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tv   Headline News  RT  September 27, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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as a. consequence on our team. coming up on r. and t. the u.n. general assembly continues with some major diplomatic developments the draft resolution has been agreed to by the permanent members of the u.n. security council but what happens next the latest on that another global issues at the u.n. up ahead and the u.s. federal government edges closer to a possible government shutdown maybe many americans wondering if a deal will be reached and if not what would be the consequences more on that coming up. and on capitol hill attempts to unmask n.s.a. surveillance continues at a senate intelligence hearing the nation's top spy were grilled over surveillance overreach americans data the sights and sounds of that hearing later in the show.
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it's friday september twenty seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm sam sachs and you're watching r.t. and we start with a is storage conversation between president obama and iranian president rouhani in just the last hour the white house confirms the two men spoke with each other over the phone about a nuclear deal this marks the first time a u.s. president and iranian leader have spoke spoken in more than thirty years the president expressed optimism that an agreement can be reached meanwhile at the united nations in new york city it's been a busy week for the general assembly but as we reach friday the diplomats labors are starting to bear fruit thursday evening we learned that the five permanent members of the u.n. security council had agreed to a draft resolution put forward by the united states and russia that compel syria to give up its chemical weapons stockpiles and official vote in the security council may come as soon as this evening. throughout these negotiations the main point of
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contention centered on chapter seven measures which allow for military and nonmilitary actions now three of the five members of the security council the u.s. france and u.k. wanted a resolution to contain chapter seven measures as punishment if syria fails to hand over its chemical weapons but the two other permanent members russia and china opposed any chapter seven measures the greed of the agreed upon draft resolution does not contain any chapter seven measures meaning that if syria doesn't comply the u.n. will have to pass a second measure to approve any military or non military options like strikes or sanctions so where do things go from here joining me now is our tease on a star who's been in new york city covering the u.n. general assembly all week and a saucy a major breakthrough on syria resolution took place yesterday we're now expecting it to be voted on shortly what led to this breakthrough what's the timeline and what happens next well sam what led to this were hours and days and weeks of
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negotiations between the members of the security council between the key negotiators in the syrian crisis and certainly as you have just wonderfully laid out yes in fact they were completely contrast in positions on what has to be done for. as a sort of possible sanction as a possible extra push for syria and as you said the western countries namely led by the u.s. were insisting that a possible clause on the use of threat should be an indication in the resolution but russia said this is out of the question and if we remember russian the u.s. did come to an agreement that syria would move its chemical weapons under international control so the text of this resolution is going to be the beginning of that process so that leader on the countries can move forward to continue with the idea of the political transition that would take place in syria with a conference to follow later in geneva where these steps. could begin to take place
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in terms of the timeline really no one knows we know the vote of the security council is expected to take place later on today in the evening but in terms of the timeline of the specific steps it's obviously a work in process and so she you spoke exclusively with the syrian foreign minister today what is serious key sentiment when it comes to carrying out what they've signed up to do in terms of this chemical weapons being put under international control well you know sam basically the syrian foreign minister yes we did speak to him earlier today and the main concern at this point from what he told us is that even though the syrian government is definitely abyss point going to stick with their responsibilities in terms of in terms of moving and moving these chemical weapons over and under international control the concern is the involvement of the rebels in being able to access certain weapons and this includes help coming from outside nations neighboring countries and namely of the support that they've been
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seeing from the west and this is something that we addressed with the syrian foreign minister later earlier today take a listen under the existing circumstances of war on the ground ongoing how much in control is the syrian government of the chemical arsenal. we can throw good can we can. both. be there goes to grow old so how can we come to a bone. to use it to show the. t.v. is not committed to its commitments. i also asked the syrian foreign minister sam what kind of an impact of threats coming from the united states had on syria's decision to hand over their chemical weapons this is the conversation we had on that take a listen. when syria does hand over its chemical weapons do you think there is still a possibility of a threat from the west that would remain with the threat from the west is that even
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about before using this is so that. the through so book to do good on the group that the notice to go to. rethink. and the company which is not. through the emetic come bush or yielding to the american where. it is on the other three why do you think it is that there is so much doubt in the west that the syrian government will comply with what has been agreed but handing over these memos and this is one of the good have been done on p.c.'s. even before. starting to secure our o.b. get this stuff to work. and the syrian foreign minister expressed a firm belief that the diplomatic solution and the political transition that's been
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discussed as viable although he did tell us that syria believes that the timeline of solving the crisis would be much shorter if there was no help to the opposition being provided from the outside russia has been instrumental in coming to this agreement the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov addressed the u.n. g.a. today what is russia's key stance of this year's gathering following this diplomatic breakthrough on syria well you know sam even though some countries kind of tend to change their positions back and forth when it comes to how to deal with certain crises russia's position has been consistent throughout the years and that has been that no solution can ever be found unless it's a peaceful and diplomatic one and this is applied to really so many crises that we've covered and basically that the united nations security council for one has been concentrating on the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov did address the assembly to say that democracy versa. tyranny of presenting events in the arab world like this is really over simplifying the situation he said that when it comes to the syrian crisis investigations by professionals must be carried out unbiased
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ones that lead to facts and not assumptions this is something of course that's been crucial when it came to the whole syrian. differences of opinion he's also said that all interventions that have ever been used the use of force in general has never really led to anything effective and have only been destructive and basically he's calling for collective leadership when it comes to international crises and not you know one or another country trying to spearhead certain outcomes reel in the iranian president has also been making headlines in new york i think he's either spoken to reporters of the year a journalist every day this week we just heard this news of a phone call between president obama and president rouhani what's the latest on the talks on to your any of enrichment program well us embassy week has been really quite effective when it comes to not just syria but definitely you run we saw and this was kind of anticipated but i don't think many analysts expected this kind of
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change of tone and in fact did conduct several press appearances and meetings throughout this week and the latest that we have is basically iran is offering to provide its option of a resolution that would eradicate the u.s. and western concerns when it comes to its uranium enrichment program they're saying that they are willing to do so as early as october when another meeting of the five permanent members of the security council plus germany plus iran takes place this is certainly a huge step forward and in general iran has said that they are willing to establish a much better relationship with the u.s. we of course this phone call that took place today is huge news because three decades the west and iranian presidents have not spoken so definitely tangible results expected and rouhani did say that he expects progress as soon as in the next several months to come that was archies on a star reporting from new york. now on to capitol hill where nerves are beginning
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to fray as the government shutdown creeps closer on thursday republican senator bob corker took to the senate floor and criticized his republican colleagues and there's ted cruz and mike lee for grandstanding in delaying the votes necessary to avert a government shutdown. i was just over at the house and talked to members of the leadership there and they would like to get the piece of legislation from the senate over there as quickly as possible so they could respond but it's my understanding again relative to this vote tonight happening tomorrow instead is that my two colleagues who respect have sent out e-mails around the world and turn this into a show possibly and therefore they want people around the world to watch maybe them and others on the senate floor and that is taking priority over getting legislation back to the house so they can take action before the country's
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government shuts down ultimately senators cruz and leave lost this battle in this afternoon the senate passed its plan to keep the government funded and unlike the house plan passed last week it keeps obamacare funded as well so now it's up to house republicans to make a choice and they have until monday night to make it they can cave on obamacare accept the senate spending bill and keep the government open although doing so would badly damaged house speaker john boehner his credibility within his party since he would be relying on mostly democratic support not republican support to pass the senate's bill or house republicans can tell the senate no stand firm and plunge the government into a shutdown unfortunately given the time constraints and vote breakdowns of this is the most likely scenario if you plan to visit a national park next week it's probably best to reconsider those plans but that it's not all because no matter what resolution there is to this government shutdown
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debate there will be a nother huge political fight with enormous economic implications just a few weeks later that's when the treasury says they will no longer be able to pay all of its bills until the debt limit is raised. and here too republicans in congress want concessions to any increase concessions like a one year delay to obamacare an automatic approval of the keystone x.l. pipeline and a rolling back of e.t.a. regulations concessions that democrats want to agree to and that president obama said today won't happen meaning we could see a repeat of two thousand and eleven debt limit fight when the u.s. credit was downgraded and markets tumbled only this time many economists fear it could be a lot worse we already know that the government shutdown in one thousand nine hundred five in one thousand nine hundred six cost the government over a billion dollars and so too did the debt limit fight in two thousand and eleven earlier i spoke with peter schiff the c.e.o.
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and chief global strategist at euro pacific capital in corporate and i first asked him why deficit hawks are threatening such costly consequences and their efforts to reduce the deficit. well member the real consequence the real cost is raising the debt limit think of how many times we've raised the debt limit over the years and think of all the additional debt that's been piled onto the u.s. economy that u.s. citizens are now responsible for repaying so that's what i'm concerned about it's the cost of the added debt and i would much rather see a non increase in the debt ceiling even if it means you know we have some temporarily temporary losses associated with some kind of partial semi government shutdown that kind of pain is much greater from the pain that we're all going to have to endure because we repeatedly raise the debt ceiling but it's estimated that just a half percent point increase in treasury rates which could stem from default could cost about seventy five billion dollars
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a year that means higher borrowing costs for homeowners car buyers your name it's so good that we need this sort of chicago boy style shock treatment but do use what do you say to the millions who could be put into financial ruin as a course because of this action interest rates are going to go way up eventually anyway in fact the more debt we pile on now the more we increase the debt ceiling today the higher interest rates are going to go tomorrow you know you have the president framing it for political reasons but he says we need to raise the debt ceiling because america always pays its bills you know we have to raise the debt ceiling because we never pay our bills we can't afford to pay our bills so instead we want to raise the debt ceiling so we can borrow war money instead of paying our bills see the threat is if we don't raise the debt ceiling then the world will realize how broke we are because if we can't borrow more money then we have to default but that day of reckoning is coming eventually anyway and the longer we put
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it off the worse is going to be so let's deal with it now doesn't this also come down to austerity though i mean the president we want to reduce you want to reduce the debt the president has and. he took office here has reduced the deficit faster than at any rate in sixty three years i mean those are the facts of it i've seen was ten point one percent of g.d.p. when he came in it's two thousand and twelve it's seven percent it's a three point one percent decline and has a decline in sixty three years yet you mean if you want to spin it that way you know you can make lemonade out of a made lemonade out of lemons yes you know if a kid was getting asked all the time about his report card and then he brought home a d. and he could say look there's a huge improvement from where i was yes the deficit is not as horrific as it used to be but wait till you see how bad it's going to get in this neck economic downturn i think that the improvement in the deficit is related to the artificial recovery that's been generated by the q e but eventually we're going back to
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recession if the fed ever begins to taper but even if they don't we're rolling over and look we just saw today the government having a ballot out now a billion and a half dollars for the f.h.a. for some of their mortgage losses these are going to add up and eventually they're going to have the need bailing out of the f.h.a. but fannie and freddie again and as the economy's turned south and as interest rates inevitably rise the temporary improvement in the budget that's it's going to turn around and we're going to be looking at annual budget deficits well north of a trillion dollars we could be looking at budget deficits on the order of one and a half to two trillion dollars a year peter you know markets pretty well it's pretty well known that when there are market downturns like there were in two thousand and eleven with the debt limit debate and even two thousand miles of market downturn there's an opportunity for investors to make a lot of money whenever that happens you know your years pretty savvy investor did you see any personal gain or any of your other friends who see personal gain in
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letting the markets tumble as a result of a development breakthrough here but they're not going to unfortunately they're going to raise the debt ceiling they do it every time this is all theater this is political theater. the politicians want to get the american public to believe that the worst thing that can happen is that the government stop borrowing and stop spending they're going to create a phony crisis and then they're going to save us from it the real crisis is the debt and the borrowing and the and the continuous raising of the debt ceiling you know why don't these politicians just put up a bill to eliminate the debt ceiling what's the purpose of having a debt ceiling if we raise it every time we get to it because nobody wants to vote to eliminate the debt ceiling because they want to pretend that they care about the debt but everybody wants to increase it because they don't want to cut any spending but if you want to look at the markets if the markets are selling off on the false crisis that we might not increase the debt ceiling clearly there's opportunities because we know they're going to increase the debt ceiling but ultimately the
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biggest crisis not it doesn't come because we fail to raise the debt ceiling but because we do raise it and we repeatedly raise it and that's why the country is broke i think because there actually is some talk about kind of getting rid of the debt limit i mean even if the president were to use the fourteenth amendment solution as speaker the house nancy pelosi has suggested he should do that would kind of by the fall get rid of the debt limit but one last question here about a month ago a baby panda was born at the national zoo we're in these critical first one hundred days the pen is life entering the name the panda yet a government shutdown will slash the zoo's operations leaving only essential personnel behind which could put the baby panda at risk peter schiff i ask you have you no heart for the baby cloned off well i can tell you is is that we don't raise the debt ceiling is solid that governor doesn't have any money they just have the money that they collect in taxes which is still over two trillion dollars a year i'm sure somewhere out of that two trillion dollars of revenue they could
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find enough money to keep this little panda alive what i'd like to see the government do is get rid of all the programs in the spending that are unnecessary and then deal with the entitlements. they can actually cut government spending the government doesn't have to shut down the cost of operating the government including those who are that panda is is tiny it is a very small part of the budget most of what the government does it takes money from some people and gives it to other people who didn't earn it and to whom it doesn't belong so if they can't keep borrowing money then the redistribution of wealth has to stop and that and those parts of government can be wind wound down but the essential government services that we all appreciate and that we all pay our taxes to get they're not going to have to be interrupted it's just the government to chooses to highlight the few things that government does that we want to try to protect all the things that government does that we don't want and that we don't need so it's all about prioritizing those payments for the baby panda
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probably ahead of food stamps and stuff bitter shift c.e.o. in chief global strategist at euro pacific capital inc thank you on thursday the nation's top spy was the director of national intelligence james clapper and the n.s.a. chief general keith alexander testified in front of the senate intelligence committee it was there that they were met by one of the harshest critics of the n.s.a.'s activities senator ron wyden who wanted to know if the n.s.a. was tracking american sue their cell phone location data center you don't send heinrich and i along with about two dozen other senators have asked in the past whether the n.s.a. has ever collected or made any plans to collect americans cell site information in both what would be your response to that though let's pause it right there you may remember earlier this year when senator wyden asked another very direct question about spying to clapper. does the n.s.a.
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collect any type of gate at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not. not wittingly of course it was later revealed by edward snowden's leaks that clapper was alive or in clapper's words providing the least untruthful answer and senator ron wyden knew that so let's go back to thursday back to yesterday here's wired in again asking a direct question and you can tell the n.s.a. has learned its lessons and here was general alexander being very careful with his words senator on july twenty fifth director clapper provided an unclassified written response to this question amongst others as well as a classified supplement with additional detail allow me to reaffirm what was stated in that unclassified response under section two fifteen and is a is not receiving cell site location data and has no current plans to do so i
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think i think we're all familiar with it that's not the question i'm asking respectfully i am asking have the and asked say ever collected or ever made any plans to collect american sulfite information that was the question that we still respectfully general have not gotten an answer to so basically what's happening here is in a public setting the n.s.a. has told senator ron wyden and the rest of us something very specific that they are not currently tracking american cell site location data under section two fifteen of the patriot act but in a classified setting the n.s.a. could have told senator wyden something else completely different a belt sells site location tracking and why did may be desperately trying to get the n.s.a. to repeat it in a public setting but alexander won't take the bait. but i don't want to do senator is put out in an unclassified form and i think that's classified here generally if
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if you're responding to my question by not answering it because you think that's a classified matter that is certainly your right we will continue to explore that because i believe this is something the american people have a right to know whether the n.s.a. has ever collected or made plans to collect cell site information now if you know the way senator wyden has been cryptically talking about the n.s.a. for years then you can reason that senator wyden is warning the american people that the n.s.a. is it is indeed collecting cell site location tracking we may we just may have to wait for edward snowden to confirm it meanwhile the n.s.a. is admitting that on twelve occasions since two thousand and three analysts improperly snooped on their girlfriends boyfriends husbands and wives this information was contained in a letter by the n.s.a. as inspector general george ellard one case documented in two thousand and five the n.s.a. office of inspector general was notified that on these subjects first they have
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access to the said enter signature intelligence collection system he queried six e-mail addresses belonging to a former girlfriend's. this sort of stuff happens so often that the n.s.a. has a name for it love ent or love intelligence and hollywood tells us that dating a spy is cool the n.s.a. the n.s.a. tells us not so much. such as governments with drones any more oil companies have them to the federal aviation administration reported this week that it approved its first commercial flight by an un manned aircraft the flight took place in the arctic above the chuck e. cheese sea on september twelfth the drone was launched from the research vessel the westward when belonging to or oil giant conoco phillips and it was used to perform surveys on marine mammals an ice sheet those surveys are mandatory before any drilling on the sea floor this flight was made possible thanks to last year's two
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thousand and twelve f.a.a. reauthorization that required the f.a.a. to open up parts of the arctic for commercial drone use and the f.a.a. notes that the conoco phillips flight is just the beginning of several similar missions down the road the flight lasted thirty six minutes. in the age of three d. printing is upon us and so too are all the prickly questions over intellectual and physical property rights but what are the implications of three d. printing when it comes to modern medicine imagine a future in which three d. printers aren't just producing auto parts or hand guns but also human organs a reality isn't so far off as labs around the country are experimenting with three d. printing technology to create body parts and internal organs of this won't start happening tomorrow there are a number of difficulties to it i mean while it might be easy to print flat structures like skin it's much much harder to print tubular or hollow organs like a bladder or
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a lawn which requires some type of artificial scaffolding stem cells extracted from the patient can be used as printing material for the three d. printer but ultimately printing full size functioning organs depends on figuring out how to also print small blood vessels which so far no lab has succeeded in doing but still there are serious developments happening in the field the department of defense just invested twenty four million dollars toward what's called a body on a chip project miniature human organs made by three d. printing they would be used to test how the human body might react to dangerous diseases or biological or chemical attacks scientists are hopeful that within ten to fifteen years we could see human tissue delivered on demand to patients making obsolete those long lists for organ donations. then finally when mars attacks we may be able to fight back with the common cold nasa takes enormous precautions to make sure that germs and bacteria from earth don't somehow end up on other planets
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and that they have a whole office devoted to this issue it's called the office of planetary protection and it requires all space missions to go to great lengths and expenses to sanitize and make their missions completely microbe free for all what if human germs wind up on mars and there wreak havoc. on the martian environment or grow into bizarro super germs that come back and flicked future settlers of the red planet but now a team of astrobiologists are telling everyone to chill out published in nature geoscience the astrobiologist argue the protocols and policies of planetary protection are unnecessarily restricting mars exploration and need to be revised they say the restrictions are making mars exploration unbuyable and it's likely all for not since no matter how much sterilization went into the mars curiosity rover there's almost no way to prevent some earth bacteria from clinging on to the vessel
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so we may have already contaminated mars anyways you're welcome mars. and that does it for now i'm sam sachs see you back here at five pm it's. a. very hard to take a. look at. that that would make her look.
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market. has come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into the report. hello and welcome to this special edition of technology updates where we look to the skies to see the peak of russian innovation on today's show we kept a glimpse of bush's latest stealth fighter. we find out it's a cross between a battery and a combustion engine isn't just a load of. on the ground we learned about the mysterious night. but first let's take a look at some of the highlights of the.


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