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to rule the day. the the. hey guys i'm out in martin and this is breaking the set back in april eight story building collapse in bangladesh coming eleven hundred factory workers the garment workers are fed up with being forced to work and treacherous conditions and are now fighting back growing demonstrations have resulted in a harsh response by police in the tongues of the bolts and tear gas to subdue the protesters the workers are calling for a living wage of one hundred dollars a month increased benefits and safe working conditions keep in mind currently they're only making thirty eight dollars a month hardly a living wage to feed one person let alone an entire family sounds like a reasonable request considering how the country has one of the largest clothing manufacturers and earns about twenty billion dollars export in items of the rest of
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the world but it's not just about money it was building collapse was just the latest in a string of incidents like factory fires and other collapses that reveal the abysmal working climate for these employees although some clothing brands have tried to sign safety agreements and pledge money for safety inspectors it's not enough these people work tirelessly in sweatshops for slave wages and can't even guarantee that they'll make it home safely to their families at the end of the day as of now hundreds of factories have already been forced to close because of the mounting pressure and unions vow to continue fighting even if it means all forty five hundred factories across the country have to close their doors so let's stand in solidarity with them in this battle and let's keep breaking the set. it was a. very hard to take. that
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or had sex with the terror threat there though. last week california governor jerry brown passed a new law allowing gas companies to expand fracking across the san joaquin valley and although many say the law has the strictest fracking regulations in the nation environmental groups such as the sierra club say it doesn't go nearly far enough this comes on the heels of illinois governor signing similar legislation that
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proposes regulations but nonetheless invites gas companies to set up shop in the state despite countless studies outlining the detrimental effects of this practice blue and red states alike are jumping at the chance to frack up a few more dollars clearly the democratic party isn't willing to stand up to the oil and gas industry so who is for me now to discuss this controversial practice and what can be done is fracking activist sharon wilson thank you so much for coming and sharing thank you for having both a hell of an executive and the governor of colorado both to drink fracking fluid to prove that it's not harmful i mean they didn't die doesn't this show that fracking safe no we don't know even know what they drank what we do know is that people all over the nation they they experience the same health impacts when fracking happens near them. well what are those health impacts they could be as simple as headaches sore throat irritation a huge increase in those bleeds heart palpitations neurological problems
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some of the chemicals we know cause kidney. damage liver damage there to they used . up durst so it's just it's endless the chemicals that we know they use and we're not sure. about some of the chemicals and what are these chemicals exactly but they are pumping in the background well some of it is some of what comes out of the ground and in some of the air pollution is are the be text chemicals been seen toiling ethyl been seen in styling these are carcinogens and toiling as a territory that harms the fetus they can cause neurological damage and so there's just there's a whole host of chemicals was what was so ridiculous about stunt that they drank this liquid in you know saying that that wasn't harmful but you know it's a one time thing try to drink you know over the course of months and months like
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these people in these towns are that fracking is going on but i think for those who may not understand what this practice is can you briefly describe how it works and why it's so detrimental to the environment you kind of the human health effects but the drill they drill down horizontally and then they drill fertile vertically out they can drill a mile or more and they use explosives to blast through the drill casing the metal casing and the seam and and then they pump a mixture of chemicals say and water at very very extremely high pressures so that it goes through those holes where they blasted and it cracks up the shale and allows the gas to come down the pike and what does this do to the environment. well what we what we know happens is there are a lot of air pollution people's water gets contaminated to prove how it gets contaminated it is very difficult and costly and it's just regular people so they
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can have it can it there are many many pathways that pathways are air water and soil. you know i think one thing that's really interesting i just was confirmed is that fracking leads to earthquakes i mean why do you think that this. devastating consequence that could have on the environment in towns that have never seen earthquakes before why is that so under reported in the media well it is getting in the media and there is a great deal of concern but industry has a huge amount of influence in this country and so. you know they have influence over the media and they have influence over our government well i guess the big question you know energy companies are so powerful as you just said that they have this extraordinary influence over the media the political establishment and seems like they're not going to stop until every drop of oil and every natural gas avenue is exploited and just gone from the earth i mean how can we really stand up to this huge massive force it does seem that way and we need to have
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a lot more voices to join with us in this by and we're going to we need our elected officials we need president obama to listen to the voices of the people and not the industry influence and not the money that all the money that's involved well sure and you're fighting back you're doing a lot of activism in your hometown you're going across the country that's why you're in d.c. to kind of raise attention to this issue let's talk about the report that you worked on identify the growing national pattern of absentee regulators when it comes to fracking my question is how does such a massive industry lack such a government regulation well i get there again they have a huge influence and in texas of course our regulators are lapdogs they're not watchdogs and we we all know this but in this case in our report they actually evacuated because the air missions were too dangerous for them to stay at the
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facility and do any testing yet they did not warn any of the residents who live nearby and as it. and out they didn't even penalize the industry the operator that caused the emissions and what and what effect did it have on the carnes county texas which is the community that the report started well we had a town hall meeting there on monday night and we found out that that there are more people there who are having health impacts and very concerned than just the one family we tracked and we dug through state records and found there are there have been over thirty complaints in karnes county and some of the people say that they can no longer go outside they can't open their windows they can't work in the garden. one complaint said that there were there was a mist that came through the air and caused irritation of the nasal passages the eyes a tightening in the chest and heart palpitations really sad because
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a lot of these people don't have the same voice obviously wield the same influence as this massive industry does in the halls of congress are sharing what are you here doing and how can people across the nation fight back against us today we met with we had some residents demick from pillion wyoming and from parker county texas three times the e.p.a. stepped in with an investigation and they dropped those investigations and left the residents with contaminated water and no recourse so we met with the e.p.a. and were demanding that they that the e.p.a. reinstate reopen their investigation we've delivered over a quarter of a million signatures to president obama and the e.p.a. hopefully they hear the voices of the people thank you so much fracking activists appreciate your time thank you very much.
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earlier this month the house voted to slash the federal food stamp program by forty billion dollars over the course of the next ten years two hundred seventeen republicans voted for the measure that would prevent four million people from accessing the vital nutritional program in two thousand and fourteen alone but don't worry republicans had fantastic reasons for taking away food from millions of people you see the abuse of food stamps has exploded over the last few years and millions of slackers have latched on to that government teat and refuse to let go after all we're talking about in thing the luxurious average benefit of one hundred thirty three dollars every month as representative stephen fincher so eloquently said while quoting the bible the one of those unwilling to work shall not eat you know what is right in some part there has been an enormous surge in food assistance according to c.b.
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yo the cost of the nutritional program has quadrupled from twenty billion dollars in two thousand to over eighty billion in two thousand and thirteen but maybe that's because the bottom fifty percent of income earners in this country haven't even started to recover one of the largest financial crises in history and in fact four out of five u.s. adults struggle currently with joblessness and near poverty in today's bleak economy according to associated press now of course steven finn turned his elephant cronies have the right to argue for limited government on principle except for one small problem many of the same representatives that voted to dismantle their stance have personally received massive farm subsidies from the nanny state they so often rally against take for instance representative marlin stutzman got a hefty pay out of two hundred thousand big government dollars for his farm over the last fifteen years or that representative vicki hertz lawyer shows a farm in missouri and also voted for the impoverishment stamp bill this flaming
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hypocrite received more than eight hundred thousand dollars an ag subsidies from ninety nine. five two thousand and twelve in two thousand and one her farm received a whopping one hundred thirty five thousand dollars from the federal government but you know what that's nothing compared to christine now lamb of south dakota this farm was granted three point four million dollars in subsidies between one thousand nine hundred five and two thousand and twelve. which brings us full circle to the biggest winner of all stephen fincher himself who also owns a family farm see the center's farm has received nearly three point five million taxpayer dollars in subsidies over the course of thirteen years. because it's easy to preach limited government when the fed isn't threatening to remove the money from your farm you see these are the faces of people who will never understand what it's like to go to bed hungry. and guard your bookshelves guide the national banned
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books week find out what popular novels you won't find many libraries coming up next. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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the conflict. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our craft semi-colons we've been hijacked like a handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem trucks and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing america by bill ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture.
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number a last president you know the folks these southern charm are everyone just wanted to have a beer with in fact ways but was so dumb down in quirky a whole franchise of bush's them's emerged during his presidency. it was not always a given that the united states of america would have a close relationship families is where our nation finds hope where we take three and i know the speculation but i'm the decider and i decide what is best and what's best is for don rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense there's an old saying in tennessee i know it's in texas probably in tennessee this just fool me once. shame. shame on you.
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if you can't get fooled again. yes you can get fooled again set in two thousand and eight we were at the height of anti bush sentiment an eloquent young statesman and constitutional lawyer slapped america off its feet its name is brock obama and his deliberate diction an extensive vocabulary won the hearts and minds of people desperate for change so far obama is not only continued some of the worst policies of the bush administration but in many cases has exacerbated them so what is it about obama that a list that so much trust from the american people really just by the way he speaks to me now to discuss this chris chambers for communication professor at georgetown university thank you so much for coming on quest you so you teach an entire class devoted to the study of rhetoric and persuasion how much of the way a politician speaks has to do with whether or not to be trusted oh everything. you know we're talking about a digital age now where you're talking about just just pulses of information pulses
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of content no you do have long form. content out there in various platforms on the web even t.v. but you know that's something that's the we're going to gravitating away from there's that's dedicated to a certain audience but the mass audience out there still wants to to hear those pulses and this president initially was very good at that mixing the pulses with the eloquence know how things are kind of breaking down a little bit and you know then people kind of sit back and say what is he saying because he's using more words to say less he was using very powerful words to say less at first now he's using much more many more words inappropriate metaphors or etc thinking he has that old magic and he really doesn't well let's break down one of his most recent speeches the u.n. g.a. . we deeply believe it is in our interests to see
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a middle east and north africa that is peaceful and prosperous. and will continue to promote democracy and human rights and open markets because we believe these practices achieve peace and prosperity. ok so let's break down the speaking style here he's using very deliberate words his words are followed by these long pauses after he makes kind of that and poncho he's also using a lot of firm hand gestures when speaking i mean what is he trying to do here with this well he's been he's trying to do two things first of all he's trying to convey this message almost interpersonally like he's talking to somebody but talking to them very forcefully not trying to overpower them but reaffirm you know basic norms and basic paradigms that everybody can get on board with that's one but the other thing he's trying to do is kind of show a lack over you know the devil's in the details so if he can bowl you over with the
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common threads of the common themes and have people not along so yes i get with that though they'll be a little less inclined to turn around and say well where's the bait and switch coming and i think that that is something that he's had to struggle with over the last six years well certainly people are saying to his rhetoric now i just find it so interesting just the cadence of his words it's kind of almost this hypnotic trance all very monotone and we're going to bomb syria do you agree well i mean you know this is this is a guy george bush and he or alike in a lot of ways believe it or not i mean first barack obama was not the best student out there and he was fooling around to back when he was barry oh you know just like w. was in his yale days but what you know but they both actually kind of got things in gear and tried to do to achieve something and they did the difference being though that george bush had around him quite a few very powerful proxies and advisors such as dick cheney barack obama has a different style it's all about him these people feed into him he's very
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participative and there's a lot of give and take but you know he is really the decider with george bush it was what do you think roman what do you think local dick and then it goes back and forth because i think i'll go with uncle dick you know and barack obama is not like that. he he he soaks things in but he wants to be the one to noodle things over and that's something that he's had since childhood some of these had to do because mother who was a scientist instilled that in him so he's there he is now out in the public eye trying to make these points but the old barack is out there wanting to be eloquent but the you have the new barack the almost tainted brock by just being president can age you and all the things that he's had to deal with he's now basically created the sphere around him that contains the old barack but people just can't get through it is it because there's so much mistrust because of so much flip
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flopping that he's done from two thousand and eight and he would tell you if he was interpersonally rather than in a group i had to do this because of this this this and this and you might not along interpersonally if you just sit in his living room but what he's trying to convey that to occur to people and you see the results of some of these policies something gets lost and i think that he needs to work on that he has to get back to that old garage who was very straightforward well let's talk about the old barrage because really the two words hope and change are what galvanized millions of people to vote for him why did these two words why were they so powerful and galvanizing so many people to trust a complete stranger who had such little experience well first couple reasons first ito he's he's a minority and you have to have some kind of common ground that everybody can get pulled into to kind of distract from that reality in america that he is a black man and you know so that you have to basically kind of big switch there so you need more inclusiveness and bigger themes and second i mean there were powerful
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themes to hit at the republican party the republican party was very different in two thousand and eight it is now but the same in a lot of ways and that and you saw those clips of george bush if you use those powerful words of hope and change. and you juxtapose that with him babbling on camera you know that that's very powerful that worries me so much because i feel like a lot of people agree with obama and trust him just because he sounds more intelligent more articulate than bush but but i think chris i think we both know that bush is largely putting on an act i mean he's the only one and i was like an x. and his family has a right accent i mean it almost seems like he chose to put out that facade while you know that you're very you're you're right when there is that said that is true way for you president bush or bush because i think people like karl rove told him that that would so and ironically it does even in this digital age we're going to talk about pulses of content even if it's dumb if it's simple people can buy into
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it you know when you look at the comments section on you tube it's probably more interesting than the comp you know the actual content you know he understood that sort of karl rove so that a lot of people say it at fox news who still could use that model barack obama never really mastered that and never understood that and and quite interesting only still doesn't understand that because you do have that old you know my mother the scientist in call kidding me with this kind of almost techno ocracy and dealing with the minute and you know that's how he he he he basically communicates how dangerous is it though about a minute left but to trust politicians based on literally nothing at all other than their speech i mean no actions that have been so detrimental to this country was a way to talk well it had. clearly can't do that i mean you know the history is rife you know from nineteen thirty three to one thousand nine hundred five in japan
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and germany and how dangerous that is and italy as well you cannot do that but you know he does have there are people who follow him because of not only the eloquence but the substance and maybe you know that's a balancing act there are people who love the president president bush that is two thousand well that was a kind of disputed election two thousand. two thousand and four who followed him not because of the way he spoke but because of things that he stood for and the things that his proxies and his allies were able to convey as well it's very dangerous but people are naturally going to be drawn to people with rhetorical and books week in the american library association is put out of the annual list of
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the most frequently censored books in libraries across the country yes you heard me right it's two thousand and thirteen and there are still many fervent attempts to ban books from schools bookstores and libraries appear in america in fact since one thousand nine hundred two it's estimated that more than eleven thousand books have been challenge to larry's play this includes the banning of ray bradbury's fahrenheit four fifty one a book whose premise centers entirely on book banning here's a clip from its film adaptation. you turn them delicious and then on the ashes. you don't like books. because i just ran. a story books such as so much rubbish definitely interest and why do some people still read the most dangerous. there's an initiative in this for the why is the why is it for been good question they're not hundreds of books have been pulled from the shelves not right for
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a bit in and us libraries of the for graphic language or uncomfortable subject matter keep in mind many of these so-called taboo reads have come to shape and define american culture this in point mark twain's adventures of huckleberry finn this american classic was first banned in eight hundred eighty five which probably has something to do with the fact that the story confronts the oppressive racism of its time and while this was well over one hundred years ago shockingly there are still efforts to pull these pages from shelves today of insight into books liberal use of the and word back to national banned books week because you might be surprised at the absurdity of the top five most challenging books in two thousand and twelve starting from the top and tango makes three it's a children's book about a baby penguin being raised by same sex penguin parents as it seems this book ruffled the feathers to make the list even though it's actually based on a true story. and number four there's fifty shades of grey band for its explicit
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sexual content which apparently shocked the men who initially thought it was just a coloring book. at number three we have thirteen reasons why by author j. i sure will currently is pushing the envelope too far with his realistic observations of drug use and suicide the number two spot goes to absolutely true diary of a part time indian which explores the teenager's struggles with his identity you know like all teenagers well a whole lot of people seem to find a book about a teenager unsuitable for teenagers and the number one spot goes to dave pilipinas timeless series captain underpants the books are largely criticized for their toilet humor but are also celebrated for their unique ability to encourage reading among elementary students and really that's what banned books week is all about going attention of the persistent problem of censorship so i leave you with a thought the words of poet joseph brodsky who once said there are worse crimes than burning books one of them is not reading them have
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a great night everyone go read a book. i
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was a new alert and a big tits gets scared me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the war and your great big other that have you ever read it a quart of water found alive there's a story many sort of movies playing out in real life. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the
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day. that i suspect. the replace the old if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and so far that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy should recall the first. woman. to ever go on i'm sorry and on this show we were you a live picture of what's actually going to run you go beyond identifying the problem you're trying to crush will be a real discussion critical issues facing america among them are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. blog charmin of washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture international.


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