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russian diplomatic sources say they've seen evidence suggesting a chemical weapons attack in the city were incompetent orders was carried out by an al qaeda linked group box by saudi arabia. washington believes should end an entree driver in front of a child after a show rammed into security barriers near the white house for my contracts. and drug and a sage or seem to suggest would be like to see edward snowden on a kill list from our experiences and online but there are times security boss says he was simply misunderstood.
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you saw russia underground the wall this is the with me thanks for joining us the deadly nerve gas attack in the suburbs of the syrian capital in august was orchestrated by an al qaeda linked group bonded by saudi arabia that's according to russian diplomatic sources speaking on condition of anonymity to enter fox news agency our correspondent lisa catherine of has the details. these allegations are in reference to an attack that took place in east on august twenty first this is an opposition controlled area outside of damascus that was struck by rockets containing the chemical nerve agents there and now hundreds of civilians were killed in this attack which the united nations had called a war crime much of the western community suspects that the regime of president bashar al assad was responsible behind this attack but russia has disputed this notion suggesting that it may have been a provocation in order to trigger
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a military intervention now and unverified reports as you had mentioned from the russian news agency interfax now suggests that this deadly attack may have been carried out by a group linked to saudi arabia now again this is unverified information at the moment but the report does cite russian diplomatic source says the syrian government and military had denied being behind this attack in fact present bashar al assad had a crude accused rebel group supported by turkey and saudi arabia in the past of using chemical weapons to potentially turn the conflict in syria around we should also stress that the syrian military is believed to possess more than one thousand tons of chemical agents and precursor chemicals but the government denies any responsibility for this we also have seen president russian president vladimir putin suggest describe the claims that the syrian government was responsible is quote utter nonsense russian officials do suggest that rebels have sought to
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provoke international military intervention so this is the information we have at the moment we're still waiting for more details to come in but these are the details thus far as reported by interfax. meanwhile those from the world's chemical weapons watchdog say they're making encouraging progress towards dismantling syria's stockpiles the team from the organization for the prohibiting of chemical weapons is in damascus for talks with officials a young reporter eric included that nerve gas had indeed been used on a large scale in august but the consistency of the findings are under question as a sign boyko explains to me there. the report on the use of chemical weapons the first report was released a couple of weeks ago the next report is expected by the end of the of the year and this is going to be the full report but the spectre's claim to use very very reliable scientific methods but if you actually go and look at the war there are so many questions and the main question is of war is the reliability of the whole
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research because just to explain you quickly what the inspectors did they either went to several sites. area or the area of the horrible videos of children and bodies and. at one location they spread around to all the another location is spent around five hours and they try to collect samples environmental samples tissues fabric soil and also interviews survivors and take blood samples from them and the biggest problem there is none of the environmental samples that they concluded was going to test it positively for sarin but all the survivors for some reason tested positive like i suggest we listen to one of the sound bites from the interview that i did with angela kane the u.n. high representative for disarmament affairs i think that would read things into perspective they did prove that and was evident in the samples they found but on
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the other hand if they did not find samples in the environmental in the environmental samples if they did not find certain the environmental samples it just testifies to the honesty of the reinspection so they're saying this is what we found this is what we took now of course it's interesting. miskin would talk about the almost you know the inspectors i think we would expect nothing less from the year the personnel but. you need to understand what actually happened whenever of the investigators had a chance to do the job whenever they had the freedom to go around and collect samples none of them test positively and yet whenever they tried to get from tissue samples from people who were reflected by the opposition they all test positively and this is statistically it's simply impossible i mean there are just two possible explanations either the united nations inspectors didn't know how to do that job or . those environmental samples or the opposition tried to influence the
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investigation and brought people who were probably exposed to serin but at some other location and you make your pick i mean it's up to you who you trust more the u.n. inspectors or the opposition what i find extremely interesting and inexplicable to me is that the union spector's and the u.n. reports would still claim that they have clear and convincing evidence that sarin was used whereas as we just discussed those evidence i'm not there clear north consisting. of the investigation is continuing of course but of course the report suggests all the mass chemical or talk made damascus ranges from hundreds to thousands. well actually did the inspectors examine the bodies well it is also a very interesting case because we all remember that you know those pictures of dead children adult bodies were the main case for president obama the main reason
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for president obama to go to war in syria he wanted to punish president assad for killing all those people and what's strange is the u.n. inspectors didn't even request to see a nod of those bodies they didn't want to see the autopsies they didn't want to go to the morgue and. this is how this can explain the reasons why such first request for me. there were so many victims who were still alive that there was really no need to to exuma bodies and basically to tissue from them because there were so many victims who were alive but we had also complete case history meaning that the victims were able to tell how they were affected what they felt what the symptoms were which is much more powerful than taking tissue from from me from a body well. in my humble opinion autopsy is a very very rich source of any sort of information and war over the u.n.
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inspector side a lot of stories about a lot of interviews about how many people were killed at some point that they reported they say that. they were like. a family of forty people killed in. and yet for some reason they make absolutely no efforts you go and see those bodies it's still not known what led to a car chase in washington d.c. which caused a security lockdown of the government and ended with then an armed woman being shot in front of her baby by police on thursday that's now get the details from some science in washington d.c. for us hi there sam so what about this point about these student that. right well that the suspects been identified by law enforcement miriam carey thirty four year old from connecticut she's a mother she's been suffering from mental reportedly suffering from mental illnesses including post-partum depression she was recently laid off from her job as a dental hygienist and her family have no idea why she did this they are completely
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confused by all of this but around two pm yesterday she tried to gain access to a secure area near the white house here in washington d.c. just really a block away from the studio here she was confronted by police she did a three point turn striking a police officer and sped off to the u.s. capitol where she was again confronted by police shots rang out she alluded police again where she drove another few blocks near senate office buildings the car was then crashed and police opened fire killing her only then realized killing her in front of her one year old child it's worth noting she was completely unarmed the only shots fired during this entire incident were from the police and some people are saying this could have been a misunderstanding if you know this area around d.c. there's constantly drills going on there security checkpoints going on. you know it's hard to drive around and figure out and if someone made a wrong turn and were confronted by police someone who might have a history of mental illness could get confused and drive off it's tragic that it
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would end someone's death right this is what happened but some say that this is rationed could have been handled handled differently right. right they'll be investigations into this i mean we're talking about the two most secure locations probably on the planet the u.s. capitol the white house which might be why police were quick to jump to lethal force but a lot of people be saying you know why why didn't police try and shoot out the tires when they had the vehicle cornered why wasn't another police car brought in to further box in the suspect's vehicle and once the suspect's car was immobilised the third time why was she just shot dead of course this comes with a string of incidents of people being unarmed and being held by police you may remember recently there was the case of bieber on two dosh of who was being questioned by the f.b.i. during that question he was shot dead he was unarmed even with the case. these are
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now have the boston bomber he was captured alive but after several shots rang out by police in the boat that he was hiding and it was discovered that he was unarmed and really on a week to week basis unfortunately in the united states where we're hearing stories of police shooting unarmed people who they perceive as a threat in words so this is just yet another tragic instance of that unfortunately here in the nation's capital to you know right now it's a sound science life in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for that. and you can see how the chinese unfolded throughout central washington by taking a look at base right here and starting at the white house the suspects advances all the way to the council building coming under police fire the chase ended almost two miles away from the white house where the driver was killed. i joined the majority leader in expressing our gratitude to the capitol police.
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so then two of the conch haste following the shooting death of the suspect received a plea also in the us congress will make us all the officers involved fall carrying out that but dr mark mason believes officials had other ways they could have stopped the moment. given the fact that we have been on armed email the police have comported say that she was on armed there was an infant in the car. there was no gunfire of any kind that came from the car at any time a lot of questions need to be asked i think that there is reason to believe that the police in washington d.c. way way overreacted that there are alternatives to respond to situations short of deadly force in a speeding car it's a variety of ways it's stopping them the tires heavier and then they can be punctured by various means they put strips in front of the vehicles so they can
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shoot out the tires because they have these rope the things that they don't have a lot of time but all this whole situation is that the police had no evidence that she had any gun and she had not used any weapon at all she was using a vehicle that the goal must receive attention yes of course the panic in washington d.c. came amid high tensions on capitol hill where lawmakers as so i'm now able to agree on you national project president obama is forced to cancel his trip to asia because of the political impasse in these countries while the u.s. treasury issues are warning of a looming and catastrophic default little ditties house children stand. a you know make is. decision to uproot cia contractor turned whistleblower edward snowden on the final list of nominees for the european human rights prize has received plaudits from people around the world and his former boss however is not
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among them and says hey dreams of a somewhat different trade for snowden. well speaking at a washington post panel discussion on a cyber security former n.s.a. director general michael hayden joked about putting edward snowden on a list that has very little to do with human rights or honorable recognition america's former spy chief eg knowledge that snowden an n.s.a. whistleblower has been nominated for a human rights award and then reportedly said quote i must admit in my darker moment over the past several months i had also thought of nominating mr snowden but it was for a different list unquote some journalists including brendan sasso from the hill blog have interpreted mr hayden's words to mean putting snowden on america's kill list now general hayden confirmed to me that the quote is correct but he claims that his words have been misinterpreted and he never proposed for snowden to be put
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on any assassination list but some would argue that this is probably the worst time for any former or current top u.s. official to even speak sarcastically about putting snowden on a list and that's because journalists jeremy scahill and glenn greenwald are currently working together on a joint investigation on how the u.s. national security agency has been involved in the wider overseas assassination program run by the obama administration now both of these journalists are known for their hard hitting investigations of the u.s. government and their collaboration will reportedly reveal how they say the vast surveillance network of the n.s.a. operates in conjunction with clandestine operations run by the u.s. military or the cia now for those who don't know the prize that snowden is nominated for was established by the european parliament in order to a good knowledge individuals or organizations who have dedicated their lives to
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human rights and freedom of thought reporting from new york maureen upward r.t. . david swanson cruz it's high time for the routing and nice in washington to be. careful with that why when you joke about killing somebody with an ax your viewed as a sociopath when you joke about killing people with a million dollar missile your considered a big powerful person who knows lots of secret stuff and so your rage is directed in particular at people who reveal that secret stuff so we've arrived at the point of putting whistleblowers and those who leak information for whatever reason on the list of enemies as if they are fighting a war because they are revealing the secret information including embarrassing and humiliating information it is of course outrageous criminal and in fact sociopathic and i think the timing is the same timing of the past weeks and months in which
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this has become a top problem in the u.s. government the audience laughed when president obama joked about using predator drones against his daughter's boyfriends joking about war in u.s. culture is acceptable people talk seriously about new wars and people who claim to oppose it don't speak up with outrage. swathes of the nukes to revolutionize the whole concept away from money with a trunk full of gold poured onto the ground done in a few minutes find out what they smelled is ronnie. barker leave out of american ideology is that is the believe that the united states is really this has of this world some dried to be or an obligation to be about whether a body else. please speak to language
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. programs or documentaries. in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing story to tell you if you. try a little t arabic to find out more visit our big teeth dot com. right to see. first street. and i think that you're. on our reporters' twitter. instagram. to be in the.
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eye. this is the welcome bag the international monetary fund is concerned about the looming global economic threats coming from america's failure to resolve its debt crisis on last tree of christine lagarde said the u.s. budget standoff will significantly detail if congress doesn't raise a debt ceiling like it's done many times this will the ongoing political uncertainty over the budget over the debt ceiling does not help the government shutdown is bad enough but failure to raise the debt ceiling would be far worse. and could very seriously damage not only the u.s. economy but also the entire global economy. time is ticking for the u.s. was less than two weeks left until it runs out of money say it to find
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a solution would lead to the devastating effects that social warning from the u.s. treasury department is predicting an unprecedented default with catastrophic consequences it says a collapse of the american economy would send shock waves across the globe and dealing with a financial crisis and recession was and the two thousand and eight smiled down the u.s. government shutdown is taking its toll on the president's plans as well was brought the bomb of force to counsel a trip to asia and missed a summit that the federal stoppage has placed hundreds of thousands of what they want to pay believe it's costing them arkan economy at least three hundred million dollars every day business and consumer confidence president and sound. and to price is a political risk. says the u.s. will make his inability to compromise is holding insanity. the new c.b.s. poll numbers are out today and seventy two percent of the people don't want the tea party to hold the country hostage over obamacare by the way most americans are
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against obamacare but seventy two percent do not want the full faith and credit of the united states which comes up in fourteen days to be on the line to defund this rather they want what mr jefferson wanted we have elections where the republicans win the presidency in two thousand and sixteen retake the senate in two thousand and fourteen they can repeal obamacare but you don't do it in this way in the treasury department the bond traders the i.m.f. and the guy in the street know the to risk the american economy over this issue is ridiculous the problem is people can miscalculate because remember seventy two percent of americans are against doing this but fifty seven percent of the people who say they're with the tea party are for what's going on so if you're a tea party supporter and you look at your local numbers you say keep going which is of course a disaster for the country and indeed the world is. watching. our government must now shutdown until congress funds it again.
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and just for years times woodsmen could become a big can of social security and that time ever one of the country could be guaranteed a basic income to live on he teamed up with roughly beazer agency to follow the story its own of are now from bad. what we're seeing here in switzerland is a completely revolutionary outlook towards the social welfare system what's being proposed by a group of swiss citizens is a guaranteed minimum income now what that would mean is that every citizen whether working in which every job all not at all would receive a set amount of money now would order to try and illustrate the point that switzerland is such a wealthy country and it has a mountain of money that can be shared out around all of its citizens what we're seeing right now happening just over to my right is. fifty tons of gold coins poured out on to the parliament square here that's four hundred
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thousand suites francs worth of money that's around three hundred fifty thousand euro now this new revolutionary plan and as i say it's resulted in this outpouring of gold coins is well it's caused some consternation is it just free money or will it result in people not even bothering to work now those behind the scheme say that it will actually encourage people to work it will encourage people to to follow their dreams they say that this will allow them allow people in the country they have a right to dignity you know right to choose exactly what they want to do not pressured to find the pretty extreme precious of having to finance their everyday lives they say that the modern world has created a situation whereby people don't work for what they enjoy they would in order to just pay their bills and they want to change they say now when it comes to financing it well that's where it gets into the real political wrangling and if this goes beyond a referendum not certainly something is going to be discussed it has been put
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forward to perhaps taxes could be raised it's also being put forward that could be a financial transaction tax of course switzerland one of the the major banking centers of the world if not the major banking center of the world also rise in big eighty in value added tax could be brought in but it's a certainly a revolutionary scheme that they're looking forward to putting to paul. to change perhaps even the very way that we concept what work is what this initiative hopes to do is make sure that switzerland's huge mountains of wealth could actually become the face for all of its citizens. the army has reportedly fired on supporters of egypt's deposed is the most president rouhani morsi marching towards cairo's tahrir square troops and tongues have been deployed to the iconic protest sign to prevent routes from occupying it earlier in the week for more super testers managed to take over the square for the first time in months but were soon despised
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this summer so frequent clashes between wild groups across the country which left more than a thousand people dead and we'll bring you more details as soon as we get the. plans to build a new mosque in arsons are infuriation local greeks the project is said to be funded from the budget despite those stairs she that is gripping the population that is one of the city's. of. the evening prayer one of the five daily spiritual rituals for muslims worldwide some prefer to do it at home others visit a mosque. this one looks more or less ordinary from the inside but there is one detail which makes it stand out from the rest in other parts of the globe this is literally another ground mosque set up inside the garage of an apartment building things and every day muslims from nearby neighborhoods
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come here to pray while in total there are around one hundred twenty of similar unofficial mosques all across the city it's hard to tell the difference between unofficial and illegal but the makeshift facilities are the local muslim communities only choice there's simply no official mosque in athens we're talking about thousands of people that hold the great passports and they. vowed to this country and they are equal but no it's the time of their prayer greece is among the main points of entry for migrants to the e.u. and it's estimated around three hundred thousand muslims live in athens alone. so for the first time since gaining independence from the ottoman empire in the eighteenth century greek authorities are planning to build a mosque in the capital but as it turns out many of the crisis hit a traditional orthodox christian nation are not happy with the idea that the mosques price tag is one million euro plans to be paid from the state budget not go there just doesn't this money should be given to poor people pensioners who are starving in our collection trash in the streets so they can eat the government
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should give the one million euro's to these people and not build mosques for the churches to be again i've done even then we have debts and then there are thousands of unemployed sick poor starving people it's like telling me to build a house without even having money to eat can this happen no it can't be clearly it's only a drop in the ocean for many greeks who once again dove into a wave of mission white strikes against. austerity measures. and while the government redirects anyone unhappy with a mosque construction to the courts it seems that stories like this a reminder that the financial crisis isn't only about cash but it's exposing the most sensitive social problems that for many are becoming too expensive to tolerate . athens greece. and up next it's an exclusive interview with russia's envoy to the u.n. and save it and. in just a few. you
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know i'm old enough to remember on reruns when gomer pyle used to cry citizen's arrest when he saw something wrong in mayberry and a new law in russia could allow our city average to do the same thing by helping to enforce law in the country this low allows citizens to protect public order by becoming volunteer workers deputy policeman and even forming people's militias which will in theory prevent crime or at least allow the police to be informed more quickly and accurately of course this like any project which sounds nice on paper is all about the implementation so we'll see how these deputies and militias will work overall i think this won't have much of an effect on crime but it could have a huge impact on non-criminal bad public behavior you know i am not the bravest guy on the planet and it's hard to confront a group of five drunk guys who are just as big as you who are acting like idiots on
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the street but doing so with ten stone sober militiaman buddies could provide a much more convincing argument for the drunkard's this could be a big step forward for democracy when you actually have at least a scrap of power or control over the events in your neighborhood then you were sure phil will let people actually have a lot of power and this could be good for the country but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to cynthia and co i'm sophie shevardnadze a solution to syria's chemical weapons is finding its way to reality here is that there's our now in the war zone to deal.


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