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tv   Headline News  RT  September 26, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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according russia's northwest remands a were to suppose in a green peace protest in custody for two months after the group's road has last week against oil drilling in the arctic plus. brief police tear gas an angry mob trying to storm the offices of the far right golden dawn party as the ideological rift in the debt ridden country deepens. and resolution inside over syria as russian and u.s. diplomats put the finishing touches to a un security council draft to oversee the chemical disarmament.
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this is r.t. live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program. a court in the russia sports city of moore manske has a remanded for to spence in the last weeks arctic green peace protests they are to stay in jail until the end of november for scaling an oil platform against drilling in russia's waters for the details of how cross lifestyle correspondent english help so do tell us how russian authorities are explaining their moves well the decision to walk keep the greenpeace activists in jail for the next two months after their arrest stems from the fact that the investigation is still ongoing and the russian officials are saying the those who are under investigation could leave the country while the investigation is still taking place there were about thirty people out there with thirty people on board from more than a dozen of various countries obviously some of them were russian others weren't so the authorities are saying that doesn't mean that all of those who are now in custody will stay in jail for the entire duration of two months that of course
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depends on the course of the investigation now why did the russian authorities arrest him in the first place all there is saying is because the activists onboard the arctic star the greenpeace vessel have occurred numerous warnings which were issued to them from russian authorities including a warning not to enter the northern the sea routes and also not to scale the oil rig in the right in the northern beatrice sea using gravels and hooks and that is precisely what to the greenpeace activists have done is sensually forcing the border guard for troll to apprehend them and her and the rest everybody who was on board the arctic because star including the captain as well as the cooks investigation is still the ongoing but we are looking at the greenpeace activists are receiving quite have to preliminary detention centers as well greenpeace of course calling the court's actions illegal but what were they expecting well it's hard to say what exactly they were expecting definitely
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a lot of public attention that seems to be precisely what they have gotten obviously if you look at. even if you look at things like twitter or facebook and seems to be that everybody's talking about them but again they have received those numerous warnings and they were protesting the as actually any drilling taking place and ignore in the northern seas particularly in the arctic and it's it's interesting to point out the fact that they have done it on the eve of the arctic conference which took place. place just earlier this week and of course. the members of the arctic conference the participants did nor it did not ignore the fact that they don't ignore the situation with the arctic star and the greenpeace activists in fact one of the participants russian president was it was and has spoken out about this case and he said that to greenpeace has clearly violated international law by scaling the oil rig but he has said that there are ignored of course essentially pirates and that is exactly piracy did their essentially be
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charged with iran thanks very much for bringing us the very latest developments on this or english go there and of course we'll be keeping our viewers up to speed with what's happening there soon as we get more on the case. well a mass anti-fascist rally has turned violent in athens after a furious protesters tried to storm the hat quarters of the far right golden dawn party the anger was sparked by the murder of a left wing rapper last week by a sympathizer of the neo nazi party reports say there has been at least three hundred similar fascist attacks since twenty eleven and the number is rising greek police are now requesting permission to check the phone records of two senior golden dawn members following months of speculation within parliament on whether the party should be banned lucy confident of has been following the tension. fury on the streets of athens clashes erupted following
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a protest against the murder of pablo's physis the anti-fascist rapper was stabbed to death last week by an alleged supporter of the far right golden dawn party allegations the group firmly denies. or kill a p.c. as a young man was known may not have been the first to die at the hands of greek neo nazi groups but he was the first non migrant golden dawn has also been said to be targeting anarchists and communists renewing political tensions between the extreme left right and the greek government they have acquired a fear of big races they have collaborated with the nazis maybe. they have blood on their hands this is why we say go with this government with the golden dome the group is trying to keep a low profile in the wake of the killing and wouldn't speak to us on camera this man however was keen to talk about this says he is one of the group's oldest members and he blames journalists for giving golden dawn
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a bad rep is the only party that has spent poor people and desperate greeks who are suffering the crisis we're not extremists and we aren't against anyone yet georges also wanted to make sure i noticed people in the neighborhood he claimed this man was an egyptian immigrant who lived on handouts at the expense of greeks like himself as for the nazi symbolism the fascist salutes that the group has been known for all a misunderstanding he says it's once wrong with this there's nothing wrong with a salute just a way of saying hello i did myself it's a greeting that still terrifies this greek resident he believes that golden dawn was to blame for his recent assault but he also points to another factor behind the growing divisions and the violence. i didn't used to be afraid but agrees has changed everyone is suffering financially and some are looking to blame others immigrants and. target despite the public shows of anger against it golden dawn is
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greece's third largest party and at least until now its fastest growing political force it gained ground against the backdrop of unrest linked to the economic crisis and a country burdened by debt soaring unemployment and deep cuts to social spending. it's the vein that it's when your life changes totally like ours has in the past few years and when you lose your job and can't provide for your family you grab whatever helping hand you can get and golden dawn has helped as we'll fight to the end. spiros a shop owner who's had to shut down one of his stores because of the recession blames the influx of immigrants for straining scarce resources and he says golden dawn keeps order in his neighborhood when the government fails. we don't want to use violence but when golden dawn kicks out immigrants who are squatting illegally . doing and forces peace and order of course will support them as the government does nothing. the financial crisis has done more than simply cripple greece's
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economy it's changing society too when asked to describe how local say that the writing is on the wall in this neighborhood it literally is in the red it says out what foreigners signed golden dawn in the black fashion for the markets logo it's evidence of a growing ideological divide and with the greek economy still in trouble that divide is unlikely to heal anytime soon you see count r t. a we don't discuss the situation further a was ga ga plus was a researcher and author of the greek crisis in the media george thank you so much for joining us to discuss the situation there well we know that golden dawn's ratings have fallen slightly since last week's a murder but in general there's been a constant growth in their popularity so do tell us where their support comes from . what is the situation there right now in greece is a bit dangerous author of the killing go for last week there is much tension in the
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streets there are other see this of. greece there are people who are demonstrating against the system and there is the government itself which is trying to mitigate the impact of the golden door nevertheless we cannot very well on the stupid future development because even golden dawn that the members right now are prepared to react and there is also the most will be organized their day so we'll have to wait and see nevertheless the government has said since right now the size of two to mitigate the impact and also the police want to check some of the phone records of the lawmakers of the golden dawn but how will that go down with their supporters. whether the main reason why so many people vote for golden dawn is that they want to react against austerity measures and that they want to react against status quo. responsible for the current crisis so i don't
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believe that the. doctors. or something like that it is mainly. maybe. the same time the golden dawn is very well organized and it is trying to persuade young people to join the cause and this is very dangerous for the greek society. and do you see the government's efforts will be successful and effective. when the greek government is trying. to concede there may be some groups cooperating with golden dawn criminal organizations because according to the constitution is very difficult to get this out of the law so mainly the objective of the government is to solve the greek public opinion that some members of the golden dawn have already used criminal activities in order to solve them that it's not the best solution for for them to
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support this party and mainly that silence is to reduce the support for this party i said of the european parliament elections which will take place next may along with them when the election in greece. and the leader of golden dawn is threatening to call to open the gates of hell and of color over the ongoing investigation into the alleged race's attacks how viable is this threat in your opinion. whether the golden dawn for their part is trying to persuade the public opinion that. the killing of last week is not related to. members and they are trying to do it to perswade that this is mainly a propaganda of systemic media and. nevertheless the latest or last of the killing suggests that it's percent slower now it's approximately eight percent in comparison to twelve or thirteen percent. so we have a tendency sowing that some people do not trust this party any longer nevertheless
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we should wake up in a bit more because the killing only happened last week so the mood will be mainly reflected in the next weeks on even months are ga ga researcher and author of the bill green crisis in the media thank you so much for your views. while you keep across what's happening in greece by getting the latest news and analysis on our website which is our team dot com. now summer's barely over but southern russia is already excited about the winter with such a sort of was snow for the olympics i had our team reports from the bright wide of the slopes. there's a media leave though so we need to be. part of the scene motions your. play your
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party there's a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. to the future. technologies the name in aviation is the game late he still wants to take the leap to the much noble postals brings innovations you find condone the ground up. she update.
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welcome back this is our t. was now checking on sochi which is taking shape for the twenty fourteen winter olympics still somewhere to go but it's now safe to say something special waits the world sports fans in just over four months cross live to our correspondent artist wrong let's say who's there for us and she can bring us the spirit of this city so to about what's happening where you are now what's the atmosphere any olympic spirit area. well i can tell you this that this definitely turned on what she is ready to get the support of the international olympic committee had gathered before the final visit before that every step not i just want to tell all what is what. i don't see chad
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at least that is what that john what he did that that this has been a dad who was coming out of college never seen such operations in such a short period of time everybody that yes you know but it's certainly been quite a short period of time considering the fact that many of the modernization of what she and many of the plus the places that we've seen yet have just newly been built he's also said there's no time to wait now why not this is the finishing the finishing touches the final leg of the ways that everyone needs to get going and i can tell you the t.v. i was beat that the try to step on top of it every second counts every one is pushing to get the final touches in the fact that we have the seven people on the whole so what's more important is that you also mention the fact that russia and the russian flossy committee need to take more light in what they've done because it really is magnificent if no one looking to date and i'll find my own all out
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here in the east well the definite feat that. definitely make sure that it's looking like that it is tough for one of my patients to the technology to be environmental technology that they use around the city of course you can't talk about ocean without touching a little bit on the elephant in the room that wasn't was that fun to racial all that many saw as controversial say that banning propaganda to minus the l g b t propaganda law now on that to the i.o.c. stated that because it does not violate any of the i.o.c. charter that for them it's a go ahead and they did not want to meddle with the politics or the laws of the host country particularly if they don't of violate any of the charge of moving on to others who've given their compliments just so she as well as everybody else you know working for the deputy prime minister dmitri because they said himself that
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you know the point that he takes out of school she like not is the fact that everything that's been built from the new plaza location that's been built is a magnificent it's environment friendly it has created jobs and it will leave a legacy where people will be able to come in using the newly built transportation links people be able to get a commendation if you have filled it out of the peace head as you want to have this new university just mentioned that i was watching making this truly a small percentage as well as a winter resort now early on i did catch up with mr keep himself to find out that what he had in the business of love and then being set up on the most moving around what has been the one flesh a little bit and i was so caught up with the one of the russian the committee members the head of the committee head of the come to russia to me to china shankar
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to us but to me a little bit about the snare that i wanted to witness was. up there in the mountains and the wanted to be had the body that they can live. with it will be frozen to this it's will be a mild temperature it's a balance between the warmer condition and the coastal or for indoor venues and also we hope that there will be a lot of snow during the winter in the mountains and by the way in case of the initial the show this no we've prepared the snow from the previous season in this special reservoir so way secure that anyway the games will bid the highest possible level. if you don't the time has been that it's ready set and go camping but she gets a thumbs up from the people at all that's waiting to get all the both men and women both of course at the other then pick the paralympics for those winds up to twenty four feet out to influence a. bright happy thanks very much and even bring is this update and of course we
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could feel the spirit of saudi that he brought us here and the atmosphere thank you so much for this strong would say reporting from saw. the stories now well western diplomats at the united nations say they're on the verge of agreements with russia on a security council resolution towards the camera called disarmament of syria but key details of the draft still need to be worked out including a reference to holding damascus to account if the syrian government fails to keep its part of the deal now as cross live to our correspondent moreno portnoy has got all the very latest so we know when it is a final agreement on syria expected at the security council. well it's expected in the coming days as you mentioned there are some sticking points but we should note that members of the united nations security council are inching closer to reaching consensus on a binding resolution on syria this comes after years of difference of opinions of
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we shall we say within the international community specifically the security council but some of the specific language is still being debated among the permanent members of the security council specifically how and if to punish the syrian government if it fails to comply with its obligations of handing over its chemical weapons arsenal to the international community now according to reports the current draft resolution does include a reference to chapter seven if damascus does not comply chapter seven allows for there to be military intervention. but to impose sanctions or authorizing military intervention would require yet another security council resolution that would be something of a clause that's put in this one that's. right now now in an interview with the washington post russian foreign minister sergei lavrov emphasized that russia stands fully committed to implementing the geneva framework of us september
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fourteenth that was the bilateral deal that moscow and washington agreed upon moving forward with the destruction of syrian chemical weapons stockpiles under the chemical weapons organization's supervision now the russian foreign minister however however did remind all those that are speaking about this resolution that the geneva agreement did not suggest adopting any u.n. resolution that mentions immediate u.n. chapter seven measures against syria or rather the potential use of military force so clearly there are some sticking points but a lot of progress is being made among the p five members of the security council once they reach absolute consensus a vote could happen within a few days or i will read it also now the top iranian officials are in new york pushing for dialogue so what can you tell us about down as a race through inside it all. well iran's apparent willingness to resolve
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international concerns about its nuclear program will be put to the test in the coming hours of foreign ministers from the five permanent members of the security council along with germany will meet with iran's top diplomat zarif on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly debate now this meeting is aimed at paving the way for the first round of substantial substantial and negotiations on the nuclear issue it will also mark the highest level direct contact between the united states in iran and iran in six years secretary of state john kerry will come face to face with his iranian counterpart now the leaders of the united states and iran have not met or come face to face since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine so there's still some ways to go with that but the iranian president hassan rouhani who's been in new york all week has said that he hopes that there could be a deal reached on iran's nuclear program in a matter of months if it was up to him ideally he would like
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a deal reached within three months in an interview with the washington post the iranian leader says he wants to move forward with negotiations very quickly and find a resolution on the nuclear issue right away president rouhani reiterated during his speech to the international community that iran is not would never build a nuclear weapon or have weapons of mass destruction he said that his country is ready to offer unprecedented transparency of its nuclear facilities and may allow the international atomic energy agency to assess their possible military dimensions of the program for iran in order to prove that its you go program is only being used for peaceful purposes is not being aimed at building a bomb scuse me now of course iran is coming to the table right now and wanting these negotiations because in return it wants the crippling international sanctions that's been piled upon the country over the past years to be lifted the running low . said that iranian citizens are suffering from these international sanctions that
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have been spearheaded by a by the west and if there could be a negotiation hammered out then hopefully it would benefit also the iranian citizens so we will have many updates throughout the day and of course bring them to our viewers as soon as we have more information on this a big meeting taking place absolutely marina's thank you so much for bringing us this report very important to the reporting from new york. now ukraine is eyeing a joint deal with american energy giants in attempts to obtain cheaper gas and panasonic russia by the supposed benefits from the proposal are leaving some in doubt analysts here chefs reports so. crazy that some way to introduce oneself not only did the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine congratulate ukrainians on their independence day in their language but he also made his embassy employees sing a traditional song. to
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bring more sweet music to ukrainian ears mr piet said the country's european integration will be his priority as will ensuring an easy passage for american oil and gas giants into its markets exxon mobil and chevron the two companies interested in cooperation with ukraine they will bring american technologies know how money into ukraine it will be good for the country and will help it become energy independent. mr piet certainly knew what strings to pull as the energy issue has been one of the most intensely debated in ukraine which has long been unhappy with the prices of the gas advice from russia ukraine has been fighting for its energy independence since the nine hundred ninety s. and when the first stock of the country using its shale gas reserves came up many breathed a sigh of relief but as the time passes by this optimism seems to be waning while ukraine's energy minister was visibly happy with the shale gas initiatives once
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it's operational will strive to fully meet our domestic energy needs and even become an exporter some raised to sensible question with the country actually win by letting foreign companies handle their resources enormously administration of ukraine's western ivanna from course krege and said no to chevron's shale gas operations on their soil leaving the company would simply rob them. under current conditions our region will not receive anything from these gas extraction this display of unease matters little though as energy experts expect gas corporations to be a lot to let parliament issue such permissions instead of regional authorities and while ukraine's west is being defiant the east of the country has already given up recently key a finalist a ten billion dollar deal with shell for the exploration and extraction of shale gas a former press officer for ukraine state gas company enough the gas says the issue has been turned into a major political power play here but it's still unclear how much gas is there and
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whether it'll be possible to extract it yet everyone makes such a big deal of it it's like looking ahead which hasn't been caught not even knowing if that had actually exists even the most optimistic forecast suggest that ukraine would not start extracting its shale gas until the year twenty twenty that's if there is any gas at all but until then a question remains pretty much open with this lead to the country's much desired energy independence or simply do a change in who they're dependent on. and let's see reporting from kiev ukraine and time now for banking's bad boys to run for cover kaiser report is up next.
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i bet anyone who lives in the united states knows a few people who are just dismal geography a certain small percentage of the country just can't get it that canada is above us but how important is knowing geography anyways what one author on the washington post blogs recently wrote that no one geography really doesn't matter that much he was writing in response to the game where is damascus which challenges people to find serious capital on a blank map he said that whether americans can find syrian a map doesn't affect the wisdom of a punitive strike meant to uphold international norms against the use of chemical weapons and often disasters draw our attention to places we've never heard of before like pearl harbor or columbine or syria but let's look at this way i don't exactly know where persons kidneys are or how exactly they work so by all normal logic that means i'm not qualified to have an opinion about whether we should remove john doe's kidneys my opinion doesn't count because i am kidney ignorant so if you know so little about syria that you can't even find it on a map then you are more likely to believe from a guy in a suit on t.v. that there must be an intervention to save the people there you have no idea who
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they are or why they are suffering or how to save them but gosh darn it that intervention sounds nice knowing at least where a country is on the map is the first step in building in informed opinion but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser a man in the u.k. has been tasered by police after he allegedly burst into a barclays bank branch with a.


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