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hey guys i'm out here martin and this is breaking in the set so it's a government shutdown even if everyone in d.c. is counting down the hours until the panda cam goes black while we wait on our do nothing congress here take a look at the latest intelligence agency leak snowden's newest revelation expose a program called the mean way the n.s.a. turns that into massive grass that break down all of our social connections yes details of everyone you work and travel with are now compiled in the graphs resembling massive spider webs let me repeat the people that are linked to you through friends or friends of friends or friends of friends of friends can make you a red flag by sheer connection alone it's not just info collected by the n.s.a. the spy an arm of the government pairs its data with public sources like facebook voter registration polls g.p.s. location property records and even banking history of the government's been doing this since two thousand and ten for the stated purpose of tracking potential
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foreign intelligence on u.s. networks but obviously the surveillance and compass is far more than just that give you an idea of the massive scope of this interconnected maze internal documents reveal that in just one day one day twenty billion events can be recorded and delivered to analysts within one hour look it's not surprising that individual profiles are being created for every american that we already know what is disturbing is the six degrees of kevin bacon approach the n.s.a. is using to implicate us all. the. it's a. very hard to take. your. life that had sex with that right there.
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well. for the first time in over thirty years is a renewed sense of optimism about u.s. iranian relations and it's all stemming from a recent phone call between obama and newly elected iranian president hassan rouhani but not everyone is excited about the potential for peace israel's bibi netanyahu just finished his meeting at the white house where he warned against lifting sanctions on iran and urged the u.s. to not take a military strike off the table c. beebies using the tactic of all eyes on iran of course taking away from the elephant in the room that's a real deterrent for peace in the middle east the occupation of palestine it's
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a subject my next guest knows all too well name is an eco pew lebanese and israeli peace activist whose family was integral in the founding of israel his grandfather was an original signer of israel's declaration of independence and his father an israeli general growing up it was raised to not question the jewish state or its discrimination against palestinian arabs then in one thousand nine hundred seven he lives twelve year old niece was tragically killed by a suicide bomber in jerusalem but instead of letting this incident blind him with hate news the tragedy do instead help him understand the conflict through impact that historical lends his book the general's son recalls that experience and also deconstruct the myths and misconceptions about the decades old conflict i spoke to earlier and first asked him if he's received any backlash from the israeli community for his outspoken activism regarding palestine and here's his response. well i can't say that there's been much of. backlash i mean i the most i ever get
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is members of the zionist committee come to my lectures and try to ask difficult questions mostly the kind of you know wave the finger at me for you know pulling away and straying away from from the pack but there's really not a lot of backlash i think i don't know that israelis are quite aware that the book is out and that the you know people are talking about it and you mentioned zionism and i just think it's really important make a distinction between a zionism judaism because you know i've received backlash from simply criticizing israel and the israeli government's policies and what can we do to combat this charge has been labeled anti-semitic for simply questioning the poll says that the israeli government is well that's that's the that's really the only response that the pros or other groups have is to call people have to sematic when they criticize israel it goes all the way for bibi netanyahu down my reply to that is well let's let's the ok so let's put this idea somebody thing off to the side and see what that means ok so supporting the state of israel
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a state that has thousands of political prisoners a state that denies palestinian children water because they're palestinians in a state that on a regular basis as a policy kills palestinian civilians so supporting that is ok and opposing that is that the semitic how does even that begin to make sense so i think the way you come back as you continue a conversation you kind of take it to the next level you talk about that because anti-semitism means you are racist but if you oppose that you're a racist then you support that and that's ok that somehow you're supporting jews i mean it makes no sense and i think besides that the state of israel is not really a jewish state because half the population are jewish so it's not really a jewish state although they claim it is and it's also not a democracy because half of the population of the knowledge of population are counted so it's neither a jewish nor a democracy really so again just going to keep the conversation going on the flip side there is a lot of anti-semitism on the line. and you tube i mean it's unfortunately it's
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infected a lot of a legitimate question about the israeli government and i don't know why that's so prevalent let's move on now while we're on the subject of racism i just saw this recent article that really irked me about the mayor of nazareth as you said a large population is arab in israel nazareth is eighteen percent arab the mayor of the town has said things like this is a jewish city now and forever i'd rather cut off my right arm and build an arab school and ninety five percent of jewish mayors think the same thing they're just afraid to say it out loud and when i hear things like this it's really startling do you think that that sentiment is really the problem among israeli politicians well politicians and israelis i mean israelis vote for those politicians they don't just show up but israel is a democracy if you're an israeli jew and the mayors and the members of the knesset and the cabinet all represent the opinions of israelis of jewish israelis so they do represent that and the discourse in israel has become more and more racist with time and today it's a very it's a racist discourse people are not afraid to say things like this and i think it's
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a sign that they feel that they're being defeated they feel that the holding on to this racist notion of a purely jewish state is the only thing they have and i think they know very well that by all the estimates by two thousand and twenty there will be a palestinian majority between the mediterranean and the jordan river in other words that land that israel controls right now will be predominantly palestinian the population within the predominately palestinian yet they don't want to allow it to become a democracy. so that's the problem of course they hold on by being more and more racist you know considering how they make up such a significant portion of the israeli state how do israeli laws a fact non jewish state is in fact the arab population there considering how much segregation goes on in a day to day basis well israel is a state that prefers jews so jews have professional treatment like i said i don't think the jewish state because half the population is not jewish but they prefer jews and it's reflected in the fact that the non jewish cities. which poor
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palestinians of course. live under a totally different set of laws there are dozens of laws that people can go to www dot com or dot org and they have a list of all those laws that discriminate specifically against the palestinian citizens of the state and they live in basically in an environment of racism and discrimination and people won't rent an apartment to a palestinian and it's hard to get a job if you're a palestinian and so forth and talk about citizens and then you've got the palestinians who have no citizenship they live in the west bank and gaza and even though they might live i don't know fifty yards away from an israeli jewish settlement they're denied water they're not protection the settlers with the protection of the army attacking them take their lands destroy their homes and so on these are stories that i think people are familiar with and there's no law that protects them they are completely under the mercy of the israeli military and it's the military that doesn't show mercy to palestinians would you call israel an apartheid state i think israel is an apartheid state in that you have different laws for different parts of population and the racist law is absolutely. you know i
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hear a lot about a pax role in u.s. foreign policy i just want to get your opinion how much influence do you think it really has exerted over this government to what extent does this government use israel is kind of a tool just for regional policy i'm sure there's a bit of both i'm sure it's a relationship that goes both ways is given away i think it is i think apec is very influential and again i think it's a part of the size it back as an israeli lobby it's not a jewish lobby like you said that making that clear is very important. but they have many many years of experience you know the pros really lobby began the generation of my grandparents who went around the world convincing people that all jews have a right to go and live in palestine so this is like in seventy eighty years ago before the state of israel was even established today's apac in the jewish federation and all these other arms of these. are the descendants of those of those people and they're very good and had many years of experience and that's why they've been able to influence. the media an education system and of course
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politics. but it's that experience that has allowed them to have that kind of an influence. it's funny if you look at the history books today kids history books in high school at middle school the entire party talks about the ancient hebrews is biblical because there are no historical there are no this has been proven historically that any of that actually happened but it's in there as history and i think that's part of that because that connects you know the state of israel to this history of the hebrews and so on. but again it's having all these decades of experience that allowed them. to have this this this powerful influence you say that we need to stop talking about israel under the context of religion but really how do you separate the two because it really has made itself as the jewish state and like you said it's rooted in this century old belief system. the way they've done it is the zionists claim that being jewish is a nationality. just like any nationality you've got the country which is israel and
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then you've got to you've got to tell you don't live in italy so you have jews who don't live in israel this is the impression they've tried to create and i think they failed because most jews don't live in israel most jews are either american or french or latin american or you know what have you. but this is but based on that if jews are not a religion but a nation and then this whole zionist idea makes sense but the reality is the jews don't see themselves having a majority of jews don't see themselves as a nation they see themselves as american first or what have you. but that's how they create this this idea that it's the jewish state and it's the country of the jews and so on and i think it's recognized that us biased toward israel you know just kind of this never putting any pressure toward international norms international human rights standards things like that especially in this chemical weapons debate and that syria. what do you think is an unwillingness to put pressure on israel is doing to america's image around the world and really like putting you know fire on the tensions that are already right in the arab world. i
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think it's it's reflecting very poorly on american politicians and it's very very proud that america is as a country because you've got this small state that is receiving so much money it's not a developing states so why are they getting all this foreign aid and then suddenly john kerry today walks around the world not today but since he took office is traveling around trying to bring peace between israelis and palestinians based on an idea that everybody knows is not going to work it's this two state solution idea and people in israel cabinet members and are making jokes and making fun of him you know how could he be so gullible what's he talking about everybody knows that we the israelis will never allow this to happen and he is the you know jumping up and down trying to trying to bring this back to life. so it's reflecting very poorly and on the other hand israel like you said i mean israel is as a blank check politically and financially from the from the u.s. to continue massive human rights abuses against the palestinians like i said including killing innocent civilians incarcerating thousands of palestinian political prisoners and so on white phosphorus and it's just beyond hypocrisy at
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this point i want to point out your your book the general's son journey of an israeli israel israeli and palestine you're on a tour right now to talk briefly about this book and why it is that you speak out and have the the will and empathy to speak out but so many others don't. well the book or the book relates this kind of the history of the development of idea of zionism the state of israel and the israeli palestinian conflict and the role my family played in it sort of goes back and forth between being a kind of personal memoir because so many of my family members were part of the establishment of the state of israel and then again going back and forth into the history really discovering what actually took place there's so many myths there's so much confusion out there you know what actually happened in one nine hundred forty eight was it a heroic you know historical event for the jews recently revived or was it a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing of terrorism i think it was the latter one.
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look at the details but all these stories are out there and one of the attempts i made in the book is to clarify that there are two stories and one of them is true and one of those not and again the role my family played and how i got to the point right became you know. an activist and a proponent of the idea of a real democracy in palestine. our journey of an israeli in palestine really appreciate your time thank you so much make up it's my pleasure thank you. journalist seymour hersh a stunning a wake up call the mainstream media stay tuned to find out what he has to say. the interview.
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player. play. please. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all today please.
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i'll talk about the medics state of journalism in the us and there's nothing better than getting that claim validated from one of the most renowned reporters in the world seymour hersh a man so balls in controversial that republicans have deemed him the closest thing american journalism has to a terrorist so last week he had some explosive words to say to students at city university in london about the abysmal failure of the for the state comments published by the guardian hersh lambasted the mainstream media for its strict compliance with the obama administration narrative he suggested that the only solution is to fire ninety percent of current editors across the country effectively shutting down the entire corporate media apparatus hurston stop there he also chastised journalist for wholeheartedly accepting the rationale of national security for every single foreign policy decision in a post nine eleven world he also pointed to drone warfare as a prime example of journalists toeing the line by asking quote how does obama get away with the drone program what's the intelligence why don't we find out how good
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or bad the policy is why do newspapers constantly cite the two or three groups that monitor drone killings why don't we do our own work great questions i often ask myself why we're faced with this false dichotomy of a their troops on the ground or hellfire missiles raining down on civilian populations as we know drones have a ninety eight percent failure rate a ketchin high level targets and cause enormous resentment among targeted populations but instead of hearing this debate in the media you notice here that drones are necessary component of the war on terror the media's coverage of obama's drone war exemplifies how difficult it has become to challenge this administration compared to bush's term and in fact hersh called out reporters for becoming stenographers i would rather work to reelect the president but the challenge is that the wording because on the say that our job is to go beyond the debate and find out who's right and who's wrong about the issues it doesn't happen enough new
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york times still has an investigative journalist but they do much more of carrying water for the president than i ever thought they would. see her she has every right to call it the new york times considering how used to be a reporter for this respected institution and that's just one line on an exemplary resume over the course of his journalism career hersh has repeatedly shattered the political status quo to uncover the lies distortions and cover ups perpetrated by the us government has exposed everything from the murder of hundreds of vietnamese civilians during the my lai massacre to shine a light on the torture scandal it's fair to say that he's devoted his entire career to define corporate media's propensity to act as an echo chamber for the powerful which is maybe why we should heed his daring claim that challenges the official bin laden death narrative according to her nothing's been done about that story it's one big lie not a word of it is true in fact hersh has put his journalism career on hold to release
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a book on national security and is devoting an entire chapter to the historical revisionism of the bin laden killing i have to say hearing this claim from such an established journalist gives me peace of mind that i'm not insane because up until now questioning this story has become almost sacrilegious i'm glad others around satisfied with the utter lack of evidence and closure regarding the bin laden death tale see seymour's of words have become have a recurring theme in them in a corporate media outsiders the only way to have journalistic integrity these words are especially powerful given the current debate on capitol hill which is desperately trying to define what a journalist is instead of what the act of journalism means no matter how congress comes to define the term one thing is clear the dinosaurs of corporate press are dying a long slow death so the mainstream media can either heater hirsch's advice shut down ninety percent of its bureaus and start all over again or they can continue
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pushing the government sponsored propaganda and drive itself into irrelevancy until . it happens the renaissance of alternative media will continue to grow and build upon the collapse to rubble of the for the state. with so much negative news to report it's easy to overlook some of the more amazing technological advances happen in the world in fact most scientific and nations that do make headlines are about drones sophisticated missile systems or anything that can be used to spy or kill however scientific breakthroughs and field other than death and destruction also deserves some recognition from three d. printing to rewiring of the human brain many of which was considered science fiction only two decades ago is now reality and is changing the way we interact
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with the world sort of break down some of the most amazing ones i've covered and joined by b.t.s. producer you're going to forget what my name was and i was like who are you the senator from what's going on mary so let's talk about some of this crazy stuff i wanted to start with this headline that i actually don't understand at all we grow as a white for an entire minute that sounds crazy i mean i don't even know what that means i can't comprehend it makes sense you know that's because. this is the coolest thing i've ever seen no idea how they're able to do this the only practical purpose that i can see from freezing light is for. data processing using light i mean we rely on so much. fiber optics so much for information for communications for the internet and we complain about the internet being sold the time being able to freeze light and keep in mind such a ridiculous concept is sort of defies everything that we've learned about what light is whether it's a wave where there it's
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a particle and to do this in the way they do it they have this medium which is an ultra cold cloud of gas that the that the shoot these photons through with quantum particles that is the smallest that a particle of light can go and then it stops for up to sixty seconds and it's absolutely ridiculous and honestly i have no idea what the practical purpose of it other other than other than you know revolutionizing communication and if used in that i'm going to sing i want to simplify. keep it let me say that it is my frozen life in quantum mechanics and it's definitely you know it's just transformative of everything that we have these preconceived notions about what light is and how it works and photons and everything and speaking of photons in a related story i've been seen all over the place that scientists have recreated the. lights a light saver so actually this is the biggest disappointment that i have to say i see this as a liar wars fan i know it and i was excited like look at i could have been coming to work with a with a lightsaber and hands and get
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a new air of civilised warfare with light sabers i know this is completely misleading headline that is circulating all over the internet about how scientists have created the lights and what they do it's essentially the same as what we heard with the first story they're shooting photons through a a this very special medium of coal gas they were able to bring it down to almost absolute zero which is negative two hundred seventy three degrees celsius something very very cold and when you shoot using a laser shooting these two little being too little photons they slow down they don't stop they come out the other end of the of the cloud as a single molecule and what we've always learned in the past about about photons about light is that light doesn't interact photons don't interact with each other but they are in this experiment so this is completely transformative way of thinking about how how how light works now is it a lightsaber no just because these two little photos are actually it's a far cry from being a light saber but you do have powerful lasers these days they can cut through
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pretty much anything there nothing can stop them i am not discounting the possibility of anything in the future considering how this next story is really crazy especially for people who've seen internal sun sign of the spotless mind involves navigating the human brain and actually here zeroing in on some parts of your brain that can actually raise memories i want to play a little clip from eternal sunshine for people who don't know. why remember a destructive love affair here at the cool we have perfected a safe technique for the focus. of troubling memories matter of hours patented surgical procedure will review of painful memories and allow you a new and lasting peace of mind you would never imagine possible so basically by amplifying the activity of a g. . called that one they can know a race memory is i mean this is crazy what potential could this have for the future you know i mean i think this is this is really great the way that they did this experiment they did it with mice and the what they're trying to do is they're
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trying to amplify this gene right so the mice that that had it amplified and the they had this electrified cage and they had just essentially had their memories written over so that when they went back in the caves they forgot that they a bit of electrocuted the last time and they weren't fearful of it so the practical aspect of this if you have p.t.s.d. if you've had some sort of traumatic experience something really awful and you can go in and just like the just like in the in the clip that we just watched you have some really horrible memory that you want to give you want to get rid of it here and here's the whole struggle with the eternal sunshine thing is like do we really want to erase memories i mean that's part of being human that's part of like learning you know life experiences the good and the bad and i think it's really also and are very valuable it's just the power of persuasion can can convince you that you've had a memory because that didn't exactly memory is fluid it's not a static thing it's not like you can just go back and erase one thing it all affects each other the way that we interact today affects the memories that we've had in the past and also what i'm thinking is how the government can seize this technology and the third false memories but you know another thing is
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a little ridiculous you know race memories that maybe they can restore maybe it really gives some sort of insight and maybe they can find a gene to restore a memory and help with alzheimer's and something let's move on because there's another really crazy thing this three printing thing is tripping me it's really getting how it's really really solidifying its place in history right now three d. printing is everywhere but you know here's the headline. nasa now has a three d. printer that they're going to be sending into space next year and if you look back to the sixty's when astronauts were going up with with swiss army knives with all these tools in this one little device the three d. printer essentially is going to replace all of that it's going to make terms like irreplaceable completely obsolete you know anything anything that. i can think of it's going to it's going to save so much money for nasa to be able to say oh you know what we forgot to bring this component part where you know you can just print it out the possibilities are endless for its applications in outer space and think about also star star trek i mean we're watching the show they can manifest like an
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item of food in space i mean really this is reality and think about the implications could have for potentially diminishing global hunger starvation worldwide if everyone can just have a printer and print out for it if they have this special protein it's completely mind going to play something you explore in the future four hundred dollars you can get a three d. printer right now for four hundred dollars the possibilities are and. thank you so much man i'm all rapido b.t.s. producer except. going to do it for us today you guys thanks for joining our show have a great night see going tomorrow. the . economic downturn in the final months day the deal sank
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night and the rest because i was so unique a little being a briefly on the. wealthy british sign. some time to write in the morning. market why not. why no one should really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports . expensive cars so. the new fashion show. also designer bags and shoes
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in the best shop windows. luxury is a school. this is the last. executed one of our chief.
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u.s. president obama urges republicans to reopen the government following the stalemate over the new budget which will see workers lose millions of dollars from their pay packets. the old israeli choose not to be un general assembly as prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran cannot be trusted after a thaw in relations between tehran and washington. britain considers putting out of the european human rights convention with senior politicians claiming rights routings a standing in the way of justice talked about the sound. of life from a.


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