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tv   News Weekly  RT  September 29, 2013 4:45pm-5:01pm EDT

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enough money to come here. to do it for yourselves the lights up so when it comes to the sochi olympics yes there's been out abundance of activity fire lives most notably house to be out there has been a that greece is still battling with that i cannot make a challenge for the house but some successes as well as have set out balsa in the store and it's all too early to say why sochi is going to fit into all of this but for now you know what i'm off to go and see if i can seek out some out about. it. they would argue that somewhat softer approach towards the taliban if you want to have political solution must create the conditions for reaching such political solution
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and. the conditions to enable. you to tell the bomb to to push to be a part of political solution.
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if you. could take three. three. three. three. old freeboard video for your media projects free media r.t. dot com. more of our top stories the last week no one has claimed britain squeezing out most of the population of one of its smallest remotest outposts asuncion island in the south atlantic that's what we were reporting on soprani to make way for a u.s. military base let's see where it is there it is that's what we're talking about the tiny spot of a well over
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a thousand kilometers from anywhere in fact but it is home to just about a thousand people whose communities thrived for more than a century now they say they're being forcibly color stoat or smith reports next on how it's a trick the u.k.'s pull before. the tiny island in the mid atlantic made of volcanic rock and covered in pigeon guano but to eight hundred people it's hope but now the story of attention island has all the hallmarks the big another diego garcia the british owned indian ocean islands whose inhabitants were forced to leave to make way for a u.s. based despite having lived that the generation a lot of good memories. it's not for them. you know when you see them you got this because they are enjoying the. islanders accuse the british government of.
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breaching families who've been there for more than a century ten years ago it all so different britain was promising democratic institutions for the islands a legal right to live and to own property it wanted a viable community that but today the population's already decreased by a quarter with communities replaced by contract workers retired or unemployed people eighteen had to leave and the similarities with diego garcia and the dominant feature on the island is you guessed it an american base heavily used during president obama's recent trip to africa there are also satellites and submarine tracking stations and one of those now infamous listening posts run by g c h q the british government now conveniently insists ascension has no indigenous population and many residents believe they intend to evacuate the island completely
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and abandon it to the americans far from the dreams of a permanent home they had a decade ago. be reduced to paul in the special relationship. but david lindsay's family comes from the island he says it's outrageous that british citizens depend on the u.s. military ambitions most people are essentially out of the state of indian origin and my family certainly is that i was born there there is a very very strong sense that essential knowledge is being but one might almost say starve to death and if there is a precarious character of political representation there is the absence of guaranteed property rights or indeed a very much probably rights and it is a serious question to be asked about why on british territory british citizens living there these are all british passport holders of why these peoples are being treated like this for the sake of a station a base which is almost certain you might know more of the details of this involved
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in gauged in the activities that have been such a huge global story in terms of spying on pretty much everyone but that is happening on british not american and a british population there is being mistreated. through the main news stories making headlines the smalling a suicide attack has struck a shia mosque in baghdad it's killed at least forty people the blast caused the mosque roof to collapse on to the congregation below that was mourning a man killed by militants on saturday dozens of people have been injured and many more are still trapped nearly two deadly violence erupted in the normally peaceful kurdistan province in northern iraq at least four targeted explosions killed four local security force members in the kurdish capitol hill further shootings then injured thirty six the attacks come a day after local elections for the main opposition group beat president taliban his party into third place. prisoners enjoying a luxury conditions behind bars of left these protestors seeing red in chile the
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facility in santiago holds agents of a former military dictator for crimes against humanity but they've got access to the internet cable t.v. tennis courts even a barbecue area where the president's order the prison to be closed to the inmates moved to another jail. ukraine is approaching american energy giants to try to develop its shale gas fields a desire for energy independence and the high price of gas the care of scarily paying here to russia is said to be behind the move but the supposed benefits from the proposal of left some in doubt as a lecturer jeff ski reported in the week so then no celestial see the crane that's some way to introduce oneself not only did the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine congratulate ukrainians on their independence day in their language but he also made his embassy employees sing a traditional song. to bring more sweet music to ukrainian ears mr piatt said the country's european
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integration will be his priority as will ensuring an easy passage for american oil and gas giants into its markets exxon mobil and chevron the two companies interested in cooperation with ukraine they will bring american technologies know how and money into ukraine it will be good for the country and will help it become energy independent. mr piet certainly knew what strengths to pool as the energy issue has been one of the most intensely debated in ukraine which has long been unhappy with the prices of the gas advice from russia ukraine has been fighting for its energy independence since the nine hundred ninety s. and when the first stock of the country using its shale gas reserves came up many breathed a sigh of relief but as the time passes by this optimism seems to be waning while ukraine's energy minister was visibly happy with the shale gas initiatives once it's operational we will strive to fully meet our domestic energy needs and to even become an exporter some raised
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a sensible question would the country actually win by letting foreign companies handle their resources enormously administration of ukraine's western ivanna from course krege and said no to chevron's shale gas operations on their soil leaving the company would simply rob them. under current conditions our region will not receive anything from these gas extraction this display of unease matters little though as energy experts expect gas corporations to lobby a lot to let parliament issue such permissions instead of regional authorities and while ukraine's west is being defiant the east of the country has already given up recently key a finalist a ten billion dollar deal with shell for the exploration and extraction of shale gas a former press officer for ukraine state gas company enough the gas says the issue has been turned into a major political power play here but it's still unclear how much gas is there and whether it'll be possible to extract it yet everyone makes such a big deal of it it's like looking ahead which hasn't been caught not even knowing
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if that had actually exists even the most optimistic forecast suggest that ukraine would not start extracting its shale gas until the year twenty twenty that's if there is any gas at all but until then a question remains pretty much open with this lead to the country's much desired energy independence or simply do a change in who they're dependent on. and let's see reporting from kiev in ukraine i'm kevin i would hear moscow this morning with the news continues just over four minutes from now. thank.
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you i want to. make up something that is quite simply a mess. was no way oh. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. or turned over to the u.s. for. the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. today wanted to turn me into a terrorist so it is a one of me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda and the taliban and that i fought with them. was not about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people. brave enough to start a fight. or something is going to be done that's going to be done by me and it's
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been a short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's not going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a trap. monarchy. the plentiful supply was a terrible mistake now i'm very hard to make i don't let you get along here there's a plug that you never had sex with others make their lives let's call it was. just so. listen the m
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let's. listen. to the. sympathize with the uprising but. do not try to. smuggle weapons or send a snake we do not do any of these things. wealthy british style it's time to.
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this is our take this morning really lympics flame is literally going to storage birthplace and grace. before setting off an epic four months really across russia leading up to sochi twenty forty. performing two three attacks in two days leaving seventeen dead in nigeria as islamist insurgents target universities churches and civilian infrastructure in retaliation for a government offensive. british government's health care cuts drive tens of thousands on to the streets of manchester where the leading parties just gathered for you all get together. at the un general assembly wraps up with a return to hope and diplomacy world powers agree on a syria resolution and there could finally be a light at the end of the tunnel over iran's nuclear crisis to.


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