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disease. the new alarm unlike the policies i dislike you don't. like to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. of the day. look. what's up guys i'm out in martin and this is breaking the set so it looks like i might have spoken a little bit too soon about the holy bishop so here's a few days ago i gave a big shout out to the new pope for having
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a fresh outlook on homosexuality in the role of women in the church the way to know it it was then revealed that pope francis has signed off on the excommunication of father grade reynolds from australia why because according to father reynolds he was founding a group called inclusive catholics that supported women's ordination and gay marriage so there's a major may a quota sorry guys should know better than to praise the highest echelons of religious power in the world and if you think the pope should practice what he preaches to join me and let's break that. the book really. gives a. very hard to take a. look at the long. have you ever had sex with her right there.
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this week marks the sixty eighth general somebody of the united nations in new york city it's an annual event where leaders from all over the world gather together to discuss diplomacy and global cooperation usually this meeting consists of nothing more than a lot of hot air and a lot of empty promises from heads of state this year however the climate is a little bit more strained see in the wake of the n.s.a. leaks obama has made some moves that have humiliated latin america and now this region of the world and started to band together to stand up against and power from blanket spying on brazil to the forced grounding of bolivia's presidential plane
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tensions are coming to a head for me now to discuss the details artie's on the ground still one of the biggest headlines that come out of the u.n. g.a. is brazilian president rousseff rypien and the u.s. can you talk about the main gist of her argument. abby you know the main point was the whole n.s.a. scandal it's definitely seen as something completely unacceptable and that was definitely reflected in the speech it was said to be a violation of human rights and certainly privacy and have said that. she believes that it's time for for the u.s. to apologize and to promise this will never happen again and we do know that as a result of the n.s.a. spying scandal. you know there's been plenty of outrage certainly coming out of latin america but this particular speech it was one of the first one made at the opening of the united nations general assembly as leaders gathered so it kind of gave us a certain feeling of tension right away when it comes to this whole spying that is seems to have kind of we stopped hearing about it definitely from washington but
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it's something that leaders are concerned with. certainly the brazilian president was here to say enough is enough we want our privacy and we certainly brazil is going to do what they can to to try to ensure that this never happens again this kind of spying of communications and certainly of the private communications of a president and she is actually taking measures right now i read that brazil is actually trying to build its own and internet infrastructure how do you think that this scandal will fecht future u.s. brazilian relations because this is a very big important country considered part of the brics nations that it could have a lot of leverage in the world. right i mean brazil is certainly and the u.s. are two of the biggest economies in the americas and the fact that this spying scandal has been this causing this much outrage for brazil is certainly not going to make things better they do have plenty of trade and economic and political ties of course and this is something that's overshadowing any prospect of developing and
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considering brazil one official apology to come out of washington which we certainly have not heard said expressly we do know that barack obama spoke right after her at the united nations general assembly and this was something that was just kind of brushed over and what a bolivian president evo morales because he just filed a lawsuit against president obama has finally won right now for crimes against humanity what did he have to say at the u.n. g.a. . right i mean this is something that's been pretty intense this announcement announcement of trying to file a case. against barack obama referring to crimes against humanity is certainly a very loud statement so we do know that so the reasoning for this that was announced by morales is that he believes that after the missile when president airplane was denied to fly over u.s. airspace something that was seen unacceptable certainly in latin america for one he did say that it's time to file a lawsuit against barack obama he did refer to him as
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a criminal this is certainly not what was not something that was referred to in the speech but we do know that this is been kind of gathering momentum and did say that this fear mongering has to stop that these intimidation tactics that the u.s. has been tearing out have to stop and generally referred to this is unacceptable a lot of powerful moves a lot of strong symbolic rhetoric coming from a region of the world let's talk with the biggest thing that came out today the hotly contested syria resolution can you give us the latest updates on the. right abbi this is do definitely a major breakthrough we've been expecting this to take place for days we know that the u.s. and russia after agreeing that syria will hand over its chemical weapons under international control have been is sort of deadlocked because as we know of course the u.s. has consistently been pushing for the use of force if the syrian government does not comply with giving these chemical weapons to the international community for destruction the u.s. has been saying we need to keep the use of force as
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a possibility russia has been saying this is unacceptable and what we've learned today that finally they've come to an agreement that in fact the use of force will not be used in the text of the resolution that was agreed upon this text will now be passed to the security council of hopes of moving the whole syrian crisis finding a solution to it forward and all of these decisions are based on the agreements reached earlier that the international community will try to find a kind of calm political transition to the situation this was something that agree it was agreed to earlier on a but there was this tension between diplomats and finally that has been. that has been solved it seems well that's a good sign considering how obama's speech was doubling down on the concept of american exceptionalism a very aggressive kind of this naked imperialist aggression there i'm hoping it is a change in tone from previous years thank you so much for reporting on the ground . from you thanks so much. for the.
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most people are familiar with the citizens united supreme court case from two thousand and ten which allowed for unlimited campaign spending by corporations that landmark decision only exacerbated the already corrupt influence big money has on american elections but next month the intrusion of money in politics could become even more pervasive it's a supreme court case called mccutcheon vs the f.e.c. and it would remove the remaining on the taishan is on political contributions by individuals well my next guest addresses the systematic desecration of american democracy and his book dollar ocracy how the money and media election complex is destroying america i first asked him about the historical precedent for the money media complex and how it took over american politics. well to be fair america started as a model of the reality of america it would be i mean it's history was
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a less than ten percent of adults were allowed to vote so it was an ideal revolutionary idea but we didn't really fulfill it for a long time if we ever have it we're going to enormous struggle almost two hundred years before we had universal adult suffrage in the united states in the one nine hundred seventy s. and the battle all along from the beginning of the republic to the present day has been in a nutshell people with a great deal of property are scared to death of the idea of everyone voting because they know vast majority of people don't have much property at all it's always been a key tension of democracy even going back to be ancient greeks and the struggle today john and i write about in dollar ocracy it's not business interest money that interest for the last generation there were very hard to undermine the ability to democracy to be effective to make it easier for wealthy people to buy a lot of friends and now more recently to suppress the vote of poor people and people who are considered sufficiently sympathetic to the needs of the wealthy and corporations and that's what we're in today and your book describes that
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relationship between money media and elections and how it's a vis orating democratic elections the system. and it's actually benefiting by about a desperation can you break down how exactly it benefit a man. you know what we've had the last election cycle united states of ten billion dollars was spent on all our elections over ten billion dollars or six billion just on the federal elections to put this into context we spent on a per capita basis or just out of per voter basis united states eight times more on its national election than canada did on its last national election eight times more per voter we spend ten times more provider than norway norway had national elections two weeks ago we spent twenty times times more of them written when it had its national elections in two thousand and ten and get this the german election is just a few days ago we spent thirty two times more per voter on our elections now in military spending or education of the country spends thirty two times more than
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another country you'd expected have a much better system but better military much better schools we spend vastly more than any other country but we have a much worse election system we have far lower voter turnout than any of the countryside just named our voter enthusiasm and knowledge is way down and where does all this money go how come it is producing the greatest election system in the world most of the money t.v. political ads most of those ads are negative ads that are truly toxic they're sewage in fact they're illegal in most democracies you can get away with that stuff in the countries i just named for the most part and they made companies the very rich local television stations now you have between twenty and thirty even thirty five percent of all the revenues from these negative t.v. ads from television advertising for candidates it's a huge cash cow for them so they're making a killing something use horrible i have some in one hand and to stop covering politics on the other hand no journal party do any journals of all kerry campaigns
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they don't care candidate debates they don't offer free time to be candidates they're. cashing in on the corruption and degradation of our political system here but also talks about citizens united it robert how much damage did this really do because it seems like the system was broken far before that ruling citizens united which basically made it possible for corporations and billionaires to give unlimited amounts to political campaigns with a few minor stipulations which aren't enforced and virginal and won't be enforced it was understood it could be porous and citizens united did it put a bullet in the body of democracy as larry lessig said but the body was already cold it was hardly dead it simply made a bad situation worse it didn't create the problem it wasn't like in two thousand and nine everything was great and that made it bad but it did sort of it was a signal of the us supreme court was on board with the full throttle corporate takeover political system and they would do nothing to stop it they would do
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let's get back to my own. agree with robert mackenzie. what does it mean to you that money is protected of the first amendment now. well it shows a fundamental error shameful ignorance or cynicism by the courts towards democracy internecine american tradition it's been a long standing tradition in american politics to try to encourage small donors working class middle class people to pay for campaigns the small donations twenty five fifty dollars the idea was a tens of millions of americans contributed to the democratic elections but it's always understood there's a big difference between the civic virtue of giving ten twenty thirty fifty dollars or one hundred dollars to a candidate and someone secretly giving one hundred million dollars to a campaign and there's a massive difference there because the first is sort of a civic contribution you don't expect a payoff in return the second is purely purely an investment it's all of us simply
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giving a lot of money to get a political and economic payoff for a corporate interest on the road and i think in all democratic there it's understood there's a huge difference in those two things anderson as you love big money to come in and secretly byelection i mean to secretly do an american how it's possible to do it secretly you really left the democratic grid left the position in which people truly government themselves last summer jimmy carter former president carter was speaking to some germans in the carter center in atlanta in a meeting and he was recorded saying that america no longer has a functional democracy and there's another time earlier last year he said america amount is the worst election system in the world you know this is plain to see that what we have now is absolutely not working you know this is one of the polls we have you cite in the book sales a significant percentage of americans think we would get a better congress and a better senate if we selected the members during the style the drug the names i
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have. lexan nothing speaks louder. of the system that wow i really poignant words coming from a former president of the united states about the democratic system that we are in clearly it's not a democracy all as you just outlined how do you recommend that we began to restore an even playing field in the political process americans have these issues before in its history this isn't the first time we've had great crises throughout our history of no country almost fell apart immediately after its founding in one thousand eight hundred of them through the war of eighteen twelve we have the civil war with reconstruction and then in the twentieth century of the great struggle over your shoes and economic inequalities the country industrialized and what we see is that in the reconstruction era in the progressive era in the new deal of the nineteenth thirty's and then in the one nine hundred sixty s. when the upsurge of social activism each of those periods was a moment a number of fundamental reforms in society and each of those periods was accompanied by major constitutional amendments which really changed the nature of
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the system we argue that it's time for another movement to set up a handful of constitutional amendments to right the ship of american democracy and to truly get this country back on the democratic period we really think that means mehmet saying that corporations are people money is a speech we have to have one person one vote there has to be a constitutionally guaranteed right to vote the governments can't tamper with so we can get rid of all this obscene tampering with voting rights this is taking place now in southern states and in a transparent effort to reduce the delivery of blacks and poor people about. you know it seems like this is the inevitability of the system getting worse and worse you know if we live in a capitalist system how can we even consider removing or limiting this amount of money from the equation. well you know that's that's a really fundamental question and i think ultimately one of the reasons why there is a strong pressure to limit democracy is that people who have
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a lot of property don't really want us to have that discussion don't really. it opened the door to saying well maybe the economy isn't working for everyone maybe we can come up with a better economy i know for a fact that talking to young people today there is a very receptive audience is saying maybe it's time to rethink the type of economy that we have we can do better than this but having said that within the capitalist context even there in the united states is way off the democratic grid i mean there's really no defense of this is patent corruption this is crushing to such an extent that it will even drag down capital of some of those four countries i mentioned earlier that spend so much less than america canada. norway germany and britain and all four of those will have national elections to which took place in the last month the conservatives won the conservative party's won and they didn't have to spend a ton of money and they won because their ideas have more appeal and they have much higher voter turnout rates than we've ever had in the united states in the last hundred years so you know we're talking about something here that it's just
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capitalism because that's what rich people do over capitalists to corrupt the system but it's also a capitalism that's in decline it's a capitalism that's no longer growing and dynamic but it's a capitalism that's eating its own in order to survive and to capitalism the basically no longer can tolerate the freedoms and democratic privileges that americans have become accustomed to so in some respects your question is getting right out of this is a fundamental battle that was robert mcchesney professor author of dollar ocracy. how much do you know about the clitoris yes i'm talking about lady parts but i'm not only referring to understanding what the clit is as it relates to sex there's a whole world of knowledge that remains unexplored in relation to this female organ for example did you know that the cleverest contains eight thousand sensory nerve
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endings double the amount of opinion but in this is size so inundated with sex it's surprising how many people still have a skewed understanding of this female body part that's exactly what one artist is trying to change exploring the taboos and misconceptions about the clit and exposing it for what it is the symbol of freedom sovereignty and sexually quality for me now to help you and me become more clear it i'm joined by artist and founder of the clutter of supra tech sophia wallace also to have you on thank you so much for having me so sophia what is clear is. clear is c. is a me it's a movement and it's a call to the world to finally recognize female bodies and female sexuality on equal par with male bodies and what was your inspiration for starting this project . that's a really hard question because there are so many things but i would say it came
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down to sort of a paradox and the paradox is that everywhere we go around the world we see these sexualized images of women's bodies female bodies are sort of the metaphor used for talking about desire in the history of art for selling products in terms of advertising so this is sort of the contacts that we live in every day and then the paradox comes in the fact that most women are having orgasms and sexual pleasure at a very disproportionate rate to men so they're having a lot of sex. and yet they're not actually having pleasure and this is a tragedy it's inequality and it's a situation that could really easily be remedied. it is a tragedy in. two thousand and thirteen why is it that you know like you just said we're culture so inundated with sex were sold sex at every avenue it's completely insane oversaturated i would say yet you know the majority of women still don't
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have orgasms or don't even feel comfortable talking to their partner about how to get sexual pleasure why are we facing this problem in the year two thousand and thirteen i mean it's a great question and i don't have the answer but i would say that the fact of the matter is that the world is still totally ilke literate and incompetent and ignorant when it comes to the female body so the clitoris was actually only discovered in its true anatomy in one nine hundred ninety eight unfortunately even though. this discovery was made it hasn't been adopted so it might as well still be unknown as far as the female sexual anatomy is concerned female genitals we're still living in the dark ages the world is still flat so everything that is thought of as sex doesn't actually directly necessarily include the clearest so where the eight thousand nerves are are not where when we think about conventional sex and we see depictions of sex when you go to the doctor's office doesn't include what doesn't include those eight thousand nerves as a necessary part of sex and as
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a result of that. women are having a lot of shame asking for any pleasure are thinking that actually in fact there's something wrong with them when they're having sex that isn't pleasurable for them and never thinking that it's just that their partners are actually incompetent. right let's talk about your art because it's really all someone part of your art exhibit is the hundred natural laws of clutter a c what does it mean to have a natural law the clit. i use the language of the law very intentionally and specifically natural law is the language. and language that's empowered with political force for settling conflicts in a society for deciding what's right and what is an ethical and natural law supersedes government law state law religious law it's law that any living being has access to and this was really important for me to claim this is the r.t.
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because unfortunately women's bodies are particularly legislated even in this country. control over a woman's body is still highly contested. as we know lisa brown was banned from the senate floor for saying the word vagina so the female body is sort of the space where. the law is having a huge impact and sex is really that school that's used to separate women from the neutral subject and being a citizen and so i really needed to use the law and claim that authority from myself and being the clip a gator making my case for the clip incredible that we have legislators who can't say a female body part vagina without getting ridiculed and causing a storm in the media you collaborate on a very cool piece of art which is the interactive golden critters and actually at a clip rodeo featuring your art is also expanding into the streets on a clothing what effect do you think it's having to put these images in people's
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faces. i think it's quite profound and i think it's just beginning just having the word clit or clutter as being in a public space i think is pretty shocking. addresses the fact that we never see it anywhere and it's wonderful to see people wearing this text that says clip and it's just a subject there's no nudity there's nothing even necessarily sexual about it it just says this is a subject this exists in the world deal with that i mean we have this void of seeing anything in reference to the clip meanwhile we have. architectural monuments of the penis you know we have the eiffel tower we have the washington monument the world trade towers. many books educated penises the comes all of these positions that always. always necessarily address the pinas and never acknowledge the clear is so it's time that the clip become a subject and it's time that the clip be seen in
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a public space and i think that the issue of the the fact that it is a taboo gets to the heart of the issue itself. in this material and the subject into a taboo and you make it impossible to talk about it you make it in fact a crime scene it's a very effective tool in maintaining power and hierarchy i couldn't agree more especially down the street from the washington monument i think of it is you know the penis of the empire every day when i look at it and you're hitting a lot of really important points on the head which is you said earlier all these words this profanity which i can't say right now because the f.c.c. will shut me down which is the issue but just how they're all rooted in a mean woman who shaming female bodies sexual organs i mean is this just about let's just take back all of these words let's flip them on their sides and reassert their meaning and take ownership of them. absolutely and clarity is about creating a new language that doesn't put shame in anyone's body that isn't about hierarchy
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and allowing for all of us who are trying to create a new way of existing in the world that isn't about these sort of old ideas to have some language to use because unfortunately this old language that still exists has a very. particular agenda and i think many of us don't identify with it and yet we also we have to work with so clear is an attempt to offer new language to create a new space that isn't about shame that everyone can engage in you know men and women young old gay straight it's really about freedom and body sovereignty and citizen and it's a very it's a very inclusive project you're open to everyone everyone checked. clerisy products i feel while as artists founder the critters the project also have you on thank you so much. thanks so much that's all that's there for all of us here and they say they brought you guys have a great night we'll see record of. the
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mission is. pretty sure three. four charges three arrangement three. three stooges three. gold sleeves long long and video for your media project a free media dog to our t. dot com. interview. a little. little little. little
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. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crack staff like we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing or define ready to join the movement then welcome the.
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un security council agrees a deal on syria's chemical the solomons but the permanent members reaching a consensus for the first time since the start of the bloody conflict votes expected on friday. greenpeace campaigners will remain in custody for two more months that attempts to board an off shore russian oil rig is investigated that services could be charged with piracy. in. the poll suggests the majority in britain support a ban on the muslim women covering up using burkas kneecaps as a debate but you dishing to the just clothing this box back into the life.


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