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tv   Headline News  RT  September 26, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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affan is engulfed in street products police fired tear gas at furious crowds trying to storm the offices of the far right golden dawn party following the killing of an anti-racism musician. chemical compliance the u.n. security council inches closer to a resolution on syria's a toxic weapons for the use of force has been a stumbling block. greenpeace protesters await their fate as a russian court decides on piracy charges against them after activists tried to storm an oil rig in the arctic.
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costing lives twenty four hours a day you're watching. our thousands of people have thrown the streets of athens in protest against the far right golden dawn party police fired tear gas and stun grenades at outrage demonstrators who threw petrol bombs and stones at the party's headquarters what is the latest wave of anger over the murder of an anti fascist rapper musician stabbed to death by a man who admitted to being a member of golden dawn polls show that since the killing of power greece's third largest party has lost considerable public support this comes as no great surprise the level of racist violence has jumped significantly in crisis played greece let's have a look and on this map here you can see the number of races attacks several years ago but day there are hardly any empty spots on the map free of racist crime my
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colleague sean thomas discussed a disturbing trend with artie's lucy catherine off. this was the largest show of public anger over the killing of published physis the thirty four year old hip hop artist an anti-fascist activist who was stabbed to death last week the man who killed him is believed to be a supporter of the far right golden dawn political party and this is a group that currently controls eight hundred seats in parliament it's been described as neo fascist. largely for its campaign of intimidation against immigrants whom it blames for some of the economic woes affecting greece right now now while published was not the first person to die at the hands of neo nazis in greece he was the first non migrant to do so and this has sparked outrage all across the country with a similar protest similar scenes last week in the early hours of this wednesday thousands of greeks marched in a largely peaceful protest they marched towards the offices of golden dawn which were secluded essentially protected by the police a group of
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a small group of protesters who had their faces covered in wearing helmets have broken off started hurling petrol bombs and the scenes that you're seeing on the t.v. screen right now unfolded so a lot of anger over this murder that still fresh in people's minds so throughout europe we're seeing a lot of rhetoric nationalist movements but in greece in particular how much clout is this new or not see this new fascist movement growing how much. basically protection do they have well quite a bit especially in contrast to other european countries now golden dawn isn't just a fringe group that has eighteen members in parliament out of three hundred it's on its way to becoming the third largest political force in greece the question is of course whether this murder even though the group does say that it has it disavows any ties to the murder the question is whether the political fallout of the public outrage is going to result in a decrease for support for the group and we have seen some public polls showing that it's gone down but at the same time the group doesn't joy very wide support among certain neighborhoods in greece and this is really been correlation with the
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rise of the economic crisis there member that greece has been in recession for six consecutive years in a row we have an employment. only nearing thirty percent two out of three young people out of work and one of the things that we found at least when speaking to political experts is they said that basically when people really don't have much to hold on to economically it's not unusual to see people turning to more radical ideas and while there are some hardcore supporters of golden dawn who might have ideas that are very much out of line with the mainstream old and on a really trying to solve sell itself to the public as anti-establishment as being able to do things when the government may not be able to and that's what we really heard from certain neighborhoods where there is a lot of support for it people felt like it was an alternative and that they really couldn't trust the government to provide certain services for them and therefore turn to this group. who leader of the youth wing of one of the trade unions that organized the rally says ballance is not the onset of austerity but want to.
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declare that we're against racism and face it in our country there are a lot of measures of stary. we really have a some very rough times the greek people but that doesn't mean anybody should be heard what experience a lot of violence because of a crisis when there is poverty one people are facing. other for survivors as you understand it people who get in on it but the thing is that the solution to our problems is not the violence. more stories ahead for you including the olympic space walk we're going historic mission ahead of them through the international space station docks with a full on up more a few minutes. debates on a u.n. security council resolution to rid syria of its chemical weapons are still ongoing
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russia says in the grievance could be reached in the coming days the main point of contention is committing a reference to chop to seven of the u.n. charter that would allow the use of force against a mass chaos if it fails to comply with the plan and this in no way reports now from new york well it seems like russia and the u.s. are a bit closer to seeing eye to eye on the syria crisis russia's deputy foreign minister says an agreement on the u.n. security council resolution the tax requiring syria to dismantle its chemical weapons stockpiles is in fact likely by the end of this week now the actual text of the resolution will according to him include a reference to chapter seven of the u.n. charter which allows force but it should be stressed that there will be no automatic trigger for chapter seven measures and another resolution in fact would be needed if syria fails to comply the text of the resolution as many resolutions is usually a point of contention between russia and the u.s.
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russia always has a tent to have any kind of text which allows for military intervention the u.s. more often pushing for blatant military intervention in an interview with the washington post foreign minister sergey lavrov pointed out u.s. double standards when it comes to dealing with rebel forces and the conflict in syria it seems the big question is will we see a major step forward in progress on syria stalemate and now it's looking like it could be a real possibility. meanwhile united nations inspectors arrived back in syria on wednesday to continue this probe into the use of chemical weapons there will be further investigating cases of alleged chemical attacks off to report for scented by the team this month and for that sarin gas was used last month the point did not specify who was behind the attack but america and its allies blame the syrian regime political analyst i mean the lonny believes the information presented by the
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inspectors is inconsistent to discuss the findings of the u.n. team with my colleague bill galt. in the human found playing for instance they're inconsistent things with with the center. by for victims and survivors that are not atypical and not our conventional understanding of what occurs in a nerve gas exposure some very stark ones in the environmental sampling it appears that in the west. where the humans showed almost one hundred percent positive there are no samples taken by the u.n. team that show theron there are a few samples taken that show degradation of theron but even these are not consistent in live in both the labs there could be false positives the u.n. now as a result of all these holes in its original report needs to address these and ensure for itself that it has the proper access and time to investigate other areas
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of alleged chemical weapons attacks or meanwhile hey mr breton golden who's a former commander of the british military chemical defense regiment disagrees with the criticism of the u.n. report. it is true to say that sour in its pure form wasn't violent in that. place however. you know which is a very groovy a sheep products of sarin was found consistently throughout that area and the only other thing that's important to say is that the rocketry was not discovered and analyze as it was in the two other locations which grew positive the sarin and that be the case that would have been it but i also agree we need other evidence that it hasn't the russian. side has not been published and another piece is so we need do you see the whole picture but i think generally the un report was conducted in
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the right way and is very conclusive that sarin was used but as you already said it doesn't blame and that's something that really needs to be done as well. rainy and president hassan rouhani says he's ready to conclude talks on the country's nuclear program in as little as three months time a meeting between tehran and five permanent security council members and germany is set to take place on thursday new york iran's foreign minister and u.s. secretary of state john kerry will participate in the talks making at the highest level meeting between iranian and american officials in over three decades during his address to the u.n. general assembly and went around the president said he's open for dialogue on an equal basis of all of the u.s. to play a key role in the process he stressed there was no place on the nuclear weapons in iraq security or political analysts have a eye for c.r.b. it says the changing terrans tone presents a unique opportunity to resolve the situation. you know he did the
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process whereby he has received you know a popular mandate as a result of the elections as well as the green light from the supreme leader and so on in order to negotiate on the nuclear standoff and you know he said that lot of issues are on the table he is willing to negotiate without precondition and so on so i think that you know there's a sense of optimism and in among the reigning in leadership that. unique opportunity right now in order to cause a breakthrough in the nuclear deadlock. a russian court to decide the fate of a green peace activists accused of piracy they were arrested after trying to scale an oil platform in protest against drilling in russia's waters let's get the details now from marty's going to church account who's following the hearing for us live a gun what kind of sanction could these greenpeace activists actually be facing kerry
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today we'll see if the prosecutors will actually formally press charges and if yes the judge will decide what will be the form of detention of these activists before a trial takes place russia's federal security service said russian border guards detained the greenpeace activists for quote an attempt to an attempt of seizure of the. oil platform in the arctic greenpeace activists say it was a peaceful act of protest against oil production in the arctic russian authorities say the greenpeace international ship had ignored many warnings to stay away from the platform and that the decision was made to detain the activists when they started climbing the oil platforms using ropes and grapples president putin was asked about the case just yesterday as he took part in the arctic conference and he said for russian border guards it was an attempt to seize the platform technically it was an attempt to seize the platform and they couldn't be absolutely sure that
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he was not someone else under the disguise of greenpeace and he said it was their duty to detain them but the russian president also said that it's now obvious that the ship's thirty crew members are not pirates so maybe with this. the arctic sunrise walk free although we have heard indications from the russian federal security service that they they do think that the crew of the ship has. broken the law because because they have by entering the northern sea route without a permit issued and probably possibly that they knew the actors knew that they were ignoring the bands and the warnings that they they were they would be detained when they were climbing the platform but maybe that was the kind of attention to the activists need it needed because. because it drew more attention to their cause and
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especially ahead of the of the arctic conference that took it took place yesterday chaos is going to church account thanks for that update from. the courts in a russian ports he has a greenpeace case you can go for the transmission mile to his video agency at roughly the t.v. and of course we'll keep you updated on that. well plenty more ahead for you including sultry is preparing to amaze guests at the upcoming olympics reporter from the black sea resort that's promising some cutting edge venues when it hosts the winter games in february. this immediately though shall we leave the media. was she who she truly for your party is it. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you
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deserve answers from. politic you. are today. technology is the name and aviation is the game which is late he still takes a piece of the much noble colors so this brings innovations and don't look around the green knight shaped blocks of this country. year on a. welcome
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back now a russian soyuz spacecraft with three new crew members on board has successfully docked with the international space station two russian cosmonauts one of the american astronauts also happen historic mission to complete and they take the olympic torch on a space walk for scott sort of off. on board are two russian cosmonauts by the way is all a cultural he's the commander and surrogate resigns along with american astronauts michael hopkins now culture has been to space before in two thousand and seven and two thousand and nine before reasons can hawkins this is their very first time but this is a mission with a different set of redundancy and sorts of i could become the first people in history to carry the olympic torch into open spaces all part of the olympic relay that's going to see the torch travel around russia head of the winter olympics in sochi in february now of course the torch will be alight when it's taken on
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a space walk for the very same torch will then be used during the opening ceremony of those winter games in sochi on february the seventh but we are seconds away our expedition thirty seven is about to head towards the international space station and. the problem of the return to the community in the wake of the lightning. a truly remarkable story on the rise i mean with the time in history but among
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white rock is going to take what is mine is the director of the quecreek do we're going international calls by station meaning the team has just pulled over to the crew will dock with the r.s.s. beginning that six and a half months day on board the international space station which is entering its fifteenth year now and with the successful launch of expedition thirty seven it seems that the good work of the r.s.s. is set to continue for some time yet. great stuff well ahead on line for all the latest from our wet scene in clearing walking thank the co-founder of the movie download site benny jail sentence of the sweden denmark still wants him to answer allegations in at least farms. and also selling footage of the washington navy yard shooter stalking the d.c. base during the massacre those stories just a click away on r.t. dot com. some russian model claimed she robbed
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a bank out of boredom and you can see the whole video on a billion hits you cheap. in its search for cheaper gas ukraine has picked itself a new partner country is now considering a joint deal with american energy giants to exploit its shale gas reserves. reports there are doubts the former soviet republic will really benefit from the deal so then no celestial see crazy that some way to introduce oneself not only did the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine congratulate ukrainians on their independence day in their language but he also made his embassy employees sing a traditional song. to bring more sweet music to ukrainian ears mr piatt said the country's european integration will be his priority as will ensuring an easy passage for american oil
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and gas giants into its market exxon mobil and chevron the two companies interested in cooperation with ukraine they will bring american technologies know how and money into ukraine it will be good for the country and will help it become energy independent. mr pious certainly knew what strings to pool as the energy issue has been one of the most intensely debated in ukraine which has long been unhappy with the prices of the gas advice from russia ukraine has been fighting for its energy independence since the nine hundred ninety s. and when the first stock of the country using its shale gas reserves came up may breathe a sigh of relief but as the time passes by this optimism seems to be waning while ukraine's energy minister was visibly happy with the shale gas initiatives once it's operational we will strive to fully meet our domestic energy needs and even become an exporter some raised a sensible question would the country actually win by letting foreign companies handle their resources enormously administration of ukraine's western ivanna from
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course krege and said no to chevron's shale gas operations on their soil leaving the company would simply rob them. under current conditions our region will not receive anything from these gas extraction this display of unease matters little though as energy experts expect gas corporations to be a lot to let parliament issue such permissions instead of regional authorities and while ukraine's west is being defiant the east of the country has already given up recently key a finalist a ten billion dollar deal with shell for the exploration and extraction of shale gas a former press officer for ukraine state gas company enough the gas says the issue has been turned into a major political power play here but it's still unclear how much gas is there and whether it will be possible to extract it yet everyone makes such a big deal of it it's like cooking a hammer which hasn't been caught not even knowing if that has actually exists even the most optimistic forecast suggest that ukraine would not start extracting its
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shale gas until the year twenty twenty that's if there is any gas at all but until then a question remains pretty much open with this lead to the country's much desired energy independence or simply do a change in who they're dependent on. ski r.t. reporting from kiev ukraine well straight to our tease world update now starting with sudan the violent clashes are lifting the fuel subsidies left at least twenty one people dead and eighty wounded in the capital khartoum violence erupted when police resorted to force tempted to disperse running crowds protest as it also gathered in the streets and anger over recent austerity measures to dance economy has been struggling since all producing south sudan independence in twenty eleven. number of dead from a seven point seven magnitude earthquake in southwest pakistan is now past three
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hundred forty the quake struck in a remote mountainous area causing hundreds of houses to collapse thousands were forced to spend the night in the open air tremors were even felt hundreds of kilometers to the east in the indian capital new delhi. the countdown clock is ticking for the winter olympic games in sochi with one hundred thirty three days to go preparations are in full swing as a black sea resort transforms itself into a winter wonderland so why not say i went to find out what awaits the guests in february. it's less than six months to go before kickoff starts off for the twenty second winter olympics as well as the paralympics that will be hosted by a source in russia of course we're giving you a taste of what are those winter games will look like and even feel like it's a little bit chilly here in sochi today but no worries we got something to warm you up with as we show you a little bit of what these olympic venues are going to hold for you once you here
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was standing right now at one of the was supposed to be the longest bops late in the world we're talking about three slopes that are put together in order to give you the fastest and the longest railing for those bobsleigh as it's also called psyche which also means sledge in russia some of the venues are completed and the rest are way to the finishing touches the state of the other components can be seen in both the architecture and the technology used to make these games the best yet and it's easy to see how this russian resort city can be turned into the outline of the far east of course the cable cars are also working making sure they transferred from the bottom of the mountain cluster to the top of the hills where all the sporting events are all of them including things like snowboarding it included things like skiing we'll be going up here now my is like getting a little bit clustered because we're getting as high as possible it's supposed to
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be almost a lot minus two degrees today even though it's still the end of september who'd have thought that once we get to one of the mountain clusters here at sochi this is what we would find a winter wonderland obviously mother nature telling us that the clock is ticking and she's ready for all those that spectators as well as those sports men and women both paralympics as well as the olympics ready here to take part in those games. where we have it all up next on a board. the president of iceland in an exclusive interview well it's a puzzle and if humans. i mean anyone who lives in the united states knows
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a few people or just dismal geography a certain small percentage of the country just can't get it that canada is above us but how important is knowing geography anyways well one author on the washington post blogs recently wrote that no one geography really doesn't matter that much he was writing in response to the game of where's damascus which challenges people to find serious capital on a blank map he said that whether americans can find here on a map doesn't affect the wisdom of a punitive strike meant to uphold international norms against the use of chemical weapons and often disasters draw our attention to places we'd never heard of before like pearl harbor or columbine or syria but let's look at this way i don't exactly know where persons kidneys are or how exactly they work so by all normal logic that means i'm not qualified to have an opinion about whether we should remove john doe's kidneys my opinion doesn't count because i am kidney ignorant so if you know so little about syria that you can't even find it on a map then you are more likely to believe from a guy in a suit on t.v. that there must be an intervention to save the people there you have no idea who they are or why they are suffering or how to save them but gosh darn it that
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intervention sounds nice knowing at least where a country is on the map is the first step in building and informed opinion but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to worlds of part of going against the tide and defining the so-called washington consensus is never easy especially if your country's entire financial system and international reputation are they and yet this is precisely
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what allowed iceland the first country to be hit by the global financial crisis also become one of the first to emerge from the dire straits one of the process and cons of having your own way both in big local economy and in global politics well to discuss that i'm now and joined by none other than the president of iceland all of program since mr president it's it's a no no for me it's here have you in the studio thank you very much for that now as i just said iceland was the first country to be here the extremely hard by the global financial crisis and five years on who do you thing was to blame for that it was a big bankers was it the individual governments or perhaps their whole system of runaway capitalism. so much that we were all to blame for it the exposure to those of us who had been involved for a long and political of the business side all for recovery and even the
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prevailing spirit of the time as you know were the theory came out to all of america britain. and the seventy's and the eighty's the more you have to regulate to the more freedom you gave to the financial markets the more you privatized everybody would be prosperous everybody will be on this was an ideology which was presented to us economic science and then of course we evolved out when the banks collapsed this formula was poisonous most ensures and they was very costly experience a very challenging experience but in the yes since we have launched some very hard lessons which will be with us for a long time and if i can pick up on this point i know that in many of your speeches use chast that you believe that that crisis presented to me.


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