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tv   Headline News  RT  October 1, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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the u.s. government has officially stopped working for the first time in. washington. right before the deadline. the european human rights convention. is reportedly. fears of a settlement talks between the u.s. and iran. the israeli prime minister. to get close to.
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thank you for joining the program today the time has run out for u.s. lawmakers to agree on federal funding it means the government is now officially shut down the democratic led senate rejected the temporary bills by house republicans that would have delayed obama's health care law as the price to continue funding obama warn the shutdown will have a quote very real economic real people and it's been finding out it won't exactly be a catastrophe. the federal officer shot down federal law for a lower federal air traffic controllers will remain working so will the majority of the department of homeland security everything from the u.s. coast guard to the transportation security agency will keep operating federal
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prisons will stay open the state department will keep processing passports but there may be delays social security and medicare payments would keep coming food stamp benefits will be available but many other services under the snap program that help needy mothers and children would be suspended the u.s. postal service would remain in business federal courts are exempt so cored will remain in session at least until mid october but if the government stay shutdown longer than ten days judiciary jobs would be at risk for furlough active duty military is considered essential so men and women in uniform will stay at work but it's likely paychecks will be delayed that's because even though the military is considered critical about half of the department of defense is not on the chopping block nasa most of its employees would be furloughed a few workers would remain on the job to man mission control the food and drug
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administration would suspend most safety inspections perhaps taking the biggest hit tourism national parks across the country will close so will museums here in washington d.c. that includes the smithsonian museums and the national zoo this twenty four hour panda cam would go dark alternately it is up to the executive branch to decide who is essential and who is not right now it looks like roughly eight hundred thousand federal workers many of them here in washington would temporarily be out of work and the first government shutdown nearly two decades. in washington are. the last minute decisions on the verge of a shutdown have recently become fairly common in washington let's have a flashback here to a couple of the closest calls in recent years for you here on the program on r t it was back in two thousand and eleven of the closing of the government was averted
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literally one hour before the deadline and after a painful legislative standoff the budget deal was finally agreed that the debt ceiling another nerve racking issue that was in the summer of twenty eleven sending shock waves across america and much of the rest of the world as well but the sky did not fall as it was agreed upon two days before time was up for example it's been about now seventeen years since the last time the government partially ceased its work but it's actually the eighteenth time in the united states taking a so-called spending gap in one thousand nine hundred seven the government was shut down three times in as many months of gerald solenn tell you the publisher of the trends journal he says become full of the hype or the warnings of a collapse that would tend to be strongly exaggerated it's more theatrical than anything else they keep talking about how it's going to shut down will bring down the economy by one point four percent the g.d.p.
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how do they know every percentage is ever come up with about anything it's always been wrong so this is more theatrical and it's very important to look at this not only as the shutdown but really it's symptomatic of all of washington. go back to two thousand and eleven to two years yorkers are all we kept hearing about was going over the fiscal cliff going over the fiscal cliff they talked about it so much standard and poor's they downgraded u.s. credit worthiness and then we had sequester rains and next month we're going to have the debt ceiling again this is more three ad tricks it's the it's the the washington drama queens doing what they always do behave in a manner that is unbecoming of professionals and adults so the essential federal services will continue working despite the shutdown
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a political comment at a brand fox told my colleague matt tries a that washington is well rather used to play such games with deadlines bluff now and you can look back and see the same sort of little opportunism grandstanding every time with different variations and the main variation being who's in power in the white house. a little bit number one from the republicans or is a little bit number two from the democrats and liberals are also controls congress. so that's the stage. why though this drama this theater political opportunism is again of. washington d.c. they both have the same. basic or they're all more for war they're all on board for endless spending for one for on welfare one for social welfare they're
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all or for surveillance or all or for the police state. big things about. a crisis deal crisis where a lot of deals are exchanged. analyses online team is listed ten ways the government shutdown could impact america from the looming default to the closure of museums but also on the website for you this hour you can learn how global stock markets have been reacting to the budget battle in the u.s. congress not someone with many stories being uploaded this hour dot com. thanks for joining us on the program today already on the rise and the u.k.'s go it alone sentiment is now being fueled by a fresh plan and drawing the island nation ever further from the mainland european state it's off to prime minister david cameron hinted that he wants to withdraw from the european convention on human rights it's long been the subject of
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irritation for many brits with such measures as insisting the u.k. prison is should have the right to vote and allowing foreign criminals to remain in the country indefinitely auntie's party boy takes up the story. david cameron has said clearly that he wants to know that he can keep the country safe and that means being able to chuck out as he said anybody that doesn't have the right to be in the u.k. and who threatens the u.k. way of life now we don't have to look very far for examples of where the european convention for human rights has been a real form in the side of the british government there's the very famous case of the radical hate preacher abu qatada now he famously avoided extradition from the u.k. for over a decade because his lawyers argued that it was against his human rights to return to his native georgian where he could face torture there and it's not just abu qatada there's all the criminals who have tried to use the european convention for
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human rights to basically get greater leniency towards their punishment so david cameron has said explicitly that his goal is to renegotiate britain's relationship with europe radically and that his idea of the e.u. being an ever closer union as it sets out in the guiding principles of the blog well that's something that doesn't correspond with what britain wants in fact the polls have been showing increasingly that it's not what voters want and in fact the emergence of the u.k. independence party which supports an immediate british exit from the european union well that shows just how strong anti e.u. sentiment in the u.k. is and so david cameron again he's under pressure to stop losing conservative supporters going over to ukip so he's got to try and balance what the what the anti e.u. law be both within his party and the anti e.u. sentiment in the public what they want and we're seeing the prime minister there for his rhetoric against the european union brussels has said time and time again
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that westminster can't just cherry pick the policies that it wants and throw to the side the ones that it doesn't want the more vividly the e.u. membership it's not and carte menu but again we've got this indication from david cameron that if he is reelected as prime minister he's going to try very hard to make it one. and with an election less than two years away it seems cameron has learned useful lessons from the success of the united kingdom independence party it's because the idea of abandoning the human rights convention is not a new one it was actually first floated by ukip edger i batten m.e.p. for the party he believes it's time for britain to take matters into its own hands britain does exploit the issue of human rights terribly in its relationships with russia there was an occasion a few months ago where
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a recommendation was made to limit the abuses committed by journalists and william hague the foreign secretary said that these measures should not be introduced in britain because then britain would not be able to castigate russia over its own allegedly of freedom in the media so there's no consistency and it shows how human rights have become a hypocritical mechanism for attacking russia and a hypocritical instrument in foreign policy. it's good to have you with us are naughty today still to come a bit later this hour leaving the drug disaster behind as nato troops prepare to bid farewell to afghanistan we look at how the drug industry engulfed the country during the stay the afghan made heroin it's spreading around the world. and really freezing the fuel is right as prime minister benjamin netanyahu on a visit to america trying to persuade the u.s. president not to be too nice with iran that's coming your way after the break.
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so we need to be. part of the same bush and secure. the physical. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. critic three. three. three.
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three. three. three. videos for your media. free media r t v dot com. news live from moscow it's r t the kaiser report soon and although the israeli prime minister is in the united states on a mission to persuade obama not to trust iran on a meeting with the president netanyahu urged him not to lift the crippling sanctions against the country well at least not prematurely his visit those spurred by the thaw in relations between washington and tehran if the leaders of both nations made their first steps to long awaited talks on a possible nuclear settlement were an important story. he will be the last speaker
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wrapping up the united nations general assembly debate but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will likely not offer the same harmonious tone heard last week from iraq's president who is expected to argue that israel and the world at large should continue to be on guard against tehran's nuclear program even insisting that the international sanctions which have been crippling iran's economy not be eased now just seven days ago iranian leader hassan rouhani delivered his debut address at the u.n. g.a. proclaiming that his government was ready to resolve any and all concerns about his country's nuclear program even promising more transparency and engagement with the united states during a meeting with u.s. president barack obama at the white house on monday israel's prime minister insisted that tehran offer immediate concessions by suspending sensitive nuclear projects or else face even greater international pressure now obama shorting
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netanyahu that all options including military options are on the table when it comes to protecting u.s. interests in the middle east or hope is that we can resolve this diplomatically bush as president said before and i would prefer that we take no options off the table including military options next now his visit to the u.n. comes four days after a historic fifteen minute phone call between president obama and rouhani it marked the first time in thirty four years that the nation's leaders had a conversation now last year when the israeli prime minister addressed the u.n. g.a. he presented a cartoon diagram of a bomb claiming that iran would enter the final phase of a weapons production by made twenty thirteen israel has of course a box off from that assessment since making it but wall tel of the it has been ringing alarm bells over tehran's alleged and nuclear program it is simultaneously
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even a. braun syria and other countries to join the nuclear nonproliferation treaty that's aimed at keeping the middle east free from weapons of mass destruction israel has also not confirmed or denied if it has its own nuclear arsenal reporting from new york. r.c. . and it was just last week the leaders of the u.s. and iran spoke directly for the first time in more than three decades however geo political analyst f. william angle he believes there are some groups in america they don't want to lose the rather convenient image of iran always being an enemy. iran hasn't made a. hostile war aggressive war on any nation for more than a century and a half and i certainly don't think they're insane enough to try to launch a war on israel which is armed to the teeth with nuclear submarines and other weaponry that would would. really not be to the advantage of iran at all so i think
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this is a fabrication by a certain international war lobby in washington perhaps in britain france and certainly around the israeli defense industry and certain circles in israeli intelligence around netanyahu that that would want to have iran as a bogeyman to justify the continued support of washington to israel. and you can always ahead online to see what our web seem of lined up for you this one of them including that of the latest snowden leak the n.s.a. has been raking in private data on the web browsing habits of millions of innocent americans talk about your social networking. without a warrant or any type of legal justification. in the run up to the twenty fourteen winter games entering the finals straight you can follow the flame on the invision page of our website click away you know it's arty dot com.
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the u.s. and its allies are packing their bags they're ready to head out of afghanistan next year but they will be leaving behind a deadly legacy since the start of the war on terror twelve years ago the drug industry has simply thrived and it's not only for internal use afghan made narcotics are being steadily appearing all over the world have killed this point at least a million people. and reports. a war that kills without weapons silently with harrowing is production has increased forty times in the. nato started its war on terror in two thousand and one before that the taliban as brutal as they war heading forced the ban on poppy growing they declared it was against their religion so hereon production was very low when the u.s. and allied forces invaded the country they allowed afghans to grow poppies they saw it as a way to win locals hearts and minds the u.s.
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and allied forces have maintained that opium production provides a livelihood for afghan farmers but it's been destroying their lives the lives of thousands of children around three hundred thousand afghan children are now drug addicts my colleague visited one family in afghanistan three mothers all three addicted to opium heroin and marijuana they blow opium in the face of their children to make them fall asleep so that the grown ups can cater to their own addiction they give marijuana to their very young children they buy drugs before they buy food here's what their daughter said. fearful of the move my mother told me let's go to the bazaar i want to buy something for you i said really we went and my mother said to this man do you want to buy these grew he yelled out to forgive you and give us a hand written out so we went to buy some dry bread novelty my mum needed money and took my sister we were crying soo much then she tried to sell me again i begged him
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not to and she said that if we go to people's houses and beg then to keep me so that's what i do the u.s. and allied forces have been doing little to stop opium production in afghanistan is killing more and more people and not just in of gunston but far beyond its borders of ghana's that produces around ninety percent of the world's opium supply the bulk of the eight hundred and twenty tons of heroin that comes out of afghanistan every year ends up on the streets of russia and europe. that drug money feeds organized crime all over the globe kossovo drug dealers for example have become a predominant crime group in europe that is because seventy percent of heroin that goes to europe goes through the cost of a channel in the meantime opium production is growing in afghanistan last year they expended poppy cultivation almost twenty percent compared to the prior year and also what kind of
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a nation building was that when it's clear food these afghan children it was anything but that in moscow i'm going to check out my world of time here on the program starting with israeli soldiers that have opened fire on two palestinian killing one of the shooting began after the pair are said to have approached a border security fence and one of the palestinians died on the spot the other was injured and taken into custody at the army claimed they were seen sabotaging the fence. and to brazil where police have clashed with hundreds of protesting professors who gathered in the streets of rio de janeiro the teachers have been demanding improved pay and conditions some help find less football and more education are angered at the money being lavished on the country's hosting of the world cup while social services are being neglected a similar sentiments or a nationwide million strong protest or just this past summer. at
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the haiti's capital where thousands of antigovernment protesters march twenty years since president john but. they demanded the current leader michel martelly resigned amid corruption allegations and his failure to conduct elections as promised two years ago a demonstration was mostly peaceful although some clashes were reported to the police. and out of venezuela those were the words of the country's president nicholas my daughter is the expelled three top u.s. diplomats he accused the trio of plotting to sabotage the country's economy and of paying bribes to venezuelan companies at the u.s. embassy deny the allegations and said no official notification of the order is being received just last week my daughter canceled his speech at the un general assembly claiming his life would be in danger in new york that was fair to admit that america and venezuela have a long history of difficulties they've been without ambassadors at each other's capitals since twenty. now neo nazi sentiments been
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gaining strength across the e.u. with the european commission expressing quote great concern over the rise of anti semitic incidents across the blog. the reports from hungary where the far right neo nazi party is currently enjoying a surge in support. emotions in tackles flew high in what was meant to be a friendly full game and budapest between hungary and israel but in the stands emotions were even more fierce local fans booed israel's anthem. and chanted fascist leaders names. at another football game several months later the leader of hungary's anti-racist movement was attacked by hooligans. heard a bunch of fans chanting the nazi slogan. i asked them to stop but they ignored me then after the game they attacked me one of them hit me in the face and broke my
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nose at the jewish community here says this was just one link in a long chain of anti-semitic and interethnic tensions in the country cost and we keep hearing and a semitic slogans and sentiments from inside our parliament and in some of our press if you remember nazi germany everything also started with rhetoric then came concentration camps and gas chambers and in hungary sometimes this vocal racism turns into real violence like six gypsies who were killed by a gang of nationalists a few years ago what is especially shocking to hungary's jews is that these things are happening in a country which has a very tragic history in the one nine hundred forty s. hungary had one of the largest jewish communities in the whole of europe but the nazi invasion changed all that and more than half a million people perished in the holocaust and this wall in budapest has all the names of all the identified victims. in may the world jewish congress even decided
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to hold its annual event in budapest to highlight what they believe is escalating anti-semitism in the central european state the far right your beat party the third largest in the country brought thousands onto the streets their leader the governor of illinois says it had nothing to do with racism but was can draw attention to what they claim to be the aggressive policy of israel mean to the coming it is really president arrests once said that the only other way to prevail without military action it was by economically want to speak later he said israel will invest a lot of money into hungary we have been witnessing a huge influx of capital from israel into our country since then and tried to find out what's behind it but the jewish community called us nazis and refused to speak to us that's why we protested the your big party made headlines off to make it into hungary spar lymington twenty ten the country's economy was ailing and judging by opinion polls they're looking to strengthen their position off to next year's vote with far right parties now represented in parliament so
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a few grey norway finland lot via and several more countries across the continent your vehicle will go into the election safe in the knowledge they're not alone. let's hear a chef stu are reporting from funny. or i going off about money makers perhaps also known as the money manipulators the kaiser report it comes max in just a second. recently the ministry of internal affairs of russia declared that they're going to address to increase operations in and around the moscow subway system was. major emphasis on illegal immigration there's an odd paradox when people talk about dealing with
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illegal immigration in terms of what the police should do people want the police to deal with it but any means of trying to actually do anything are generally taboo and any form of asking people to see ideas viewed as an invasion of privacy or racial profiling well i don't know how exactly anyone can prove they are or aren't a citizen without id and if you're looking for people who are forward and thus different then how can you go about looking for illegals without looking for people who are different i.e. profiling if you were looking for a criminal of slavic origin in uganda when the police be wrong to stop me due to standing out from the crowd i don't think so that's not racial profiling it is just common sense obviously it is best to fight the causes of illegal immigration rather than asking for id in moscow subways but they have to do something so i guess id checks are here to stay but there's a big difference between looking at someone's passport and doing stop and frisk or involuntary blood and urine tests that is what immigration control goes over the line but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser a new study has revealed the negative side effect warnings can increase sales the study found that consumers tend to buy more of a product that advertises potentially harmful side effects like weight gain and heart disease than products that do not. yeah it seems the warnings have the paradoxical effect of creating trust in the consumer pig this could help explain
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why david cameron has brought forward by three months the conservative party ponzi scheme marketed under the name help to buy the ponzi scheme comes with economic health warnings from mervyn king bank of england the i.m.f. and from economists around the world that the program will destroy the u.k. economy despite the warning greater fools are lining up to put just five percent down on a property worth up to six hundred thousand pounds so that they the taxpayer chump will put down the remaining fifteen percent pop up in the bubbly or as a perhaps a bottle of maggie maggie stacey was going to max it's called our maggie it's agree are being sold at the conservative party conference they're tearing the return of the housing bubble pm triggers new house sales spree two hundred thousand get chance to buy as cameron starts twelve billion pound mortgage guarantee.


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