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tv   Headline News  RT  October 2, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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breaking news here in a. government attempt to breach russia's embassy in libya the foreign ministry says no one was hurt and the situation is now under control. the u.s. government shutdown begins with hundreds of millions of dollars trickling away each day of the stalemate in washington as lawmakers showed no sign of finding
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a quick resolution. and russian investigators charge fourteen greenpeace protesters with piracy after they attempt to board an oil platform as part of an anti drilling campaign in the article top stories. live from our studio center here in moscow where it's just turned eleven pm this is . so first to our breaking news. to militants have attempted to break into the russian embassy in the libyan capital moscow says the situation is now under control and. joins me live in the studio with the details so what do we know has happened what is the latest well at this point we know and that's been confirmed by the foreign ministry that. identified people has attempted to
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breach the premises of the embassy of russia in tripoli they did launch an attack firing guns and even rocket launchers they also took down the russian flag but. didn't manage to actually breach the premises and thankfully none of the embassy staff members were injured in this incident also all the libyan security forces are now looking for the attackers the reasons why this happened obviously still are not known but we do member that over a year ago around two hundred armed men also breached the premises that time of the embassy took down the flag as well and that was when russia and china blocked the u.n. security council resolution on syria ok you know thanks very much indeed with the latest on this breaking news story more from you as you get more details but to me tom thanks very much for that. he's the founding editor of the online news site
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this can't be happening he joins me live now. lots of speculation of who do you think could be behind the attack. well i think based on the last time that the embassy was attacked that was linked to action by the soviet russia sir. in regard to the syrian issue i think again that you know russia is quite a prominently supporting the assad regime and the rebel forces are primarily composed of of al-qaeda linked groups in syria so i would think it would be a good guess that this has to do with russia's position in supporting assad but of course we've seen the american embassy last september being attacked and now a same the russian embassy i think many people would find it really quite baffling and trying to understand why exactly the russian embassy would be targeted but
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presumably a lot of other foreign missions will be perhaps under the spotlight and under attack as well that develop would think the u.s. would be eating its its. particularly given the past experience you know the forces it has inside to protect its own embassy because well it is providing arms to the rebels in syria it's certainly also sending drones to attack al qaeda forces in yemen in afghanistan and pakistan and somalia so. you know it's not as though the u.s. has said. treat it as a friend by al qaeda forces just because it's helping to arm them in syria when i mentioned the incident involving the death of those american diplomats in benghazi last september at washington a since put a lot of intense pressure on the bit to control the security in the country but
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really has as much changed. you know it seems to me that from from the little that i'm able to learn about libya from here in the states it's a pretty chaotic situation still in libya so when they talk about the libyan government or libyan security forces i think it's maybe a. generous description of. the day if you talk about a chaotic situation is getting worse isn't it we're reporting more violence that what in july of a thousand deaths why is it getting worse in libya at the moment it's meant to be in a transition to democracy that doesn't seem to be working but the violence is getting worse yeah minds me of some other places that the u.s. liberated iraq afghanistan and even pakistan the violence seems to be rising over the course of the decade and to end this year in
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particular and what does it say about the whole security situation there not just for the people of a but when we're seeing the diplomatic missions embassies now being targeted they're living of what authorities don't seem to have any control at all and no i don't think they do it but i suspect that their own forces are infiltrated by all kinds of groups with their anti-government interests much as has happened in afghanistan the army the u.s. is trying to cobble together there to replace it as it leaves i think the writer picture that we're seeing is that trying to supposedly into this democracy by the gun doesn't work too well and so one of the future if you're getting embassies now being targeted what for the future how much support will as authorities now get in libya when we're seeing office either foreign missions being targeted and clearly they do need help and i mean they do need that foreign presence. well they
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won't be getting much from the us the government shut down here so that was a good point. but in general though in terms of the future security of the country this indeed will pull off more and more foreign interest to try and reach some sort of the bullets the some sort of help to the libyan authorities if after all they can't keep those diplomatic missions safe you know i think the big issue for libya is that with this kind of thing going on they're not going to get much foreign investment this is their wealthy much to tourism industry there so i don't know where they're going to get their revenue and they just they can still pump oil lolo. it's tenuous too if you don't have it foreign experts to help run the place dave thanks very much dave intell founding editor of the online news site this can't be happening life air naughty and middle east commentator and blogger culture he spoke to me a little earlier and he says this attack shows the political reality in libya. this
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is only one manifestation of a whole stoner range of manifestations of that complete divorce divorce reality between those who supposedly exercise office and exercise but democratic power and those are have their guns on the streets you see all sorts of abusers i mean there are the kidnappings there are the various that there is there is the implementation of their own laws there's attempt to production so we're looking at a horse problem is that libya is far from even stepping in the right direction towards a transition and that's what we're constantly produce in incidents like this in the absence of any clear political control formally work look like a democratic process that elections happen and people who are taking power through negotiation but that's all completely divorced from this. who actually controls you know this word the monopoly over those who controls the means of violence the arms
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the weapons on the street which are the militias meanwhile a new un report says torture and ill treatment often leading to death is widespread in libyan jails an estimated eight thousand prisoners held behind bars without trial on suspicion of having fought for ousted leader moammar gadhafi well the report also says that torture is most common straight after arrest or during the first days of interrogation in order to extract confessions in some cases armed groups freely admitted and tried to justify the physical abuse of detainees the u.n. fears that if firm action is not taken now there's a danger torture will become institutionalized across the new libya british political actors john rethinks the ghosts of the nato led intervention are the reason for what's happening there. the truth of the matter is that the western intervention in libya destroyed any process or organic transfer of power from the gadhafi regime to the to the opposition if you come to power under the a goose of
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a nato air bombardment you aren't necessarily going to have the popular legitimacy that is necessary to be able to found a stable never mind a just administration and that's the and that is now the legacy which the west intervene intervention is because he used the libyan people they bequeath it to the state which doesn't have a popular legitimacy which is challenged all on all sides by militias which is breaking apart which is on supermarket and in which many of the jails are actually not one by effective state control at all. or to live here in moscow a reminder of our breaking news story that militants have attempted to break into the russian embassy in the capital of libya the attackers open gunfire and tore down the state flag according to russia's foreign ministry there have been no casualties and the situation is under control last year the russian diplomatic mission was also attacked by gunmen following moscow's veto of a u.n.
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resolution on syria more on this story and other news for you after a short break. is the united states an exceptional country the indispensable nation proponents of this idea claim the us is a force for good in the world and has the right even an obligation to act unilaterally when necessary critics charge american exceptionalism is dangerous to the us and the world as well as a cover for global domination and empire. so we leave the people. of the same motion security. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. politics. to. clinicians. could take three. three.
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three. three. three. three. video for your media project free media r t v dot com. news continues here naughty washington struggle to govern itself has already cost the american economy hundreds of millions of dollars on the first day of the government shutdown and things are likely to get even more expensive with none of the republican nor democrat lawmakers willing to back down from their stance on barack obama's signature health care bill. is the latest now from washington d.c. . lawmakers here are pretty open about saying they have no clue how they're going to resolve this government shutdown the sticking point remains obamacare as you
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said with house republicans saying they'll only fund the government and reopen it if president obama's signature health in iowa is defunded or delayed senate democrats are saying no way that's going to happen there yesterday and today there were attempts on capitol hill to provide partial funding the government just partially funded veterans administration and to fund the park service is but those aren't going anywhere as other lawmakers say they will take full funding of the full government and nothing less despite the government now being shut down there's a lawmakers who want to defund obamacare still going to have leverage because in a few weeks the united states hits its debt limit deadline and there too these lawmakers are saying they'll only raise the debt limit if obamacare is de lay bore or defunded and the president has said repeatedly that he won't negotiate over this and if the government is shut down for another few weeks until the debt limit we're looking at tens of billion dollars in economic consequences one of the agencies
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affected by the shutdown is the national institutes of health and it announced today that they can no longer add any new patients to its lifesaving cancer clinical trials there about two hundred cancer patients including thirty children were expected to be added to these clinical trials this week they now won't be and any new patients won't be added in the coming weeks as this shutdown continues so also the food stamp program it's not just children with cancer were affected it's impoverished children too the food stamp program is shut down many impoverished families and children will be receiving the sort of food benefits they need and this is sort of a common theme that working class people in impoverished people are being most affected by this government shutdown we're also hearing that. f.d.a. food inspectors have been furloughed many as many as eighty three plants. every single day are going without necessary inspections we have immigration courts closed around the country and we have the eight hundred thousand federal employees
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who've been furloughed now for the second day we're going to be cutting back their spending businesses are going to be hit by that we're looking at a cost of three hundred million dollars a day and if the shutdown lasts two to three weeks it could shave a full point and a half projected economic growth in the fourth quarter for the united states so really pressure is building on lawmakers to do something and do something quickly but those who have a buccal with obamacare just don't want to drop a grudge just yet the u.s. government shutdown sparked by a disagreement on capitol hill that's been brewing for years it is alarming those across the world relying on america's economic and political leadership the european central bank president mario draghi said there is a risk to recovery for both the u.s. and the world echoing the concerns of the british prime minister and headlines around the globe went along similar lines for example the french daily figure said the shutdown is a blow to the credibility of the united states and germany spiegel online called
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america a superpower paralyzing itself one of china's major news portals pointed out that bickering u.s. lawmakers holding their own country the hostage and the australian things washington's not inspiring confidence in the world's largest economy max fraud wolfie's an economist says that washington is so cool top and its internal squabbles he doesn't see the damage being done. the truth here is what the federal government the united states congress and the white house have exhibited rather aggressively over the last several weeks including through the shutdown is that there's literally nothing the u.s. government can't and won't do for unclear reasons sending whatever shock waves they feel like sending into the u.s. and global economies i can't imagine a recipe that would undermine confidence in the dollar and the u.s. or particularly the u.s. government faster or more effectively than what we see on every news channel in the world every day for a week and counting we're already starting to see hundreds of thousands of people get an involuntary unpaid vacation those hundreds of thousands of people are going
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out to dinner they're not going to the dry cleaner without buying a new car they don't have trouble making house payments are going to have trouble making mortgage payments and rents and all the rest and we know the money they didn't get today and tomorrow on the next day is money that they're not spending now and if they get paid later it will still be damaging to the economy. do you do should be one of the support to call home from the u.s. national libertarian party who explained what she thinks the government can do to fix the situation without hurting the public and people very much want the federal government to cut its reckless overspending and this is where they're not listening to the american people people want less government lower taxes lower government spending and this will create private sector jobs which is probably the number one issue here to americans and american voters in particular if they're listening really listening they are going to slow down the government more and cut spending more and stop these tricks where they close the tourist destinations and other
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things that they are making tremendous theater out of rather than getting to the real waste in government that is marbled throughout government spending they can certainly cut military spending they can cut entitlement programs but rather than starting with the people who are most in need and now dependent on government there's many many areas they can cut that don't affect poor folks or people in need at all for starters government pensions and government perks which are enormous and typically double what people get in the private sector how will this whole thing affect america's reputation as the walls leading economic power well depends on who you talk to other politicians in the world may buy into this theater because they want to keep their budgets high in their countries as well but people around the world don't want big government they want peace they want small government they want to be left alone to live their lives as long as they're not harming anyone else this is the leadership that the american lawmakers can choose
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to demonstrate to the world and we need to urge them to do that. we are following the developments on capitol hill head to our website where our online team is constantly bringing you the latest on america's federal shutdown that is wavy right now at all three dot com. much more government must now shut down until congress funds it again. the leader of greece's far right golden dawn party is in court to face charges of criminal activity and three senior members of the group of being released pending a future trial linked to the murder of a left wing activist and rapper. is in athens. while the crackdown against golden dawn continues to pay scimitar heavy police presence and paste in the party have appeared in court here in athens charged with being part of a criminal organization and that followed police making
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a direct link between the party and the death of an anti fascist rapper while that action did quell a wave of public unrest following that death it has also produced a backlash from golden dawn and also from their supporters one of whom spoke to r.t. anonymously. to show my support for the golden dawn. it's unfair of the government to level these charges and it will backfire we demand because at the moment we don't have the golden dawn will continue and it will remain strong argues the ideology not its people well you have to remember that despite all these events golden dawn still remains the biggest political party increase it has eighteen elected m.p.'s and getting rid of them will not be easy it is against the law to ban any political party here in greece and even if you did put the politicians in jail they would still remain pays what's more golden dawn is
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now threatening to remove all of its politicians from the parliament and that would trigger by elections and perhaps destabilize an already fragile coalition and in turn could jeopardize greece's chances of securing more european bailout money but the country already waiting to hear if it will receive the latest try and shift e.u. i.m.f. money worth one billion euros and farmer. russian investigators have followed formal charges against those who took part in the greenpeace protest in which they stole an oil drilling platform in the arctic last month so far off of the group of been charged with piracy which could learn them in prison for over a decade they mature an ecologist told me earlier that sometimes greenpeace does go. we need to be honest about saying protests should be allowed but you should obviously also have respect for what it is that you're trying to protest and not cause undue damage sometimes they go outside the bounds likewise i think we also
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need to recognize you know when protesters out there yes they disrupt our traffic yes they sometimes cause them extra problems but that that's also part of the cost of having an open democracy and i think in some ways and again i don't know the actual facts of this case but i think russia might actually be better off by simply laughing off the matter and say well you know greenpeace has made their statement now we're going to try and point out why we still want to go ahead and drill why we've taken special care to make sure we deal with the fragile arctic but why it's also important that we open up for more economic development here well greenpeace is keeping up his campaign in germany's capital but when a group of activists chained themselves to a petrol station and owing to russia's energy john gazprom they once again held up the slogan save the arctic and called on russia to free the detained campaign this . u.k. prime minister david cameron has patrolled the labor opposition is out of touch in
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a speech to close his policies i know conference in manchester he was a took swipes at coalition partners the liberal democrats was very complimentary about the performance of his own conservatives laura smith tells a small. i just want to start by referring back to ed miliband speech last week the leader of the opposition everyone trumpeted that as this as some people said it was the best speech of all time but it's kind of easy to make a speech if you're the leader of the opposition because all you have to do is talk about what you would do if you got into power if you will david cameron if you're going to talk as prime minister about what you're going to do unfortunately you've also got to refer to what you've failed to do so far what you just haven't got round to your shortcomings if you like so what do you do well david cameron started by trumpeting his considerable in some cases economic achievements so on employment in the u.k. is down construction manufacturing there op there are good figures in inward investment good figures in retail sales buildings on the increase business and
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consumer confidence all up fabulous but then of course i have to talk about the stuff that you haven't done yet of course you can try and blame it on the previous guys but ultimately it's down to you now your prime minister to for example in this first world country he's talking about he's proud nation he's got to tell us a number of primary school children so eleven year old children who leave primary school without being able to read or write so essentially illiterate so he says we still need to eliminate literacy in this first world country and given this land of opportunity that he kept on referring back to give those children a chance we also have a massive north south divide in this country which david cameron referred to the north is way less economically active than the south in fact unemployment in the north east is according to some figures twice what it is in the southeast so in london the surrounding areas the tories are looking at addressing that but how are they doing it they're doing it with this highly controversial high speed rail link
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will called h s two and if you go to any town or city that's being affected by h s t practically on any day of the week you'll find a small or large demonstration and of course the debt crisis it's not only. yet three years in three years of cuts in we still have in u.k. one of the biggest deficits in the world and the damning prognosis made by david cameron in his speech is that of course if you don't deal with debt what follows swiftly afterwards is the rising cost of living well really what matters is what people thought of the speech and as far as we can see at the moment it's a stark contrast to what they were saying about ed miliband speech last week they were bloggers are calling it a holding speech they're saying it's ok and solid so not necessarily what david cameron is going to want to herring. well or murder rob breaking news story here a little tea or militants have attempted to break into the russian embassy in the capital of libya the attackers opened fire and tore down the state flag according
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to russia's foreign ministry there be no casualties and the situation is under control those journalists and activists who can chant and says that some libyan militias have targeted anyone associated with russia for a while now. whenever since the fall of moammar gadhafi jumma government we've seen in libya be more the rule of countless militias or death squads or whatever you want to call them and to all of most of them who fought against gadhafi and alongside nato had and have a visceral hatred for the russian government because of the russian government's up foreign policy of protecting the independence of the global south countries me myself i was in tripoli three times during the nato bombing through twenty eleven and i can tell you when tripoli fell if anyone was associated with russia in any way you would be in literal mortal danger so that so who knows who could be behind this will soon find out which means which particular militias behind it but also
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it's not just the perceived enemies of the death squads that they go after they go after their own senior colleagues does well including the former ambassador christopher stevens who was lynched last year on september eleventh. well that temperature up today for the moment would be more whole on that developing story in libya for in the next hour that's instead a half an hour from now in the meantime after the short break amid the u.s. government shutdown people about in these gas debate whether america deserves to be called exceptional that's just ahead fully. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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with the economic down in the final. and the rest. of the. good lumber tour. was able to build the most sophisticated. doesn't sound anything. to teach me why you should care about humans. this is why you should care only.
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for all things are considered. is the united states an exceptional country the indispensable nation proponents of this idea claim the us is a force for good in the world and has the right even the obligation to act unilaterally when necessary critics charge american exceptionalism is dangerous to the us and the world as well as a cover for global domination. to cross-talk american exceptionalism i'm joined by rodney shakespeare in london he is the co-founder of the global justice movement in phoenix we have david burchell he is a former deputy assistant secretary of state and in moscow we cross the marks he's a senior lecturer and researcher at moscow state university. in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i encourage it rodney.


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