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tv   The Big Picture With Thom Hartmann  RT  October 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:59pm EDT

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economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report. it was like. did you know the press is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek helpless. feeling you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on when we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america are you ready to join the movement and walk of the big. launch on our own in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. the publicans in congress
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have closed down the government the general george washington had three horses shot out from under him in order to create just of all but i'll tell you the real reason for their shutdown strategy also disgraced republican congressman tom de lay's two thousand and ten conviction for money laundering has been thrown out what about governor don siegelman who's in jail for a crime he didn't commit and the first government shutdown in seventeen years might never have happened if the supreme court didn't open up the floodgates of corporate money twenty eight and the citizens united decision i'll tell you why and how and severely to it. you need to know this all hail the tea party billionaires strategists they are geniuses seriously what's the most effective way to destroy obamacare is not to defund it because there's really no such thing as defunding it individuals are.
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mostly funding obamacare by buying insurance policies of private health insurance companies through the exchanges the rest of it is really just a whole bunch of separate individual pieces things like rules against you discriminating against people with preexisting conditions and you know that doesn't require any funny whatsoever the best way to destroy a bomb a cure if you really seriously want to do it is to make sure that young healthy people don't sign up for that's because something known in the insurance industry as the death spiral a death spiral happens when an insurance company gives more and more older and sicker customers this raises their costs and in turn forces that insurance company to raise their rates when the insurance company raises its rates fewer and fewer younger and healthy people sign up pay more expensive why do that and the proportion of older and sicker people gets even worse in their expenses go up more the rates go up and more people don't sign up and eventually the health insurance program dies the only way to prevent a death spiral is for
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a large pool of young healthy people to make up most of the income to the health insurance company so it can pay out what it has to for that relatively small fraction of its customer base who are older sicker or both this is why there aren't so many small health insurance companies so if you want to kill obamacare the way to do it is to prevent young people from signing up. the koch brothers trying to prevent young people from signing up with their creepy uncle uncle sam of the speculum ads. but that ad was widely ridiculed. pause a second so you could see why. then it was time for plan b. here's how they did that. first it which is actually i think the amazing part first remember that eight am today was the moment when obamacare exchanges across the nation opened for in rome. every news organization in the country had prepared detail packages and reports on what obamacare is how to sign up for it how the
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exchanges are going public right now all the details everybody was getting ready in the media obamacare experts were being lined up as guests for september thirtieth and october first way back a month ago for radio and television networks and radio and t.v. stations all across the country local t.v. and radio stations were playing their local versions of this talking about the details of their state programs. these past two days yesterday and today were supposed to be a huge obamacare big deal programming lines i know i mean the industry i mean we were planning it to these were going to be major television or radio programs in some cases major features that were going to be carried yesterday and today all about obamacare and that massive news coverage provided to obamacare for free would make up for the millions of dollars in advertising to promote obamacare and help people out to sign up and stuff that the republicans it stripped out of the legislation way back in the day three years ago. all those programs on radio and
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t.v. would have given the equivalent of millions of dollars worth of advertising to obamacare and caused tens of millions of young people to learn about the program get excited about the program and begin signing up right away and yet the way to destroy obamacare is to make sure that young healthy people don't sign up for it because if they don't it will die that's just simple economics so what could the koch brothers and the other billionaire funders of the tea party do. to prevent every major nella television network in america from running the special features that they were planning for yesterday and today about how to sign up for the brand new obamacare program that launched today. what could they do to make sure that on october first there weren't big news and feature stories on radio and t.v. from the morning shows through the evening news cycle about how the health exchanges were offering cheaper insurance than anybody imagined. how could these
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billionaires make sure that the start date of obamacare got buried in the news cycle so deeply that it was lost. under normal circumstances that kind of story killing with their hurricane or a massive earthquake or a crazed mass murderer or a gun man those things are kind of hard to control and predict so instead the billionaires turned to the politicians they own ted cruz look at who funds. the thirty or so tea party republicans in the house again look at who funds them and told them to pull off such a radical stunt that it would seize the attention continuously of all the television networks and newspapers throughout the entire news cycle of these two days yesterday and today. to do that they shut down the go it's just that simple come up with the biggest story you possibly can a government shutdown and run it through right at the very moment obamacare is going into effect it seizes the news cycle and hardly
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a mention is made that starting tomorrow morning you too can sign up for health care exchange for your obamacare it was a brilliant strategy and it worked throughout the night of september thirtieth through all the wall reporting that many journalists ask why here the republicans doing this why are they doing this now. it's written from their faces in it. but wait there's more this is also the week that the i.p.c.c. is rolling out the details of the new major report on climate change and again the networks and news organizations were preparing specials packages wall to wall coverage of climate change and the i.p.c.c. all of that now is also buried in a closet someplace along with a feature specials on how to find your local obamacare exchange for the oil billionaires like the koch brothers people who make money dumping carbon dioxide waste in the atmosphere that we have to pay for. and hold to a political ideology that says the middle class should not have health insurance
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this was an absolute twofer we've been caught and the media has been caught in libertarian billionaires who want america to be a maze society not a we society one by the way you can say thank the supreme court for this in their citizens united decision striking down mccain feingold gave corporations and billionaires the power to own politicians and that's just exactly what the billionaires of don't welcome to the brave new world of politics. joining me for tonight's big picture politics panel are rice contributing writer for policy mike erica nudie democratic strategist and huey news a member of the national advisory council of project twenty one black leadership network and here it's great to see you again good to see you again erika nice to have you with us thank you thanks for joining us so you all heard my rant this is conspiracy theory on steroids some would say although i ran it by congressman steve
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israel today and he said you know words to the effect of it makes a certain amount of sense although the republicans already tried to shut down the go before times this year so it's not like they need a giant conspiracy to make it happen but i'm just curious what you all take what you hear what are your thoughts on i did think it was a bit of a conspiracy theory i think that it just tied in to the fact that you know september thirtieth also is the day that the fiscal year is over for the government so i think that's probably more a better explanation of why the republicans are doing it now but you know to get into the discussion of what the purpose is and what's the what's the end game i am a little troubled by the strategy i think that a good we still need to have a clear referendum on this on this bill that we haven't had three years it's not a bill it's a long it's been a lot for three years i don't know i don't know i think the end because now then they rule that it is in fact a law does one problem though as it's being implemented today is best not the act that was an act of congress yes it is it absolutely is not the employer mandates
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gone over the employment mandates gone for years the only way your mandate they let me explain to you how the constitution has defined the operation is its cover congress says we want to do something like have an environmental protection so they created in the nixon administration the environmental protection agency they said here are the goals here's the budget you guys the executive branch you make it happen the e.p.a. was brought into being nixon made it happen he fine tuned it at least a hundred different ways during his presidency that's how you do it so postponing the employer mandate from for example was part of the fight. that was in vision in the law so that's how america more on the individual mandate because there's no need to if you postpone the individual mandate you kill obamacare because that is the young healthy people signing up for the program what your what you just proposed is what i was just talking about so if it's already let me give you the other folks in here if i mean your thoughts i think that i mean i i wish that there
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was some sort of broader strategy or like rational thought behind a lot of this but i don't think it's particular rational strategy or behavior at every single point in time they're publicans have use every opportunity to be obstructionist judicial nominations chuck hagel is confirmation every single time we've had another c.r. so i think what's happened at this point is that if you keep kicking the can down the road eventually you end up in the gutter and we hit this point where it's not that we have a democratic budget and a republican budget that are kind of that need to be reconciled i mean it was six more weeks of time it was buying time with sequester ation which was not democratic plan by any democrats christian democrats in the senate you know a clean bill to the house that was the republicans number this was including the sequester this was the number of the john boehner said this is the number i want to give it to but this is you hear the issue today it's not about the budget it's not about the numbers it's about obamacare and it's that it was because obamacare was litigated three years and it was passed before but this is where the republicans think it's their chance to have the debate that we never had but it was yeah
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there's nothing i'm not but three hundred forty it's forty six votes forty six times they voted to defund obamacare and it is not our only we've got the debate for five years because hillary and obama were debating this in the primaries it's been an ongoing debate but in terms of a fair reasonable debate we haven't had a yet in the house because when you do this you guys are voting down without a vote for they voted for it but when the obamacare bill is passed it was in a bipartisan bill right i was in there including the exchanges the refund back the exchanges that it just started today what was part of the republican legislation was taken word for word form from republican legislation. this bill had a number of amendments and bills for both the house and senate that republicans put their names on and then suddenly when that was all put together they didn't want there were signs that it was anyway and it was the heritage foundation for the original program and the romney who put it in place made some words on the democrats' bill that they want to because otherwise where the public option there are some republicans obviously who support this bill just like anything else they're going to be some bipartisan not so we'd love to have them no no there's not
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a certain number but wait a minute hold that thought you were a christian will finish this thought just say more of the nice big picture politics work at. the but. it was a. very hard to take. your. life have you ever had sex with that big hair.
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you think. i would rather as questions to people than positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question. there was some bipartisan support for the bill but it wasn't in large numbers of republican support of that bill and i think we're talking about obama to to try. years ago three years ago and i think that's why republicans are having this fight now is because whether or not you know they had their chance before to debate it this is when they actually feel like they have a chance to make a difference on obamacare when the house the last time the government got shut down it was newt gingrich wanting to cut back on medicare it was newt gingrich want to take apart medicare and he shut down the house over it and bill clinton said no we
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are not going to cut medicare it isn't going to happen and i mean what do republicans have against people get having health insurance i really do i don't now i don't understand that a lot of the republican governors that rejected the medicaid funding to expand medicaid you know no skin off their budgets no problems at all just literally saying like rick scott no we're not going to i don't want those extra people to get government money now we're not going take the money we don't want those people to get to get care and so i'm a really hard time i find this to be a very very mean spirited the number. the food stamps you know if i ate over. support for women with children michele bachmann got her farm subsidies well who thank you but i think it's really become very mean spirited i don't understand why people who have insurance i mean i don't see ted cruz giving away his insurance because it's not necessarily he gets his insurance through his wife he's an executive with goldman sachs that's like a forty thousand dollars a policy right but this idea that like that if they all have insurance they enjoy
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it they think that it's relevant and useful why are they so afraid of other people having insurance so it's as if that's a great question and i'm not going to fin hypocrisy of politicians or if you are really talk about policy and the problem is when you're borrowing half of you know half of the money that you're spending at the federal level in the off the backs on the state levels most states there are too many states that are in the red most states. half of what it was a year old at the federal level but how many states are in the red you talk about medicaid almost you know you don't drop down and he only there's so you can get out of nowhere with a small certainly can borrow money only those that have already. you know and it doesn't require in its constitution a balanced budget is from our right so all of the states do not have to have a balanced budget and so you know all those states have to have a go i have to check except i will have to. make it so that at the end of the day medicaid spending is starting to dominate state budgets and so that problem has to be addressed and so when you talk about the medicaid expansion which by that we
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talk about about politicians i don't see any politicians talking about you know decrying the fact that medicaid is struck out of obamacare nobody talks about that because we have a chip you know what's about that but besides that point. still have to address the fact that the states their budgets are so ballooned by medicaid funding. medicaid by the federal government while there was designed to alleviate some of that pressure you had amount of time but so you were not in the end of the in those commitments or in perpetuity no it's one hundred percent funding and after three years and it was a ninety percent no commitment in perpetuity then we will be having this conversation up to the status commitments and most certainly do you think that this is this is going to see how a i'm just curious actually a quick poll of the three of you how long is john boehner going to refuse to allow the house of representatives to take a vote on this clean c.r. that the senate sent over because what i'm hearing from republicans in the house of representatives is that it would probably pass by three hundred fifty votes if you disagree then tell me but i think that there's
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a consensus on that how long it's going to be before john boehner allows a vote on this i don't think it'll be too long in all honesty i don't see why he has the incentive i mean he might allow a vote on it but it might come us on moments or something he's not going to want to pass the senate bill as is and he's going to have to eventually maybe but i don't think he's going to unless the tea party stops breathing down republicans that well you know the tea party primary challenger doesn't erica leave it out i mean i have i don't understand why he's sticking to the hastert rule on this so it's so hard i think that at some point there's going to get i think when we see three days that we start to see markets being more effective three days is kind of a lot about how long it takes for a poll to go in the. and come back out a more nuanced thing not just kind of a kind of a testing though when one says there's a right so i think wednesday thursday we'll start to see some more movement i think to be honest right now in both the house and the senate people are so kind of shocked that this is actually happening that there was kind of a bit of a scramble you got a kind of deal with getting the offices and getting people furloughed and kind of what that means for workloads and then i think they just kind of i would i mean i
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think the person think he'll do it is the third day i like to see you do it as soon as possible so we can test this theory that the left has presented it that you know this a clean c.r. would pass but three. votes i don't know if they think will pass the margin but i don't know if you'll pass with three hundred or who is all the democrats who don't require seventeen republicans right so christian do you think that this thing is going to spill over into the into the debt ceiling battle that's going to come at least come on october seventeenth or so to be fighting about this i don't see any reason for republicans to give up now they already started but it's a true apocalypse i mean the treasury department said today that their computers they have no system for prioritizing which debt gets paid which gift gets defaulted on and if we start defaulting on debt held by other sovereign nations. you could see the you could see other countries say ok that's it we're in the dollar is no longer the default currency of the world we're no longer going to denominate oil in
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dollars well i'm going to no longer i mean you know you could see a crash that would make nine hundred twenty nine look like a fridge and i don't know it would be that bad but i definitely think that our credit rating is going to drop from this and it's going to depend on who is weaker who is weaker spine republicans or democrats if the democrats fold and decide to repeal obamacare which i don't think is even possible then you know obviously the republicans are going to have a victory but they're also in take a political blow i just want to stand how this is about what the democrats give on obamacare not the law was passed it was up held by the concert by the way the supreme court and now we have a situation where we're talking about doing your job or not doing your job and job of cause. this is to spend is to. write these budgets passed these budgets and fund the government so i don't understand how they get to turn around like if you want to do our job then you're going to have to go where i want her to go this is what harry reid said today they're anarchists and they had think there's i you know i completely agree with that having people who don't believe in government running government is an incredibly dangerous thing sure god that when reagan gave his
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first inaugural address he said you know government is not the solution to problems government is the problem why the hell are you standing in front of it and i'm sorry i haven't i highly doubt that reagan will do this i highly doubt that's what i don't know with the debt ceiling i mean he he took on his own republicans when he was also i think much better leader in terms of controlling everything he passed a lot a lot of legislation and landmark bills to it was a different era i mean you didn't have citizens united allowing billionaires to say to everybody every single member the republican caucus if you don't do what i want i am going to make sure that you're not reelected in the next election and i will primary you and we come into these districts with literally four five six million bucks just something i said before says united we always have rush limbaugh and sean hannity so that the bide was there but as far as the debt limit is concerned i think that politically it is very very dangerous for the republicans to tie obamacare to the debt limit and obviously we need to we need to meet our
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obligations but you know you have to be very careful. with you all a bit and so you have to be very careful when you top things that are not related it's just the o.c.r. the glass last thing and that was part of my part of my opening rant was the i.p.c.c. i mean that all sort of pushed off the pages and i mean you've got the i.p.c.c. . almost walking up to the edge of talking about things like extinction i mean i'm walking over that edge i'm saying that you know if we keep going down this road for another century or so we're going to see something like you know the mass extinctions that this planet has seen before you know welcome back to the permian mass extinction ninety five percent of all life is gone the i.p.c.c. was. unambiguous about this nobody's even talking about it right now. when are we going to have this conversation more conversations we need to have christian i mean it can't happen until this debates over right we're not going to able to compromise on anything until we have a budget tragically or media chew gum and walk at the same time as the media though i mean i see that scene on c.n.n. huffington post new york times are all talking about the i.p.c.c.
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i've seen it on all their websites at least maybe not on t.v. but it's definitely in the writing mining there's certainly a number more than one page of any newspaper so you're going to have some stuff but in terms of what is dominating the conversation what's driving the news cycle and where these reports are getting you know place being buried in the back i think it's unfortunate timing i mean there's a it's a very very important conversation that we're not having and it's you know regardless of global warming or if you don't believe in evolution fine you have to admit that there is something going on with our weather and it's scientifically been proven we have just anecdotally seen it and it is causing massive damage to communities we are still building in areas that are high risk and it's you know causing catastrophe in certain economies so i think the idea that we don't have to look at this at all and we can no longer put our heads in the sand it just be like old climate it's about climate deniers versus you know tree huggers it's not about that anymore we have a lot of with a lot of corporations that are now saying that their bottom line is going to affect it that's why you have monsanto g.m.
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of those because they recognize too that the climate is changing and they're trying to get ahead of the curve so i think we're seeing industries move there but the public dialogue is lagging behind us wrote this topic up you were quickly i think this will force the conversation i will say that carbon regardless the left or right carbon there is a bad thing even if you don't believe in global warming or maybe warming least agree that asthmatic sorts of actions that are in there i would argue that the right oceans i would like to see the right participate in the discussion on what do we accept this as a premise in the end let's talk about what a free market ways we can use to reduce carbon in. next up young people are facing it seems the brunt of this great recession and the damage done to the american economy by what i would say is that rather than reagan revolution take a look at these charts right now the share of young people the labor force is at its lowest since one nine hundred seventy two in fact young people actually make up a larger share of the unemployed population than they do the employed population
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and things aren't even that great for those young people who do have jobs wages for eighteen to twenty nine year olds have declined pretty sharply since one nine hundred eighty the year reagan was elected so what are we going to do about this. being crushed by reaganomics thirty years of reaganomics is gutted our economy what's the solution. on the young person myself and in my opinion you guys are going to hate this but the solution is get the government out of the way there are so many programs in place to transfer money from young folks to old folks like well like any any basically anything that adds to the debt right we're going to be the ones paying it while we worry about what program would you do away with the it's going to help by doing away with that it's going to cause young people to have a better job opportunities tomorrow morning i don't know that we need to completely get rid of any program but we. don't have any specific. resources here young or about the right. time to do it and i think one of the biggest problems that we're saying is it's kind of a it's a it's a larger more exaggerated in the younger people where we see the disparity in
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wealth housing have not decreasing grow over time so now we're creating a kind of ingrain a second generation this class divide where the cost of college tuition has grown astronomically we have seen state budgets cut funding to public universities we have seen you know student loans just skyrocket the average person graduating from college in two thousand and twelve had twenty seven thousand dollars in debt and one in ten people are defaulting within two years on their student loan because they're not able to even get above that threshold where they can start making meaningful payments and seconds here is a time for danger believe it's interesting though that you that you talk about student the cost of rising. and education and how the left has failed to at least address that at least admit the fact the subsidies are helping to cause those costs . i wish we had more time. it is full of the giants who are saying. here it is and thank you all for being with us. coming up america's political prisoner don siegelman has an explosive allegations about former congressman todd
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the way to talk with brad blog founder brad friedman about those allegations right after the break. i know c.n.n. the m.s.m. b c news have taken some knocks lately but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close enough for the truth and might think. it's because one full attention and the mainstream media works side by side with you is actually on here. and our team is we have a different approach. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing damn it i'm not how.
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you guys talk to the jokes will hand out to me except that i've got to. think. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. the
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replay. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct albus. going. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america ready to join the movement then welcome in the big picture.
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to the big picture i'm john harbin coming up in this half hour late last month former republican congressman tom de lay had his money laundering convictions overturned by a texas appeal court and now there are fresh accusations that he was part of a. criminal conspiracy that helped to land a democratic lawmaker in jail i'll talk with brad friedman of the brad log and get the scoop on what that may mean for jailed former alabama governor don siegelman and as the government shutdown ryan's along democrats are really blaming republicans for bringing our country to its needs but in reality republicans are just up a messenger is doing the bidding of the people who are really in control of capitol hill and no it's not the builder burgers or on that internets do it. in other news late last month former republican congressman tom de lay's twenty ten
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money laundering convictions were overturned by a partisan three judge texas appeals court panel meanwhile former democratic governor of alabama don siegelman is still sitting in jail serving a six a half year sentence at a federal correctional institute in the louisiana and he's serving that sentence for something that one hundred thirteen bipartisan former state attorney general agree had never been considered a crime until he was convicted and now siegelman is speaking out against the way he alleges was behind a criminal conspiracy to defeat him siegelman and keep him out of office joining me now for more of from our los angeles studio and that is brad friedman founder editor and publisher of the brad blog red blog dot com hey brad welcome back hey tom good to be back i'm glad you called him a political prisoner because that's exactly what don siegelman really is yeah he's probably america's most wanted profile political person right i think we can identify quite a few others but can you remind our viewers of what tom de lay was convicted of
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doing and then what does this have to do with don siegel yeah well what tom de lay did was his very convoluted money laundering scheme where he got one hundred ninety thousand dollars from corporations in texas. his political committee did and in texas you can't give corporations can't give money directly to candidates so what tom de lay did was he took on hundred ninety thousand gave it to the r. and c. to one of their committees with the instructions to give it back to seven candidates in texas who are running for the texas state house they did those candidates were then able to spend that money and they won the texas state house they got a republican majority in the texas they'd house for the first time since reconstruction which then let the texas legislature gerrymander texas and it resulted in five additional republicans in the u.s. house all highly illegal. delay was found guilty on two different money laundering
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charges he was not required to go to jail while he waited on his appeal and then lo and behold here we are now three years after his conviction and two republican judges on an appeals court in texas have found a way to do away with those charges reverse those charges and acquitted tom delay at the same time don siegelman the former democratic governor of alabama still sits in a federal prison now after having been charged with something as you said that was never a crime before he they say that it was bribery but in fact he received absolutely no personal enrichment for this this money that was given to a campaign that he was working on the star witness in this case was was could jolted coached and. ordered by the prosecutors to write down his his testimony over and over again in a notebook and most astounding really i should think the guy that
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siegelman was running against for governor his chief of staff or his campaign chair was married to the prosecutor on the case who. the charges against don siegelman and they were all friends with karl rove so i mean it's this huge conspiracy frankly and after a delay was released from from his charges for now that's that's being appealed by the way but after he was released i asked don siegelman for a statement from federal prison and he basically pointed out how tom de lay was doing more money laundering to the tune of twenty million dollars with jackie of remop with karl rove to first try to essentially steal his election in two thousand and two and then destroy him when he was trying to run again in two thousand and six by setting up this insane prosecution that has so far been successful so
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tom de lay was part of the process that led to the prosecution of don siegel. yet remember the republicans had these these republican majority political action committees all over the country and they were trying to basically game the system so they could gerrymander all of these states so they could get more republicans they did in the u.s. house which they did they did that successfully which they did and they were successful and by the way all these years later tom de lay was doing this back in two thousand and two and all these years later we are now paying the price for that gerrymandering that tom de lay put in place so do you think that there is any chance at all that don siegelman this charge is could be turned into charges against tom de lay a and b. what are the chances that don siegelman will be pardoned by obama i know if. org i believe is the web site for people who want to learn more about governor siegelman and what he's up what he's doing well he's asking the at this point for
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a new trial given all of this new information that has come out i can confirm by the way that former white house attorney greg craig is represents now. sending don siegelman in this case and in his hope for clemency from the presidency so you know he's pretty high powered democratic attorney he may have some sway with the president of the united states so that could be good news for don siegelman as far as tom de lay being brought into this case i don't know one of the things that siegelman cited was jack aber mopsa book where aber mom says that they were working on this scheme to what i think the quote is to get don siegelman and that's where this twenty million dollars effort came from and it was confirmed if you will for the first time in jack aber mopsa book according to don siegelman statement from prison which we have in full of course at brad blog dot com amazing and so
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from brad blog dot com you can link to the various web sites that talk about a free don siegelman dot org and don siegelman dot org and free dash. as i recall it says there's been a bunch of them but. it's pretty amazing in that in the ten seconds or so we have left brad any word from the white house. no nothing their mom part of the what they're now saying is that until all of the appeals are exhausted he's asking for a new trial the new policy from the white house seems to be we're not even going to talk about pardons we're not going to talk about clemency until all the other legal avenues have been completed it's because as you know there's a different standard when the democrats are pardoning people than there is when the you know george w. bush is giving clemency to scooter libby before the ink is even dry on his conviction or spread bread for a white bread blog dot com thanks brett thank you to. me on the left or.
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on the obama super pac to the phones on with mr miller to get results. for today's politically corrected i'm correct in the conservative print media yesterday the united nations' intergovernmental panel on climate change i.p.c.c. released their fifth assessment report on climate change and global warming in the weeks leading up to the report's release a number of conservative media outlets made false claims about the report and its findings and editorial the washington times on september fifth claimed that the report would admit that the planet has been coolly not warming but the i.p.c.c. report makes it quite clear that the world is definitely warming and the war meanies are being driven primarily by human action an article in september twentieth washington examiner columnist ron arnoldo wrote that the i.p.c.c. report would include
7:39 pm
a starting. pitcher of all forecasts of eminent planetary catastrophe were catastrophic were wrong in reality the i.p.c.c. report specifically notes that actual temperatures are consistent with past i.p.c.c. projections and computer models conservatives are also attacking the i.p.c.c. for being one of the strongest advocates of climate alarmism the heartland institute james taylor. wrote an article in forbes on september twenty sixth claiming that the i.p.c.c. is goal is to scare people and implementing the energy restrictions and wealth redistribution prescribed as a cure for the mythical global warming crisis but the majority of climate change experts agree that the i.p.c.c. report is actually very conservative in its findings and approach the new york times found that after examining information in the report on sea level rise and climate sensitivity p.c.c. at times is bending over backwards to be scientifically conservative in their efforts to stand up for big oil and misinformed the american people we conservative
7:40 pm
media got pretty much everything wrong about the i.p.c.c. that's why they've been politically correct. she's crazy or you've probably heard of chunky monkey never heard of beaver but crunch believe it or not chances are you've already tried it that's because cats story i'm an extract made from the dried anal glands of beavers like the one seen here is used to flavor all sorts of junk food including candy and ice cream is most commonly used in vanilla ice cream castor and isn't the only weird ingredient used by food companies i'm pink slime and it isn't the only weird ingredient is an ice cream seaweed as you sometimes use to keep everyone's favorite frozen treat
7:41 pm
thick and delicious at the same time knowing that ground up beaver butts are used to flavor ice cream raises some. disturbing questions i mean a lot to extract is no ice cream than once used to give chocolate ice cream that hot and steamy dark bubble i'll leave that for you to see. coming up republicans may. they have forced the government shutdown but they're just puppets for those who are really controlling what happens in washington and across our nation or on that side still it's a. drama
7:42 pm
is the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world. filled picture of today's. from our rooms to live. up to. i. think i suspect. they would like the if you. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's
7:43 pm
because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which threaten all business. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hydrogen right handful of friends dash and the corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built up my job market that on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. looking for every dollar spent in the field that while you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective from top class tends to start. so
7:44 pm
sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes it's the firesign theater says rethink you know it's real and i don't think you're wrong if you're going to earn your right to see. things that you're your mother i mean you go what is wrong you know when you're driving along a road and you see a squash squirrel or a wild over a possum. what do you think yourself probably along the lines of. someone needs to clean that up but for some folks the reaction to a run over a raccoon is more like dinner so if you think that roadkill belongs in the trash and not your oven as a tasty squish squirrel souffle that everything you know is wrong joining me now is brendan bueller contributor to modern farmer magazine brennan welcome i thanks for having me on the show thanks for joining us so road kill for dinner. well when you
7:45 pm
think about it it really is the most ethical meat it i mean if your complaints against eating meat are that it's environmentally destructive or you don't want anything killed for your consumption and there's nothing wrong with word go either of those problems apply it's running around free and then bam it's motto for many bands so this is even this is meat that vegetarians at their ethical vegetarians could eat a new law went into effect that in montana may making eating road kill legal you think that that's a start of a national trend is that the only state that does. well it's actually legal most places not everywhere where i live in california it's not legal which was kind of surprising to me because you really have to bear it i mean most people wouldn't think of doing it in the first place do you eat roadkill. i am certain i would even hire a lot my wife will not let me bring it into the house and i'm sorry when you say
7:46 pm
that the last. of my wife will not allow it in the house i haven't yet can see are ok so you're just an advocate for eating road kill oh yeah pretty much i mean to see is an enthusiast ok so what do you know what are the if somebody is driving around looking at noticing road kill what are some of the things that they could do and with what could they do it. well first off you want to pick a large animal well nothing that's you know gone under the tires herds of deer is a good choice because well there's a lot of it the air in there is one point two million of them that every year. are innocent that is you know you probably aren't going to want anything out of the internal cavity but the stakes in the roasts are probably fine and depending on the weather you want a cold day and after that you take it home and butcher it like anything else is
7:47 pm
there a. any sort i mean you know you were right for this this magazine modern farmer magazine is is there a group out there that's promoting eating road kill or is is is this a way what got you started on this thing. i was out running errands one day it was a rainy day so the director and i went out i came back after an hour later or there was a dead deer that wasn't there when i went out out i pulled over and had a look at it and started thinking. boy i like benison maybe i'll take it out and then something made me think and i checked with the department of fish and game and they told me that it was illegal in california and. that was how i got interested of the topic so are you leading a movement to decriminalize eating roadkill in california. i don't know that i eat anything i sit in a room of i type. but i would be thrilled if someone did decriminalize
7:48 pm
a very very interesting favorite menu or favorite recipes. you know joe he's always good yeah then essentially possum chili squirrel chili were where would you draw the line road kill rats squirrels. yeah probably nothing with a color on it yeah that you know yeah. really nothing smaller nothing that smells bad ok all right brad thanks a lot for being with us today. sure thanks for having me on and now everything you go about road kill is right. just. the.
7:49 pm
it's the good the bad in the very very pedro clan is sleep a goodly good zebra here in response to the republican shutdown of the federal government the washington d.c. based food chain has announced a new policy all for a lot of federal workers get a free burger all they need to do is show up at any one of the burgers d.c. metro area locations and demonstrate proof of furlough as well as an employee id card chain c.e.o. peter bibby and says that while he could lose money if the shutdown continues. he wants to make sure he can help out the government workers who make up a large part of his customer base and work the burger at least someone's looking out for common decency and working people in washington d.c. the bad michele bachmann. during a recent interview for where else world the daily the minnesota congresswoman and tea party crusader extraordinaire compared president barack obama to a packed deal
7:50 pm
a crack. bachmann told the u.n. de ruyter garth can the block obama won't give in to republican demands to delay or defund obamacare because he can't wait to get americans addicted to the crack cocaine of dependency on government health care that's right america president obama just can't wait to get freebasing with all those different health plans i've heard mixing different co-pay types can share a really great guy. in all seriousness though congresswoman bachmann's comments are just far right racebaiting its very worst and another sad commentary on how desperately afraid of the public that obamacare will actually worked. and the very very ugly rafael cruz is the father of brother going to texas senator and head wacko bird ted cruz finds himself in hot water today after an audio clip surfaced of him implying that president obama is a muslim at a recent political dinner in colorado it was. the one of the moment in.
7:51 pm
your own with. margaret hoover. oh we. feel chris is right it is time to stop being politically correct and if we're going to stop being politically correct we should call people like him for what they are bigots said thing is these sort of views aren't that common on the far right of american politics and that is very clear. citizens united the supreme court decision has fundamentally changed the american
7:52 pm
political landscape in two thousand and ten thanks to the infinite wisdom of the five right wing supreme court justices our democracy was changed forever with that citizens united decision we lost control of our government and our democracy we turned it over to millionaire moguls billionaire tycoons and giant transnational corporations or actually the court turned it over to. yet despite the complete takeover of our political landscape by corporations and billionaires like the koch brothers the mainstream media has remained dead silent about the devastating effects of that disastrous citizens united decision as a result the majority of americans have no clue what citizens united is let alone the damage it's done to our democracy and to our way of life basically citizens united lets a few dozen cranky right wing billionaires like charles david koch threaten every single republican member of congress with a tea party primary challenger that they will fund the result is that republicans
7:53 pm
instead of working with democrats to find a bipartisan middle road for the country as they traditionally did. now have to compromise with the and do the bidding of the right wing billionaires and their tea party mouthpieces in congress if they don't they risk losing their jobs to tea party challengers in the next primary this is not good for our country it's not good for our democracy it has fundamentally shifted both the nature of our government and the way that we govern. and even worse the billionaire stranglehold over our democracy has shifted the topics for discussion in washington d.c. . we no longer talk about the issues that matter to working class americans like taxing the rich rolling back the reagan tax cuts building the infrastructure that the middle class uses that actually needs you know things like schools roads and hospitals instead debate in washington is taken up by the issues that the
7:54 pm
billionaires care about like reducing regulations on pollution in their factories or reducing regulations on their wall street banks or cutting business taxes or making it easier for their companies to outsource and globalize or increasing the number of guest worker visas in the immigration bill the list goes on and on it all benefits the billionaires and while the billionaires control the debate in washington. they now control the news cycle to the most recent example of billionaires like the koch brothers manipulating the news cycle was and continues to be around obamacare a.t.m. today was the moment when obamacare exchanges across the nation opened for enrollment every news organization in the country had planned packages and reports on what obamacare is and how to sign up for it and how the exchanges work at all the rest of the details obamacare experts were being lined up as guests weeks ago for september thirtieth and october first by radio tell of and television networks and stations all across the country all those programs on radio and t.v.
7:55 pm
would have given the equivalent of millions of dollars worth of advertising to obamacare and that would have caused millions tens of millions of young people to learn about the program get excited about the program and begin signing up right away of course the billionaires couldn't let that happen so what could the koch brothers and the other billionaire funders of the tea party do to make sure that every television network in america did not do a special feature on obamacare last night and make sure that october first today there weren't big news and feature stories about obamacare and. they turn to the politicians they own and told them to pull off such an audacious stunt that it would capture all of the attention of all of the television networks and newspapers throughout the entire news cycle of september thirtieth october. they told us shut down the government and it worked it's just that simple the billionaires got their
7:56 pm
way just like that. it's time to put an end to the billionaire ownership of republicans in our government and to their control over our news cycle that means rolling back the supreme court citizens united doctrine of corporations as people and money as speech. it's time for the american people to stand up and fight back and you can do that by going to move to a man dot org and find out what you can do to say no to the billionaires and yes to the oscars. and that's the way it is tuesday october first twenty thirty don't forget marci begins when you get out there get active tell your.
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up on our t.v. the closed sign is down in washington d.c. and across the nation since midnight the federal government has been shut down while congress bickers over a spending deal the american people want sound warry the latest on the shutdown and its effects that have been. in afghanistan there's a shake up in the ranks of the u.s. military two generals were fired for not having adequate protection of a giant base that was stormed by taliban fighters more on that coming up and reverend jesse jackson was invited to by the colombian rebel group the farm to mediate the release of a hostage but colombian president has actually refused that meeting we'll talk about that and more with the reverend himself later in the show.


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