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tv   Headline News  RT  September 28, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the world's top chemical weapons watchdog is to send inspectors to syria in the next few days to oversee the destruction of the country's toxic arsenal that's after a u.n. security council resolution paved the way for process. claims of slavery raining down on qatar as the football community teamed up with rights activists over building its world cup dream over the dead bodies of its workers. in greece some members of parliament are arrested as the police crackdown on the leader and supporters of the extreme right golden dawn party. plus faced with a war weary public and a political class painted by scandal u.k. ministry of defense draws up plans hoping to persuade people that any future war
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would not be so bad after all. and broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is john thomas glad to have you with us now inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog are preparing to head to syria to oversee the eradication of its chemical stockpiles is comes after the unanimous u.n. security council resolution demanding the country eliminate its stock the details now from our correspondent. this breakthrough marks the first time the united nations security council has agreed on a binding document concerning syria the resolution unanimously adopted by the council requires the verification and destruction of syria's chemical weapons stockpiles however while it doesn't mention chapter seven towards the end of the
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document it does not indicate that immediate use of force would be allowed this is something that russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov explained in detail while addressing the security council dilutes in your book but the movie was that the resolution does not fall under chapter seven of the un charter and does not allow for the automatic use of force if we have berms the agreement reached that the russian american meeting in geneva regarding violations of the use of chemical weapons by anyone will have to be carefully investigated by the security council of the united nations estimates that the council will stand ready to take action under chapter seven of the un charter any incident which is considered to be a violation of the resolution would have to be proved one hundred percent years before any action is taken to the. the resolution also calls for the convening of the geneva two peace talks which u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon says could happen as soon as november geneva two is
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where the syrian government and opposition are supposed to come to the table together to negotiate a peaceful path towards their future and an ultimate end to the two and a half year civil war taking place in that country russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says that the syrian opposition as well as the government is applauds to comply with all measures in this kerry council resolution if used in the zobel knew that the responsibility for implementing this resolution lies not only with the government of syria as opposed to the demands of the u.n. security council the syrian opposition also will have to cooperate with u.n. experts. in the meantime u.s. secretary of state john kerry said the precedent setting resolution shows that powerful diplomacy can peacefully disarm the worst weapons however during his address to the security council secretary kerry reminded members that the use of force against syria is an option that u.s.
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president barack obama continues to keep on the table reporting from new york. r.t. well author and historian gerald horne says that unless the syrian opposition is a part of the disarmament deal then chemical weapons may continue to exist in the country that's the weakness of this peace process recall that just a few days ago from the so-called rebels officially with the more extremist faction basically saying that the less extreme the structure is somehow being urged in expelled the extremist factions of course in spearheaded by the old mr front close to al qaida keep in mind as well that some of the so-called chemical facilities in syria or under the jurisdiction of rebel forces if the rebel forces are not part of this process this unclear to me how it could be resolved that is to say how can chemical weapons be destroyed not the least how can these chemical weapons be found
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if the rebels are not part of the process. well you can always get more reaction and analysis on the syrian crisis on our website r.t. dot com also there for you an exclusive interview with syria's foreign minister where he explains how the civil war could end in just a matter of weeks. the capital of qatar is growing in leaps and bounds in gearing up for the twenty twenty two world cup but it's coming out of a tragic cost of dozens of lives shocking revelations show migrant workers living in you main conditions and being treated like slaves the football community and
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rights groups demanded the government take measures and take them soon what though has been gauging the reaction among some british sports fans. the choice of cast for the twenty twenty two world cup has raised more than just a few eyebrows while football fans wonder how they'll avoid alcohol restrictions if they attend the tournament and players raise concerns over the desert heat an investigation by britain's guardian newspaper has uncovered an altogether more serious control of the city for the twenty twenty two host nation according to the publication nepalese migrants working on major infrastructure projects for the world cup have been subjected to forced labor they've been denied water in extreme heat and they were trying to raise a ballistic one a day joining the summer after football fans in london the news merely adds insult to injury after a break to spread to host the twenty eighteen world cup was rejected so i've come to london's soho where football fans regularly flood the pub to find out what they
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think. forty four people died in two months you know that's a higher ratio than had almost every damn you know back in the what it was the twenty's and thirty's the job was first world war standard you know there was a lot of people dying and it sounds like there's not a great deal of governance going on if that's what's happening china was brought round the world the great campbell china have i believe the olympics. was that they could be encouraged to feel that. the same people because so many brought the going into the world. the only way to really make it global is to bring questionable countries into the fold in terms of highlighting to the world the atrocities that are going on trying to turn those around they don't think it's a good thing because you could hollow because it's opposed to chastize twenty twenty two supremes committee which is responsible for the organization of the tournament that has said it is deeply concerned by the allegations and has vowed to investigate them but the next least ambassador to canada has already said that
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abuse of migrant laborers that is so entrenched in the emirates. that it might be called an open jail so for those watching from the sidelines here in london or indeed from pubs like these it raises questions over whether or not castle should be afforded the privilege of hosting the international tournament reporting from london. nicholas mcginn from human rights watch told r t that qatar and its gulf neighbors have a long history of neglecting workers' rights the government's job to respond to the allegations and you've got occasions are very credible no everyone knows that the problem is it's not rocket science and this is not a question of money it's a question of forcing the good laws getting rid of the by laws. prosecuting offenders and the car can do that it's just a question of whether it's willing to go the extra mile and to be caught up a leader in the region where we are you know my coworkers rate is
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a real serious issue it has been for a very long thing caught on across the gulf the legal system the legal and regulatory framework there are totally fall totally short of the standards required or a series of appalling laws rate for the exploitation of workers and the laws which do exist first of all law prohibiting past work on the law prohibiting illegal recruitment of these laws are enforced in order for that mater or any of the offenders prosecuted criminally so there is a computer but employers many of them most of whom are county i'm not results in the for the horrific abuse is which have been reviewed again. and you're watching r t still to come this hour not quite a hero's welcome iran's president is pelted with eggs and stones and shoes following his return from the u.n. general assembly and of the historic phone conversation with president barack obama
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. the greek authorities are conducting a sweeping crackdown on the extreme right to go. dawn party arresting its leader and a dozen a senior officials and members it stems from the murder of a prominent anti-fascist rapper two weeks ago allegedly by a golden dawn activist the party has become the third largest in greece and is best known for terrorizing immigrants and attacking political rivals dr alexander because a mess who is a specialist in the country's politics spoke to my colleague kevin owen he believes that the more the government tries to suppress the organization the more it is likely to flourish so far as the position of the m.p.'s for whom arrest warrants have been issued is concerned by the fact that they will be on trial in under arrest they win or lose their status as members of the greek parliament or so seems to be the case if you try and close something down and you drive it underground it thrives. that is correct and i am personally
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against a full band of golden dawn precisely for the reason you outlined in your question it seems that the greek authorities are not entirely clear about what to do so far . not banning golden dawn because they want to avoid a situation whereby the movement. of the organization rather goes on the ground and becomes a more frightening force in greek politics at the same time however there arresting its members and are going for something like a defacto ban without a proper legal battle now the anti-war feelings of many in britain have forced the ministry of defense to come up with new ways to reconcile the public with military casualties the new strategy includes the use of more mercenaries drones and reducing the high profile repatriation ceremonies of service personnel killed in combat smith reports. how to sell a war to
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a british public that's not buying that's the topic of the latest study by the ministry of defense reacting to what the paper calls a wrong assumption that the british people has become risk averse in a nutshell the paper says it's not the people don't want war it's that they don't understand how it will benefit them so in an effort to explain war better the think tank makes them recommendations first make a large investment into drones suggesting that if people in foreign countries they killed at arms length the british public mind so much second use more contractors aka must raise rather than british soldiers to lessen worries about casualties. and use more special forces soldiers because apparently the last of the elite soldiers doesn't have such an impact on the public because that role is perceived as inherently more risky and full something military families are already calling
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disgraceful reduce the profile of repatriation ceremonies for sessions of hearses carrying coffins straight to the union jack when bodies are brought back from afghanistan. but a war weary british public isn't keen on having its opinion swayed and is particularly adamant about keeping repatriation the ceremonies in the public i think there should be respected for what they've done and we should be aware that it was just more just a. little. thing they can do. publish to write any move possible should be. a thing basically fish should be going to war so it's really trying to avoid war rather than try to make it sound it makes an interesting way the paper appears prescient as it was written before the british parliament voted against getting involved in syria under the immense weight of public opinion the. it seems unlikely that the public will be manipulated into
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supporting quite as easily as even the ministry of defense admits that the current war is the result of a people. after the break on our t.v. an austrian election campaign is live a. billionaire. who looks. into the country's parliament with a surge of. the flame for the sochi winter olympics is almost ready to start off on an incredible marathon which will take it as far as outer space after the break we report from the birthplace of the legendary sporting event.
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named aviation is the game he still tries to take. vacations new heights and. has come to. this country. we can we know if. you. choose. to to speak.
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welcome back you're watching our. president rouhani of iran received a mixed welcome in tehran on his return from his headline stealing attendance at the u.n. general assembly in new york rouhani supporters welcomed his return while dozens of opponents chanting anti-american slogans threw eggs and shoes at his car they oppose the president's softening the islamic republic's stance towards the u.s. and change of tone on nuclear weapons that follows the historical phone conversation between rouhani and president obama the first direct talks between u.s. and iranian leaders for three decades after the call president obama voiced hopes of progress over tehran's atomic ambitions but said it's serious obstacles remain america's top ally in the middle east israel remains skeptical of iran's less
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confrontational approach at the u.n. labeling it a smokescreen norman solomon from the institute for public accuracy says that hawks in washington are pushing at the white house to be more hardline and its policy towards tehran. the u.s. government is under great pressure from the hawks in washington many of whom want the united states to either attack or wink and nod towards israel launching an attack on iran within the next year or so the role of the us i think is now to see what's possible diplomatically and i think it's a combination you know it takes two to damp and ronnie and obama are beginning to doubt that was not possible under achmet din a job it was not possible or would not be possible under a president romney or president mccain for instance and i think that is
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a very important factor the combination it's a matter of timing. but it will be very important for. the grassroots leaders as well as the powerful in both iran and the united states to keep this on course so that the hardliners in each country don't gain the upper hand. our online team has been working around the clock to bring the best stories and all of the latest developments on our web site there just a click away for you right now including dramatic footage of a joint military exercise involving russian and butler russian forces all watched over by president putin and a look at franco you can find that in our in motion section plus. sued for science and us christian group wants the kansas education board in court for teaching children about evolution and global warming saying it violates people's religious freedoms the genesis of that story at r.t.
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dot com. amid the ancient ruins of greece's olympia the dress rehearsal for the lighting of the sochi two thousand and fourteen winter olympics torch has taken place parties and your former reports from the final preparation before the actual ceremony on sunday brunch the watching the rehearsal for sunday's ceremony here actually in the case of the lympics team in hockey eyes and he is the guy and they sang the song but i actually had to start over the next in pics and that's because. she's twenty four. and it will be eight months from stephanie's you can see here practicing what made on sunday that was my choice to shoot the first two which better he liked addition is always the greek and he will then hand that see the russian each of which bear if you only see can beat myself an accent at that you know he would suggest he has been released by the washington capitals one week and then only to carry out his
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own a natural which would then go on a seven day tool in greece before ending up in ashton's next weekend he would then be taken to moscow for the russian leg to read like. so i like this because space is cool on its journey to sochi the torch will pass through nine time zones and will go as far as the north pole and yes even outer space the flame is scheduled to head to the international space station where it will be taken out for a space walk in an unprecedented out of this world show our team will be following the ceremony and bring it to you as it takes place. now look at some other world news for you this hour in tunisia the islamist and led government plans to step down amid criticism and mass protests staged by the secular opposition the decision comes amid political deadlock and
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a nationwide unrest which was triggered by the july killing of an opposition leader the country is to be led by a provisional government until new elections can be held. in china a large police task force has freed ninety two children after breaking up a human trafficking network gang members apparently kidnapped of the children in the southwest of the country to sell them as a labor force the network is also believed to be responsible for trafficking in women to be sold as brides. angry crowds in bahrain have clashed with security forces in protest at the arrest of a prominent opposition figure former m.p. colleen. was taken into custody charged with inciting terrorism police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the thousands who tried to get to pearl square the cradle of bahrain's long running unrest the opposition is demanding human
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rights reforms and accuses the government of conducting a ferocious crackdown. security forces in sudan have opened fire on demonstrators killing another four people in protests which have been raging all week long rest is rooted in the cut in fuel subsidies approved last week by president bashir rights groups believe a total of fifty four people have been shot and killed driving anger over the police's increasingly lethal crackdown the calls are growing for bashir to end his almost quarter century in power austria is heading into parliamentary elections on sunday and most polls suggest that the current chancellor is on course for reelection but even a country with a fairly healthy economy is seeing a boom in the euro skeptic parties such as team which is expected to win a number of seats parties peter oliver caught up with its billionaire leader. the latest polling information ahead of sunday's election here in austria suggests that
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the country will see a return of the so-called grand coalition between the social democrats and the conservative people's party however this election has seen a rise in the amount of people turning towards euro skeptic parties now to talk a little bit more about that i'm joined by the founder of one of those here a skeptic parties mr frank thanks very much for talking to me why has your skepticism caught the imagination in austria we are nuts get this for me yes. i'm very much for european unity and so on which is always thought that come with currency doesn't make sense it's economic and not viable and all the science at that doesn't work now do you think that brussels currently has too much say over the sovereignty of nations like austria well it came to. reason because each country has a certain culture for hundreds and thousands a year as an each country must govern down destiny on the other hand the european
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unity would be that people can move freely around and in products could be moved around freely but again the currency just doesn't work now how important to the rest of the e.u. is they selection taking place in austria well. i don't think we will get a majority at this time but we have set principles and dacs reforms in parliamentary reforms and parliamentary reform so we hope to reduce the power of politicians and. citizens representatives will have more say in government thank you very much for talking to me frank stronach there the founder of teen stronach party running in this year's austrian elections from european politics to the. the financials max keiser takes
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a look at some comments a by the boss of insurance giant ai g. who likened the public anger over bankers' bonuses to the lynching of african-americans you can catch the full show at just over two o'clock g.m.t. but first here's a quick preview. ben moshe c.e.o. of. the insurance giant which took eighty five billion of bailout money from the american taxpayer said that congressional outrage at the ensuing bonuses paid to these executives in a failed fraudulent phony financial products unit was quote just as bad as the deep south lynching. that cracker on wall street sees a kinship with the way blacks were lynched you know here's what i think black america should do in light of this revelation they should demand reparations for having
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built the united states of america they are owed by some calculations and this was an issue a few years ago five to seven trillion dollars in cash right now black america this cracker thinks we're now what it is suffering of taking billions in bonus money is equivalent to you building into our culture that he now profits from i'm a victim i was a big feast of billions of dollars of buddhism you have a victim i can't stand it lynched. always surprising max keiser coming up top notch gadgets the most advanced devices and other twenty first century gizmos it's hard to use of technology don't go away . the macmillan family in canada has decided to defy time itself and keep their
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family trapped in one thousand nine hundred six sort of like new age amish but only for one year and not their whole lives so they live in one nine hundred six the family forbids the use of any technology developed after the mid eighty's they want their children to experience the world they grew up in when you had to read books and if you're outside no one could call you and there were no tablet computers to stupefy children at a moment's notice as a paradigm some sympathy with this idea because i like all of you have seen the technology is dumbing us down a lot i mean how often do you have to memorize a phone number nowadays and we've all seen bad parents just sit their kids in front of the technology and ignore them to chat on facebook about what they saw on netflix but on the other hand for the first time in human history you have the power of knowledge at your screen. or tips there is an instructional video to do anything you want on you tube and getting basic information on any scientific or historical topic is one click away if you find the idea of the self-made man romantic and now is your time because anyone who has the will to learn it can learn
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you know i don't come from money without the internet i would definitely not have this job and i'd probably be worshipping at the feet of rush limbaugh deluded by the mainstream media modern technology can make your mind with information or break it with cat videos and trendiness but that's up to you and this is just my opinion . hello and welcome to this month's special edition of technology updates where we look to the skies to see the peak of russian innovation on today's show becomes a glimpse of bush's latest stealth fighter. we find out it's a cross between a battery and a combustion engine isn't just a load. and down the ground we learned about the mysterious night.
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but first let's take a look at some of the highlights of this month's show. the international aviation space show is the highlights of the calendar not just the aviation enthusiasts but for anyone who enjoys a good day out show started off in one thousand nine hundred ninety three when the focus was mainly on entertainment since then it's evolved into an important business event given the high flies of the aviation industry a chance to so that way this year marks smashed its own attendance record with over one hundred fifty thousand people braving the elements to visit the event in just one day. business also proved with companies signing agreements and contracts with twenty one point two billion dollars which is significantly more than last time believing this has wider implications than just the aviation industry. the aircraft manufacturing.


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