effects on noticeable it can cause or spiritual disease reduce lung function and according to the world health organization even trigger lung cancer the biggest single source of much in dog so i just talked to guys in london are actually these red buses going cause we're also very concerned about diesel vehicles diesel vehicles are responsible
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probably for about ninety percent of the most harmful exhaust emissions client earth an environmental campaign group is suing the u.k. government for what they call failing to protect brits from air pollution and failing to come up with plans to drastically reduce nitrogen dioxide levels are currently breaching limits in forty to forty three zones in the u.k. and sixteen of these we don't think we're going to reach them until twenty twenty and that's ten years after the deadline in may the supreme court ruled that the government isn't doing enough to reduce pollution and improve public health we got in touch with defra the government department responsible for equity and they told us equality has. improve significantly in london and we expect it to improve further thanks to the actions the government is taking to reduce transport emissions but campaigners say that charging cars to drive into central london and introducing what the government has tagged as green of buses isn't enough i think they need to take a really hard look at what's necessary to reduce pollution in the u.k.
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the choices are extremely difficult and electorally not very popular it basically means taking diesel vehicles off the road in the in the very foreseeable future you can imagine that's not a vote where i have to deal with the city as it is and not some crazy green gone in which we all sit around. and a movie and enabling drugs in the present is that is not going to that is not going to happen since it's not going to happen campaign as a write in london is to each do their bit to make the air in the city cleaner by shining their cars and paddling around town instead while avoiding the most polluted routes of course but it's not clear how much difference it will make since the government itself admits that london will remain dangerously polluted until at least the year twenty twenty five. london.
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stories lined up for you on aussie dot com we're using your disclosure i'm a former f.b.i. employee pleads guilty to spilling the beans on the press supporting a top secret mission and putting agents lives at risk. so new york's finest spread the word an apple i phone a security time well spent their bosses say in the fight against. some other stories making news around the globe at least ten people have been killed in mexico after two gunmen attacks at home where people were celebrating a baseball victory a six year old girl was among the victims sought took place in the border. which is plagued by drug related violence authorities say the actions were unarmed and the motive remains unclear the shooting is the largest massacre in the area since twenty ten one fifteen people were killed and on
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a birthday party. israeli troops have fired rubber bullets and stronger days in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank and a scene in youths responded with stones and petrol bombs violence erupted during the search for suspected killer one israeli soldier the army has been raided raiding houses arresting hundreds in several neighborhoods near the scene of the killing. police in bangladesh have clashed with garment workers in the third day of nationwide protests hundreds of plans have been forced to close as protesters called for a better minimum wage one hundred fifty were injured in the west as workers set fire to start all factories some employees complain they have nineteen hour shifts and are locked in their place of work. as the stairs he continues to buy in portugal many find it increasingly difficult to put food on the table aid programs are also being cut making the situation and the recession and.
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country even was as the number of people in need rises local volunteer charities are coming to the rescue fast now reports. with little other choice they wait for. this mother and her son in our reliance on feed parcels hunger and helplessness increasingly common in today's lisbon thankful eighty three charity could rethink the day to wait too long. with almost a million people in the country estimated to be severely materially deprived and struggling to put food on the table charities like this have become essential to plug the gap. at the start of the evening shift i think now because of the crisis we have a lot of families we do. with the necessity of food because. sometimes there are more good and all that is only men still here exactly he's not employment
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has actually dropped a little bit and things are getting better slowly. i'm an economist myself so i think right now in portugal i don't believe like. the strategy that we are taking because we should. we should focus on getting more employment in starting to have. some kind of. peace they're going to hold these austerity kind of way of doing stuff is one of the rigs with aims is to have like the first city in the world also not wasting food so you think you'll achieve it yeah we believe so repeat operate so what they call a micro local level they signed up restaurants and cafes in this area today in eight feet that they have left david closing telling.
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yes. some of them some of them a long series good for us but it's something. like the films on the very. today you're looking for. it's great because the left is not being thrown into the garbage unleashed right back at headquarters and who hands on deck to prepare the food parcels this the brainchild of this learned a lot of the people who receive their food have always struggled with crisis. and then we have people who are suddenly don't have work and don't have income. it. harder thing for them to take you know the middle class to a situation of needing food assistance so we see those people. when we think first started it was just one man one site said around thirty restaurants have
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agreed to date a little over a year and a half later and take a look at this they've got hundreds of volunteers they've expanded to two sites local more than a hundred and fifty west poles cafes and supermarkets no more than half a day to the cause with the country struggling under the weight of a stereotype measures imposed on dress seventy eight billion euro bailout and with spending cuts to easy feat programs threatening provisions already in place in the future and local volunteer run programs looks set to become increasingly important and say the tonight at least will not go hungry so r.t. this bill. and up next a story i remind her dedicated his life to restoring a monastery on an island the size of a football field stay with us for that. crosstalk
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