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tv   Headline News  RT  October 7, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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dozens killed and hundreds are left injured as a national holiday in egypt turns into violent clashes between supporters and rivals of the country's ousted president. with the elimination of syria's chemical arsenal under way russia and the west praised the move as the country's diplomats hold talks on the margins of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit . and the russian leg of the olympic torch relay kicks off in moscow setting the flame on its journey across the world's biggest nation.
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it's not a lot of moscow you're watching our team welcome to the program at least fifty one people have been killed and hundreds injured when celebration of a national holiday turns to bloodshed opponents and supporters of deposed president mohamed morsi clashed in cairo and across the country egypt has been in turmoil since the army ousted the president in july and rounded up leading members of the muslim brotherhood artie's belcher reports from tough we have square. few kilometers away from where i'm standing here in the giza district and in other locations across the capital there were very bloody scenes very fierce street battles erupted between security forces and supporters of the ousted muslim brotherhood leader mohamed morsi on the fortieth anniversary of the nine hundred seventy three arab israeli war this and we also have wyvil protests with supporters of the military gathering in tahrir square some people even collecting signatures calling for army chief of their sisi to be president mohamed morsy supporters and
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the missing brotherhood had attempted to march on this very square so they wanted to hold on to military protest they say they went against necessarily the institution of the army but they were against their generals who they want to see changed as they say they are really leading the country to destruction and targeting them as mother heads and there is calling for mohamed morsi to be reinstated at the scene it was very chaotic the battles are spilling over into the science streets of what is essentially a residential middle class neighborhoods and security forces were joined by civilians who were throwing tear gas and also firing these protesters with birdshot but it's and i've had reports of mine i mean it's not that i can't confirm that there are a number of people here as on to his square and also the presidential palace who were celebrating what is considered to be one of the greatest military victories in egyptian history and they told me they were very angry with the mizzen brotherhood and their supporters for staging protests however the brotherhood to that part say they are being treated in
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a very heavy handed manner and these clashes are no sign of abating we expect them to go on possibly through the week as this egypt remains extremely divided. now since the ousting in july the number of those killed has exceeded a thousand people but award winning middle east journalist hugh miles says there is a way to break the cycle of violence. the government could reconcile with the muslim brotherhood. it is possible to egypt the time around it in a short space of time probably not this current government because this is really just the only running the country at the moment but in a few months when elections take place that will be a new government and one would expect that they will be much hated to reconcile i mean that there was you know beyond just a democratically elected i'll be on the national pressure look the pressure inside egypt and also international pressure to reconcile with the brotherhood and of course the brotherhood today is
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a force to be reckoned with in egypt it's going to be very difficult for them to run the country without without having the reconciliation with the brotherhood well we'll be keeping you up to date with events in age of course and you can also follow on her twitter feed to get the latest updates from the divided country. on the national torch relay for next year is the winter olympics in sochi kicks off later moscow on a fantastic journey across the world's largest country. well the record breaking relay which will take the olympic flame to cities across russia will begin in earnest from the heart of the nation's capital later on monday well let's take a look at what's in store for the iconic symbol of the olympic games with she joins us now live from central moscow with all the very latest well hello going on and so
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do tell us what's in store for this flame today and what will be happening. well marino this is the very beginning of the olympic. relay torch relay that will last three days here in moscow the olympic torch will change five hundred ninety three pairs of hands just in moscow there will be celebrations across the city as the relay continues it will end with a lighting festival in red square hundreds of after its cultural figures you know and other people including russian and none russian including prince albert second of monaco will take part in this really the flame will then begin its journey across russia traveling from the western exclave of kaliningrad then russia it will travel to the north pole the torch will go places the olympic torch has never been before like to the peak of mt elder's the highest peak in europe the flame
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will dive to the bottom of the lake by call that that is the deepest and the oldest lake in the world it will even fly to space before it swings back writing time for the opening ceremony in sochi on february the separate this will be the longest one of the longest relay in history in the winter of winter olympics sixty five thousand kilometers that would be around forty thousand miles it will travel through eighty three regions in russia two thousand one hundred towns and settlements so a long and unique journey for the torch after the russian president launched the relay on sunday when the torch arrived here in moscow and here's my colleague andrew farmer telling you how the torch got here. which is going to take you back a week because this flame started its life in a limpia this time last week and the reason it's been increased for the last seven days is just to remind us about the history of these olympics the birthplace of the
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olympic games two and a half thousand years ago two and a half thousand years ago and in olympia there are still the remains of the great temples that were there then and you can also still see the original running track that the europeans used back in seven hundred b.c. so essentially what happened was they used the rays of the sun as they did back then to light the flame that flame is used to light the first torchbearer in olympia and then this top twenty around greece the flame was handed over to the russian olympic committee it's a beautiful stadium it's called the palace and i call stadium in athens and that's where the first modern olympics were held at the end of the nineteenth century and the public were allowed to go in and watch and they did in the hundreds so it was well received there and then the question was what happens to the flame now how will we get it to russia well i found it so the question is how do you take the flame from sunny athens all the way to moscow well it's quite simple you put it in a small lantern and then you put it on
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a plate but that's not just any old play that's to be i pay play and i've got a ticket. we're now cruising at thirty thousand feet and tucked into the seat twenty five billion pick flame you might notice it has been used to light a couple of other lanterns and that's because one of them might go out god forbid so they've got those extra ones just in case now they are in good company because on board among other people is the president of the sort she organizing committee dimitri tunisia and he sat just over here dmitri you spent the last eight years of your life trying to bring this flame to russia you must be pretty excited yes very broad very much so because it's once in a word democrats really do for the generations. is the new modern russia to the war with the global war against. with this several billion so viewers you're in the opening ceremony which will be held on in one hundred twenty four days in the very heart of me and they get to see two of such a case where you've got
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a busy time ahead so i will let you get some more rest. to touch down in moscow in a bank to asked time. and we have just landed in moscow it is in this story moment and if you look out of the door you will see the olympic flame for sochi twenty fourteen is about to receive a very warm welcome while we spoke to a veteran organizer of olympic torch relay's who's a consultant for such a twenty four team and he told us about choosing torchbearers and the logistics in making it a success. for four years i have been planning this and like i said over the last two years thirty to forty people with the organizing committee and with the operational agencies innovation and presenting partners there's a hundred people who've been working on this over the last over the last year and when when we go in there all there will be be thousands every day and it's a fantastic story behind the fourteen thousand torchbearers and you can see they
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are around and it's really building the excitement for the game so basically the celebrations start no more everybody will realize wow with your four months till the games and we are carrying this message all of the games now you know all their selection process is so different category holders select torchbearers so number have be selected through campaigns with the percentage partners but they have gone out in public campaigns and people cannot apply or be nominated based on their merits and their good job here for the communities they apply and also more nominated but there's there's more than a hundred thousand applications behind this really. deliberate george is on a big journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through to some nine hundred cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand to one. in a record setting trip by land air. and others face.
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olympic torch relay. on our team and our job. now siri has been on the elimination of its chemical weapons with international inspectors now we're seeing the process the destruction of the toxic arsenal comes in accordance with a binding u.n. resolution that was spearheaded by russia u.s. agreement russian foreign minister and his american counterpart hailed the progress already making as a tube map on the sidelines of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in bali artist paul scott is there. summit an economic summit designed to push trade for an asian and asia pacific countries however it was international politics that dominated the agenda this morning now it had been hoped that president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin would have been able to have a one on one meeting on the fringes of the summit however because of the financial
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crisis back in the united states on the shutdown there president barack obama has been forced to cancel his trip so u.s. secretary of state john kerry took his place in this morning had a meeting with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and it was syria that dominated the agenda now confirmation came that syria's chemical weapons stockpile the dismantling process has already begun on that u.s. secretary of state and also agreed on the fact that there was no military solution to the conflict in syria we agree again there is no military solution here we share an interest not having radical extremists on either side of any. assuming a greater. status or position in syria and that is why we recommitted today with very specific efforts to move the geneva process as
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rapidly as possible while the un resolution on disarming syria's chemical weapons stockpile was only passed in the united nations in new york ten days ago when kerry confirmed that it's a record breaking process to get to this stage so i was only with the disarming process having already begun and russian the foreign minister sergei lavrov says despite the fact that he has phase that terrorist extremists in the opposition might undermine the entire process he says that damascus is complying with the international community. during all these weeks after syria joined the chemical weapons convention damascus has been working jointly with the international inspectors we hope this will continue on in the future. well it was undoubtedly a productive meeting. between the two sides u.s. secretary of state john kerry describing it as the most productive between the two nations in recent times and attention now turns to the possibility of a geneva two peace conference with representatives from the syrian government on the syrian opposition sites around the same table my russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says he can get
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a delegation from the syrian government around the table in geneva in mid november that is the anticipated date for talks and u.s. secretary of state john kerry says that he's hopeful he can do likewise with the opposition while there is of course an enormous amount of work still ahead with the demolition of syria's chemical arsenal let's see what kind of scale we are looking at western intelligence estimates that camels are stored at about forty five sites across the war torn country damascus how our declared that only nineteen sides contain toxic stockpiles seven of them according to the syrian government are located in combat zones and could be difficult to access and asked for the production facilities there are believed to be four of them in the country and all of them are near cities and before that's homes. and aleppo all council production side have to be demolished by the first of amber all in all seriousness to made it to have about
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a thousand tons of chemical agents and they include mustard gas sarin and nerve agent believed to have been deployed in a deadly assault near damascus in august as well as blistering agent and v.x. nerve agent well previously damascus also said the opposition my be in possession of some chemical weapons while the u.n. resolution requires both sides of the conflict to give up their talks occasions some experts believe the rebels would be reluctant to comply. the opposition is very disturbed because they were banking and this applies to all sections of the opposition even those sections like the more religious extremist groups who loathe the united states who are hoping for an invasion which which they could then use to the country and then fight each other like it's happening in libya but that hasn't happened whether sections of the opposition are going to destruct the
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inspectors from taking off disarming doing whatever they're doing to the chemical weapons i don't know what totally surprised me of some section from within but tried to create a procreation and then blame it on the government because they were very upset when no war happened. well still have you here in r t presidential race in afghanistan's first democratic transition of power or a turf war campaigning ahat of next year's voters fired up as the list of candidates turns into a bland of war in the words tribal leaders and former militants all hungry for power. plants skyrocketing unemployment leave spaniards out in the cold and looking for a place to live with no saw my tough eviction laws will be eased. and
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welcome back this is r.t. and more than twenty candidates have registered for next year's presidential race and afghanistan on the list is a mix of those currently in power including warlords militia leaders and tribal chiefs that concoction is marring optimism at the prospect of the first democratic transfer of power in afghanistan's history with incumbent president karzai out of the game due to term limits radical islamic movements such as the taliban are now seeking their way back into the government and as nato forces are due to the region next year the campaign season is expected to get more violent and get a stance words chair of on the dike who was kidnapped by the taliban explains what's driving the islamist. they consider democracy a western religion for them islam of course which is submission to god which should
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be the rule of god which is what they want in democracy meaning the rule of men is anathema to them this is they are diametrically opposed to this so for them to see in their eyes a western religion come to power truly by having a democratically elected president step down a new one come forward is not something they're going to want at all to have right now nato the united states depending upon the afghan national army and the police force which number three hundred fifty two thousand to take over you have the taliban who number approximately twenty to thirty thousand at the most and you have the taliban on the upswing you have a do you have a desertion rate of up to thirty percent of the afghan national army can they stand up to the taliban there are many people and i am one of them who question whether they can the united states and its allies may pull out in total about two thousand and fourteen but can they afford that because that will mean twelve years perhaps have gone to waste now is take
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a look at some other stories from around the world and the u.s. capture of a terrorist suspect in libya has triggered an angry reaction from tripoli it can down washington for one called the kidnapping of libyan citizen who on a cell linnaeus senior al qaeda figure wanted for his alleged role in the nine hundred eighty u.s. embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania was captured by american special forces on saturday he will now face trial in the u.s. . german amberson guard has been shot dead in the yemeni capital sanaa security staff or was attacked by gunmen while leaving a supermarket incident occurred in the district were diplomatic missions are located reports suggested it was a botched kidnapping and a separate a tab a unicef employee was seized by unknown gunmen but no further information is yet available. in mexico the government's proposal of energy reforms have forced tens of thousands to the streets in the country's
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capital demonstrators called for a popular referendum on the plains of president pena nieto to private eyes the state owned oil company pemex people fear the move could lead to higher and your bills for a presidential candidate an opposition leader to work pledge to further a protest in coming days. now with the end of the tourism season spain's unemployment rate has returned to over twenty six percent and for many spaniards that also means the threat of more than half a million people have been forced out of their homes in a past five years alone has a story behind those numbers. the picture. but a little closer and the cracks start to appear take a look around you and want to see a nice building in a relatively affluent part of the country north of madrid you can see looking at
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the window boxes in the front of the building that is well kept and all the people who live here have one thing in common that's a look at the pay rents since the crisis hit the actions had gone through the roof from two thousand and eight than a quarter of a million spaniards have received eviction old is because they were unable to pay their mortgages like everyone else living in the. complex this family moved into being a victim from the old. we used to live in. but had to move here our old place was lovely but you know we're living in a crisis and when we couldn't afford it anymore we sought help and were moved here the family received the support of a protest movement that helps people who've lost their homes or can no longer afford to pay rent they helped place the family in a flat here the flat they live in now like the whole development is just one of
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many properties since spain's housing bubble burst have been standing empty. the developer these properties is fighting a legal battle but who is working with the protest movement at the time and to fight back. of the reasons for the creation of this organization was a tsunami of a big wave of economic crisis society understands that this is not just a crisis but a scam we were robbed we were left without health care education and now houses and we are left with debts the banks are full of money all gathered from struggling taxpayers to you in large part to the continued pressure from campaign grapes the government announced a two year moratorium on live actions at the end of two thousand and twelve and many families here feel the emergency legislation doesn't go far enough and that they're left fending for themselves you know we all want to get water and
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electricity we don't have it here. despite small signs of year raising recovery spain remains a country with one of the highest levels of unemployment and with more than one in four people in the country out of work the family spicing to remain here rent and mortgage free could well have seen a very. surface r.t. space. and over at our website deadly performance eight people lose their lives after a monster truck crashes into spectators during an air show in mexico one that an hour in motion section at dot com plus. a stunning far worse display and an eye catching light show over the skies of city as a country as navy marks one hundred years of service we've got more food it's
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online for you. while you're up to date here in our team coming up as our special report paratroopers life. i recently read headlines all over the russian internet screaming in full paranoia mode that china has just bought five percent of ukraine now they're writing that china will lease five percent of ukraine over ukrainian officials themselves claim that china won't be getting either and that this is a deal about some drip irrigation system the situation didn't explode onto the internet to the fantasies of bloggers the south china morning post reported that one company does have a crop in pig farming plant design utilized nine percent of ukraine's territory also last year the ban on foreigners buying land ukraine coincidently been lifted
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although i am the distrustful pro sovereignty type getting a rich foreign country to pay to develop your nation's agriculture might not be too bad of a deal it would definitely take a lot of money to restore ukraine's farming to its former glory they see that ukraine used to be the bread basket of europe i'll give you that status spec could really help the country but it's selling off or even just leasing nine percent of the nation's territory is absolutely unacceptable doing a large project with the chinese that is mutually beneficial is one thing but selling your leasing off your country is another and by another. i mean treason but that's just. wealthy british style. free. markets financed scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our t.v. . it could be the most exciting all the most terrifying day of your life one year away from everyone you know and love one year in the complete unknown. it's a rite of passage for thousands of young russian men a chance to find out what they're really capable of. i was joining them on this journey of discovery and god knows it was going to be tough. take a deep breath and hold it. was your full name wrong james had it ever done in this once. i swim. back everything's fine. it will. take these two or the arad ten to arm to
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a side squeeze called a. perfect. zero sauna i can't believe i'm actually writing this i'm going to join the russian paratroopers the video of it. my fellow recruits are all just eighteen and they look it this is their first sign away from their parents but at least for now none of them seem too nervous the regiment spaced into a few hours drive away from moscow and when. pulled into the barracks i knew there was no turning back. comrade soldiers you're in the military now no more joking any more hair according to military regulations we perform our active duty now to positions dress left turn right for a single reich march on the double.


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