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tv   Headline News  RT  September 24, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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president u.n. general assembly washington for the n.s.a. spying scandal and demanding an apology for. russian investigators for piracy charges against greenpeace activists saying they may have endangered the region's environment that's after they tried to shore oil in protest against drilling in the arctic. is the focus of top officials and experts who flock together. countries are beginning to oil and gas treasures being revealed by the melting ice.
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from our studio in moscow where it's just turned eleven pm this is r.t. with international news and comment speaking at the un general assembly in new york barack obama has defended america's foreign military interventions and stressed that washington must remain heavily engaged in the middle east that's after his brazilian counterpart took the chance to criticize the u.s. for the recent global spying scandal. is in new york with the latest so. syria to give up its chemical. but what price. well centering on syria at the start of his speech u.s. president barack obama called on the international community to enforce a ban on chemical weapons in syria which you just referenced the u.s. leader went on to insist the security council should issue our strong resolution to
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ensure that the syrian government complies with the deal brokered by russia and the us president obama insisted that there must be consequences if the mascot fails to keep its word instead of specifically mentioning military intervention obama went on to say that all options are on the table to ensure u.s. national security interests in the middle east the u.s. leader told the general assembly that thinking that syria could go back to a pre-war status quo is a fantasy and he said it he said during his speech that it's time for russia and iran should realize that insisting on. rule would lead to the rise of extremism however what many experts have already pointed out in the aftermath of obama's speech is that russia has always maintained support for the syrian people to decide the fate of their nation and the fate of president assad's political future moscow just maintains that this should be done without outside forces in the meantime we
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also did hear from french president francois hollande he told the international community that he believes the u.n. security resolution on syria that's currently being being drafted should include the possibility of military intervention in the event that the syrian government does not abide with its obligations of transferring its stockpile of chemical weapons to the international community that is a measure that the u.s. and its european partners have been pushing for quite a while and it's a measure that so far russia and a few other countries in the within the security council do not support. many different americas right to intervene in other countries how exactly is he justifying his position here. well president obama said america must remain engaged in the middle east for its own security and he insisted that the world benefits when the u.s. is involved he once again alluded to american exceptionalism when saying that the
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u.s. stands up for all the interests around the world however the u.s. leader did say that washington is far more likely to invest energy in countries that want to work with the u.s. and from the u.s. perspective regarding iran the u.s. president took a cautiously optimistic so in saying that the united states is ready to engage diplomatically with its longtime adversary but he said that president hassan rouhani conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable the u.s. leader said washington is not seeking regime change in iran and respects the right of the iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy now before there was a speech made by the brazilian president whose quote of today she blasted washington for the and that's how he spoke to tell us more about what she said. that's right after opening with diplomatic pleasantries and condemnation of the
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terrorist attack in kenya brazilian president dilma rousseff jumped straight into criticizing the united states for its spying practices she argued that the n.s.a.'s surveillance programs meddled in such a manner in the lives and affairs of other countries and that it is a breach of international law she said it was an affront to the principles that should otherwise govern relations among countries the brazilian leader also said without the right to privacy there is no real democracy or freedom of speech president rousseff used her opening address to the un general assembly to also announce that brazil would be adopting legislation and technology to protect itself from illegal interception of communications she also called for the establishment of a multilateral internet government framework within the un that would prevent the type of global spying that america's national security agency has been exercising for so many years she was the first to address the n.s.a.
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spying scandal but i bet she will not be the last one we hear from the rest of world leaders throughout the rest of this week rena thanks very much indeed for that update live from new york marina. will be over to u.s. foreign policy have a vested interest in ensuring american dominance in the middle east that's the view of antiwar activist braun burka. of course the united states is acting in what it perceives to be its own interests and i would have to say ves are now the interests of the american people percent who don't have big oil or banking investments in the middle east but there are big banks and there are big oil corporations and they have global interests and they have particular interests in the middle east and the u.s. policy is to protect those interests that's where two thirds of the world's oil is president obama says we are an exceptional country meaning we we we shed our treasure and our blood for the interests of all but not for our own interests i mean that's bogus it's completely a fraud the u.s. wants to dominate and it's been a priority of its foreign policy to dominate this will retreat in for the past
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fifty years. and stay with r.t. for the latest from the un general assembly in new york. thirty greenpeace activists facing charges of piracy after trying to board a russian oil platform in protest against drilling in the arctic both russian and foreign activists are among those being investigated. the details this could entailed up to fifteen years in prison and up to a half a million fine now also from the russian investigators that after the boat the arctic sunrise was seized in the waters in the economic waters of the russian federation close to the oil rig. also the found some kind of electronic equipment on board that vessel the equipment which is used according to investigators for an identified means and also the biggest irony here according to the investigators is that the activists of the greenpeace organization the organization which has always been fighting to prevent any kind of ecological
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disasters and catastrophes could have created such a catastrophe or a disaster by breaching the security of this oil rig and thus it could have endangered the ecology of the entire region of course that is yet to be determined whether their actions could have led to such drastic consequences which we do know from the head of the investigative committee of the russian prosecutor general's office we do know that at the moment that the arctic sunrise vessel was told to the bay of the city in the north of russia and the crew is on board as well as the activists are on board the ship and they're not allowed to leave the ship until the all the investigative procedures have been completed now obviously the greenpeace organization is not a stranger to controversy we've seen over the years that sometimes there are peaceful protest involved unlawful means actions in two thousand and six the very same ship the arctic sunrise try to ram a japanese fishing boat which. this organization. described as the protest against
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whaling we also have seen several sit ins when the greenpeace activist block the entrance to different ministries ecological ministries and different governmental bodies across the planet not letting the employees inside and we've also seen over the years how the greenpeace activists have been breaching the perimeters of different nuclear power stations across the blasted if we go back to the year nine hundred eighty six when the chernobyl disaster happened the greenpeace activists infiltrating the area and staging a protest in the cooling bond literally just meters away from the burning reactor of the chernobyl nuclear power plant so obviously this is the latest link in the whole chain of controversial events surrounding the peaceful ecological are going to zation such as the greenpeace. and staying in the region the untouched beauty of the arctic may be a thing of the past many nations are craving to get their hands on the vast resources hidden beneath the ice which is rapidly melting away russia has convened
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the third international forum hoping to draw attention to the region's ecological security well those with the strongest foot in the door of the eight states with the territory in the frozen region of the arctic council consists of those eight countries with russia canada and the u.s. boasting the biggest areas or to report on what's being done to protect the ecology admits the race for the black gold. initially the idea was foot forward by the president here in silly thought the only city located exactly all of the arctic circle because g. is definitely the most important issue being discussed we've got over four hundred experts international experts who arrived here to discuss these problems and the general understanding is that the climate in fact has changed temperatures have in general warmed up in the arctic melting the ice caps and opening new opportunities
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clearly for different countries to develop its vast natural resources and also new trade routes like the northern trade route which is actively now being used by countries like china with the help of russia since well just the figures tell the story by themselves four ships heading say from beijing to rotterdam it takes around two weeks quicker then say if they take the traditional south and routes up to seven hundred participants all together including experts geologists explorers and others all sitting down and diplomatically deciding how to work out the situation how to deal with the arctic how to preserve its energy resources and the environment as well the outtakes promise of business opportunities is really what's luring the will power some of them who are not even close to the area itself. investigate. as the climate hits off in the arctic surges the scramble to secure
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multi-billion dollar deals and it's no wonder when you consider according to the latest estimates. to supply the entire world for three years china with a growing energy demand and increasing gas guzzling population is the unlikely contender in the race a secure a foothold in the l tick a china has been wooing russia are providing both raw snared and transact with a twenty five billion dollars to build an oil pipeline from siberia to china as well as paying rock sniffed an additional sixty billion dollars to develop offshore fields in the arctic and china has also struck up a business relationship with iceland and as a result these tactics managed to secure a place on the arctic council for china along with the founding members the likes of norway and canada which of course have a geographical right to the area could you probably never know the right talk to
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well known research or journalist it would strike you circumspect about the prospect of oil drilling in the arctic region. if it's done right i think it can you know if the environment won't be affected but you know that's the that's the big question is that we've never really seen a major spill in arctic waters. we know from what happened in the gulf of mexico that even under ideal conditions clean ups can be very very costly time consuming and there's a loss of confidence among the public we saw with the exxon valdez that the impacts you know from decades ago are still occurring if you have a spill in the high arctic where there's a lot of ice still moving around in that oil gets underneath the ice and starts migrating there's really nothing you can do there's no engineering solution to this
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you're just simply going to have to watch it go and it's not going to break up easily it's going to be a big costly mess and here naughty will be closely watching the forum as enters its second day so do stay with us for that if you can. well. technology innovation all the developments from around russia we. covered. wealthy british style stock. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. if you just joined us a very warm welcome here in moscow the news continues now kenya's president has announced an end to the operation in nairobi's westgate mall the site of kenya's worst terrorist attack in fifteen years five members of the islamist group responsible for the assault were killed during the standoff eleven others are in custody meanwhile kenya's foreign minister says at least two americans and
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a british citizen are among the al qaeda linked insurgents that carried out the atrocity well there are reports the british woman samantha lewthwaite may have spearheaded the attack she converted to islam as a young woman and married a man who later became a london seven seventh's suicide bomber unconfirmed reports say she's among the militants killed at least sixty one people died in the hostage crisis with around one hundred seventy injured the militants said they carried out the attack in retaliation for kenyan military operations in somalia as a kiwi he's the editor of the pan-african news wire spoke to lead he says the incident will cause kenya to rethink its military activities in neighboring countries. there's going to be. a more vigorous political debate inside of kenya itself they are involved in somalia which has been going on now for nearly two years this is a occupation that was inherited by the current government of president. and of
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course it was started at the aegis of the united states which is financing and providing a lot of military a lot just from assistance to the african union mission to somalia which has approximately seventeen thousand five hundred troops occupying somalia actually propping up the somali federal government in mogadishu but there's still a lot of instability inside somalia particularly in the south and al-shabaab is still a formidable military threat. the somalia federal government is concerned. this incident. cause the government in kenya as well as the legislature. perhaps have a more rigorous discussion around what it actually means to have two thousand chronic troops in neighboring somalia and we'll keep you updated on this ongoing story remember you can always get more by logging on to our website you can go
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online to get access to the latest pictures updates and witness accounts from the scene of the tragedy all that is waiting for you at r.t. dot com. to some other international news in brief the eastern part of pakistan has been struck by a powerful seven point eight magnitude earthquake at least forty five people being killed according to local authorities the deaths occurred in a district near the epicenter where almost a third of the buildings said to have collapsed tremors are being reported all around the region as far as india's capital new delhi hundreds of kilometers away. a fourth day of nationwide protests in bangladesh turned violent as police clash with clothes factory workers demonstrators threw stones at security forces who responded with rubber bullets gas and tear gas hundred fifty people were injured in the unrest as protests to set for several factories demanding higher wages and some employees claim they have had to endure nine hundred hour shifts in the locked in
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place of work bangladesh government has been under pressure to reform the industry after the collapse of a factory building in april which killed up to a thousand people a. car bomb blast has been reported in damascus by syrian t.v. state media says at least three people have lost their lives in what was described as a terrorist attack the opposition currently puts the death toll at seven an explosion hit the capital southern district in a fierce battle ground between the rebel forces in the army for months. french appeals courts may have stripped nicolas sarkozy of the chance of a political comeback is ruled an investigation should proceed into accusations the former president joop the heiress of the l'oreal cosmetics giant liliane bettencourt into funding his election campaign in two thousand and seven the next leader allegedly used the mental fragility of france's richest woman who suffered from dementia court's decision may lead to a trial in the long running scandal in which sarkozy denies any misconduct.
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he continues to bite family budgets in portugal which is making many people find it increasingly difficult to put food on the table aid programs are also being cut making the situation in the recession hit country even worse and as the number of people in need rises local volunteer charities are coming to the rescue reports. with little other choice they wait for. this mother and her son in our reliance on the parcels hunger and shapelessness increasingly common in today's lisbon thanks bill eighty two a charity could rethink the danger to weight loss. was almost a million people in the country estimated to be severely materially deprived and struggling to put food on the table charities like this to come essential to plug the gap we joined at the start of the evening shift i think now because of the
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crisis we have a lot of families we do. we do necessity of food because. there are sometimes there are their mortgages and all that is only meant still here exactly it is not employment has actually dropped a little bit and then things are getting better slowly here i'm an economist myself so i think right now in portugal i don't believe liking. this strategy that we are taking because we should. we should focus on getting more employment then starting to have. some kind of. peace they're going to hold these austerity kind of ways of doing stuff is one of the reforms aims is to have like the first city in the world also not wasting food so you think you'll achieve it yeah we believe so repeat operates on
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what they call a micro local level they signed up restaurants and cafes in this area today in a feat that they have left dave closing telling. me here some of them some of them a long series good for us some sometimes we are lucky to pencil in the various. today. it's great because the leftovers being thrown into the garbage and. back at headquarters and it's all hands on deck to prepare the food parcels this the brainchild of this learned a lot of the people who receive food have always struggled with crisis. and then we have people who are suddenly don't have work and don't have. it. harder thing to them to take. to
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a situation and. we see those people. when we think first started it was just one man one site said around thirty restaurants a little over a year and a half later and take a look at this they've got hundreds of volunteers they've expanded to sites more than one hundred. cafes in supermarkets more than half a day to the core with the country struggling under the weight of a stare it is. seventy eight billion bailout and with spending cuts to easy feat programs threatening provisions already in place in the country local volunteer run programs looks set to become increasingly important and say the tonight at least will not hungry so. it's been.
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no one has. to make sure small phone users are breast of the very latest software updates. with outdated operating systems and urging them to keep up with technology the website find out what's been happening there on the streets of the big apple. when it comes to showing off its military knows. just tell to shine in style take out the full video of these missiles and troops with the range of up to two thousand kilometers parading down the streets of tehran and be in motion page at all to. write the scene. first trip. and i would think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. to
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be in the. so that brings up today for the moment i'll be back with a news team with more in just over half an hour from the next and stacy bloss the big bang because in the latest edition of the cause report after the break. the macmillan family in canada has decided to defy time itself and keep their family trapped in one thousand nine hundred six sort of like new age only for one year and not their whole lives so to live in one thousand six the family forbids the use of any technology developed after the mid eighty's they want their children to experience the world they grew up in when you had to read books and if you're
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outside no one could call you and there were no tablet computers to stupefy children at a moment's notice as a parent i have some sympathy with this idea because i like all of you have seen that technology is dumbing us down a lot i mean how often do you have to memorize a phone number nowadays and we've all seen bad parents just sit their kids in front of the technology and ignore them to chat on facebook about what they saw on netflix but on the other hand for the first. time in human history you have the power of knowledge at your fingertips there is an instructional video to do anything you want on you tube and getting basic information on any scientific or historical topic is one click away if you find the idea of the self-made man romantic and now is your time because anyone who has the will to learn can learn you know i don't come from money without the internet i would definitely not have this job and i'd probably be worshipping at the feet of rush limbaugh deluded by the mainstream media modern technology can make your mind with information or break it with cat videos and dumb trendiness but that's up to you and this is just my
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opinion. i know c.n.n. m s m b c news have taken some nuts lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close enough for the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. at our team we have
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a different brain. because the news of the world is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. but. if. he does that to the jokes i will handle them. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser so ben bernanke all print no taper as we said all along the fed will never taper it was a hoax from the way in the very beginning but then you don't become the greatest hedge fund manager in history without duping other market participants first.
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execute trades based on mark manipulation and trading on inside information do you see how it would appear that the fed as you have said many times all along many of our guests have actually said is that the fed is like a hedge fund which apparently is something that warren buffett agrees with and thanks is a great thing the federal reserve is the greatest hedge fund in history says warren buffett the eighty two year old who has led berkshire hathaway for more than four decades hailed the fed's ability to make money from bond purchases as a result of quantitative easing which in five years is more than tripled its balance sheet to more than three point six trillion dollars the fed is the greatest hedge fund in history he said yeah right ok it's a four trillion dollar hedge fund so if they want the price of stocks to move up they go in and they buy stocks they buy us and p. futures if they want the price of gold to go down they sell gold they sell naked futures in the gold market they work with banks on wall street selling futures contracts they.


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