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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 27, 2013 5:29am-6:01am EDT

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would such a neighbor. eleven come on to the post. with the syrians general michael. general michel aoun thank you very much for being with russia today. so a year ago when you were asked about the conflict in syria you expressed confidence that the opposition would lose you still think so. they lost all. help oh. no. they did with russia. the crisis. started by. compromising you know. between. syria. and giving go. the senate will be
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before nothing you know syria has to get something. for that so the process will continue final. settlement but you know the opposition is heavily financed by the saudis and the west the western countries aren't even hiding it that they're actually supplying arms to the syrian opposition. no real beginning and. graces. face. i see. if they go. you know it was decided. that there were. talking about extremists. isn't. that he defines to opposition
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in two different groups there are the ones who care for the syrian people who want good for their country and then there are you know the jihadist extremists who actually kill and torture people but they also call themselves opposition do you agree with that definition. i think there is no two sides syria the extremists who are. coming from everywhere. you know to do the war. you know fifty percent of them. so those was some people of syria. i'm not fighting. for the democracy they are fighting for an extremist.
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islamic regime. you know. of the people of syria you know we're just so recently syria and face being decided between world players between america russia the west and russia and china not the arab world which is also quite strange do you think there will players who really are working in the best interest of syria or it's just political gaming between the big powers. be of the rule of. the better. more they are not strong enough. to go to the result of this support. the opposition immediacy. but you don't think the west will continue to finance the opposition and supply
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were. they we continue no you also have said that israel benefits from this conflict in syria. why do you think so you know not too much ok so it wouldn't be in the interest of israel for us to fall right i don't think so. because the regime. would be please you know we could be against. restraint. seized from. these people. but just imagine just imagine that assad falls he loses his presidential seat what would that mean for the region. the victory over the
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extremist. democracy in a short time. differently and for lebanon what would it mean to everybody because. assad has recently said that whoever wants to dismantle his chemical arsenal for one billion dollars during one year he's welcome to do it do you think there will be volunteers to do it and who could be those people who will actually take care of that may be. those are proceeds of this. may be able to get. or maybe not. but i think. at least. the. chemical labs but who do you think will dismantle the chemical
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our arsenal who will actually go into syria and dismantle his chemical stockpiles some areas. well. dick nicol people specialized people. would come to drop. you know there are the auspices of the nations there are reports that assad may be transferring his skeptical stockpiles to has ball out to hide them from international community no i don't think so. but do you think as well and may have chemical weapons. releases. it's also forbidden in syria but someone used it. no. no no
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i'm not saying it's hezbollah but it's also muslim i would look. i know. i'm going to read a quote from this summer's interview we are against intervention in the absolute sense but a series of security incidents forces those who are responsible to intervene but isn't that the same logic behind what obama was proposing a local strike. no i don't think so what did you mean by what you were saying this quote absolutely against early intervention foreign intervention in syria but. practically they aren't really sending you know we. were loyal the law is made by. this
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organ. the other intervening. where you know for right now it seems like we may have found a diplomatic solution but the option to strike syria is still there no one is going to give you a guarantee that america is not going to strike it what do you think i don't the. condition. is within view is that. to do to. strike. with the american people you know he is the he is the first. decision agency and i. refuse. to do don't know exists rocks. i don't think. also. economy condition.
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of the possibility of rules to do it and there are many constraints on their many. so. they. were take a short break now and after a break we'll talk about the long term consequences the syrian conflict will have around the region and lebanon. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news
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a little turn to tip angles keep the stories. you hear. detroit altie spanish find out more visit. wealthy british style sign it's time to. market. scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports and let me put it to the no i will leave them to
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stay current a comment on your latter point of the month to say it's ok to kill a car is on the docket. thank you no more weasel words. when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you get to a punch be ready for a. critical speech and a little down to freedom to cost. blues. player. base if you need the friggin economic ups and downs in the final months they belong to the old sang night and the rest of the life until you meet a female babe if briefly i'll take a player who plays. play
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. play. play. i.
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welcome back to the show we're talking to general michel aoun about the syrian conflict and its consequences around the world in the region and particularly in
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lebanon read another quote of yours the west considers human rights a marketing slogan not a true principle according to which they behave. what did you mean by this quote i mean as they don't respect your words they make you propose was the human race. just commercial. speak. don't respect but you know many would argue that. for example is also committing horrible human rights abuses just as much as the opposition and he's equally responsible for war crimes just like the opposition i don't think what's right. directly is going. syria but. in syria defending themselves you know.
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they have to respect. the measure. remove the nexus of. of. of the school mention if they don't respect it from both sides nobody would you know them for that everybody would be. say anything but nobody would be nobody would see us only the. very. vocal. proved to protest no more i have spoken to many syrians and their opinion about president assad various president assad himself he says that he would not have been able to stay in power this long unless he had the
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support of the syrian people do you think the majority of syrians support him. the syrian people. so. it is made my. position. to. start to refuse this or position. even in the beginning who are supporting it so. i see still the majority it was the syrian people so you believe people who are opposing i said in the beginning are on his side now because they just don't want. a big part of them. but what about these syrian refugees in lebanon there are about million syrian refugees in lebanon
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what are their status now because from what i understand led when i wasn't even able to give them a camp like jordan did are they in a free flow where are they going. to be where. many of the. first you know wave. phone. where they would. put a pretty big problem. because according to the article that i represent the unemployment rate in lebanon doubled in just one year because of the syrian refugee exodus to lebanon on. up to us to drop you know for them we
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need the help of the. united nations we need that. to come back to syria. because as a. times. when our territory but syria is not going to be functional anytime soon even if the war ends it's a country that's devastated by a war so you can't go back if you're in lebanon already so it looks like this refugees will be staying in lebanon what are you going to do with them to do the old mummy safe areas in syria. rice spoke of space and syria. has said eighteen is more than liberal and they are many safe places and they can. build. up
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some. serious ones they would like to ask the. nations will be. there and not them here you don't have the. capability to complain all the people she don't let me drive zero vote no we are about six and the per square. kilometer so. we are overcrowded. what about the palestinian refugees i mean they've been in lebanon for a while now and there's just naturalized how come. because there is another decision. which people. i don't. go in. to their country.
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because all the militias promised. to. for the palestinians. or so they are with. the. nation respect and all its problems what do you think. of the arab spring phenomena what has it done for the world the arab spring more and all the best things they have. wars. for the resources of that don't. they have. the only hope there are no flights the book the war. world the more the. you know that with arab spring they're around and then you have the
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syrian crisis right next door how safe do you feel in lebanon how you know you have that and plus the syrian crisis will have side effects a lot of moral right now. what are some for. our economy. and i don't see maybe. we'll have more room for more difficulties. but i don't only mean economically like for instance hezbollah openly supporting assad regime it causes the sunni extremist anger that could actually maybe turn into a local civil war in lebanon not. make . syria. responsible love the body is only about
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all the. gulf countries. we are helping. your cause. to have gone. from come to come to libya so. the result of the consequence of the. of this in the middle east. do you agree that lebanon is in a reno for settling accounts with other different countries like saudi arabia and iran are fighting within each other on lebanese grounds they're using lebanon as an area. you know. the problem is. your. lower prigs and other bridges.
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because after the bombings lebanon suffered recently many sought that you know the country has become exposed to security point of view you don't agree. it was your offer for a moment. it will not begin again. but lebannon has always been a very secular state as secular as it can gas in the middle east but there is a growing islamist movement around the region. that affect lebanon are you not worry it's all over the region how can lebannon stay away from that phenomenon with the defeat of the extremists in syria would never happen. to become. more or less. a regime. have.
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you seem pretty. determined that the extremist opposition is going to lose in syria rate. how much does religion in general drive political decisions in lebanon too much know they are part of this is not. your allegiance but. bring your political party is based on religion. but look at for example you have has a ball out who is clearly very religious faith based and they have millions of supporters. so they you know their face and religion must have a say in political decision. and we have also our support support.
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because. we are muslims or. we decide politics we are a political party. is politically divided but really. so what we do for the country is political. and when we have to pray to the mosque lebannon holds actually deposits of oil and gas yes why aren't you tapping into those deposits now are you waiting for syria to finish. no we have to do it. is. refusing. and the government why are there which isn't. they don't say. that the.
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as a mysterious thing. the prime minister. doesn't mean a meeting necessary. to confirm you know the. poor little. give you know. or even society zero. or give a. proposal. or pick the patrol or each but it would seem like it would benefit the whole of lebanon if this reserves are used for the country you know that's is a good. we have. general michel aoun thank you very much for this interview rose for you are with.
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i want to. pick up something that is quite simply. was no way. really they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. i turned over to the u.s. for. the sole the bieber is a lot i. was saved with great over. and they wanted to turn me into a terrorist they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al. ok to tell obama that i fought with them. about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people. rave enough
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to start a fight. something's going to be done that's going to be done by me never short of money but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's not going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time or trapped. on r.g.p. . the island is so small the for me it's the center see the center of the universe. on a tiny island the size of a football field in the middle of a lake stanza ruined monastery forty years ago two lovers decided to spend their honeymoon here. they had no idea but the island would change their lives forever and that they would change the fate of the islands. in the never seen anything like this before the busy an incoming house. in the fortress of ice is grown in just one
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hour and it's only the beginning. of the inevitability of blowback in the perverse logic of terrorism ever since the us embarked on its so-called war on terror acts of terror and terrorist networks of pulling for raided the recent deadly massacre in kenya is a case in point so is washington's anti-terrorist strategy trying to cure that is worse than the disease. one of the new poll shows on market watch as the polish face. pleasure to have you with us today.
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the u.n. security council agrees a landmark deal in syria's chemical disarmament with permanent members retreat of consensus for the first time since the start of the conflict a vote as expected on friday. green peace campaigners will remain in custody for two more months while the era tam to board an offshore russian oil rig is investigated the activists could be charged with piracy. and the poll suggests the majority in britain support a ban on muslim women covering up using burkas in the cobs as the debate over traditional religious clothings sparks back into life.


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