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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 30, 2013 2:29pm-3:01pm EDT

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control goes over the line but that's just my opinion. do we speak your language as i mean some of the worn out of the. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tuna to hang those stories. for you here. in troy spanish find out more visit. hello welcome to sofia and sophie shevardnadze levanon has accepted hundreds of
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thousands of refugees from syria they come in addition to the already great number of refugees from palestine was well the remains out of sides after decades in exile but the newcomers there for the long term and will they cause the lebanese economy to crumble well lebanon be dragged deeper into its neighbors conflict but want to beirut to talk to one of the country's most influential politicians former prime minister fouad siniora. they cross the border every day the syrian refugees escaping the chaos of war in their land. filling up homes and tent camps. stranded in separated from their families lebanon promised to keep the border open for whoever runs from the war but struggles to feed and keep warm the needy lacking uproar. and for their future.
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how strong is lebanon's helping hand how far will it breach how committed is beirut to its neighbor. what's in there as ink you very much for being with r.t. today thank you for coming in so we're actually witnessing the resurgence of sectarian violence here in beirut do you think that lebanon is there a chance that lebanon can remain neutral in its position towards to syria's civil war. on the. way the. resistance of the lebanese resistance. accepting that country will be dragged into any type of confrontation among the various components to the contrary i think there is a great deed of. positions among the lebanese that they want to live together they want to really carry on the dialogue there are lots of
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issues that need to be sorted out but this does not mean that they would resort to violence and trying to the to the on the other hand for sure i mean to have that number it would constitute problems on the security on the security that you're saying international community has really fulfill its promises in helping us with the refugees you know that the u.n. has offered lebanon to set up refugee camps that lebanon has rejected i mean all these refugees are in free flow right now it can't be too good can it do you think when you sing your age and said this is our first mistake that was committed by the present government and we have already. advised i mean we are we are part of the of of the of the opposition now for the time being and we have expressed our opinion so many times and we. i proposed to the lebanese government
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that they should help in setting up of number of. camps for that if you do for this you know if you g.'s near the lebanese syrian lebanese border it helps lebanon in presenting its problem to the world by showing. what it is undergoing the downs of a burden that such a number of what you say refuse it in a first time first place actually there are two reasons one is that the lebanese government time. during these past three years was very much influenced by. the syrian government and the syrian regime and in this respect this illusion has been adopting the policy of denial of what's happening there were denying that there is a problem going on in syria just until recently it is start to recognize this on
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the other hand it is certain let's say fear among certain components of the lebanese. that was made constitute later on something similar to the. if you g.'s and the which there were set up camps so in fact. i don't think this is this is true but this is that is was their opinion that readers are not allowing the lebanese government to set up these protests in the camps for these syrian refugees when economic implications i mean you know when it cost two million dollars seven hundred has been report was published recently by the world bank about the comic consequences of such a massive. number of. these ballots and then the. which. it is in excess of seven point five billion dollars. so this is something
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that lebanon cannot treat take the syrian civil war for many is really part of a larger conflict between sunni and shia muslims with saudi arabia and iran behind the scenes and pulling the strings what do you think well i think i think this is a mystery in this moment and the misrepresentation of the facts. let's go back and try to what's really happened in march. and to into a long tour for over two and a half years or. it was a way of. let's say the people of that odd that time who took the street in mobile to express. the feeling. of dignity and freedom actually that it has resorted to its
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classical tools in trying to separate among the various components of the society throughout the past let's say number of the kids you can never distinguish and differentiate between the various components of the syrian society and you don't know who is doing the christian and who is the muslim who is diallo it and who is the knight and so on that was the situation in syria the regime has resorted to these tools in order to create is addition within the country limits or no one doubts that the conflict started as a local thing that is that's a fact but i'm talking now we have as the line the iranians who are supplying arms to the assad regime and they have qatar and saudi who are arming the rebels in winter so that's a fact i'm saying right now the way things are looking at this point it seems like
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it's just a part of a larger conflict between iran and saudi arabia. for sure that there is this conflict going on. between the. number over the. each each but you see now we have to know how it three developed what was the mistake and particularly there was a mistake and i believe and i have communicated this several times to the russian leadership because they are the ones who had. let's say. and we always remember for the russians. who supported the people throughout the past decades in the dealing with the arab world supported the people at the same time they are the ones who had the possibility to go in between let's say the opposition and the and the uprising on the one hand and that is on the
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other instead of taking the initiative and trying to find a solution to a problem that is growing and that really. quite aware what can we do in terms of lead to the result to particularly in trying to assemble and to free some of the terrorists and the extremists who are present in syria and elsewhere and there were used by the syrian regime at one time to assemble them and to send them to iraq and they send them to us in lebanon the russians they have already seen what the regime can do they kept on silent and they supported that it and the regime went along in a way to carry on this process of creating this edition now where do we go from here where do we go from here something has to be done in order to really bring
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together i fully agree that something has to be done and downs of let's say arranging for the geneva two conference to get together into the end to that conference not on the on the on the let's say on a proper. work plan so that. ultimately this will lead towards the let's say the that will not be there and such and such a formula because it is not possible for somebody who is a. all of the country that has suffered throughout the past two and half years of over one hundred twenty thousand casualties and the destruction. and the addition to combat as as it continued president. up to the break we'll see if there is any truth to claims that russia supports president assad or is it
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the syrian people and who is has turned against him let me not stay with us. be loose and search for justice should individuals including government officials be legally held to account for starting aggressive force like in iraq is it fair to push the officials be given immunity from prosecution if they are not held accountable in who is ultimately responsible.
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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. big bucks but. i do know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albums. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our proximity we've been hijacked trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers
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one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem the truck rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america to find ready to join the movement then welcome to the big. point be an expensive car saloon. like new clueless new fashion show. also designer bags and shoes in the best shop windows. but. luxury is a school. this is a lost cause. constantly
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on our chief. welcome back our guest is former lebanese prime minister fouad siniora living. russia is playing into president assad's hand in the ongoing syrian conflict but mr senora seems to agree that extremism is a problem you really think russia is supporting our side then wants our side to stay in power hit they're not supporting the regime from what i know they just don't want the rebels to come into power because that would have repercussions for russia's north caucuses reassure me that you and this is a certain point that's very important. we understand the what you call it the concerns over russia and. the extremists but we have
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exactly the same concern. what we really expect from a show. called the moderates is moderation in syria and the. what is really syria after what is going to be the weird little difference between the moderates and the rebels because it's so mixed up right now largely the rebels are really made up of jihadists right now no that's not true. you see what is the. the regime is trying to say is that. eighty percent of the syrians are donors and extremists that's not true now they're saying the outsiders are rebels now fighting against the syrian small minority. in the hundreds they are not more than one hundred. syrians odd in that is union that are biased
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people there are not really extreme is there are enough everybody saw in you to have how well a terrorist was just ripping out a hired syrian person and eating it and actually told this to. a gay lover of the other day i said when i met today twenty two months ago i said i understand that president putin has mentioned this this thing. about the man who took the heart of somebody and ate it. i don't know who is he he might be planted or he might be correct that he has a certain revenge or he is a criminal. but he did not see the man who took the throat of event if amos in syria. took a stroll and he did not see as well that there are more than one hundred and twenty thousand people who were killed so the one that they took his heart is something
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very common and the hundred and twenty thousand people that there is not something criminal it is high time to put an end to this tragedy that's going place this is a genocide what's happening in syria it has to be stopped and stopped now and there is and there is a duty on behalf of the russians this is still russian carry a court what do you think of that. i believe that they put an end to the problem in syria which was really. bunk by the sudanese she resorted to create some sort of. balance. and equivalence with israel because israel has a nuclear bomb so this ad lehman that was made is fine but is that all.
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is it over now i mean the whole thing does that mean finally we we're going to get to get let's say free from from the chemical weapons what about the continued genocide that's taking place in syria you know we're told there were a start of a possible american strike on syria that could still be an option if this agreement never does work out let me tell you. i'm i'm i said personally i don't believe in the use of weapons and then the use of. the problem is that. whenever you. ask the u.s. to use. to i mean you are now the west to use whose weapons is that it's not going to finish the job it's going to end up in having half of
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job done and this by itself is going to make. say victor and is going to capitalize on it and this will make this with a longer a problem while effectively effectively creating the necessity conditions by making some sort of equivalence between the opposition and the and. that will lead towards going to to to the geneva and to agree with the russians that enough is enough to lead towards some sort of way. leading cause the putting an end to the regime and in which real democracy can lead people over there what is needed in being said from now on is that we are afraid to have the fundamentalists to take over in syria i tell you
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if we are going to leave things as they are the chances of furthering the radicalization is going to increase while on the other hand supporting the forces of moderation supporting let's say within that region. in order to help syria to reconstruct itself and to rebuild itself and while at the same time creating a reconciliation along the model that i have just mentioned to you is the best solution for syria otherwise it is it has to be for continued conflict and. then you'd contin the bloodshed and continued let's say let the asian of forces of violence from syria into into the region what has happened in syria is something that does not does not threaten the situation of syria to continue us such it may need
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a bed in so many other countries and creating is if eating of of. helplessness and on the up listening in the region and feeding of beef. would defeatist feeding in the in the region that is going to lead the dignity the situation if i may i just have a couple more question about within lebanon situation do you see the group of federalists long as your natural allies and you see it as a threat to lebanon. for the history. of this genius who were sent. into or seven and it took all. but a scene in camp in lebanon in the north and they forced the lebanese army and that that time was a prime minister and which was. really putting an end to to this to this. let's say attack that was made
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that lead ultimately to the destruction of the camp but it was much better than leaving this let's say. that to spread over in the and eleven we are. lebanese. and and effectively. we muslims and levon. and the some months they were they want. to live together with comp. in the country with all the little all the rest of the little use we are against against the use of of religion in order to really try to defend certain principles or certain ideas and we are against the use of violence
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and the suspect is in fact in the name of in the name of islam when the engine these people commit crimes and this is against the let's say the teachings of islam now the free syrian army has activities on lebanese soil implicate abductions and rocket attacks even though they were directed to hezbollah but he was on lebanese soil do you think there should be a crackdown on free syrian army in lebanon or they should be tolerated. i don't think there are three mean here but any attack that is that from syria who does it whether it is the free syrian army. or anybody we are against it and we have expressed this opinion quite clearly in all the communique that was made by the group of of parliamentarians is that we denounce
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every attack that is really origin that originates from syrian territories into lebanon or any attack that is made in lebanon by any group that is said that acted towards eleven is group the syrian regime has issued a warrant arrest warrant for some of your top officials are part is official us including zardari saying that you guys are financing the opposition do you deny those charges. our position visit the. opposition in syria because this thing has nothing to do what you call it i mean this once that was issued has nothing to do with the with. the syrian uprising it was much longer before that to see what has nothing to do i mean this ones that were made against thirty thirty people december twelfth two thousand and
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twelve was made before and it was new that time but what i really want to say is that. the. syrian regime has been resorting to such types of of if words in order to destabilize lebanon and that's that's the opposition is a v the this is the uprising. is that we have mentioned clearly is that politically we sympathize with the syrian uprising but are you financing from a humanitarian point of view we are helping in the receiving of the few g.'s but we do not try nance we do not smuggle weapons or send. we do not do any of these things. this is something we
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disagree with and we do not really approve of anything of the sort and we cannot afford it i mean it's pretty obvious that any officials of your party are out of reach for the syrian law enforcement right now but aren't you afraid that they may become targets for hezbollah. well we have been already for quite some time. it is my. certain terrorists. this is something i don't want to live accuse anybody because this is this is the subject matter of the international tribunals to. deal with this matter. for sure for sure this is this is this that is there. but in this respect you only live once
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and you have to live in dignity and this is something that we are freedom seekers and we believe that what's happening in syria is something unacceptable from from all aspects and what is happening in lebanon by the continuous. back against the state as such and the holding of weapons by a group of lebanese and that was initially was really used to. to drive these rate is out of lebanon and thanks for the work that they have done in this regard i mean hezbollah was was influential and in doing so the problem is that hezbollah has not directed its weapons against the chests of the innocent lebanese. and you are using this as your
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way to implement. a regional let's say. and. this is something unacceptable and we will continue to stand against such such plans from the day through the democratic process that. has been. to us by our constitution. and that's it for this edition hearing from what signora lebanon's former prime minister who i met in beirut thank you for watching i'll see you next time here on.
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the loose and search for justice should individuals including. government officials
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be legally held to account for starting aggressive force like in iraq is it fair to push their officials be given immunity from prosecution if they're not held accountable alternately responsible. play an issue free cretaceous three. three. three. three stooges free. zone free blog video for your media project a free media. israel's
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prime minister brings. to washington as he praises president obama for the sanctions which problems the country into economic despair. britain's prime minister he may pull the u.k. out of the european convention of human rights saying routings the ban the deportation of radical islamists and. killers to vote cannot be tolerated. and convicted activists in bahrain say they were tortured in confinement as part of the government to break the opposition struggle on top stories this. life.


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