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tv   Headline News  RT  October 1, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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the u.s. government has officially stopped walking for the first time in seventeen years with washington failing to find the federal bill before the deadline. britain may pull out from the european human rights convention according to the country's prime minister pledges to do everything to throw out those imposing a security threat to the u.k. . and fears of a settlement as tools between the you are underrun gain momentum is rapier and is it washington urging the american president to get too close to iran.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is with me here. and welcome to the program. time has run out for u.s. lawmakers to agree on federal funding which means the government's now officially shut down they have democratic led senate rejected the temporary bills by the republicans that would have delayed obama's health care law as the price to continue funding obama warned a shutdown will have a very real economic impact on real people in this war has been finding out about the effects of the shunt. better all air traffic controllers will remain working so will the majority of the department of homeland security everything from the u.s. coast guard to the transportation security agency will keep operating federal prisons will stay open the state department will keep processing passports but
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there may be delays social security and medicare payments would keep coming food stamp benefits will be available but many other services under the snap program that help needy mothers and children would be suspended the u.s. postal service would remain in business federal courts are exempt so cored will remain in session at least until mid october but if the government stay shutdown longer than ten days judiciary jobs would be at risk for furlough active duty military is considered essential so men and women in uniform will stay at work but it's likely paychecks will be delayed that's because even though the military is considered critical about half of the department of defense is not on the chopping block nasa most of its employees would be furloughed a few workers would remain on the job to man mission control the food and drug administration would suspend most safety inspections. perhaps taking the biggest
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hit tourism national parks across the country will close so will museums here in washington d.c. that includes the smithsonian museums and the national zoo the twenty four hour panda cam would go dark alternately it is up to the executive branch to decide who was the central and it was not right now it looks like roughly eight hundred thousand federal workers many of them here in washington would temporarily be out of work and the first government shutdown nearly two decades in washington was wall to. last minute decisions on the verge of a shutdown have recently become quite common in washington let's flash back to a couple of the closest calls in recent years let's have a local twenty eleven the closing of the government was averted just one hour before the deadline after a painful legislative standoff the budget deal was finally agreed the debt ceiling
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was another nerve racking issue in the sum of twenty eleventh was sending shock waves across america and the wider world but this kind didn't fall as it was agreed upon two days before time was up and it's been seventeen years since the last time the government partially seized its work but it's actually the eighteenth time in u.s. history it's taking a so-called spending gap in one thousand seven to seven the government was shut down three times in as many months to talk more and that is when i joined live by jim rogers also of streets not so ventures on the road and in the stand mr jim rogers welcome to aussies great to see here with us and of course we've seen the u.s. going to hold its work before of course but many say this time is absolutely unprecedented are we looking at such a catastrophe here hey oh everything's ok. well if you admittedly want to believe the government is shut down for a while we save a lot of money and get rid of a lot of. that you would be wonderful life it of we're.
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just going to play again in for a while because all around i don't even pay attention i guess you have to because you're a german but this is a charade this is a sham i say but the us debt is growing and the debt ceiling still hasn't been fixed is can we say that america is on the brink of default no they're not on the brink of the because they can print as much money as they want yes america's the largest debtor nation in the history of the world in the entire history of the world no one has ever been. and it's going higher and higher but america will not. few years because they can take as much money as they want now there are people like the russians and the chinese and many other people are saying wait a minute this is raising well eventually they are going to be forced but not
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anytime soon but what about the dole and now the shutdown is a major blow it i suppose. because most people who. buying and selling dollars are trading dollars know that just. know this is not going to be significant yes it may have a short. special treat. to much time paying attention to children been struggling to meet the deadline many times before why has it become so tough to make rational decisions in congress now . you know this has been going away this is happened many many times before and the one time they actually close down the government for a while it is happened before they've always had trouble they always play this game they always play this charade it's never meaningful the only meaningful thing would be if somebody actually did something and cut spending and started paying down the
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debt but this is a little game that they play in washington i'm not sure who they are trying to guess the t.v. people maybe some constituents pay attention but it's. part of the ongoing decline of the united states but why couldn't the u.s. lawmakers agree on the budget. because there are some people who want to cut spending and the people of. the rich don't want to cut spending. other government the same way. but no other government in the world that i know of has a debt ceiling like the united states which is something they put in a few decades ago just to calm people down for a while thinking that it would go away. as we got away here fifty or sixty years later was playing this little game they can i do agree because some people want to other people don't want to spend and as long as some people want to continue to.
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have to. have to do to get the government running again. somebody somewhere was going to go into a back room and say ok this is what we'll say we'll say that we all my disagreement with great. spending down the road and they will continue to support your program come out with a nice announcement like everything is ok and they'll start the government up again and start spending again two or three you have the same old game again. this is happened many times i know you have to report it but it's not very serious . i wish it were i will get worse wish it were serious i wish that something would come of this but unfortunately it's a game which i have said many other people have seen played many many times. america or i thank you very much for your position weprin shedded jim rogers
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financial commentator and investment access thank you very much and again thank you . and for more analysis on the showdown on the american government the top of the c.e.o. of the to be comical investment management is joining us now live mr south of thank you very much so the government the world's largest economy has shown its incapability how's that going to affect the globe from your point to me. first of all it will create some volatility any kind of create the volatility the question of more longer term perspective in my view it will be it will be quite some results because it's. the first time we see that since ninety six is more than twenty times we've seen this partial of the government and what what what what do they expect it's good that it happened but not when there was
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a discussion so the still have some time to resolve the issues before it's come to the discussion which. the credit. from the market is quite new to this so it's more it's more it's more you as a short term as a short term i would say discretion right but what about the investment climate there in the u.s. because i suppose people are worried now and can they get involved in the u.s. affairs. business affairs. good with good good numbers on the growth with the employment is going down with the inflation the still the control so in my view the investment climate is still good and the u.s. is keep driving the global economy north which is after the crisis. what's more important in the way when the u.s.
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. was to go through it through the rate of the tapering and the. stuff and he was something really and the influence over this was the rationale of europe but so far with see we'll see we'll see some some great truths in the us economy and this so with the help of the global economy i am talking about the global economy big us is one of the main players in the global structures like i met for example can it still be trusted. to. come in here. you know we it's the us the usa post ability and then the kind of the growth of this point of time looks a very solid. we don't expect any in the village to big volatility probably coming from would say political dispute which we really is a result of the discussion with the republicans and democrats which both it's not the first time it happened so it will continue but i would say investment climate
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is much more dependent on the on the longer term economic factors which still was as you mentioned the very strong in the u.s. and what we what we can see is the interest to emerging markets the stuff. to grow . was historically proved while. when the rate starts to go up in the u.s. more and more investors will think of the diversifying their investments versus the emerging markets unfortunately in last couple years we'll see the opposite scenario while the money was was given from the moment margin markets to developed markets i think this strength this can be changed enormously this kind of funny use can help to make this really cation decisions. are i'd like to make the top of the you see how they should make capital investments management led to my thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with us. all right and
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coming up next here on our sea and also on archie dot com you can see. how much he's online team has a list a list of ten ways the government shutdown would even want to market from the living defaults to the closure of museums. and also now websites learn how global stock markets and racing to the soul in the u.s. congress or not eat at home. or raise you on the rise the go it alone sentiment is now being fueled by a fresh blond drawing the island nation of a further from the mainland european state dance after prime minister david cameron hinted he wants to was true withdraw from the european convention on human rights and let's not get more with point a boy who is a charming us now live from london what's going on that paula please bring us up to
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date. secretary to reason may she told the conservative party conference that the current immigration system in the u.k. is like a never ending game of snakes and ladders and that questioning the european convention for human rights might be a route that the government chooses to go down now we know that they're serious because as you said david cameron has already endorsed that option that the opening of the tory party conference now the reason they are so worried about this is that at the moment suspected foreign criminals well they have seventeen different routes to appeal if they are meant to be devoted now the conservatives want to bring the number of options for them down to just form and in the opinion of the conservatives the human rights act simply gives too many too many rights to suspected foreign criminals and that it's just not on the side of the british public they say under the proposed plans the home office would fast deport suspected foreign criminals and then hear their appeals often they've been deported
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and i think we can take a listen to the home secretary theresa may talking about that right now. at the moment the system is like a never ending game of snakes and ladders with almost seventy thousand appeals every year the winners foreign criminals and immigration lawyers while the loses all the victims of these crimes to the public but where there is a risk with no risk where there is no risk of serious and irreversible harm we should deport foreign criminals first and hear their appeals later. now the conservatives view is that the european convention for human rights simply prevents them from dealing with famous cases like that of radical hate preacher abu qatada who famously avoided extradition from the u.k. for over a decade because his lawyers argued that it was against his human rights to return
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to his native jordan where he could face torture there now that was an extremely embarrassing case for the u.k. government and gives you an indication of why they want to tackle the issue but analysts are already concerned that the tories plans to quit the fifty four year old treaty the european convention for human rights the forty seven countries are signed up to well that's the inevitable outcome of that they say is that the number of human rights safeguards in the u.k. will but they would go down and that this is a country already that hasn't been immune to accusations of human rights abuses itself only recently the u.k. government was criticized for detaining glenn greenwald's partner david miranda at heathrow airport glenn greenwald is of course the guardian journalist who uncovered much of the n.s.a. scandal and his partner was held by police that he through our ports and most of his documents all of his documents was seized and human rights watch called it a shocking act that was aimed at punishing or intimidating journalists and in terms
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of the reactions to the conservatives latest proposals well there already there is high. lighting that these plants courage may well be illegal under current laws and that ultimately they could be the first steps towards the u.k. government simply ignoring the human rights of people as and when it suits them right out is pointed by go live in london paula thank you so much thank you. without election a less than two years away things cameron has learned a useful lessons from the success of the united kingdom independence party that's because the idea of abandoning the human rights convention is not a new one and was first floated by you kept under the chair on button and the people are the party believes it's time britain took matters into its own hands we now come under the jurisdiction of the european court of human rights which is the
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response constable for many decisions the british were very unhappy with like our inability to get all soren terrorist suspects for example i'm going to said that we have to give prisoners the vote i've said that we cannot have life sentences for criminals but they must be reviewed so our worst and most approach killers will now have the rights to have their life sentences reviewed we have their own courts which have been established over the last eight hundred years we have our supreme court if a british citizen has a problem with the british government in the british states we have our own courts where they can seek redress if we shouldn't have to take it off to a foreign court presided over by shoreham judges many of whom oxen simply not up to the standard of english judges countries will either observe civilised values or one of many countries and i'm not quite up to that standard yet and all this is done for us as actually we've had all these kind of idiotic decisions that we're obliged to x. years. and coming up later this hour the drug disaster behind as nasal.
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gonna stand we'll look at how the drug industry engulfed the country during that state with heroin spreading across the globe. under way phrasing the thought. netanyahu is on a visit to the us trying to persuade the american president not to be too amiable with iran that's coming your way after the break. she did love her tour. was to build a new leads most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me creation and why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only.
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technology innovation all the lives developments around russia we've got the future covered. right to see. first street. and i think that you're. on our reporters we're going to. be in. the south sea welcome by the israeli prime minister is in the u. us with a mission to persuade obama not to trust iran on
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a mission with the president netanyahu him not to name the crippling sanctions against the country a place to perm prematurely his visiting spurred by the thaw in relations between washington and tehran as the leaders of both nations made their first steps to a long awaited talks on a possible nuclear settlement. he will be the last speaker wrapping up the united nations general assembly debate but israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will likely not offer the same harmonious tone heard last week from iraq as president netanyahu is expected to argue that israel and the world at large should continue to be on guard against tehran's nuclear program even insisting that the international sanctions which have been crippling iran's economy not be eased now just seven days ago iranian leader hassan rouhani delivered his debut address at the u.n. g.a. proclaiming that his government was ready to resolve any and all concerns about his
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country's nuclear program even promising more transparency and engagement with the united states during a meeting with u.s. president barack obama at the white house. on monday israel's prime minister insisted that tehran offer immediate concessions by suspending sensitive nuclear projects or else face even greater international pressure now obama shorting netanyahu that all options including military options are on the table when it comes to protecting u.s. interests in the middle east or hope is that we can resolve this diplomatically bush as president said before and i would prefer that we take no options off the table including military options now last year when the israeli prime minister addressed the u.n. g.a. he presented a cartoon diagram of a bomb claiming that iran would enter the final phase of a weapons production by made twenty thirteen israel has of course adopted off from
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that assessment since making it but wall tel of eve has been bringing alarm bells over tehran's allegedly nuclear program it is simultaneously even ignoring calls from iran syria and other countries to join the nuclear nonproliferation treaty that's keeping the middle east free from weapons of mass destruction israel has also not confirmed or denied if it has its own nuclear arsenal reporting from new york. last week the leaders of the u.s. and iran is former director for the present time in more than three decades however a trip political analyst william believes some groups in america don't want to news become renewed image of iran as an enemy. iran hasn't made a. hostile world war aggressive war on any nation for more than a century and a half and i certainly don't think they're insane enough to try to launch
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a war on israel which is armed to the teeth with nuclear submarines and other weaponry that would would the really not to not be to the advantage of iran at all so i think this is a fabrication by a certain international war lobby in washington perhaps in britain france and certainly around the israeli defense industry and certain circles in israeli intelligence around the yahoo that that want to have iran as a bogeyman to justify the continued support of washington to israel. you can head online to see what our web seen a lined up for you there including the latest snowden leak the n.s.a. break any limitation on the web browsing habits of millions of innocent americans and this without a warrant or justification. and the run up to the century twenty four seen winter games and as the finals trace you can follow the flame on the
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invision page of our website is just a click away on outside. the u.s. and its allies are packing their bags ready to head out of afghanistan next year but those leave behind a deadly legacy so the start of the war on terror twelve years ago the drug industry has thrived and it's not only for internal use afghan made now being studied appearing the world ever and the world over and have killed at least a million people. can now report. a war that kills without weapons silently with harrowing is production has increased forty times in the. nato started its war on terror in two thousand and one before that the taliban as brutal as they war heading forced the ban on poppy growing they declared it was against their religion so hereon production was very low when the u.s. and allied forces invaded the country they allowed afghans to grow poppies they saw it as a way to win locals hearts and minds the u.s.
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and allied forces have maintained that opium production provides a livelihood for afghan farmers but it's been destroying their lives the lives of thousands of children around three hundred thousand afghan children are now drug addicts my colleague visited one family in afghanistan three mothers all three addicted to opium heroin and marijuana they blow opium in the face of their children to make them fall asleep so that the grown ups can cater to their own addiction they give marijuana to their very young children they buy drugs before they buy food here's what their daughter said. it was a love my mother told me let's go to the bazaar i want to buy something for you i said really we went and my mother said to this man do you want to buy these grew he got to give you and give us a hundred f. so we went to buy some dry bread another day my mom needed money and took my sister we were crying sue notch then she tried to sell me again i begged him not to and
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she said that if i go to people's houses and brag then to keep me so that's what i do the u.s. and allied forces have been doing little to stop opium production in afghanistan is killing more and more people and not just in of gunston but far beyond its borders of ghana's that produces around ninety percent of the world's opium supply the bulk of the eight hundred and twenty tons of heroin that comes out of afghanistan every year ends up on the streets of russia. and europe the drug money feeds organized crime all over the globe called civil drug dealers for example have become a predominant crime group in europe that is because seventy percent of heroin that goes to europe goes through the kossovo channel in the meantime opium production is growing in afghanistan last year they expended poppy cultivation by almost twenty percent compared to the prior year and also what kind of
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a nation building was bad when it's clear with these afghan children it was anything but that in moscow i'm going to check them. next to announce the many may be relegated to buying costs among dates and poetry how they knew affordable medicine is there a saving more lives than and be counted it's good to have you with us here on. the. economic down in the final. day. sank night and the rest because i. believe if we.
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are going to be. distributed. you should have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. please. mum. mum mum mum .


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