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president obama was on the danger of default accusing the republicans for pushing american economic danger with no progress being made to unfreeze the paralyzed government that. nineteen people linked to a green peace protest against oil drilling in the arctic sea are charged with piracy but talk to a former leader told the group who believes actually this is what will they design . and fresh infighting among this sea when opposition as al qaeda linked rebel groups seek to hijack the civil war and push for the formation of an islamic state .
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this is our sea coming to live from moscow hello and welcome to the program the rock obama has called on his republican opponents to show some common sense warning that if congress is not able to agree budget there is a very real risk of a national default he said the country is in real trouble if one function is willing to disregard the government's obligations and he warned wall street that it should be getting seriously worried this time the congress the bigger issue is raising the debt ceiling as washington runs out of cash and estimated three hundred million dollars are going down the drain every day the government is shut down and losses will get worse with the chandon hitting businesses and consumers and rocky anderson a presidential candidate from the justice party believes congressman i'm not capable of fixing the problem now. we do not have a functioning democracy we have a bunch of yahoos in congress who are acting only for their own
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self-interest to please a very narrow set of people to keep that. continue to buy their way into office and it's all contrary of course to the interests of americans throughout the country what we need is a mass movement in this country we we can't depend on our elected officials to do the right thing any more we know that they're the bought and paid for by the moneyed interests we know the role of corrupting money in our political system we the people regardless of political affiliation need to join together and draw our line and make it clear we will never ever support these people again. those deemed as walking unknown essential services have held protests in washington over their government imposed a leave of absence more than eight hundred thousand employees are affected by the
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federal state and mate max kaiser the host of the financial show the kinds of report gave us his opinion in. america from the outside of course looks like they're trying to commit financial suicide to outcomes either eg the federal reserve bank will increase or a monthly buyback of bonds or maybe five billion a month join hundred twenty or one hundred thirty billion dollars a month or america defaults on its sovereign debt like it did in one nine hundred seventy one when they closed the gold window america's the most watched soap opera in the world right now it's a huge hedge fund you've got c n b c covering it like some episode from breaking bad a lot of people will get hurt but the people in washington consider the american public to be expendable they don't need the american public they don't need their taxes they don't need them working because when they need money they just print it it's like saudi arabia and america or saudi arabia well they need money they just pump more oil they don't need the population that's why they live in destitute that's why there's so much poverty in saudi arabia same thing in america there's
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a huge amount of poverty because the top princes class in america when they need some cash they just get ben bernanke you can print it. much of our government must now shut down until congress funds it again. nine hundred people greenpeace protest have now been charged with piracy by a court in russia's north west and poor little ones a total says he was arrested after attempting to scale an oil rig in the oxic last month and processed over offshore drilling in the breach and greenpeace noise appealing the decision insisting that there was no violence on a boat but authorities say they posed a serious threat to the security of the plant will complain as could now face up to fifteen days in prison and in my clinic built almost hopes to patrick moore who's a former greenpeace leader and he believes they should have find a better way to convey that message. you can't expect to have people allow you to
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continue to storm their oil rigs oil rigs are a very serious operation with really big safety issues and you start scaling the rig and then people have to come and try to get you off it puts them in danger and so i can certainly understand why they were apprehended and finally told away from the site the other thing that's quite ironic is greenpeace is using a diesel powered ship to. occupy a boiler rig and so they you would they needed oil to get there if they had sailed there or rode there in a boat maybe it would make more sense i do tend to agree with president putin that they are not pirates it's pretty obvious i think their intentions were not to loot the rig or anything like that but they're still putting people in danger and it is a serious situation but let's just quickly talk about the oil rig itself it is static as opposed to floating offshore platform is it true to say that this is actually a much safer way of extracting oil for the environment it's my understanding that
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this is the first oil platform that is done zines specifically. to withstand ice the intention is to make it a safer way of extracting oil but you know when it comes to oil this is this this is the problem with the greenpeace situation their tactics i know they're not trying to hurt anybody but their policy is ridiculous they live in this dream world we're now they are against fossil fuels they're against hydroelectric energy they are against nuclear energy which between the three of them supply about ninety eight percent of the world's energy and they seem to think that civilization can operate on wind and solar alone these technologies disappear for five days at a time when there's no wind and no sun how do you run factories and schools and hospitals and businesses and homes with this kind of energy so i think it's their policy that should be rejected but all their concerns justified when it comes to
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the elop ticket is a pristine the last remaining wilderness it is in danger is it and also of suffering environmentally by this exploitation the arctic environment is no more fragile than the tropical environment or the temperate environment or the environment of england or the environment of anywhere else in the world it's just you know mostly ice as most people know which is not alive they talk about how the glaciers are dying and all of this is if these things were alive they're not alive and the world might actually be a better place if there wasn't so much ice. between pieces not like the one in the oxic and this could all flukes out a criticism of the group stocks takes. this story has all the elements to be able to storm into international headlines like the arctic greenpeace russia and armed men in masks but besides the action and the draw it's also full of controversy for instance the same exact oil rig was already targeted by another group of greenpeace
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activists in august two thousand and twelve but then they did manage to climb onto it and didn't get arrested but later greenpeace itself criticized russia for failing to provide the proper security saying that could become a potential target for terrorists second guess it's growing not in operation like those used by other energy companies working in the arctic like norwegian oil and also this particular all rig is static which means it's standing on the bottom of the sea this technology is widely considered to be much safer than that used in floating offshore platforms so many are reason the question why is all the attention focused on this particular one for fresh clashes have erupted in syria between secular rebels and al-qaeda linked extremists is the latest spate of infighting among the anti asaad camp which has seen a rapid rise of radicals in their numbers western analysts put the total number of rebels at around one hundred thousand they are split into as many as
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a thousand different groups ten thousand fighters are radical jihadists with links to al qaida after thirty five thousand others a hard line islamic many of our kind is b.s. that leaves the more moderate rebels vastly outnumbered let's not get reaction from independent news editor james corbett and mr corbett welcome to get to seal with a so once again what exactly are the radical islamic fighting for in syria. well i don't think we have to go very far out on a limb to really discover what they are fighting for we can take it even from the words of the international terror bogeyman spokesperson and u.s. collaborator iman al-zawahiri who used the opportunity of his nine eleven twelve anniversary audio message to specifically call for islamic fighters in syria to not cooperate with non islamic fighters the goal of this of course it is jihad for the purpose of establishing an islamic state and that's exactly what's motivating these
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fighters specifically to be the ones to commit mass executions take over entire towns and and kill men women and children with impunity film themselves eating meat eating the livers and hearts of some of the people that they've killed and the other atrocities that we've seen coming out of this conflict have been waged specifically for this purpose of establishing an islamic state and how does the increasing infighting among the opposition forces affect the positions of the syrian government. well i suppose for this from the syrian government's point of view to have a divided opposition is a good thing but i don't know if it makes much of a difference because of course as you mentioned there are about ten thousand of these islamic fighters the jihadists and the they are by far the largest percentage in terms of the fighting force on the ground in syria they are the ones that are most actively engaged in the fight because these tend to be the the battle hardened jihadists who have spent time in other places such as chechnya and other
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places on learning how to to commit jihad so they are the ones who are taking the brunt of the actual fighting itself so even if this doesn't mean that the more moderate rebels quote unquote have been more sidelined in this conflict it still means that the syrian army is still basically fighting against this army of ten thousand jihadists and these are the people who seem to have the you the least scruples when it comes to the way that they engage in this conflict in the the extent that they're willing to go to yes and knights all those people all those opposition rebels is the hate of present a fog why is it so hard for them to come together and fight as a single front. well i think this is based on the fundamentally mistaken assumption that's often purveyed in the media that what's happening in syria is some sort of civil war as some sort of internal conflict and a lot of the narrative has been framed around that that frame but i think it's fundamentally false to assert that i think we have to understand what's happening in syria as the planned result of
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a nearly decade long intervention foreign funded foreign armed foreign supplied foreign trained intervention in syria that has been arming and training syrian opposition groups on the record documented lead back to the bush administration as far back as two thousand and six they were starting to fund and train the opposition forces in syria so we have to understand that this is not some sort of spontaneous uprising and that as a result there are many different outside forces including the united states including the saudis qatar ease and others who are fight funding and financing their own fighters to go into this conflict and many of them are motivated for different reasons and are there for different opportunities and some are motivated as mercenaries others are motivated by jihad jihad and the chance of establishing an islamic state but just because they all have the same end goal of overthrowing the assad government does not mean that they're there for the same leighton's yet we've had of course some of those rebel groups that have refused so on of the international agreements on the chemical design mint of syria will they be able to
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how but the whole process. very easily so and i think we can see this from exactly what kicked off this entire process in the first place the august twenty first attacks in ghouta which still there has not been one shred of evidence to suggest that that was actually coming from the syrian government the u.n. chemical weapons inspectors did not conclude that it was beyond the mandate of their investigation and in fact all of the evidence continues to point to the fact that that was actually an attack that was launched by the rebel groups as a type of false flag provocation in order to cross the red line in order to get military intervention from the u.s. and its allies and in the exact same vein all it would take is one such similar incident for you for it to be immediately again blamed on the assad government and used again as that excuse for calling off the current u.n. security council resolution so it's very very easy to to decide to do to. get this disarmament process off the rails it would be much more difficult to see this
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through to completion even if everyone at the table has the best intentions all it takes is one rogue group with access to chemical weapons to commit some sort of attack and to do the entire process all right independent news that said james corbet mr corbett thank you very much indeed for your time left to share it you're welcome. and while international inspection is pushing on with a mission to rid syria of its stockpiles of chemical weapons and last week that work was indoors by a you want security council resolution that acts first are currently securing the science but they'll be working for the next nine months but their mission is dangerous just yesterday al qaeda linked rebels killed at least nine hundred seventy one on the northern edge of the damascus inspector's goal is to eliminate around one thousand tons of toxic ons with the added challenge of being in a war and later in office he's at walls apollo program kind of like oh discusses the issue with the un high representative for design meant to fads let's have
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a look. do you think it is. the sole responsibility of syria is syria the only party that is responsible for making sure that this is armament initiative is indeed successful. according to the chemical weapons convention yes it is according to reality and to practicalities we know that it cannot be so there is an effort by other member states to help the effort along and if you look at the security council resolution it's asked the secretary general in consultation with the director general of focus e.-w. to make recommendations to the security council by next monday and then the security council will decide on exactly what will be the mandate there are questions that are as yet unanswered. that was a quick preview the interview with the un hybrid presents it for design meant affairs and you can watch the full version interest of a ten minutes time here on aussie.
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programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out more visit our big teeth dog call. it watching all save life for most kids good to have you with us let's move on now a group of armed militants attempted to break into the russian embassy in libya on wednesday night they attacked us. take a blaze before opening fire on the diplomatic building and tearing down the flag russia's foreign ministry says there were no casualties last year the diplomatic mission was also targeted by gunmen fully moscow's the center of a u.n. resolution on syria middle east commentator and blogger col shari says this attack
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shows the political reality in libya where we need to be looking at the deteriorating security situation in libya which is a reflection of the overall kind of political bankruptcy and the lack of political momentum for change towards let's say a stable democratic future and this is only one manifestation of a whole sterner range of manifestations of that complete divorce a divorce reality between those who supposedly exercise and fail office exercised democratic power and those who have their guns on the streets. you see all sorts of abuses i mean there are there is there are various at derrick's there's the implementation of their own laws there's. oil production so we're looking at a host of problems that is that libya is far from even stepping in the right direction towards
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a transition and that's what we're constantly produce insincere dence like this in the absence of any clear political control. and on our c dot com for you right now farewell to the queen gambia announces it no longer has anything to do with the british commonwealth and is leaving for good head in line to find out what's motivating the rulers in the tiny african nation. under the don't take a plane live child get with you and never leave footprints on toilet seats the communist party publishes some guidelines for chinese holiday makers more bizarre advice for the twenty four the sixty four page manual is that our website. students in israel can now get easy money by simply praising their government online and clicking the lined button in the right places youngsters are being offered salaries and even scholarships for furthering official interest and
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financing and to some it isn't on the web but the man behind the initiative has come under fire for posting racist comments the very thing he was meant to be called but saying his policy of reports. public opinion against israel is at an all time low the recent wars with gaza and the seemingly never ending occupation have left the country waging a p.r. war this is a very massive wave of these false propaganda and attempts to do the legitimize our right to defend ourself and even our rights relieved. in our historical and so we have to do everything to tell the truth for sixty five years israeli diplomats have struggled in their posts in the modern world they need all the help they can gate into the undergrads the idea is to pay students to tweet pro israeli propaganda leadoff of it has been doing it for a while but as a volunteer it's another way to
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a student to give back to society even in israel you have a bunch of people a few people their foreign affairs minister office. who do social media for their living so it's ok for people to getting salary on this kind of work the new student sales force will share a p.r. commission part of nearly a million dollars and in universities across the country they'll eventually even receive scholarships for waging israel's digital diplomacy but before these new recruits could even start tweeting liking or hash tag there was a p.r. blunder the guy tapped to head the social media advocacy has a way to put to pasture take a look at his facebook page daniel seaman is known for being abrasive to the foreign media but that's not all seamen called palestinian stupid and an expletive laden rent critics pounced taking the opportunity to question the basic ethics of
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the new approach so you're basically turning a human being into a human commercial. we are going on as a second juror philosophy student who says he won't be signing up he's angry with his government trying to tell him what to think stead of trying to make. a good democracy for instance giving out scholarships for people that would try to make this place a better place gives out scholarships for people to say that it's a good place i mean if this was such a good place then these people would tell it anyways those in opposition say there will be some major white washing and using students to tweet pro israeli propaganda is part of that i think the prime minister's office is trying to cover up the human rights violations that are happening by paying young folks to be involved i think you'd be better off investing the funds. in education infrastructure and community development that he hasn't done in decades israelis are no stranger to war but at
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the online front line it's in an interview bill battle to turn public perception of his role from zero to site keiser policy r.t. tel aviv. i would start off our world update with tragedy in the mediterranean at least ninety four people have died and scores more are missing after an overcrowded sank near the italian island of lampedusa the vessel was carrying around five hundred african migrants mostly from your atria the number of confirmed to have lived their lives is expected to rise as the rescue operation moves forward accidents like this are not rare as thousands of desperate job seekers try to reach europe by sea on unsafe parked. protesters clashed with riot police in mexico city leaving dozens injured as thousands marched to mark forty five years since a student masked rioters threw fireballs bottles and rocks at police who used tear
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gas in response then about three of the killing of schools of students in the city square head of the nineteen sixty nine summer olympics is often marred by violence . europe's top of column e. is looking east china is now germany's third largest trading partner and a dream granted berlijn special access to its markets leaving the rest of europe trailing far behind on or explain. when china wants to speak to the e.u. berlin is the first number beijing calls not brussels germany has the most pivotal role right now to kind of defining and shaping how europe will interact with china coming years at the moment that role is more lone trailblazer than economic shepard's close to fifty percent of e.u. exports to china come from germany trade between the two was worth almost one hundred forty five billion euros last year leading to talk of
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a special relationship i mean it's very difficult for any country to ignore china at this point it's in europe's interest to make sure that no one gets left behind but some of germany's easy partners have been left behind as they're being battered by the end backed cuts austerity is never a solution to a crisis like this it just made the matters worse and in that context. the german export industry started targeting china as a growing market it's not all plain sailing between germany and china questions have been raised over which side berlin is on in the trade disputes over low cost chinese solar panels flooding the european markets and concerns germany is ignoring china's human rights issues in favor of the sting trade jimmy's car giants have grasped trade with china with both hands and to sports car manufacturer a porsche is regarded as one of the top three targets for the last seven years we have a ten fold in increase in cars sold in china and right now we have to extension from
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fifty six horses centers to about one hundred times over the next three years we are very happy to have a very broad relationship and customer base in china not only for us i think it's true for all german car industry which is the leverage for having also local production and for the mass producer of the car industry is the driving force behind the german economy twenty eleven figures show it was were. over three hundred and fifty billion euro will be white twenty percent of total german output a good piece of that is coming from trade with china and it's not just that bae is in beijing a curing up the german luxury items like this chinese companies already establishing more than just a foothold inside european markets. we already sell a lot of parts to europe there is no reason why we shouldn't see more and more chinese made vehicles on the roads of france and germany. despite the lack of
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buying power of some of the member states germany remains firmly mari to the u. however continues to send more than just blue tissues glances towards its trading partner in the east as part of their special relationship peter all over germany. and after next as a promise states while the pot with a kind of like. the . economic down in the final month they belong to the new york sank night and the rest because i was doing the exhibit will be every week.
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when you take three. or three. three. three. three. old freeboard live video for your media project c.e.o. don carty dot com. hello and welcome to worlds apart and a team of international inspectors arrived in syria on tuesday to almost see the destruction of the country's chemical weapons herculean task indeed in the meantime questions are still remain about where and where and by whom some of those weapons
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may have been used and to try and so some of them now i'm joined by can be you and high representative for disarmament affairs can i greatly appreciate your being on the show thank you for us rick's on a happy to be here well i know that your team of experts just wrapped in that the trip to syria and as far as i understand that have to go down to six various neighborhoods where chemical weapons were allegedly. used now it seems that this investigation is attracting far less media attention and is certainly being conducted in a rather different geo political environment compared to the investigation of the guta incident i wonder if it was any easier for your colleagues to do their job this time around i think what happened is that they were of course in damascus at the time the incident happened and they were investigating three incidents that we agreed with the syrian government would be investigated and that is when.


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