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concert later on our chief. pride is expected to see rare unity that's the u.n. security council and its members should could vote on a syria resolution which has been elusive for over two years. a living hell to bring the beautiful game to doha human rights groups sports fans and footballers calm things are to move the world cup after revelations of horrific conditions causing daily deaths among laborers. and there is anger among russian journalists as a photographer is remanded alongside the greenpeace arctic oil rig protesters for two months. to start to come to life in moscow. welcome to the program. now there's been
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a much needed breakthrough at the u.n. security council as its permanent members agree on a draft resolution overseeing syria's chemical weapons disarmament and as russia has long been insisting it doesn't contain any threat of outside military action now we has more on the deal which seemed to be impossible from the outset. this is a major break for her when you think about how less than a month ago it looked like russia and the u.s. would never agree and obama was rallying support and getting ready to bomb damascus the resolution vote on syria's chemical weapons is expected friday and outlines a legally binding compliance but no threat of sanctions or military action and the five permanent members of the u.n. security council reached an agreement on thursday over the exact wording of binding and enforceable tax to eliminate stockpiles of according to the geneva according to the geneva agreement put forward by russia and the u.s.
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now the resolution doesn't allow for immediate chapter seven action of the u.n. charter in the case of noncompliance but it would need to be reviewed and put to a vote if that does become the case in the future here is russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov it is a go to the resolution includes an agreement that was reached in geneva stating that the security council can go back to reviewing the resolution only in the case of a breach of its proceedings by any of the sides including the opposition or in the case of chemical weapons use by any side is not happens on the council can act on those cases under chapter seven as well but only in accordance of the degree of that violation and if it is one hundred percent proof so the resolution also calls on the opposition to assist in the disarmament process this is an important point for russia that both sides be held accountable for violations of the resolution also fully of course as the geneva communique which was outlined in june and supports a transitional government which would have full executive power and not be close
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off to members of the current government because for a meeting with all syrian sides as soon as possible now the vote comes as u.n. chemical inspectors have resumed their work in syria they're investigating seven cases of the use of illegal agents and hope to deliver their findings by the end of october is breast foreign minister sergei the pro will be addressing the u.n. to. assembly on friday he will also be meeting once again with his u.s. counterpart john kerry the u.n. envoy to syria and i think they do have a lot of reason to be a little more optimistic that there could be a way out it might be a bit of a different atmosphere at meetings this friday a way out of this two and a half year deadlock over the syria crisis and media reports suggest that at least thirty people have been killed in a car bombing near damascus observers in a nearby town say the explosion to place near a mosque soon after friday prayers we spoke to anti-war campaigner eugene puryear who says that the fewer over chemical weapons in syria should take attention from
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the rest of the fighting there. it shows that we're trending towards a diplomatic solution at least on the issue of chemical weapons but the other issue that still remains outstanding is what will happen outside of the issue of chemical weapons will doubtlessly be pursued by the united states or will they continue to fund as they have the opposition an arm the opposition of silicate that happening and try to deepen the conflict over there was out in another way i think certainly is a cutie council reconvenes and this chemical weapons agreement is off track we could be in a place where we're going to happen again but i'd like to hope that that's not the syrian regime has been far more willing than does the rebel forces to engage in diplomacy on many issues if you remember it was the syrian regime that accepted the russian and american proposal for the geneva two peace talks and the rebels that rejected it so i certainly think that despite what we hear in a lot of united states media there's no reason to think that syria won't hold up there is a bargain particularly after they so enthusiastically pursued the russian proposal
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for a diplomatic solution. across neighboring lebanon a more than a quarter of the population is now made up of syrian refugees the country has already poured in billions of dollars to try and cope with this massive and flux and is appealing for help from the u.n. later today here in r.t.s. sophie shevardnadze talks to former lebanese army chief about how the long lasting conflict in syria is affecting his country. syria shattered into pieces the wall has left nothing intact little remains of the peaceful past little capital for a peaceful future. as rebels fight the government and each other the ones who suffer the people. how does it feel to share the border with such a neighbor we talked to lebanon's ex chief commander. now
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the spirit of diplomatic optimism at the u.n. also extended to rare encounter which saw the u.s. secretary of state meet his iranian counterpart for their country's highest level talks in decades their meeting centered on to iran's atomic program and sell within the framework of the seven nation negotiations speaking to the washington post or am president hassan rouhani expressed hope of more cooperation with the u.s. and that you once you reach a deal within months the shift intel was widely welcomed both sides remain cautious saying actions will speak louder than words international law professor and middle east expert iraq says iran is trying to win the hearts and minds of people worldwide. you know in a fairly comfortable position and they felt that the policy of. the previous i
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thought of mr rouhani was not helping at all from a legal standpoint your own feels that it has done everything it could if there is anything it wants to gain public opinion it knows that the need to wage a war against that it has verified it is the revolution and it has portrayed it in a position of a threat to the international community now it is trying to make a case to the international public opinion and they have changed the tone. now should barack obama go on trial for crimes against humanity that's what's the president of the levy is calling for he exclusively tells our t.v. what's behind this harsh accusations that's coming. almost daily das people crammed into filthy shacks and long workdays and toward air
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this is the dark side of bringing qatar's football world cup dream to life the gulf state is being hit with criticism for human rights violations as it turns dove into what some described as a miracle city the government brought in a raft of immigrant workers to get the capital ready for the twenty twenty two event but and investigations revealed labor is have been dying at a shocking pace because of atrocious conditions so far the authorities only response is to bring in reinforcements and promised to look into the claims rights activist full fans and players have been urging fisa to strip qatar off the world cup title the international trade union confederation has been at the forefront of a campaign to stamp out labor abuses its general secretary has been talking to our tea. party. extreme thing to say i know in the twenty first century but that's the reality work has exploited from the moment they
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are forced to pay money to recruitment agencies in the poor india philippines other asian or african nations they sign a contract they go to often the context torn up and they paid as little as four hundred dollars a month. many of them skilled workers they are forced to live in kuala nobody has been to those labor camps where you have i ten twelve sometimes more to a room would fit and certainly no c.e.o. would accept their son or daughter living in those conditions then of course they are often abused underpaid. the work is dangerous more than one worker a day will dying. and yet even if they want to leave they can't leave the country because they're basically the own their own by the employer who has to sign an exit visa or in data transfer of working right it help their passports are often held against the law it's appalling it's appalling and frankly it could be fixed we've
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offered the government solutions they have no political will to fix it well to discuss this further with us now we have dr aden mcquade director of anti-slavery international thank you so much even for joining us here on r.t. to discuss this. do give us your thoughts on this i mean why do you think the governments of the countries whose citizens are abused in qatar are standing idle and you know not doing anything and not being outspoken to help their citizens why can't they help them. i suspect the core issue here is risk. truly the government of qatar doesn't care about those who are in so it's appalling situation and that's at the core of a lot of contemporary slavery issues. just like to say i mean i don't want to see a boycott i don't want to see qatar being stripped of the world cup i would like to see the world cup being used as a mechanism to change not conflict i think what part dog simply would say is that
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the abuses which are going on in qatar are of such magnitude that they could certainly at the current point in time don't demonstrate themselves as worthy of the world cup but i would like to. think that guitar was giving us the opportunity to host such a high profile event to begin with. i think the labyrinth i mean working sophie for something which which only for itself can properly explain it but know you that the world cup imperative is upon feet and indeed upon the rest of the world to insist that this world cup is not constructed on slavery and it's relatively straightforward to change the system which facility it's forced labor and slavery we think that our is the legal system of qatar particularly in relation to migration immigration law there that needs to be fundamentally changed. workers need to have a right for free association to unionize and there needs to be
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a member minimum wage because you know it is already it's going there actually are you know a thief is already under pressure of this and what are the chances now it will move the cup elsewhere from qatar is there such a chance in your opinion. i would prefer to see rather than it being moved from qatar the heart changes i think if qatar does not chance it certainly should be taken away from it but it would be much better to see that this system of can follow which facilitates force laborite across the gulf region is broken fundamental. qatar in relation to the world cup i thought could be a major change in relation to the whole region sophie for has a chance to do something and start to be right here if they will take it in grasp it with both hands but what can the international community do to make things different in qatar to you know turn around the government's position on illegal labor and you know in fact horrible conditions that these laborers work in what can be done by the international community. i mean there's
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a great toleration in the world amongst the democracies of the world for slate of states and qatar was right to describe sharon burrows or us a slave state it's not the only one the gulf states or very frequently constructed on the basis of slavery there is their five through institutionalization of slavery right across southeast asia particularly india pakistan until those things are changed. the western communities governments which pay lip service at least human rights until they start saying this is are not acceptable ways in which constructor economies then you know that is one thing that can be done via the international community interfering into this but what about the workers themselves i mean despite the horrible working conditions they do go to qatar to work for world cup. i mean you're talking about some of the poorest most vulnerable workers in the world and those coming from the paul we've interviewed folk have said well we know
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what the choice between the frying pan and the fire they're staying in the hall or going to the gulf but we don't really know which is which we're talking about people who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families who have got the courage to leave their homes in order to search. actually some of the best people in the poll producing patients people for themselves and their families and yet it's those those really human attributes are something which render them vulnerable to this sort of exploitation so if there's freedom of association of those workers i think you could see them establishing much better working conditions for themselves all right but if qatar does not introduce thought we should walk away that was dr aidan mcquade director of anti-slavery international talked to us here on our to thank you so much sir for being with us now to more to come on our team clothing why russian journalists are fewer us over the prolonged detention all of the talk of for working at the recent greenpeace protests.
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the inevitability of blowback in the perverse logic of terrorism ever since the u.s. embarked on its so-called war on terror acts of terror and terrorist networks of political rated the recent deadly massacre in kenya is a case in point so is washington's anti-terrorist strategy that is worse than the disease. she did laboratory was able to build on the most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't sound anything mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. mission creep could you take three months for charges three. three.
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three. three. three broadcast video for your media project free video r t v dot com. welcome back this is r.t. a russian journalists are protesting against the detention of a photographer who took pictures of the greenpeace activists attempt to scale an oil rig in the arctic ocean he's being held on remand was an environmentalist most of whom will remain in custody for two more months pending an investigation guided should count as more on the story. the court in the russian city of mormons decided to twenty two people were onboard the arctic sunrise and will remain in jail for the next two months is investigation tedious and that's not a sentence that's basically the time the board gives for investigators to do their job and to set the case there will be another hearing on monday as we understand
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and the court in the city of sirte for months will decide what to do with the other eight members of the group it would be safe to assume the same decision will be made with regard to those individuals russian investigators explained that the activists will will not necessarily have to spend exactly two months in jail they could be released earlier it all depends on how fast the investigation goes the judge decided against releasing the individuals on bail citing the concern that they could leave the country before the investigation is over we know that the detained activists refused to answer investigators question seemed poking their right under the washing constitution to remain silent and not to testify against themselves on board the greenpeace ship there were thirty people citizens of eighteen different countries among them was a russian photojournalist denise singapore he was detained with everybody else on board the ship a number of fortune media outlets have blacked out all photographs on their websites this friday in protest against evolves arrest over three thousand russian
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media workers and russian journalists have signed a petition with these the photojournalists saying he was doing his job they want russian online news outlets in the dark you claim sin you call those on board the ship on their assignment to going peace activists were detained last week by the need for russian authorities warnings while trying to find the platform the world class greenpeace says they have to be peaceful protest against oil drilling in the arctic russian authorities believe whatever their intentions and the activists technically broke the law personal stories maintained the greenpeace international and ignored. looting one. not to. the restricted or the seat that it decision was made to detain the activists when they started to climb the russian oil pot for using ropes and grapples of course having carried out this protest greenpeace has drawn a lot of attention to their causes some suggest they probably knew what to expect
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given multiple warnings but the activists went on anyway possibly knowing how much public attention the action would generate an aid has generated a lot of attention especially ahead of the arctic conference this week where the leaders of the arctic nations together with experts from oil industry were discussing ways to explore the resources in new york there as well as ways to minimize the damage to the environment and the russian president was asked during the conference about the detained activists and he said all views lead they are not pirates but greenpeace has clearly violated international law by sending activists from the ship in inflatable boats to try to board the plaque for the president suggested that the activists she'd trues other forms of dialogue. of britain's got an idea that some military men believe will make wars look less lethal ministry of the fans hopes that using drones mercenaries and anything to carbs losses among soldiers will convince the public into supporting conflict read more on that online
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. and mars really could be the web planet nasa curiosity rover finds water in martian soil a cubic food which is enough for a couple bottles of liquid has details of. rock obama must go in trial for crimes against humanity says believe us president at the u.n. general assembly in new york have a morale is blamed his u.s. counterpart for his aggressive foreign policy r t spanish channel spoke to him shortly afterwards and here's what he said. i want to remind your that when obama was elected president is abusing was to end all wars
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we joined in term of his presidency the number of wars only increased in libya for instance the us organized an outrageous military intervention that was followed by the killing of a country's president and after that libya's oil wells are forming under their control the finance rebels would fight against the rulers and don't support imperialism and capitalism on top of that they run a worldwide surveillance network we need to establish a court where world powers and international human rights organizations take the rule of judges we need to file a collective lawsuit aimed at putting an end to this genocide i think of the threat exists for any country with vast natural energy resources especially will and gas. in jerusalem's old city the west bank and gaza violence broke out after friday
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prayers palestinian militants have called for an uprising after a number of jewish groups were allowed to visit the mosque under police escort the area is an important holy place for both muslims and jews. police have used tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in sudan's largest city angry at a deadly crackdown by authorities human rights groups say security forces have killed at least fifty protesters during ation y. demonstrations they say mattie died by gunshots to the head and chest the rallies began earlier this week against fuel subsidy cuts but have since widened with calls for sudan's president to step down. the french president announced this week that he'll garridge fifteen billion euros from next year's federal budget francois alonzo already facing mounting pressure from the right over france's relationship with europe as the economy shows precious little sign of an upturn at s.r.c reports
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french citizens are markedly glum about the grim outlook. and so are your promises man. the boiling over a frustrated caught on camera is the priority isn't going to do we need to eat at this point the bad news no longer come a surprise to many french popular self-styled mr normal condemned for having no power to stop economic uncertainty from becoming the new normal as a result of this possible with only eleven percent of the french thinking their economy will improve over the next twelve months running out of economic admission that home alone recently unveiled a three point five billion injection into thirty four key sectors hoping to spur a third industrial revolution. ordinary people have managed to survive the crisis because france has been a rich country for the past ten twenty thirty years and older generations have
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proportionally more money than the younger ones so in the family the transfer phenomenon is common meaning the grandparents are helping their grandchildren finances studies but we can't go on like this for much longer. and there's your skepticism it's rises reflected not just in opinion polls but increasingly in the election outcomes as well. i asked the president to hold a referendum in january two thousand and fourteen and i asked the french do they want to stay in the european union do they want to stay with this do they want european lula's to be stronger the national mood. it is right here the decisions on everything from public finances investment unemployment and the euro zone are debated and made the problem seems to be that there are more debates then decisions prompting the french foreign minister to say that this place needs a boss but france cannot afford to stall as french president francois hollande is still under great pressure from berlin and brussels to deliver on his economic
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promises in a draft text in april along socialist party attack merkel and her selfish intransigence and called for a confrontation with germany over policy reforms. if the economic situation in france dramatically worsens compared to germany it will take france in a different political course that will diverged from the german one this will create a complicated conflict inside the e.u. if that happens tensions will get worse a collision course that will rock an already unstable boat as germany itself is dealing with a growing add to your frustration over having to bailout the naturally on healthy neighbors. we seem to stick to germany only because anglo merkel never said publicly the front belongs with southern europe. not yet at least to us are still your r t paris well russia's foreign minister is expected to address the un general assembly later this hour and a we'll of course be bringing you this live when he begins speaking and in the
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meantime though cutting edge science for every life and technology update. i bet anyone who lives in the united states knows a few people or just dismal geography a certain small percentage of the country just can't get it that canada is above us but how important is knowing geography anyways well one author on the washington post blogs recently wrote that knowing geography really doesn't matter that much he was writing in response to the game where is damascus which challenges people to find serious capital on a blank map he said that whether americans can find sear on a map doesn't affect the wisdom of a punitive strike meant to uphold international norms against the use of chemical weapons and often disasters draw our attention to places we'd never heard of before
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like pearl harbor or columbine or syria but let's look at this way i don't exactly know where persons kidneys are or how exactly they work so by all normal logic that means i'm not qualified to have an opinion about whether we should remove john doe's kidneys my opinion doesn't count because i am kidney ignorance so if you know so little about syria that you can't even find it on a map then you are more likely to believe from a guy in a suit on t.v. that there must be an intervention to save the people there you have no idea who they are or why they are suffering or how to save them but gosh darn it that intervention sounds nice knowing at least where a country is on the map is the first step in building and informed opinion but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to this special edition of technology updates where we look to the skies to see the peak of russian innovation on today's show you catch a glimpse of bush's latest stealth fighter. we find out that's a cross between a battery and a combustion engine isn't just a load of. on the ground we learn about the mysterious night. but first let's take a look at some of the highlights of this month's show. the international aviation and space show is the highlights of the calendar not just for aviation enthusiasts but for anyone who enjoys a good day out show started off in one thousand nine hundred ninety three when the
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focus was mainly on entertainment since then it's evolved into an important business event given the high flyers of the aviation industry a chance to sell their wares this year marks smashed its own attendance record with over one hundred fifty thousand people braving the elements to visit the event in just one day business also proved with companies signing agreements and contracts with twenty one point two billion dollars which is significantly more than last time has wider implications than just the aviation industry. the aircraft manufacturing industry always drives innovation the throughout the world. because to be competitive in this industry you have to excel in a number of different areas that's why this industry receives so much investment some people say that for every ruble invested in new technologies for aircraft manufacturing you get a return of seven rubles.


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