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tv   Headline News  RT  October 2, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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i'm going to. the shandong roughly three hundred million dollars goes down the drain in the first twenty four hours of the you are federal told there's an expose of losses in the business. and peace for greece's far right golden dawn posse are in court on criminal charges following a public way with theory over the killing of an antique conscious musician.
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this is all she coming to life for most hello and welcome to the program. america's federal shutdown is beginning to take its toll the world's launched economy has already lost around three hundred million dollars on its first day of the u.s. government seized operating and its estimate is the loss will only accelerate with no sign of the lawmakers resulting the budget crisis will find out how americans are feeling the pain. it's really frustrating for the american people and for myself to see you know our government be so inefficient local businesses say they're getting worried we depend on the government here especially for this business and we have a lot of agencies around here so we're just going to turn a little quiet around here he is among the businesses offering special shutdown deals we don't know with the purchase of a donor with a government id still think tourism is at a standstill with iconic landmarks shut down most of the places. for
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business are closed today all thousands of people come to d.c. each year to visit the monuments and museums but today at many of these places like here at the natural history museum they're greeted with a sign like this one announcing that they're closed this family traveled from arizona to do some sightseeing we drove our kids' friends over in arizona thousands of miles across the country hoping to. you know show him the national treasures and teach him a little bit a little bit about american history and show him how great this country is instead we're learning about government the world war two memorial was closed off to visiting veterans until members of congress came to help break the barrier among them congresswoman michele bachmann maybe eight to twelve of us members one member had a scissor cut the tape and then we just ask or did. bachmann blames the democrats
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for the shutdown we haven't even gotten return calls most of the time from the president or from harry reid even the last one the last bill said will fully fund the government by which you sit down with us so we can hire an out some concerns that we have harry reid said not to do that you just take our way or no way but many others point their finger out the republicans they're the ones who put the obamacare bill into the funding bill that has no business being there the hope now is that a deal comes through. so everyone can get back to business as usual in washington liz wall r.t. . the u.s. government shutdown is sending shock waves across the globe stoking worries and fears in europe asia and australia the u.k. prime minister david cameron said america's big currying is a grave risk to the whole world economy and the headlines around the globe are echoing the sentiment the french daily figure the shutdown is a blow to the credibility of the u.s. and his comment from germany to go online now called america
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a superpower paralyzing itself one of china's major news portals scolded the lawmakers from holding their own country hostage and the australian pointed out or struggled to agree the budget doesn't speak good about the world's largest economy as financial expert patrick yon explains one squabbles in congress and spending big government or the world's biggest economy it's a big sign for investors. ultimately right knowledge investors aren't taking any for their knee jerk action but of course what we're warming up to is going to be another couple of weeks' time somewhere between i think the seventeenth and the twentieth of october when actually the american government is going to reach the point where it has to go and borrow more money and the problem with thought is it's been drinking vodka like an alcoholic for forty or fifty years and the bar tab needs to be paid but in the meantime they're hoping to get some more credit than politicians love to try and make
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a drama defending thing that they possibly can we're seeing this incredibly amazing entrenched standoff and you know what's really happening is actually ultimately while obviously there are problems for those million people who aren't getting paid at the moment and indeed the eight hundred thousand who ultimately have been furloughed for the time being actually what we have here a dispute between what looks like frankly a few needy tain agers but instead they're the government of the united states of america bickering over something in their backyard of which we really shouldn't need to have an argument whatsoever. with the u.s. government shutdown continuing into its second day the alarms a ringing over its negative effects piling up on america and first of all the loss of federal wager is essential services are continuing to operate but they're paid to late however add their own an estimated eight hundred thousand workers who've been stood down and won't receive their pay checks and let's not forget about soaring business uncertainty and the depressing confidence of the consumer as
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mindless by federal workers on unpaid leave alone roughly amounts to one billion a week but mood is analysts say the shutdown continues for a month it will cost about fifty five billion dollars which was roughly the losses caused by hurricanes katrina and sunday together excluding property damage for the rest of the while the worst could be just ahead as mark rubenstein from the russian asset management company i have see metropole explains all the shutdown is actually the minor issue from the standpoint from from internet of international investors the bigger of course a point of the bigger battle will be regarding the increase in the limit of the debt ceiling which is going to come up in the in the middle of the months yes has enough money to pay its bills until october seventeenth so we have no increase in the dead
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a limit is approved adopted by the congress and then it will be technical default and again that's there's going to be a huge problem for the financial system a lot of investors could. demand their money back and basically put their treasuries that are widely held by international central banks and. all kinds of institutions they could demand payments and for there for the treasure that a car and they held and that's that that will snowball this problems. and nasa is one of the non essential services affected by the government shutdown which leaves it grounded on its fifty fifth anniversary ninety seven percent of its employees have a day off today but no mood of celebration there and we spoke to tom joad a former nasa astronaut. experience the same thing myself back the last time we had a government shutdown in one thousand nine hundred five and i was an astronaut you
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know and i was told i was an essential part of the agency so i did report to work during those days but it is frustrating because everyone has deadlines everyone has a schedule to keep and be told to just mark time and lose this time and makes everyone feel that they're not they're not able to do their job. and head to our web site for more on this story now online team is constantly updating it minute by minute newsline on america's federal shutdown information on r.c. dot com. much more government must now shut down until congress funds it a go. but leader of greece's far right golden dawn posse is set to appear before magistrates to face charges of criminal activity for senior members of the group have already made preliminary court appearances three
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of them were released pending trial a climb down on the political pothole sponsored by the killing of an anti-fascist musician last month and legit carried out by a member of golden dawn she's and her family is in athens are. while the crackdown against golden dawn continues pay scimitar heavy police presence and paste in the party have appeared in court here in athens charged with being part of a criminal organization and that followed police making a direct link between the party and the death of an anti fascist rapper while that action did quell a wave of public unrest following that day it has also produced a backlash from golden dawn and also from their supporters one of whom spoke to r.t. anonymously. to show my support for the golden dawn. it's unfair of the government to have all these charges and it will backfire we demand because at the moment we don't have the golden dawn will continue and it will
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remain strong argues the ideology not its people while you have to remember that despite all these events golden dawn still remains the third biggest political party in greece is has eighteen elected m.p.'s and getting rid of them will not be easy it is against the law to ban any political party here in greece and even if you did put the politicians in jail they would still remain and pays what's more golden dawn is now threatening to remove all of its politicians from parliament and that were triggered by elections perhaps destabilize an already fragile coalition and in turn could jeopardize greece's chances of securing more european bailout money with the country already waiting to hear if it will receive the latest try and shift a u.i. meth money worth one billion euros and farmer for athens. and later in the program by report on how farmers in portugal are setting up on to
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patrol groups and their own attempts so calm but things in their region are stealing their equipment. and widening crime down each of the muslim brotherhood as a. government. being sued kind of pushing the country only deeply into political deadlock. this point being an expensive car saloon. like new clueless a new fashion show. also designed. in the best shop windows. luxury is the school. this is the last kong.
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concert. on archie. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. this is aussie welcome back russian investigators have started to file formal charges against a group of greenpeace activists currently being held for attempting to storm an oil rig in the oxic so fond final the processes have been charged with piracy. the
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details. well the investigative committee began filing official charges against being peace activist and they are being accused of piracy guilty then they could face up to fifteen years behind bars see that their actions didn't only threaten the lives of the oil rigs workers but the environment as well greenpeace denies all the i.q. stations claiming that it was a peaceful protest just to remind you on the eighteenth of september a group of the organizations activists try docking to all rig in the russian north several tried climbing on board who they were arrested by the federal security service and then all thirteen were brought to the northern city of more than once where most of them remain today there are restless prolongs for two months spending an investigation into who referred from president vladimir putin who said he didn't see or didn't view the activists as pirates but calling to him they'd still
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violated the law and i was green peace says that this is the biggest attack on the organisation since the french security service destroyed its rainbow warrior vessel and killed an activist protesting against nuclear tests in the pacific ocean. and last year they had a greenpeace says russia arctic program was complaining that the very same oil platform in the arctic sea was a secure enough and could be easily captured by terrorists so greenpeace activists did manage to climb up that oil rig last august the head of the campaign groups and russian actually program said at the time there was no immediate response by the coast guard or security services and clearly they found quite the opposite they say here and their latest protest greenpeace activists interrupted a football game in switzerland they descended from the stadium roof unveiling banners with slogans against gasp wrong as fans of the game the banners called for the first reaction is held in russia to be released. and of course we're online
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all the time so find out what our web team has lined up for you now including at peace prize for putin state for additions political scientists and activists when the russian president to gets an nobel peace prize for his role in resolving this syrian chemical weapons crisis. and an ace now sorry nasa makes his story find molecules containing plastic are discovered on one of saturn's sixty moons is the first time they've ever been detected outside of us. an advance team of u.n. inspectors have kicked up their mission in syria arriving in damascus to oversee the elimination of the country's chemical stockpiles their experts have a tough task ahead to find and about one thousand tons of toxic arms in
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a country at war the u.n. security council approved the mission last week as part of a syrian chemical design meant to resolution after august poison gas attack our site damascus the deadline to destroy all facilities is the first of november but many find the timeline to un-bush as it is did in arras to winter that a u.n. team has faced in any nation but russia's ambassador to the world body vitaly churkin told r.t. the challenging time frame will work if all signs take part. this is a difficult schedule but i think there is reason to believe that this is a realistic schedule provided there is cooperation from the syrian government which we see as they are also provided there is a required cooperation from various a position groups and one important element of this resolution going to want to do is that it makes demands a model only on the government of syria but also about is a position groups there must also be a part it will create a political momentum which will allow us to move from from an agreement on chemical
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weapons in syria to agree to an agreement on a political settlement of the grocers'. convening the geneva two conference. that was just a preview of our exclusive interview with russia's ambassador to the yuan the full version will be available for you. in our sophie and. violence erupted at a rally by islamist supporters of egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi as they gathered in cairo's tahrir square for the first time in over two months meanwhile egypt's military chief has called for a speedy political transition but the muslim brotherhood is accusing the army of an
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escalation crying down on their acts of it saying it will only drive the country into a deeper crisis. from kyra. egyptian security forces stormed to cairo incumbents for ousted muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi back in august tents are torn down over six hundred people are killed a month on brotherhood activists like mr. say they have been driven underground so . i have started to hide my identity every day i shave my beard i have a second phone number that has to be changed so it's not tracked now i can live in my apartment if i move from one place to another life has become very difficult for over a month this was the site of one of cairo's main promo see citizens after august body dispersal by security forces it's become just a busy street since that day for many missing but there activists like mr fair they say they aren't able to attend rallies and their leaders are in jail or in hiding
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with last week's court order banning them as a brotherhood many fear this crackdown will just get worse. egyptian human rights organizations say the military led government is being too harsh. all of the activities of the muslim brotherhood. and its fusions or its. related to the muslim brotherhood this is a week of course so that as a collective punishment restrictions. muslim brotherhood also would not do anything but supporters of the interim government say there is documented evidence the brotherhood uses violence so silencing its membership they say is necessary to ensure stability and the transition to democracy to help with the ministry in the thirtieth of june revolution which was the second wave of the twenty fifth of january revolution muslim brotherhood killed a lot of egyptians they had no problems killing innocent people they proved they were to push egypt into civil war morsi supporters maintain they are being prevented from peacefully protesting the brotherhood's newspaper was also shut down
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its website announced this week they had to move operations to london due to the escalating crackdown. mustafa and his fellow activists say it makes them more determined than ever but tend to be pushing egypt further towards a bigger crisis. for r.t. . and look at some other global headlines from around the world in a moment a new u.n. report says torture and treatment often leading to death are widespread in libyan jails the means of abuse are said to be the most frequent way to get confessions of right after arrest and during the first days of interrogation about eight thousand prisoners are being held behind bars without any trial or suspicion or having food for president and that. the u.n. is investigation has shown at least twenty seven people have been tortured to death in the prisons eleven of them this year alone by militias that are trying to win
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the eight month civil. rights has expelled three venezuelan diplomats from its terror tree just today out of caracas booted out the same amount of american officials from this country venezuelan leader nicolas maduro accused there and boys of plotting to sabotage the economy the u.s. embassy deny the allegations fearing an assassination attempt to murder last week canceled his speech at the u.n. headquarters in new york diplomatic spots are nothing new to them as well and america both how without ambassadors but without ambassadors in each other's company since twenty ten. teacher protests in brazil turned violent after police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse crowds in rio de janeiro the last american countries undergoing an educational crisis with a shortage of teachers estimated three hundred thousand and overcrowded classes to government rallies have been rocking brazil since june with demands for more public
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spending of schools public transportation the response president dilma rousseff a sense approved a law that would reserve seventy five percent of all crop. it's for education the measures failed to appease protesters. three miners had been killed after a gas leak caused an explosion at a sort of mine in eastern germany for others were rescued after being trapped inside a powerful blast occurred in a fed and hundred meter deep shaft following and control does have nation of the mines managers said that while carbon dioxide leaks are an everyday occurrence this time it happened to an extent they did not expect. ukraine's capital police scuffled with infuriated protesters who were trying to storm the building of city council tear gas was used in the clashes while some of the officers were beaten by the demonstrators the angry crowds consisted of hundreds of supporters of different opposition parties were trying to smooth the
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session being held inside calling the city's authorities in good judgment and demanding new merril election fearing trouble the security forces had removed the hundreds from doors and protected windows in advance. local farmers in portugal are taking up on those they've set up a patrol to stop thieves from stealing their equipment the problem of metal theft is not new but is getting what is forcing the farmers to take matters into their own hands he saw first reports. meet the farmer. a rural community fighting for its survival these local portuguese farm is struggling to protect their land from mess with the. time to harvest the crops. so we decided. to protect our property told everyone. to only use their weapon if the field.
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we set out with them on a patrol despite new laws pulls in last year to try to deal with the growing problem thirty say arrests the matter of increased to the average full day compared to just a few cases each month a couple of years ago these bonuses become so incensed the lack of progress with catching the thief that they've essentially taken the law into their own hands and have gone out on patrols some of them carrying what the farmers don't want us to film them with their weapons they tell us all the guns are licensed they know the patrols skirting on the edge of legality. the thieves have been targeting the irrigation taps the crops the tops them selves not worth this huge amount but when stolen. so the phone is telling
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us that around six hundred of the. cost of a hundred thousand euros and if you just take a look he told us when these caps were stolen all the water came gushing out on to the learned in front of you can see the damage that has been done as european countries in and out of recession playful demands for metals has remained high making stolen cables the metal a world wide world. markets. this large metal recycling company tells us the black market trade in metal is beaming copper will fetch a thief around four to five year a pick ely in iron about three year over actually they say thieves typically targeting smaller scrap yards were less likely to ask questions and now if it's an industry that's incredibly hard to regulate there are
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a lot but as with all laws it's possible to get around them. a new law was passed just last year granting police more powers and tightening industry requirements these countermeasures include the implementation of a cashless system meaning to sales of more than fifty year a scrapyard should be required to write a check despite the new bases being introduced a metal theft cost the states an estimated twenty million euros last year was able to metal fairford is a growing problem in lots of countries in europe since the crisis we're hoping the new measures will be effective part it will take time for them to take effect. but until the problem is under control thumb a militia val to continue fighting back against the growing wave of metal that its surface i think portugal fi and up next people about on his gas discuss whether america is a locomotive force for the world or just one that will do
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a whale other countries cross-talk a slacker. this
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is a media lead us so we leave that maybe. by the scene to suit your. party physical . issues that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .
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hello and welcome to all because you consider. is the united states an exceptional country the indispensable nation proponents of this idea claim the us is a force for good in the world and has the right even.


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